The human being and his God

Good morning, my sisters and brothers.
We will begin this morning with the continuation of the series of lectures that I want to give.
It is called and bears the title: ‘The human being and his God’, in other words: you and your Deity.
The previous lecture brought you to ancient Egypt, where we for a while, kneeled at the feet of the goddess.
The temples of Ré, Ra and Isis brought you to the human thinking and feeling with regard to society, doctrines, inner life, your personality, space, Christ and God.
The temples which were erected on earth gave you an idea how mankind accomplished and experienced these past ages.
This morning we will lay foundations for the next lecture and will slowly return to the human society, your thinking and feeling in order to finally determine after these lectures that you are gods.
We will record the word for the future.
You will receive prophesies and as a result of this, society will soon be able to accept that the masters, the universe, were speaking to the human child of Mother Earth at all times.
When God revealed himself, when He began the materialization of His life, this was for your own personality.
It is God who gave shape to himself in order to let himself be represented by the life.
As a result of the elemental laws, the laws for harmony, these foundations were laid for reincarnation, fatherhood and motherhood, for the universe, for his Divine character and then became visible.
It is the All-Source, as a result of which all life originated.
It will soon be clear to you how society is tuned into the All-Source, the All-Soul, the All-Power, the All-Life, the All-Light, the All-Fatherhood and All-Motherhood, which is finally, ultimately represented by love.
We now want to finally penetrate to the Divine word so that mankind will awaken one day.
We will penetrate that every core is your own spark.
We will lay foundations, so that you will see that every human being must be a part of your Divine personality and that you will work on that life.
In the first place, in order to take yourself to that Divine source, that Divine evolution.
It is the All-Source, accept this – before the creations began – which sent out the first life aura.
That was simple plasma, an aura that people call protoplasm.
They later became hazes and then, after centuries, clouds, condensed mass, which changed, and finally, after so many millions of centuries, which are ages, accepted a Divine garment; and that became the light, the Divine light.
We now learn that God is a personality as light.
There was nothing in that universe, in that vastness.
That aura could condense and materialize itself, even if this is still Divine substance, it originated, was born from the primal source and that primal source could think and feel.
A Divine thinking inspired that visible shape of thinking and feeling, which is for the universe the All-Mother.
Later, it will be clear to you that that All-Source manifested God.
As a result of this as a human being on earth you get to know your Deity.
The first phenomena which we were able to perceive in the universe were those very first foundations that were laid by the Divine All-Mother.
What nature still brings forward in this life, creates and gives birth to, originated from the All-Source, and those were thoughts, which was a life fluid.
If you can hold onto this, if you can imagine yourself in this material, then you will feel that everything was born from the All-Thinking.
The metaphysical teachings lay foundations and the academics are now that far to sense and to accept that everything originated from that rarefied space; also God and you as a human being, the animal and Mother Nature.
When that universe had accepted the Divine garment, the illuminated garment – therefore from that darkness, from that nothing, as I said, which lasted for millions of centuries, ages – God was now an illuminated personality.
That shape could be seen, even if there were still no people; the All-Source knew: I created My garments, illuminated, enlightened, I have become light.
And that light is a Divine harmonic system, a foundation for the Divine source.
Therefore, the All-Source lays foundations for the Divine personality.
If you can sense this, then you must understand, that you – we will come back to the human thinking and feeling later – that you inspire, give a foundation to your Divine being by means of every thought and from every point.
And then you will soon be able to determine all the characteristics yourself when we enter society, your task in society, because that is the intention of the masters: to take your Divine thinking and feeling to evolution.
That is the intention.
It is only then that you become a human being, a conscious human being, and then we get to see the grades of this personality.
We feel the material, we feel the animal-like, the pre-animal-like, the crude-material, the material grades, and then we experience the spiritual vitality, the spiritual mentality, then we enter the Spheres of Light as spaces of light in which you as a human being will lead back your personality with regard to the Divine All and will get to know it, and then have to accept your personality.
God, the All-Source laid down the first foundation in the very first place and that was working.
Working came into that vastness and started to materialize itself into the hazes, which became the clouds, and after all those ages we see evolution.
You can soon experience it again when you are ‘beyond the coffin’.
Then the Divine power takes hold of your hand and takes you to that first foundation and you have to accept that.
And then we see that light ... of God.
When that final stage came, the All-Source had to divide itself.
The human being on earth wonders: what is now Divine division?
The human being experiences a Divine division, it is the giving birth for the mother, the creating for the male authority in order to give and to serve for the mother, after which, the new life comes.
That moment is still there.
As a result of these sessions you will soon experience this unity with the Divine laws that, as a human being you are a Divine prophet, and will represent the Divine authority by means of the laws, by means of your humanity, by means of your fatherhood and motherhood.
You will no longer possess an inferiority complex; you will be great and universally conscious, eloquent and benevolent.
This was the All-Source, which sent out the first thought for the creation plan and with regard to all the life in which you are now it is the Divine process of giving birth – motherhood.
This light, which represents the All-Source, is All-Divine, because this was born from the All-Power and will now continue its own evolution.
