Fatherhood and motherhood for this universe

Good morning, my sisters and brothers.
You will get the lecture, the analysis ‘Fatherhood and motherhood for this universe’.
We will therefore continue to take you just a little towards your Deity.
At the end of these lectures you will see society, your life and your kingdom differently and then accept them.
The human being has everything!
The human being is everything, but as a result of what?
We dwelled on the moon.
The human being in society shrugs his shoulders when people speak about space, when we connect the people with the Divine creations.
And yet, the faculties that were built up through the ages, which have passed, laid the foundations for thinking, feeling, understanding, development, and spiritual awakening.
We experienced the temples of Ra, Ré and Isis.
We went to Tibet for a while.
We went to British India.
We kneeled at the feet of Buddha, Pythagoras, and Ramakrishna.
We went to Socrates, Plato, Aristotle and the many others.
Soon we will, after this, when we have experienced space, we return to art, lie down again at the feet of philosophical systems.
Lie down in order to build up foundations and to see through the life, to feel the life, to gauge what is good and wrong.
For what purpose do we live as human beings?
For what purpose did we get life?
What was the meaning of God, no, of the All-Source to give us life?
We will soon be faced with the Old Testament and then we will divulge what is wrong.
A God of hatred can no longer be accepted.
A God of destruction can no longer be experienced, you can only do that as a human being.
We accepted, we experienced, and we saw that God got form because the All-Source started to manifest itself.
That is you, that is the life in nature, that is the animal being.
Soon we will come back to that place where we were, in order to establish where the first love was born, where the senses originated, where we laid the foundations for our human personality.
Where we gave form to every thought, where we materially crystallized our feeling and thinking, as the All-Source, the All-Mother, the All-Light, the All-Life was able to do.
Because that is the intention.
It is only then that you will start to understand what you are as a human being.
The inferiority complexes – I explained that to you – fall away from you!
You are universally deep!
You become universally deep as a result of your thoughts, as a result of your life, as a result of your fatherhood and motherhood.
It is only then that you entered the Garden of Eden.
It is only then that you can make a journey with us afterwards to Jerusalem and then you are no longer a tourist in that garden, but then you tread each footstep.
You know every stone, and the more we climb Mount Calvary the more your life will open, the happiness of space will come to you and the Divine All will speak to your inner life.
You go with me from this life to take a flight through space.
You go with us towards a spatial, Divine consciousness.
You come with the masters, with the messengers of Christ to the Divine All.
And then you will be able to accept that Catholicism, Protestantism, every sect means nothing, because you are a natural product.
You are life of His source, a thought of His sensitivity, Her light, Her life, Her inspiration, everything!
We will explain to you that what the world and mankind has received is only a side issue.
It is you!
We lay the universe in your hands; you will carry it under your heart.
You will stand at the feet of your Deity, kneel at the feet of her who gave you reincarnation, your mother!
And it is only then that you will experience the ultimate, the knowledge and you can accept the Omniscience.
The moon – I explained to you – divided itself, got the own independence because the All-Source manifested itself; that was and that is the macrocosmos.
Because of the macrocosmos we received independence as microcosmos, cell life.
Because space divided itself, the hazes came, a separation occurred – we followed that, I dwelled on embryonic life for a moment, on that stage, the first beginning – every part of that source got an own personality and then the spiritual and material independence as a part of that source, a part of that light, a part of that life.
Of that love?
Of those laws, because you can experience a space.
The human being is space!
You must separate yourself from your material systems.
You must be able to imagine for a moment that you live in a space.
Release yourself from gravity and dare to accept that you are free, that you want to experience an inspiration that goes above your human thinking and feeling.
It is only then that it is possible to elevate your life and to continue that journey, back to the Divine All.
We now live on the moon.
The moon is a powerful body and started with development.
The cell life came about, every particle radiates the same laws, the same power which the All-Source sent out and that is now motherhood.
This process of giving birth wants to represent the final core, the finally occurrence, as a result of which a visible grade emerges as life, as material.
That is that embryonic particle, and that is a cell, an atom.
That wonderful body, you felt it, I explained that to you, originated from that source; and that is everything!
And creation will explain to us what all of that is.
Every footstep which we take has been given foundations, is a driving force, is inspiration, and is fatherhood and motherhood.
And then you will see, when we come to the earth – when we have made that trip through space – you will see what the earth will be like.
And then you can accept and then you will experience that Mother Earth and the planets – other planets that possess life – are children of this fatherhood and motherhood, which we are concerned with.
The moon is the mother for space.
The sun is the creating power, the fatherly authority for this immensity, to which an end can be seen.
The academics say: “This immensity is infinite”, but ... this space will end!
And that ending of that space, we will explain that to you, we will analyse that for you, you will experience that step after step.
You will get Divine authority under your heart.
That moon radiates light, that moon gave radiation.
Because of the experiencing, the condensing of this actual own source new life originated.
