That’s a lie, Father

If Crisje is sure of one thing, then that is with regard to Jeus going to religious instruction, which she longs for and looks forward to, and which will mean a heaven on earth for Father.
His life is open to that, and she knows all about it, Tall Hendrik is also convinced of it that he will surpass all of them, they will enjoy that.
Jeus is going to catechism.
He has high hopes for it, and talks to Crisje about it day in day out.
Now he will be able to learn all about Our Lord.
“Good day, Jeus.”
“Good day, Father.”
“Children, this is mother Crisje’s Jeus.”
Do the children not know that?
Why is Father making such a fuss of Jeus?
Is he perhaps different to us?
But Father’s thoughts go back in time now, to when Jeus was born, and which Crisje told him so much about.
He again experiences that unprecedented silence of that moment, sitting next to Jeus’ cradle, the flight he was able to experience, and afterwards the beautiful moments in the church when he kneeled down, thanking Our Lord for this universal contact, Father thinks about so many things and now that life has come to him, and he will teach it.
Jeus is enjoying himself; it is going well, the first mornings for him were to get to know things.
Father is talking this morning about damnation and eternal burning.
There is a reaction inside the child.
And he is no longer himself.
Something happens, it is as if he leaves his body and José is with him flying through that universe, and he has a feeling of becoming older, but still remains himself.
Now and again he feels that he only possesses a tiny part of himself, the rest has dissolved; but how?
Suddenly he puts up his finger and calls to Father.
“That is a lie, Father!”
The children get a shock, Father thinks that the world is collapsing, but nothing happens, only there is tension.
There will be the devil to pay, spiritually.
Father will not have that and asks:
“Why is that a lie, Jeus?”
“That’s a good one, Father.
Our Lord cannot destroy His children, after all?”
The children are shaking.
Father is suddenly talking about something else; he must talk to Tall Hendrik about this.
Now Tall Hendrik is in the presbytery and he is talking to his friend about Jeus.
“What is the matter, Father?”
“Hendrik, I called for you because I have serious matters to tell you.
We know each other.
I know all about Jeus, but Jeus is messing things up for me.
I cannot approve of that, Hendrik.
It is bad!
It is really bad, Hendrik.
Jeus is getting under my wings.”
Tall Hendrik listens.
He really has to laugh about it.
Does Father believe himself that Our Lord damns people?’
“You can laugh, Hendrik, but you would be better to cry about it.
I’m telling you, it is bad!
What must the children think of me, Hendrik?
That will go round the whole town.
That will be a revolt.
Did you not think of that?”
“Is that so bad then, Father?”
“It’s a lot to me.”
“Do you believe yourself then, Father, that Our Lord will let us burn forever?
My own Crisje cannot believe that either, and you know what my Cris is like, after all, don’t you, father?
I can’t understand that either.
Who can understand that now, Father?
That is frightening people.
We feel a lot for you, Father, but that?
No ...”, Hendrik lets him know, “we do not believe in that.”
“So, then I know, Hendrik.”
Crisje hears about it.
But Crisje won’t accept it either.
Our Lord cannot destroy His children, but you do not need to throw everything overboard because of it.
Crisje is liberal and deep, but people do not understand that.
Crisje confesses and she now talks about Jeus for a moment.
Does Father no longer know that Jeus is a different child?
Father is not stupid, he does not blame Crisje and Tall Hendrik, but he must think about it.
“You do not have to pay so much attention to it, Crisje, but they are worries for me and you.
I must think of my children.”
Crisje does not believe in damnation but she is still such a faithful child.
However, the teachings continue.
The chaplain will get his own back on him,
And he is a different personality.
Father hopes that Jeus will change.
Crisje also hears more from Father.
“My concern, Crisje, is where did he get that from?
That could be the devil.
Isn’t it the case, Crisje, you know yourself which dangers we are exposed to.”
That is true, but do not doubt Jeus.
Because he is right!
Crisje does not need to take him to task.
Jeus shuffles off to the religious instruction, is there something the matter with the chaplain?
How short-spoken he is to him.
Is the chaplain leering at him?
What did he do to the chaplain?
Did they warn him?
The children sense something, what has Jeus been up to?
He is sitting there listening, and not aware of anything.
However, the chaplain is giving him a severe look, and Jeus feels, and he cannot understand that.
When the chaplain is also talking about how you have to go to purgatory for eternity for a sin, and nothing remains of you, he suddenly jumps up from his seat and says:
“That’s not true, Mr. chaplain, that is also a lie.”
The children look at Jeus with their mouths wide open.
What does that little lad want?
Am I telling lies?
Is that child possessed by the devil?
The class becomes noisy, and the children are upset; Jeus has got a real nerve.
It is between Jeus and Mr. chaplain.
That child is a heretic!
He drags mother Crisje’s Jeus from his bench and places him in a corner.
He can listen there now, it is really bad and a good punishment.
Then Mr. chaplain goes back and prays.
He prays with the children for Jeus, that Our Lord will be able to protect that life for all the wrong, and that HE will banish the devil in that life for church and salvation.