When you feel this silence, when you see this light, then close your eyes, and the bliss of and for this revelation process will speak under your human heart.
Something will happen at this moment, yes indeed!
How must this evolution process continue, how will this All-Maternal power represent itself?
The laws in nature, the laws of the universe now explain to us that this will be God as an illuminated shape, as a personality of light, not more, not less; but in that source, in that life, you will soon be able to see into that and accept, everything is present.
You understand: we continue step by step.
From this light we must return to the earth.
And now it begins: foundations for the future, prophesies!
God divided himself, now this is God, an illuminated being.
This vastness is filled by All-Mother thinking and feeling, crystallized by a Divine garment as light from which a new life must soon be born and that is the sun as the creating power.
Now you can immediately put aside your dictionary, because now the sun is father, All-Father inspired and must explain to us as human beings whether we will soon carry these wonderful revelations as human beings under our hearts.
God divided himself in this infinite, now we already come into contact with the God of all life.
We are faced with Him; He must divide himself and split up so that the creation can begin.
From the God you already got an own independence – because this light is independent, this is a world, is a universe, this is thinking, this is feeling, this is truth, this is harmony, this is justice, benevolence, love, bliss – space, everything is space!
The All-Source says: “My child, go and divide yourself.
Do what I did, multiply, let yourself be seen.
Go further, you must go further, return to motherhood.
Return to me, where I live, here in this darkness, where everything is present anyway. We will later — when we enter the Divine All, as conscious personalities and as human beings — see that those Divine foundations have been laid for your life as Divine principle, and then the Divine authority speaks to your life and your own vested personality.”
Yes, the All-Source spoke to what the human being has learned, and, as God was able to get to know; as a child of her heart.
The All-Mother said: “Go into the universe and represent me, you are soul of my soul, life of my life, you are mother of my motherhood.
You will be father so that you will create, but you will represent me in harmony!
You will experience every law according to the laws which I gave you, and as a result of which, I could manifest myself.”
We do not need to dwell on this for long, because this light divided itself in the universe.
This was now God; as an illuminated garment He divided himself into billions of particles and bodies emerged.
But darkness came, because millions of parts took light from that All-Mother instinct, from that All-Source which was giving, serving, harmonizing, so that the life would continue, so that that personality would begin to represent that independence.
Then the macro cosmos came, the space in which you live, and this will soon be clear to you.
God divided himself.
Now we are faced with a God, with a revelation.
Therefore from the All-Source, the All-Mother, the All-Power we see an occurrence emerging: a space which is condensed, a space which is nothing else than light, but that light possesses everything and becomes clear to us the more we enter the material worlds.
When we enter the material worlds we are then faced with a law which is inspired by the All-Source, is controlled by the Omniscience.
That thought must materialize itself and will have to return to the All-Stage in order to represent the All-Source there as a material being or as a spiritual personality.
That is the intention of the All-Source and as a result of this the first revelations reached independence.
That first thinking was independence because that thinking produced life’s workings.
And that working became a haze, the haze into a cloud, as the cloud changed again, more and more power came, more and more evolution.
We get to know seven transitions in this and finally it became light and that light divided itself again into billions of particles and that became the macro cosmos, the second stage.
The following stage immediately takes us to motherhood, originated from the All-Source for the macro cosmos and that is the moon as planet and the sun as creating power.
The All-Source is father and mother and from that All-Source that fatherhood and motherhood must emerge materialized, if God wishes, if that All-Source wishes to be able to represent itself.
That moon, a large wonderful part of that Divine garment, begins to work.
Those parts have experienced everything in that preliminary stage.
The earth, the bible calls that the Divine revelations?
No, these are the Divine revelations for you, for the universe and for everything.
The bible brought about and described, analysed, thought up, felt a revelation from a material human thinking.
Now you experience that source from the Divine thinking and feeling, and now you can soon determine that you are separate from the bible, and we can soon analyse what is true and what has brought untruths. Therefore, the human being who described these things did not know the creations, the very first All-Mother revelations.
That must be clear to you and this series of lectures is for this purpose.
That you finally get a base, that you finally get a foundation on which you can stand always and eternally, and can build on, so that the Divine personality will speak to your society, space, fatherhood and motherhood, life, love, light and trust.
Finally, you will use the Great Wings which have been given to you by the All-Mother authority!
The moon begins.
The moon condenses itself, expands itself, life comes, hazes come, clouds come in that stage, in that one body, and we see that the maternal authority has already accepted an own independence for the space in that space.
That space is Divinely inspired, that mother is a separation from the All-Source.
Accept it, the moon is a Divinely conscious life.
Conscious, because that power is sent out consciously, change came about consciously.
That consciousness continued, one life built up the other: independence could be given to the phenomena that occurred.
And finally, when we ...
We do not stand still at that first fatherhood and motherhood, but you must accept: there we reached our independence as human beings.
The moon begins, that macrocosmic body begins to divide itself.
I told you, hazes come, clouds come, a separation came, the division continues, this is a birth.
Science can already accept that we people originated in the embryonic life.
