The spiritual world for the human being

Good morning, my sisters and brothers.
You will get the lecture this morning ‘The spiritual world for the human being.’
But before we connect ourselves with that, first of all, a short introduction to the last part, so that those who are here for the first time will feel and understand what it is actually about.
We spoke about the All-Source and God originated from that All-Source, the All-Knowledge, the All-Light, the All-Life, the All-Soul, the All-Spirit, the All-Fatherhood and the All-Motherhood.
The All-Source manifested itself in the universe and that started because working came and that working produced hazes.
Science can tell you: ‘That is the case, the first life came about in this way.’
Creation started in this way.
These were the first possibilities for the revelations of God, who manifested himself materially.
Then we went further, that space was filled, those hazes changed and later manifested themselves as clouds.
Those clouds darkened and then light came.
We then got to know God as the living light, and we accepted those laws.
And that light in this universe split itself again.
God now divided himself, we now see God as a Father of light in myriads of particles.
Those myriads of particles, that is the macrocosmos, those are planets and stars which we will soon experience after centuries, after ages, and then be able to follow them, as a result of which we will get hold of our human existence.
We followed that.
The bible does not write about that, because the bible starts to write, think and feel about the revelations of God from a human feeling.
The bible started from the moment when creation already belonged for millions of years to the past.
If you can accept this you will continue, and if you cannot accept that, you will stand still for this life and for space ... at a dead point!
When the division for the universe happened – you know that – darkness came again, because every part took so much consciousness as light from that Divine light.
Those planets, which will now come forward, will continue this evolution.
Because we will soon have to agree that every life, every spark possesses the Divine core and must promote the reproductive process, so that life will evolve and will return to God.
But as a result of which we establish and have to accept that that life which came about because of these divisions, emerged, and must represent the God of all life, the All-Source, the All-Love, the All-Life in the highest stage ... the Divine All!
And we will go there this morning.
A trip from the earth, I hope – or we will continue at the next lecture – a trip from the earth to the Divine All, so that you will know that the Divine core lives in you.
We made contact with that first astral ball, which is the moon.
You will soon also know why the moon died, why the moon now no longer has any life, we will come across all of that.
But then we will enter the present stage to which you belong.
But for the universe, when that first life began, we saw what happened in the space, that that planet, a maternal body – that is the moon, that is a maternal body, a process of giving birth – got hold of those laws.
And then it will become clear to you and you can experience in particular and accept, then, that that macrocosmos, as we saw and were able to explain, was created for the microcosmos, for you as a human being, the animal kingdom and Mother Nature.
It is only then that you will start to see and you will experience that you are universal beings and the Divine attunement, also that reproduction and all the characteristics originated from that All-Source, are laid in your hands.
I told you: then there will no longer be any inferiority complexes, then you will possess space.
No ... you are it and you will start to see and understand life completely differently.
The moon begins; those hazes come about.
The moon now lives in the palm of your hand.
Embryonic cells emerge.
After those separations those cells receive an own existence, an own independence, and now creation has already started for the human being.
But the human being will soon open his eyes; the senses must be born.
You will get to see reincarnation.
We stood still there by that first cell, that first contact.
We experienced the pre-stages, which mean the transitions before that cell was ready to give birth in order to promote that reproduction.
We experienced that; we held that.
We made ourselves one with that cell and accepted death, which does not exist.
We saw that that cell tore itself, divided itself, gave life to another cell, a new life existed, a new division, but this first life had to accept a death, a standstill.
Do you still know this?
At that moment the core left, the Divine core, this material, already material life and entered a new world.
And that world now belongs to the human being, but that belongs again directly to the Divine core, the All-Source!
As a result of that world, which we call the world of the unconscious, where the soul, the core, prepares itself again in order to experience a new birth, we will soon see that again, but now in a conscious state, your hereafter will come into existence.
We will soon go further and we will see that in all those centuries, those millions of years which passed, the cell, the human being came through the waters, had to accept the land life and then evolved materially, inwardly.
Every life brought space.
We established that we saw and could follow the first life here as a cell, but after millions of years we saw that that life had grown out as a fish.
The human being lives in the waters.
Everything originated in the waters.
Science can endorse that, those laws have already been accepted and laid down, we saw those foundations.
Science now knows: all life got water consciousness.
You can still determine your gill system, the doctor can show and explain to you that those possibilities are still present in the organic life.
Those are foundations and we continue to build upon them, and soon for the soul, for the spirit, for Christ, for God, for yourself, for your inner life, your astral world, the world, the spiritual world for the human being, the human being ‘beyond the coffin’.
How was all of this born, how did all of this originate?
We will follow those roads.
