Harmony -- Sources

Source texts from the books by Jozef Rulof for the article ‘harmony’.
Based on the books by Jozef Rulof.
These sources presume the prior reading of the article ‘harmony’.

Our harmonic soul

The masters determined that we as a personality are acquiring the harmony of our soul:
In the cosmos everything was created, given birth to, spiritualized and materialized in harmony and the human being has to master that as working, as continuance of the life and the growing of the life.
Lectures Part 2, 1951
The masters feel that that harmony was already present in the All-Source and the All-Soul:
They go through that All-Source, because behind this life the All-Mother is still present as soul, as spirit, as personality.
In that nothing, in that darkness is everything.
And they were all of that themselves.
They felt it: it is – by means of which the wordbook emerged – harmony, justice, benevolence, cordiality.
They were able to master all those higher thoughts which take you to that harmony.
Lectures Part 2, 1951
The All-Source is also harmony, is peace and means: Divine love.
Nothing could stop this process, my master, because this came to life, passed into working by means of harmonic feeling and thinking”, do you hear this, human being?
Lectures Part 3, 1952
As an embryonic life, we were completely in harmony with ourselves and all the life around us:
All these laws are Divinely conscious and Divinely inspired, they want to be experienced according to Divine Harmony.
I now already ask you:
Was the soul capable of this, Master Zelanus?”
“Yes, Master.”
“Master André, is the soul still in harmony with these laws?”
“She is not in disharmony with anything.”
“How can this be established?”
“By means of the revelations mentioned by you, Master.”
“This goes without saying and we were able to experience this.
So the human soul was not capable of sullying these laws here, created by God, Master Zelanus?”
“No, my Master, it was not capable of that.”
“Why not, André?”
“Because the harmony was given to all these laws by means of the Divine Revelations.”
“Can you give me an explanation for this?”
“That is also possible, because I am one with the Divine harmony.
These laws follow on from each other.
Because God created harmony for all life, the human soul was not capable of sullying this law as an embryonic existence.
Archives, 1945
In our first lives as a cell, we experienced our first love harmonically:
How did the human soul get to know Divine love?
We experienced the first love on the Moon.
The embryonic life gave us this love.
We created numerous character traits, which got light from love, because we had started life.
Fatherhood and motherhood, for example, soon dominated our life and existence and now we got to know the supreme Divine Law, which we had to master.
Archives, 1945
We experienced our life harmony together with our twin soul:
And by what means are we twin souls?
How would I have wanted to experience my life harmony?
Should I have been born years later?
These disharmonic laws were never born on the Moon, because we were in harmony, one life attracted the other one to it.”
Archives, 1945
Fatherhood and motherhood represent this harmony in all the grades of life:
Wherever we are to be found, in whatever grade, the Divine Harmonic laws can be experienced.
Whether we are on the Moon or on Earth, or on the Fourth Cosmic grade of life, the laws created by God have not changed during the millions of centuries.
After all, the soul also experiences reincarnation here.
She is also father and mother here.
She is also sister and brother on Earth and she experienced reincarnation.
Those laws cannot be changed, because life and death, fatherhood and motherhood are laws according to the Divine Revelations, by means of which the soul would return to God.
God did not create any other laws!
For all the universes of God, these are the legislative stipulations, the laws of reality, and by means of them the life of God was assured of existence.
Not one world was created differently.
Archives, 1945
This harmony was expressed for instance in our lifespan:
For her, the harmonic laws are like laws of life and death, which determined the time of birth and the time of passing away.
Archives, 1945
The end of a life took place in a harmonic way:
“So, Master Zelanus, there was never disharmony on the Moon for the human soul as material being.”
“Exactly, Master Alcar.
I was not able to experience any material disturbances there, because they did not exist.”
“This means irrevocably that the soul experienced her end according to the Divine laws?”
“Indeed, those laws are attached to her life and she would experience them, or cosmic disturbances would have originated.”
Archives, 1945
We passed on harmonically from one life to the next life:
The grades of life followed on from each other, the soul continues by means of fatherhood and motherhood, towards reincarnation and then she enters the astral world.
She also experiences the law for harmony in there, the returning to the embryonic stage, if she wanted to experience the birth, disturbances did not originate in anything.
Archives, 1945
Also in nature on earth, we see the harmony of the life materialized:
Now look at an innocent, pure, delicate flower.
That is after all not possible that a flower, that nature, Mother Nature, the source which gave soul, spirit, material to all the life, that it could sully itself.
And if you now want to know when you can be in harmony with the Spheres of Light and space, then you must only experience the harmony of Mother Nature, the ground, the waters, a tree, a flower – but not the animal life, we see disharmony again in that, because one animal destroys the other – but solely and only Mother Nature and then you reach a state of purity, which Frederik talked about in ‘Masks and Men’.
Lectures Part 3, 1952

