You won’t believe me, Hendrik, but I thought of witches

People can say what they like, they can raise hell now and again, complain and moan about everything, put on sour faces of dissatisfaction about something that they cannot achieve, but one thing they do know and that is that all their complaining and moaning will still not be able to make time stand still, even for one second.
Despite their dissatisfaction, time carries on undisturbed.
Our Lord regulates that awe-inspiring clockwork and we cannot touch that, or even understand or conceive anything about it.
That which you do have control over is usually human awkwardness and petty carry-on.
If you ever rise above it, an unknown person will call you to a halt and you can give in to it, or see that you get home.
Everyone has experienced this at one time, Crisje knows.
Hendrik and Gerrit know the most about it.
Peter and Jan are following another path.
But a person who is rebellious, wants to be or have more than Our Lord intends for him, is called to a halt and has to accept that his wishes and longings are unobtainable.
There is something to be learned from the smallest experiences.
However, the large ones only warn you, but then you are faced with a choice and you must bow your head.
Tall Hendrik and Crisje have already learned it and Trui also begins to feel something of it, but many other people around them are still resisting.
But they have to learn, because there is only one path, everyone has to cross that one bridge and you can’t walk around that bridge and steer clear of the facts!
In this way they muddled through that severe winter.
Everyone had to get through it and now the weather is so warm that everything is almost suffocating from the heat.
Crisje is sitting enjoying herself at the window carrying out her chores.
She has just peeled the potatoes and she is now mending Hendrik’s socks.
It’s nice and peaceful in the shade of the kitchen, with the yellow curtain down a bit, and close by her, in the middle of the kitchen, is Jeus.
The boys are playing outside.
Everyone is hot.
Jeus is sleeping.
Everything is peaceful and the surroundings are filled with a wonderful, loving feeling.
There is also a coolness but that comes from inside her life and goes straight to the cradle of Jeus.
Crisje anxiously keeps an eye on the cradle.
Not so much because she is afraid that the flies will sting Jeus, nor from anxiety that the heat will have an unfavourable effect on her youngest child, no, that is all okay.
But Crisje is thinking about yesterday.
A strange thing happened; she really thought that her Jeus was bewitched.
And however much Hendrik talked and shrugged his shoulders about the nonsense which Crisje had told him, it did not help at all.
Almost as long as man has existed it has been known: the devil preys on nice and good children.
And devils still exist.
How many people, adults, sometimes men like giants, find themselves in the hands of Satan?
And then there are the witches as well.
She does not know exactly what these people in animal form are.
But they exist!
But when she said this, Tall Hendrik roared so much with laughter, that she became anxious because she thought that he would never stop.
“You won’t believe me, Hendrik, but I thought of witches”, said Crisje.
“And that really is something.”
You just try and convince Crisje otherwise.
She was there herself, after all.
She saw it.
She had told her Hendrik and showed him the wreath which had been laid in the cradle without explanation.
Can you believe in those things?
We no longer live in an age where witches make wreaths and put them in cradles or murder children?
It might have been the case in the past, but now it has become only superstition and banned from the church as such!
But however much Hendrik talked she couldn’t get it out of her head.
She could not get rid of her fear for the welfare of her child, that was put in danger in her opinion through that cursed thing, that very ordinary wreath from rye flowers and purple poppies.
It is witchery and you have to be careful of that.
What had actually happened?
Crisje was sitting at the window and was peeling the potatoes.
Jeus was lying in the cradle.
The child looked and laughed a bit, gurgled a bit and looked healthy and well.
There was apparently nothing to be worried about.
Suddenly, she saw a wreath lying above Jeus’ head.
No one had been in the house.
Goodness me, but surely she didn’t imagine anything?
She thinks to herself, no, there was no one in the house.
The boys were outside.
She is positive: she was alone there with Jeus.
And then suddenly that wreath of flowers was lying above the child’s head.
Crisje was almost scared out of her wits.
The fright affected her legs and she stood shaking like a leaf.
She grabbed the child, kissed it passionately and looked at it, but, thank goodness, there was nothing in particular to be found.
She examines the wreath.
And to her it looks like children have made it.
But where did that wreath suddenly come from?
Hendrik will find it strange.
