Jeus, go and look at Deut, he is in a bad way

Deut has been sitting on his stone for two days now and it is apparently looking bad for him.
Adults are powerless in the face of it and cannot help him.
It is a horrible sight to see him sitting like that.
The giant has collapsed like a wreck and his life, his soul and his spirit have been broken.
Even Duumke cannot get him off his stone.
The story is going round that old Messing gave his son a terrible hiding.
Duumke stumbles back and forth a bit to his friend but he doesn’t know any more either.
If he is asked: ‘Can you do anything for Deut?’ he answers:
‘I have enough on myself.’
Deut’s condition can last for weeks, he looks so beaten and senseless.
It is not a good sight there on the Grintweg.
Day and night people pass by there, not a cigar or a piece of sausage helps; his life refuses absolutely, it is dead!
Deut’s inner life looks sorrowful, inside him there is no light to be seen any more.
It is cold there, unmannerly and inhuman.
There is a deep darkness in the simple one.
Where does Deut live?
People talk about it, of course.
But no one is able to pull the simple one out of his distressful situation; there is not a doctor who knows how to approach this human wreck to give it some new and different powers, to get Deut back into daily goings-on.
Tall Hendrik also talks to Crisje about Deut, they cannot understand it either.
You do nothing with violence, because then the inner life of Deut reacts immediately and he hits and kicks around him like a wild animal.
It only becomes worse.
Deut must therefore stay sitting there calmly and no one can remove him from his stone.
Tall Hendrik said:
“There are things, after all, Crisje, which we as people cannot understand and which we must leave alone, true or not?”
With this Tall Hendrik readily admitted that he also didn’t know anything for it.
Crisje replied:
“There is help for everything, Hendrik.
For everything!
If people only want to pray.”
Then Hendrik said: “Now, why don’t you start praying, Crisje, you are so good at it?”
Sarcasm and a bit of laughter will not help either, Tall Hendrik feels this well, but that madman has to decide for himself.
Hendrik thought the whole incident was a poor show.
Crisje also got to hear:
“If That One up there can do everything, Cris, why doesn’t He help to get Deut from his stone?”
Indignant, Crisje answered:
“But Hendrik, you surely don’t want to mock it?”
“Is that mocking then, Cris?
May I not have any thoughts of my own anymore?”
You could go on like that, Crisje thought, but you come no further, but one thing she does know, matters which concern Our Lord, people have to leave alone, after all.
But Tall Hendrik doesn’t give up yet and Crisje heard an awful lot more, but she didn’t have an answer either.
Despite everything, she continued to pray for Deut, and Father prayed as well for that simple one.
Many a Hail Mary went upwards, but would it help?
Many people including Tall Hendrik wonder: why does He send so many mad people to the earth.
There are enough of them in this world.
Even more than people who have spiritual awareness, if you can call every normal person spiritually aware.
Again that’s something for which they have no base.
Also, why does Our Lord send so many sick people to the earth?
At the end of the day, Deut has a rotten life.
Is that not a real injustice, Crisje.
Why does ‘He’ send people to this world with a sick head?
But then Tall Hendrik hears that he must lay off the affairs of Our Lord and that all those things do not concern him; Our Lord knows very well why some lives are like this.
Tall Hendrik finds Crisje’s answer to this not enough.
In this way you can make everything good, but you don’t find the answers.
Can you accept that as a person?
No, that is impossible!
All that talk only makes you sick.
But they had tried to pull Deut from his stone by force, but goodness gracious me, how he lashed out.
Now he had really become mad.
The doctor said that they should leave him alone, that whole affair would have to undergo a change eventually, and after all, there was still Mother Nature.
Yes, of course, the doctor can tell so much, but just look at Deut now.
Deut didn’t bother about anything, for weeks he remained miserable and then one fine morning he had disappeared.
Whether they had put Deut in a mental home, they didn’t know, but he was gone and after a few months he came back.
Just like before Deut was like a child, and what do you want with children in a real mental home?
Nothing, isn’t it the case?
They say that he has come back with a note which said: ‘Leave him alone, if he collapses again, then leave him alone, his inner life will recover on its own!’
But that can take a while and look for yourself, it is a sight for sore eyes; the foreigners walk out of the village, or town if you like, because of it, afraid that they will be infected by this big strong child; but you have to laugh at that.
Are they now town dwellers?
But you would think that these people were not afraid of mad people.
You saw some ladies simply shaking when they looked at Deut for a moment; they didn’t leave Montferland anymore.
There in the village of ’s-Heerenberg it was a sight in the middle of the street, it was scandalous.
Now who would let a person like that sit there dribbling?
Was there nothing then to give that life social feeling back?
No, lady, there is nothing, we know that very well, but what do you want?
Leave Deut alone, lady!
If these people are calm you must let them get on with it and if they are in a bad way, leave them alone, and let them stew in it, you just behave as if it is not a human being any more.
After all, for a dog with scurvy you do everything, then why not for Deut?