The moon produced embryonic life; all life begins in the very first stage, the All-Embryonic consciousness.
Remember this, lay this down as a foundation that you stand on.
Finally you will start to feel movement, a certainty – which is the intention.
We now get ... what happened in the infinity, already happened in this small space.
Now the moon is just a small space, it seems a great deal; it is large, but it is just a small space.
You will soon understand and you can accept that this whole universe, however vast this is, is only a spark of the All-Source, just a particle.
You have much more, you will get even more as a human being, as a result of which your Deity will come to the fore!
Thus ... the moon begins on its own evolution, the same process that we saw, and followed a moment ago – by this explanation – for the All-Mother, the All-Source.
The moon has no other laws.
The whole space, everything in that space in which those laws live is ... that life is only attuned to fatherhood and motherhood.
And fatherhood and motherhood is evolution, is working; only just working.
Movement must come.
And what do we see now?
From the core, the heart of this macrocosmic body – you now hold onto that moon, that lives under your heart, you are that yourself – you produce something and new life comes about, new consciousness comes.
It is an embryonic life; a spark is produced.
Again, as a result of those condensations, which we saw in the space, new life now comes.
As a result of this, creation started.
Fatherhood and motherhood experienced and originated from the All-Source and has already reproduced itself in this space.
That space is inspired maternally and paternally, and when we soon enter the present stage, then there is nothing and nothing else in the space other than fatherhood and motherhood; this is your whole universe.
And then it appears that fatherhood and motherhood, your being a woman and being a man, your maternal power, your creating power, is the most sacred thing that you have in your hands as a human being and that is experienced in such an inferior way ... so trivially ... so pathetically ... because now we will soon determine the mistakes, we will see the destruction.
We sail round the bible, we go through the laws of Mother Nature straight back to the Divine heart for yourself and we enter at a macrocosmic attunement, your Divine consciousness, your Divine inner life, your Divine character, your Divine fatherhood, motherhood, and your Divine love, which it concerns!
And then you can see how you can now inspire and take your own character to the evolution during your life on earth.
The moon begins, separations come, and embryonic life comes.
Millions of cells have already experienced the first death.
We experienced the final stage there, and now there was a continuation for that cell life.
That cell connects itself as the Divine source, the All-Mother intended it and gives itself to the other life ...
That cell gives to another spark what the All-Mother sent out; a division is brought about, because that independence lives again in that division.
The cell as embryonic life has already got a Divine, universal independence.
Can you feel this?
That cell gives itself to the other life and as a result of that separation – you can feel it, the revealing, the motherhood, and the fatherhood – new life comes about.
I explained to you this morning and actually analysed how those cells were able to give themselves.
That cell had to experience a touch and a separation.
Those cells connected to each other, they grew together and evolved, therefore, not for space, but they evolved for fatherhood and motherhood, because they now experienced the Divine division.
They now experienced a revelation.
A revelation therefore wants to be: the birth, the giving of a stage, the giving of thinking and feeling of yourself to the other life.
That happened; that core, that cell, this trivial cell is inspired in an All-Mother way, the power of that All-Source is present in that cell.
There is nothing more; therefore, at that moment the human cell – this becomes the human cell – was already inspired in an All-Mother way.
Everything lives here, expansion lives here, the will to reveal itself lives here, the will how that will happen lives here.
The power, the thinking, the feeling, the capacity is present in that cell.
This is the Divine core, this core originated from the Divine stage, the All-Power, that All-Source.
I must lay this under your hearts, then you will get a foundation, because this is the foundation for the lectures, soon when we experience society in an inspired way – your thinking and feeling in society – when we will soon be faced with the divinity Socrates, with the ‘gods’ of the earth, precisely from the temples of Ré, Ra and Isis, for which I was able to lay the first foundations, under the orders of the masters, under the orders of your Christ, the Christ in you.
That first lecture was for that purpose.
My children, that cell which now possesses everything, will takes itself to a human stage.
And now we have to accept and now you can lay the foundations, feel the foundations, so that science, the doctor, and the biologist can now explain to your life: yes, we people were born in the waters.
The first foundations were placed by God in the waters.
But your bible does not say anything about that, however, it will soon be clear to you, because then we will determine good and evil.
Is it a God of hatred?
He is a Father of love, who inspires us, who has received us in an inspiring way in order to represent His Divine fatherhood and motherhood!
People of the earth, sense what all of this means for your lives.
Sense that the moon is the maternal authority for the space, the laws of which your astronomer does not yet know.
Finally this word will get through to mankind and you will be it, then it will be your Deity which must and can represent all of this.
Then there will no longer be a feeling of inferiority, then you will be radiant and then you will not do it for me, but you will do for the masters, and then the masters will pass it back to Christ and Christ to the All-Source, which you say here in this life: “Yes, we can accept and will now begin to finally devote our personality for that Divine core”, because that is the intention.
The moon begins; cell life really comes about and that cell life experiences a final stage, which is then for you on earth as a human being, the death, which is not there.
That inner life of that cell comes into the world of the unconscious, a world that cannot be conscious, because this cell life has to accept a reproduction process.