There is one Divine cord, which connected us with those Divine laws.
We saw and experienced, when we could release ourselves here in the very highest stage, that the animal – there in those waters – got the feeling to go onto the land and to experience something, to get something.
We determined and asked: why does this animal want out of the waters?
Because we know for certain: there will be a death here.
Those organs were not yet there, that animal was still attuned to the waters and not to the land.
That organic life still had to reveal itself and would create itself, as a result of which the human being got land consciousness, firm ground under the feet.
We get to know all of that, but here lies the core – I told you – for reincarnation, for fatherhood, for motherhood ... the universal Divine foundations in order to be able to go further, in order to be able to evolve!
And that is here in this place, where the first cell was born, where that division came about.
Or we would have had to accept, if that soul or this life had not known any evolution, that here the Divine creations had been smothered.
That would then have been the end of life.
But life continues!
New life was born and now it appears, soon when we tune ourselves into the present stage to which you belong, it appears that nothing has changed about those laws, that those same cores are still present in the human present stage and that this is not death, but must be reproduction, must mean evolution, and that you as a human being are now busy taking your Divine core to the material and spiritual revelation.
Can you understand this?
These are the Divine foundations which we lay, and now the universe is open to us.
That first cell was attracted by the child – which therefore originated from that power.
That cell reached peace in the world of the unconscious.
This is an invisible world but, in which that core lives!
That core descends to the first stage, peace comes, silence ...
And during the time that the life was born by means of these first cells, is ready to continue the reproduction, to take part in the Divine revelations, to manifest itself, to spiritualize and to materialize – is it not the case? – those two souls could be attracted, and we see that we get to know the first death, which is not a death, which must be the transition.
We get to see fatherhood and motherhood here.
We see the reproduction, the evolution process and this continues eternally until the human being, until that core can represent God, the All-Source in everything.
How do these cells now return to God?
You are sitting here before me as people, but when are you Divine?
We saw that the animal left the moon, could accept the land life, a dying process, experienced a division between inner life and material.
The soul therefore, the inner life of this material organism released itself.
We connected with that life.
We were attracted by another body, prepared by the moon as mother.
Because every cell, however big, however trivial, will multiply itself, which is for the All-Source: to promote the reproduction process for yourself, the evolution, the reincarnation, to bring fatherhood and motherhood to development for the universe, as a result of which you consciously get hold of all those systems as a human being, as life.
And that was the intention of the All-Source, as a result of which God now originated.
I made it clear to you, and the book ‘My Revelations the Peoples of the Earth’ tells you that, that the word God has only meaning for the earth.
But God is the life in the universe, you are that yourself!
You are a part of Him, a part of Her, the mother, the All-Mother.
Because the process of giving birth gives the human being, gave the life, the possibility to lay new foundations for new, higher, universal consciousness.
For fatherhood, for motherhood, for light, life and love ...
You will become love!
We will soon, when we enter the consciousness for the earth, get to know the laws for Socrates, for Plato, Aristotle, the wise systems, and we are faced with: am I true, am I sweet, am I just, what is my society like, how do I feel and how do I think?
What does all of this mean?
We then lay universities at our feet and stand on top of them, and can then finally say: all of this belongs to me.
We saw, my sisters and brothers, that we went from the moon to a secondary planet.
That secondary planet, the transition life, was fed by the aura of the moon – that moon had reached a conscious aura – that planet absorbed that into itself.
I showed you the difference.
Did that transition planet have to and would it live in the aura of the mother, therefore in the atmosphere of the moon?
That was not possible, because then that life would not get any new consciousness.
Therefore it floats ... that transition planet floats somewhere in space, but absorbs the living, conscious radiating aura from the moon.
Is that clear?
We saw that as a result of that, life was condensed.
We were attracted.
We came to consciousness; we awakened.
We absorbed so much feeling from that astral ball into us and now we saw that a new life originated in a new source, in a new space.
We had independence, but we would return in the embryonic stage, because these are the Divine laws, and as a result of which, a new life receives the possibility of existence for spirit and material.
You are still mother and the child still has to begin with the very first stage, from the embryonic life and grade of life.
The new life is born in the mother.
Is that ... or is that not the case?
These are Divine fundamental laws and those laws are final, those laws are revelations!
A birth as embryonic life is a Divine revelation and a law.
And as a result of this we will see how we return as a result of these revelations, that birth, this fatherhood and motherhood, to the Divine All.
We went and came that far until we ... from the universe ...
We experienced Mars; we followed the secondary planets which received a place in this space between Mars and the earth – Mother Earth – for these revelations, those Divine creations.
We felt firm ground; we accepted the earth again and determined at that moment that the earth possesses exactly the same laws as the moon.