Is Deut now really mad?
It is a poor man, broken by life and it’s much worse than anything else.
This is really bad, it’s much worse than being blind, worse than some kind of deformity.
If you are like Deut is, you have nothing any more, nothing!
What illness is it?
They do not know.
But buckets full of slime run over Deut’s lips and from his human heart, for that’s what it really is.
Your nonsense no longer helps now.
Not even a nice fifty cent cigar.
His soul and happiness no longer react, Deut is now dead or deaf and dumb, but he would be a thousand times better off experiencing death, but the Grim Reaper doesn’t yet feel like playing him away from this world, because after all it is only a game to the Grim Reaper.
He thinks: leave it ...
Deut, a healthy person is worth more to me.
A seven year old child, or a thirty or forty year old man, in the prime of his life, I would fell him down with one blow!
But what do I want with such a crazy person?
The Grim Reaper says or thinks that, Crisje ... Tall Hendrik?
So it seems.
Since there is no change.
Deut remains alive, people with a healthy body and mind disappear, as is often the case.
Households are torn apart by the Grim Reaper, but Deut remains alive!
Is it because Our Lord does not wish to know anything about this, and has ‘He’ entered into a contract with the Grim Reaper?
This one and that one first.
And then, of course, you wonder, why does a person live?
What is now from Our Lord himself and what belongs to the Grim Reaper?
Does HE take pleasure in giving such cursed things, human ingenuity?
It is very obvious, there is misery attached to it, there is something in this which does not really belong to Our Lord, but who knows, Tall Hendrik, Crisje?
No one knows these laws, but they exist, at least the symptoms, of which Deut is one!
What is inside Deut is now dead!
There is no life and no feeling any more, no hearing and he sees nothing!
The life has become silent; from inside some part of the human machine has broken.
But what has broken?
If you are standing in front of Deut and you feel his soul a little, or the life, as you wish to feel it yourself, then a misery meets you, which makes you shake and tremble.
Then you are immediately faced with all your questions, of which the most inhuman is: why does Our Lord send such people to this world?
Deut, another person says, has nailed his doors shut from inside; but does a human being have doors?
It is awfully dark, they say, inside Deut, and it is as if he is weeping himself completely and humanly empty and that is the most rotten part of all.
Do you no longer have any feeling as a human being?
Can you look at that with dry eyes?
Or did you think that all these men and women, who go to church one for one, Protestant or Catholic, it doesn’t matter, did not wonder: how can Our Lord approve of this?
Did you think that they swallowed everything from Father and the minister?
None of it, they think, because they are involved, your own child can experience the same thing later.
Is Our Lord really satanic?
Good heavens, Crisje, did Tall Hendrik ask that?
And what did you say?
If Deut could only have a good weep, people say, that is a relief.
He does weep, but not outwards.
And if that could happen, we would be a good deal further.
That would be the natural relaxation for Deut.
Who is capable of getting the madman to weep?
Are there no medicines, have those things not been invented yet, through which you can get a person to weep naturally?
They think that that is the only thing for Deut!
But he only dribbles; there is that, no more.
And the strangest part is that they saw, after all, you cannot die from it.
It is so bad, that you do not even go under from it.
Is that hard?
Then you are faced with the Grim Reaper and Our Lord, for these two powers and strengths.
Which of these two is right or takes pleasure in breaking and abusing this poor conscious of Deut in such a way?
Who is it?
Is it not true then that people of good will keep getting blows and are torn apart?
People who are urgently needed, get an unexpected dirty blow in the middle of the human heart.
Then the Grim Reaper is standing in front of them!
Did you think that all that calling for help and begging him helped in any way?
Women and children now have to just try and stay alive.
You see the most terrible situations, only through that cursed Grim Reaper and Our Lord, Who does nothing, does not lift a hand.
HE lets his children drop dead!
These words are uttered and there is talk, not behind the bar, after ten drinks, no, but in the middle of the day, with your wits about you, these thoughts are not only with regard to Deut, but also with regard to yourself, your love, your earnings, your wife and children!
What are you saying?
What did you think about it?
Just nonsense?
And see, he who laughed suddenly went.
And the Grim Reaper got him as well.
Gone, your wife and ten children have to manage on their own!
Is this also Our Lord’s doing?
I will tell you something.
Life is a big mess, a dirty mess, but up here there is something wrong!
Is this man and are all those women wrong?
May they not ask these questions?
Not for Crisje, no, you leave well alone what belongs to Our Lord, because then there would be nothing left!
Do you not agree with Crisje?
Crisje and Father pray until they drop, but it still hasn’t helped.
But still, Crisje says, help will come, if you only keep on going!
And Crisje keeps on going, Tall Hendrik!
When Hendrik comes home in the evening and clambers up the Grintweg from work, the first thing he does is look and see whether Deut is still sitting there.
That is the thing which interests him the most.
And yes, he is still there, Tall Hendrik.
It is scandalous.
And this scandal goes straight to Our Lord!
