Christmas of the heavens

‘The Christmas in the Heavens’ is the Christmas lecture which was spoken by Master Alcar via Jozef Rulof in trance in 1945.
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Christmas in the Heavens

Peace be with you all, in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit!
I greet you in the name of those who passed over to the Spheres of Light and do not stop loving, understanding and leading you!
You on earth now celebrate Christmas, the blessed day on which Jesus Christ, God's perfect Child, was born again in the material in order to give love and consciousness to your earth under the assignment of His and Our Father.
For many people the remembrance of this day is nothing else but a world party, a time of pure enjoyment, which interrupts the greyness of the season in a pleasant way and is over again far too quickly.
In this way, every person celebrate his own Christmas according to his feeling and consciousness.
In our life that is very different.
In the heavens the Christmas is a powerful and sacred experience, which is celebrated by everyone without distinction under a power which you of the earth cannot experience without succumbing.
By connecting you with that, I hope nevertheless to achieve that you also approach our experience, so that you will at least feel a bit of our happiness in you.
There is a chaos in your world, mankind is still searching to recover from the wounds that it suffered and is trying to build up a new, more peaceful existence in the midst of all the post-war problems.
More than on other days, your church buildings are filled with kneeling people, who ask the Child of Bethlehem for advice and solace.
Anyone who listens attentively and attunes himself to God's perfect Son, who thinks about His life and words, not as a supplicant, but as a soul longing for knowledge and working, will hear Christ's voice above the tumult of the world.
His voice, which says sympathetically and inspiringly: "Let the little children come to me, because the kingdom of heaven belongs to them!"
The human being who bows his head humbly and wants to fight and lose himself will win God and Christ.
He descends deep into the seriousness and the sacredness of life and knows what he has to do.
See, in this way we, heavenly bodies, experience the day of Christ's reincarnation, which now also means the new and spiritual birth for us.
I now ask you to go on a journey with me.
Try to attune to me, for this purpose release yourself from your own feeling and thinking.
It is only then that it will be possible for you to be released from your own world and to enter that of Christ.
I will take you to the Spheres of Light, to our Christmas.
We do not celebrate that in your time, because this does not correspond to the reality: the Messiah was born at an earlier date than you assume.
We attune ourselves with the billions of souls here to the sacred moment that Christ descended from the Divine All to the earth.
Kneeling down, overwhelmed by the immense event, we observe in the Divine All and experience how Christ prepares Himself for His descent.
How much more beautiful, how much more natural this was than you on earth believe.
Try to sense me, remain close to me, you will perhaps also be able to perceive that sacredness with your inner eyes.
Know now and for always that Christ's descent into His Mother took place in the same natural way as is the case for every one of God's Children.
Our Father is just in all His Works: For example, He could not make separate laws for one of His Creatures.
Christ was a human like we are, no law, no grade was given to Him.
But you will read more about this in the book by Master Zelanus: "The Peoples of the Earth Seen from the Other Side".
Mary and Joseph reached a normal, human connection which, due to their love for each other, was consecrated and crowned by attracting Christ's Soul.
All the heavens flow empty, we descend to the manger in Bethlehem and follow the wonderful event there.
When the birth of Christ takes place, the Angels sing who once lived on earth and now use the fullness of their astral voice to express their happiness, their gratitude in heavenly sounds.
We are kneeling among the shepherds and the three kings and make ourselves one with the maternal happiness of Mary.
Her sacred state takes us back to ourselves and we meditate about our own lives and we keep wondering how we once forgot ourselves and sullied this, God's most sacred law in the universe.
From this you learn how we heavenly beings do not consider this wondrous event as a sensation, but as a mercy, which has to teach us.
On the Other Side we learned to enter a law in depth and to sense and master it in the deepest grade!
We follow the youth of Christ and see Him as a small child, as a boy of your time playing and horsing about and yet differently.
While playing He can suddenly stop and go to a quiet place in order to meditate, because from the moment that He opened His eyes, the Divine Inspiration was attuned to this life and this remained so until His last second on earth.
The years go by calmly.
Christ receives His education from His father and mother and from other people.
There is nothing unnatural or extraordinary that we experience, His life is still like that of every other child.
However, there is a supernatural silence in and around His being.
If you try to go into that, as we do that, then a part of the Divineness which fills His life and existence will be revealed to you.
At the age of twelve, his consciousness comes to light.
Convinced of His powers, He enters the temple and converses with the scribes.
He astonishes them with His knowledge, which has now already been completely attuned to the laws of His and our Father.
He expresses His intuition, His feeling, that He mastered during His millions of lives and which became Omnipotent.
Then the time comes that the house and the village of his parents become too small for Him.
He wanders to the countryside and seeks nature.
He connects Himself with the life of tree, plant and animal and follows their awakening and growth.
He experiences the rain and the wind, the thunder and the lightening, the moon and the son, the night and the day and penetrates as far as their cosmic depth.
During those hours we start to sense how seriously Christ is preparing Himself for His task and we also see that He does not go further in that than He can deal with at that moment, which is also a lesson for you and for us to not miss out a single step in our experiencing.
Now Christ releases Himself from the nature and attunes Himself to the higher life on earth: the human being.
He feels how this grows in the mother and receives form.
He makes himself one with the birth process and experiences the forming of the personality.
