So was that our Lord, mother?

Guardian angels know all about people, especially when they have to deal with the same people day in day out.
However, Crisje knows that when you do the right thing, you will also receive the harmonic feeling of it; of course, whoever digs a hole for another may fall into it himself, meaning, ‘do to others as you would be done to,’ and Our Lord knows all about that.
HE says in his turn to the angels: ‘go and take a look, get a good feel, but be extremely careful, and judge whether there is something that disturbs the life of ME or something which keeps the soul awake.’
If that is the case, then try to materialize those feelings and thoughts, so that the person benefits from them.
Tall Hendrik would say: ‘I will sort that out for myself, I don’t need any angels for that.
I will grab my violin or I will sing an aria, and if that still doesn’t help, I will drink a few nice bitters, then good or evil, unpleasant or supernatural thoughts will dissolve naturally!’
Then Crisje cannot say what she thinks, but it means: you are now standing on your own two feet and there is no question of that flying in the universe either.
Angels are able to weigh the human soul on the scales, the ones which belong to Our Lord, in order to see whether one thing is dominating another, that is to say: whether the inner life is superior to the material life, that mustn’t happen, because then the insides of it start to decompose, since that shuffling in the material is completely wrong for the nerves.
The soul cannot enjoy its rest now, which is what it is really about, if a person wants to be able to say: there is nothing wrong with me!
The Tall One of Jeus saw that ...
Our Lord said to HIS angel: ‘Go and have a look.
If it is necessary, now listen well, just pretend it is ‘I’ myself Who is there, represent me well and do not forget anything, because ‘I’ know for sure that mother Crisje’s Jeus wants to serve ME!’
When that order came, Jeus already started to worry, the first rays of that message had already reached his soul and the box bed, it started from that moment.
And Crisje asked again:
“What are you talking about now, Jeus?”
It is happiness, Crisje, he has something, but he doesn’t know yet.
She heard from him:
“I have to think, mother.”
Crisje is already praying.
God save me, she thinks, when that one begins to think you are faced with happiness or with a lot of misery.
She also asks:
“What, in heaven’s name, do you have to think about now?”
“I don’t know yet, mother.”
“But if you don’t know what you have to think about, then you don’t have to start on it”, Crisje believes, because she feels that it is placing her again in front of things that are impossible to understand.
And when he doesn’t make a sound then, she says without meaning to:
“But surely you don’t have to think with your hands under your head?
Is that not too heavy for you?”
“Of course not, mother, but surely I can support myself?”
Let me just leave it alone, she thinks, I am powerless anyway.
In any case this is a thousand times better than getting up to all that mischief.
In what is mother interfering?
Is a person no longer allowed to think?
Is he not allowed to think properly?
However he is occupied with something.
He is expecting something.
What it actually is, he doesn’t know yet.
In any case, it keeps sending him with his thoughts to the Hunzeleberg.
He sees hills and climbs up them.
Gerrit has already given him a kick.
While fast asleep he got up and wanted to climb that hill, but he kicked Gerrit right in his face and then of course they started fighting.
And that's it!
There is not a night that goes by that he wasn’t climbing hills.
Which is now the only thing that remained of his great journey to Jerusalem.
He therefore didn’t get off scot-free, after all, there is now a tender scratch in his soul, that spiritual scar has to go, it must be cured by a salve from Our Lord or it will eat away at him, and that is very dangerous
Once more, something suddenly came and that also released him from his worrying for a moment.
Now he can brood on something else, the neighbourhood is already worrying about it; many people will help him.
Tall Hendrik, and Crisje as well, are worried because she has got that nasty felon.
Inside the tissue of her right thumb is being eaten away, and that hurts like mad.
Tall Hendrik doesn’t know what to do any more.
He has asked people if anyone knew of a cure.
And yes, everyone knows something for it, everyone has had felon once, but if you ask them, what can Crisje do about it, they stand there staring and it was all just people talking nonsense.
However much he brooded on it, it didn’t help him, Crisje continued to feel the pain in her thumb, nothing helped, and if that went on for a long time, Tall Hendrik saw, nothing would remain of the thumb.
And that with a household full of boys, your right hand gone, that is bad.
At the end of his tether, Tall Hendrik asked Crisje:
“You are so good at praying, Cris, can’t you ask Our Lord then?”
Fair enough, Tall Hendrik, you now meant something completely different.
You want to test her faith, her great trust in Our Lord as well, because that is it.
Crisje moaned from the pain, but she felt what her Hendrik meant, she didn’t need him for that.
From the start she had already known that it would be that terrible felon.
