The human being and his universe

Good morning, my sisters and brothers.
You will receive the lecture ‘The human being and his universe.’
As a result of the books of the Masters you have got a small idea of what is actually your universe for you, here on earth and for space.
But what do you have to do in order to take the universe for your life to evolution?
We have to get to know the laws of God and the universe for this purpose.
The human being who releases himself from the material systems – I showed you and was able to explain to you several times – only starts to think ‘beyond the coffin’.
I took you through society; I brought you to the reality for life.
I connected you with life and death, with birth, reincarnation, with ancient Egypt, with darkness and light, the hells and heavens, with the bible, the good and the bad which was given to you by the bible.
Yes, we took you to the ‘University of Christ’, a university, which explains the laws for your soul, spirit and body.
What science knows about all these things has also become clear to you.
What did the ancient Egyptians do for your consciousness, what did they give you?
What did the temples in the world receive for a consciousness as the ages passed?
How is society tuned into the own self, the spatial consciousness?
People do not yet have any of all this!
People do not yet accept these laws, and yet, now and again a glimpse comes, a single word from an academic to your life, who then explains that the human being started as an embryonic life.
I take you away from the earth to the first sphere, because it is there that we get to know the universe – our universe.
You have no feeling on earth to release yourself from this material part to which you belong.
You do not yet want to; and yet, you cannot escape it, because the laws for the universe ... every thought means a universe.
A thought is universally deep, has got foundations because the soul has attunement to God, to the All-Source.
From the All-Life, the All-Light, the All-Fatherhood and All-Motherhood we started with our life.
You have travelled a path from planet to planet.
You went through millions of lives to the final, which is still ‘the coffin’.
You went from the jungle to a society.
You have had to accept the races (see on earth.
It is no longer gibberish that is spoken, the metaphysical laws point you to the first beginning, the first footstep which you have had to accept as a human being, as father and mother.
The human being in his society feels awe-inspiringly strong and conscious.
But, what kind of consciousness does society possess?
What does the university give you now?
What can that university give you for soul, spirit and material?
Yes indeed, it is not the intention to take everything back to the nothing.
But the world, the metaphysical teachings gave you that proof when Amenhotep, the first powerful priest who now still has significance for your world, got his consciousness in ancient Egypt and he could accept his Great Wings.
When he lived ‘beyond the coffin’ and the Masters, those Masters there, those high priests could speak their first word, could ask the first question to his life.
“Where are you?
Are you alive?
Do you have the sight?
Is there colour there?
Is there feeling there?
Tell us frankly, irrevocably the truth, because you will die for these teachings if the lie overcomes you, sullies your life.”
The temples of Isis, Ra, Ré and Luxor had to accept these laws!
And then the priest is ‘beyond the coffin’, but he is living conscious.
He looks around him, and he sees his universe.
The politeness, the reverence that overcomes him, which comes to him from that space, is awe-inspiring!
And then the wonderful word passes his lips, but he is also inspired again.
He sees a light; he feels life around him.
And then the Master says – a human being who lived on earth, who lives in space and is conscious there, who gave ancient Egypt a foundation of and for the God of all life, a soul, a spirit, a personality which is only love, in order to elevate, release the human being from the material systems, because that personality will see that the soul is the infinite, that the spirit must represent the life ‘beyond the coffin’ and that the personality will be able to receive a universal eloquence – :
“Can you see me?”
“Yes”, says this child, “where are you?”
“Do not ask me to make myself visible, do not want to see me, because my image would knock you down, the light from my eyes would strike you down.
Do not attach yourself to my personality, but only listen to this word, to my feeling, only listen and pass on what I tell you.
We are one from soul to soul, we are one from spirit to spirit; our inner lives got universal meaning.
Yes, you really live in a universe and that universe is your possession.”
When Amenhotep, the priest who prepared himself in order to experience an inspiration from the universe, to devote himself for Isis in order to be able to serve the world, so that God can lay His foundations, now gets the first word and says, through his body which lies there: “Yes, children of the goddess, I am alive, I can see, I am myself.”