But not like Jupiter, Saturn, Venus and Uranus and other planets, we will now follow that, we will go into the creation.
We followed lectures in order to analyse fatherhood and motherhood for the universe.
Because as a result of this, we lay down the foundations for this world on the earth at our feet, and then continue to build in order to enter the spiritual world for the human being.
Can that be any clearer?
If you hold on this, then I can continue, and then, if you are coming here for the first time, you must read the books, I asked you and I ask you again: ‘The Origin of the Universe.’
And then you will follow exactly how those laws originated.
You will take the book ‘The Peoples of the Earth’, you will get the beginning there – because we will come across all those laws – you will get to see the beginning of the creations there, you will get to see the beginning of the hells, the heavens ... and especially when this humanity received a faith.
Where is that Protestantism, Catholicism and how did Buddhism, Mohammedanism originate?
What did all those sects on earth mean for you as a human being?
We will see that the essential source lives under your own human heart and that that source is inspired by your life and consciousness, by your train of thought, by your characteristics and that these are the foundations.
You can then experience that you get a hold of the Divine revelations destructively as a result of every thought, but you can also drive them inspiringly, as a result of which the ultimate occurs and will say to you: look, something has awakened in you.
It then appears that we must promote, drive and inspire the Divine core through our earthly life, you, through your fatherhood and motherhood, through your task in society – it does not matter what you are – and take it back to the Divine conscious grade of life.
In order to represent Him there, in order to represent yourself for all those millions of spaces, because then you are a Deity!
The first lecture gave you and said to you: you are Gods, you are it; and we now want to prove that to you!
We do not yet come to earth, we still remain in space first of all, and will follow and lay a few foundations from space, analyse problems, lay stones in order to give this Divine building a certainty, as a result of which that Divine independence occurs for yourself, for your life, for your fatherhood and motherhood, doesn’t it?
And that means: we saw that every life possesses the Divine independence, every cell, no matter where that cell lives – just look in nature, just look at a flower, just look at the insect life, the animal life – all life is busy evolving itself; fatherhood and motherhood.
I explained to you that the universe wants to be only: fatherhood and motherhood!
And now here we are, we have come for the lectures, you are academics, you are astronomers, and we will see how, from space back to the earth, that space is for our human, for your human thinking and feeling.
And then there is very little and now it becomes very simple.
You will probably be frightened of cosmology and you will say: it is making my head spin.
You now only have to accept: the universe is only mother and father ... there is no more!
This wonderful universe, in which millions of stars, planets and suns have found a place, is only mother and father, and there is no more.
And where does that fatherhood and motherhood live?
You saw it: God is creating, God is birth giving and since planets came, since the sun, the creating power, the inspiring life of feeling occurred, crystallizing materialized itself – I told and explained to you –the sun occurred as light.
And there motherhood came, the planet which absorbed that light into itself, and then, condensings came again – I told you a moment ago – the hazes came again, a separation came, and now we already see a motherhood originating for the cosmos, that infinite cosmos, which you can accept in both hands.
The moon is mother and the sun is father.
The moon is the process of giving birth for the cosmos and the sun is the creating power in order to give life the very highest, for which these wonderful things were born.
But in addition, and in the very first place, we now see that this whole universe is and lives under your human heart.
And, by experiencing evolutions, by being able to experience reincarnations, you have absorbed the core of your society, the core for art, that universe.
That you, if you live on earth, possess spatial consciousness, it will soon be clear to you when we can take hold of that final grade as the spiritual independence.
Then you see and you feel and you accept that you are Gods!
The human being is an eternal life.
The soul, which possesses the Divine core and has received that attunement as independence, here and wherever you are in the universe, is busy conquering that universe, this macrocosmos, this universe and the wisdom of which you will master.
If you cannot accept reincarnation, rebirth, you will be standing still again.
We went from the moon ...
On the moon – I told you – we, as human beings, had to accept millions of lives.
We experienced ages.
Because, if I were to wish to connect you immediately with those injustices, which beat you at the same time for this life, social consciousness with regard to church, God, Christ and bible, then you will not be able to accept that the child from the jungle must stay there and that you possess everything here in this white race (see, all those pleasant things.
You have light, you have life, you have food and drink, and there a child of God lives in a jungle stage under the ground.
Would you be able to accept from your human consciousness, that God favours one life and deforms the other?
I do not believe that.
There are – thank God – millions and millions of people on earth who no longer wish to possess this nonsense.
Every theosophical, metaphysical child is ready to say: “They have grades to experience.”
Those grades originated from the cosmos.
