Jeus the speaker

Five years of war beat a hole in the human soul, they are deep wounds, but as a result of which the child of Mother Earth has to learn to conquer evil.
Has the wrong in humankind been conquered?
No, this is not yet possible, because Mother Earth and her children still have to awaken to the spiritual grade of life.
Adolf lost and Jeus could have told him that in 1935, but people do not listen, they think they can do everything. However, one day something will call a halt to them and they will reach bowing their heads, but the rest of the earth will be faced with a mess.
The bible starts with untruth!
It tells lies and childish nonsense to millions of children of Christ, which Jeus of mother Crisje has seen and was able to experience.
We are now preparing ourselves to speak, because we have something to say, but will the people of Mother Earth accept us?
Theology, every spiritual faculty is at a deadlock.
We two are capable of giving hundreds of thousands of lectures, because we got to know the Divine laws.
But, oh God, how they will speak ill of us, fling mud at us, but that does not matter, we are ready.
Jeus has received his plans.
Master Alcar will open the lectures, but also the ‘Age of Christ’!
“Are you ready, Jeus?”
“Yes, master.”
Now we are faced with the first public lecture.
Master Alcar will speak and open the University of Christ for the life on earth.
Is there any interest?
The hall is sold out.
Seven hundred people want to hear us, half of whom expect sensationalism.
But that doesn’t matter, those people have heard about Jeus and are thirsty!
Yes, of course, they thirst, just for a moment, but they also thirst to be able to know.
The war has beaten people.
The inner life has started to ask questions and we are ready to answer, to analyse the Divine laws.
The universal lectures can begin.
On a Wednesday evening Jeus leaves for your Diligentia (Hall) in The Hague in order to give his first lecture.
Jeus gets onto the stage, the Tall One and Crisje, Miets and Irma, and millions of men and women from our lives, experience this wonderful event, because the true Divine word is being brought here and materialized.
Can we speak through Jeus, now that you know about his development?
Just look at the people, Jeus thinks, they are seated right up to the stage, and there is so much interest.
Master Alcar will give them a Divine overview of the University of Christ, he will take a walk with the people, which begins with the birth of Christ and will end in the spheres of light, that is after His death on the cross, he will connect the people with the apostles.
For Jeus it is a marvellous event, a wonderful moment.
Aunt Trui, uncle Gradus, Peter, you know them all, are there to experience Jeus.
And after the playing of the Panis Angelicus, Master Alcar enters, into Jeus, this space, and begins:
“The word which will come to you, my sisters and brothers, is not from your world.
You will experience revelations.
You will experience prophesies.
Those who speak to you come to you in the name of God, God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit and wish to say that they know what they are talking about.
First of all, you will get an introduction to the ‘Age of Christ’!”
And Jeus utters all of that.
Master Alcar continues and says:
“When Christ closed His eyes at Golgotha, He still had very much to tell.
Or do you think that this is not the case?
Have you never wondered what Christ really wanted to give humanity?
What He as a human being wanted to bring you?
I now ask you, did people on earth consider this?
Do you not feel what Christ wanted to give humanity?
If Christ had been allowed to live and they had not destroyed Him, this humanity would have received Divine wisdom.
Does that get through to your lives?
Did people never think of this possibility?
Really, my sisters and brothers, Christ still had very many things to say, but you know about His end, they then destroyed Divine Consciousness for the earth, the laws of which I now want to explain to you.
And they are the envoys of Christ!
You know how they received Him on earth.
Christ did not want that, but He knew that this would be His end.
When He went back to the spheres of light after his death on the cross, He spoke to the masters and said:
‘Did you see how I was received there?
And yet we must help the child of Mother Earth.
We must continue this work; the child of the earth must get to know his God as a Father of Love.
Go back with me to the earth.’
Christ, my brothers and sisters, returned with the masters, they are people who lived on earth, to this world and showed them what they would do.
