Hell -- Sources

Source texts from the books by Jozef Rulof for the article ‘Hell’.
Based on the books by Jozef Rulof.
These sources presume the prior reading of the article ‘Hell’.

Not condemned for eternity

In the book ‘A View into the Hereafter’, Jozef Rulof who is called André visits hell in the life after death, along with his spiritual leader Alcar:
‘I suppose this must be the hell that earthly doctrine tells us about, Alcar?’
‘Yes, André, according to earthly doctrine this is hell, and the millions it harbours are, again according to this doctrine, damned forever.
This is what people are taught on earth, but this hell looks quite different from what they are told and presented with.
The unfortunate suffer enough as it is.
Just imagine them burning forever!
A View into the Hereafter, 1936
On earth some clergymen proclaim that hell is a place of eternal damnation:
The dark spheres constitute hell in the Hereafter, but the spirits that live there don’t have to stay forever, because God damns nobody, so they too will one day reach the higher regions.
No child of God is ever lost.
This is all nonsense, and the clergy who, during their life on earth, continuously talk about hell, devils, purgatory and damnation will, after they have passed on, come to recognize that they have been talking gibberish because they didn’t know the truth.
There are a lot of things they preach about as if it were the truth, and yet these are merely their own fantasies.
What’s the use of these sermons about hell and damnation?
Later on you will find many of these theologians down there, because they too weren’t free of hatred and envy either, and they robbed many a person of his faith, his hope and his love.’
A View into the Hereafter, 1936

Spiritual fire of lust and violence

Inhabitants of hell radiate the fire of lust and violence:
‘Correct, my boy, the hell in the hereafter.
Nothing but misery.
On earth people imagine a different kind of hell, at least those who take everything literally.
Here hell is so totally different, and it harbours the fire of passion and violence which they all radiate.
A View into the Hereafter, 1936
In the biography ‘Jeus of Mother Crisje’, Jozef Rulof (Jeus) asks his master Alcar whether there are burning hells:
And suddenly Jeus is faced with the hells in life ‘beyond the coffin’ and he can ask questions.
“Are there burning hells, master?”
“No, Jeus, there are not.”
Master Alcar placed that first question in his life.
Millions of people on earth walk around with this question and are stuck with a God of hate and damnation, but that is nonsense. However, also the church and your ministers are still spiritually unaware, and they do not know God, or one law of our spiritual astral consciousness, nothing.
God is not capable of damning HIS children!
Master Alcar tells Jeus: “There are only dark worlds here, but there is no burning fire to be seen; what the bible says about it is nonsense, and lies, Jeus.
If a person on earth follows destruction, that is to say hate and violence, he descends into these spheres, because this is what he is tuned into.
How could God, who is a Father of Love, condemn His children?”
“I do not believe that, master.”
“I already told you that in your youth, Jeus.”
“But then the bible, which represents the word of God, after all, is saying terrible things, master.”
“That is true and I will explain those untruths to you.”
Jeus of Mother Crisje Part 3, 1952
This new knowledge is for the Age of Christ:
Jeus now experiences the hells; he can convince himself.
He sees that millions of people live here.
But people on earth do not know that; what they know there is contrary to reality.
He learned a lot from this journey.
Then Master Alcar went back to Jeus’ body.
He is now flying past Buddha and Ramakrishna, all of them, because Jeus is conscious and lives in this world as an astral personality for his spirit.
The great people did not know this development, they were not taken by the hand to make these journeys, that evolution was still to come.
They served for their own time; Jeus serves for the ‘Age of Christ’!
We will then begin with his first book: ‘A View into the Hereafter’.
Jeus of Mother Crisje Part 3, 1952

Earthly use of language

During a contact evening, Jozef Rulof explains why the masters still speak about hells:
Master Alcar says in ‘A View into the Hereafter’ also ... We also talk about the hells, but there are no hells.
But we must talk like that, he says, I must write that, because if I do not materialize that word hells and I do not record it, then the human being will no longer know what a hell is, then they will never come out of this work.
So I must hold onto the language which is still on earth, but which is wrong, because hells do not exist.
Damnation does not exist.
Those are worlds of unconsciousness.
And now everything changes, do you see?
Questions and Answers Part 2, 1951
The human being on earth invented that word ‘hell’:
Then you get the origin of the hells, which do not exist; they are unconscious spheres.
We speak about the hells, but the human being invented and thought up the word hell.
So they are all laws, grades of life, spaces, spheres.
Questions and Answers Part 6, 1951
The word ‘hell’ should be banned:
People call that hells, but they are not hells.
The Catholic Church says: they are hells.
In ‘A View into the Hereafter’ master Alcar had to use that word hells, because otherwise you would not understand it.
People should banish that word immediately, because they are the unconscious grades of life for the human being.
Questions and Answers Part 5, 1950

On the way to the light

In the dark spheres the human being prepares himself for higher consciousness:
They are not hells, they are worlds where the human being, by means of which the human being prepares himself for higher consciousness; you know that, you have read the books.
Questions and Answers Part 5, 1950
The inhabitants can reach that higher consciousness because the soul wants to make herself luminous:
In the prehistoric age, if you had entered the astral world, the dark world, then you would see ...
People call that hells, we have had to accept that word, then the human being understands it, but for the other side, for your spiritual life they are the worlds of the unconsciousness.
You make, in that world you make yourself radiant.
And that light lives in you, that is your divine attunement.
Questions and Answers Part 5, 1950
And that light ultimately means harmonic love:
Seven grades of darkness originated by means of the human being.
No, they are worlds in order to free us from the animal-like, crude-material, material grades, which the earth possesses as child of sun and moon in order to give her life growth.
And, of course, we now come to stand before that first luminous sphere, and that is now harmony and that is now benevolence, which is finally and irrevocably love, harmonic love in everything.
Earthly possession, earthly thinking and feeling no longer have any meaning now if you let your Divine self go hungry and thirsty.
Lectures Part 3, 1952
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