Dying as passing on -- Sources

Source texts from the books by Jozef Rulof for the article ‘dying as passing on’.
Based on the books by Jozef Rulof.
These sources presume the prior reading of the article ‘dying as passing on’.

Letting go of the body

The film clip for the article ‘dying as passing on’ has been made on the basis of the chapter ‘Passing on’ from the book by Jozef Rulof ‘A View into the Hereafter’.
This chapter describes the passing on of a woman who has a great deal of love in her:
Physical beauty had never been one of her assets, but she was loved for her fine character. She always tried to cheer people up and to help them, to give them as much as she could.
A View into the Hereafter, 1936
At the beginning of the film clip, her beautiful character is illustrated by the love that she gives and receives at her birthday party.
Thanks to her beautiful character, she can pass on in the way as shown in the film clip.
She does not experience any death battle, because she can calmly let go of her material body:
But when the time has come for God to call him and he meets his so-called death, then man merely has to shed his material casing, just as he often sheds a worn-out garment.
A View into the Hereafter, 1936
That letting go of the body has a great deal of similarity to the leaving the body from the body as Jozef Rulof experienced that consciously.
Since, during an out-of-body experience, Jozef had to consciously experience the spiritual body being released from the material body, he could tell the human being what dying is like:
What a terrible trouble many people made out of passing on.
He had often stood at a deathbed and seen a person suffer in a way that made his heart bleed.
If he were allowed to consciously experience the release of the spiritual body, it might prove a support for many, and they could then peacefully give themselves over to those who came to fetch them.
That would do away with the fear of death, as he could tell the people that dying means no more than shedding the material garment that had served them all those years.
He already felt how comforting this would be to many people, because the transition to that other world often bore a terrifying aspect.
Sometimes they floated between two worlds for days.
They were unable to release themselves, because it was all unknown to them.
A View into the Hereafter, 1936
While dying, many people cannot release themselves from their earthly possessions.
These possessions cannot go along to the spiritual continued existence, only our life of feeling and spiritual consciousness pass over:
What do you hope to achieve there with your cinema, with your theatre, with everything which you have here, what do you hope to achieve with that?
Only your life is still there, and that is a grade of life.
You got consciousness for that and that space, for your soul, for your spirit.
Your arts and sciences hang here, they remain here and will remain here.
Now one life hacks at the other for a Rembrandt.
Yes, indeed, wonderful, have respect for that art.
But the earth will die, and the Rembrandts are here, you cannot take them with you ‘beyond the coffin’, and you do not need them there either, that is all temporary possession.
Questions and Answers Part 5, 1950
When the soul no longer attunes her nourishing life forces to the maintaining the earthly body, that body weakens.
In the book ‘Through the Grebbe line to Eternal Life’, Theo describes the death bed of his father, who starts to feel very tired as a result of this:
Father feels sick and his tiredness has become so great that he can no longer leave his bed.
I insist on calling the doctor and finally father agrees.
After his examination, the doctor explains with certainty that father will soon be over it.
But father himself assures the doctor that he is wrong, he will no longer get out of this bed, he claims.
He has heard a voice which sounded very familiar to him and which told him that he would soon enter life after death.
Father becomes increasingly tired and despite the optimistic diagnosis of the doctor his condition worsens.
Now I am beginning to understand the meaning of that tiredness.
Father’s body is becoming weaker, since he no longer directs his strength to keep his body intact.
His soul is busy with a new task, it is preparing itself to pass over into another life.
Of course, the body has to manage without those powers and tiredness is the result.
If father had suffered any illnesses, they would have worsened and caused his death.
Now the inspiring life only feels tiredness.
Nothing else can be felt.
This is his illness, which will soon make his heart stop.
Father knows this already and has submitted completely to this tiredness.
Through the Grebbe-line to Eternal Life, 1942