Our becoming conscious

We experienced the harmonic love, but we were not conscious of that:
We went further in love.
Even if we were not conscious there as to what love brought and would mean, our life of feeling drove our personality to the other life and we created a new organism.
We did not have any consciousness in that.
Archives, 1945
On Mars too, we could still not analyze our grade of consciousness:
The human soul is not capable of analyzing, feeling the grades of consciousness intensely here either, because she has not awakened for them.
Archives, 1945
Even on earth, the human being still does not know the grades of love:
The soul is also still unconscious of her love there.
She cannot give me an answer to the question: “Does love possess grades?
Do you know your love which you give to all the life of God?”
Archives, 1945
Love represents harmony:
“If love is the highest Divine law, we must accept that it must also represent the Divine Harmony, but which we as human beings will experience according to the laws of life which were created by God.
Is this correct, Master Zelanus?”
“I am connected with that, Master.
Love is everything!
But what is all of this?
You can imagine and think up everything of the universe, of nature, of light and of night, of the stars and the planetary systems, of universes as astral worlds, then you will touch the word ‘love’.
Then we enter love!
Then we experience love!
And we evolve in order to master that love as grades of life and as laws.
And that is God!
If we touch one law, we brush the life of one flower, whatever grade of life, then we enter the harmonic law for love.
And if we are in harmony for that life, then the life will also have entered into harmony for God’s creation, so that we will be able to go further.
Archives, 1945
Harmonic love is serving, but on the moon and on Mars we are still not conscious of what love, harmony and serving mean:
“On the Moon we got to know the first human love.
Love means: serving the life of God.
The feeling of love reached becoming conscious as a result of my being one with the other life.
It encompasses everything.
It is space, light and darkness, it is the possession of all my senses, love wants to be experienced by means of the phenomena, but those phenomena are the laws by means of which love can reveal itself as feeling.
I would have to explain all the Divine worlds and analyze them for you, if I want to analyse the Divine feeling as love, but I am not capable of that.”
Archives, 1945
Ultimately, we will come into harmony with all the grades of life, and then get to know the very highest love:
And now love is everything!
If we are now in harmony with the millions of grades of life created by God, then we master the supreme law, which is love.
If we are not capable of that, then we have placed ourselves outside of the Divine harmonic law.
Archives, 1945
People call the harmonic oneness love:
When you are in harmony and experience the justice then you go to that harmony and people call that love.
That is the oneness with the life, with the source to which you belong.
Lectures Part 2, 1951
To live harmonically – you now know – to be harmonically one with the human being on earth and for all the arts and sciences is no different than experiencing the happiness and the peace, the harmony; and you have now called that love.
Lectures Part 3, 1952
On Mars, the soul got to know the disharmonic laws, but its personality did not understand that, because it possessed a pre-animal-like grade of feeling:
We talked about this, on Mars, all these created but disharmonic laws reached the light and the soul got to know them, even if she did not understand them in her pre-animal state.
Even the material being of the Earth has no knowledge of them; this being is also searching for its Divinity and stands on top of it.
Archives, 1945
On Mars, the human being got hold of the possibilities to bring its life into disharmony by means of its increased grade of consciousness:
On the Moon we were not able to sully our life, Master Alcar, but on this planet, as a result of the grades of consciousness of our life, we got hold of those possibilities.
Archives, 1945
On earth that became even much worse:
And then disharmonic laws originated, which could receive the full hundred percent on Earth, because the soul wanted to experience her rights of life there according to the obtained consciousness.
Archives, 1945