That is pestering a person!
That is working someone into the ground, hitting him left and right, as if you had not been hit enough by life.
What do the angels say, Crisje?
Have all those powers and strengths lost their space and their security?
It’s certainly going in that direction.
But how can Our Lord approve of this?
There are no words for it; it is so rotten!
Isn’t it the case, after all?
A crook, a poacher, a scoundrel and a murderer, they remain alive and have their health.
It is hard, yes of course and it shouldn’t be allowed, but sometimes people here send up: the ‘droodles’!
And that is then for Our Lord and His staff.
The ‘droodles’!
And did you think that they reacted to that?
The silence, because that is the case, after all, which is sent to the earth from the heavens, is called, just get lost!
Of course, you mustn’t say that to Crisje, or Father, then you are a heretic.
But what do you want?
In addition, it is not a good idea to let yourself go so far, because it means cursing yourself and that is bad as well.
From one thing you come to another and there is no answer anyway to all these questions.
When Tall Hendrik let Crisje know his opinion that there was something terrible up there, he got as an answer:
“But Hendrik, that is mean, don’t you know that?”
“What is meaner, Cris?
Did Deut just get half a soul, Cris?”
What can you say to this, Crisje?
Do you continue to insist that something must happen to Deut?
Don’t you know, Crisje, that the Grim Reaper butchers healthy children every day?
Why does Our Lord send children to the earth, when HE will just call them back in a few days time?
May you not ask that, Crisje?
People do it anyway!
And the excuse ‘Our Lord knows’ is no longer accepted.
Those tears, the suffering and sorrow of all those millions of mothers, Crisje, who have to lose their children, should have darkened the light of the universe, where our Lord lives, for a long time.
But that changes nothing.
They carry on with their nice life there, and on Sundays they get their fresh cream cakes, eat from gold dishes with gold spoons, the men smoke their cigars worth a guilder, but no one thinks of those mothers, human sorrow means nothing, Crisje.
Is there not an angel, Crisje, who can be reached through human tears and sorrow?
Lawless people, thieves and dirty scoundrels remain alive and have everything; they do not know what being sick is.
The best people are beaten and trampled to death.
Is that worthy of Our Lord, Crisje?
People can bow their heads, but that makes them sick, that is, old and shrivelled, now and again you want to know something more and say your opinion for once, why are you a person, otherwise?
Sometimes you just want to have a cry, but it doesn’t help you a bit.
Even if you let rip that much, you will only make it worse.
Whether you are on the street tomorrow, doesn’t mean anything, you may be content that you are a human being.
How is it possible, these gifts from Our Lord are wonderful, even the swine don’t want to receive them.
We are people!
In the eyes of Our Lord you are nothing!
Did you not know?
You will laugh yourself silly about these people, they no longer have any sense, and they are not people with free will.
You can tell me more, but did you think that I could forget my good Nico?
And what was Nico like?
Did he not pray every week?
Did he not always go to the church?
Have you ever seen him do a dirty trick?
He wasn’t capable of it.
And what happened?
In one blow my Nico ended up in his coffin.
Standing at the grave, you heard laughter.
I cried until there were no tears left, but there was one who laughed at me and my whole family and that was that dirty rotten Grim Reaper!
Have you never heard that monster laughing?
Then follow some funerals and listen, then you will hear it as well.
What goes on inside Deut when he is like this?
They say, Deut has wheeled old Messing off the Grintweg again and threw him eight metres down.
This is where old Messing ended up.
He should have broken his neck, but they got him out of there and there was nothing wrong with him.
Deut, who remained standing there, wheeled his old father to the land, then it happened.
And that is strange as well, if you wish to think about it as a human being.
Deut is no longer aware of anything.
However, old Messing has a piece of wood in his hands and calls Deut over to him.
Try doing that with your children as a father.
What do your healthy and sensible offspring do now, even if they are only three years old?
If they are older, of course they will behave with more awareness ... that child of yours feels what you are intending to do and is now anxious, your child sees that it will get a beating and reacts.
It is as true as anything is.
But not for Deut.
He goes to his father.
He does not see that his father has a club in his hands to give him a good beating, this poor human wreck does exactly what the old one wants.
The old one says to him: ‘Bend down, on your knees, Deut’, because the old one is lame and Deut obeys.
He does not know what is going to happen.
If old Messing hadn’t snapped at Deut in such a way, because apparently he cannot stand snapping and shouting, then Deut would not have thrown him off the Grintweg either.
When Deut bends and is kneeling, old Messing hits this life anywhere he can hit it, until he wakens something inside, which Deut finally reacts to and takes off.
That is all, but because of this Deut has been sitting for days now on his stone.
What are they doing with the old man?
What must they do?
They do not know.
Within Deut there is therefore still something which brings him to his own decision.
We have to accept irrevocably that this life neither possesses nor knows badness.
This life is not aware of danger.
But still, if you give it a good shaking, it reaches its own reaction.