Withdrawing aura from the body

The soul withdraws her nourishing aura from the material body and starts to see and feel in the spiritual world:
The days pass and father’s end is coming nearer and nearer.
He becomes more and more sensitive.
As his sensitivity increases, his body becomes weaker and his aura progressively dissolves.
However, it is being built up again in the world of the spirit, the world in which I am now standing and I am able to perceive all of that.
It is the shadow which I noticed a moment ago.
Father is starting to see and feel in this world.
His emotional powers allow this process.
Through the Grebbe-line to Eternal Life, 1942
In the book ‘A View into the Hereafter’, the harmonic transition of ‘aunt’ is described.
Jozef Rulof perceives clairvoyantly how she passes on.
In this book he himself is called ‘André’.
André sees how a haze is formed around the bed of aunt.
He clearly saw a grey haze around her bed that was turning whiter and whiter.
A View into the Hereafter, 1936
The others were standing to her left and right, and he clearly saw how the white haze was moving towards her head.
There it intermingled and remained suspended as a large mass.
‘The spirit who is about to depart will make use of this haze. It’s intended for the first few days of her life in the spheres.
Your aunt is able to use it, as she is on a high spiritual level, but those who are unhappy lack this spiritual energy because they’re not prepared to die.
And they feel the want of it, because it’s the first food they need to exist in the spheres.’
Slowly the white cloud lifted, but André couldn’t clearly discern anything yet.
A View into the Hereafter, 1936
In the upper part of the clouds an image began to take shape that resembled a head and next, clearly visible, he saw two hands covering the eyes, as if to protect them against excessively bright light.
The spiritual body was slowly moving upward.
A View into the Hereafter, 1936
While dying, the spiritual body disembodies from the material body:
Meanwhile she had become visible down to her knees and her disembodiment speeded up a little.
Her feet appeared. Now his aunt had completely parted from her physical body.
The haze that encompassed her body closed, and auntie was released.
A View into the Hereafter, 1936
While passing on, it is the intention to withdraw all the aura from the material body:
Those who pass on withdraw everything from matter because they’re about to depart from that life.
A View into the Hereafter, 1936
In ‘Through the Grebbe line to Eternal Life’, Theo describes how the aura of his father gradually passes over into the spiritual world.
When the feeling has been transferred for fifty percent, his father can start to perceive more keenly in the spiritual world:
It is different for each person, according to the laws which he has to experience and which he has activated himself.
There will be no sudden end for father.
He will slowly pass from the earthly life to eternal life.
He will not even have to feel any shock.
For him death has therefore lost all meaning, it does not exist for him!
When my father had died for fifty percent, the other life started to dominate.
I see his aura condensing more and more in that world.
Father’s ability to see and feel in the life of the spirit became increasingly sharp.
Through the Grebbe-line to Eternal Life, 1942
He now lives for seventy percent in spirit.
It can be seen that his mortal body is sinking further away.
Now he says very little anymore.
In complete silence he is preparing himself for his passing over.
Through the Grebbe-line to Eternal Life, 1942
The process of dying carries on.
According to the doctor he will die at any moment now.
But he is wrong again.
Father’s end is still not there.
This can be seen by his aura.
It is still too dense and must first become transparent, before the soul leaves the material body.
Father loses interest in his surroundings.
He keeps his eyes closed, however, he is not sleeping, he is thinking.
Through the Grebbe-line to Eternal Life, 1942
The day awakens father and he regains the consciousness which is still part of the earth.
Later, when night falls upon the city and the noise quietens, he will sink back into his unconscious life, in which his spirit will be very busy.
Father’s last night on earth arrives.
I can see that his aura is now becoming transparent.
Through the Grebbe-line to Eternal Life, 1942
On this side I can see how his astral body becomes dense and takes shape.
It takes a while before father’s soul is completely free.
A silver cord still connects his body to his soul.
But that also becomes hazy, it becomes thinner and thinner.
Then father is free, he opens his eyes in Eternal Life and sees her who belongs to him.
Through the Grebbe-line to Eternal Life, 1942
As the soul withdraws her life forces from the material body, this body goes to sleep more and more.
After dying, this process accelerates and the body starts to decompose.
As a result of this decomposition, the last life aura is released which is drawn by the soul in order to build up her spiritual existence.
For the withdrawing of the physical life aura, it is important that the decomposition of the body takes place in the earth, and not in the water such as in the case of a sailor’s grave.
During a contact evening, a lady asks Jozef Rulof a question about this.

Jozef emphasizes that the soul needs that physical life aura in order to build up her new spiritual astral existence:
Well, madam, in that sea it is bad for your astral life, because we now do not get any physical life aura as a result of the decomposition towards us in the spheres, therefore no powers, which are coarse-material and therefore spiritual after all, which form part of the material there, which must serve us in the astral world as the ‘bottom’ on which we walk.
We now miss that and this is why that decomposition is different to that which the earth can give us.
In other words: we live on earth and not in the waters and this has spatial and spiritual meaning for all the laws of our organism and spiritual continuing!
Questions and Answers Part 1, 1950
It becomes much worse when no natural decomposition of the body takes place due to cremation, organ donation or embalming, because the physical life aura is not released then, or precisely far too quickly.

The spiritual body

After dying, the soul can move in her spiritual world with her spiritual body.
The spiritual body usually looks like the material body, because the feeling of the soul models the spiritual form.
As a result, the spiritual body can also look younger, as described for ‘aunt’ in the book ‘A View into the Hereafter’:
By now his aunt had almost withdrawn from her body, and he clearly saw her face, as her hands no longer covered it.
How beautiful she looked and rejuvenated!
She looked younger by no less than thirty years and now seemed like a woman of thirty-five.
Her spiritual body radiated various colours that enveloped her completely.
A View into the Hereafter, 1936
You will find more information about this in the article ‘spirit and spiritual body’.
The light that the spiritual body radiates after death is the same light that André (Jozef Rulof) already sees in the human being during the earthly life: it is the aura of light which receives the colours of the inner life of the human being.
The colours you saw indicate your aunt’s spiritual energy.
She radiates this light, these colours. It’s the reflection of the state of her soul, her own property, her happiness.’
A View into the Hereafter, 1936
Something beautiful was awaiting them here, they would receive light instantly and be happy.
His aunt possessed this light, this beautiful, pure white light that lit her up and all the others too who had come to fetch her.
What an enormous energy she must have carried within.
To André everything was clear now, and he understood.
Because on earth he had always seen her in this very light.
This light was her own radiance.
It enabled him to fathom every single individual.
He could tell the condition of their inner self from their aura, and now he knew, better than ever before, what this coloured light meant.
A View into the Hereafter, 1936