The human being in the jungle will soon experience the white race (see and will take over from The Hague and your Amsterdam, and wherever you are, in order to prepare himself for the next step, for which you prepare yourself, and want to be: that you enter the spiritual world for your inner life, with which I want to connect you now and at present, this morning.
I hope at the next session, with this contact, to be so far that we can return to the earthly consciousness, and then I must begin in the jungle with those dark people, with those blacks (see, in order to take you through those grades, material grades, to your own society.
And then we are faced with the characteristics, universal injustices – but Divine truths – which we will then walk, experience one for one and will then determine the spiritual core of it.
In order to determine the legal foundations for ourselves, for your Deity and to take possession of the Great Wings for the space.
What else do you want?
Here in this space – you live in the universe – only sun and moon are of significance.
Secondary planets are childish, sisterly and brotherly organs.
Now it proves that Mars and another planet and the earth is a child of sun and moon.
And that child will – as you built that up for your home life – soon continue the task, not for your society, but life.
The mother gives life to her little daughter and that little daughter becomes a mother and she also gets her children.
She attracts; she gives birth and creates.
We got those planets, this possession, this consciousness which the human being has in his hands, by means of those transitions, those spatial planets, those life sources, and as a result of this the human foundations were laid.
Now it appears that a Jupiter, a Venus, a Saturn and other planets ... we will connect ourselves for a moment with Saturn, you see here a wonderful planet and when you ... Master Alcar was able to do that to André and me, you will experience that ‘beyond the coffin’,
you will then go to Saturn.
The astronomer immediately asks when he ...
Thousands of astronomers have already come ‘beyond the coffin’ who had completed their cycle of the earth.
We will soon experience that we will end the cycle for this space and you are already busy with that ... the cycle for the space!
Not the cycle of the earth, a cycle for a day, a cycle for an hour, but we will end this spatial, macrocosmic cycle.
And the first academic, who came, said: “Is there life on Mars, is there life on Saturn, what do people say about Jupiter?
Can you connect me?”
The academic of the cancer says: “Does cancer exist, how can I cure cancer?”
The theologian comes and says: “How did God speak to Moses?
Was God on earth with Noah?
Where did faith originate?
Was creation already finished for millions of years when faith began?
What is true about Egypt?”
The priest from the temple walks round like a crazy person in that world and says: “Where are the Divine temples?
How did we get a higher consciousness?
Let me see how Ra, Ré, Isis, Luxor, the Goddess of Isis lives.
Where is she?”
Another one comes, a cardinal from the Catholic Church: “Is it true that Mary was conceived immaculately?
Is that a birth which was given by Christ to Jesus?
Was Christ able to accept the deformity of Jesus?”
Just come along, then we will show you how Christ was born, where Jesus originated, how Mary became impregnated, that will come soon.
But first, gentlemen, first you must lay foundations, because that is all human carry-on!
Human thoughts built up a space.
Society originated as a result of your thinking and feeling, but not as a result of the All-Source.
You gave a name to the sun, you gave a name to the creating power, and it is called for you ‘sun’? And that is a ‘she’?!
And you christened the first cosmic grade in ‘moon’, but that is the first grade of evolution for the Divine revelations which we got hold of as a human being.
Mars is the second cosmic grade and the earth is the third for this universe, the very highest consciousness for the macrocosmos to which you belong.
And now it is called: Jupiter, Saturn ...
What kind of names are these, what do those names mean?
What ... what does it have, Saturn?
What Jupiter?
Who gave a name to an unconscious body in the space with fatherly Divine authority?
What remains of your astrology when you are faced with the Divine foundations and you have to accept, have to see, have to experience from revelations?
Nothing, nothing, nothing!
I once spoke about this: “Does astrology have meaning for the human being, for life on earth with regard to God?”
Then nothing more will remain, because now we see that Saturn is not a motherly body, but that Saturn possesses other organs, wants to be and has to mean a gas ball – as a result of the radiating powers of fatherhood and motherhood all those planets emerged in order to provide that universe with the breathing.
Now it appears that Saturn radiates an aura which feeds and absorbed the maternal body; also the paternal authority, the sun.
Jupiter and all those planets have now achieved a conscious and unconscious personality.
We now see that how closer those planets have come to the solar system for the present stage – that is therefore the earth, sun and moon – that those planets have also got another working from inside; those organs are different.
When you look at a place behind and deep in this universe, experience a planet, then you see that that body possesses more unconsciousness again than the earth or other stars and planets in the vicinity of the creating power, the sun.
Why is all of this, why – we will soon experience it – the earth got a place between sun and moon?
Why does the earth live so close to the sun, why are all those other planets in the universe?
It is because this place must be the direct place to absorb.