But he wasn’t surprised on the whole.
He laughed about this silly nonsense and the superstition of Crisje.
He does not accept those things, but keeps two healthy, strong and aware feet on the ground.
No one can take that away from him.
Not Crisje, or a sorcerer.
Hendrik has no understanding of this and he thinks it’s rubbish.
“No, Cris”, says Hendrik, “you can’t make me believe that.”
When he feels that Crisje is deadly serious he does everything to talk her out of it.
He had no idea that Crisje was so superstitious.
He can understand that Cris is afraid for her children and now more especially for Jeus, but all that does not take away the fact that the whole thing is nothing more than sheer nonsense.
This is so ridiculous!
It is mocking everything you possess.
And if Crisje really believes that she must talk to Father about it, because she always tells him everything, then she had better do that.
Then when he hears, Father is bound to say: “This is going too far!”
And now Crisje will get a black mark on her blameless record as a result of her anxiety and superstition which is not such a pleasant feeling.
“Stop it, Cris”, Tall Hendrik flares up, “you are behaving as if we see someone possessed by the devil ...
Don’t make me laugh ...
You are now completely mad.
Hard, isn’t it, Crisje?
Yes, because who will believe you?
But you are right!
Really, Crisje, you are right!
That wreath wasn’t there.
No one from the material world put it there, despite the fact that it was made by material children.
This is something different.
Do you wish to know, Crisje, what really happened?
The girls are outside weaving.
And we – who ‘we’ are you will only get to know after your death, but you will know one day – we picked up one of these little wreaths and laid it above the head of Jeus.
There is no more to it!
We thought that we should give something to Jeus.
That alone has no meaning for us.
This wreath was therefore made by the children here in the neighbourhood.
We laid our hands on it and brought it like that ‘between life and death’.
As a result of this it lost the material laws of gravity and became even lighter than a feather, which could have been picked up by a light summer wind.
But it was not that soft summer wind which moved that wreath, but ‘we’ did it.
It was picked up by us and laid down where you found it and which gave you such a fright when you discovered it.
And we can do much more, Crisje, you will soon experience it and then Tall Hendrik will ask: ‘Where does this come from now?’
It is not witchcraft, Crisje, even if it appears so to your earthly understanding.
But even if we explained these laws to you, you would still not understand them.
But they are connected to Jeus.
We have now touched Jeus for a moment, but later, when he has grown into a personality, he will receive a new name from us and it will be declared to the world.
So this was one of those wonderful foundations, which we have laid in order to build a temple upon this life.
Because we will take his life in our hands, since this is possible through the powers which live in him and the feelings which he possesses.
Through that feeling, as a result of which you could float in space while carrying the child, we have his life in our hands!
Crisje, you do not need to be afraid of us, because we are angels and his protectors!
We bring wisdom, happiness, peace and satisfaction to earth.
We will later give humanity, through these things, which cannot yet be understood by you, the wisdom of the universe.
The Wisdom of Our Lord, for which Jeus will later serve.
This is only one little foundation, Crisje, many will follow and bring this life to thought and change, until it will be suitable to accept the task laid down for him by us.
Because we will go much further.
You will still experience a lot, an awful lot with Jeus.
He will stand beside you, as none of your other boys will be able to do.
You will feel a love and experience a sacredness, which you now know nothing about.
You will have to trust it later and bow your head to it.
Tall Hendrik will also look on in astonishment, if he discovers the real, pure, spiritual good, which is given to his life.
But do not be afraid, Crisje!
Hendrik cannot understand these things.
And the whole of this western world won’t either.
You must go to the East for that, to the temples of ancient Egypt, for example.
One child possesses artistic talent.
Another child can play a trumpet at an early age.
However, Jeus has feeling and wisdom in him, and these are also gifts from Our Lord, but which cannot be understood by anyone around you.
Hendrik goes against it and he is also right in this.
But watch out, Crisje.
What would you think of this, for example?
Wham ... is there something rattling there?
Crisje hears a noise in the cradle.
She races to her child and takes a very ordinary rattle out of the cradle, which wasn’t there a minute ago.
Crisje becomes frightened once again.
What is this now?
My child is being bewitched!