The first grade came, the second, the third, the fourth, the fifth, the seventh, and the thousandth.
As that life, that cell life experienced a condensing and a time in order to accept that life in those waters, expansion came, material expansion.
That little cell became bigger and finally after centuries, centuries ... we see in those waters – you will soon experience and see that ‘beyond the coffin’, you can see it, you will be one with this life – we see that this cell life has experienced a process of expansion; can you feel this?
That life became bigger, it got materialization.
In those waters.
Meanwhile, the waters condensed themselves.
That separation ...
Processes of decay came about.
That separation gave life, breath of life, condensing, expansion, inspiration, fatherhood, motherhood, reincarnation, life and death, everything is present in those waters.
Everything now has meaning, everything which you can image as a human being about God, about creation, about fatherhood and motherhood, that is present here, and that lives here.
Only what you think as a human being, speaking, art, music, your dictionary, all of that is not yet here.
And here everything is finished, here everything is Divinely conscious, here everything is just, here everything is harmonic.
These are laws, this is birth, this is fatherhood, and this is motherhood.
We live in it.
And now we will continue.
We must accept and we can experience, we can follow that these lives have to a million-fold path.
And, yes indeed, after millions of years we see that that moon has condensed itself.
The material that was condensed ...
I will not dwell on the embryonic life, how that originated, how those material laws reached condensing – another crystallization of and materialization for the material, for the spirit – we will do that later.
We will go through the universe for a moment.
We will experience Saturn; we will experience Uranus, Venus and all those other planets.
You will be sun and star.
A spatial happiness will soon overcome you; you will feel the kiss of your Divine self.
And it is only then that you will understand the being a father and mother.
It is only then that you will reach the happiness; it is only then that you will reach the knowledge, it is only then you will kneel down and be grateful that you belong to humanity.
We make headway, on the moon ... and see that the final stage has almost been reached.
The books ‘The Origin of the Universe’ now give you the picture.
The fish stage evolved, you see the first grade in it, the first cell.
You must now follow this source, this wonderful source, properly.
This macrocosmic motherhood has to divide itself until that All-Soul, that soul, that personality has materialized itself.
That therefore means that this body was born from God, from the All-Source, from the All-Life, the All-Love, and has to manifest itself, if the All-Source wishes to see itself represented by the life that now comes.
Is it clear?
Did other planets receive life?
Where did the soul originate for all life?
Did the earth receive an own personality?
Did the earth as a planet have to accept the own divisions?
Did the earth – listen carefully – did other planets experience that same development as the beginning for this space, the origin of the macrocosmic motherhood?
Then I can now say – we will come across those laws – that this is not the case.
What I now have to lay the foundations for, is that you will feel that this body has to divide itself for space, for God, for the All-Source and soon this will no longer be possible.
It will be with regard to yourself, but it concerns: where did we got the Divine independence?
Where does the image lie, where does the foundation lie on which we can stand?
The foundation, which carries everything, which has the connections, possesses the contact for every law, for the animal world, for Mother Nature, for the human being?
Where was this contact born, where were those foundations laid?
And then it is here (master Zelanus draws on the board that is placed on stage), the moon!
Motherhood for space got an own independence, gave back that independence as a result of the own division and further to its life.
But that life is inspired, is a particle, is a spark, is a division of the All-Source, the All-Light, the All-Life, the All-Harmony, the All-Justice, the personality.
The All-Source, the All-Mother ... The All-Source, source, source, everything lives there, everything came from there!
And every life, every cell would soon represent that All-Source, would possess everything which you as a human being, can see when you open your eyes, but the soul and spirit of which you do not yet know with regard to your human society, at least science.
You are now connected with the Omniscience, and that Omniscience was built up by the human being which once lived on earth and now represents the University of Christ.
My children, at this moment you are followers of the University of Christ.
The masters ... lock this under your heart and think carefully what this means for the future - you have been accepted!
I will tell it to you again and repeat it to you at the end of this lecture, so that it gets through to you what we must now begin with.
If we continue, then we will see – since you are in possession of the books, ‘The Origin of the Universe’ ... as I have said, read the books! – then we reach the final stage, and we see the very last grade for the moon, which is a fish stage.
The human being lives in the waters!
The academic on earth can now accept and say – the biologist is now that far, science is that far at this moment –: “Yes, we people, all of us, all the life originated in the waters.”
You can therefore check this.
What will happen now?
The final part of the body has been experienced.
The first sparks which reached development, that embryonic life, they have the final stage of this planet, this motherhood.
Can you feel?
No planet ... we no longer have to do with a planet.
For this motherhood, the core, that soul, that little spark which began as an embryonic particle, has experienced the final stage for this grade, and the spatial becomes conscious.
This is the first cosmic grade for human thinking and feeling, for the development stage for human, animal and Mother Nature, because after us comes more life.
We are the first organs; we are the first lives that received becoming conscious and started on this life.
My sisters and brothers, at this moment we do not represent God, but the All-Source as a fish.