The connection can break

The connection of feeling between the material and spiritual body is called the fluid cord in the books by Jozef Rulof.
When Jozef disembodies by means of his master Alcar, this connection of feeling ensures that his material body continues to receive the necessary life forces, so that it does not die during the out-of-body experience.
When a loving person dies, this fluid cord can break:
For those on earth who pass on, these powers cease to exist because the fluid cord is broken during their transition.
They will all transcend this condition of feeling, but they will be unaware of it.
For some this will entail a battle, for others it includes nothing but love and happiness.
Everything takes place in accordance with their inner attunement.
Do you understand all this now?
The cord of life connects both bodies, and it keeps the spirit wrapped within an infinite number of filaments.
It is a soft fluid in which the spiritual body exists.
It is only visible to us.
It can be developed by attuning the feeling in the spirit.
In other words: the higher a human being’s connection reaches, the easier and finer his experience of passing on will be.
So everything is very simple.
But others, who have disgraced themselves on earth, arrive here in an unconscious state.
It takes them a long time to awaken.
Their feeling is attuned to the dark spheres and their transition will therefore cause a shock.
I could tell you much more about all these conditions, because man is attuned to the cosmos.
But one has to be cosmically minded to become connected.
A View into the Hereafter, 1936
André perceives clairvoyantly that a doctor from the spiritual world helps the dying person by breaking the fluid cord at the right moment.
For ‘aunt’, this cord can be broken, because she has already raised her feeling to the spiritual level during her earthly life:
After the others had moved away from the bed, one of those who had arrived last began to make long magnetic stroking movements across his aunt’s body, from the legs up to the head.
André told the nurse how this functioned. She thought this was very strange.
This treatment lasted for about a quarter of an hour and then he heard Alcar say: ‘André, did you see that spirit?’
‘Yes, Alcar’, he replied.
‘Note everything he does, because he is the one who must take care of your aunt’s passing on. He’s a spiritual doctor, he will perform this work.
He knows how to fetch the dying and how to free them from their physical body.
For your aunt he will make these movements three times, but sometimes he has to do this more often.
It has to do with the spiritual state of the person passing on.
There are many who don’t get released easily. It depends on their spiritual life and the way they loved God.
For those who had a deep-seated love for matter and couldn’t let go of their strong craving for material things, this struggle, which is called the death-struggle, will be very hard because during their life on earth they didn’t want to find God.
For them these movements may have to be repeated ten to twenty times.
It’s terrible when the spiritual doctor has to perform his function on such a soul.
With your aunt it will happen three times, André, a sure sign that her passing on won’t produce any struggle.
He just left for a little while, because many others besides your aunt will pass on tonight.
Everyone has a task to fulfil in the Hereafter, which he wants to accomplish in a loving way.
The spiritual doctor must know more than his earthly colleagues, because he deals with many cases in which his spiritual energy must help him to sense and determine how to assist the person who is coming over.
He has gone over to other dying persons now.
It’s his task to soothe the shock which the spirit gets on leaving the body, and to support the newly-born before it enters eternal life.
Don’t think it’s simple to bring a spirit into the spheres for good.
The doctor has to take care of everything, primarily of severing the fluid cord.
When that is done correctly, the spirit won’t experience adverse consequences on arrival.
Everything has to happen on time, neither too soon nor too late.
The doctor has to be entirely in the picture.
His calculations are based on the aura of the dying person, which also reflects the latter’s spiritual condition.
This enables him to see exactly what he must do and how many times he must repeat his movements.
This doctor once lived on earth, and his return there would be a blessing for the earth because he has gathered immense knowledge on the side beyond.
You can guess how terrible it is when the spirit suddenly gets torn out of the body, in an accident for instance.
Everything happens far too quickly and the shock is far too great.
Many of those who arrive here remain unconscious for a long time.
This also has to do with their spiritual condition on the moment they come across.
None of these possibilities are ever considered on earth.
Passing on signifies the birth of a spirit in the spheres, like the birth of a child on earth.
But the spirit needs more help when it’s born than a child does.
It requires all the spiritual doctor’s powers, and he also uses the energy of others to fetch the dying.
A View into the Hereafter, 1936
The fluid cord is connected to our solar plexus:
The spiritual doctor had returned and made the same magnetic stroking movements across her body as before.
After this treatment he examined the top of her stomach for some time.
Alcar said: ‘This is the spot where the spirit, after being released from the physical body, is cut loose.
We call this the life cell, and the cord that links the spirit to the physical body is the thread of life, as I already told you.
On earth this spot is called the solar plexus.
That’s where the separation begins.
This is the area which the doctor is examining, and he can tell from the decline of the life-light how long the patient will last.
A View into the Hereafter, 1936
During a contact evening, Jozef Rulof tells how he once asked an earthly doctor in what way the soul leaves the body upon death.
The doctor has already seen thirty people die but he has never seen the soul leave.
The doctor thinks that the soul will leave from the mouth:
And you say: ‘Now I have seen him dying – twenty, thirty already – and now I have still not seen where that soul comes from.’
He thinks: it comes from the mouth, doesn’t it?
That mouth has a great deal to say for the human being; and that soul must come out of there. Out of that little mouth, the soul must come out of there, that big soul.
He thinks: but that is just such a small peephole, that soul will crawl out of there.
I say: ‘Doctor, from where does the soul leave when the human being dies?’
‘Well, I don’t know.
From the mouth of course.’
‘No, doctor.’
Do you know?
Where do you leave from?
How do you leave, if you go from this body and die?
How, out of the mouth?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘From all the segments of the body ...’
Yes, that is simple.
There is only one place, sir, one cell.
(People talk at the same time, the solar plexus is mentioned several times.)
The solar plexus is the temple for life and death.
Questions and Answers Part 2, 1951
Upon death, the feeling is withdrawn from the earthly body via the fluid cord.
When the feeling has withdrawn completely, the fluid cord can be broken.
However, when the human being cannot withdraw his feeling from his earthly body because he is intertwined in that earthly body with all his feeling and thinking, the fluid cord cannot be broken upon death.
In this case, the human being remains connected to his deceased body by means of his feeling and fluid cord.
The possible consequences of this are described in for instance the article ‘cremation or burial’.