Jeus is in the hands of witches!
“My God, what do I do now?”
But what does a person do if he is religious and experiences such a thing?
Crisje will pray!
She will show her Hendrik that she is not mad.
It is an everyday thing.
A rattle from Our Lord, she already hears Gerrit saying: ‘It is not so silly.
You can make very good use of it as well, you don’t have to spend money to buy it!’
Crisje prays with Jeus in her arms.
She doesn’t dare to go to Trui, she will only give her what for and it will become even worse.
The whole day passes like this.
Praying and looking at the child, which is lying there peacefully in the cradle and is not bothered about anything.
Then Tall Hendrik is in the kitchen.
The first thing he asks is:
“Are there still witches here, Cris!?
Have they been visiting again?
Do they have nice faces, are those women really as ugly as we think?
Or ...?”
When he sees that Crisje starts crying, he stops.
He puts her on his knee.
She has to confess what happened.
But Tall Hendrik does not think of new witchcraft, he immediately thinks of Trui again.
But that’s not it, he ascertains between the crying.
“What is it, Cris?”
Then Crisje shows her husband the rattle.
He plays with the thing.
It is wooden with curls round it.
The children can make noises with it, an everyday piece of rubbish.
He cannot laugh, the facts are too serious for that.
But what can he do with Crisje’s stories about that thing worth ten cents, after slogging away the whole day, tapping and corking a large number of bottles of wine, having to put up with the heat and sweating like a thousand others?
He looks Crisje in the eye.
He senses that kissing her and giving her a good cuddle won’t help.
But what can he do?
“I have prayed the whole day, Hendrik.
I don’t know, but it is so awful.
My God, what can I do.
If they wish to bewitch my Jeus?”
Tall Hendrik has a good idea.
When you think about it, the matter is actually very simple.
You must fight such people with their own weapons.
He points out to Crisje her enormous faith, her great love, her knowledge that her soul and happiness are in the hands of Our Lord.
But what does she want then?
She should be ashamed and not ask for the devil when she knows that Our Lord can do everything, is everything and does everything.
If her trust and conviction in Our Lord is so small, her faith in Him is also no bigger than the familiar mustard seed.
Then it is not worth anything.
But is she Crisje or is she not?
What does she want; to have her life and that of her children and of her Hendrik destroyed through her witches?
Does Crisje want to ridicule him and herself and her faith?
She should really be ashamed now.
But who did it?
“I will kill that creature, Cris.
This is not funny anymore.
I will break that woman’s or that man’s neck.”
But then it is quite enough, thinks Crisje.
She now has something to say as well and Hendrik must agree with her again and he has lost it.
“You ...”, she begins, “want to return hatred with hatred, you want to murder?
I don’t want anything to do with a murderer, Hendrik.
You are making it worse than it is!
But you can’t fool me that I really bought that thing and laid it in the cradle myself.
It won’t happen to me, you ...!”
Hendrik lays his hand on her mouth and carefully stops the stream of words.
He feels that intervention must be carried out here with authority.
But Crisje manages to add:
“You are right, Hendrik, Our Lord has everything in his hands.”
All is very well, thinks Tall Hendrik, you can pray the whole day, but it is a matter here of using your head, and that has nothing to do with Our Lord.
After all, you were also given a head to think with.
And that thing worth ten cents can get lost, as far as he is concerned.
He stamps his foot on it.
“Has it gone now?”
Crisje looks at it, as if she expects the house to collapse at any minute.
Tall Hendrik understands and says:
“They don’t have that much power anyway, Cris!
If I were you I would bury that incident.
Forget it!”
What a pity, Tall Hendrik, that you stamped that nice thing to pieces.
Why can’t you see it as a present?
Are our presents in this form not welcome?
Does it have to be a heavenly thing in terms of light and colours?
They will come as well, but they will only be visible to Jeus, to him alone.
You will then see him playing and will not know what he is enjoying himself with.
You can then blow your nose or take a fresh plum and further bow to it and stay where you are.
But Jeus will fly over you, and with him, Crisje!
What people cannot reason out is witchcraft!
What they don’t understand is ‘devilish fun’ and they put their feet on it.
What a man you are, Tall Hendrik!
What strength!