The old one awakened the deaf and dumb child in Deut with his hitting.
How deep is Deut’s life and consciousness?
What can a psychologist tell you about it?
They have already withdrawn themselves from Deut long ago; they do not know!
Of course, it would be the best thing for Deut, to remove him from that environment, but then they could fill up all the homes for this sort of sick people, the whole of society is sick!
This whole society is completely crazy!
In other words: you are powerless.
Deut must have lain for his father as a fly at the feet of an elephant.
Other people know that the old man first asked him to look for a stick for him and that Deut handed his father the object himself in order to give him a beating.
You can’t get more decent and more obedient than that!
But what do you want?
Now Jeus has to go there.
Do people not find that strange?
Jeus knows that his friend is in trouble, but still he lets Deut sit there.
That is nothing for Jeus, Crisje knows that.
When Crisje therefore asked him:
‘Shouldn’t you go and take a look at Deut ...’ she got the reply:
‘I will have to think about it first, mother.’
Does that sound wise, Tall Hendrik?
After a few hours Jeus got to hear again from Crisje:
‘Jeus, go and have a look at Deut, he is in a very bad way ...’ then he started to think, but nothing happened, he went to have a nice sleep and left his friend alone with his dreadful misery.
Crisje doesn’t understand it, but Crisje continues to pray and trust Deut will get better!
Even if Tall Hendrik laughs himself silly, because this is work with no end to it.
Crisje continues to have faith.
She prays and thinks about her side of things.
Just a moment ago Jeus wandered out the door with Fanny to go and look at Deut.
From a distance he looks at the freak there on that stone, which he knows all about.
In Jeus, Crisje, you will maybe not believe it, although you can understand it, a feeling has come, a pure human and well-thought out feeling, that only now can he help Deut.
Yesterday it was not yet possible, only today is it at that stage.
Now he is able to do something for his big friend.
Something else again for a child, you will say, Tall Hendrik, but this has a deep, human, yes, supernatural significance, and Jeus will learn that later, which he will describe in his books.
Wouldn’t you want to laugh about this as well, Hendrik?
I will never utter these words when you are present, then it is like casting pearls before swine.
Oh, Tall Hendrik, that is past history, that is old, that casting pearls before swine no longer has any significance now, I have a more simple feeling, and it is much more human if you say: you are now talking to deaf and dumb people and that’s also the case!
Jeus immediately walks to Deut and that is extremely dangerous, but he doesn’t want to know anything about danger.
Talking doesn’t help; he does it in a very different way.
Adults have already talked until they had nothing more to say.
Jeus touches Deut for a moment, then turns around, and leans against Mrs Peters’ fence and retreats into himself, then into deep thought.
The first thing what occurs to people is: we have got another psychopath as well.
But Jeus doesn’t know that, those are your own thoughts.
This child does something, which you know nothing about as an old person; just keep quiet for now.
It is just as well, Crisje, that Tall Hendrik is not in the neighbourhood, because what would have happened then?
Tall Hendrik would have got hold of Jeus by the scruff of his neck and removed him from Deut.
But then Deut would still have been sitting there a fortnight later.
Now Jeus will get his friend out of trouble.
Inside Deut, Jeus sees, his windows have been closed.
It would make you cry out: ‘Deut, come outside’, but Deut cannot find a way out now.
Jeus’ face is rigid.
The children are looking at him.
There are those who think that he is also in a bad way.
See, Deut can infect you, mother.
Now that Jeus is standing there, help arrives for him, Fanny is already wagging its tail, it sees José!
Now Jeus reaches a universal talk.
The Tall One is also there and says to him:
“You must first look at him inwardly, Jeus.”
“Yes”, answers Jeus his Tall One, “I have already started that.”
Jeus descends into Deut.
He does that in his thoughts and it happens naturally when you know the way, otherwise you will lose your way.
And you are not familiar with a maze like that.
The human world from inside is a world of unknown depth, as long as you know.
You will probably think differently about Deut’s case and descending into his house, his personality.
He does it as he is used to with Crisje and from which Crisje can always receive feelings.
He now also becomes one with Deut.
Deut no longer lives alone in his own house.
Deut has had a visit from Jeus and it is he who will now open the doors of his soul, so that Deut will soon be able to see again that the big door is open.
And if Jeus can now achieve that, Deut will begin to cry from happiness and complete human bliss.
If that now starts to happen, that is his healing.
Deut is already beginning to think inside and feels that there is someone there.
He is no longer alone.
Now Jeus says to make Deut aware that he is definitely there:
“Deut, don’t you know that I am here?
Did you think, Deut, that I had forgotten you?”
You see that now happens from there, from that resting point, there from Mrs. Peters’ fence to Deut’s inner life.
Soon the material broom will be used and only then will Jeus hit and kick the doors open with force and Deut will get the lights back in his eyes.
Is there something else?
“Of course, Deut, I am here!” ... and again ... “I am here, Deut!”
And then there follows: “Deut, we are here in this world to help each other.