And then the masters started a fixed plan, to work for a conscious aim, to serve the child of Mother Earth.
The apostles got contact with the earth when He died, and continued His work.
One by one, they gave their lives, and you also know that, they were tortured and not accepted, they also had to succumb, had to be destroyed, because humanity did not understand God’s teachings.
But when they too, the apostles got to the other side, entered behind the veil, they thought they could see their Master Christ. However, they were taken care of by the angels, they would tell them for what purpose they had lived and why their Master was murdered here.
All of them went into retreat, and meditation.
But they felt that they would soon see their Master.”
Master Alcar continues, people listen attentively, but we see unaware people on all sides, laughing to themselves, people who think ‘just get lost’, ‘where have I ended up now’, the spiritually unaware, the conscious sensation seekers, who do not want to possess any of this paradise. However, Master Alcar continues and says:
“My dear people, I will now give you the word of Christ.
The word which Christ spoke to His apostles when they entered the other side.
The apostles thought that Judas was damned, but this miracle was soon explained to them, because God does not damn!
Christ came back to them, and only then could the apostles kneel at the feet of their Master.
Peter could say:
‘Master, can You forgive me for everything now?
Now I would like to spread Your teachings, I want to devote my life again to Your holiness.’
John and the others came forward, but could not utter a word, then Peter said:
‘Master, You are the Messiah.
Could You give me a new body in order to be able to represent Your life on earth?’
To which Christ replied:
‘Peter, do you need a new body in order to bring the treasures of Your and My Father to earth?
Do you want to be tortured again there?
Do you want to be destroyed again there by the demons of hell?’
Peter was silent for a moment and a bit later asked:
‘Is it possible, Master, that we receive a new body, that we can be born there as a person?’ ”
“Well, dear reader, just consider this for a moment.
What are the people in the audience like?
What is Jeus like?
What comes through Jeus to the earth and the people?
The world has never heard anything like this.
Jeus now rises above the heads of the apostles of Christ!
What did the apostles know about reincarnation?
Nothing! What did they know about what Jeus has experienced?
Nothing, they do not know one law; Jeus knows worlds, millions of laws.
Therefore, the apostles were just poor unconscious people.
Does this get through to those hundreds of people, that this is the cosmic word, which can now be received and experienced on earth?
These masses have to learn to think, but we see and have to accept that many people do not understand this universal message.
However, the heavens have emptied in order to listen to this wonderful event, the very highest masters are present, the ALL follows this, because it has to represent the All-source, for which we serve.
Yes, of course, hundreds feel and understand the incredibility of it; they humbly give in to it and absorb all of this.
Master Alcar continues:
“You hear it, the apostles, however wonderful their lives were, were still unconscious, for their own life and for God.
They do not yet know the laws and still have to learn them.
Of course, they have light, feel love, or they would not have been able to finish their task.
They served, like Moses and many others were able to, but they are not spiritually conscious.
And they also have to master those laws.
They asked Christ that.
Christ said to the apostles: ‘I had wanted to connect the people with the laws for life and death, and wanted to tell them that there is no death.
I did not receive that grace, but I now lay it in your hands.
I had wanted to tell the child of Mother Earth about the Mother of God, but did they give Me the chance there?
I had wanted to convince humanity through the laws of the space in which we live.
I had wanted to tell people on earth, that more spaces have emerged and that we will represent the Divine ALL as Man, but did humanity give Me that chance?
Did they accept me there?
I could have connected humanity with the Divine stage, Peter, John, but they nailed Me to a cross, and now look what they make of My life!’
Then Christ dissolved before their eyes and the apostles began their study, they would get to know the laws.
Christ also said to them that He would wait for their consciousness and lives, but that they would prepare themselves for a new task.”
Reader, Jeus of mother Crisje utters all of these words.
Master Alcar continues:
“The apostles became childishly pleased and happy, but they could no longer think as humans, they were now faced for the first time with Divine revelations.
