The first books give a detailed description of the hereafter which is sub-divided into seven dark and seven luminous spheres or regions.
All these spheres are attuned to the inner being of their inhabitants.
After the dying process, we pass over into that sphere to which we already attuned ourselves during our earthly life, by means of our actions, our feelings and our thoughts.
The degree of love hereby determines which sphere awaits us.
The more universal love we feel for all the life, the more luminous the sphere will be which we enter.
The following books lead us into the wondrous world of the reincarnation.
We get to know ourselves because we start to feel and to see how our present character traits and life circumstances are the result of causes which lie in the past, often in our previous lives.
By following the line of evolution during many lives on earth, we learn what the meaning is of our life, where we come from and where we are on our way to.
As a result of this, we also start to understand why people can be so different in the things that they strive for and in the things that are of value to them.
After describing the spheres and the working of reincarnation, the following books go into specific subjects in more depth, such as our connection to the life in the Universe, the wisdom from Ancient Egypt, the various phenomena and grades of mediumship and spiritual gifts, the cause of psychic illnesses, the spiritual history of the various peoples and of mankind, and the Cosmic Evolution of soul and body.
If we see the amount of knowledge and consider the knowledge which was recorded in those 27 books, we can speak of a university of spiritual science.
In these books, this is called the University of Christ, because we get to know what Christ could have and wanted to give to mankind, if he had not been murdered.