But you know that, Deut?”
The children are standing there, are booing at Jeus because he is doing nothing for Deut, he hears that they think it is a friendship good for nothing, but he lets them scold.
He is massaging Deut’s soul as it were and when he feels that he can now try it out for real, therefore the material touch must follow, Jeus steps away from there, goes straight over to Deut and resolutely takes his hand between his and rubs over this callous, unfeeling human.
That talk from a moment ago took place in darkness, which was for the soul and the life, now it takes place for the material system.
From inside the life has awakened.
The children already feel that this is deadly serious.
Jeus hears them say:
‘Good gracious, that is dangerous what he is doing.’
But he knows no danger.
He doesn’t pay any attention to those whippersnappers; there are even some amongst them that are fifteen and twenty years old.
The Tall One and José help him.
Without that Tall One and without his José, Jeus couldn’t achieve anything.
All those whippersnappers there, still need dry trousers.
They stare their eyes out; there is really something to see today.
Jeus continues:
“Deut, do you hear me?
Do you hear me, Deut?”
That questioning is now becoming more serious and more urgent!
It becomes demanding for Deut.
Jeus continues to stroke Deut’s hands.
Fanny also helps him.
Deut gets a nice lick from Fanny and that is now helping enormously.
Deut feels a delicious warmth entering him.
The life returns, he chases after it.
Deut can almost no longer be stopped, so strong is the power which touches his inner and material life from Jeus.
The children think: ‘This is something which looks like a miracle.’
“Come, Deut, we are not staying here sitting like idiots.
That is not possible ...” Deut gets to hear.
“Deut, do you want a glass marble from me?
Is that one for you?”
Does Deut not hear that?
Jeus will soon get proof and then all this humanity will then understand that Deut, even though it doesn’t seem so, can think, after all!
But his life cannot deal with it yet, because his human will still refuses.
Jeus continues to stroke his hands and wipes buckets full of slime from them.
He feels that something bursts inside Deut, something jumps, and something tears loose.
And how is it possible, Deut suddenly starts crying.
The children are already shouting:
“Come on, Jeus, give him what for, he is awakening!”
Jeus continues.
“Just look, Deut.
There is Graatje of Dien Piss in the Gutter.
Don’t you know her?
She always pees where she feels like it herself.
But now she is off, Deut.
That one there, that is Anneke Knie’s, you know, Deut, the sister of Mathie, Pukky and Hendrik, who can play football so well.
That one there is Hanne Poop, don’t you have to laugh yet, Deut?
They are all scaredy cats.
They want to be tickled, Deut ... but they have nothing at all to spare for it.
True or not, Deut.
And that one there is a sister of the Madman, who lives Achter de Kom, you can drown there if you don’t know the way, but you know that anyway, Deut?”
Deut does not say anything yet, but that will happen quickly now.
His head is still hanging between his heavy shoulders, but he will soon lift it and then Deut will be back with the people again.
“Just look at that one, Deut, they have stuff on credit for at least a thousand guilders ... but Theet Egging is not completely mad, he will show them.
Theet has to work far too hard for it, Deut, you can understand that, after all?
And that one there, Deut, that one’s father has been in jail four times already for stealing rabbits.
Now, don’t you have to laugh about that, Deut?”
And really and truly, Deut moves slightly, his lips move, and he wants to say something.
And then the children shout:
“Come on, Jeus, you have got him.
Deut is crying.”
The children run to their mothers to say that Deut is crying.
They know that Jeus is getting Deut out of his distressful situation.
The children encourage him; today they give him everything he is worth.
The tears now really begin to flow and that is the natural cure for Deut.
Now Jeus grabs him by the scruff of his neck and pulls him upwards.
But when Deut doesn’t want to yet, he gets to hear:
“If you don’t want to come with me, Deut, you can get lost!
Come on, we’re going to look at my doves, Deut.”
Fanny pulls at Deut’s rags, and yes, they get him off his piece of stone.
The adults are watching and have respect for such a great piece of work.
Deut stands up, he forces himself through his weak knees, he is now standing on his legs and at the same time Jeus turns into Dassenstraatje, straight to his doves.
Fanny is already running to Crisje.
When Crisje sees that it is her Jeus, who is walking towards her with Deut, ten Our Father’s immediately fly to Our Lord to thank Him because HE has heard the prayers.
She knew that help would come.
However, she did not know it would be her Jeus, Crisje was not able to think about that either.
But now she sees it, Our Lord’s Tall One is there as well!
Prayers help!
Whoever cannot pray is a lost person.
Whining and shouting, that’s not it!
How pleased Father will be, Crisje thinks.
For her it is a great mercy.
And that is the case, Crisje, but with the help of Jeus’ Tall One and José, otherwise Deut would still be sitting there!
They are the ones, Crisje, who got Deut out of that darkness.
But through Jeus!
The angels of Our Lord have now accomplished this, Crisje.