Being collected by loved ones

Jozef Rulof perceives clairvoyantly that a dying person can be collected by deceased loved ones:
‘Now watch carefully, nurse, any moment now auntie will probably get restless again. I see her mother standing at the foot of the bed.
She is concentrating intently on the dying woman, and auntie will feel her thoughts and take them in.
This often happens with those who pass on.
I’m telling you this in advance, nurse, because I’ve got an idea what will happen next.
Many who are about to die call on the members of their family who went before them.
People think that they are rambling, but that is certainly not the case. With their spiritual eyes they do indeed see their beloved in front of them.
Look, auntie is already getting restless, and now I see the other spirits standing at the head of the bed.’
At a certain moment André, as well as the nurse, heard her call out softly: ‘Mother, mother, oh, help me.’
She raised herself up a bit while she was speaking, but then fell back into her cushions again.
‘You see, nurse, I’m glad I was able to tell you this beforehand while auntie was still at ease.
She has now seen her mother.
I already told you that my grandmother tried to make herself visible to her through the link between her and her child. So she has succeeded.’
A View into the Hereafter, 1936
There is always someone who collects the dying person, because that is the nicest work that exists on the Other Side.
During a contact evening, Jozef Rulof says that this can be blissful for the human being who comes ‘beyond his coffin’:
You do not need to master anything; if you know about this, then it will be a bliss ‘behind the coffin.’
When you come there soon one for one, then someone will come to you.
Perhaps it will be a friend, your parents, when they are also that far. Most people do not have that, because those parents say, they do not want that, or whatever; those are already gulfs, worlds, different worlds.
But if one comes next to you ... Someone will irrevocably come to you, collect you; you will not find the path alone.
Isn’t that nice too?
When you die, ladies and gentlemen, then you will find the path; no, you do not need to know the path, because you go infallibly to your spiritual attunement.
But there is always someone to collect you, because that is the nicest work there is.
You come from that coffin, from that body, eyes nice and closed, you do nothing, the talk has gone.
Questions and Answers Part 2, 1951
The person who has passed over does not always recognize the person who collects him, because it can also be a mother or a father from a previous life:
We have the material goodness, don’t we?
But you must possess the spiritual goodness, harmony, being one; and then not one wrong thought will enter you, because that will no longer be there.
Your life of feeling will now find attunement to harmony.
You will receive everything in harmony.
And then the master or the mistress, your sister, can go with you.
Then you can make the trip to the earth for the first time, and then through the universe, first your dying, and then your previous lives.
And then she will tell you who you are and who she is, your mother, your father from ten lives ago for this life will probably stand next to you.
Questions and Answers Part 6, 1951
People who do not want to pass on can also see who is collecting them, but that does not always give them the intended peace.
For example, Gerhard from the book ‘Those who came back from the Dead’ tells Jozef how he became anxious of the ‘shadows’ around his death bed:
I did not want to sleep, even if I could have, but I did not want to die either.
I hated death and everything to do with it.
I saw everything in my surroundings shrouded in a haze and I saw shadows in that haze.
When I saw those shadows I wanted to scream, but could not.
I lay there like a broken person and I could not move.
It was awful, because my anxiety was dreadful.
Those shadows walked back and forth around my bed and did not let anything disturb them.
I could see lips very clearly talking to me and which I could not understand, and eyes which looked at me and devoured me, which asked and laughed at the same time.
Then I saw that those shadows were human forms that made me tremble.
Those forms floated around me, above and below me, but however much effort I made, I did not get to see them clearly.
They remained shadows, shrouded in a haze, and they were busy spoiling my last hours on earth.
At least, I thought that, because later in the spheres it was explained to me that they were brothers from the Other Side who come to collect the dying people.
I made an effort with all the strength within me, I wanted to stay calm and not make myself even more afraid.
Everyone who is conscious to the end will see shadows.
That seeing and perceiving is the connection with life on this side.
He starts to feel the spiritual life, he passes into it and slowly but surely, this process is going to take place.
It is the separation from the earth; earthly life falls away from you and you pass into that where those shadows live.
However, for millions of people dying is different, because all these people also feel different and are not the same.
Everyone has his own attunement and a separate state, and according to the feeling and the love, which he possesses, he will experience the passing over into this world.
For one person this is happiness, light, love and warmth, for the other person a horror.
But what is the same for everyone – and everyone will encounter and experience this – that is that they will live and arrive here alive.
When my end was approaching, the shadows became clearer.
I saw that they were people, people like you, I, and thousands of others.
I wanted so much to tell my family members, but I could not, my throat was closed and I no longer had any power over my material body.
I saw my wife and child and heard them weeping, and then to think that I had to die!
An unbearable feeling overcame me, because I still could not move, so that I thought that I would go mad.
I lay there so still, but my spirit worked and suffered terribly.
Nothing escaped me and yet I had to say farewell to the earth.
It made me furious, because I did not want to die; I was still so young.
I became angry and wild because I could not speak.
Yet, it had to be; I wanted to sit up, but I could not do that either.
None of the people around me felt any of my terrible battle.
My chest tightened and my heart was in my mouth, yet, I was aware of everything and remained so until the last second.
Shortly before my end, I could suddenly sit up.
I did not understand where that strength came from so suddenly.
Yet, I was also convinced about it on this side and I got to know the working of the emotional body during those hours.
I wanted to tell them that I was dying and uttered a few sounds, but my words were lost.
They did not understand me; they could not hear me.
During all that misery I could still think.
Then I called to you, to you alone, because the mystery was solved for me and I thought I understood it.
Suddenly it occurred to me and I knew that those shadows drew through you, that you received those paintings through those shadows.
Thousands of thoughts flew through my brain at high speed; they could not be stopped.
I gathered all my willpower and wanted to speak, but it was as if my throat was being torn apart.
I thought of my earthly life, of family and acquaintances; I did not want to die and resisted it.
Throughout everything I felt my end approaching.
If I had closed my eyes and lay down calmly, I would have died in silence, in spiritual peace.
However, I told you a moment ago, I did not want it, I hated death.”
Those who came back from the Dead, 1937
Then Gerhard experiences the life flash and he is born in the spiritual world:
I died at that moment.
I felt myself sinking away and thought I was falling into a deep background.
There seemed to be no end to it and while I was falling, I thought quickly and my whole earthly life passed me by, until the moment of falling and dying.
Then I thought I was being pulled apart, felt an intense shock, my spiritual body left my material body and I was free.
I screamed for help, but no help came.
Then I felt myself becoming dizzy and sinking even deeper.
Then I knew nothing more and I was dead for the earth.
Dead on earth, but born in the spirit, I was alive in the spirit and that meant eternity.”
Those who came back from the Dead, 1937
In ‘Those who came back from the Dead’, Jeanne also tells how while dying her whole life passes by her:
My whole life passed before me.
Then, I saw that a silver thread held me to my material body and that that thread would first have to break; only then would I be dead on earth.
Those who came back from the Dead, 1937
Seeing people’s whole life passing by them is also dealt with in the article ‘near-death experience’.