That grade is the third grade; therefore the earth would embellish the human being, the animal kingdom and Mother Nature to and for God, for that All-Source.
The earth is now a body, a macrocosmic body, which possesses the possibilities to finish off that body, as a result of which we get to know the spiritual world for the human being.
Mars and all those other planets, they do not have a hereafter.
Now it is already established that the earth must possess a conscious hereafter and that you will enter a new world ‘beyond the coffin’, now for the first time, now that you leave the earth.
But we go ... are not yet eligible for the independence for the human being and that sphere.
We first have to follow that spatial evolution process, if we wish to experience a new universe, or we will not be released from this universe, from this cosmic grade.
Because do you want to accept – you do not believe that – that this is already the Divine stage?
Did you think that there is another universe where rain is no longer needed?
Where the material has reached the spiritual grade?
Can you accept that?
Can you accept that there has been a prehistoric age, here for the earth?
And that you could blow down a plant, a flower, for example – as large as a house at that and that time – with your human power of now, your breath, your consciousness?
It was all water, haze.
Then the hardenings, the growth and blossom process, the cooling down, the heating up came, and look: Mother Earth builds on her life, Mother Earth brings ... crystallizes her body.
You received the diamonds, the pearls and the gold.
Another body, Mars or another planet, did not know that.
Because the earth would get that growth and blossom process; because the earth has received this place in the universe for this becoming conscious.
Is it becoming difficult, or can you still accept all of this?
Now we can see that Saturn and Jupiter and all those secondary planets are half-conscious.
They live in between fatherhood and motherhood.
They are not mothers and fathers, they have a task to fulfil and are now – now we come that far – and are now particles of that body.
The universe is like a human being.
They are the lung systems for this macrocosmic body.
There is the process of giving birth, there is light, there is feeling; there are the foundations for reincarnation.
Those bodies do not die out!
If no new life breath was created for the universe, now at this moment, then this universe would suffocate, then a suffocation process would come, no new light would come, no new life, a death by suffocation would be the consequence for every organism.
However strong, however powerful, however inspiring, an irrevocable dead point would come.
But that is not there!
Those planets have nothing else to do but bring their bodies to development, and Saturn does that, Venus does that, those planets absorbed the aura of fatherhood and motherhood for this purpose – can you feel that? – but they are not that life.
Your ape ... I explained that a while ago, and the world made such a fuss about it, at least the universities which Darwin stood for ...
Are we descended from the ape?
Or – as we say – is it precisely the other way round: is the ape descended from the human being?
And then we say: yes, your sea lion, your seal are still phenomena of your lives, your conscious grades, when we lived in the waters as human beings.
Because we got a land body – didn’t we? However, you also had a water life, a water organism and then you were, then we were like your sea lion, your seal, which possess the feeling for everything that you wish to manipulate.
The animal from the waters almost touches the human consciousness.
And your ape is the shadow light of your eyes, is the shadow feeling of yourself, has human hands and feet, but remains an animal.
You are that animal; we are as human beings exactly a step ahead of that animal.
And it will never ever be able to overtake us, Darwin!
Darwin already knows that now, for that matter, the masters already explained that.
He says: “How can I destroy that nonsense again?”
But they are all foundations, you will see that again later too.
The masters continue to build; God wants us to continue to build.
What does not yet have a foundation today, will get it tomorrow.
You do that, and in five centuries another will do it for us.
But at this moment you are receiving – accept this – the Divine word, the Divine foundations in order to strengthen your Deity, to get, to experience and to see the Great Wings, so that you will now enter the Divine.
Darwin said: “That little animal looked exactly like the human being, had an aura, had an organism, you see those hands, you see those claws.”
Yes ... hands, but originated from the human first ego, can you feel this?
Darwin was on top of it, but he was just off the mark!
Like that ‘Christ’ who is now walking on earth again; you are precisely ten minutes too late, because He has gone!
He will never return again!
Do not imagine that you are Christ, you will never be that and He will never return either; we will soon determine that.
You will receive Divine wisdom because you see your spatial consciousness before you and it was given to you by the stars and the planets!
We will take Saturn.
We now understand that Saturn does not possess, cannot contain a human life, because Saturn, Jupiter, Venus and Uranus are body parts of that macrocosmic organism.
And what happens now?
This universe already began to radiate in the beginning.
The first radiances from the moon and fatherhood – moon and sun – were received by other bodies.
First for this universe, and when that body was finished, got shape – didn’t it? – what happened then?
That body sent out new powers again.
Or do you not radiate life, now?
Are you living dead?
Does the child from the jungle not radiate life force?
You can accept: every life radiates fluid, because you are life.