This first grade, the moon, now represents the Divine All by means of the fish stage.
It is a great, wonderful body.
When you wish to make a comparison with your time you descend into the waters.
You see your sea lion, you see your seal and we were in a similar kind, the body was almost no different.
That is also the ape.
The ape has ...
We will come across that, we will meet those laws.
Darwin said: “The human being descends from the apes.”
The first ape ...
I will soon ... soon we will come across all these millions of laws and independences and they will be explained for your life.
Darwin says: “The human being descends from the ape.”
We say, we saw it, the creation, the All-Source says: No, the ape was born from the human being for the land!
But there in the waters you see your sea lion, your seal, and is still the representation of the human kind, which then, during that time on the moon, was a human being ...
You are still that image, and that is the animal separation from your material ego.
All laws, all worlds, all books and soon after ten, after twenty, after ten thousand lectures we come across all these things again, because God wants us to awaken.
It is your Deity that gave me the consecration, the word and the inspiration in order to open your Deity.
You will go on wings and experience your own fish stage.
You will feel, imagine and accept that life in an inspired way and press it under your heart.
People, sense that we experience a final stage here and it must not be any ‘moon’, cannot be any ‘moon’, because that name was created by the human being, because that name was born by means of the human being, the university ...
This has nothing ...
All those names now disappear from the Divine All, from this space.
Everything, which has received a name, is – that will soon be clear to you – distorted and deformed.
Because now the sun is a ‘she’?
The moon is mother!
Why do you say sun, why do you say moon?
The sun is fatherhood; the moon is motherhood for this space!
And what we are now concerned with is: the moon, that mother, that part of that All-Source must divide itself and this now continues, this emerged, this advanced.
Centuries and centuries passed, this process lasted millions of years and finally the final stage also came for this body, and this body was one mud pool.
And then the hardening came, the condensing; and now you see a dead body, because the first cosmic grade is over.
How many souls, human beings, animal beings, and children of Mother Nature did this macrocosmic motherhood create now?
When you can experience the stone age and when you can absorb into you the ten commandments received by Moses, then you are also capable of opening your inner life to also receive that word and the Divine conscious child which has reached the universe, the All-Source, will speak to you and say to you that so many souls were created by this motherhood.
Then you can join your hands and say: ‘Yes, my God, it is I, I will see, I will live, I will know.’
The moon divided itself.
“How many people”, you now ask – you feel, I will just go back to the earth for a moment – “How many people come to earth, how many people were already born on earth?
How many people already lived on earth and how many souls did God create as a human being?”
That can be seen, experienced and felt, that can be calculated in the Divine All.
The human being who has arrived there and represents the All-Source there as a human being, he knows how many souls received the consciousness as a human being.
How many human personalities now represent the All-Source that has been weighed out!
The All-Source has held those weighing scales in the universe like that with both hands, as feeling, and said: so many souls come from my thinking, my feeling, my life aura, from my living heart, my process of giving birth.
We also let go of this again, and we continue.
The moon now – when we hold onto, enter this first stage of creation – is now busy only in order to give birth, in order to serve and to give itself.
Therefore every spark – we experienced that recently – takes a part of that source, gets a part of that moon, of that first grade, that macrocosmic body.
It absorbs so much Omnipotence into it as the spark needs in order to grow, in order to evolve.
Therefore, that spark, that small soul which we now already see as fish.
There, between the very first stage here – here, for example, here lives the first spark and yonder, on that side lives the fish stage – millions of ages have passed.
You have ...
We have already experienced millions of ages as a human being in this stage, from the beginning to the end of the moon.
We covered billions of lives, billions of lives!
And it means that when the moon, that first cosmic grade, that if that first source, that very first life there in the macrocosmos had not known any reproduction, any divisions, then the creation would have been smothered at that moment.
Then there would be no more progress, then there would only be a standstill, then the creation would have come to an end here in that very first stage.
But life continued.
Because the soul – I explained that to you – because that first cell was attracted, had to take part in fatherhood and motherhood, because of the own life that originated, fertilisation, it came back.
It received new life, new fatherhood, and new motherhood.
Grades came about, we call them seven transitions, and we will soon see those seven transitions in order to experience fatherhood and motherhood again in the universe as macrocosmic lives.
As the first, the second, the third, the fourth, the fifth, the sixth and the seventh cosmic grade, in order to enter the All, the Divine All as a human being and you will be a Deity.
You are now a human part of your ... of the All-Source – also a Deity – but for your spatial conscious, your Divine character you are first humanly conscious.
We have spatial consciousness, we get Divine consciousness and we now analyse and explain the laws of them to you.
When you have absorbed this image properly, when you feel that everything must return to God, to that All-Source, you can also accept that with this the end for the human being has not yet been experienced with this moment with regard to the All-Source.
We will continue.
And what happened now during that time?
During those millions of years that the first cosmic grade condensed itself, the moon, she sent out her powers as a mother.