The first disharmony

The masters saw that the first people attacked each other:
I now see that these beings are attacking each other.
Archives, 1945
The first disharmony originated by means of hunger:
This life sought food and it found food, but was attacked by the other life.
Driven to it by hunger, one life kills the other.
Archives, 1945
Here there was killing for the first time:
On Earth, my Masters, the human soul received the Ten Commandments, they were given to mankind by Moses.
Thou shalt not kill!
Here there is killing.
Is this life in conflict with the Divine Harmonic laws and for the own existence?
Thousands of problems force themselves upon my consciousness, all questions to be analysed.
Archives, 1945
Then it was already: go away!
But, but we hammered, hammered ourselves out of the Divine harmony as father and mother.
Not beaten, but really hammered.
We broke the life there.
We could not stand it that there was any more life in our vicinity and said: “Go away!”
And then we started with murder.
Lectures Part 2, 1951
In this way, the soul began with disharmony during the second cosmic grade of life:
But where did we begin with disharmony?
On Mars, as the Second Cosmic Grade of Life we already created disharmony.
By what means did that misery originate, Master Zelanus?”
“Because the human being violated the life too soon.”
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 5, 1944
Master Zelanus follows two people who together killed another human being, but who also died themselves during that fight:
Evil took them to the other world.
They went together to the astral space, the world of the unconscious.
What did they experience there?
The returning to the Earth.
However, they killed the life of another grade of life.
Archives, 1945
Both murderers must wait longer for their reincarnation, because those who were murdered, go before them:
What do we see now?
Both souls had to wait for reincarnation.
The life which was touched by them now went before their grade of life.
It was attracted by them and then experienced the time which it had to experience in a material state according to the harmonic laws and those for the own Divinity.
Archives, 1945
As a result of the murder, the human being has placed himself outside of the harmony of his own soul:
Murder and destruction place you outside of the harmonic laws of your Divine existence.
Archives, 1945
Murder is an unconscious deed which will be rectified by the human being:
An unconscious deed!
That deed is justified by you, rectifying and experiencing.
Archives, 1945
The harmonic laws of our soul force us to rectify every mistake:
Do not make any mistakes, because you will stand before your own deed anyway.
The harmonic laws of your Divine existence will force you to rectify them.
Archives, 1945
When we are in harmony, by means of motherhood and fatherhood we create two children who will in turn take care of the body in which we can reincarnate, by means of their love.
In that way, we take care of our own evolution.
The murderer severs that harmony and will first have to give birth to a new body for another soul, before he can continue to work on his own evolution again:
Kill the life of your fellow human being and you will not be capable of creating your next body for your Divine evolution, you will have to give this new life inspiration first.
A new body, but you will have to give birth to it.
Meanwhile your own life stands still.
Archives, 1945
The male murderer still has a long way to go for this purpose:
The male organism cannot give birth and so that soul must first experience the seven laws of life for motherhood, if she wishes to be able to give birth.
And now she stands before this Divine justice.
She gives life to a soul, and a material garment to that soul.
Archives, 1945
Then the perpetrator can go further again:
However, the deed calls our life to the Divine halt.
If that deed has been rectified Divinely and according to the obtained grade of life, then we will go further!
Archives, 1945
Before disharmony was created, a reincarnation took place in only a few hours’ time:
The cosmic harmonic time for reincarnation dissolved, was sullied.
What means only a few hours for the spatial harmony, so that the soul possesses a new body in only a short time and therefore reincarnates, was already sullied here.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 5, 1944
As a result of the harmonizing driving force of the soul, the human being was able to leave his pre-animal-like environment:
Because if these Harmonic laws had not been created by the All-Soul, then the human soul would never have been able to conquer a universe and she would continue in her little, pre-animal environment.
Archives, 1945
People can murder a human being, but not a soul:
You cannot murder one soul!
You keep coming to stand before your own disharmonic deed again.
That calls you to the Divine halt of your life!”
Archives, 1945


