Gerrit, now come and look, I have got my little sister

Jeus has become a big boy, the time has finally come; he must go to school as well.
His clogs are next to Johan’s and Bernard’s, because Crisje does not feel like breaking her neck, in addition, it is a part of the orderliness of Tall Hendrik.
Fanny sees off Jeus to school.
Aren’t the adults looking yet?
Inside he is calm, he has nice things to eat from mother in his pocket, and he can cope with it, and will give himself over completely to the teacher.
Crisje is expecting an awful lot from him, he is quick and has a good mind, and he is open to life.
Tall Hendrik also thinks that he will fly past all of them.
The bell goes, in his excitement he forgets to say goodbye to Fanny.
Less than ten minutes later he hears the animal howling, which is beginning to bother his teacher.
Which prompts her to ask:
“Who does that dog outside belong to?”
“That is my dog Fanny, Miss.”
“I see, will you just take your dog home, Jeus?”
“Of course, Miss.”
He goes outside.
“Fanny, you are right, but why can’t you understand yet that I have to learn?
However, I could have wished you good day this afternoon?
Now you must listen carefully.
We have to learn, and everything I learn, I will teach you.
You haven’t lost your senses, have you, Fanny?
Come on, and now you are going to mother.”
Three minutes later, he is back in the classroom.
The teacher thinks, that is impossible, but he is sitting down again.
“But you live on the Grintweg, Jeus, don’t you?”
“Yes, Miss.”
“But then you can’t be back in three minutes?”
“Yes, Miss, Fanny has already gone home.
I had forgotten to say goodbye to Fanny.”
Without thinking, he has already made his bed for the teacher.
Jeus also says:
“Just ask Theet, Anneke and Mathie, Miss, they know that as well, my Fanny has the sense of a human being.”
“Right, is that so, Jeus.”
That is the first contact of his life, and that doesn’t look bad, Crisje.
The teacher feels that this child has something special.
It is a completely different child and she will follow him.
By about twelve o’clock Fanny is sitting waiting for him.
Now the mistress can see for herself, Fanny is almost mad.
It is a remarkable contact, she thinks, something special.
That animal howls like a human being cries.
Jeus has completely forgotten his Tall One and José, and they will not find him there, he thinks.
The mistress follows him for a moment.
Yes, Miss, you only need to tell Fanny something once and it knows it.
Soon you will begin to understand that Fanny has more sense than Jeus.
Fanny understands social matters, Jeus doesn’t.
Fanny can think about normal things.
Jeus is not open to that and you will soon find that out.
However, ask him something about Our Lord, then there will be ten beings living in him, which you will enjoy, because the beautiful life means everything to him.
But what is life?
Three weeks later Tall Hendrik is called to the school.
With the teacher and the Head, Mr Hornstra.
The Tall One knows him really well, they want to have a chat with him.
Tall Hendrik listened to the stories and went back to Crisje.
“Yes, Cris, Jeus cannot learn.
You will not want to understand, I don’t either, but it is the case.
He is dozy, Cris.
He is not with it.
He is somewhere else, Chris.
He cannot keep his mind on things Cris.”
“Is that so bad, Hendrik?”
“Could you have thought that of our Jeus, Cris?”
“No, of course not!”
Now that is not so bad, because what does that first class mean, but the Head of the school thought he should tell Tall Hendrik.
He thinks the child might be backward.
And that is a terrible word, Crisje.
Hendrik and Crisje talk to Jeus.
“Why do you not wish to learn, Jeus?
Do you know that we have to pay for that?
It costs money, Jeus.”
“Yes, mother, I know that.
But I am doing my best.”
“That’s true, so to speak.
But you sit there sleeping.
And you can sleep at night.”
“Yes, father!”
Tall Hendrik doesn’t understand.
But Jeus doesn’t have his mind on it; he races about everywhere, and is in the woods more than at school.
He looks as if he is no longer a person.
Nothing is successful.
He is not even trying, and is apparently the most stupid of all.
That is a great disappointment for Crisje.
Jeus, who always had the most feeling, is now the poorest in the class and the poorest in spirit.
He already gets a hiding from Bernard, but that doesn’t help either, he remains stupid.