It is a shock for everyone who experiences this.
The clairvoyants see that that personality is himself.
The healers send out their powers in order to inspire this life, so that this contact will not be broken, because the goddess will speak.
Yes, for ancient Egypt that was still a goddess, they gave a deity to everything.
The Masters started there with the first word, they laid the foundation in order to make a universal self of the human being.
“Can you travel?”
“Yes”, says the pupil – the master here, the Great Winged One on earth, but between life and death the pupil – “I can travel.”
“Go then”, is the request, “to space and tell us, give us the truth, only the truth; because you know that the animal instinct will destroy you if the lie, the deception overcomes you.”
And now this personality floats through space.
There is a power that forces, which is compelling and is imposed upon the personality to go further, to move away from the material.
And then the Master says: “Being free from the earth is the oneness with this universe.
To be free from the Pyramid, from which lives there, from your inner life there, is the oneness with God.”
Yes, he did not dare to say ‘the God of all life’, because it would have taken this child by surprise.
And when the priest now sees himself from space, between the stars and the planets and feels that he is a living conscious child, then his aura flies back to the Temple of Isis, and he lays the orchids of his heart at the feet of the goddess.
He lays them down for space, for the Pyramid, for the pharaoh, for all the priests and priestesses, and says: “I am alive, I float in a wonderful space and I am myself.
The benevolence of my soul is speaking truth to you.
I give you everything which I see and which I feel, because next to me lives the wonderful self.
I feel this tremendous silence enter me.
My word gets wings.
I will be like this universe.
Every thought of my personality is supporting inspired.”
The priests do not dare to ask any more questions.
They do not know where these words come from, but they penetrate the human self, and get a hold of the personality.
When the priest tunes in his conscious self to the hazes and to the light, when he sees that the earth is like a scythe, there is night on earth and he can rise above that darkness and experiences the word there and sees it before him, then tears run down his cheeks, his heart bleeds from a burning longing, then he strives only to be able to absorb that wonderful inspiration in himself.
Then he bows there and kneels at the feet of his God, the All-Source, the All-Life, the All-Soul, the All-Spirit, the All-Fatherhood and All-Motherhood.
After a short time the high priests reach the stage that they can formulate their questions.
And now it goes quickly, every word now has inspiration.
The scribes are ready, their hearts pound in their throats.
The blood runs over the lips of the Great Winged One when the inspiration is too intense and he – concentrating – inspires himself from space.
The human organs cannot deal with these powers any more.
People think of disturbances, but they have experienced hundreds of sessions, they know the danger!
They also know that there is support, that there is a means that will support them and can take care of them: the goddess is watching out!
She is always watching out.
“Where I live, that is light, that is life and I feel happy.
Where I live, that belongs to me”, the voice from space says.
“For what we live, that will serve for the whole of this mankind.
Where I live, that is this light.
My feeling says that I am a part of all of this and that I will be able to earn all of this as a result of my thinking and feeling, my work, my serving, for which I will now devote my life.”
In this way, ancient Egypt received the proof that there was life after death.
Hundreds of priests came to grief only because they went through the laws for fatherhood and motherhood.
But they got to know the sleep, they descended into their personality and went to that ‘coffin’, they went to the soul, to the spirit, and in this darkness life came again, new thinking, new feeling, new understanding.
Everyone placed himself before the first foundation.
And they also knew that they had lived millions of lives and that the soul possesses an own personality behind this life with the universe as feeling, in which the child lives, with a universe which was fed inspiringly by every thought.
Every thought – ancient Egypt was able to give this to the Western child – is a universe.
And those millions of thoughts have to accept the colour of the universe and place themselves on the weighing scales for all those systems, for all those thoughts, all that fatherhood and motherhood, for which you live and as a result of which we can conquer those laws as a human being.
“Where I live”, said the Great Winged One, “is a universe for me and for all the life which you, where you are, meet.
