Evolution in the water -- Sources

Source texts from the books by Jozef Rulof for the article ‘evolution in the water’.
Based on the books by Jozef Rulof.
These sources presume the prior reading of the article ‘evolution in the water’.

Condensing to material matter

When the first planet originated in the universe, it was still spiritually rarefied, it still did not have matter, still not any material-earth.
This planet would only materialize into the moon countless eras later:
Do you know how the Moon had to condense and what each planet experienced in order to create the material earth?
The Moon then floated in the universe and was still an invisible body, the Sun could not yet have condensed itself.
However, the Moon had already closed itself off so far and the atmosphere had already come into being, or this life would have been dissolved in the universe.
The Moon was still transparent at this stage, did not possess any material weight, or this condensation, this condensed material, would have broken the astral enclosure, as a result of which the condensed Moon would have sunk through the own enclosure.
The Peoples of the Earth, 1941
The first cell body of the soul was still not material:
I will now explain these two lives to you.
You hold onto that astrally, we still do not have any material, do you see?
We still do not have any material, that must only come later.
That will come later, then we will talk and we will speak about the present stage.
Remember this.
If you hear me and I say ‘present stage’, then I have to do with you, then we experience the cosmos as it is now.
But when we speak about the beginning stage of creation in embryonic existence, then we are busy with this, and then you will not get confused.
Lectures Part 2, 1951
The first condensing on the way to the matter originated at the time that the first cells started to reproduce themselves as father and mother.
When they split themselves in order to secrete their children cells, a membrane was formed around the new grade of life.
That membrane was the first condensing of this spiritual cell, and that condensing led in following grades of life to material, to materialized matter, to a material body.
When the parent cells passed on to the world of the unconscious, a beginning of the first human material originated in their children:
Father and mother – so those first ones, that is father and mother – they have now gone.
The material self, the first human material ...
You see, I already call it material cell, but it is still rarefied and astral and spiritual, but a film has come around it because a new grade has originated.
This is still not material, but we must already start to say that a condensing comes here on the moon during the very first minutes, and that was already tuned in for the material revelations.
Lectures Part 2, 1951
At that moment the soul began with its material condensing which would lead to a human body.
By means of the experience of the first giving birth and creation, the first condensing was realized in the form of a thin membrane.
By means of more experiences in its following lives, the soul will create its complete material life form:
And the soul could not have experienced that height.
How would she have wanted to suddenly finish her body?
Now we know that she created the material world by means of the experiences, we can accept that she would create the very next grade of life, according to the Cosmic Harmonic laws.
Archives, 1945
The first souls reincarnated and thus experienced their second, their third, their thousands of lives.
They expanded their body and kept on condensing it into material matter.
Every following life gave more expanding, both materially and spiritually, because the soul also received more consciousness by means of experiencing the expanded organism:
We now experience, and you saw that, that every following stage gives more feeling, more growth, more material and more spiritual consciousness to the embryonic life, by means of which the life of God awakens.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 2, 1944
In this way, the soul expanded its body into a fish-like form:
The moon also continues, so we already get to see seven different organisms there: a cell as a spark, but also as big as a little fish, the seventh stage, more space.
Every life gave more feeling, more inspiration, more material, space, and working.
Fatherhood and motherhood remain the same: dividing, giving birth, back to the world of the unconscious.
Lectures Part 2, 1951
A more spatial organism not only gave the physical experience of a larger body, but by means of this growing it also brought a spiritual becoming conscious, an inner experience of a larger material universe:
And what now seems to be space here”, my sisters and brothers, now listen carefully, “is for us as human beings on earth spiritual and physical becoming conscious, growth.”
Lectures Part 3, 1952
As a soul, we have transformed the spiritual substance of the first planet into material matter, by means of the material condensings of our body.
During our splitting from the first planet, we absorbed soul and spirit, and by transforming it into material matter, we gave consciousness to the maternal planet.
And then we absorbed so much of that moon, became cell, start to die, and that continued, millions, millions, millions of times, until we became the fish stage, fish.
Then we had survived the moon.
And we had the moon ...
The moon gave us soul, spirit; and we change that soul and spirit into material, and in this way we gave the moon consciousness, as a personality.
Questions and Answers Part 2, 1951
When the souls let go of their bodies in order to pass on to the world of the unconscious, that body proceeded to decomposition:
You get that here and now slowly that cell has disappeared from the daylight and a new rotting process emerges.
Because would you be able to accept that this ego, that is the first human discarded skin now, has already experienced the ultimate for creation?
That is not possible.
Lectures Part 2, 1951
After the human soul had begun its life, there was also a beginning to animal life and plant life.
These organisms also proceeded with decomposition.
From the rotting processes of all these millions of organisms, the condensed material matter of the first planet gradually originated:
On the Moon the following happened.
The first life died there and there we experienced the first death as people.
A rotting process of the cell life followed and from that the animal life comes into being.
Those lives also discard the earthly body and rotting after rotting follows.
Millions of organisms experience this rotting, this evolution continues.
In the waters the green comes into being and remains there, because the Earth is not yet ready as material.
Slowly but surely the sludge is removed, that sludge condenses as the other life and attaches itself.
There is still no question of banks, yet the condensed sludge floats there, which will one day be material.
From here the practical planet will emerge, that will be that far in millions of years!
The material - the earth - had to experience this evolution, this process could not be stopped in any way.
The Peoples of the Earth, 1941
When the matter of the first planet had condensed sufficiently, it came to the surface as material earth:
Now we get more and more condensing, the moon comes that far, the moon became bigger and bigger and bigger, earth already comes out.
The earth (of the moon) comes as a result of those rotting processes of those cells.
Lectures Part 2, 1951