And do you also wish to accept that you emit a higher consciousness, a higher vitality than the child in the jungle?
If you cannot accept this, then I will prove it to you, because the light from those eyes is not the light of your feeling and thinking.
Do you wish to fool me and do you wish to fool God, fool your Christ, your Divine attunement, that the child from the prehistoric age had understanding of two and two is four?
And that the process of giving birth and growing of that child from that space, from that time, could represent a society?
When you meet a psychopath, do you not see that that light, that is the day-consciousness you live in, has disappeared from those eyes?
Can you feel, that means that the space also had to emit that conscious aura.
And when that space had already condensed itself, the planets took over the power in order to give birth to a new space, a new life for themselves.
Because all that life, all that life – can you hear it – must return to God; a planet, an insect, a light, darkness.
When something belongs to the life it comes back to the All-Source, can you accept that?
Very simple, the Catholic Church also says that and Protestantism says that.
The bible writers sensed that slightly: yes, we return to God, we must return to God.
But people do not yet know whether you, whether the human being is a Deity, now for your time.
Yes, people say: ‘Yes’, but then the foundations!
You will feel, you are getting a teaching at this moment which is superior to everything.
You can compare it to theosophy, then you will see: we no longer have any closed doors; everything lies open to you and to us.
We no longer live in darkness; here the conscious Divine universe speaks to the earthly human personality.
And what do we see now?
Here in this space three grades originated.
This is the moon, which is the first grade, then Mars, earth; they are three cosmic grades of life, of which the earth represents the highest consciousness.
And now we go further for that space.
The earth therefore emits, and those planets and those stars have reached their final life and grade and consciousness, emit new powers.
The star will create the light for a new star, for the fourth cosmic grade.
We will see a moon again, a radiation from the moon as mother body in a new garment.
The universe as light, which you look at, this blue aura, that robe, that is a garment, that is a house, that is the body, that body will emit a higher radiation in order to continue life for itself.
When the Divine principle is present in every core for giving birth and creating, then this firmament also has to give birth to new life.
And we have been able to determine, had to accept that in our life, for all the life which originated as a result of the Divine revelations.
And then we lay down at the feet of the masters; yes, a flower ... also a master; can you feel that?
You must not start to seek masters; a flower, an insect can be a master, because that life can connect you with God.
Then we lay down and said: “My All-Source, my life, my love, I thank you that I belong to life.”
Because now life becomes beautiful, now life becomes happy.
Now you are grateful that you can breathe and that you do not have ape consciousness and that you are not part of the discarded ego, but you are human beings!
And now you start to understand and inspire your Divine source in an evolving way.
Soon we will be faced with these laws and then we will say to each other: do not destroy anymore, do not snarl and growl anymore, because you kill, you smother your Divine consciousness.
Don’t you?
Why do you not learn this?
The Catholic Church will also teach you this.
We learn to see the lie and the deception, but also the justice, the spiritual, social justice which emerges on the Other Side, the world for your inner life, as a shining universe, and to which you belong and can you say: I mastered all of this, all of this belongs to me.
And what happens now, my sisters and brothers?
When we can let go of this space, then we see – we have there the first stage, the second stage, the third grade – then we see that the first transitions ...
We have determined that between the moon and even deeper back ...
We came from the All-Source.
Therefore the moment that the All-Mother started her evolution process, we followed that moment and saw that that creation, that emitting from that All-Source, that All-Mother, that living aura could not have manifested itself just like that.
Seven ages were also needed for that.
And now we return.
Because the All-Mother needed seven ages, seven transitions before the universe had accepted the shining radiation, we must accept that we see those laws again in another universe.
Because those sources show us the way, they are the foundations which we keep on seeing again for the cosmic plan for you, in the human being, animal-like being, the animal life and Mother Nature.
This is the Divine thread that connects you again to the Primal Source in a higher stage.
Are you not mad yet?
We now live in the fourth cosmic grade.
We will soon come ...
That will therefore be the next lecture.
During the last quarter of an hour I will connect you with the spiritual world for your inner life.
But now we will continue for a moment.
We come from the space, we all radiated light.
Planets and stars and everything, hazes and clouds, everything radiates an aura ...
Sends it further ...
A new space comes, new life, new consciousness, is that true or not?
And now a new space originated, an immensity, in a higher light, cleaner, more pure.
The sun, which we will see there – how many suns are there – will be more rarified, more supple, softer.
And it must happen; the body will be different.
Now, we get to see the source like the human being ‘beyond the coffin’.
That universe will be shining and spiritually conscious!
Now we will let go of that universe for a moment.
We will return immediately again in order to show you that those processes will really take place, that we must see that revelation, because we know the laws of the earth, don’t we?