Here is the truth; I am connected to the truth.
Because when I think wrongly just for a moment – therefore materially, according to your experience – then darkness comes around me.
That therefore means that my thoughts can be inspiring when I climb that universe.
I will continue step by step.
I see a world there which is not ours.
I see a world for the animal, for a flower, but we people are universal, we go before all of this.
I think.
And now the word comes back to the goddess.”
Yes, because if Ramakrishna could have known this, if Ramakrishna could have pushed this through his life, then he would have got the universal macrocosmic consciousness.
But he did not want to be a follower, he was a follower for himself; also Pythagoras.
Even if they have been able to gauge the depths of their lives, behind their personalities live millions, of which they still have to master the character traits and the worlds.
It happened in ancient Egypt.
Ancient Egypt laid the foundations for this society, for this mankind.
Ancient Egypt possesses truth.
Ancient Egypt, the temples of Ré, Ra, Ré and Luxor, they gave themselves for the ‘University of Christ’, for your society!
And what does the West devote for this purpose?
The temples of Ra, Ré and Isis experienced the benevolence of a Divine personality, and they enjoyed the justice.
They kneeled; they made themselves one with Mother Water.
They experienced fatherhood and motherhood not only humanly, but spatially deep, because they knew: by means of the good deeds they would attract the good.
They were one, always one, with a holiness for which they lived and would die.
For every thought a priest devoted his life.
They went through the fire for friendship and benevolence.
They let themselves be beaten and ill treated, they took on the fight with a wild animal, a snake, a tiger, a lion.
They were not afraid of anything because they got to know that wisdom, because they wanted to serve the God of all life – yes, later the Messiah.
Hundreds of thousands of priests were destroyed at that time.
They were not afraid to accept insanity for a time – not the sick, but the conscious insanity – in order to get to know a law, in order to experience a law.
They beat themselves day and night, they checked, inspired, drove themselves.
Every word was felt and was thought out before the word experienced the materialization.
They defied life and death, and they could do that, because they had awakened inwardly, because their lives wanted to speak.
That was ancient Egypt.
And is it still that?
No, that now lives in the West!
Thirty-eight hundred, thirty-nine hundred years passed and society is still faced with the living dead-self of the Western child.
A university elevated the West, but people know nothing about this universe.
The human being is still on earth for the first time, the child, who is now born, has still not experienced anything.
This child comes finished and pure from God, from the All-Source to the earth and when the life is seven, eight, nine months, it already begins to swear, then it already starts to swear at the father and mother, then people see misery and destruction.
And when the child is two, three, four years old, then it already has society in possession.
Then society, then father and mother and sisters and brothers are already kicked.
And that child is Divine, which comes like that from the All-Source?
This life has never known a life before?
After thirty-eight hundred years the Western child still lives in darkness.
The parapsychologist is sent blind from his university.
Moses is accepted that he spoke to God.
The bible begins with nonsense, because creation was already millions of years old before the writers could write the first word.
Is that the universe which the God of all life has to give you?
If a priest must lay every word on the Divine, spatial weighing scales and must take himself into harmony, how can it be possible that a God, who must be love, can hate?
Is your society never awake?
Do you wish to carry on in this unconscious world?
Do you wish to continue to break, to destroy the life?
Do you only live for your little circle, your society and do you wish to consciously destroy your universal happiness?
What did people in ancient Egypt do for the Western child of this time, what were those priests there able to do?
How did they serve, how did they work, every day, every hour?
What did they do for you, for the universe, for all the peoples on earth?
They built pyramids.
What does that piece of stone there say?
People make a fuss about the Pyramid.
Yes indeed, it is a material foundation.
It is the human being who is not only animal-like, material, spiritual, but spatial, is Divine; the human being and his universe interpreted as a piece of stone.
But what do you do?
When do you begin to build on that human pyramid?
Sit down and listen?
Flying through space, it is not an art if you possess that gift.