Only then did they understand that they had not got to know Christ, that they had not understood the Messiah on earth, and did not know anything about His consciousness.
However, they went back to the earth, and were connected there to their own pasts, and those laws were explained to them.
They experienced fatherhood and motherhood, era after era, and only then did Peter say to John:
‘You see, John, when I lived on earth, I looked into the eyes of God, but did not understand Him.
Sun and Moon represent these laws.
Come on, we must carry on and master the laws of God.’
The apostles now went back to the Moon, however, they had to go further, descend deeper, if they wanted to see and experience the initial stage of Divine creation.
There they would get to know themselves and their God of Love.
And that is possible!
There they entered the first spiritual and material revelations, which we were also able to master.
Also the instrument through which I speak to your lives had got to know these laws.
The apostles also experienced the reality and came into contact with the Divine event; Christ spoke to their lives once again.
Christ elevated them to Divine consciousness.
What they heard on earth was nothing compared to this event in which they lived and the laws of which they could see as material phenomena.
They lived in God and floated on, towards the God of all life.
You see, children of the earth, the God of all life can also be experienced by all of you.
The instrument through which I am speaking, saw and was able to experience these laws, we are therefore capable of explaining these miracles to your life, so that you will get to know yourself and your God.
Peter and Johan are beside themselves with happiness, because they feel and see how wonderful human life is, and they have experienced it as man and woman, but of which they now see their reincarnations.
Peter says:
‘I see, John, that I am soul and life of His Soul and Life, and spirit of His Spirit, we can carry on.
We are immeasurably deep as people.’
The apostles beg for wisdom and from the Divine ALL where Christ now is, they receive their knowledge and the instruction to carry on.
Peter, John, and the others, say: ‘We are Gods!
We are tuned to God; however, we have to master His laws.’
It came to their lives, from the Divine ALL.
‘Do you feel, children of the living God, that you are elevated to His Being and Personality?
You ask who I am?
I speak from the Divine ALL to your life.
I am here with Christ, the highest Master for all the spaces created by the God of all life.
Carry on, my brothers, only then will you get to know Christ!’
And later, my sisters and brothers, when they were able to hear a voice again, they recognized the voice of Christ, who followed and taught them from His Divine stage, after which the apostles bent their heads in emotion and were grateful, because they had been able to experience Him once again.
The apostles carried on hand in hand and now got to know the laws for fatherhood, motherhood, and reincarnation, not only for themselves, but also for the animal kingdom and Mother Nature.
They realized that there was no end to life, but that they would represent the spheres of light through love, and they carried that wisdom within them, the more they advanced, the more they awakened.
They got to know the peoples of the earth and now understood what Moses had served for and who had spoken to him.
They thought that God came to Moses as a man, but now established that that was the masters.
My sisters and brothers”, Master Alcar continues in the book, “written for the peoples of the earth and passed on to your life, you can follow all these laws.
Soon you will receive this Divine book, because they are busy printing it.
That Divine gift will also give you Divine truth.
You will then have to establish for yourselves that you are Gods.
You also have to master the laws of God and that is only possible by loving life, serving the life of God, for which Christ came to earth.
You can decide through that Divine gift whether you are open to God or the devil, the proof of which we lay in your hands, but as a result of which you will come to show your colours.
The peoples of the earth have also had to show their colours a short while ago.
The book ‘My Revelations to the Peoples of the Earth’, my sisters and brothers, will connect you with the origin of your life, with millions of laws of life.
It will explain this universe in which you live, it will take you through the hells to the heavens and it will say, above everything, there is no damnation.
That Divine work will take you to the House of Israel, to Christ, from there to Napoleon, and Adolf Hitler, you may now know why all of this happened to you, why you suffered so much and why the peoples of the earth had to accept this; but, moreover, why God and Christ were silent for your age.
That is not true, because we have come to your lives for Him in order to convince you of your Divine attunement.”