How marvellous, to stamp that rattle to smithereens.
And yet Crisje is right again.
No human hands laid this toy in the cradle.
We did it again!
And we will be back, and again, and again and again, and we will go further each time and we will teach you as well to bow your head.
You can’t believe in the laws through which you were born and those which control the universe.
You do not know anything about it yet and as a result, in your ignorance you see this innocent toy as a cannon ball or grenade, which could destroy everything or make everything fall apart.
You have much to learn, Hendrik.
So take your fill of it.
You have more than earned your bread today.
But we will be back.
It hasn’t been discussed again.
Crisje allows her common sense to work.
Jeus is a healthy boy and is growing like the two others did.
Not even a roof tile fell down today.
Nor was there a white raven which landed on the chimney.
You can therefore safely go to sleep, Crisje.
But sleep is far from her.
She lies thinking and looks at Jeus all night long.
But the child is peaceful.
She keeps thinking that she hears something, but they are only mice, which are crossing the room, playing and fighting over the crumbs.
But that doesn’t frighten her.
However, in her thoughts she sees a horrible shrieking woman flying through the night on a broomstick with her Jeus behind her.
Yuck, what kinds of dreams is she having now?
What a horrible carry-on anyway.
Her whole sober ‘self’ has been affected by it.
But pure conscience finally wins from that devilish witch.
Her enormous faith, her love for Our Lord, finally conquers hell and darkness and completely shut out that shrieking witch from her life.
Towards morning she falls asleep and, despite the anxieties she went through, she feels rested and ready to help Hendrik get ready.
Tall Hendrik adds a few more words of warning, kisses her, throws her in the air again, of course, and then disappears with a ‘see you later, Cris, see you this evening!’
It is afternoon and Crisje is sitting at the window again.
Mending stockings and clothes, she always has a lot to do.
She defies the witch as it were, because when it comes to it she is not afraid of anything or anyone, as long as they know.
There is a peaceful atmosphere around her, which she hasn’t felt for a long time.
Luckily it is a bit cooler than it has been the last few days.
She has a lovely satisfied feeling about her again.
But subconsciously she still keeps an eye on the cradle.
She looks up now and again and feels completely calm and continues with her work because the boys must look neat.
She would like to see them wear better clothes but they simply cannot afford it.
All of a sudden something else happens, which gives her a bad fright and which severely troubles her sensitive heart.
What is it this time?
Is she mistaken?
It was just like the cradle was rocking.
But that’s not possible?
Of course, the cradle can rock because it is standing on two pieces of wood from an old sledge.
Tall Hendrik made it like this because, according to him, there wasn’t any fun in a cradle which you cannot rock.
But there has to be someone who is making that thing rock.
She will have imagined it again.
Jeus is sleeping and cannot be wakened.
Once Crisje realizes without a doubt that the cradle is rocking back and forth strongly, she races over to it, looks to the side and under it, but discovers nothing that could have made it move.
What another terrible thing it is, now she really starts to believe in witchcraft again.
Crisje wails from nervousness and out of bewilderment does not know what to do.
She races into the bedroom, comes back with a cloth and throws it over the cradle.
However, what she hopes to achieve with this, she doesn’t know herself.
Then Crisje sits herself down in her chair and waits.
I saw the cradle rock and they are busy bewitching my child.
One Our Father after the other flies upwards to Our Lord.
A quarter of an hour goes by.
Nothing happens.
She becomes calm again.
Of course, she must have imagined it.
It is the heat from the last while which has made her drowsy.
That old wood of the cradle is now drying and you hear it creaking.
But no, it’s not possible, because it could perhaps creak, but it wouldn’t start rocking.
She is crazy today or soon will be.
But that’s out of the question.
If these might be their plans, she can assure them that it will not work under any circumstances.
Our Lord is there as well and no witches or whatever else can stand up to Him.
Pray, thinks Crisje, pray!
Neither a witch nor the devil can stand up to a prayer!
Just pray, there is nothing the matter, nothing.
Throw them to the ground and keep yourself standing.
You are boss in your own house!
Crisje continues with her work again and after a while she sees the cradle rocking once more.
She races over and looks at the child.
Now Jeus wakes up, but is still lying as peacefully as possible.