But what do you master for yourself, for your husband and your wife, your children?
When do you start to think as ancient Egypt was able to?
Yes indeed, the book ‘Between Life and Death’, which was placed in your hands, takes me back to ancient Egypt, because there we were able to get to know the sacred truth.
We experienced love there, and our hearts beat there.
We were true, we wanted to live, and we wanted to die, because there is no death.
When we sat down there, kneeled at the feet of the goddess – yes, that is motherhood, that is the love, the light, the life, the spirit, the soul, your personality – giving in to that personality in order to then finally be able to open our hearts in order to receive a true image ... a kiss ...
When do you start to lie down?
When do you start to build on your universe?
Because you are eternal and Divine!
Every wrong word tears you from those Divine anchors.
Every destruction brings you darkness!
Begin with those foundations and take yourself to the first sphere, the world of truth, the world of justice, the world of understanding, the world of being able to take care, in order to absorb everything in you, lavishly and consciously, naturally like a child, adult as a human being, but especially as father and mother, until that love thumps under your hearts, beats in your throat.
Yes, just collapse, if the universe wishes to radiate from your breasts, if you wish to be able to lay the first foundations for afterwards.
When the human love overcame us there, the high priest said: “You blessed, continue and soon you will be like the light of this life ... a flower.”
When we and when you were received by the Pharaoh and our beautiful garments decorated our personalities and we entered that temple, then the universe lay at our feet, then that instinct had no meaning, because we outstripped him and were ready to answer him, but we were received.
The goddess said: “Go to him and prove to him what I have taught you.”
Yes, that came from the mouth of a priest.
“You Great Winged One, measure yourself with the Pharaoh.
You will know which answers you will give him.”
And then the catch questions came; we were chastised by words.
We did not go straight to the personality, to the human self.
No, that first went through the hyena instinct and then we walked in a lion’s den, we went through the life of a snake in order to finally seat ourselves before the human being.
But meanwhile we had to experience those words, we had to make an analysis in the second, which was spatially deep, yes, which could comprise a universe.
And then we kneeled at the feet of a Pharaoh, a king, but a beautiful child, because he loved us.
“Tell me this morning”, or this evening, “which moments were you able to experience with the Goddess of Isis.”
And then the great adept came, the Winged One ... and the queen sat there, the princesses, the court, the high priests, the councillors, ready to receive the word of the human being who knows, the human being who possesses that wisdom, the human being who experiences a unity with planets and stars.
Yes, that is a Deity, and he was also accepted in this way.
Then the eyes of the supreme priest radiated the light of the universe: now his children would speak!
And in space there were millions; they knew, who would receive, write down these words.
The goddess had said: “Every word, every thought which you will materialize, I absorb that into my life: I know you!
And when you will die soon, then I will show you all these things as foundations; you will then be faced with your own right, but also with your own injustice.”
“Give me an image of your life, give me an image of space.
What did you learn during this week, during these days?”
Then the high priest came, and asked the Great Winged One to speak.
“When I must speak to your life”, the Great Winged One says, “then that is happiness for me, then that is the bliss for me in order to see things in a surpassing and expanding way, and then I know that I have to give myself to your personality as a true human being.
Where I was, there was the light, I stayed there above the Pyramid, I saw from that world to the highest point in this world, I took myself back to that moment when I had still not thought.”
“And was there life there and was there light there and were you able to love there?”
“Yes”, says the Great Winged One, “there is light there and there is also love there and there is also benevolence and justice there.
Yes, there is everything.”
“And do you have space?”
“Yes, we have space.
Everything here above, we bring everything in which we live to materialization; no, we pass into that and we lay down there in order to learn to think how to be able to receive that unity.”
Thousands of books have been written about the laws, about the life of ancient Egypt, but the West still does not know anything of the being one, about the connection.
That is the wonderful gift which now lies in your hands and is called ‘Between Life and Death’.
The human being for the West who still feels any of that old instinct – which we, which you, which everyone in ancient Egypt had to accept – now reaches spiritual awakening, now comes to the spheres of light or to the darkness.
