the universal word

The word ‘God’ was brought to earth in order to cover all the life in the cosmos that Christ got to know in millions of worlds.
Based on the books by Jozef Rulof.
Master Zelanus gave the following explanation for this painting:
‘You could soon call this work ‘God’.
All the life is present in it.
The precious stones that you will see are character traits of the human being who has conquered the justice, the harmony towards Mother Nature and the universe and was then able to master this.’

Love instead of hatred

The article ‘Moses and the prophets’ describes how the prophets got to know God as their powerful patron.
When they obeyed God’s commandments, He protected them against the attacks by hostile tribes.
However, those who sinned with random murdering, stealing and threatening, were punished by the Lord with eternal damnation after death.
The article ‘Bible writers’ explains how the writers from the Bible made the punishment by God much greater.
When for instance the prophet Elisha was jeered at and called ‘baldy’ by a group of children, God got two bears from the woods to maul them.
In the Bible this description can be read in 2 Kings 2:23-25.
Another example is where God as a mass murderer destroyed almost all the people on earth by means of the flood (Genesis 6:7), because He was disappointed in them and was sorry that He had made them.
Only Noah and his people were saved, because they lived according to God’s commandments.
The Bible writers did not know that the greatest part of the continents were not flooded, and that millions of people were not troubled by it.
They did not know either that the floods were a result of the natural development of Mother Earth and that this had nothing to do with a punitive god.
On the other hand, Christ talked about God as a Father of Love.
He said: ‘Anyone who takes up the sword will perish by the sword.’
This is not a gospel of struggle and hatred, but of love.
He summarized his message with ‘Love one another.’
Christ wanted to abolish the god of revenge and damnation, because He knew that that god did not exist.
He saw that the Bible writers had not interpreted the word of God, but their own limited consciousness.
However, the world did not accept this message of love, and people murdered Christ in order to be able to keep the old God of the Old Testament.

Christ in the All

Christ was the only person on earth who knew exactly what was true and not true of everything that was said about God.
After all, before Christ came to the earth in order to bring his message of love, He had got to know God as Life.
The article ‘the University of Christ’ explains that Christ was already very old as a soul then, because He belonged to the first souls who reached awakening in the universe.
He had experienced all the planets, on which God’s life as human being, animal and plant had reached growth.
He knew the whole cosmos and had evolved along with the first souls to the highest cosmic grade of life, the All.
Having arrived there, they went in search of God:
They reached oneness in feeling with the source from which they had originated, the All-Source:
When Christ reached the All, the people on earth still lived in the prehistoric age.
Christ wanted to make a start in order to bring those people to a higher feeling and consciousness so that they would refrain from murdering and as a result the suffering on earth would be able to stop one day.
However, because the earthly being still could not grasp much of spiritual realities, a beginning had to be made with one concept, one word:
Then people on earth received that one word:
That word comprised all the life:
It was only in 1944 that the University of Christ could communicate to the earth via Jozef Rulof which spiritual realities lay within the word God:

Our divine spark

From the moment that the Bible writers thought up that God created people, many people started to build on that human image.
When Christ entered the All, the concept of ‘human being’ had not yet been thought up.
He did not feel returned to God either, because as a soul he had never been away from God during his long evolution path.
He had only become divinely conscious of the life that manifests itself through him.
In ‘The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof’, the masters speak of our divine spark.
Our soul is a spark, a part of God and the All-Source.
The more love we feel and give to all the life of God, the more consciously we start to feel which aspects lie within our divine spark.
In the All, every soul finally reaches the realisation that it experiences all the aspects of God itself.
Then it has left the human thinking behind it long ago and it feels that it has always been a part of God and the All-Source as All-Mother:

Sources and deepening

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