However, later it will go higher up and then they will experience something else, Tall Hendrik thinks, this doesn’t really mean anything.
The months pass and Jeus remains stupid, he cannot learn.
He cribs.
Gerrit of the baker thinks up things for him and Gerrit doesn’t mind.
Now and again, Gerrit gets an apple from Jeus, or something else nice for Jeus’ copying.
Yet, the teacher thinks he is a special child.
She does not know what lives in that child.
Sometimes you are faced with an adult and then again with a psychopathic institution where Jeus then belongs.
She has established that he occasionally knows what she will say beforehand and that is also remarkable for her life and personality.
If that were not the case, Jeus would have to go to another school, but these feelings will undoubtedly pull him through.
One afternoon the teacher was walking up the Grintweg with him.
She was keen to get to know Jeus’ mother.
“But how polite he is, madam.”
“Yes, Miss, Jeus is polite.
Is he doing a bit better, Miss?”
“We will get there.
What do you think, Jeus?”
“Yes, Miss.”
The visitor is allowed to take a look at the doves, but she has no time for the pigs.
She now knows that Jeus has a good mother.
He struggles on in this way, and see, he still goes to the next class.
However, the trouble begins in the second class.
Because he cannot cope with that learning material.
What they give him to learn there does not penetrate his life.
But Gerrit of the baker is sitting next to him again, he can copy and Gerrit doesn’t mind, but he is not yet at the stage that he feels that his wisdom has any value.
That will also awaken in Gerrit and then Jeus will be sorry.
Anneke is way ahead of him.
She is almost the best.
Mathie and Theet are ordinary pupils.
He now hears that Bernard is a good learner.
Johan is average, he struggles along, and does not care to be the best.
However Johan does something different.
Tall Hendrik has discovered something, which brings in money.
Crisje is dead against it, but Hendrik gets his way.
After school, Johan now goes to Emmerik and fetches newspapers there.
He has to put them into letterboxes here and there and that brings Crisje three whole marks a week.
When they are grown up, Tall Hendrik says, they will know how to get on with things, and he does not intend to make a bunch of wimps out of them; his children have to put their backs into things.
And that in rain or shine.
When other children are longing to play for a while, that old Johan first has to walk for an hour and a half over the bare Emmerikseweg; even if it is freezing cold or it is pouring with rain.
Johan has to deliver papers and earn money.
Fair’s fair, but Crisje cannot cope with it, she never wanted that, but Tall Hendrik demands it and his word is law!
Soon Bernard will have to go with Johan, and Jeus of course, when he is old enough!
They have to deliver papers as far away as ’s-Heerenberg.
Tall Hendrik is proud of his boys, the paper which you are reading there was put in your letterbox by my boys and of course, my boys are already earning money.
He makes the most of them!
Whether that is good or bad is not important, Crisje, soft parents make weak characters.
Johan has already come home with a big hole in his calf, a dirty dog has got hold of him and all that while Johan is now serving Our Lord.
Crisje complains, she moans day and night, but it doesn’t help, Johan will earn money!
I have something to say here or I won’t have anything to do with anything, what do you want, Crisje?
Johan does not complain.
Now and again he has his distractions.
Bernard really cannot wait, because Johan can tell him everything about Emmerik.
Do you see, Crisje?
Your boys are learning something.
So it was not such a bad idea of Tall Hendrik after all.
The boys now realise that they mean something, and after all, that is significant.
Crisje is worried, but life goes on and you get used to everything.
After four weeks, it is a part of life.
Bernard also runs with Johan to Emmerik after school, they now take it in shifts, Tall Hendrik approved of this, and made sure that there was a raise of thirty cents, and that is an enormous amount for a child.
However, that money is hard earned.
You should see the boys when it is pouring with rain, now that can be put up with, but soon, when it is freezing cold?
They sometimes come home soaking wet, but still, what does Johan say:
‘Just don’t worry, mother, I really enjoy it.’
And Bernard is also of the same opinion; they experience all kinds of things.
Jeus has been put back along with Gerrit of the baker; they have to repeat the second class.
Gerrit is now at the stage in life that he has started to understand that looking of Jeus over his back and along him.
At the end of the day he will get something out of it because it is he who works things out.