From cell to sea lion

The soul developed its body from a cell to a spherical being:
Now I will show you the next stage.
Centuries have meanwhile passed.
You see now that the planet has become more solid, and according as this happened, the embryo developed and evolved into other shapes.
This also contracted and grew in all these centuries into a small powerful globular being.’
The Origin of the Universe, 1939
The organism received a small tail in order to move:
Because this was the cell as human being, with a little tail as we see a little fish like that.
And that head, that little ball, that little body possessed everything: material, soul, spirit, and feeling.
Lectures Part 2, 1951
Just as in the current stage on earth, the material form of the soul developed itself from a cell to a fully grown adult body.
On the first planet the soul needed millions of eras there, in the current age we experience that growth process in an accelerated rate in less than twenty years.
Yet the vital processes remain the same.
In order to reincarnate on earth, the soul also has to sink back to the very first stage of inspiration, in order to inspire the delicate cell to growth:
Why does the Divine spark sink back to the very first stage?
Because the Divine Process of Revelation lives in the mother, the mother creates, as God did it in the eternal.
Adult people do not even understand their own creation; the human being is unconscious of this!
However, the foetus in the mother is like the embryonic life of Mother Earth, when it started creation and took part in this great work.
Nothing has changed in this, only now it happens in the mother.
One cell has multiplied a million times, the human body built itself up by means of billions of cells and has become what it now is.
The Peoples of the Earth, 1941
On the first planet, the soul developed the physical senses in order to be able to sense the materialized life materially outside of itself:
These ‘taste’ cells now, for the ‘tongue’, are the centre of feeling, fed from the life of feeling.
However, these ‘taste papillas’ as people on Earth call them, are the feelers for the soul as human being, they are the spiritualised corns in order to sense the life!
The feelers therefore as cells, in order to experience the food, or we would suffocate, poison ourselves.
That is therefore consciousness, however, this is an organ in order to feel the food.
And something else, so that this wonder will also be clear to you.
These ‘taste cells’ represent a material sense for the human being as it were, for the organism, in order to protect itself from the food.
The ‘taste cells’ feel the material!
The ‘taste cells’ are attuned spiritually consciously to the food!
The ‘taste cells’ possess the feeling radiance of the life of feeling and this takes place from the life centre!
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 5, 1944
Sensing the vibrations materialized the hearing:
And after the feeling, after the taste, after the respiratory organs we received expansion.
We received expansion and expansion meant there: sensing which vibrations came to us and so the hearing for the human being – therefore immediately originating from the life of feeling – started to build up and to materialize itself.
In this way the human senses emerged: from the life of feeling, from that source, as a result of the working, one after the other.
Lectures Part 2, 1951
In this way, the eye also developed itself.
Since the embryo of two cells was composed of two parts, two eyes reached development:
But now we get this: that cell here (blackboard), which was therefore born by means of two cells.
If those two cells had not touched each other here – these two which I showed you there – if those two cells had not touched each other and if they had not given any discharge, here, then the human being would only have received one eye in this life.
This moment is the second eye for the human being, but also the twin soul.
Lectures Part 2, 1951
Our two eyes have a different radiance:
Because they are two parts – do you see? – that separation; now here is the eye and on the right side is the eye.
And do you wish to know which eye of you is father and which eye is mother?
In your eyes lie two different radiances, one is conscious and the other is unconscious.
And if you look carefully now, then the human being wonders: why is that one eye of the mother, of the human being different?
And that is now the division of the eye.
You can see from that, that those laws can even be seen in the day-consciousness of your life, but no one knows that.
Lectures Part 2, 1951
The maternal eye lies on the side of the heart:
And you have the human paternal eye and you have the maternal eye.
And if you wish to know where the maternal eye lives, and that is for the father too, then that is always the left side, your heart side, because motherhood lives there.
Lectures Part 2, 1951
The soul not only creates the senses, but also the organs for the material reproduction:
When we were on Mother Moon and established that we had to create our own genital organs, it was already certain that these organs would later represent an own system, a space and a grade of life.
In order to want to create, to want to love, a part of these systems formed itself as outer quality for the creating, which the whole universe was attuned to.
The Sun elevated our life, Mother Moon took care of the wanting to give birth.
And in the following grades of life we already possess these systems and by means of that now represent the human creating and giving birth being!
Archives, 1945
We formed the respiratory organs for our life in the water:
You come from the water to the land, material life of feeling.
We came from the waters and your thyroid glands behind your ears – the doctor can, the scientist can point out your gills to you – are still the phenomena of the gills.
Really, we were born in the waters.
Questions and Answers Part 5, 1950
We ensured our motion in the water:
We still had those webs and they would have to become arms and legs.
Lectures Part 2, 1951
The ultimate stage that we reached on the first planet looked like a sea lion or seal:
It is a great, wonderful body.
When you wish to make a comparison with your time you descend into the waters.
You see your sea lion, you see your seal and we were in a similar kind, the body was almost no different.
Lectures Part 1, 1950
On the following planets, we could create a land body, but on the first planet we only experienced our life in the water:
Because we got a land body – didn’t we? However, you also had a water life, a water organism and then you were, then we were like your sea lion, your seal, which possess the feeling for everything that you wish to manipulate.
Lectures Part 1, 1950
On the first planet, the soul created seven material grades of life in order to reach the organism that looked like a sea lion:
Seven grades originated on the Moon in order to be able to awaken, the soul will also create these laws of life here.
Seven grades, so seven transitions in order to reach the highest.
The embryonic laws of life belong to the waters, the physical to the inhabitable planet.
So what will she get hold of and create for herself?
Seven material grades of life as bodies, which she must experience.
Archives, 1945
The sea lion-like organism was the final stage of this first cosmic grade of life:
The final part of the body has been experienced.
The first sparks which reached development, that embryonic life, they have the final stage of this planet, this motherhood.
Can you feel?
No planet ... we no longer have to do with a planet.
For this motherhood, the core, that soul, that little spark which began as an embryonic particle, has experienced the final stage for this grade, and the spatial becomes conscious.
This is the first cosmic grade for human thinking and feeling, for the development stage for human, animal and Mother Nature, because after us comes more life.
Lectures Part 1, 1950