In her environment ... she lives here under the sun, under the creating power.
The creating power comes down from space like a heat.
She floats; she lives under the sun, under the fatherly authority of space.
She absorbs that heated radiance and as a result of that radiance expansion, extension, evolution.
Meanwhile the creating power for space has condensed a million-fold, more heat comes, light came into space.
That creating source which first drove from the invisible – that is the All-Source, you will certainly feel that – rarefied, condensed itself, as God, as the All-Source could, manifested itself; because the light has already become visible.
We therefore had, we saw the Astral source, that golden radiance, which had divided itself.
That golden garment ripped apart, as a result of this two parts originated.
Two parts; as creating power and the principle of giving birth that must be the first cosmic grade and is the fatherly authority for space, which has got meaning for you as the sun.
And that meaning, that effect, that process of expansion got light.
Light came – there was darkness – light came and now ... because of that light awakening also came to the motherly part.
Extension came, an expansion, a materialization.
We came through that light, through the reincarnation.
Because we are soul, spirit and material, which are parts of that source, we came from that first moment there, the cell existence, to the final one and could and can now say: we reached the first cosmic grade.
That is a planet life; we have a macrocosmic life within our possession that lives under our heart.
That is our system, our thinking, and our feeling.
And what do we have now?
We have only got a body that floats and flies in the waters; the human thinking is not yet there.
We have no art, we have no understanding of a God, we have no understanding of a Christ, we have no bible, and we have nothing!
We only live in the waters and we are Divine core.
Just compare that to yourself, what you now possess.
I believe and I really hope that you can now feel the gratitude that you are a human being and have now already reached this height, this space.
Because there are – I explained to you – still people living in the jungle.
And they will soon also, in a hundred thousand ages, centuries, they will take your place in this human society.
Everything remains behind.
You will lose everything?
No, you have yourself, because by means of the material core, by means of the material society, you will take your Divine core to the revelation, because that is the intention.
We experienced the first cosmic grade here.
We got working, and we have awakened.
We have a powerful, wonderful, animal-like organism, and we live in the waters.
We have no understanding of man and woman, but we have the feeling to divide ourselves.
This essential feeling is of Divine importance for everything and you will never lose it again, because was this core not placed in our hearts from the very first?
No, the All-Source began, and the macrocosmos took and got hold of those laws.
We received it again from the first cosmic grade, we became an independence.
We have reincarnation, we know life and death, we know the cycle of a life, and we know the end.
We also know the returning, but there is no consciousness.
There is no insanity either, there is no psychopathy either, and there are no disorders.
Everything happens as the All-Source wanted it, we do not know any disorders; soon, yes, when we are conscious human beings, stand on two feet, possess hands, when those paws experienced the final, when our under part divides itself.
Everything will divide itself, everything must divide itself, because He ...
She ... therefore the All-Source – and when I say He, then I already mean God again – He created us in His image.
The human image which must be a Deity, experienced a planet from the first moments, therefore, it becomes that space.
It will be a universal whole, which we will soon possess, because we continue.
And truly, because in every core the Divine force, the inspiration is present, my sisters and brothers, the moon, the first cosmic grade sent out conscious power in these centuries.
That power is birth giving and creating ... can you feel this?
That power, that radiance from the moon, the first cosmic grade – I must now name the moon again, if it is to be clear to you – the moon, that power was attracted, absorbed by other organs.
And now it appears, after those centuries, that there are other bodies which also experienced a division in that space.
Which live in that space between fatherhood and motherhood, absorbed that conscious radiance from the moon as mother and are now in harmony.
With what?
With what?
With what?
Those powers, those balls there, they are invisible, because they cannot be seen.
We have received a visible universe, a universe as light, like on a summer’s morning.
You must, you can ... when you want to experience that time ... then you must go to the East.
Your West does not know these morning hours ... dawn.
You have to go to the East for that, you must see the desert, you must experience palm trees, and you must see the East, because the core for this awakening lives there.
And then I can, if we were to sit down there, then I can give you an idea of how the sun, therefore the fatherly authority for this space, condensed itself in those millions of ages.
Then we slowly come from the night to the first twilight.
Because, when the moon was half-waking and this means, that when she had materialized her life for fifty percent, therefore that means: the fish stage was equal to a metre high.
We have fish, we have become two, three, four metres high there, and that was the final ...
But in that interim stage the sun was at that and that and that power, at that and that becoming conscious.
Can you still follow this?
Thank you.
And that source ...
That becoming conscious as a final stage was sent out by the first cosmic grade; absorbed by the planets that lived, floated around this motherhood, and absorbed those powers.
The moon, that mother, got conscious radiance for the fish stage.
And we are fish and that radiance goes there and we have therefore to experience a law, we have one attunement.
The radiance, the aura of this process of giving birth, is exactly the same as the becoming conscious which we mastered because we could experience reincarnation.
Is that clear?