For weeks and months He gauges the people around Him and He follows all those grades and states of consciousness, until He is brimming.
Finally He returns to His sacred mother, who looked forward to seeing him, day in and day out, worried and anxious, and who could not be comforted by the word of father Joseph.
When He enters the little home, calm and serious, she asks weeping: "My Child, where have You been for so long?"
And He answers her with a saying which is of significance to every soul in the universe: "But, Mother, where else could I be than with the life of My Father?"
Now mother Mary no longer understands her own Child.
Christ disregards her weeping, one day she will understand Him and His Divine task here.
He does not know pity, as an All-Conscious being.
He goes to His little room and closes Himself off from the tumult of the earth in order to continue in His cosmic meditation.
We now find ourselves with Him in this little room and now see the Divine Universe in there.
A small light is burning, it is evening and a powerful silence embraces all of us.
In this we get to know better than ever the simplicity of God's perfect Child and sense what it means, to be divinely conscious and yet to love everything of the earth, even the lowest instincts of that.
We now have to experience that too: that we can only follow Christ to the grade of thinking and feeling which we have mastered up until now.
We must accept that when Christ closed Himself off and released Himself in feeling from the earth and the heavens, He was directly connected to His Father, our inspiration, our knowledge, our love is not sufficient.
Not yet, we know too, because next to this realization lies directly the knowledge, given to us by Christ Himself, that we will one day come that far, by working on our characteristics, devoting ourselves even more than before.
This is the powerful, inspiring significance of Christ's life, that we like every other soul, even if she works for evil, will one day possess His Divine state!
We wait patiently until the life of Christ takes us to another state.
Now we experience how He, completely ready, enters the public.
He attracts the men who will serve Him and the world as His apostles.
We see Him in His snow-white garment going through the fields and proclaiming His Holy Gospel.
He heals those who can believe in Him and His father, in body and soul.
He meets love and understanding, but also rage, derision and meanness.
But He remains under all the circumstances true to Himself.
He, as a Divine-Conscious being, knows better than anyone else in the universe the attunements of the people to whom He addresses himself.
He also knows that this is His hour and that His Word will one day be accepted and followed.
He not only speaks for the people of His time, He testifies for all the centuries.
An omnipotent certainty lies in him and every step which He takes is calculated.
There is never weakness, hesitation or doubt in Him, nor when He thinks about what awaits Him: His Crucifixion.
He Himself covets this humiliating treatment, or it would not happen to Him.
Even before He descended to the earth in order to elevate mankind to a higher life, He knew that His material Life would end on Mount Calvary.
But there, on that shameful spot, He would receive the opportunity to prove His word, that Divine word, which would be of universal significance for the whole of mankind, at whatever grade it lives.
You, human being, will possess the Divine Perfection, when you are able to pay for your love, your wanting with your life.
It is only then that you will prove at full power that you can do what your Father was capable of, and He will live in you and you in Him!
We are next to Christ in the garden of Gethsemane and later on Golgotha.
Around us the jeering of the crowd sounds wild and cruel.
We experience the hatred, which they send towards Him, we already feel the pains, according to our grade, which they impose upon Him, and many people under us collapse unconscious because of these sorrows.
But time and again they recover and they devote themselves again to know the pains of their Divine Saviour in order to prove by this that they want to live and serve as He.
And above us the highest Angels are singing again.
The Angels and further worlds are open and their light connects and shines down on the suffering, dying Messiah.
Christ hears the voices and sees the light and He smiles.
Now the heart of the strongest among us also breaks.
We beg God for strength in our longing to also be able to experience the last second in full consciousness.
We pray to our God for struggle and tribulation, for purification, because each one of us wants to go higher, to enter more deeply into His life in order to give the greater radiance, deeper content.
Then Christ's Soul releases Herself from His tortured body and the Own Ones from the Divine All take care of Her and take Her upwards, accompanied by the singing of the millions of angels.
On earth the daylight darkens for a while, all the life there holds its breath as it were for a moment, as if astonished by the power of this event, but then the hell breaks loose again.
Our Christmas consists of this experience of Christ's walk over the earth.
My brothers and sisters of the earth, I ask of you, what we and André (Jozef Rulof) did: try to reach unity with the life of Christ, draw from that during this Christmas and later, follow Him in His thoughts and deeds and apply everything to your own life, you will then return to the people blessed and purified, in order to apply to the letter what you won, in their midst.
Release yourself from your limited self, destroy what is wrong within you, sacrifice and give the most beautiful of yourself and you will experience your own Golgotha.
You will be given sorrow and misunderstanding to endure, like your Messiah, but like He you will hear in that serious, humiliating hour the singing of the heavens.
And this will be the sign for you that you are growing and on the way to achieving a higher and more joyous grade of life.
I prayed to Christ during our Christmas here in order to be a light in the darkness on earth.
And since this, my longing was sent out to Him at full power, He rewarded me by giving me a task, a task which I also help to complete by means of this word.
Let this prayer also be yours during these days and when you stand behind this with your full personality, with the whole of your will, you will be able to work in His Name.
God and He will bless you then and say: "Well done, My Child.
We are with you and are following you!"
I am now going there and thank all of you for the love which you feel for me.
I am moved by everything, what you give me through Christ.
God, my God, I want to serve You and Your life!
Master Alcar