On the second cosmic grade of life, the personality is still not conscious of the disharmony of a murder, that consciousness will only awaken on earth:
It is only on Earth that we get to know the conscious disharmonic law of life.
For these worlds, these laws are still unconscious, they are experienced in ignorance, misunderstanding.
How does the soul on Earth live?
It is there, my Masters, where we must analyse these laws.
The Divine soul still has to awaken for this.
Yet she cannot escape it, but it will determine her path of life.
Archives, 1945
The manslaughter was only an action, it was still not a conscious deed of an expanded personality:
Every action, as André was able to receive this, is one law of life in a pre-animal state.
Millions of actions together constitute a law and is for the soul the actual being, the origin of the personality.
Archives, 1945
God did not create any disharmony, but on the second cosmic grade of life the human being began with disharmony because he still had to awaken for a higher harmony:
But then we stand again before the Divine Revelations, which convince us that there is harmony in everything!
Only the soul did not understand herself and her life.
Is this possible, Master Zelanus?”
“Why not, André?”
“Because no misunderstanding was created.”
“You are suddenly placing us before eternal damnation?
I would like to reply to you, but we are still not that far, and yet, your feeling and thinking is cosmically reliable.
Truly, God did not create any misunderstanding.
Because God is harmonic in everything, God is just.
How is it possible then that the soul as human being did not understand this, my André?”
“Because she would still awaken, would evolve.”
“Is this the truth, Master Zelanus?”
“It is completely right, my Master.”
“So, my brothers, the end of this grade of life is that the soul is busy evolving.
We cannot say: this is an abnormal state, everything in the Divine creation is normal and Divinely finished.
As far as we know the laws for that, isn’t it true, because numerous grades of life take or live in a different direction and then we lose our way because of the unjust darkness, which was born by means of us, or was created by God.
We keep on coming to stand before God and before the human soul with all her wrong, unnatural and inhuman characteristics and laws, however, for which there is no place, which do not have the possibility of existing, because God remained love and justice in everything.
We must follow this and many other laws, if we want to be able gauge the life on Earth soon.
And it is there that we must experience hundreds of problems, if we want to see the ultimate, the spiritual personality and the astral grade of life before us.
Archives, 1945

Increase in disharmony

The increase in consciousness first led to more disharmony:
And that tells us, the more consciousness the human being gets, the more he also wants to possess and experience, but now he violates another grade of life and finally sullies himself, creates disharmony.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 5, 1944
The human being with more consciousness now wanted to possess and dominate everything:
Now just go to the twentieth century, my brothers, and make your comparisons.
Before which cause and effect are we standing now?
That is terrible.
Not only that the soul kills herself, commits suicide, but millions of people perish as a result of the wars.
And then as a result of all that spiritual deception, as result of the conscious hatred, lies and deception, rape of the Divine laws of life for goodness and love, the soul forgot herself and ill-treated herself.
That is her obtained consciousness, her present stage.
Now say that these people possess more than the human being of these ages?
As a result of the human possession the soul went under, she did not understand her possession.
And yet, the soul for the twentieth century possesses the ten commandments!
She possesses God!
She possesses Christ!
She has received a religion!
She possesses arts and sciences!
She takes part in psychology, but all those life truths did not spiritualize her life, or were able to make it happy, she also wants to possess everything now and goes further by dominating.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 5, 1944
By means of the technical developments, in the twentieth century one human being is able to kill millions of other people:
The soul as human being of the twentieth century knows that she may not kill, but does it anyway!
But she already knows it.
These people did not know that!
And yet this human being will also have to begin with making amends.
So we see, my brothers, consciousness is wonderful, that is great, but we do not get a law of life for free!
And this is why we do not see any injustice either!
The soul, I ask you, from the twentieth century, does she experience the same laws?
Yes, because the Divine laws of life have not changed.
But now look at her power, her possession.
For the present stage one human being is capable of killing millions of people.
That therefore takes us to power and consciousness and we have to accept that, but these people did not know that power and it has now become the own protection for the soul.
What do we want now?
To possess power?
To experience money and profit?
The more power the human being on Earth possesses for the present stage, can also mean his deep fall.
And now power and possession are ruin!
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 5, 1944
On Mars, a few lives were sufficient for settling the karma caused, on earth because of the development of weapons, the karma increased in such a way that the soul needs many more lives for this purpose:
On Mars her destruction began, on Earth she will experience the ultimate and only now begin with the construction, for which she will soon awaken beyond the material.
However, my brothers, what do we see now?
For the present stage, the soul needs more lives in order to make good, her misery is so terrible.
Here a few lives would have been enough in order to enter that stage again, because she still does not possess that heightened consciousness and could not think up any evil herself.
Is that true, Master Zelanus?”
“Yes, my Master.
Since the soul gave herself expansion, those laws of life emerged.
Now she got hold of possibilities in order to experience evil.
And the present stage is that far, that one human being can destroy millions of people, a cause and effect which makes me tremble and shake, because I was able to get to know myself and got the consciousness of that trouble.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 5, 1944


