Art book

This art book contains a unique collection of drawings, water colours and paintings from one of the greatest mediums of the twentieth century, Jozef Rulof.
Jozef said that he did not paint himself but that his body was taken over by spiritual painters who died on earth.
By using his body as a human medium these painters wanted to show the world that they are still alive and that they have kept their talent for painting.
Despite the fact that Jozef Rulof had not studied art at all, in this book you will see a rich variety of painting styles each one elaborated to a great height.
According to Jozef this remarkable variety and depth can be traced back to the different ‘art masters’ who could bring their art again to earth after their death through his mediumship.
The pictures have been put in a certain sequence so that you can get a good idea of the way in which the drawing and painting mediumship developed in Jozef Rulof over the years.
This is also enhanced by numerous texts from the books by Jozef Rulof, texts which give a wide introduction and an in-depth analysis of the painting mediumship.
The quotations were chosen in such a way that they bring out the intimate connection between the painting and the writing mediumship.
After all, the paintings were received to support the distribution of the books and building up the trance.
Where possible an explanation is given about the paintings or plates by Jozef Rulof or by other contemporaries of his.
The explanations help us to enter into the wonder world of the universal symbolisms from which the paintings were built up.
The book has been completely produced in 4 colour print in a 25 cm x 27.5 cm format.
This almost square format was chosen to enhance both the ‘horizontal’ and the ‘vertical’ paintings as much as possible.
The book contains almost 240 pages made from 150 gram half matt m.c. paper.
In addition to many drawings and photographs the book also includes: 13 water colours, 5 pastels, 112 paintings and 57 plates.
ISBN: 978-90-70554-59-3