Crisje takes her child out of his bed and holds him fervently against her chest.
“There is nothing the matter, is there, Jeus, they surely don’t want to bewitch you?
They can’t do that, can they, Jeus?”
The child laughs at his mother.
Crisje starts crying and Tall Hendrik can tell her later what he likes, this is the reality of her life.
She prays and races out the door to Trui, praying all the time, because she doesn’t know any more what to do.
When she comes in, with the child firmly held against her, she cannot utter a word.
A minute ago she was peaceful.
Now fear of witchcraft overcomes her again.
She breaks out in a sweat, her whole body is trembling and her heart is pounding like a machine out of control.
She wants to protect Jeus from these invisible powers and forces.
“How nervous you are”, Trui says in surprise.
“You are behaving as if you are being chased.
What’s the matter, Cris?”
Crisje tells Trui what happened to her and Trui lets her finish her story in peace, but then it comes.
“You shouldn’t have contact with drunken women.
Of course, they have bewitched your child.”
That is difficult for Crisje and she wants to defend herself by saying that she hasn’t seen or spoken to that woman for months now.
But Trui is unmoved.
It is that woman and it is all Crisje’s own fault.
Even when Crisje talks about good, which always conquers hate and violence, Trui thinks it is ridiculous nonsense.
It is the ‘drunkard’.
But Crisje continues.
A person has to be able to distinguish between good and evil, lack of faith or sending up prayers.
Because it is not a circus with Our Lord, not a ... not whatever else.
But Trui is not as strong in these things as she thinks and she is already starting to stutter.
Don’t you also see, Trui, that you are busy murdering Crisje?
Do you not have any sympathy for your sister and her child?
Jeus is lying comfortably in his mother’s arms.
He is laughing and gurgling and doesn’t bother with anything.
Jeus is a vigorous boy and when his aunt looks him in the eye she thinks that the whole affair is really ridiculous.
But it is not easy for her to miss her chance to get even and to just let go of taking Crisje to the cleaners.
But Trui isn’t that far yet and Crisje has to swallow again: “I’ve always told you, Cris, you go too far! but you won’t listen.”
Do I go too far, Crisje contemplates?
But with what.
What am I doing then?
What kind of talk is this?
Crisje deeply regrets that she was stupid enough to seek comfort from Trui.
Because Trui is on her own with her poor ‘self’ from which she can’t give away a flower because they cannot grow yet in her inner life.
But Trui can tell her more; she begrudges her Jeus and that is all.
Pity, but it’s true.
Trui now had the chance to give some of her feelings but, unfortunately, she has too little yet.
And will she tell Crisje what she has to do exactly?
Trui can’t think for a moment about the good in people, everything, which is wrong or does wrong in her eyes just has to be destroyed and no one ever gets the chance from her to improve his or her life.
Crisje is still sitting and playing with Jeus.
It is as if Trui has suddenly dissolved with her soul-destroying thoughts.
Crisje is now in a world which Trui must stay out of.
A high wall closes her off from this life, in which Crisje and Jeus now find themselves.
Crisje is already trotting through the moorland again, and is picking flowers for her child, from which she can make wreaths if necessary in order to challenge those witches.
What beautiful weather it is today, my sweet child.
Look at that Jeus!
See that child laughing now.
Look at those shining eyes it has and those small hands.
What can they do with such a mite?
But it is becoming cold here Jeus, which is strange,
For a minute ago we were lovely and warm and the two of us were so happy.
But now winter is again between our lives.
But it is strange.
It is becoming so cold here now as on a freezing winter night.
“We have to go home now.
Really, Jeus?
Say, ‘bye aunt’, shake hands with aunt Trui.”
However Trui cannot bear to shake children’s hands, she loathes it.
She doesn’t even see those hands, as it were, and doesn’t want anything to do with them either and when she pretends, it is with a hypocrisy and inner spiritual poverty, which makes every child start to cry.
But how strange, Trui, why do these small children always have to cry when they come into contact with you?
Are those little people so sensitive that they are even afraid of you?
But Trui!
Crisje is outside again, and is carrying her small life triumphantly back home, she lays it carefully on her knee and thinks: Jeus is okay, there is nothing wrong with the child.