The forming of our personality

Searching for material food gave our beginning personality material consciousness:
The soul still feels astral, she is still in harmony with the Divine Revelations, but her life will materialise itself and now she reaches working, the searching for the material, for her life on this planet.
And that working is inspiration, is evolution and will become: consciousness.
Archives, 1945
Because of what takes place in the body, the personality experiences an internal space:
On the Moon the soul life must accept the working of the organism.
However, as a result of this the inner life, as was said, awakens, the soul starts to see the universe which lives in it and will soon completely outlive the Mother planet.
It will become the conquering of the soul over the material and this evolution now already starts to commence work.
The material body will keep on dying, the soul on the other hand will keep on going further in order to experience the higher grades of life.
The Peoples of the Earth, 1941
The personality feels what the body gives itself to experience.
She will feel like the body is and she will attract her food to her.
Archives, 1945
The personality experiences the material food:
What I must perceive is that the human soul began with the material food in her seventh grade of life and that she is capable of that, because the waters filled themselves with many species of animals, which originated from the animal kingdom.
Archives, 1945
The consciousness in order to search for food originated in an early stage:
When the human soul had created her condensed organism, there was food in her vicinity and she could continue her material life.
The searching for food gave her consciousness.
This consciousness is still embryonic.
Archives, 1945
By searching for food, the personality acquires knowledge:
It moves forward to where it wants to go, it feels where it must get its food, it acquires knowledge in this way and enriches itself as a result of all these possibilities of life.
The Peoples of the Earth, 1941
If no food is found, the first fear occurs:
Where was the first human fear born?
On the Moon, my Master.
If you want to analyse the human characteristics, want to determine where they originated and how deep fear is, then we must also return to Mother Moon for that, because it is there that the human fear was born.
Archives, 1945
On the Moon the soul became afraid that her food would be taken away and many other characteristics originated, were born there, which she mastered.
Archives, 1945
By means of these first perceptions and feelings, we began to build up a life of feeling:
Now of course the masters can go of their own accord directly to that begin stage of the moon, and then you will get the first experiencing as a human being, as embryonic life, that is the human being in the waters.
What happened there?
What built itself up there?
And that became the feeling.
Feeling, feeling, feeling.
When the first life was over, the second, the tenth, the thirteenth, the twentieth, the hundredth, on the moon ...
We had millions of lives there.
Questions and Answers Part 4, 1952
Our life of feeling here was still a natural experiencing and accepting what life brought us.
Only much later would we remove ourselves from this natural experiencing by means of our thinking:
(The souls of) those first cells, my sisters and brothers, which released themselves – they were millions of cells at that moment – they entered another world and calmed down there.
The separation, therefore the final for that process of growth – that is a process of growth – that is now a natural experiencing and accepting, there is no more to it.
The other, the later thinking and feeling as a human being, we will of course come across that in this space in a human way.
We will then experience in a human way how the human being took himself to the thinking and brought himself to that working, and as a result of that was able to lay his foundations.
And then it appears that every thought is a foundation, is a stone for your Divine building seen as a temple.
You are then a temple; yes, for fatherhood and motherhood and then you start to experience how sacred, how wonderful, how deep, how Divinely conscious your thoughts can be.
And then you are no longer so playful with words, and then you are no longer so playful and so harsh and so thoughtless.
Then you start to watch your thoughts and then you say: ‘A human being is a Divine form.’
Then you start to appreciate fatherhood and motherhood for the first time and now the human kiss speaks to your heart.
Then you get to see and to experience the justice for the space and then you start to feel what that justice, as All-Source instinct, has to say to your lives.
Lectures Part 1, 1950
Here the experiences are still limited to the sensory experiencing of the material, later the experiences will build up character traits:
And now there is something in that space by means of which the life protects itself.
I talked about feeling and that feeling is the All-Source, but that feeling is also the Divine personality which lives in this space, feels around – doesn’t it? – as cell; that feeling feels.
If you enter the animal world, you must look at the locusts and the insects, then the academic talks about the extreme feelers of a little animal, which also materialized themselves.
