Jeus of Mother Crisje Part 2

Jeus among the people



Jozef Rulof was born in 1898 in ’s Heerenberg, a rural part of the Netherlands.
His mother Crisje called him Jeus.
Jeus is extraordinarily sensitive, he feels and sees things which other people cannot see.
As a little boy he can already see a radiant form from the life after death.
This spirit later makes himself known by the name of Alcar.
As a spiritual guide he supports Jeus in every way and explains all the aspects of life to him.
Jeus gets to know him as a close friend whom he can always count on.
Jeus does not do well at school, because his life of feeling is not open to the dry learning material.
That book learning does not enthral him.
He would much rather listen to Alcar, who shows him with much feeling the beauty and the ways of Mother Nature.
Later Alcar explains why Jeus could not absorb any knowledge at school.
For that matter, all that social knowledge would get in the way of the wisdom which the spiritual world wishes to pass on to Jeus.
‘The life in two worlds’, which the first part of the biography ‘Jeus of Mother Crisje’ describes, is hard enough as it is for Jeus.
Jeus gets his education directly from the life after death and his spiritual Master has a much deeper understanding of the human being than the Masters from the earthly schools have.
Alcar shows Jeus how the people around him live.
What they say and what they keep silent about.
What they know and especially what they still do not know.
This is a tremendous learning experience for Jeus, described in the second part of the biography with the subtitle: ‘Jeus amongst the people.’
When Jeus moves to The Hague as an adult, he has to arm his personality against the very demanding life in the city.
The people from The Hague call him ‘Jozef’ and he has to work hard as a taxi driver to earn a living for him and his wife.
At the same time the spiritual world is now only just beginning for him.
The third part of ‘Jeus of Mother Crisje’ describes how Alcar takes the Mediumship of Jozef Rulof to great heights.
His painting mediumship awakens and the spiritual painters use the physical body of Jozef to bring their astral art to earth.
His healing mediumship also emerges in that period and Jozef sets himself up as a faith healer.
And when Jozef has developed enough as a medium, Master Alcar can begin with his most important task: Writing the spiritual-scientific books.