And believe it now as well, Our Lord knows nothing about Deut’s situation, otherwise Our Lord would have nothing else to do.
Then Our Lord would have to be in ten million places at the same time at this moment, and is that possible, Crisje?
For you it is, we know that, Crisje, this is also the truth!
I can therefore assure you, cross my heart: that all these horrible matters of the human being, all these why’s and how’s which bother people and which they complain about to death, have nothing to do with Our Lord!
Nothing, Crisje!
They have created those rotten things and misery themselves.
And you know that!
That is nothing new for you, but people are full of them and they are destroyed by them!
Now the Grim Reaper will be in trouble, but does he also have something to do with it?
No, I tell you, nothing!
A while later Jeus is sitting with Deut by the doves.
“Aren’t they just nice creatures, Deut?
Would you want to hold one in your hands, Deut?”
“Yes, please, Jeus.”
“When they are big, Deut, I will keep one for you.”
They babble away to each other for hours.
Deut has already held ten doves, he doesn’t squash a single one.
He carefully holds the creatures in his large strong hands and mumbles something, the poor soul is like a small child.
It is a moment to cry until there are no more tears, when you see that, it is so beautiful and supernatural.
The giant with a child, the giant is a child, but the child is old.
Well, well, that is something!
But Crisje sees that it is going well.
She has made sandwiches for Deut and when Deut sees that, he makes a grab for the thickly spread sandwiches with both hands and eats his fill.
Deut is so hungry, that Crisje can’t bring enough sandwiches.
He hasn’t eaten anything for days.
But when he has had his fill Jeus prepares to take him home, and the simple one asks:
“Where is my marble, Jeus?”
Did you think that Deut was crazy?
Did you think that he did not hear anything?
Deut is not so crazy that he doesn’t realize that such a glass marble is something wonderful to possess.
He puts the marble in his pocket.
Now he goes down the stairs and homewards.
Arriving at the door of old Messing, Jeus sees that the door opens.
The old man has surely changed.
Jeus nudges Deut inside.
He listens for a little while and hears some cups rattling.
There is food and drink ready for Deut.
How odd people are, they are strange creatures, Jeus has learned that and he will never ever forget it as long as he lives.
Then he leaves.
They are smiling at him from the universe.
He sees that his Tall One and José have disappeared.
They are going to tell Our Lord.
And perhaps, Tall Hendrik, now that they have experienced it themselves, that Our Lord will think about it, and then there will probably be no mad people on earth later.
Or ‘He’ will send some more, because he now knows how they can be cured.
When a child can already do that, why do adults not wish to possess these powers?
For adults it is called: nonsense!
Do you see, Tall Hendrik?
Is it nonsense, after all?
But love heals, Tall Hendrik!
Human powers can heal!
And this is exactly the same as Manus does, because the will of life and the life aura of a person can bring it about.
But you will hear that later, but something must first happen to you, Tall Hendrik.
You will stand behind your coffin for these wonders!
But how wonderful and nice life is.
Yes, Tall Hendrik, if you see it the way it is!
Through Jeus’ thinking Deut changed.
Since Jeus helped him to think, Deut came back to everyday consciousness.
It isn’t any more than that, Tall Hendrik!
Did Christ not say: ‘If your faith was like a mustard seed, then ...’
And Crisje’s faith is as strong and as high as your Hunzeleberg mountain, from where you can see the Stolzen Fels Am Rhein, Tall Hendrik, through which these wonders take place with Deut.
Jeus looks Crisje in the eye and they know.
When he now tells her that his Tall One and José did it, Crisje is filled with emotion and she presses her big Jeus to her heart.
“You see, the angels can do that, isn’t that so, Jeus?”
“Yes, mother!”
Tall Hendrik looks, really, Deut is off his stone.
Who did that?
And when he now hears from Crisje that his Jeus did that, Tall Hendrik will give him a great pat on the back.
Hendrik storms inside and asks:
“Do you know, Crisje, who managed that?”
“Yes, Hendrik, I know.”
“Now, tell me.
The doctor?”
“The doctor, you ask, does he understand divine matters?”
“Did something happen again, Cris?”
“Yes, Hendrik.”
Crisje gives him a good teasing, he doesn’t have to know everything at once, and then it will also penetrate his life all the more.
But Tall Hendrik also says:
“Whoever did that, Cris, I will take my hat off to them.”
And now something comes, which will give Tall Hendrik a fright.
Crisje laughs, her husband sees it and asks:
“Why are laughing to yourself, Cris?”
“That’s a good one, Hendrik.
Then today you can take your hat off for your Jeus.”
“What are you saying, Cris?”
“Yes, Hendrik, just take your hat off for Jeus, he made Deut better and pulled him off his stone.”
Jeus has to come to father, Tall Hendrik wants to play the violin and sing for him alone.
Then Tall Hendrik asks:
“How did you manage that, Jeus?”
He thinks about it.
And however it was possible, suddenly he knew, the words were simply put in his mouth and the Tall Hendrik heard:
“I played a bit on my own violin, father, for Deut.”