That cell life has to experience an evolution in order to bring itself to the human stage. Those are foundations!
There is still no conscious astral world; we only get to know it later.
Of course, I will also take you into the cosmology for a moment, which you long for, but I will take the little children into account, the little children who experience and see all of this for the first time.
I will make it clear to you; we will dwell on that moment which is significant for the present stage, your personality in the present.
The first death, that was the experiencing, the giving of creating power and the principle of giving birth.
When that had happened, when that was over, that cell sunk back into nothing; no, to the previous, in order to prepare itself for the new stage, no more was necessary.
Everything which that life got there was experience.
That cell floated there through those waters; that lived, that took the life breath because that separation came, that became the waters, that was a water area, a power, a space which you can carry on your hand.
The moon was so deep that you can take the moon in your hands at this stage and can say: ‘Look, I now have the Divine creation in my hands.’
That space was no more than the palm of your hand – you can go deeper, we can go back – because the ultimate macrocosmic stage is recorded again in this invisible cell.
So it does not mean anything?
It means everything!
The Divine creating and giving birth begins there.
Therefore we come from the All-Source to God, a representation of the Divine All-Source and for the Divine stage, and we experience that a new independence is born: the human being, the human cell.
The moon would give birth and create the human embryo.
This would be born from the macro cosmos, and the macro cosmos – that will appear later and will be clear to you – will serve the embryo, the microcosmos.
The macro cosmos is for the microcosmos, and created you as a human being, Mother Nature and everything.
Place these foundations in your heart.
World, mankind, accept this.
The macro cosmos created the microcosmos, created that world, built up that world.
It originated from the All-Source, through Divine revelations to a new world, to a new independence.
As a result of this, new life came, that is the moon!
Two principles – now remember this – we get to know two laws which are inspired in an All-Divine way and which always take precedence.
These are the most sacred laws to know as human beings and they are: fatherhood and motherhood.
This cell from that moon, that moon life, that astral sphere, Divine plasma, gets to see and experience an own independence and surrenders itself: new life comes, a separation comes as a result of that cell, that one cell gives off something, the other cell too and now we get new life from two sources, originating from two sources.
One source is not yet creatively conscious, the other is still not either, but only just a division has been born, a reproduction process.
And you see it, that cell now essentially possesses everything which the space also got to know, as a result of which that space originated, as a result of which we saw God as light.
That cell now ... as a result of that touch, these two cells gave something of that own life.
That touch produced new life: another cell.
A little part of this life separated itself for the other one and now those two cells tore apart.
The final stage came, that separation divided itself again, exactly as the child also – after the process of growth in the mother – calmly churns in the mother and says: “Open the door, I want to be born, I am ready.”
And then you get the first crowing of the new life and there it was a sigh.
There it was a happy feeling of having experienced a law.
That life could not yet think, could not yet feel, and was only animal-like consciousness.
You call that animal-like, but do not compare this with the animal in nature, that was still only just working, but there was already consciousness, because that cell life still just had the intelligence to connect itself with another life.
Why did that cell have to go to that other life, why did that life float on and not interfere with anything?
No, that life would take one path, that life had to evolve and finally sought that other spark and multiplied itself.
That life connected to the other, it locked itself up as it were; it felt the urge to give something of itself.
That is the creation, that now lies within you and you can see that in nature – you will soon see that, later when we are that far – then you will see all of that again in nature.
But these are the Divine foundations!
That All-Source is present in that life, that force is really consciously inspired.
That life cannot escape that.
And when this is over, my brothers and sisters, then that life is completed, that is the deed, there is no more to it.
What that life has learned is only to live there, to work, to crawl through the water.
If you could see this with your own, with your human eyes now, then you would need an amplification to the power of a million in order to be able to see that cell, that first embryo, that first life is so invisible, so rarefied, and yet inspired by the All-Source.
We find all the remarkable Divine, human, animal-like, natural characteristics for light, life, love, truth, harmony in that cell and they later appear to be the Divine foundations for your human personality.
That is the universal character.
The All-Source will now be brought to awakening and you are that, you have that, and I will prove that to you.
Those embryos, that working ...
Because those hazes came – understand this, now remember this – because those hazes came, this was already materialization.
And because that cell could experience that, and the separation came, the life, the actual life released that material core. That is the matter in hand, you will soon come to the question: what is life, what is soul, what is spirit.
That material core was the giving birth and creating, and when that was experienced, a sinking in came.
People felt that spark, we see it, you will see it later, it is still moving, and you will finally see it calming down.
You see that horoscope before you, you see that film before you, you can follow that life, and you can soon connect yourself as a human being when you have entered the Spheres of Light.
Then you can be one with that cell and that cell takes you to the final stage and peace comes ... peace.
You see it, suddenly the life lies still, there is no more movement; this is the death.
The cells ...
Now we will go along, we will see what happens.
The last convulsions, the last working, the last power that a cell experiences is the ‘being-nothing’.
We have made ourselves one with that life and then we felt that peace as a human being, consciously thinking as a human being; in this way you get to know the Divine processes of revelation.
