Jozef Rulof

Jozef Rulof (1898 - 1952) was a clairvoyant, healing, writing and painting medium.
He received a wealth of wisdom from the Hereafter.
The unique thing about Jozef Rulof was his high level of mediumship, as a result of which the wisdom received could reach the earth in a pure form, not influenced by his earthly personality.
Jozef Rulof was in contact with dead people.
Due to his clairvoyant and clairaudient mediumship, he could also see and speak to those spiritual people.
His spiritual leader, Master Alcar, increased his mediumship to the height that Alcar as a spirit could write books on earth, by using the body of Jozef Rulof.
The development of his mediumship is described in detail in the three parts of the biography of Jozef Rulof: 'Jeus of Mother Crisje'.
If we summarize the 43,332 sentences from this biography with: 'Jozef Rulof was a clairvoyant, healing, writing and painting medium', this does not yet tell us in what way this medium stands out from the thousands of other people who claim that they are a medium.
Because thousands of people claim to receive messages from the Hereafter, and many mediums consider their mediumship as very important.
In our word of welcome we say: The unique thing about Jozef Rulof was his high level of mediumship, as a result of which the wisdom received could reach the earth in a pure form, not influenced by his earthly personality.'
That purity is not obvious.
When a message reaches us from the Hereafter, then the first question is after all: 'Can we believe that message?'
Does that really come from an invisible world?'
Who tells us that this medium has not made up that message himself?'
And even if this medium is honest and really believes that this message comes from another world, furthermore, even if this medium has really heard, seen or felt that message, who tells us that this medium is not drawing from his or her own subconscious, accepts the own fantasy as spiritual reality and by means of this is fooling himself or herself and us, unconsciously or consciously?
The term 'medium' and the value of the so-called passed-on message is reliant on the height of the mediumship, if there is already a question of true mediumship.
Because let's take the bull by the horns: thousands of mediums cheat mankind, consciously or unconsciously.
But who can make an impartial distinction between a good medium and a fraud?
In order to be able to make that distinction the book 'Spiritual Gifts' was written.
This book throws into sharp relief the thousands of mediums who have turned mediumship into a manure pit, so stinking that most people no longer want to be occupied with this unreliable nonsense.
This is why not a single real medium has been able to change the world, because thousands of frauds are standing next to each pure medium, who extol their so-called mediumship as Divine Prophecy.
Reading all the books by Jozef Rulof is in any case the only possibility of being able to decide for yourself whether this medium is indeed unique.
You will know them by their fruits.
And the fruit of this mediumship consists of 11,000 pages of spiritual-scientific knowledge.
And then it is not just about the amount and the depth of the knowledge passed on, but especially about the all-embracing answer that these books give to our human life questions.
Because if a medium says to someone: 'Your dead mother is standing next to you and says that she is happy and that you must not mourn her', then that can be a powerful message for that person, but for us as mankind this does not give any new knowledge in relation to what was already claimed earlier by other mediums.
And that is now precisely the unique thing about the mediumship of Jozef Rulof.
Those 11,000 pages give a deeper analysis of mankind and cosmos than you have been able to read by anyone else.
And especially, the truth of what Jozef Rulof received can be felt when you read a book by him.
Tens of thousands of people went before you, and say: 'That is what I have been looking for all my life!'
But that remains their feeling, their truth; you can only build up your truth by examining yourself, by reading and feeling whether the University of Christ gives you the true answers to the life questions that you ask.