Lectures Part 1

Jozef Rulof



After the spiritual masters had recorded an impressive series of books through the medium Jozef Rulof, they also let their voice be heard in our world.
The lectures which were recorded in the three parts of the ‘57 Lectures’ are the last in the series of hundreds of lectures which were given by the spiritual leaders Alcar and Zelanus through Jozef Rulof, in the period from 25 July 1945 to 26 October 1952.
The lectures were recorded by wire recorder (the forerunner of the tape recorder) and recently typed out by workers of the foundation.
The 3 books contain the literal recording of these lectures which were held in the ‘Diligentia’ building in The Hague.
The speakers repeatedly indicated that these lectures were intended for people who had read all their books, so that they could now go a step further.
The lectures are therefore teachings from the University.
They are also recommended as an introduction to ‘The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof’.
In the last series of lectures master Zelanus reads aloud from the manuscript of the Cosmology and gives explanations about it.