Even now on the moon there are millions of people busy in order to only experience that first cell life, because millions of laws lie here.
We will soon get to see how the senses were created for the human being.
Here lies the death, the life, the Divine authority, the harmony, the evolution, reincarnation, everything is now fixed in that cell, is fixed to that life, that lives in that cell.
We will record and experience that by means of these lectures, as a result of which you will see your first Divine revelations before you.
That is now the intention of the masters, of Christ, of God.
Your Deity will speak; your Deity must now reveal itself for this society.
Now we go back to that cell, you feel, I am connecting you with the law and then I will give you a short explanation, remember this so that the things will speak to your life, to your character.
We will go back, you can feel that silence ...
That cell, that first material cell separates itself and the inner life freed itself, that is therefore the Divine inspired core, originated from the moment when the All-Source still had to begin, doesn’t it – do you get this? – Thusly, that cell, after the unity of these lives, freed itself, and came into another world.
It was therefore invisible, it is there somewhere, the material world is there, that cell lived there and could connect itself, that touch took place, that independence is already there.
That independence also takes that life back to that other world, when that deed, that creating and bearing was completed.
And that is the world which has attunement to the Divine core, the All-Source, as a result of which the All-Plasma could condense itself, could spiritualize itself, because that is the word; the materialization only came later.
Here all those other worlds, independences of worlds, therefore originated. It is the material world, brought about by the moon and now the embryonic stage for the soul.
That core is now the soul, a part of God.
But did this particle, now that the moon has begun, now that we experience this embryonic life, what did this particle, this spark already get hold of because the All-Source manifested itself?
It received in the first place an own independence as spark, a touch.
And that touch means: fatherhood and motherhood, therefore as a result of Divine fatherhood and motherhood that cell got expansion, evolution.
Very clear!
Therefore, the All-Source, the protoplasm, the All-Mother wanted to give itself to a new life and that is now this cell; the moon got a hold of that.
The moon now as macrocosmic mother and as own independence got hold of the possibility to divide itself.
That little life, the divisions which it brought about, had and possessed the same working, had seen and experienced the same feeling, the power, the glory, the bliss, the benevolence, the harmonic laws as elemental states of fertilization.
That life here had just experienced working, had experienced a full growth to the ultimate.
Only just growth, life ... but that was already, that now appears later, to be experience.
You will soon see that this is the experience, is the revealing, as a result of which the human cell gets to know all the laws, all the thoughts of his Divine self.
And you will soon be able to ... then it must soon be clear to you, then you must know that you inspire your Divine personality by means of every thought ... or break it off destructively, as a result of which evil, hate, destruction originated.
But as a result of which we determine – and that is the essential importance for these foundations – that you yourself break off and that you destroy your Divine personality, because you love and accept hate, destruction, and disharmony.
That is now the intention of these lectures, the masters want that, Christ wants that, your Deity wants that, that this emerges and as a result of which you can continue your life on earth powerfully and happily.
Because I finally come to your human personality and then I can help you think.
Then we learn to think, think, think, as a result of which you are already instructed by André and he was able to give his séances, his lectures to your life.
We will let go of this now; this is the second stage in a macrocosmic area.
Of course we can dwell on the very first revelations for the All-Source, but that will take too long.
Then I would have to give twenty lectures and that is not necessary.
I assume, because you have read the books, and that you will now finally learn to think and be able to think in order to distinguish this from each other.
(The souls of) those first cells, my sisters and brothers, which released themselves – they were millions of cells at that moment – they entered another world and calmed down there.
The separation, therefore the final for that process of growth – that is a process of growth – that is now a natural experiencing and accepting, there is no more to it.
The other, the later thinking and feeling as a human being, we will of course come across that in this space in a human way.
We will then experience in a human way how the human being took himself to the thinking and brought himself to that working, and as a result of that was able to lay his foundations.
And then it appears that every thought is a foundation, is a stone for your Divine building seen as a temple.
You are then a temple; yes, for fatherhood and motherhood and then you start to experience how sacred, how wonderful, how deep, how Divinely conscious your thoughts can be.
And then you are no longer so playful with words, and then you are no longer so playful and so harsh and so thoughtless.
Then you start to watch your thoughts and then you say: ‘A human being is a Divine form.’
Then you start to appreciate fatherhood and motherhood for the first time and now the human kiss speaks to your heart.
Then you get to see and to experience the justice for the space and then you start to feel what that justice, as All-Source instinct, has to say to your lives.
We will continue.
The second foundation is that (the inner life of) the cell was able to release itself, enters the world of the unconscious and rests there; but sinks back to the nothing, to the everything, to the previous stage, the All-Source.
Therefore that cell comes back into the source, as a result of which and from where that cell began life.
But now new life emerged.
That new life, which was born by means of those two lives, those two cells, that has the same working and will soon connect itself and then a new division will follow; and that happened.
Now you must listen, and listen carefully, especially those who have asked those questions.
The human being has imagined this hundreds of times and cannot work it out.
Now Blavatsky stands and falls, now the bible falls, now every teaching of the earth is knocked down, because we represent you with the Divine authority, the occurrence, the being born.