Jeus utters all of this, Crisje.
Can you hear him, can you see him, now that Master Alcar speaks through his life?
Yes, Crisje is standing beside her Jeus, Jeus is standing in between her and the Tall One, and he hears and sees everything.
Master Alcar continues; he gives the people an image of how all these technical miracles came to earth.
He tells them how the Other Side reached this development, he talks about Mozart, Beethoven, about Bach, Titian, Rembrandt, and he can do that because he must represent the spheres of light and Christ.
Master Alcar explains to them the teachings of Socrates and Plato, touches on the lives of Buddha and Ramakrishna, makes comparisons, goes deeper and deeper, flies with the people through space and explains to them how Sun and Moon came into being, he now opens the University of Christ!
Master Alcar utters all this through Jeus; the taxi driver from The Hague is now as a Divine conscious person on stage in The Hague, the Concert Hall, Tall One!
Master Alcar continues:
“Technical miracles were brought to the earth, but for what?
For what purpose?
Man has been given intuition, Divine and spatial inspiration, but what did he do with it?
The book: ‘My Revelations to the Peoples of the Earth’ will give you an answer to all these questions.
If you can let go of the past, you will understand the present stage, and as a result of that you will see and experience your future, the first foundations of which we will lay down.
All of you were in despair, weren’t you; you wondered why you were abandoned.
You wondered why people gave so much power and strength to one person.
The book ‘My Revelations to the Peoples of the Earth’ will give you answers to all your questions.”
Master Alcar follows Mussolini and Adolf Hitler, but confronts them with Golgotha and Christ, which can make people tremble and shake, at least those who violated the life of God during these fearful hours.
They get a wonderful image of the Jewish people, experience Caiaphas and the others, who were involved with Christ in Jerusalem, now learn who Pilot was and Judas, about which Master Alcar says that he did not betray Christ.
And then they hear there that all these people are still alive, that there are many of them on earth making up for their past.
“I”, says Master Alcar through Jeus, “speak to your intellectuality, to your faculties, of which I know the laws.
I will connect you to the University of Christ.
Your scholars may come to us, we will convince them, your psychologist, psychiatrist, minister, and your church can receive Divine lectures now.
Doesn’t it mean anything to you?
The Grim Reaper does not exist; there is no death!
What you call dying, is the continuation in the spirit and means evolution!
The ‘Age of Christ’ has now started!
What the heavens have to give you borders on the incredible, but we will now prove that to you!
We will connect you with your own past, my sisters and brothers, through our instrument you will receive and experience this proof, because this word is Divinely conscious!
Christ lives in us and in you, if you can accept Him as He is!
And also read the book of Christ, ‘My Revelations to the People of the Earth’, given to your life by Jeus of mother Crisje!”
Then Master Alcar says that Jeus is the master, the Paul for this Century!
“This person, or the soul”, Master Alcar says, “used to live in the Temple of Isis and was a priest there.
You have also covered millions of lives and are now on earth to make up for things or to open your life.
Accept it, I am speaking through André-Dectar!
Through him you will become connected with your happiness, through him you will get to know your God and yourself.
Accept it, this word comes from the other side, to your life and consciousness through the masters!
And that means that you must release yourself from murder and passions, you have to conquer yourself!!!”
The lecture should actually have ended here, dear reader.
It is wonderful what Master Alcar passes on to the people through Jeus. Now Master Alcar has, according to the laws, to close off these lives about which he talked, but as a result of which Jeus is now attacked.
If Master Alcar does not achieve this, Jeus will soon have blood dripping from his lips, because Sun and Moon, I explained that to you, will crush him.
All the masters are present, and after twenty minutes, we are ready.
Jeus has spoken for a full two hours!
We know that was a bit too much at once, but it had to be done!
The lecture is brilliant, the laws have been conquered, Sun and Moon will soon have nothing more to say.