However, despite all the help of Gerrit, Jeus is back in the second class with him.
Do they not understand that those two boys are cheating themselves?
No, they do not realise that.
Jeus must now make sure that there is always something nice to eat for Gerrit.
Bernard’s pears are good for that, but Bernard is unaware of it.
Crisje cannot spend a fortune on fruit, but Bernard does not need his mother, but he can watch out if Tall Hendrik finds out.
There is not a garden either or Bernard would know every tree in it.
He makes the trees lighter.
If they catch him, then he can expect a lot of trouble and he will go to the cellar.
He has hidden his harvest well, but not so that Jeus doesn’t know how to open the entrance.
Under the straw there are all kinds of things.
There you can find the tastiest apricots and the best pears, everything that mother nature has given life to each year.
Mantraps and clamps mean nothing to Bernard.
Those things are good for dopes and Bernard is no dope.
But for a nice pear like that Jeus is allowed to copy from Gerrit for weeks on end.
Now and again he descends into Bernard’s paradise and he can pay his debts, because Gerrit is continually demanding again, nothing in this world is for free.
In this way Jeus muddles along.
However, it is the time of year when there is still no fruit to be stolen and Gerrit continues to demand rewards.
Now he has something after all for which he can certainly copy for six months, it is such great happiness.
Jeus has got his little sister.
Isn’t that something, Tall Hendrik?
Have you perhaps forgotten his prediction?
Now there has been a girl added to the family.
Jeus is crazy about her.
Miets is born.
They really have a sister, only having those boys is nothing, now their joy is complete.
Mina is a regular visitor again, she can have a nice chat with Crisje, and of course she hears how Jeus is getting on.
However, Mina says:
“Cris, the great people were always stupid.
The great people, who did something for the world, they were always as stupid as a pig’s backside.”
But Mina cannot fool Crisje with this now.
Jeus has already been put back a class and that means something, after all, but she doesn’t want to hear anything about it.
Gerrit has to know all about Miets.
He agrees with him that he will copy for six months for being allowed to see his little sister.
Gerrit is allowed to see Miets.
But Gerrit is not one for hasty decisions, he must first look for himself, only then will a decision be made.
Jeus praises Miets to the skies, Gerrit has never seen a child like her.
“But if you see those little eyes, Gerrit, then you are looking in heaven.”
That is all very well, but he wants to look for himself first.
Jeus is praising Miets:
“You should see that little head, Gerrit.
And then that little mouth and those sweet little hands of Miets.
My God, Gerrit, you have never seen a child like it in your life.”
“I know that, but children are angels for all people”, Gerrit remarks soberly, “for all people little children are like sugar and spice, but I do not care for that yet.”
Gerrit still wants to know something about it and asks:
“Does your Miets look like the Bonges’ child?”
Now that he understands that Gerrit doesn’t have a clue, he answers immediately:
“Are you trying to compare our Miets to that redheaded brat of Bonges?”
“And are you trying to say that Bonges’ child is a redheaded brat?
Now I know already, you have not seen that child.
That is an angel.
That is a blond child and not a redhead.”
“That is all very well, our Miets is completely different.
Don’t you want to see Miets then?”
They arrange that Gerrit will come and have a look on Wednesday afternoon.
Gerrit wants to have his own ideas and Jeus doesn’t mind.
Miets is a gift from Our Lord and he will not let Miets be put down.
The redheaded Gerrit comes and makes his demands.
However, Jeus knows that through Miets he will certainly be able to copy for six months and then there will immediately be no more worries.
Jeus continues to brag.
“You should hear Miets laugh, Gerrit.”
“What are you trying to fool me with?
Are you trying to fool me into thinking that Miets can already laugh?
Good grief, that is boasting about nothing.”
“You will see for yourself, Gerrit.”
There he is.
“Mother, may Gerrit see our Miets?”
“Of course.”
Jeus goes over to the cradle with Gerrit and he begins.
“Aren’t they wonderful little eyes, Gerrit?
What a little mouth?
Are they fingers or not?
I told you, didn’t I, our Miets is like an angel.
We have got a little girl like no one has, and did I say too much?
There is no child like Miets, is there?
Can you agree to let me copy for six months, Gerrit?”