And now there is a gulf between ancient Egypt and the present stage to which you belong.
The present society does not yet have any of it, has not yet mastered anything of what – I told you a moment ago – the priests received there, which was the truth for them, and for the hundreds of thousands.
The psychological child, your university cannot yet accept that.
And yet, since then so many hundreds of years have passed, the Western child is still at a dead point; the spiritual sciences cannot go further.
And all of this is science; this is a spiritual science which is given to you from the ‘University of Christ’, which is your universe.
‘A human being does not reincarnate’; we do not know it.
‘A human being only came to earth for the first time; now we have nothing to do with that jungle.’
‘Moses spoke to God.
And the Lord said: “Moses, go and destroy that human being.”’
We know how Moses lived; but before all of this began – these are the prophesies for your life, for your society, for the Western consciousness – the creation was already millions of years old!
You cannot buy yourself free by accepting Christ; you will have to experience Him!
You cannot go to Jerusalem as a tourist, you will come there as a universal follower.
You have to bow to that, you have to kneel at the feet, not of the Masters, but before the Divine authority, truth, justice and benevolence, human love, or you will never get a hold of your universe.
Become truth, become love, and become justice!
Begin now, because soon you will have nothing more to tell and then it will be much, much more difficult.
Soon you will be faced with your naked self and how do you wish to enter the truth then, if there are no thirsts in you?
Do you really wish to thirst; do you really wish to take possession of the universe?
Then watch out for every thought!
When you enter the life ‘beyond the coffin’ with me, I will take you to a true human being and then we are faced again with the Temple of the Truth, before the temple of your motherhood and your fatherhood and then you can see yourself.
Because it is a living building, it is you yourself.
It is your universe, because now you have an understanding of all the laws which were created by the God of all life.
You immediately accept that you were born on the moon, and you also know, you can feel it, why that moon died.
It is not far from your life, that moon lives under your heart, and it is you yourself.
It is your motherhood; it is your fatherhood.
What do you feel for the mother and what are your thoughts?
Does your life radiate, like the fatherhood for the universe, the sun does eternally?
There is your temple: the foundations that you laid here.
That was only possible by means of your good thoughts, your deeds.
Prayers have no meaning, because you will master the laws of the universe, to pray for the human being who must die, which is only evolution; now listen carefully: you will live ‘beyond the coffin’ or you will return to the earth and then we will connect you with the world of the unconscious, the world before birth.
You will lay foundations as a result of all of that, which will only be accepted when they are inspired by the truth of your inner life.
They stand before you, they are fixed, it is a material that the universe can carry and we see the paths which lead to this wonderful building.
Yes, there are some who possess thousands of paths, because this human being is also open to everyone on earth.
One wrong thought – just believe it – and your Isis, your Ré, your Ra, your Luxor, your space, your universe will collapse!
What are we going to do?
What is the meaning of this life, what is the meaning of being here in human society?
Release yourself from all that harshness, that destruction, and make demands upon your personality.
If you do not wish to serve here, on the other side, ‘beyond the coffin’, we will no longer speak in this way to you there.
There is not one who puts himself out, who comes to your life inspired in order to release your life from the material.
You are now spirit, you now have to accept every word, you have to bow to every word: every word is now a law.
If you cannot accept that law, then you will not get any foundation either.
A word is a law and a law is a foundation for your university.
Which comprises this universe?
No, there is more!
You go higher and deeper; you go to the fourth, the fifth, the sixth and the seventh cosmic grade.
Ancient Egypt knew nothing about this; no Socrates, no Plato, no Aristotle, no Pythagoras, they knew nothing about that.
This comes to your life for the first time.
Now it is possible to give you the truth, the power of the universe, to take care of you and to say, to call out: do not do it, do it differently!
Do it better, do it simpler, but be true, be kind!
One wrong word – just believe it – and your universe will collapse, you will destroy all of that again.