If you sense this properly ...
Now you will get a Divine word, this is Divine authority that I give you, my word is now law!
I am inspired by the masters and the masters by the Divine All.
You are All-Consciousness inspired at this moment, which means something after all.
What you now get, no human being, no academic, no sage was able to bring to earth, because those human personalities, therefore as a human being, could not see into those revelations.
You serve, you listen to the University of Christ and that university possesses the All-Power, and possesses for every spark, for every law for this universe, and the other ones which were created by means of this space, the Omniscience.
Now accept for eternity: you are connected to the Omniscience!
We will continue.
I say this to the world now, and to you.
The world will soon ... but later when we are no longer there, they will give lectures about these words, as a result of these laws, and then they will have to accept, those academics: truly, in that and that time – it is now 1949 – these words were spoken.
It is André-Dectar, Jeus of mother Crisje, Jozef Rulof, through which the masters speak.
These are the foundations, the first foundations for the University of Christ, which will soon be established on earth, for which the masters now lay the first foundations by means of this word.
Can you feel this?
You see, from that All-Source – the moon emerged, the sun is already there, that source continues, that condenses itself of its own accord, that creating power in the universe shines upon the maternal authority, that division is one – a new life has already emerged and a new separation is born; that separation possesses the same laws as the All-Stage.
And now ...
What must now happen ... what must now happen and what is now obvious if soon these cells experience the human, maternal, paternal?
Now the human being wondered, Blavatsky wondered, the temples in British India, Tibet and China wondered: how – they were that far, almost – how did the Divine spark originate?
You will soon again ...
I will let you go for a moment ...
It will soon be clear to you that China, Tibet, Japan and all the temples on earth of British India, Ré, Ra, Isis, Luxor, have not actually experienced, felt, or been able to see a little thing even, anything of everything which was born and brought about by means of the Divine revelations, because those grades of consciousness had not yet reached that height or, that depth.
You will soon be able to determine for yourself: ‘good heavens, good heavens, my God, how this time is blessed!’
Now we also penetrate to the very first and the last moment.
I can therefore tell you: those words have not yet been spoken on earth because the human self had not yet reached that height, that depth, that consciousness for this mankind.
Those cells, children, have the same powers and laws, the same feeling as the All-Source possesses.
And the new life must give birth and create, must represent those same laws, must experience that same working.
And that grows; those lives reach unity.
But what happens now?
It is this, and this is the moment for the Divine creation.
If you feel this properly then you have the Divine creations under your heart.
This is the moment of essential importance, of Divine feeling and thinking, now everything revolves around this, around this moment ...
When God, now listen carefully, when the All-Source happened at a hundred percent ...
You must accept that, because the birth happened at a hundred percent, a Divine law which is experienced at a hundred percent, that is the final stage.
A hundred percent, which is an earthly word, but that law has been rendered.
That is what we call a grade, and you will see that in the creations, a grade of consciousness.
Therefore this embryonic final consciousness begins to create and bear in a second stage, in a new life, for something new, for a new evolution.
And because this must now happen at a hundred percent, it is then not obvious that that other core, which has been released in that previous stage of a moment ago, must also experience in order to bring this about, or the creation would now miss something and this independence would not possess the complete source for itself.
Is that clear?
Now remember this.
What must now happen?
That soul, those first two souls, those particles from that first stage, that first life, which therefore had to accept, had to experience that evolution – we will just say that death, that material death – they come back now.
They have to come back here and now the life is sucked in, attracted.
You see, there is no disturbance, but remember this.
There is no disturbance, that soul must return and must connect itself with that which was left behind by this life in the material world.
And what comes now?
Now those cells ... at the moment that those cells are almost ripe, they come nearer and nearer, they touch each other for a moment.
They do not yet reach unity, they continue to play, and can pass each other again, gauge their lives, no, that is the soul that shows the process of giving birth, shows itself, so that it becomes close to working.
We now get, the very first ...
You must return for a moment, you must remember this, then you will see the tremendousness, the power, how wonderful the human cell is, but how wonderful the All-Source has also given all of this to the human part for itself.
This is the very first touch.
This is not directly going into that cell, into that heaven, into that temple, not directly but suddenly just like that in order to surprise that motherhood ...
How did the All-Source manifest itself?
First, the working came, but that working was still nothing, was still invisible.
And that very first working, that very first radiation, that very first revealing can also now be seen in this world, in this cell life.
That life passes by an other, the aura divides itself, and the aura grows.
It is sticking out the feelers for a moment.
The life is not yet ready.
No, that grade still has to come and when that grade is conscious, then the giving birth and creating follows and this life sucks itself tight.
But at the same moment the two cells, come, they must, they already come to the ‘human being’, they are already here.
They are ... I mean that in this embryonic stage, those first cells already float around the creating power and the principle of giving birth, and experience that contact.
Later you will see, when we come to the human embryonic stage, when we experience that birth as a human being, then you will see that this is also a contact, a first contact.