To the own hereafter

For the human being with unselfish love passing over into the hereafter brings the happiness of a sphere of light.
For someone who hates his fellow human being, dying can bring dreadful misery when that person passes over into a dark sphere in the hereafter, which is called the Land of Hatred.
In this way, there are various death beds according to the grade of feeling to which a human being belongs.
In the book ‘The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof’, on this subject Jozef Rulof says to his mother Crisje:
Yes, my dear Crisje, we know seven different deathbeds, which are seven grades of life in order to become free from the organism, which means happiness for one person, misery for the other, terrible misery, because they then belong to the Land of Hatred.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 4, 1944
As a result of death, the soul makes the next step in her evolution:
By means of both death and the continuing alive beyond that, the soul gets to see her next evolution.
And it is only then that you will be able to see how deep your life is, also God; now you can go further consciously.
And if you love your death, there will be no misery, or poverty or loss to be seen, this is and will remain happiness!
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 1, 1944
As a result of the higher happiness that awaits us in the spheres of light, master Alcar says that we must be happy that we may die:
But we also know that man on earth, or the life that lives there, ought to be happy that it is allowed to die there.
So get me right, that it’s allowed to die.
That may sound like a bolt from the blue in their ears, but we know what God put aside for life on earth, not only earthly happiness but the spiritual, yes even the universal happiness that it will one day enter the Divine.
What a sad existence life would be if it had to continue on earth forever.
Once again: man, rejoice that you are allowed to die on earth; a higher happiness, a higher love and bliss awaits you on this side!
A View into the Hereafter, 1936
This is why master Zelanus refers to dying as evolution:
If your mother must die, or your father, or your child, does nothing to you, you are powerless, that is an own evolution.
It becomes beautiful; a death, dying is evolution.
Death is experiencing the universe, it is being one with the universe.
A dying process is the very highest that there is, because then you can say: ‘I will continue again.’
Questions and Answers Part 5, 1950
After all, many people only begin to think beyond their coffin:
The human being who releases himself from the material systems – I showed you and was able to explain to you several times – only starts to think ‘beyond the coffin’.
Lectures Part 1, 1950
‘Beyond the coffin’ you must ...
There is no ‘coffin’, you now already live in eternity, but soon you will leave this life, the being material, you have read books, you have all experienced those lectures, how do you imagine what will happen to you?
Questions and Answers Part 5, 1950
As a result of dying people conquer the temporary earthly existence:
By means of death we can say, this belongs to me, because it is death which brought us to the own independence.
The Universal process of dying is now conquering the temporary.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 1, 1944
So through death to the next existence and means for the child of Mother Earth:
Why are you afraid of a death there, that does not exist!
By means of everything experienced up until now, my Master, we can give the child of Mother Earth this Divine happiness: there is no death!
Dying is evolution!
Dying is and means, beginning with a new life!
Dying is the returning to God!
Dying is reincarnation!
We have now already established that the inner life, as soul and as spirit, cannot die!
So what the child of the earth calls dying and sees as such, is Evolution!
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 2, 1944
Can you feel, my brothers, that the dying and being born are one law?
Is the will of the life in order to go further?
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 3, 1944

