A View into the Hereafter

Jozef Rulof



The trilogy ‘A View into the Hereafter’ is the first book title by Jozef Rulof and as such an excellent way of becoming acquainted with his writing mediumship.
In the foreword of the first edition Jozef Rulof wrote: ‘The publication of this book has the aim of giving humanity the conviction of it – in a higher form of existence – continued existence after the physical death.’
Alcar and André make hundreds of ‘astral’ journeys together to the spheres of light and darkness.
Alcar takes André to the highest ‘heavens’, in order to give humanity a general overview of what happiness awaits the human being after his earthly death.
André sees his own still-born child again in the ‘children sphere’ and as a result of this he can support his wife with the message that their child lives on in divine happiness, brought up by spiritual mothers.
Alcar shows André how the human being as a spiritual personality continues to build on art and science, in order to then bring that science to earth.
Many spirits of light are continually busy inspiring the earthly scientist and physician to cure the terrible illnesses.
Alcar also takes André to the seven spheres of darkness, where the dark spirits have found their astral residence.
Finally Alcar and André also make many journeys in spirit to earth where they look at the life of the human being from their astral invisibility.