“Good grief ...” Tall Hendrik comes away with and thinks to himself ... an adult should try telling him that, then he would have given that same person a slap right in the face.
He is completely shaken by it.
Crisje smiled to herself, she says nothing, but she is enjoying it and she knows, Our Lord as well!
But, after all, that is good for Tall Hendrik.
Fair’s fair, just after the shock, Tall Hendrik nearly split his sides laughing.
And Crisje thought that was too cheap again, you do not laugh about serious matters.
Jeus had wanted to tell father more, but his Tall One found it just enough, his Tall One did not talk to jokers and deaf and dumb people!
Jeus did not say another thing; his life closed itself off for his own father.
That is a pity, Tall Hendrik.
And so we carry on, we are continually faced with this, what a pity ... what a real pity, but you cannot be reached, you just laugh.
When will you finally be serious for Crisje and your boys for a change?
Have you forgotten what Chang said about Jeus?
You will do it, but what do you have in mind, Tall Hendrik, is that true knowledge?
There are some who now laugh, but you do not even hear that.
However, you will hear it someday!
You will achieve nothing through prayer, Tall Hendrik, but through prayer you will be tuned to higher places, you cannot be tuned to pride then, because prayer takes you to human simplicity.
In order to be able to explain all of this to you, we will write a thick book for you later, Tall Hendrik.
And Jeus will do that!
Is there anything else, Tall Hendrik?
And that will take place through the same angels who now brought Deut back to everyday consciousness.
But after all, you don’t know what everyday consciousness is.
Jeus does know!
He pulled Deut back to his own consciousness and then Deut was among people again.
That Deut doesn’t have that for eternity, do you believe that?
I am telling you, Deut attracted this misery to himself.
But that was somewhere else, Tall Hendrik.
And now he is faced with his own misery, but he will also get over it.
Deut is recovering, Tall Hendrik, and one human life has no significance for these matters.
You need several lives for it!
Do you understand that, Tall Hendrik?
No, of course not!
Our Lord, works through HIS angels, Tall Hendrik.
Now it is the Tall One of Jeus and it is me, there are also others who are people, Tall Hendrik, and they all lived on the earth, and now represent a Kingdom of heaven, because there is no death!
Do you still not feel anything?
Do you not have to laugh yet?
Has your laughter not yet reached its daily strength?
If you only knew that we closed ourselves off to your life; we could have told you something completely different at that time.
But you, however good you are, because we have no complaints about you, and neither has Our Lord, but that you laugh about His things and affairs, that’s up to you.
After all, some day deadly seriousness will still arise in you.
And only then will you be capable of listening, of following and accepting your Crisje and your Jeus.
Now all that is being lost for your life, again, Tall Hendrik, you are not evil, but you are as dry as a cork and deaf and dumb to these and other sacred matters!
You don’t feel and see anything.
On the contrary, you only want to play the violin.
But Jeus was right.
His Tall One thought, if I let Jeus talk about matters which interest the mortal Tall Hendrik, I will probably shake him awake.
But it didn’t succeed, you had a nice laugh and then he just went away.
Jeus hit you in a sensitive place as a father, isn’t that the case?
His life, Tall Hendrik, is like a harp and the angels of Our Lord strum that harp!
Isn’t it nice?
Is it so difficult to understand?
We haven’t finished yet, we will continue.
You will hear from us again.
Does your fifteen mark box have just as much value as the violin which is Jeus?
Don’t make Our Lord laugh now.
Farmer, stay with your cows.
Tall Hendrik, you are capable of a lot, but ask yourself now, how long still?
Or will you be eighty years old?
Then you still have time; at around about sixty years old people usually start to think in the direction of Our Lord.
We, Tall Hendrik, are now talking from another world, which you see as unreal, and in which you cannot believe.
We are talking to your life and your being, but it doesn’t sink into you.
And like you are, Tall Hendrik, there are millions more.
But all these people have to go back to Our Lord!
Did you never ever think about that?
But life is good, life is wonderful, why would you bother yourself with the Grim Reaper?
Crisje and the Tall Hendrik talk until deep in the night.
They are talking about Deut and Jeus and about the unprecedented laws of Our Lord.
Tall Hendrik sighs, ‘how difficult life sometimes is.’
But it is odd, what doctors cannot do, is within the reach of a child.
Crisje said to Tall Hendrik that, of course, he could buy a cigar for Deut, then Jeus could give this token of love to his friend.
However, Tall Hendrik thought this was childish and didn’t go into it either.
He is not crazy.
He does not dig another person’s grave, if it isn’t a part of his life.
He knows for sure what his Crisje is like and he gives her everything.
But, in order to take that inner spiritual path together, he doesn’t long for that at all, that also has to awaken for Hendrik and will take him, if he can listen for a moment, to Deut!
Even if he has everything so well organized, he lives precisely above the consciousness of Deut, Crisje and Jeus know, this is how the rest of the wide world is!