And then you can tap with your fingers, but then you will see – I explained that to you – we followed those laws, we saw, experienced, explained those laws as natural possession, as characteristics in the human being, because we reached the psychopathy, the demons which violated the laws of God.
I explained to you how insanity originated, how the human being who first violated all the laws enters the human maternal body and then destroys the embryo.
Can you feel this?
Therefore from that embryonic stage to the creating authority in society, in the human being, then we are faced with human insanity, possession.
Now the first contact comes.
A human being who has lived it up, a human being who has violated all the laws of God – we will learn that later – enters the mother, the cell, and awakens again and destroys those material tissues.
In the first place, this becomes the miscarriage.
A new birth, wrong again, a miss again, a miss again, and finally the first touch comes, therefore that feeling again.
Can you feel?
That touch, but it is not possible.
It has been messed up violently here.
That cell has no harmony, that soul cannot experience any harmony – you will learn that – because that soul has done nothing else in human society than murdered, robbed, committed arson and destroyed, violated the laws of God.
And because this is the case, this life destroys the Divine authority and as a result of this – can you hear that, human faculty of the world? – As result of that you have created insanity.
As a result of that we have raped the Divine harmony alive and conscious, and now you are left with mentally dimmed people.
I will show you that, because God wants you to inspire and get to know his harmony alive under your human heart.
Can you feel how true and real that we will soon see these first touches on the moon again ... when the moon had to begin, when the human being had to begin with his embryonic life and had to accept this ..., that we see those first touches again in the human organism, and living consciousness of your society?
Then we are faced, dear children, dear sisters and brothers, we are faced with the psychology for your life, the psychology for the space.
Yes, then you will get to know insanity, and then you will see through every spiritual faculty, you will then be a professor of the ‘University of Christ’.
We place that, the masters place that in your hands.
You will get a Divine gift, today and tomorrow, by means of the lectures which you now receive.
The first touch is there ...
Come back quickly now, and go with me.
That touch is there, the passing; finally those two cells reach unity on the moon.
Yes, now the stage of birth is conscious, can you feel this?
Just remember this and I will show you which revelations will come.
How many mothers are there here on earth that do not possess any motherhood?
How many women are not walking round here, millions of women, who do not want to be a mother, are apathetic, psychopathic in the previous motherhood.
There are mothers who say: “I do not want that”, they destroy the embryo.
But a mother ... there are mothers, there are child-mothers, there are creating mothers – science calls that man-mothers – but there are also mothers-for-a-hundred-percent in the world and they now experience this touching of the first cell, of the first Divine spark, the first being born and the creating.
They experience this now by means of natural unity, under Divine harmony.
That is being born, that is the pure, natural, universal, spiritual, Divine, All-Mother motherhood.
Is that beautiful?
There are mothers on earth who do not have this feeling, who do not have this feeling, who are not yet ready for the first touch, who do not care whether they experience motherhood, they are not yet that far.
Do not deform these people, and do not deform these mothers, because they are not yet that far.
Love everything which lives, this will soon be clear to us and as a result of these laws we will learn to see this.
Well, those (inner cores of the) first cells are there, and they experience the becoming conscious.
That first cell, that material cell, let us therefore accept that second one – we can accept it – the child of the mother and the father, they attract father and mother again.
In the very first problem for the creation this was the first touch.
Now new laws come again, disturbances!
You say for society the hereditary questions – I can no longer even feel the earth, because I lived in the universe, I am in the first stage – the hereditary questions, grades.
When you connect blood with blood, then is that inbreeding, and that is then destruction?
But for God you are one blood, blood of one grade.
If the human being had not contaminated himself, had not raped himself, then there would be no question of destruction if sister and brother were to marry, because for God you are sisterly and brotherly inspired.
For God you received those Divine laws in your hands, because I will soon prove to you that the earth originated as a result of the radiation of the moon.
Or is this a lie?
The earth originated as a result of the aura of Mother Moon.
And is the earth contaminated?
Is the earth not intact, not pure, not Divinely inspired?
That therefore means that for God the creations are different than the biologist, psychologist, and the bible explains to you.
The Divine creations live under your human heart!
The millions of problems soon dissolve when you can accept, absorb and lay all of this in the temple of your heart, then you have a possession.
Those first cells came back and they experienced this bearing and creating process and those two cells produced new life and that father and that mother now enter that second embryo.
Therefore the children produce and the father and mother inspire the new life, the new birth.
Everything now lies here; can you feel this?
Here the very first human being lies, lives, the very first cell as soul, as Divine plasma; but as a conscious embryo this life returned to the material world, because it gave new life.
Do you have this?
Note this in your soul, record this for your personality, and write it down in yourself!
Therefore this life, my sisters and brothers, was obliged by the Divine law to bear and to create and to accept this life.
But ... here we are not only faced by the first death, by the first evolution, by fatherhood and motherhood, the Divine harmony, but we are faced here – mankind from 1949 – here we experience Divine justice or parasitism which represent your clergymen and nuns, because they now walk past creation and behave chastely!
What do you do?
Can you hear this?
Moses will soon tell you it!
I shout at mankind: you freeload if you want to experience a pure life, because fatherhood and motherhood is pure consciousness.