However, three to four lectures will be needed in order to achieve that, and that will then be in my hands.
I will now start to analyse the book ‘My Revelations to the Peoples of the Earth’, that will be the contents of the following lectures for Jeus and me!
Jeus will never forget this Wednesday evening, 25th July 1945.
Of course, he had heard, ‘that chap will never manage that.’
Others feel that a cosmically conscious person is speaking, but they are the theosophists and the Rosicrucians.
The Protestant child feels beaten and kicked, and says, ‘Jeus is a madman, a devil.’
But that is their own business.
Jeus knows, it was a question of everything, and he gets everything!
We will not be stopped by anything.
This evening was wonderful.
The people were connected with Divine space.
They were one with Christ and their God!
And that by Jeus of mother Crisje.
Jeus went home, we will come back the following week.
The little ones say that he will succumb, because this goes beyond them and they do not understand it.
Others say, deceit!
Is it the work of a charlatan?
After all, can a person lie like that?
Did you know that he used to be a taxi driver?
We now speak for the people and finish the books at the same time.
One by one, our spiritual children experience their material birth, and it is a revelation for Jeus.
He knows what he will achieve ‘beyond the coffin’ as a result of this; he knows that his books will never die, they are for all of humanity, all of the life of God has to experience and accept these laws!
However, there are psychologists who claim that Jeus will talk himself off the stage within three months, he will not keep that up; it is the proof for Jeus that those gentlemen scholars do not know him.
Meanwhile we have laid foundations and now that we are preparing the third part of ‘Jeus of mother Crisje’ for the birth, we gave six hundred lectures, and are still continuing, we carry on, we are inexhaustible and we will prove it to the scholars and our people!
After the initiation by Master Alcar, Jeus and I will begin with the lectures, and discuss the book ‘My Revelations to the Peoples of the Earth’.
During the first three lectures, we have conquered the spatial laws and can now ask our people: how do you want to see us tomorrow?
Do you want to be moved?
Do you want to cry from happiness?
Will we completely open your hearts and elevate your lives to the spheres of light?
We are capable of this and we know what we can do, no one else can do it. However, we can, because I have reached the spheres of light and know and possess the laws for the art, this art: speaking!
If you have experienced these lectures, then I will not need to tell you anymore, you will now know that this is the truth!
One lecture is even more magnificent than the last one.From the origin of the Earth, the Moon, humanity, we go to Moses and then on to Jerusalem, there, as a result of which humanity is now beaten; this war.
It is Adolf Hitler, whom we will now analyse and humanity sees that Christ was murdered in Jerusalem!!
Those are the laws, it is the history of mankind, and we have to follow it, analyse it cosmically. Jeus and I are under the control of the highest masters, they follow us and we both feel happy that we are allowed and able to lay all this in the hands of our own master, Master Alcar!
He now gets to see and experience our ‘orchids’ and of course, Christ the first, for which we all live and die for, in order to carry on!
Of the seven hundred people we are left with two hundred, the rest thought they would experience a sensation and that did not come, that was not a part of it. On the contrary, a person sits there and hears cosmic, sacred seriousness, and that person wants to forget, he does not want to hear anything, the war is over, thank God ... over; I will now have a good time.
When these eighteen lectures on ‘My Revelations to the Peoples of the Earth’ and our book have been given, under the orders of the masters, I have to tune into Annie Besant in order to help her, and to give a lecture about Krisnahmurti, because the Masters also want to open the eyes of those sects.
The reason being the feelings of Annie Besant, the moment that she thought that Krisnahmurti was Christ, that megalomania of hers and her helpers, became the downfall of her life. It was in 1909, she said:
‘Are we ready to receive the new master if he comes to us?
Will we recognize him if he comes as a butler, your cook, your chauffeur?’
You see, reader, this is it now!
It is Jeus, but do they now want to accept Jeus of mother Crisje as their master?