That source therefore came at exactly the same moment of attunement with us now that we have experienced the final stage for the first cosmic grade.
There is therefore another body present and ready to attract us.
And now we descend into this fish stage.
We want even more, we want to see the space, and we leave the waters.
And if a seal or a sea lion could not go out of the waters – you must listen carefully, I am telling you prophesies – then our end on that moon, on that first cosmic grade would not have been on land, but then we would have died in those waters.
But that animal, that seal, that sea lion, that animal can also live on the land and is water conscious.
And we experienced our end in that way.
We freed ourselves; we crawled out of the waters, lay down, because we wanted to continue ... and this continuing was only this phenomenon.
We manifested this continuing, we could not speak, we could not think, not feel; we could feel.
We wanted to continue and now we crawled out of those waters, we wanted to see land – we did not know – we crawled on the land in order to experience death.
We knew, felt consciously: we would die.
Because we could not remain outside those waters for long, over months and years.
We had to go back; but we wanted to die, there is an impulse in us, in that life, to go further.
Further ... but that brought ‘death’.
We experienced millions of ‘deathbeds’, if you wish to compare it with your earthly concepts.
We experienced millions of ‘deaths’ in the waters.
Now the last one, the final one ...
We lie on the land, we die because we do not want to return there, we cannot return, we must continue ...
Has that spring awakened in us?
Death comes, the ripping, the ripping apart of the fluid cord.
The soul, the personality, the life becomes free and sinks back into that other silence ‘beyond the coffin’, behind the material.
We, millions along with us, Christ, everything in space which has, have experienced, travelled the cycle of the earth, the apostles, everyone who enters the first sphere, the light, the truth, justice – which is a heaven – were able to follow this, able to see this.
We made ourselves one at that moment with a fish like that.
We reached sensitive unity; we attached ourselves to that life.
We were one and we wanted to know: what will happen to this life now?
We would follow that and what will happen now?
We remained conscious, we continued to think, because we have our spatial consciousness; that fish stage can be experienced, can be felt and that can be dealt with.
We cannot deal with higher consciousness, you cannot either, but you can experience the lower individual, so that that soul life, that spirit, that personality of the fish stage will now provide us with a reproduction process, or an end will come.
But no end came.
We, Master Alcar, André and I, and millions of people experienced that for themselves – I told you that a moment ago – everyone follows those stages in space.
Every academic, every human being who is prepared and has covered the laws for the earth, immediately asks: “Master, can you explain the laws to me, am I ready to make the journey, may I be a follower?”
And then we will begin and we come and we now follow what you receive.
We became one, the feeling took us over; we felt that we were sailing away.
We went somewhere, we felt that the aura – now feel properly – that the maternal authority there of the first cosmic grade became more and more rarefied, we went away.
We pertinently and consciously felt that we had left her vicinity, her personality, and her power.
That spark was attracted by something that does not possess any lower consciousness.
Now we dwell upon a law, a cosmic, Divine law, because – you will feel, I told you a moment ago – the moon sent her, as a first cosmic grade, as a process of giving birth, she radiated her powers into the universe.
That was therefore higher consciousness, wasn’t it?
Higher thinking; higher feeling – we must not yet talk about thinking – it was higher feeling, deeper thinking, and spatial thinking.
That inner life as aura had consciousness.
If that had not been a higher consciousness, my sisters and brothers, that other planet – this must now be a secondary planet, a transition, a first grade again – could not have attracted, is it clear?
But because this is a higher consciousness, living vitality, living plasma, we come outside ... we can feel that.
The master says: “What can you feel?”
“I can feel the mother.”
We now speak about mother, oh sacred motherhood, that is the moon.
“I feel, my master, that the mother is going out of my life ...
I am beginning to feel that I am being released and am getting hold of my personality.”
“And what can you feel?” asks the master who is in charge.
“I experience the same laws.”
That is all in the ‘Cosmology’.
“I experience the feeling, I would be able to give an explanation.”
“Yes, give me an explanation”, the master now asks.
I would be able to give an explanation for the earth, so that a human being will understand it, that is what the mother feels when the child wants to be born.
Only the mother can know it.
Only she feels the time approaching which she calls the contractions.
And then the mother feels: “This possession of mine which I carried all that time, this sacred unity, this wonderful feeling” – this life in you, in this society, thinks; there it did not yet think, it could not yet think there – “this is leaving me, I am starting to feel it.”
Gradually, calmly, even in your sleep you start to feel that the life is starting to leave.
And now the life leaves, the birth comes and now the mother says: “My God, my God, if only this could continue eternally.”
You have lost something, haven’t you, mothers?
You miss something at that moment; yes, you miss the eternal giving birth, you miss an evolution.
A gulf has come between you and that birth.
But if you experience it in the depth for space, then you can say at that moment: “I have taken part in creation again, I represented God again, I was one again with His process of giving birth.”