Was I not talking about the prehistoric age a moment ago?
What did the earth look like after a million years?
A large wilderness!
There was not a house, not a knife, not a pair of scissors.
We did not have any society, any light, nothing!
Nothing which you had from this society because we lived in a jungle.
The bible also accepts that.
You lived ... we lived like a human being in a jungle, cities and houses were not there yet.
You did not know any light, we pounded stones a bit and we got a spark.
We built up our food and drink, yes, we got it just like that out of the ditches, out of the rivers and ate it.
We participated in cannibalism.
The human being was a beautiful thing for us, because we bit fiercely into those tasty arms, we sucked that blood into us and that was us as human beings, do you see?
What was society like?
It was not there.
What was life like in nature?
A prehistoric product, raw, harsh, animal-like, pre-animal-like, there was no more to it.
And now you are human beings.
Now you must look at nature, nature was a pool of mud.
You now have clean waters, you possess crystallized consciousness.
You have your life water; you crystallized, expanded, inspired everything; evolved to a situation, which is light.
In everything you see the light, in everything you see, and you feel the consciousness.
Should we not, in a higher stage –now we can determine that this is not yet the Divine universe – should we not accept then that a new universe will originate?
When you now come ‘beyond the coffin’, when death now comes, when you go out of your body, is that already the universe?
Is that already the Divine universe?
Yes ... it is for the Catholic Church.
You can soon ... if you experience it properly, Protestantism, then you will soon come to sit at Christ’s, Our Lord’s table, with your spoons and golden pap.
Then you can eat and drink there as much as you want.
But you will not see Him. That is all nonsense!
You will get a very different consciousness.
You will no longer need food and drink.
You will not sit, you will not stand at the right hand side of your father’s seat, your papa, because it is he.
And you will no longer trade for three barrels of cognac to sail a sea of life, you are separated from that, you are free from that.
You have spatial feeling; you are life, light and love.
Yes ... and still afraid for ‘the coffin’ and still afraid of wanting to lose yourself?
To still refuse to accept the treasures of God!
In this universe where we now live, natural conscious grades came.
The universe is now like this comparison, this image: you see here the sun, and you see the maternal body.
The maternal body for the earth – the highest there is the maternal body – that is now the moon.
The moon built itself up there as the maternal body.
The moon floats there as a wonderful great life with spiritual consciousness.
You look through the green, you can see the soul of the flower, you can see through the people.
The water, even if it is thousands of metres and miles deep, you look at the bottom, everything has materialized itself spiritually.
There are no more illnesses there; a lawyer, your policeman, lies and deception have dissolved.
You are true, you now experience the Divine, spatial justice.
You no longer hate, there is no jealousy, you are living conscious, you obtained love, because you conquered this space.
And you experienced seven spheres, spiritually; you mastered the world for your inner personality.
You released and freed yourself from every material thought.
Or do you not believe in angels?
Do you not believe that there are people in the astral world who have reached the fifth, the sixth, the seventh spiritual sphere?
Do you not believe that the life, a flower, a plant will speak to you?
And that you will soon get to know the laws, have to accept them and want to say: “Yes, all of that was born from me, I love that life, it is mine!”
Just destroy a human being now, and you will destroy yourself!
Deform, loathe, hate, lie and cheat a human being, and you are cheating yourself.
They are parts of your Deity; they are sparks of your Divine All!
It is life of your life, light of your light!
We will soon have to agree, we have to accept that, because the fourth cosmic grade already says it, Mother Moon says: ‘Look, away with that name!
Mother ... I am mother again, mother, mother ...
I am the first and the highest to receive this life in this universe.’
And now we see: the maternal body lives here, one body, one planet, and around that planet, around that maternal body, there we see the first transition.
Therefore from the moon a transition, there now as a self-conscious planet.
Can you feel this?
There the moon, the moon emits forces; there lies a secondary planet, for us the transition, the step.
On the fourth cosmic grade you see that transition as a conscious planet, as the first cosmic grade, therefore for the fourth.
For the fourth cosmic grade, for that universe the moon lives here again, that is the mother; that is the all-inspired source which has created a new life.
The moon as mother therefore, that motherhood condensed herself in a radiating way for the fourth cosmic grade, is that simple?
That must ... that must be the case and it is the case.
Now you see the first secondary planet, which we followed between moon and Mars, and between Mars and the earth, which we now see ... there are just six there.
We have those six transitions ...
This is why I accepted those things, this is why I tuned myself into that and told you a moment ago: do you believe that it was suddenly finished?
The All-Source, the All-Mother needed six, seven ages in order to crystallize herself, in order to materialize herself, and then the golden light occurred as a garment, seven ages ...