By experiencing, by undergoing fatherhood and motherhood, you represent the All-Source as mother, your God, your justice, your independence, your space, your light, your life and your love.
And what do you do?
Soon we will come to your lives and then we must break down, fling down your personalities, according to the laws of God in order to shake you awake.
We must hit you, so that you will see for the Divine justice how the revelations originated.
This moment, my sisters and brothers, this has everything in it: reincarnation, death, new life, fatherhood and motherhood.
This first moment, my sisters and brothers, we will dwell upon this and soon continue, this first moment possesses human love.
That spark must represent creation, the All-Source.
That cell possesses the All-instinct, the protoplasm.
This child, this cell, which originated as a result of the moon, as a result of the divisions of the moon, has the All-Justice, the harmony, because as yet, there are no disturbances there.
That life comes back, that father and mother from the first moment, the first human being, the first human being as embryonic life.
This was Christ, if you wish to know, who was born here at this moment.
That was Christ, with his millions of children who came with him from the very first stage to materialization.
That will soon be Christ.
When we enter the Divine All, you will then see that it was He who possessed and possesses the first consciousness in the All, that it was He who could speak there to God and said: ‘Probably, probably.’
Master Alcar gave you those words on the first evening when he opened the University of Christ and said: ‘Probably’, when they returned, when they were released from their cycle of the earth, ‘I was born before you.
We explained to you why people still live in the jungle.
Why is there no white race (see for them, no white feeling of justice?
Did you think you could only live in a temple of bliss in order to be able to live it up?
And those people must just continue to lie under that bottom?
No, they come to the white race (see, they are behind you; other people are also ahead.
Here, at this moment – remember this – I will analyse the whole macro cosmos for you.
As a result of this moment when the first cell received new life and reincarnation took place, as a result of this moment, my sisters and brothers, I will explain all the existing human laws to you, every thought, every core which you now possess in this society.
Religion, Moses, the church, sects, everything will fall!
There is reincarnation, reincarnation must be there, not for one or two people, as theosophy says: “Yes, that is for that one and those who have experienced those hierarchies.”
Nonsense with their hierarchies, they are laws!
We now clear up that nonsense, we now begin for the first time and explain to you according to the first revelations which the All-Source attached to the human cell, because reincarnation came, because the moon could evolve.
Because the moon could drive on the life, new life originated, new birth came, because this father and mother continued and had a division again.
Their end also came, their final stage could be seen, could be experienced, could be felt.
They started to experience this evolution process as an independence, and this became own possession, now still working ...; and just follows it.
The first death, the first life, the first birth, the second birth, reincarnation, fatherhood and motherhood, that life now gets to see seven grades.
Seven transitions again, but for what?
Seven transitions, because every transition is now a grade, is now a space, a world, a final something.
Seven transitions for motherhood.
Who is now father, now the source comes, who is now father, and who is mother?
Who is now father and who is mother of these cells?
That will now reveal itself soon.
The following lecture is not yet called ‘The human being and his soul’, ‘The human being and his spirit’, The human being and his Divine personality’.
The following lecture calls to you, friends and children, the following lecture has the title: ‘The human being and his fatherhood and motherhood’!
But now, here on the moon, it will happen here.
The moon evolved, the moon produced new life, it continues.
This life comes back millions of times, but we are now faced with the transitions of motherhood.
Did I tell you a moment ago that there are mothers who solemnly want to experience motherhood, who beg God: “Make me mother, let me be mother, give me a child”, and walk, walk there searching madly for motherhood.
What is it, karmic laws, cause and effect?
Why are they not mothers?
Why does one mother kick the child out of her life and does she fling the Divine life in the face of her God?
And why is there a statue of Mary kneeling there: “My God, my God, give me a child, give me a child, my child!”
What is that feeling?
Why does the life tweet when the spring days come?
Why that fuss in nature?
That is the Divine inspiration under your heart; that is the revelation process for fatherhood and motherhood, if you can accept this.
My sisters and brothers, now read ‘The Origin of the Universe’, then I can continue, accept this and now read every word.
Begin again, everyone, promise me this, then I can inspire you.
Now read ‘The Origin of the Universe’ so that you will be ready for these lectures, these Divine gifts.
Will you do that?
Then shout it from your heart: ‘We will prepare ourselves!’ so that I will and may be able to bring you Divine gifts.
You are not doing it for me, you are not doing it for the masters, you are doing it for yourself; can you accept this?
Then be deep thinking, then be pure and true, be true, be harmonic, be benevolent and just in the coming days.
Be happy with the things that you have, make sure you have your food and drink in the first place, but think through everything.
Be kind, take, and now as the last word for this morning, take your Deity back to the All-Source.
Be love in everything, in everything, because love is the Divine foundation for all the laws that you will experience as a human being, which you will be able to carry for eternity.
When you know as a human being how it should be, then you are sure of your thoughts and then Confucius speaks, then the Buddha speaks, then Ramakrishna and Socrates speak to your life.
Yes, then you are gods and goddesses of Isis.
I thank you for your kindness.
I love you!