Now Our Lord has to help her, people have no understanding of these things.
A doctor cannot help you; his salves do not help.
And then, it happened one night, while she was sleeping, Crisje heard Our Lord say:
“You called me, Crisje, is there something the matter?”
“Yes, Our Lord, I am convulsed with pain.
I have felon, Our Lord, and I cannot lift a hand anymore.”
“I can see that”, Our Lord then said to Crisje, “I can already see it, Crisje, it is bad, but I have something for you.
Now you must listen carefully, Crisje.”
“Yes, Our Lord, of course.”
“Here, at Hosman’s, Crisje, they have cows, don’t they?”
“Yes, Our Lord.”
“If you make sure, Crisje, that you get fresh cow dung every morning, then not only will the pain disappear, but your thumb will get better.”
“Oh, I can get that, Our Lord.
Thank You.”
“It’s my pleasure, Crisje.”
“Thanks a million, Our Lord.”
“But you know, Crisje, that I am always here?”
“Yes, Our Lord, You know I will never doubt that.”
“Of course, Crisje.
And now I have to go.”
That same morning Johan shuffled along to Hosman’s to collect fresh cow dung.
Johan needed a spade for this and when one of the cows carried out its bodily functions, Johan raced over to the cow in order to catch that medicine red-hot, wrap it in a cloth and bring it to Crisje.
He was not allowed to touch the cow dung, the medicine mustn’t come into contact with anything, because the power would be lost, Our Lord had said.
Every morning it is a feast there at Hosman’s.
Of course, they find it extraordinary.
Johan almost broke his neck, because he fell backwards due to the slipperiness of the desired medicine.
Then Crisje had to scrape her medicine from his coat.
You couldn’t trust him to do anything!
When he arrived at school, Johan had to explain why he was so late.
And when he told them that Crisje had felon and that he had to collect cow dung, the whole class laughed heartily at Johan.
Now everyone is talking about Crisje’s felon and the medicine, but they do not know that Crisje got her prescription from Our Lord Himself.
Even Tall Hendrik doesn’t know yet, but he will get to hear about it.
Now Bernard and Jeus are standing behind the cows.
They have taken over Johan’s task and now Crisje can count on her cow dung.
Bernard almost knows beforehand which cow feels like helping Crisje.
Bernard is so sure of his task that they are already laying bets on it.
Jeus has already lost ten marbles.
Bernard is usually on the mark, he is so finely attuned to the cow dung.
A moment ago Bernard said to Jeus: “I think, Jeus, that black and white one will be the first.”
There are about ten cows in a row, one refuses or has spoilt everything precisely before they came, because that is what happened, but another one is being monitored and they now keep an eye on it.
The first few mornings they were continually off the mark.
Some cows, Bernard noticed, do it suddenly and then you are just too late.
Others do it, by giving something now and again, but then it becomes dangerous.
Bernard calls that the sprayers, because that one black and white cow sprayed him right in his face and that was something to have respect for.
Bernard no longer even looks at those cows any more. Sprayers are no good and that must also mean something, after all, you get better medicine from one cow than another, even if they all eat the same thing, at the end of the day.
Bernard says it is the finishing touch, because why are there cows which spray and then others which drop the healing material for you in a lovely calm way, full of understanding?
Bernard has already thought that through and Jeus readily admits, Bernard can think.
Johan now has a difficult time at school, the children call him: cow poo.
Bernard immediately hits out; they should just try it with him.
And, it helped.
From the first moment that Crisje pressed her thumb into the cow dung there was an improvement, the severe pains lessened and she could say to Tall Hendrik: “We’re there, Hendrik!”
The whole neighbourhood laughs and talks about the cow dung, the animal healers of Hosman, those cows are worth their weight in gold.
Jeus has already to hear about it.
Anneke said:
“Now, Jeus?
What do you have to say about our cows?
If our cows weren’t there, then your mother soon wouldn’t have a thumb anymore.”
Jeus could now bow his head to Anneke, which he therefore did immediately with a:
“Of course, Anneke, you are right.”
Jeus only agreed with her because Crisje needed her cow dung; Jeus did not yet want to talk about how the lot stank and how unsure you were of your own life behind those cows, but it did take a lot away from all that greatness.
On the other hand didn’t Anneke know that?
The boys are standing to the left and to the right of the row of cows.
Jeus is standing on the right-hand side, Bernard on the left, so that they can immediately race towards a cow from both sides and not get in each other’s way.
They have divided their work and task for mother fairly, and Crisje can count on the boys.
People do not know, but now Crisje does, that you can achieve a great deal more with cow dung and that it is the only cure for a number of illnesses in this world.
