On the fourth cosmic grade of life, the soul builds up a material life again, but the material is many times more rarefied here than on Earth.
The material life here can be compared to the spiritual life in the higher spheres of light, with the difference that the human being on this planet, becomes father and mother again and gives birth to children in a material way.
From the first life here, every soul is together with their twin soul.
Because of this, these people are blissfully happy.
Their twin soul understands every feeling and every thought: they are like flowers of one colour.
As twin souls, they were created together on the first planet, by means of which they are equally old, equally powerful, equally conscious, one in love.
On Earth, we search subconsciously for our twin soul.
On these planets, every human being lives together with his twin soul, as man and wife.
It is not only family life which is now harmonious, the whole of society knows no more harsh words, no lack of understanding, no hatred, war or misery.
On these planets, people no longer know hunger, any physical or mental illness.
Here, there is only happiness, and the soul now lives in blissful harmony, reincarnation after reincarnation, eternally united with its twin soul.
The solar system also now reflects the higher harmony.
The solar system consists of seven Suns and seven planets.
They offer the soul seven grades in order to evolve, in order to master this cosmic grade of life, in order to continue to grow in love and consciousness.
The following cosmic grades of life also have the same spiritual and material laws, because life materializes that which is present in the All-Source.
In this way, the first souls reach the seventh cosmic grade of life.
They feel that if they go even further, they would then return into the silence of the All-Source.
When they look back at the moment when their cosmic life path began as a cell on the first planet, they see that, meanwhile, all the souls have left this planet, and that the first planet has begun its dying process.
On Earth, we can now watch this planet in the nocturnal sky.
The first souls have not forgotten the Earth either.
On its long path of evolution, the soul becomes conscious of its life precisely on the Earth.
On Mars, it becomes conscious of its physical strength, but on the Earth, human consciousness awakens.
The first souls see that on Earth, there are people still living with a fear of death, because they do not know the spiritual life.
This is why the first souls make the decision to bring the university of knowledge, which they built up by means of thousands of years of spiritual-scientific research, to Earth.
They work through prophets and mediums, inspire all sensitive people and tell about the Life of the All-Source.
Because soon the ‘Age of Christ’ would dawn ...