Because later, when we come from space to the earth, you will experience – and then we will stand still and then we will be inspired, so that the Divine word can come to you in order to make it clear to you – that being a mother is the most sacred thing which you can experience as a human being!
Being a mother means: being one with a process of reproduction, with evolution, with giving birth, creation, life, soul, spirit, reincarnation, justice, with harmony.
Being a mother means: possessing everything, because the macrocosmic image, the All-Source manifests itself during that short time, those months in the mother.
Everything manifests itself in those nine months, which the mother can experience, but that which we wish to make clear to you, and the macrocosmos gave to the human being, the macrocosmos placed in the hands of you, the macrocosmos, you as a human being, you as father and mother.
You got sacred respect for fatherhood and motherhood, because fatherhood and motherhood connects you to space, to the All-Source!
We will continue and really ... we enter a new body.
We are still unconscious – we are conscious – but we know: this cell of that animal had to accept the first stage again.
We see the spark again, but that spark has got consciousness as an animal life; only working, animal-like working is present in that cell, is it clear?
Now we remain one and we start to see what happens.
That cell comes into the aura from that planet and now has contact with that astral ball.
That is therefore the first, that is a planet which lies outside the atmosphere of the moon, which lies far away in that universe.
Because why must that first transition be far – far, what we call far – from the aura, from the life of the mother?
Because, if that source lives in the aura, in the thinking circle, in the feeling of the moon, that source, that new transition, that secondary planet does not get any higher consciousness, because then you remain yourself.
Because that source, therefore that soul, comes outside the motherhood for the moon, evolution also comes.
Is that good?
Therefore the secondary planets must lie outside the atmosphere of the first, the second, and the third grade.
The secondary planets are not directly on the planet ... you call it, you can call it satellites, not directly in the vicinity.
A satellite directly near the earth can contain life; that is also the final, that is the last stage again and we will soon experience that.
You will see that, you will feel that, we will explain that to you.
Then that soul has contact again with the own conscious stage, the second or the third cosmic grade.
Do you understand?
And in this way we could continue and we saw that those animals came there outside of the atmosphere of the moon, a new planet had absorbed us; a new body which also originated because of that division, but had to wait during those millions of years?
No, you feel, you should see what wonderful laws you will get.
This life, the moon, started; the moon created new life, and that other life, millions of balls, cells, macrocosmic bodies, live here and absorb and are still, they do nothing, and have nothing to experience.
What happens?
You will feel how wonderful, how wonderfully simple everything actually is again, even if you live in space.
Those planets were busy preparing themselves for motherhood.
They absorbed the aura of the moon in themselves and had nothing else to do, is it clear?
They could not experience anything else, it was that, only absorbing that aura from the moon, because now Mother Moon knew: my life will continue!
The first cosmic grade could say: I am ready, I am growing, I am evolving, I bring evolution, because the other source which receives my consciousness lives there and is in harmony with my life, which will soon leave my space.
And we continued ...
Now it comes: we live in a world, that ball is also infinite, it is a planet, smaller than the mother, but we have our consciousness in us, our feeling and now become one with the same aura from which we originated, don’t we?
We absorb that aura, because this is now the wonderful problem for many people.
This is now the cosmic reproduction process, because that aura here in that ball, in that astral ball, also therefore a part of the All-Source, millions of years in the invisible, but that also reaches working now, that is the next stage.
That life now begins, has absorbed that aura of the mother into itself, we reach that unity, we are one.
Therefore, the aura of the moon is our foundation, which we now stand upon.
We absorb a part into ourselves, millions of sparks continued with us, and we awakened with millions.
There are lower grades there.
There we see ... before we left, we see for a moment ... look there!
That returns, that has not yet been able to experience its death, and has to return.
We are further, we know when we look back here – here, that is the moon, this large space where you are now – when we look back, then we see that the moon will still be busy for millions of years before her All-Spirit, her All-Core has condensed, understood?
Her All-Source will transform itself.
She is a part of the All-Source, she is All-Soul and every spark which separates itself from her body – that is the process of giving birth, that is the motherhood – absorbs so much All-Core in itself and then the condensing comes, then the final process for this birth comes, for our spatial thinking and feeling, the returning to God.
Can you understand this?
Here the stage begins again like on the moon, exactly the same laws.
We reach working, seven transitions and finally ... we are ready, and we are in the full stage.
We touch each other again; we separate again.
A new birth comes, we will die, we now live longer ... we now live longer, but we just have one life to give birth to.
We just need to give birth to one life, there is nothing else in the creation, one life for that life in order to be able to return.
Therefore, if we did not start to divide ourselves, then sooner or later we would no longer have any returning.
Consequently division comes, reincarnation comes, we get the new life, we are conscious in an animal-like way.
Good ... we live for a moment on the moon.
In those first grades that were a millionth part of a second and then we had already expanded, we had already died, lived it up.
There those laws emerged, but because we had got more consciousness, that process of continuing to live lasts a bit longer.