You fall asleep for a moment

Master Zelanus compares passing on with sleeping.
He asks his audience why they do not begin to work on their own awakening, because they now already live in eternity on earth:
Why do you not begin with it now, because this is your eternity.
You fall asleep for a moment, you sleep every day and that is for the organism, but this sleep immediately places you next to ‘the coffin’, and you continue, and you awaken.
There is no other feeling in you, you are now exactly the same both here and there.
Lectures Part 2, 1951
During sleep, we also withdraw our feeling from the material body:
Do you see, my sisters and brothers, do you now understand that the sleep – we will soon come to those philosophical systems, remember this – that your sleep is precisely: the going from the material back to the spirit?
Lectures Part 3, 1952
Dying is like a natural going to sleep:
“Look, the soul is free, my brothers.
The body is dead, yes indeed, but the soul as the spiritual being is alive.
Can you feel that she has fallen asleep?
This natural falling asleep is now the dying for the human being, but there is no death to be experienced.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 5, 1944
Our sleep has seven grades or depths.
Dying takes place between the fourth and the fifth grade:
A person who therefore experiences a release from his bodily systems, which you would call dying, has to follow the first four grades of sleep. However, between the fourth and fifth grade of sleep, lies the release from the body and dying begins, now the fluid cord breaks both organisms, therefore the soul, as the spiritual astral personality, goes to its own inner attunement and now has to accept the world of good or evil!
Jeus of Mother Crisje Part 3, 1952
For most people on earth the fourth grade of sleep is the deepest level that people can achieve during sleep.
In that fourth grade we temporarily let go of the earthly experience and achieve the deep relaxation so that the body can also regain its strength.
When dying, we have to let go of the earthly experience for good:
You can disembody in the fifth grade of sleep. This grade has attunement to our life, and it takes you into the astral laws.
The human being who dies, enters life after death between the fourth and the fifth grade.Then the fluid cord breaks.
When death comes, this connection between soul and material tears and you must leave the earthly life.
During the dying process, it can be determined whether people have slept badly in their life. Now the soul must enter the fifth grade through the fourth, but it cannot separate from the body; this is your battle of life and death, which the latter will win.
The soul will now calmly release itself and close its eyes, to open them again on this side.
Spiritual Gifts, 1943
The duration before people can open their astral eyes for good depends on the inner strengths.
For example in the book ‘Those who came back from the Dead’, Jeanne tells that she slept for six days in order to deal with her transition to the hereafter:
I had slept for six days according to earthly time.
That was not long, because many people take months.
Those who came back from the Dead, 1937
Gerhard needed three weeks for this:
I slept for three weeks according to earthly time.
When I awoke, I thought that I still lived on earth.
Those who came back from the Dead, 1937
In the book ‘The Cycle of the Soul’, the passing over of Lantos is described.
His spiritual leader explains that Lantos has slept for much longer because he had brought himself into disharmony with his own life as a result of his suicide:
When you had experienced that process, you fell asleep.
That sleep came since you had put an end to your life.
However, everyone who enters into our life from the earth, will sleep.
For one person that sleep lasts a long time, for another person a short time, that depends on your inner life.
Those who have lived a spiritual life will sleep for a short time, because they have awakened inside and bear love.
However, others who know nothing about this life, fall asleep until they go back to themselves and they will keep on falling asleep in order to enter the spiritual spheres one day.
Because you had no faith and neither loved a God your sleep was therefore so deep.
You had to learn all of this.
I am making this clear to you because you must not think that others have laid this upon you.
Your sleep was therefore a spiritual sleep and means spiritual poverty.
You possessed nothing that could waken you and you had to experience that.
That is why you were alone, no one could help you.
The woman whom you met on your journey, you already felt and experienced that, that woman who had committed suicide, could not be helped.
I let you experience that, connected you to her, as a result of which you felt how this life is, and in this way accepted your own suffering and all your struggles.
You took up your cross because you knew that you had to carry it.
I already told you that everyone who enters here falls asleep.
Yet those who have taken their own lives want to break a natural law, which, however, cannot be broken, because that law means life and life cannot be destroyed, because life is God.
Those vibrations of disharmony create this sleep.
Those who die in a normal way will also sleep.
No being escapes it, is so strongly aware of this life, that it is awake at the same moment of his death on earth and will stay awake.
However, the spiritual body has to cope with this and you are it yourself.
That is the human being, that is life.
The Cycle of the Soul, 1938
What is present in the inner self comes forward as a result of that last sleep.
There are mentally handicapped people who need more than a year after their transition in order to awaken in the spiritual world:
Yes, that will only come after a fortnight, three weeks, perhaps after four months, six months, because you can lie there unconscious for six, seven months, eight months, a year and a half, and then ...
Just like a patient, isn’t it?
Now the patient, the spiritual patient comes forward.
Questions and Answers Part 2, 1951
And when people can then finally open their astral eyes for good, the first thing that the conscious soul wants to know is how the last sleep was experienced:
And on the other side the eternal spiritual meditation begins.
Then you will say: where may I begin?
Where do you begin soon when you get consciousness ‘beyond the coffin’?
What do you yearn for the most?
It is very simple.
What wants to be revealed?
What wants to be explained?
Do you have the consciousness?
Consciousness in what?
In dying.
You are dead, there you are dead, that is called.
No, you released the body there, you left that little castle behind, that goes into the ground, but you are still alive.
Now you must know the first thing: what do people do with your little castle?
And we are going there.
Questions and Answers Part 5, 1950