The human being as personality sinks away deeper in its chaos the more material consciousness it gets, but the soul will create light:
The more consciousness she gets, the deeper she sinks away into this, her chaos.
The more consciousness, the deeper her misery becomes.
Is that a pity?
We cannot experience anything else.
Did the All-Mother know that?
Yes, because this is both the human and the animal evolution.
We go through the darkness to the light.
And we also have to experience that darkness for the All-Mother, no other laws were to be experienced in there.
And then it became light.
The human being as soul will also create light for itself and begin with the spiritual life by means of this!
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 5, 1944
The All-Soul itself goes through the darkness to the light:
The All-Mother was not able to say: “But what did I start”, this is her own life, it is ‘HERSELF’!
She represents herself by means of this, for ‘HER’ worlds.
And we have already seen what awaits this life, we were in the conscious Divine All!
The All-Source therefore knew that the life had to go through darknesses to the light.
The All-Mother knew that her life would forget herself, that the soul life would materialize herself by means of this darkness, there were no other laws to be experienced.
So this is no longer forgetting, but evolution!
And that is something else!
This is evolution!
This is Awakening!
This is going further!
The soul gives a new organism to the murdered life and now goes further.
She will free herself from her cause and effect and from the disharmonic laws.
And then she will end her cycle!
Then the material life will be completed and she will stand before her spiritual world.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 5, 1944
From its very first life as a cell, the human soul was the guiding strength for its material life:
No organism forced us to experience other laws, because that is not possible.
On the other hand, the soul as human being would dominate one day.
Where did this dominating of the material existence begin, Master André?”
“In the very first moment of the embryonic law of life, Master.
When I lived in there, I pulled the little material cell forward.
That organism had to listen to me.
I was the one who lived, and not the organism.
Archives, 1945
In the following lives too, the soul dominated its little body:
Where did I go?
To the astral world, the world of the unconscious.
I prepared myself for the following, new birth.
And again I reached the embryonic consciousness and dominated this little life, the existence which had been given to me, but only belonged to me.
Who would want to take that away from me?
No one was capable of that.”
Archives, 1945
It is only in the spiritual grade of feeling that the human being is conscious of the harmony of the own soul:
During the animal stage she does not feel anything of this becoming conscious, so that we can accept that the spiritual becoming conscious gives her those feelings to experience for the first time.
And those are also laws, which we get to know in the Spheres of Light.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 5, 1944
Ultimately, all disharmony will disappear and that will appear to have only given evolution:
You live only with your wrong thinking, but you will change this thinking and namely aimed at the Divine harmonic laws of life for fatherhood and motherhood, therefore for reincarnation, for our harmonic life in society, until we know and have accepted: you will not kill, you will love as Christ said and meant.
It is true!
You hear it now: we will make good every wrong deed and put right every wrong thought and then there will no longer be a question of disharmony, because now we experience our own evolution, we return by means of life to God!!!
Questions and Answers Part 1, 1950
It is only after the settling of the karma that the human being can enter the spheres of light in the hereafter:
It was only when you brought those laws back into harmony with your Deity that you went further and you entered the Spheres of Light, the astral universe, your Divine Spirit.
Archives, 1945
Then the soul will have restored its own harmony, and its personality will have become conscious of this harmony:
Then the human personality emerged, the conscious and the unconscious, the pre-animal-like ... the animal-like, the coarse-material, material and also later the spiritual personality, so the human being who brought himself back to the Divine harmony and could finally say: I am that far, now I will go further in pure love and he entered the life on the other side!
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 2, 1944
We are on our way to the divine consciousness of our All-Soul:
While evolving, we go further.
Was God affected for our universes?
In nothing, because God lives as All-Soul behind this!
We are going there!
And it is only then that we will have materialised our Divine Consciousness visibly.
Archives, 1945