We fly through the waters; we felt it, finally!
We completed our deed of creation, nothing more can happen to us, we continue.
We wait for a moment; we live a life of bliss there.
We do not know any trees, any animals, any people, any apples, any pears; you do not need to eat.
You just absorb the breath of life there.
There are no sins and no faults; everything is perfect.
We get the same process for that planet; we conquer that transition, after so many millions of years again we conquer this planet.
And the very first thing which we now absorb in ourselves having experienced the final is: when this life comes into those waters and has reached the very highest stage, now experiences the land, goes from the waters – therefore the very highest again – not much has changed in this organism.
But the animal ... we live longer on the earth, we are outside the life that we enjoy in the waters.
Therefore the time of land consciousness already expands itself and we continue in this way.
If you can remember this, and the books of ‘The Origin of the Universe’ tell you that, short of course, obvious, – this is why the cosmology must be added, that means, this is the cosmology, this is the origin of the being, the life, the receiving of fatherhood and motherhood –, we see that a planet, a body in the space is capable of giving expansion to its own life.
And now we leave that motherhood, we experience that planet, we continue again.
There are no other laws – you will remember this now – and that is for all the planets, for all the spaces created by the All-Source, exactly the same thing.
You do not need to let go of this again, even in the fifth and sixth cosmic grade you must experience that giving birth, because those are the most sacred fundamental laws for God, for the expansion, for fatherhood and motherhood.
Fatherhood and motherhood take you back to the All.
We can therefore take a leap and leave this for the time being.
We will go from the first to the second transition; we came to the third, the planets, secondary bodies that got a place in space.
One body divided itself again for the other one.
That secondary planet, the transition, emits an aura again as the mother, and drives, therefore inspires those bodies there.
And finally we arrive at a new planet, at the final grade.
These are just pre-stages.
We come to the second cosmic grade ... new life!
We come there. Before we have reached the fourth, the fifth, we have erected ourselves.
Those paws, they came outside, we got claws, and we have become hairy.
We are now almost ... we now look like an ape; we are like animals.
We are still hairy.
Our skull still has to form itself; the sun does not yet have that power.
After that evolution process comes expansion, comes development, evolution comes and embellishment, but we will get the actual natural, Divine embellishment for the first time if Mother Earth, as child of sun and moon, begins her task ...
Is that clear?
We will now therefore see, what we experience as and will be main cores for this morning, that everything which you see and experience in the universe is only just fatherhood and motherhood.
And now we will take a short flight to the earth, we will go away from the secondary planets.
We are on the second planet – the second cosmic grade is the planet Mars – and we will now experience transitions again.
We arrive at the secondary planets and now the earth comes into contact, the earth is ready.
We absorb the earth which was held between sun and moon, which has felt radiance.
That all happened of its own accord.
Those balls ... why is that that planet and why is there that planet?
You cannot ask that.
Why is there a difference between planets?
Why did that planet which is the earth – people ask – has received that?
Why are you a poet, why are you this, why are you that?
Why does one person have nothing, in your time, from your temporary self?
Then we say, then the universe says: you have everything, you will see later, you can soon master the laws, art, everything!
Because what the earth had, is also for there.
Because those other planets – the earth lived in between fatherhood and motherhood – because those parts also originated from that division, from that Divine garment, and will experience a similar task.
Because that earth does no more than that other unconscious body, which you will get to know as Saturn, Uranus, and Jupiter.
Planets, gas balls, you see the hazes and I will now connect you with this, I want to finish and border this lecture, this fatherhood and motherhood for the universe, so that you experience a final stage and you no longer feel that gravity.
What you saw there now ... we will come back to that second cosmic grade later, because that must happen, but what you see there, we therefore experienced for the moon.
There are six transitions between the moon and the second cosmic grade, we also experienced that for the revelations when the All-Source started, didn’t we?
We saw God in the invisible, for His spiritual personality, now already as material, as animal life, and again with regard to the space as macrocosmic bodies.
And that now means that we got the opportunity – those are the opportunities, those are the cores – to bring ourselves to the Divine evolution.
Those are the foundations, the footsteps that which the All-Source laid down for us in order to return to that All-Source.
But if people now enter the earth – the earth has also started again, the earth got evolution, the earth got condensing – and when we pass those millions of years, then you can follow your doctrines.
The earth reached condensing.
Science does not yet know how, but people already accept: hazes came.
They are now close by, the people, those academics.
The earth came in hardening, materialization.
And a glowing process came, you feel, heating, giving birth, a cooling down came.
Science says: yes, but then there were not yet any people.
If science can accept that, the very first stage for the moon – can science see that? – then believe it, then all of this humanity stands for what you now receive, then this humanity stands for the University of Christ!
Can you feel this?
The earth has now reached condensing during those millions of ages, and when we release those macrocosmic systems from that time and now experience the present stage, then we see that there is only one mother and one father for the universe.