Continue to live on in that silence, in that harmony.
Become thinking, become feeling and build on the first foundations for your life ‘beyond the coffin’, for ‘between life and death’.
Understand: you are a universal personality, and every thought is part of your universe.
You are a temple, I told you.
The first steps are laid down for justice; another step, which is still part of the first, is the kind feeling.
When we stand on those foundations, then we have to do with a true self; this life is truth, and then we continue, or those foundations would not be there.
And now the complete whole is like the universe, the temple that we must build for mankind, for which you now receive the wisdom, because that is the intention.
And only then you lie down, you start to explore yourself: “Am I that?”
Yes, you are that.
If you take part in art, then you see your pure art again in your temple.
And if you have friendship for mankind, then you will have the rooms there, the character traits, the spaces for that friendship; and you can receive the people, you put the people down in a wonderful summerhouse.
Yes, you lie down as the possessor at the feet of this life and you are grateful that you can help these lives, help them to carry.
A child, a cell, a part of your blood, a part of the light of your eyes has awakened and entered the Spheres of Light, that child built up an own temple.
Then you already live in the first sphere.
Yes, then you are there, then you are really conscious, then you are a wonderful personality, but then you know that the Old Testament curses the people on earth.
And then you know that Christ did not beg at Golgotha: My Father, why have you forsaken me?
That is not possible!
That is an untruth!
You now know that you cover millions of lives and that you are a part of all the peoples.
You were also in the jungle.
You were part of the Eskimo consciousness (see
You were a doctor, you were an academic, yes, you were nothing a thousand times.
Kingship and emperorship no longer interest you, you do not start playing the judge, because you cannot employ justice here in this inhuman consciousness, in this inhuman society, because you have to accept that judicial power by means of deception.
When you are faced with your universe, then Christ is also present.
He lets himself be seen, he says to you: “Finally you have reached the first step and will you now return to the earth in order to release the people from all that untruth?
Or are you still capable of drinking My blood, My blood?”
When the head from the seventh sphere – also a goddess – descends to your life, then that will become blessedness.
The Masters crowd to your life in order to be able to receive you, in order to be able to give you a hand, to take you along through space and to say: “Look, we are going back to the moon, we were born there.”
We descend into the embryonic stage, we go through the fish stage, and we will experience the ultimate for the planet.
As the earth was also able to build up an own situation, as you once released from it, but then you will have completed the cycle of the earth and for this universe.
“Remember, my word is law!” says the Master.
And what is a law?
You are birth, you are father and you are mother; you have covered thousands, millions of lives.
You now have to accept that, or you will never make it ...
“Or I will leave, you will then no longer receive my word.”
We cannot sit down and wait; you must thirst, you must want, you must take yourself to the inspiration, it is only then that Jerusalem will be open to you.
Did you really think that you could soon experience Jerusalem ‘beyond the coffin’ just like that?
Did you really think that you could climb Golgotha just like that?
In five seconds, in two days you will already have forgotten your love.
We know human society.
Today everything is universally conscious and inspired, and tomorrow it no longer has any meaning and then that collapses again completely.
It does not matter to you what will soon happen?
Then you will live in that ‘doesn’t matter’, but that is a misery, that is suffering, that is a mist, that is a land of hatred, a world of destruction.
Do you want that?
The human universe comprises millions of grades and laws.
The human universe is the firmament in which you live.
Yes, it has contact and attunement to the All-Source.
Take your thoughts back to the All-Source, the All-Life, the All-Light, and you will receive love.
You are asking for love?
You are begging for a bit of love?
Then devote yourself a thousand times, devote yourself a thousand times to the macrocosmic attunement; not to the human, because that has no meaning now.
Become, become, become happiness ... no, be it!
Be love ... no, become it, and be it in everything, in everything, in everything ... if you wish to prepare your path in order to be able to continue soon.
What is the human universe?
What does ancient Egypt mean for your life?
What did all those great ones serve for on earth?