Crisje says: people look for medicines in places where they aren’t found.
The medicines of Our Lord are close to home and sometimes they are under your nose, but people do not see it.
You have to have inner eyes for that and Crisje has them.
Three weeks later Crisje’s thumb was cured.
Then Tall Hendrik asked:
“Tell me now, Crisje, how did you get the idea to use cow dung.”
“That’s a good one, Hendrik.”
“That’s a good one, you tell me?
But I don’t know.”
“But you said to me, can your Lord not help then.
And then Our Lord came to me Himself.”
“Are you trying to tell me, Cris, that He is concerned with cow dung?”
“Yes, Hendrik, that was Our Lord Himself.
If you dare to look Him honestly in the face, then He will not leave you alone.
And you should know that, anyway.”
But Tall Hendrik didn’t know.
This was also above him.
Imagine, the ‘Saviour’ bothering about cow dung, and yet?
Crisje is cured by it.
What is the truth now?
Was that Our Lord Himself?
Whatever the case, Tall Hendrik, the thumb is better and the terrible felon has gone.
Crisje dreamt it and during her dream, Our Lord Himself spoke to Crisje!
Is that not enough for you?
Do you no longer understand plain dialect, Tall Hendrik?
What Tall Hendrik thought about it was: that Cris!
However, deep within himself, and that is the truth, Tall Hendrik takes his hat off to his Cris, but he should have known, Crisje can do so much.
She has already proved before that she can make medicines with some vegetables and some herbs.
She has that gift, and where it comes from is not important, she could have been a herbalist but doesn’t want that.
She did not yet know of a cure for felon, but that was also given to her life and she is grateful to Our Lord for that.
When Tall Hendrik wanted to know, why cow dung and why specifically fresh cow dung possessed healing properties, Crisje said dryly:
“If you think about it, Hendrik, then you will know.”
Tall Hendrik starts to think, but he does not get through it and he will not find out.
But still?
Crisje continued:
“Everything, Hendrik, which an animal has digested inside, but not a dog or a cat, cows are the best, that has gone through a factory.
And a factory like that, Hendrik, all the properties are in there and those properties are as pure as anything and have everything in them to heal.”
Tall Hendrik couldn’t get his head around it, he still didn’t know anything.
A cow is a factory?
And this factory has healing powers?
Crisje saw it and she also knew, when Our Lord gave it to her she saw that factory in the cow, and she could understand.
Moreover, such a chemical factory, Tall Hendrik, is open and prepared to kill every bacteria and to inspire that material, exactly through that which Our Lord has given growth and bloom to all that life.
If we followed this process, Tall Hendrik, we would write a big book about it, but then you are not there yet, it is so complicated, but moreover also so natural, that a louse can understand it, because it means the natural evolution.
Did you know, Tall Hendrik, that all that green which such a cow eats, possesses universal power and strength?
What Crisje received is indeed not so strange.
But we will also experience that later if you are then open to it and are still here, you will experience such a natural wonder again and you will understand that cows are useful animals.
Of course, they give you milk and you can make cheese from this, but especially, what now concerns us: these medicines come from the natural source and people still know nothing about that either!
It is strange, but cow dung cures human felon!
Remember that!
When Father got to hear it from Crisje, because he knows everything about her life, he said consciously and resolutely to Crisje:
“I believe that immediately, Crisje.
Of course, you are a saint.
And you can truly pray for that.”
Don’t you believe it?
Father kissed Crisje’s thumb, precisely the sick thumb, which had been covered in cow dung for weeks on end, because this great and good man felt and understood, in that thumb lived the will and the love, the wisdom and the power of Our Lord, and he wanted to drink in this sweetness through his kiss.
Crisje put out her thumb and hand to Father with a calm conscience and then Father put his stamp on it, otherwise, Crisje knew, she would have been damned for eternity.
Wasn’t this true?
If Our Lord hadn’t spoken to her life and to her herself, it goes without saying, then Crisje would have been caught up in a dirty rotten lie and fallen into purgatory.
God save me, you should try saying that when Tall Hendrik is present.
This is a miracle!
Father knows, Crisje is able to talk to Our Lord day and night, but he also knows, Crisje doesn’t do that.
Both know, you have to first experience yourself a thousand times and only then, if you have nothing more and you have used up all your powers completely, Our Lord will appear!
You cannot fool HIM.
You can cry as loud as you like, if He sees, and He sees that, that you haven’t applied your own powers yet, HE doesn’t even come to look, then you can cry as loud as you like, your soul and happiness are involved and that is the point!
However, all of this, that is understandable anyway, got Jeus away from his thinking for a while.