And that the human being has condensed itself by means of that fatherhood and motherhood and that other planets, the earth, has worked on the body for the embellishment of this image, but that we, since we received lives, could continue our evolution.
We came from the space to the earth; that was not from the space to the earth, no ... we took a step, we took a step, left and right, that is just a step, a little step ...
Because soon, it will become clear to you, you will see that this whole universe is just a spark of your Divine source.
It means nothing and everything, but as a human being you are not yet a Divine conscious being, we will get to see that.
But next to that lies the image how awe-inspiring it is, as a human being, consciously on two legs, to act, to see, to feel consciously, to experience space, to be father and mother for God, for yourself.
It is only then that you start to understand how awe-inspiring, sacred, wonderful and universal the human being is.
How wonderfully sacred the mother is, how wonderful the man is, the creating power, who will represent the All-Source together as beings.
And then we will soon see, because, by feeling and analysing the Divine authority, the consciousness of space, absorbing that in you, you will understand your life on earth better and you will bow to the mother, because she is everything!
Then we will no longer talk about destruction, devastation and hatred.
Then we no longer fling God’s child, the Divine core in God’s sight.
Then there are no more murders, no destruction, and no deformation.
Then it has become sacred seriousness for your personality as long as you are still in the material.
The earth has ... you see that now ... we live on earth.
We took one step in space to another grade.
We got those feelings, experienced that working, we mastered those laws.
We are ready, absorbed, built up, drove along another body, as a result of the creating and giving birth powers of Mother Moon given as All-Source, we have prepared ourselves.
There is a new planet, the earth, and a higher consciousness.
She, as child of sun and moon, of father and mother, will take care of her life.
And now you must experience this conversation.
When the earth began and the Divine power ...
André told you recently that he sat in a chair and the goddess of Isis, that painting fell from the wall – I heard it, I was with him, I was with you –and it said: “André, I am falling, but catch me, catch me.”
And he says: “Mother, are you calling?”
“Come quickly, André”, and he immediately goes and he takes the goddess of Isis into his heart.
“If that painting”, André said to you – and the angels, the masters heard that – “can give you feeling for a sort of disharmony, an accident, what will the fatherly and motherly authority for and of space be able to say to those children?”
And when the earth was that far that the first life that cycle ... that is a cycle, that spatial cycle, that is only a thing, this ... and there are planets in that cycle and footsteps were made in that cycle, we got spaces in that cycle.
We have that cycle ... your space is just a cycle, a small cycle, as comparison.
As to see this comparison with regard to the Divine All that is just a spark, a step in a higher direction to a higher feeling and thinking, a new motherly and fatherly consciousness.
And then the father of space said: “And ..., mother?
Are you satisfied?
I see what you are doing, I am always busy.”
“Yes”, says the moon, the mother, the first cosmic grade.
“Yes, my good man, we are one.
I will go to the All-Source earlier, when I will soon have been able to grow, been able to give my body, my soul, my personality.
I will return to the All earlier and represent my place again as before – but also consciously – and you will create until all our life of this space, all our life of our world, our house ...”
Because did the bible not say and did Abraham not say and did the prophets not say, did the God of all life not speak: there are many dwellings in my Father’s house?
Yes, the mother said that.
The moon said that, that was the sun that was the creating power. “Our children are doing well, our children are thriving, the first ones have already reached the earth.”
And ... little Jet ... what is the earth called?
Could the sun; could the All-Source give the earth a name, could she be called Mary?
She was the third cosmic grade; she represents the heart of the moon, the heart of the All-Source.
She has nothing else to do than surrender herself, because the human being, the life originated from that source will absorb her, will absorb so much power in him and now new awakening comes.
And the sun says: “And, mother, can you feel my kiss?
I am so happy and I gave light to darkness.
I walked.
We filled the waters.
We gave ourselves a wonderfully beautiful garment.
I am radiating consciousness and you, my dear, you accepted the contractions, endured the pains, but our life will soon populate the All, kneel down before the All-Source as father and mother and in order to represent both of us again there.
We gave that to our children, all our life in space has accepted and experienced the legal independence, the justice and our harmony.
All our millions of children will be blessed, because we experienced the true laws and could give them to our life under our heart.
Can you see?
Continue, my mother ... my mother, continue and prepare yourself.
Soon when you die, when you return to the source of all life, the All-Source, the All-Life, the All-Light, the All-Soul, the All-Spirit, then you will be next to me, then you will be dissolved evolving plasma; thinking, feeling and understanding and we do our work together.
You will drive and inspire me; you will be next to me.
I will take you to my heart and we will experience the eternal kiss in order to finish the life of our children, and mankind will enter the Divine, spiritual, astral authority ... life after death.”
Life after death, in order to, my brothers and sisters, continue the laws for space, and you can already determine the next session for yourself, it will be called: ‘The astral personality for the human being as a universal image, as light, life and love.’
Accept everything, so that the All-Source will awaken in your life.
God bless you and your people.
I thank you.