Time of passing on

Already in Ancient Egypt, the priests in the temples were occupied with the question whether we ‘die on time’.
In the book ‘Between Life and Death’, student priest Venry asks his teacher Dectar in a temple:
“So there is no premature death or overdue departure, Dectar?”
“How can the Gods be too early or too late?
Does the sun go down too late or does it rise too early?
Do you know the ‘what for and why’ of time, Venry?
You will get to know that in this Temple, for these powers are in you and we shall develop them.”
Between Life and Death, 1940
The time of passing on can be influenced by many factors.
Those factors are explained in the article ‘euthanasia and suicide’, since the question central to this is whether people may bring forward that time.

Sorrow hampers passing on

In ‘A View into the Hereafter’, André says that the sorrow around a dying person can hamper the passing on:
‘Come on, mum, be strong, hold back your tears.
What does this mean?
Come on, keep your chin up. Why are you crying?
It’s not right for you to be crying and feel sad.
Hasn’t she been ill in bed long enough now?
Would you want her to stay on?
Hasn’t she been bedridden for years on end?
Oh mum, you don’t know what you’re doing.
You don’t know what death means.
You’ve been through so much, seen and heard so much, and yet you’re so downcast and you need help.
Be strong, both of you, and help her.
Don’t make things more difficult for her. Someone who is about to pass on is very sensitive.
That sensitivity is connected to dying.
Such a person is often in a state of semi-consciousness.
In this condition the spirit is receptive to all the vibrations that are directed at him. In other words, mum, do you see what’s happening?
You’re crying, and your grief makes it harder for her to part.
So again I ask of you: don’t get upset and don’t make it hard for her to leave.
Believe me, mum, it’s wonderful to die.
If only you could see what I can see, if only the veil were lifted for you for a few moments, how happy you would be, along with me. It would convince you.
But I know it isn’t easy for you, since you cannot see.
She is bound for the Hereafter, and there she will be happy for all eternity.
Alcar told me so this morning.
A View into the Hereafter, 1936
In ‘Those who came back from the Dead’, Jeanne describes how her transition was hampered by the sorrow of her sister:
When I was lying there like that and heard my sister weeping, I wanted to speak to her, but I had no power any more over my material body and vocal cords.
That was a terrible moment for me.
I felt so powerless, because I was already living outside my material body and was on the border between two worlds, between the earthly and spiritual life.
That weeping of my sister made me sad.
Oh, let people control themselves at a deathbed, because it is so difficult for those who pass over.
Many people can feel that and it is therefore a horror.
You would want to help those who remain behind, but you cannot.
Yet you feel them in our presence, they pull you back, but going back is no longer possible.
Can you feel the meaning of all of this, Jozef?
It is an awe-inspiring battle, a disquiet, which is not necessary, after all.
If only people knew what dying meant.
For it is entering eternal life, where there is light and happiness, where family members await you.
Those who came back from the Dead, 1937
Jeanne also experiences that not only the passing on is hampered by the sorrow of other people, but that the deceased can also be troubled by it.
During her life on earth, Jeanne’s best friend, Greetje, passed on due to an accident.
As a result of her sorrow about her best friend, Jeanne drew Greetje back to the earth.
To prevent this drawing back, Greetje showed herself to Jeanne in her sleep:
Was it therefore Greetje?”
“Yes, no one else.”
“She must have already connected with you a long time beforehand, you could say from the time that the accident happened.
When we pass over, we will first think of those whom we deeply love the most.
Love bonds connect us and we will get to know those spiritual powers for the first time in that life.
When Greetje awakened in that life, she will most certainly have felt that you were mourning.
Since she felt it, you drew her back to the earth.”
“Yes, you.”
“How is that possible?”
“You see how deep powers of thought can be, you will later experience it when you also enter that life.
You interrupted her happiness because you were mourning and you were connected to her.
This is a great hindrance for them when they arrive there.
Greetje came back, but saw that you did not see her, but she tried to change your sadness to happiness and namely in a way which is already familiar to you.
When she therefore appeared, all that misery dissolved and you returned to your own attunement.”
Those who came back from the Dead, 1937