The human feelers live here and you have the materialization of those feelers again as character traits, don’t you?
You already feel in the space.
One longs to read a book of the Master and another says: “Have you got another dirty thing in your fingers?”
One longs for God, another says: “What are you doing in that dirty church?”
One human being has the need to spiritualize and materialize that space for himself, another human being prefers to go to dancing halls and all those other things.
Those are therefore the character traits.
But if you start to feel in a higher stage, as you experience this morning, and that means: you already let your feelers go there in order to experience that spiritual grade.
To experience ... you experience it by means of feeling.
And what happens now?
That was for the very first working the awakening of the taste, the feeling to sense: what do I feel there, what is that?
The life cannot eat blind, the life must feel and see.
So that inner intuition of that source, which is feeling, has originated from the All-Mother, starts to feel and starts to breathe in life.
Lectures Part 2, 1951
Ultimately, the soul reaches the life form which looks like a sea lion, and crawls onto the land.
As a result this being suffocates, because this body on this planet still cannot breathe outside the water:
I ask you: why does this life crawl out of the waters?
The organism still does not possess the land consciousness; and it means that this is the irrevocable end for this being.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 3, 1944
Yet this being acts according to the feeling to continue, to evolve higher, to raise the consciousness in the water to land consciousness.
When Jozef Rulof is connected in feeling with this state, he feels the inner driving force of the soul at that moment:
At this moment I feel a tremendous power entering me.
This being wants to go on, but progress is not possible.’
The Origin of the Universe, 1939
Master Alcar explains to Jozef (André) where that driving force comes from, and that the soul must go to the following cosmic grade of life at this moment in order to be able to evolve further:
This power has become active from the very first moment of life.
This is the mighty and inexplicable phenomemon man on earth experiences.
They all want to go on, always go on, and they don’t know why that urge is in them.
They are all in a hurry to experience all that can be experienced on earth, but they forget that they are living in eternity, and have to experience all that is related to God.
But that driving power to which I referred, and which I let you feel and which clearly came in you, is the Divine Spark within us, by which we are connected with God.
That power which you feel, André, is the deepest possession of man, as well as of all other life which belongs to the animal kingdom, but the animal follows its own way and is not conscious of it.
For man, however, this means the Arch-Power and the connection with the very highest.
As I said, this has been present in man from the first moment.
It is all-inclusive; it is animation, inspiration, the urge for progress; it is power and personality; it is the Divine within us, and it is the return to the All.
If we did not have that in us, creation would be at a standstill and no new life would be born out of the first stage.
This applies to man and animal, to planets and stars, all life will and must return to God.
I said just now: if this was not in us, creation would be at a standstill, but something made us awaken again, urged us, and all other life, which evolved through thousands of stages of the material organism, until we had reached that which you see in front of you.
Do you feel all that too, André?’
‘Yes, Alcar, it is amazing and natural.’
‘This is also part of the plan of evolution, and is the return to God.
But you will also feel that all life has to follow one course, one action, preordained in life.
Here in front of you are thousands of beings, and they cannot go further.
Here something calls them to halt, and this halt and power permit them to pass on to the second cosmic degree.
The Origin of the Universe, 1939
When the first souls left the first planet, the light of the first sun was still like our morning light:
All of this came forward from nothing, now a visible universe emerged, an enormous body condensed itself and light also came into the darkness.
A weak light now irradiates the Moon life!
It is like your morning dawn, powerful enough to assure existence to this life.
The light from the universe irradiates Mother Moon, it feels and knows that it received its size and its laws of life as a result of this light.
The Peoples of the Earth, 1941
By means of this weak light, colours could still not occur then in the material:
Everything was different, grey and misty.
The many colours seen in nature on earth, all those magnificent shades, were not present here.
It was not possible, because this planet had in everything the first grade of life.
Everything, whatever it was, lived far below the level known on earth.
Nothing can be compared with what is present on earth.
The animals were monsters and not perfect; they were unwieldy and clumsy; everything had yet to awaken and develop.
What was present here was intended for progress and was at an initial stage of development.
The Origin of the Universe, 1939

