In the society 'The Age of Christ' we are often asked the question whether we are Christian.
The answer to this question depends on the intention of the person asking the question.
Do we belong to a Christian faith, such as a Catholic or Protestant church?
No, we do not belong to a church, and we are not a church or a religious faction either.
The society does not have any members who have a particular task or have to accept a particular body of ideas.
When someone asked what task he could take on in 'The Age of Christ, Master Zelanus said about this:
The task is, in order to, if you want that, in order to grow.
No more than that.
You cannot do anything else.
We have the books there, you can read the books, you can give them to people.
There is no more to it.
Questions and Answers Part 5, 1950
Are we Christians in the sense of well-versed in the Bible?
No, the Old Testament is certainly really 'old' for us.
We no longer give a function in the spiritual evolution of mankind to the God of revenge who is described there.
Contrary to the New Testament, the gospel of Christ, in which the core of the requirement for a spiritual evolution is recorded: Love thy neighbour.
Learning to give love, that was the road.
How simple it was, and yet – how terribly difficult.
A View into the Hereafter, 1936
What is our connection to Christ, that His name is mentioned in the name of our society?
We have divided up the answer to this question into three articles.
In Age of Christ we explain what this term entails, which the society is named after.
In University of Christ we give an idea of the Order to which the Masters of the Light belong who were described by Jozef Rulof.
And in Christmas of the Heavens you will find a lecture which Master Alcar held about the way in which they celebrate the life after death Christmas.
This gives a small idea of how a spirit of the light attunes itself to the light of Christ in order to grow spiritually.
To us, Christ is the highest consciousness in the universe.
During His earthly life He gave us His Gospel.
Now, in 'The Age of Christ', He gives us an answer to all our life questions by means of His University.
By means of the books which came to earth via Jozef Rulof, we have got to know Christ in a way which is completely new for this world.
His way, His truth and His life appear to be much more extensive than we were previously told ...