It is a terrible scandal for Jeus.
The children will make sure that everyone hears about this, and then he will be branded as a heretic.
There is something wrong here.
Mr. chaplain continues, he prays again, then Jeus suddenly jumps onto a bench and says:
“Is that love?”
In real, pure High Dutch, the chaplain gets to hear from Jeus:
“Is that love, I ask you?
How did Christ receive the children?
You have none of that.
You should have stayed with your cows!”
There is dead silence.
The man runs to Jeus and gives him a hiding.
“That on top of everything”, the priest hears him say, “that as well: Let the children come unto Me, but what do you do?”
Do you hear that?
That is a heretic!
A child is talking like an adult.
That is heresy!
He will put an end to it, but Jeus must remain standing there.
Half an hour passes.
Jeus does not even know what he has told that man.
The moment he opened his mouth, he became sleepy.
He could no longer even feel his feet and legs.
That is something, he thinks for a moment, like then, on the clouds, or like he cried in the woods for Our Lord.
From then, from here, and there, it is exactly the same thing, but it does not penetrate his life, he must now be careful or they will kick him into hell.
An hour has already passed and he still does not get his freedom.
But he feels that he is being watched.
It is just as if thousands of people are watching him.
They are leering at him and they want to know what he is doing.
Now be very careful, Jeus thinks, or I will no longer come away from here.
And then Mr. chaplain comes back.
“Look at me, lad!”
He looks into the chaplain’s eyes.
Is something the matter?
But what did I do then?
Why did you hit me?
Why did you bite me like that inside?
Can you not act differently then?
Can you not explain those great things to me then?
“Go away and come back with different thoughts, or leave the religious instruction.”
“Yes, chaplain, I will make sure of that.”
He leaves and now goes to school.
They already know there that he has been punished.
The master knows Tall Hendrik well.
“Now tell me, Jeus, what happened there?”
“I don’t know, master.”
“Is that so?”
“I had to stay behind, master.”
“What for, Jeus?”
“I don’t know, master.”
The man cannot find out.
The children would have him believe that Jeus said that Our Lord does not let people burn.
And that is all!
There is no more to it!
The master will talk to Tall Hendrik.
Hendrik and Crisje hear that Jeus was beaten from the bench because he will never be able to believe that Our Lord destroys people.
Crisje will hear more about it.
That evening Crisje goes to the presbytery.
Now that she knows everything, she says to her good Father:
“Are you trying to tell me, Father, that Jeus is possessed?
Then you are as well, Father.”
“But Crisje?”
“No Crisje’s, Father.
Jeus is different and you know just as well as I do.
But it’s true, isn’t it, Father?
Can Our Lord now damn people?
Say it now yourself.
That is not possible?
Would Our Lord let His children burn if I could never do that?
Is that not strange, Father?
Shall I tell you something?
If people reach a certain point, they will leave the church.
And that is your own fault.
You must change that, Father.”
“But Crisje?”
“No, Father, that’s a lie!
I cannot find myself in that, as long as you know.
Would Our Lord damn me myself?”
“But I didn’t say that, anyway, Crisje, that you are bad?”
“But that is unbelievable, Father.
Do you know everything about my Jeus?
Then I will just tell you.”
Now Father gets to hear all about Jeus.
What does Father say now?
Would you now still say that Jeus is possessed?
Jeus has been in the heavens.
I was with him, Father.
Jeus stood before Golgotha, he has seen and spoken to the angels, and he has seen Our Lord Himself.
And can he now be possessed?
You must take that damnation out of the church, Father, people are becoming afraid of Our Lord.
Is that not probably the case?
Father will do what he can.
He will take it higher up, he is also convinced that God cannot damn for eternity, he is not so stupid, so poor.
He will go to Rome, Crisje knows, but they will stay away from Jeus!
They have agreed they will approach Jeus differently.
How is it possible, it is going well.
Suddenly there is understanding and Jeus gives sharp answers and asks sharp questions, but those questions are now answered according to the rules and laws, such as Christ did.
However, teachings remain teachings, the church remains the church ... and Jeus remains open for himself and the heavens.
Crisje knows they will not rule him with an iron rod.
He will also kick damnation out of the church one day, and will get help from many people who, along with him, do not believe in a God who loves HIS children and still damns them!
For her also there is not a God Who destroys life for eternity!
That does not exist for Crisje, they will never get Tall Hendrik that far either!
It is true, Crisje.
When people come close to God, they lose their Father of Love again as well.
And is that now possible?
Jeus will fight against it later, Crisje.
From the stage he will say it to the people, but then he will also analyse the laws for all of life.
And they do that, those who also spoke through his life to Father, but then they come with heavy artillery, then the universal Paul of this century is standing in front of their noses.
No, Crisje, there is no damnation!
Our Lord is and will remain love!
Eternal love!
Jeus does not believe in that riding crop, Tall Hendrik.
Our Lord forgives everything!
You have also started with it, and it is just as well!
There is no end to Crisje’s prayers.
Well, if there is no longer damnation, then Crisje can say, now everything is okay, and we have our real Lord and who doesn’t want that?