When did our first life begin?

After the first souls had left the first planet, the moon still continued for millions of years with the condensing process whereby other souls began with their first life:
We are further, we know when we look back here – here, that is the moon, this large space where you are now – when we look back, then we see that the moon will still be busy for millions of years before her All-Spirit, her All-Core has condensed, understood?
Her All-Source will transform itself.
She is a part of the All-Source, she is All-Soul and every spark which separates itself from her body – that is the process of giving birth, that is the motherhood – absorbs so much All-Core in itself and then the condensing comes, then the final process for this birth comes, for our spatial thinking and feeling, the returning to God.
Lectures Part 1, 1950
The souls which first lived on the first planet have now already reached the All, the seventh cosmic grade of life.
They have closed off their evolution on the first planet countless eras ago,and they have also already completed their evolution on Mother Earth millions of ages ago.
They are countless years ahead of us, the people who now live on the earth:
But it took millions of years before the moon had divided itself completely.
So there are people who are ahead of me, and who are ahead of you by millions of ages.
Questions and Answers Part 6, 1951
And also after us many souls still began with their first life on the first planet.
The last souls must now still come to the earth in order to begin their first life on Mother Earth.
Since the complete evolution which the soul goes through on earth takes millions of years, the souls which have now already left the earth are millions of years ahead of those last souls:
So it could be that I am ahead of you and another by ten million years.
Questions and Answers Part 6, 1951
The difference in seconds in the beginning on the moon has now expanded to centuries:
Probably received your grade of life a tenth or a millionth of a second earlier on the Moon.
Now that you are on Earth, those seconds are changed into lives.
Masks and Men, 1948
The first planet continued to split itself until it had given all its spiritual plasma to the individual life of the soul:
But when that moon has experienced the final stage for herself, then all that plasma here must – is this clear to you now? – then all that plasma there must, this plasma, which the moon is as mother, must divide itself.
And now you can see, now you will experience that the moon has received, experienced itself by means of God, and that by dividing itself the moon has now created the life of the soul for all the worlds which will come after her.
Because we received soul and spirit from the moon as mother, because the moon is the All-Mother for this space, this universe in which we live.
But that will still take billions of years.
Before the moon has divided itself completely, therefore those cells have absorbed a part of her life into them and will begin with an own life, that spiritual moon must dissolve.
And that will take ...
And that moment – I can now explain that to you – that moment will come when the human being is ready here, the human being, you.
When the moon was ready to give herself and had completely dissolved and could begin with her dying process – that is therefore the end of this space – then the human being was ready and prepared for the seventh sphere on the Other Side, here.
And the human being entered here – that space was there, but it also lived in this, I cannot go into that, of course – then the human being was ready for the fourth cosmic grade.
So when the moon started to die, was ready, then the fourth new, material world was also ready for the human being in order to return to his All-Stage.
Lectures Part 2, 1951