For this purpose I must talk about her life and tell the theosophists that Jeus is their master and no one else, no doctor, no Oriental, it is Jeus!
We have made it, but all those millions of theosophists do not understand that the masters, which theosophy is also a part of, have built up another and better contact, and they are annoyed, they shout at Jeus, would like to murder him. All, because it is Jeus who now unravels their teachings, actually dethrones Annie Besant, beheads her. They forget that it is us and we want to help them, they now forget that all the sects received foundations through the masters and they now want to lay the Divine foundations for unity on earth and will lay them, but through Jeus.
If only Annie Besant had come to Jeus, later that is, when we were already at that stage, then Jeus could have told her through the masters: ‘Christ will not come to earth through a person, that cannot exist.
He will not let himself be murdered again!
Your thoughts are childishly naïve, which is wrong, now you are the one who is sullying the wonderful theosophy!
You will break yourself and your wonderful teachings, you are wrong, wrong, wrong, Annie Besant, and you do not know it!
You do not have any Divine contact, but I do!
I was also born in the clay, but I do not need a university in order to awaken for these teachings, the masters will do that.
Why, I said to our people, did they send Krisnahmurti to a university?
Do the masters have to come from there?’
You see, that is childishly naïve and Annie Besant should have known that, but she did not possess that contact, she never knew it on earth.
These were wonderful lectures and cosmically justified, because the highest masters wanted the theosophy to awaken, to accept Jeus, and now?
That is the metaphysical unity on earth, it is an unprecedented force, but it is that, and that was destroyed by the theosophists. They shouted at Jeus, ignored him, they were furious.
Jeus thought: ‘good heavens, if those people gave me the chances which Krisnahmurti experienced, then I would connect them with God, they would be able to open their temples and we would build the University of Christ, all of us together, but they will kneel at the feet of my masters!
Just like I can and do, but now get everything, the Divine answer!’
We know with great certainly that Jeus will not get a hold of this, but the theosophists must give proof for later, and humanity will experience and have to accept it.
‘No’, I say to my disciples, ‘they did not know your master and do not want to know him!’
It is Jeus!
Our people know it, there are many theosophists in my audience, and they know that they have not yet heard this, this is new and Divine; and it is wonderful!
I did not ridicule theosophy, or any sect, any religion, but we are laying new foundations and all the people of Mother Earth will have to accept that anyway!
The frills of a sect will have to disappear, we look through the laws, behind each veil, and we look as far as the Divinely conscious ALL!
We will prove it to people and theosophy cannot do that!
Annie Besant could not do that either, no Krisnahmurti, no one has been able to do it yet, only now does that possibility and wisdom come to Earth; Jeus of mother Crisje brings it, lays it in your hands!
But through and for Christ!
Soon all these sects will say that Jeus was right, about this and your spiritual life.
Then you can bow your head!
This wonderful season ends, we give people peace to reflect, but will Jeus also get peace?
No, Master Alcar wants him to go to America to visit his brothers.
And we will also work there, lay foundations, ‘My Revelations to the Peoples of the Earth’ will go with us, Antoon and Hendrik will undoubtedly also do something for Our Lord, and that will be spreading all of our work and task.
Goodbye, everyone, I am not tired, not at all, I will also start working hard there immediately.
Do you believe it?
You will hear about it!
And Jeus also heard something, the gossip already started, the talk about his life and wisdom; now Jeus has made off with the money, his own money that is, how can it be. He will still hear about it, he will hear about it there.
People are like that, the stupid person, even the animal instinct behaves differently, but these are people, Jeus thinks, and that has to be added on top of everything else, but it is pitiful!
Then Jeus thought the ‘droodles’, all of you, just gossip, just talk, I will carry on!
An end will also come to your life and then what?
Then you will be faced with your own destruction!
For me it is an honour!
I am beginning to understand that my life means something, and those people will never destroy that, never ever, Crisje lives in me!
Goodbye, Holland, see you soon!
I will come back!