Gerrit looks and smells something.
It doesn’t take long and then Jeus hears: “You can say now that Miets is an angel, but she also smells of shit.”
He has hit him in the right place.
That is terrible, but that dirty redheaded baker.
It wouldn’t take much or he would have lashed out.
His whole plan is ruined.
His excuse:
“Gerrit, come and look now, I have got my little sister”, means absolutely nothing.
Gerrit cannot be reached.
Miets is lying there and has spoilt everything for him.
He hadn’t counted on this, and Crisje, who has watched his moves, understands.
“Just you come here.
Now I know why you were put back.
But we will put a stop to this.”
“What is the matter, mother?”
“There is nothing, nothing.”
Tall Hendrik now goes to have a chat with his teacher.
He is feeling that he has been stupid, and has fallen for it, making a fool of himself.
There is no longer any point in getting mad at Miets.
He is now sitting next to another boy.
Jeus, this is the way it should be.
Now come on, you must do it yourself or you will learn absolutely nothing.
And he does his best, the teacher keeps an eye on him, he learns, but inside he works differently.
He can now use something and that gets him through life.
He can think and he now uses that thinking for what he doesn’t know and will never learn either.
He gears himself towards his teacher and now he suddenly knows.
The funniest thing of all is, he can now also wander through the woods with Fanny as well.
The teacher tells him what he must learn and he always has the answer ready, but that is from another person.
He is learning nothing!
Due to telepathic transfer, Jeus drags himself higher up.
And the rest, for his feeling and thinking, does not mean anything to him, and if they lay his personality on the annual weighing scales, it can just pass.
There is not a gram more consciousness, but also not one less, so that he continues to just make it, he will conquer the school in his way.
Yes, certainly, Sir, he listens, but he is not open to your dry material, nothing can be changed about it, nothing!
Others have laid their foundations, his soul and happiness will get to experience supernatural wisdom, you would now smother that, and they do not want that.
Your this way and that way, that reading-lark and everything that goes over the border, does not interest him.
He will learn German because that happens of its own accord and the things he picks up here and there, for the rest his life refuses to accept your dry carry-on.
Everything which you give him to learn, teacher, is of a secondary nature to his personality, Jeus has an inner truth which has taken possession of his being, and will later take him away from home to society, however, that is all for later.
Crisje thinks, when he later goes into catechism, he will be faced with Divine problems, then they will experience something completely different.
But then, dear Crisje, he will not do his best either, because just at this time he will have those other powers to deal with, which Father and his helper do not know what to do about.
Only then will you get to know your Jeus.
At school, Crisje, he is only half there.
He has now learned how to split himself, and this is how he experiences those hours.
He will sense infallibly when the teacher has something to ask him, he uses the rest of his time for his flights with Fanny, the something that lives within him tells him: ‘do not make a fuss, Jeus, you will get a completely different task for mankind and society, and then from Our Lord.
But you will not be a minister or priest, you will be a cosmically aware person and that is something entirely different, but they do not understand that here.’
Teacher, Jeus will be a ‘Socrates’!
He will later surpass even Socrates, he will analyse your Plato, he will bring ancient Egypt to the dry and sober West, and he will experience and go through Golgotha in a different way and write his books as a result.
Now you will say, but that is precisely the reason why he should learn, but leave that in their hands, his Tall One ... and his friend José, and the many others who follow him, for whom Jeus serves and his life will awaken!
That will all come!
The worries with Gerrit have disappeared.
And Jeus readily admits, he was horribly under the power of that redhead.
He is now there for himself and the good life and he will make of it what can be made of it, Tall Hendrik, in as far as he can absorb.
You can be satisfied with him, Crisje, there is no more to it than that!
Jeus now gears himself towards his teacher and he knows it.
Isn’t that something, Fanny?
Your boss is not away from you for a second, after all.
Come on now, life is actually good, there are no eclipses of the sun for Jeus yet, he has found it, and he will carry on, a social conscience also exists for him.
Once more there were pears and apples enough under the straw.
Oh, Bernard, if you ever are caught, the cellar will be open for you.
However, Bernard, what you now have in mind, that is dangerous, that is the limit, that is pure cheek!
A few days later there was already the devil to pay!