Between Life and Death

Jozef Rulof

The book is a compelling novel about the temple life of the priests of Ancient Egypt.


The book is a compelling novel about the temple life of the priests of Ancient Egypt.
The historically true story takes place in the temple of Isis, approximately 4000 years ago.
Through the book we get to know Dectar as a priest in this temple.
This temple life is one of the most important previous lives of Jozef Rulof.
In that life he got to know and conquer the magical powers, and in this way laid the basis for his later mediumship.
For the life of Jozef Rulof these powers had sunk to his subconscious, but Alcar – the spiritual leader of Jozef – used those powers from the subconscious to build up the mediumship.
As a result of his temple lives Jozef could reach a height in mediumship which is seldom shown on earth.
‘Between Life and Death’ gives us a penetrating image of the power of the Ancient Egyptian temples.
The priests applied themselves life after life to the controlling of their bodies and their thoughts, so that they were no longer disturbed by anything during their meditations.
The book describes their lessons in concentration, and the rock-hard tests which they had to do in order to be accepted as a priest.
The book reveals their knowledge about life and death, including a deep analysis of dying, the death as a personality, sleep as entry to the astral life, healings as a result of concentration, and a metaphysical study of the character.
All the priests were under the strict control of the high priests.
The power of these high priests was unlimited.
As a result of their razor-sharp concentration they not only checked all the actions of the priests, but even their thoughts.
If a priest developed one thought which was not built up according to the rules of the temple, he was punished painfully for this.
If these thoughts were repeated, then he was killed.
In this hell of power and cold concentration one priest is followed in the book, Venry.
This priest was a ‘natural talent’ with a rare height of born clairvoyance and power of concentration.
Venry felt that the temple stripped of every feeling of love, and he sought a way to bring the temple back to the light.
In the temple he also gets to know his twin soul, which strengthened his higher feelings of love and harmony even more.
All these feelings brought him, together with his master Dectar, into a struggle of life and death with the supreme high priest Iseués.
This struggle was taken to the highest level, to the court of the pharaoh.
During the temple meetings Venry disembodied and he received astral and cosmic wisdom from the ‘Goddess of Isis’, who was recorded in ‘Between Life and Death’.
The books which Jozef Rulof now received are in fact a continuation of this knowledge.
Then the masters could not go further, because the priests wanted to experience themselves and wanted to keep the magic powers in their own hands.
Finally the temples fell into the hands of black magic.
A few priests remained faithful to their higher ideals and obscured the knowledge, so that it would not fall into the hands of the uninitiated.
In the present time that obscuring is no longer necessary.
Now the highest wisdom can be brought to earth, because humanity is faced with spiritual awakening and can employ spiritual knowledge to drive itself to the light.
Now the books lie open for every interested party.