Do you never put a poisoned cup to your lips?
Do you never dare to absorb the truth in you?
Drink from this source, because you are drinking from the Divine creation.
Eat this bread and accept it, it will never make you nauseous, because it is the bread of life.
When Christ lived on earth, went through the meadows with His apostles ... through the cornfields ... then he stood still now and again ...
And then the apostles did not know what he felt, what was happening in His life.
When it went on for too long and John thought: now I can probably ask a question and he asked Christ: “Master, are you hurt somewhere?” then the Messiah said: “Yes, John ... because you ask me that question, John, you hurt me.
Why did you not leave me in this silence?
I was one with the corn, one with Mother Earth.
I gave My soul wings.
I flew back to the Divine All of My Father for a moment.
Why did you not just leave Me in this silence?
When I sit down, John, for weeks and months ... will you then possess the power, the full trust, that there is nothing the matter with Me?
Because I cannot be ill.
And if I was ill, if there was something the matter with Me, John, then it would belong to Me and I would bear it and I would deal with it.
I will go up with it, I will continue with it, through the night to the day, but when My life must speak, I will speak and when I must explain the laws of My Father, then it will happen of its own accord.
No, John, when you see Me and I am staring into space or I am looking into the ground, I am touching Mother Earth, then I go into this universe, then I descend back to where I came from.”
But come on ...
“Can you not watch with Me for an hour?” the apostles heard later and later, but then they were already faced with the danger.
Yes, then they were faced with destruction.
Now a few of them wept, why they did not surrender completely.
Why could they not have done that?
“Can you not watch with Me for an hour?
No, you cannot leave Me alone for an hour!
Do you really think that you have the right to always take me by surprise with your not trusting, your misconception?”
Yes, the life of feeling of the Messiah charged in this way to Jerusalem, to the peoples of the earth, to the Jewish race (see
He knew!
What does the Western child experience during this time – 1949 – of Jerusalem, the true life of Christ?
“You have taken away our sins”, people now pray.
“You have assured us of happiness by means of Your blood.”
Yes indeed, mankind would like that; those foundations will soon dissolve!
‘The Peoples of the Earth’ gave you the idea that that Catholic power will soon break, that there is no damnation and that you will be only love and you will have to earn every step by devoting your personality for the laws of God, for reincarnation, for your fatherhood and motherhood, for love, life, light, trust.
Do you not believe me?
Am I still a Satan coming from Jerusalem?
You should have heard Pythagoras.
You should have felt the pureness of Ramakrishna.
A fortnight after his disembodiment, after his experiences in the world of his spirit, only then could this child speak.
And then the blood flew over his lips and then his apostles were afraid that something would happen to the Master.
Then he stood up and said: “Just leave me, just let me die, I want to die for these masses.
I love a woman of the streets, because she is a mother.
Why do you look so meanly at this life, did she do something wrong?
Why do you restrain this consciousness?
Why do you destroy those foundations again, which I was able to lay as a result of that wisdom?”
Is that the way to Jerusalem?
That belongs to you!
That is all for the West.
The Western child can also experience that unity, you can also act like Ramakrishna, and you can experience ancient Egypt again.
Then live, then experience, go into life and death, but know: behind that you have new inspiration, behind that you enter the new space.
The human being and his universe have been prepared for the Divine becoming conscious.
Every thought wants to be a universe, because every thought represents you again in the Divine All.
You will be there rain, wind, fire, and water.
Every wisdom of space now lives under your heart; every thought connects you to the universal fatherhood and motherhood, to light, life and love.
When Ramakrishna was able to end his life, then I took care of him.
He looked at me when he awakened and said: “Now I know.
I always heard a voice during my disembodiments.
You did not show yourself, Master.”
“It is you.
Did I make mistakes, did I make mistakes?”
“You did not make them, but we could have taken you to the All, you flatly refused!
You wanted to begin yourself.
No, you should have accepted wanting to be a Great Winged One and you became it; yes, for this space.”