Immediately, when the thumb had recovered and also this misery was past, Crisje found Jeus at the back of the house again.
He is sitting looking at the chickens and she asks him:
“What are you thinking about, Jeus?”
“That’s a good one, mother.
Have I had five minutes to myself to think?”
She already thought, thank God, he has left his worries behind again, but now he continues, the material miseries dominated him for a while, now those hills are returning and he will analyze that, or something will happen.
This morning he has his dream in him, it is alive and conscious, which he experienced last night.
For weeks it bothered him, now it is here, he knows, today he will experience it, it is not a hill, it is Our Lord Himself!
He is lying on the edge of the moorland with Fanny, near the mill, and is waiting.
The tension inside him is enormous.
However, he knows that Our Lord will come.
He doesn’t know that Crisje is connected, in her own way, to the most sacred matters for people, animals and nature, he lives for himself and Crisje follows her own path.
That of Crisje has nothing to do with his feelings and thoughts, he already lived in these feelings when the felon got him out of it, but he did not feel for a moment that it had left him.
Now he is lying here waiting.
Fanny next to him, they divide the bread fairly and wait patiently.
However, the tension is becoming terrible.
It is just like it was then, but this is something different.
This brings you happiness, that other brought you sorrow.
Now he feels no pain, but happiness.
It must come to him from the hills.
It comes straight from Zeddam, he knows.
What it has to do there first, he doesn’t know, but it will come.
Hours and hours pass.
He could have worked it out for himself completely, but you feel reverence for such a thing.
You have hours to spare for it, and you wait; now you can talk of receiving.
The children are already looking for him, but he isn’t there, he is lying hidden between the bushes.
When it gets to four o’clock, he crawls a bit closer to the Grintweg.
He feels that he is becoming tired, but that is from the excitement, of course.
How heavy those legs are, he has a nice rest.
He doesn’t know that he has already gone to sleep, he wakens and Fanny is there as well, Fanny is also having a nice rest next to him and will wait.
Suddenly it becomes lighter there above the Grintweg.
Now you will see it.
And yes, a shining apparition comes towards him.
He is not afraid.
The apparition asks him:
“Did you have to wait long, Jeus?”
“No, I’ve just arrived.”
“But I’m here now, Myself.
Are you not afraid of Me?”
“No, of course not.
No, Our Lord, I am not afraid of You.”
“Now let’s see, Jeus, where are all Our children.”
He now walks down the Grintweg, holding hands with Our Lord.
When they come close to home, Our Lord says: “Here is your house, Jeus.”
“Yes, mother is at home.”
“I know that, Jeus.
And she has got rid of the felon, hasn’t she?
Yes, mother is rid of it.”
„Yes, Our Lord.”
“It helped a lot, didn’t it, Jeus?”
“Yes, that’s good stuff, Our Lord.”
“I know that, Jeus, that is a good one.”
He plods along, holding Our Lord’s hand, past door after door, but he sees none of the people.
“They have become afraid of You?”
“I see that, Jeus.
They are afraid of Me.
That is because they do not know Me.
But may I ask you something, Jeus?”
“Of course, that is why I came, after all.”
“You see it now, of course.
What can we do with those children?
They do not know what I am like.
And they must know that, Jeus.
What I wanted to ask you is, will you help Me?”
“Of course, just tell me what I have to do.
You can count on me.”
“I know that.
When you are grown up, then we will start, Jeus.
And only then will we tell them what we know.”
“Of course.”
“Did it hurt a lot, Jeus?
You know what I mean.”
“Yes, of course, I was in a terrible way.
But I have already forgotten it.”
“I know that, Jeus.”
“May I tell mother that I talked to You?”
“Of course, you can tell mother everything?”
They walk through the village, come past the Grintweg again and when they come to the moorland, they say goodbye to each other.
Jeus thinks that Our Lord looks a bit like his own Tall One, but that isn’t possible, or perhaps it is possible, sometime people will all look like Our Lord.
“You can count on me”, Our Lord gets to hear again from him, and then this beautiful and great apparition dissolves for his life.
Suddenly he jumps out of the wood.
“Good gracious me, Fanny, but where were you?
Were you asleep?
Now that you could have seen Our Lord you go to sleep?
Have you gone absolutely crazy?
Do I have to take you to task now, Fanny?
Goodness me, that’s something.
You should be ashamed of yourself.”
A while later Fanny hears: “But I can imagine that, Fanny.
However you have nothing to do with this Lord.
No, that isn’t true.
I mean, your one is different, but now I am contradicting myself.
But we have to go home, mother hasn’t seen us the whole day.”