Then the sensitive and immensely gratifying peace which was lacking for so long descends upon her again, that peace which comes from the universe to her.
She prays and murmurs sweet words to the child.
Jeus experiences her great love, his eyes shut and open again.
It is a revelation and a sacred occasion.
A pity for Trui, who has to miss this, because Crisje wishes this for every woman, however ice-cold such a life may be.
This is a gift from Our Lord.
She sings Jeus to sleep and he is surrounded by her pure loving thoughts, her spiritual flowers.
And yet, people and disbelieving souls, the cradle was rocking!!
Sure, it was rocking.
When they will ask Crisje about this later, much much later, I think that she will then know for sure.
But if Tall Hendrik still won’t believe her and trust her, who can give her the assurance that it is the truth?
Crisje does a few more things before Hendrik comes home.
Of course, she will tell him.
She doesn’t really know why, but she feels that it is necessary, then immediately the knowledge descends deep into her spirit with that feeling which can’t yet be explained, that this knowledge will soon have to make way again for an even deeper and greater knowledge.
Crisje, some time you will see the heavens through that rocking, even if you can only think of witches and being bewitched for now.
However, she already feels that nothing bad can happen.
She knows that she and her child are being protected.
There is nothing at all even far away which has to do with a witch or devil.
Whatever it may be, it is certain for as long as she lives, no accidents will happen to her child.
Jeus is as peaceful and healthy as can be, and bewitched children, whom she has heard enough about, cry and scream the whole place down.
No, there is nothing special, she feels that.
But it is still strange.
And now, Crisje, let’s go and see what really happened to Jeus.
We want to put you into his sleep for a while and there we will let you see what happened.
Look, Crisje, Jeus is sleeping.
But do you notice how pale Jeus is becoming?
See that pale colour about that nice little snub nose of Jeus.
Crisje, you could call this a deep sleep.
For that matter children have that quite often, but this is something very different.
Just look for yourself!
What do you see now?
Jeus has crawled out of his little body and has what we call ‘left his body’.
He is now living between life and death and is now much older.
Jeus feels at least seven years old and now, just look Crisje, Jeus sees a great light and in that light Jeus sees an apparition.
This apparition is an angel, Crisje.
And this angel is connected to Jeus and says to him that he may safely try to let the cradle rock, it will give Crisje a fright, yet also at the same time start her thinking.
And now you must take a look, Crisje.
Jeus is standing here to the left of his cradle and sees that it is he.
He has only crawled out of that little body, but through the powers and knowledge of his guardian angel, which Our Lord has given to each person.
But because this guardian angel is of a special kind, Crisje, and has something to do with the life of Jeus, this rocking can take place.
If this wasn’t the case then nothing could happen, because you can accept that angels do not cast pearls before swine, do not squander or sully their own happiness, and do not waste time on stupid material people who are not yet open to their spiritual development, but you, Crisje, are already no longer a part of them.
Now this rocking takes place because we have something in mind and whether you believe it or not, because Our Lord wishes it.
And therefore, Crisje, it is Jeus who has frightened you.
Jeus is now seven years old and has returned to a previous life.
Now he is pushing against the cradle!
He cannot do this alone, because the soul, the light, which has come to Jeus from the universe, does this for him and truly, the goal is achieved.
The cradle is rocking and you get a fright.
And that through your own child.
Jeus sees that you get a fright, Crisje.
He waits a moment.
The angel thinks that he can try it again, because he wants the human heart to be reached with these things and that will therefore happen.
The cradle rocks yet again.
Now you race over to get that thin cloth.
You throw it over the cradle.
You look next to it and under it.
You see it yourself, there is nothing unusual.
For the last time we let Jeus rock the cradle again and now your heart misses a beat and Jeus wakens.
Jeus slowly returns to his own little body and now knows nothing about it anymore.
This now all belongs to the past.
Now you can pray again, Crisje.
But we have laid new foundations for the great building which Jeus’ ‘Angel’ wishes to erect.
You can now accept it from us that this took place at the order of the highest angels of Our Lord!
This is no fooling and no nonsense.
This is urgently needed for Jeus, because this life, Crisje, you will see later and have to accept, is the instrument of masters, of angels.