Harmonic dying

Master Zelanus indicates that people such as mother Crisje who are no longer afraid of death can experience passing on spiritually:
You can experience the spiritual death, that is not a death, but you can experience the spiritual evolving.
And that is then slow ...
You will know beforehand ...
You will feel it ...
You will lie down and you will go to sleep.
And then people can take your body away.
But you have experienced the spiritual death and dying.
There are a few people, most certainly, they experienced that.
Crisje ...
When you read the third part of ‘Jeus III’ soon, then you will experience the spiritual death of Crisje.
I already described it in ‘The Cosmology’.
She knew two days beforehand that she was going.
And then she went and lay down, and she stood up again.
And she also went and said goodbye to the people too.
In her ...
She had already disembodied.
You disembody, you experience spiritual wonders.
Those characteristics, you will read them in ‘Spiritual Gifts’.
You are spiritually conscious.
So that body means nothing anymore, you experience the becoming separate yourself.
Isn’t that beautiful?
Dying is the most wonderful thing you have.
If you are hateful now, you are kicking, you are snarling, you are snapping, you are little, you are soulless, and you have no love, then all of that restricts the spiritual transition.
You have to ... a human being ...
You must experience that with people one day, just experience death one day, then you will learn a great deal, if you know those laws.
The nicest thing which master Alcar let André experience during his healing was the different transitions of the human being.
What a lot I have learned again, André says.
If only you had no hatred now, and if only you did not have that possession with you, and if only you did not have this, and did not have that, then you would experience your transition, the new evolution spiritually responsibly, harmonically with Mother Nature and the universe.
And how does the human being die?
Fear of death.
There is no fear of death, that must not be in you.
Death is not fear, because there is no death.
There is only evolution.
Questions and Answers Part 6, 1951
Death is still misery now.
You do not accept that evolution.
Which human being can say happily: ‘And this evening, tomorrow evening I will die.
That’s it.
‘I am having a party on Sunday.’
You must invite all the friends and the people and society for champagne, because you will enter ‘the coffin’.
We will do that.
André will do that soon.
Questions and Answers Part 6, 1951
However, under the first sphere of light, no harmonic passing on can be experienced:
Wherever you come. How does the human being wish to experience all of that if there is darkness in him?
Everything now under the first sphere experiences a disharmonic death.
Questions and Answers Part 6, 1951
If the human being dies of a disease, which master Zelanus refers to in the next quotation as the sick death, people can also die harmonically, because the material body no longer has any meaning.
On the other hand, people who hate face a spiritually disharmonic death:
Now you must go back to every human being; so everything which destroys, which hates, which is not in harmony, which has no ...
The human being who does not possess any love, cannot experience any spiritual dying.
Is that not just?
So you have yourself in your hands.
Now you die a sickly death, a spiritual disharmonic death.
That is much worse than the sickly one.
Did you know that?
Because the human being is disharmonically attuned for the other side.
So you must experience death spiritually.
Materially the body has no more meaning.
So you are saddled with everything spiritually.
And that is a lot.
Dying happily now, leaving each other happily and saying: see you soon.
Questions and Answers Part 6, 1951
Mother Crisje felt instinctively that she was going to pass on and used the remaining time to take leave of everything:
She knows now that she can count her hours.
And that strength also tells her that she must take her leave of everything.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 4, 1944
Then she could let go of everything and she could say in thoughts to her deceased husband Hendrik that she did not need to think of anything anymore:
“No, there is nothing more which I still have to think of.
We do not have any debts, Hendrik, no one will get a cent from me.
I have never ever wronged anyone.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 4, 1944
I worked hard my whole life, Hendrik.
I did not deceive anyone my whole life, Hendrik.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 4, 1944
Mother Crisje can be collected by the father of Jozef Rulof and by his deceased little sister Miets.
Master Zelanus refers to her passing on as a ‘harmonic death’.
Crisje descends into her organism, she is now living in her garment again, from where André can now tell her that he knows all these laws.
Father and Miets remain awake.
He now hears that she is calling him, continues to call, but then his father influences her life and she falls into a deep sleep.
Hours will pass before she has slept.
But she feels herself becoming younger, her soul already possesses the spiritual wings.
André sees, the extinguishing life is relaxing, the organism is giving up the battle.
The soul now frees the systems, the nervous system now reacts to the sensitivity of her personality, there is no fear and trembling, no death throes can stop the free leaving of the soul.
This is harmonic dying!
God wanted it like this!
Anyone who can die like this, feels and experiences happiness!
She feels happy in her sleep.
Her thoughts are luminous, her husband is watching and her daughter is watching.
The soul gets sent those thoughts and powers and absorbs that as love.
This is knowledge!
This is being one with death!
This is surrender!
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 4, 1944