And then I took him back, back to the very first revelations, as Christ also took the apostles back when they had completed their material life, and then we entered the world of before creation.
There Ramakrishna lay down and said: “My God, my God, I have forsaken You.
I did not want it; I was too stupid, too stubborn.
I wanted to be it myself, I wanted to experience something myself, I wanted to do everything myself.
No, I should have let myself be guided, I should have let myself be inspired, it is only then that the Divine power comes to my life and it is only then that You inspire the part of yourself.”
“Open yourself, surrender completely, and finally accept”, came from the universe, “that the truth lives here.”
Ramakrishna went through the universe after his death and is still busy.
Pythagoras ...
Socrates ...
You should see Socrates, he is busy day in day out, he is on the way, he is on a trip, he is getting to know the laws of God for the first time now.
Other people return to the earth, because the university of your society still does not possess any becoming conscious, you are still penniless.
People do not accept a life ‘beyond the coffin’; a temple of the other side has no meaning.
Moon, sun and stars, what could that be, what does all of this mean?
It is you!
God had to create that universe for your personality, or you would never have received a spatial consciousness, you are a part of His Deity.
You are light of His light, life of His life, core of His core, father of His fatherhood, and you are part of His love.
He gave you this universe in order to represent Him in the Divine All as father and mother.
How do you live now, what do you do for it? I always asked you.
We beg you for that, because we know how poor you are ‘beyond the coffin’.
Because you can no longer do it there with your flowers, you can only do it with your word, with your wisdom.
Start to bow to your love, see the human being as a Divine part, and when the hatred, the destruction comes to you, then go away.
We do too.
We do not want anything to do with that destruction.
No one is interested in disintegration and destruction, no flower, no plant, no one who possesses the truth and has mastered the laws of the universe.
Become truth, we always ask you again.
Become inspiration.
Begin now!
In five minutes you will be in our world and then you must begin, or do you want to accept that misery, that being alone?
Do you wish to send into the universe to Christ and say: I know myself; I am strong enough to stand on my own two feet?
You cannot watch over yourself for an hour, for ten minutes, then you already begin to beg: “Where are you, where are you then?
Where have you been?”
You can do nothing alone, you always wish to be carried.
But the laws did not originate in this way.
You will have to carry the law, the life first, to have to take it into your hands, and it is only then that you will be carried.
Then the law is love.
You fly, you get wings, yes, and you live in peace, in benevolence.
Every thought is a kiss from space, is a foundation, is a sun, and is human truth!
When does the human self awaken for space and time?
Yes indeed, you will experience your time again ‘beyond the coffin’; you will also accept that there will never be night again, if you possess the light.
Then there will be no more time, and you will live in infinity.
You can really sit down in one place for thousands of centuries and still live.
You can receive the Divine word while sitting, listening; but with full submission.
And now you should see how beautiful, how wonderful, how loving a human being is.
Now you can see that the universe finds attunement in the human organism.
Now you know that the Divine core is in you and that that core has created the universe for your life.
You are now a part of that heart.
No, you have become it!
You always beat, and you never go to sleep, you are always watching, you enter a fixed base.
You no longer want anything to do with nonsense, with the destruction.
You know that millions of people died for this space, for your happiness, for the Messiah.
Because you want to experience Christ, you want to absorb the Messiah in you, and you will carry his cross.
That is your own becoming conscious, your consciousness, and your love for space ... until the All.
All of that will belong to you if you wish to carry, if you wish to begin.
You will find the human being and his universe again on earth in every grade of life.
Every thought – I told you – is a part of that universe and you as a human being will bring that through fatherhood and motherhood to becoming conscious.
Read the books of the Masters, but master the laws.
Begin now!
Finally begin to fight, to serve and finally begin to accept.
Say to yourself: if I am open, God, the God of all life will inspire me and I will receive truth.
Become truth, become light, become life, but be love!
Build on your universal becoming conscious!
My sisters and brothers, see you in a fortnight.
I thank you.