If you hear a person talking about himself and then hear them having a good laugh about supernatural things, and when you sometimes have to experience that a person laughs right in your face, just don’t pay any attention to these people, because they are the mad people, the absolutely crazy people.
Deut and his kind are the living on this earth and the spiritually conscious.
For whom, someone once said, this humanity has built a cathedral, and that is the case!
The really mad person cries for and by means of reality.
The normal person cannot cry, because he thinks he is too sensible, but just look at his shoes.
He lives, a great person once said, in his own poverty!
And he does not see or hear anything!
And that world will visit this evening!
It will run into your best room, sit itself down and talk as well!
Tall Hendrik, I could beat you to death with words and proof, but you cannot be reached!
We will wait a while!
But then?
Then you will break an awful lot of violins!
What for and why?
Work it out for yourself, a child at school is helped, but you will have to learn the rest of it yourself, Tall Hendrik, that is the sacred truth.
Crisje gave him her opinion:
“Hendrik, people are up to their ankles in their own mud, and then still have something to say about other people, they do not smell their own muck ...”, that was what she, Tall Hendrik, got out of this world, which I talked about and that means: ‘Be open to it ...
If that love is in you, you will speak all the languages in the world!’
Tall Hendrik knows, he is not able to take Crisje’s faith away from her.
Her faith is extremely strong!
They actually tread one world, have one faith, but Tall Hendrik does it differently and in his own way of thinking and feeling.
Our Lord is in between them.
Indeed, if it has to be, Crisje knows that as well, Tall Hendrik will throw himself on the grave of Our Lord like a faithful dog to watch over life, but he hasn’t been given that yet.
And Crisje also knows, everything will come eventually and in its own time!
For today an awful lot of ‘Our Fathers’ go upwards, from Crisje.
And also Jeus.
He has earned them because of Deut.
One does it with some flowers and loving kindness, some love as well, of course, all this is possible; another one does it by practising justice and yet other people do it through their deeds.
As a result of mortal and material deeds you cultivate the purest ‘orchids’ for yourself!
When they are brought to their own life through love, believe it, there is proof, you can place them on ‘Golgotha’, and they are keenly accepted by Our Lord, He loves that the most.
HE also loves them sincerely and as a result everything becomes different.
Cultivate one through soul, life and spirit, and you can be sure, you will get on better and it will always go well in your life, you know then, you are carried by those strengths.
There is someone dreaming in the box bed in deep rest.
Jeus is now walking in a garden where only those ‘orchids’ grow and blossom.
And Crisje is following him.
Their hearts have opened and reached universal unity.
Yonder a great light can be seen and they go there, hand in hand.
Their hearts are filled with happiness.
Tall Hendrik could not go with them because he laughed too much.
There is also laughter in this world, but only then if you also carry the deadly seriousness of it and for it in you, before that you do not have the right to laugh.
If you laugh before you have that certainty, then you are a madman!
And they do not want to see madmen there.
Human mad people disturb the peace and quiet there!
Because here, believe it, Our Lord has everything to say, Tall Hendrik!
Learn to think Hendrik.
We lay stone upon stone, for Jeus, and we are building towards a ‘University’!
And it makes absolute sense, Tall Hendrik, the world now sees through your way of dealing with things: that is how it should be done and exactly how it shouldn’t be done, as a result of which the lifework will soon receive value, and, of course, is now read by those people who are open to life and death and are not afraid of the Grim Reaper, and have therefore got to know him.
Why must you die, Tall Hendrik?
It is because you have to go further.
You cannot achieve everything in one life!
What is madness?
That is unconsciousness, Tall Hendrik.
You have beaten yourself out of Divine Harmony.
How do you cultivate Divine ‘orchids’, Tall Hendrik?
By putting in all your love for the life of God!
Do that with joy in your heart, Tall Hendrik, and you will have the right to call yourself a person!
That’s it for today.
Tomorrow we will continue again.
And give our regards to Fanny, Tall Hendrik, because Fanny also earned its ‘orchid’ today.
How is it possible, a dog has more sense than a healthy, strong, gifted and inspired person of the earth does.
Because a dog is just a dog, a person is a completely different story ..., Tall Hendrik!
But a person cannot reach out a hand.
Fanny the dog thought, I got my tongue from Our Lord, and gave his own love in vain but consciously.
To Deut!
This is also a real kiss, Tall Hendrik.
If you can kiss like that, you will also cultivate these living things in white, purple and pale blue, all those heavenly colours, or do you not like those flowers, Tall Hendrik?
I’m just starting to bore you, you are sleepy.
Good night, Tall Hendrik.
I do not need to wish that to Crisje,
Because she is yonder, with her Jeus, Our Lord said to them: you will sleep nice and softly tonight.
And then, Tall Hendrik, they got wings.
And you will be able to get a taste of that as well some time!
But what a doggy heart!
That Fanny!
Not even a cigar could be missed for Deut and that is also a pity as well.