At home he throws his arms around Crisje’s neck again.
She looks: what’s the matter?
Has that worrying passed again?
This didn’t last so long and that is just as well.
He tells her what he saw.
“So, Jeus, you walked with Our Lord through the town?”
“Yes, mother.
And did you think that those scaredy cats dared to come out?”
“No, of course not, you can count that on your own fingers, they shy away from Him.”
“Was that Our Lord Himself, mother?”
“Yes, that was Our Lord, Jeus.”
“He knew all about the cow dung, mother.”
“I imagine so.’
“He also knew where we lived, mother.
If he hadn’t had so much to do, then He would have come to visit you for a moment.
But He didn’t have time, mother.”
“I can understand that, Jeus.”
Crisje has to think, but he soon gets to hear from her:
“And now you must listen to me, Jeus.”
“Yes, mother, of course.”
“Will you not talk to anyone about it?”
“No, mother, I’m not completely mad, am I?”
“I don’t think that either.
They do not understand, Jeus.
No one may know of it.”
“But should I not tell father about it?”
“I will take care of that.
If you just keep your mouth shut.
Because people, Jeus, will laugh at you, and that mustn’t happen.”
“I know that, mother.
I will not tell a soul!”
Tonight he will no longer dream about or climb hills. Jeus’ Tall One knows that has now sunk away deeper.
So deep, to where everything lives from yesterday, from last week and that from years ago, yes, even that which people no longer have in them, and which is there anyway.
That is called, for a scholar that is, the sub-conscious, but you will not understand that anyway and that is not necessary now either.
However, I tell you, sometime every person will get to know this great thing, because you will stand behind and in your own coffin, but the nicest part of all is, you will be alive!
It is nine o’clock, the children are in bed, Tall Hendrik and Crisje tell each other difficult things.
Now Tall Hendrik hears what happened.
And then he gets to hear from Crisje:
“Hendrik, we are blessed people.
We cannot thank Our Lord enough for our children.”
Tall Hendrik fell off his chair for a moment.
And then there came as well:
“Will I tell you something, Hendrik?”
“What is it, Cris?”
“Our Jeus, he will do work for Our Lord in the future.
He will never be a singer, Hendrik, and you can get that out of your head.”
Now Tall Hendrik has to think.
“I don’t know, Hendrik, but Jeus saw HIM.
He talked to HIM and he went to the people holding his hand.
Don’t you know anything, Hendrik?
Can’t you understand it?
This goes without saying, of course.
This means something, Hendrik!”
Tall Hendrik is silent and that is the best thing.
Not a sigh passes his lips, but it is bad, he is starting to understand that there is more than he knows, but it hasn’t got to that stage yet.
He means honestly, Crisje, that he is still here, that he has something to say here in any case.
The children have beautiful voices, don’t they?
Well, when it gets to that stage, we will talk more.
Tall Hendrik asks:
“Will you tell Father about that, Cris?”
“I don’t know yet, Hendrik.”
“Will I tell you something, Cris?”
“What is it?”
“If I were you, I wouldn’t say anything either.
I don’t know why, but I think, Crisje, that he will think that we have gone crazy.”
Crisje laughs.
Hendrik is thinking of himself.
But it is okay.
They go to sleep.
Jeus is up early, he may sit with father at the table and Tall Hendrik determines for himself, it is a completely ordinary child.
“Do you want some coffee from me, Jeus?”
“Yes, father, please, father.”
You see, Tall Hendrik thinks, that is politeness.
He has no complaints, it is going well, life is great.
An hour later Jeus is already running up the street.
There is something in him which reminds him of something but that can also be thoughts, that could also have come from the nice stories which he heard from mother.
However he must earn money now.
The fair is coming and he has wasted all his money.
But what can he do?
How will he get money?
Wouldn’t aunt Trui have any more shopping to do?
Cow dung heals!
Felon and cow dung give you worldly wisdom.
If you can look behind your own world, you will also see Our Lord as well.
But he knows Crisje and Jeus very well.
He sits in the kitchen almost every day and talks in dialect.
He is called Tall One, Crisje, and you may also be pleased with him.
You experienced it; he gave you infallible medicine for that cursed felon.
He would be open to all life, if people could only accept him.
Believe it, Our Lord has at least a hundred thousand like him.
But not even ten in this world, Crisje, like your Jeus is.
Truly, Crisje, he will work for Our Lord.
And that has started already.
All those supernatural events, Crisje, will get a place in your own book and that of Jeus.
Is it not becoming simple?
This is the truth and you already have the proof, but there will be much more, dear Crisje.