This life was sent to earth to complete a powerful task!
And we are already busy preparing him for it.
I told you, Crisje, that when Jeus still lived in you, we were already building the foundations.
Then you dreamt as a result, you could float and feel the silence of the universe – the silence of these angels and of Jeus – in which this life lives!
Isn’t it simple, Crisje?
No, it isn’t because people without these feelings can never understand this.
They would wish to destroy it.
They will call it demonic, because these people themselves still belong to the living dead and do not understand or know anything of these laws.
But it is the truth.
You will soon see it.
Jeus knows nothing about all this, how could he, but what has happened, has given him sensitivity.
And this is for us to do.
This is how we open this spiritual life and bring it to awakening.
I am telling you, Crisje, this only happens because Jeus is receiving a task to fulfil.
The rocking of the cradle is a ray of light, is knowledge!
However, over the years this ray will become increasingly great and powerful, until it will have become a gleaming beam of light which will point the way for the life path of the millions of souls which are searching for the truth to a higher spiritual life.
And then you will see Jeus differently.
Watch out for his spiritual life, otherwise it will escape your life.
This life is in harmony with your personality and feelings.
You will see, Crisje, what will happen sometime.
Jeus will learn nothing of this world, but he will possess divine gifts!
And you can be thankful to Our Lord for this as well!
When Hendrik comes in his first question is:
“And Cris, what was the matter today again?”
Crisje looks at him, what can she say now?
Then Tall Hendrik gets to hear the incredible story and also that she was at Trui’s house.
He has a think.
Crisje waits patiently.
Finally she hears his opinion.
“I want to tell you something, Cris.
I am, you know, at home in a lot of things.
In other words, I am completely mad sometimes.
But what you are trying to tell me today, that is going too far, don’t you think!
That’s going too far, Cris.
Whatever you do, don’t tell anyone.”
“And did you think, Hendrik, that I was that mad?”
“That is to be seen, Cris, Trui will take care of that.”
Crisje honestly admits defeat and tells her husband:
“And you are right about that, Hendrik.
I can’t forgive myself.
I am already sorry.
I can’t put it in words, as long as you know that.
But I already let Trui feel that she mustn’t fool herself with anything.”
Hendrik sits behind the table in his corner and smokes his pipe, deep in thought.
He thinks the whole thing is childish.
And who wouldn’t.
He suddenly has to laugh loudly about it.
He grabs Crisje, pulls her onto his knees, presses his lips to her face, goes over her honest face like a madman and laughs so loudly, that they can hear it outside.
Did you think, Hendrik, that you could charm Crisje like this?
Did you really think that you could do any good with it and be generous?
Did you really think that this was the solution, for this mad carry-on, that rocking of that cradle?
Now, now, how ignorant you are!
For Tall Hendrik that is the end of it and Crisje is calm again.
He will not say another harsh word, but he doesn’t think for a moment, or even a second, of the consequences.
But later you will be felled to the ground, Hendrik.
You will be sorry some time for your disbelief in what Crisje experienced.
And you may count yourself lucky that your Crisje can meet you halfway again, or you would have half lost her.
However, there is one thing which you are now not a part of.
And this will become a gap, Tall Hendrik, which you will never be able to bridge.
You yourself are jumping into a terrible abyss and you don’t even notice it.
You will never be able to ‘experience’ in this life the depth of Crisje’s soul.
You closed yourself off completely from it, when you smashed her experiences under your feet as nonsense.
That was also indeed the easiest.
You are right about that.
But you could also have raised your shoulders cautiously or have gone along with her gently.
Then that soul wouldn’t have closed itself off immediately.
We are only giving you one picture of how it also could have been, but not the way you did it.
This would have meant acceptance of the life, wishing to become one with another.
For each human child this is marriage.
The man descends into the woman and she in her creator.
Now they are building a bridge of unprecedented beauty!
They are one in everything and love rises above everything!
What does it matter, Hendrik, if you should take such a tumble with your Crisje some time?
What it would have given you if you also believed in that so-called nonsense,
if only you had been able to accept it.
But you are standing still!
You will never again come above this happiness.
Hendrik, it is the human halt for you!
But did you think that Our Lord did not possess any other heights for human love?
We know human love.
That love is material and you can accept it because your feeling is also material.
But we have a spiritual, a spatial and universal love, and it is this love which Our Lord also feels for Crisje and is willing to give His children.
But you still don’t believe it, do you!
And herein lies your gap, your neck breaking, your end, Tall Hendrik!
You are now smothering your unity with Crisje.
You are keeping yourself back!
And because you let her stand alone, this life must close itself off.
Because even if it is opened, you walk past this spiritual life and do not see it.
Am I right, Tall Hendrik?
In this way a person is shattering himself.
He not only shatters his character and beats the other life to the ground, but he does not give love.
Now go back with me to the event.
Imagine that you accept that Our Lord had given these things and had laid that wreath and that rattle in the cradle?
How would you have behaved then and how great your joint happiness would have been?
Yes, now you scratch behind your ears and start to understand what I am getting at.
You stamped those things to smithereens.
But still, they came from Our Lord.
And I am hereby telling you again, Tall Hendrik, these things came from Our Lord to your Jeus!
These things came from His world and through His working as a present for your child.
That Crisje did not immediately feel and understand these truths, which she still doesn’t, was not so bad.
But you throw everything overboard without a thought, while Crisje still feels that it has something to do with her child.
A while ago, Tall Hendrik, you saw that in the eyes of the child.
It is still there, although you can no longer see it.
It has now become an process.
And Crisje has felt that process.
And you now close yourself to this.
But that laugh is like the scorn of the thousands of people who stood jeering when they nailed Christ to the cross.
They couldn’t believe either that it was Our Lord himself.
Those people didn’t realize that He possessed the powers to strike them all blind, although He didn’t.
You are laughing like that as well, but do not know why, and Crisje feels that.
Now you are faced with your spiritual awkwardness and remain who you are.
It goes without saying that you are hereby restraining your upward journey.
Through your ignorance.
In not being able to understand what the rocking of the cradle means.
In this way more things will come to you, but you keep yourself outside these lives and remain the same Tall Hendrik.
You will still keep your lovely voice, but Crisje will possess more and will go further and higher.
She will experience more and more phenomena.
Again you will not believe it and hurl these things away from you.
You will be strong and will continue to stand on your two feet, but will never feel the pure clarity of Our Lord, you will never be able to float, ever, because you laugh at Crisje!
We, Tall Hendrik, know the laws.
We have experienced how you have to live in order to allow the human soul to experience its great love.
It is unity, Tall Hendrik, the unity from feeling to feeling, which melts hearts into one and turns thoughts into words which receive meaning, and release man and woman from the material in which they live, which is the ultimate intention, after all.
Or don’t you believe in an afterlife?
Crisje does!
Crisje believes in a heaven after death!
Every catholic also believes that, Tall Hendrik, otherwise this material world and religion would have no meaning.
People go back to God!
I do not intend, Hendrik, to give you a sermon.
I am only telling you what you should have done, in order to experience that powerful unity with your Crisje, to make it deeper and more beautiful, so that your spiritual heaven would be able to manifest itself.
I predict to you that the time will come that you will be sorry because you will then have to accept me, because you will then know where you put the first foot wrong.
At the end of your life I will tell you again, Tall Hendrik.
I will then stand in front of you as the light for this world!
And next to me Jeus!
And you will then bow your head.
For everything, for Crisje and Jeus!
Do you understand me, Tall Hendrik?
No, you don’t, because you do not even feel me, although I am right beside you.
There will come a time that you will wish to play ten violins to pieces for Crisje.
But then she will no longer hear you.
What you will then feel is awful.
It is strange, Tall Hendrik, but I also see that!
It lives in my hands.
It is me, who can grant you mercy.
See you later, Tall Hendrik.
I really mean see you soon.
You will be hearing from me!
A person says no, and then it is no and remains no ... until he finally sees Our Lord and then first it becomes yes ... yes ... yes!
Then he moans: ‘I will do my best and bow!’
But did you see those small blades?
And they want to become grass-stalks?
You could have possessed wings, Tall Hendrik, and with you all those others who feel like you feel.
Come on, Crisje, we are off!
Good day, Hendrik!