And we see those seven ages again for this space as planets and solar systems, also the moon, on the fourth cosmic grade now, the first transition, as a conscious maternal planet.
There ... there the second, there the third, there the fourth, there the fifth, there the sixth; here the All-Consciousness for that grade.
Here, where I am standing.
You therefore come from the seventh sphere.
You then enter the mental areas.
That space that lives here, that is just a step, you blow into it just like that, because your inner life has attunement to that aura, that consciousness.
Is that clear?
It will become very simple!
It will become very simple!
You can experience it yourself soon.
Now we come there again, we are attracted.
We are therefore, when we soon enter the seventh sphere on the Other Side – the highest, the last, the ultimate for your inner life in the astral world – then we are ready, aren’t we, for the fourth cosmic grade.
Those planets, Mother Earth and all this life in this space created new life, new consciousness.
That planet system, those sparks, those astral balls are there, and are waiting for us.
In the seventh sphere we are ready for the mental areas; we call that mental areas, invisible worlds. We are attracted by the aura of the moon, the aura of the following conscious grades which we now determined in this universe – is it clear – of which the earth sends us to the spiritual grade of life, the world for the spirit, doesn’t it?
Or we would not be here, or the earth would not have this consciousness.
And now we prepare ourselves and are ready in order to reach that seventh sphere.
And now we are attracted and we see ... We will soon experience that, and we determine that in the fourth sphere, that is the Summerland; and Summerland also means: consciousness.
A summer’s morning is a loving life of feeling, of power, growth, blossom, revelation.
Because that time, that summer’s morning gives you the image, the process of giving birth for and of Mother Nature.
Clear and simple!
We experience that on the Other Side.
Now we see that the fourth sphere is the final one for the cycle as spirit for the earth.
You now have the lower spheres – we will soon meet them – but we will pass onto the first transition, second transition, third transition, and the fourth transition.
Then there was already light in the space.
When the Divine mother, the All-Source, started in the fourth grade, then the universe was already lit up.
But it tore apart again, because this universe still had to experience three stages before this Divine light, therefore that radiance as light, had got that shining independence.
And we now see that again on this path!
We have there ... here is the maternal body, that floats here through the space, there the first transition planet, the second, the third, the fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh.
And now we see: there is the sun.
Night ... night, my children, is no longer there!
We now have ... the sun represents seven conscious ages!
When we have to return soon from the universe, then you will start to feel which wisdom you receive. We can determine at this moment, as the academic, as André heard that and told you this week: how old is Mother Earth, how old is this universe?
You can determine that from the light of that flower and the image in the waters, the life in nature and from your own organism!
You can see from the light of Mother Earth, from the inside of her body, the year, the figures, how old she is.
We all see and experience that and then you get a cosmic image.
You become cosmically conscious for all these systems.
But what happens here?
Here there is no longer any night, because the night has been for the earth: the cooling down for the embryonic life!
When there is still in your stage ...
You will feel, we will now keep coming back to the science, the consciousness of your faculties.
Because the faculty, your physicist, he says: “If there was no night, my dear children, then we would dissolve.
Then the sun would scorch us in just a few days.”
The night brings the cooling down again, the dew, the water, growth and blossom process.
There must be night on earth.
But because we have one sun in order to ... this ... one sun, can you feel that?
All of this is both father and mother.
There is just one father in order to promote this, but more fatherhoods, more help as ‘men’, so to speak, are not necessary.
But what do we see here on the fourth cosmic grade?
There is the sun.
We live, for example ...
We step down from the maternal body and go to the first transition, we live there.
That planet that is revolving, also makes a revolution.
And there ... now the first sun is there.
Now every sun gets ...
Doesn’t it?
Would you think that every insect is mother and will receive fatherhood?
Do you know, can you now accept, because I am placing you before a wonderful problem, a wonderful, tremendous problem, do you wish to believe that every motherhood attracts and possesses fatherhood?
Can you accept that?
Does that come from the bottom of your heart?
Then it must be simple that every mother planet now possesses fatherhood for the fourth cosmic grade.
And now we see that there motherhood and fatherhood are one world.
And that planet, the first transition, had given birth to and created an own solar system.
And now that planet reaches a process of orbiting, and you say, it goes, closes itself off to that sun, therefore this now becomes darkness.
But now number two is there, the second transition and it says: I will help you, and it gets light from this side.
And now it appears that there are only ten seconds, seven seconds ... they are seven transitions again, seven ages, because you feel, you come there three, four, five, six ... and then the maternal body comes.
Therefore every planet is absorbed into what?
I would like to experience that word from you.
Every planet, every insect, every animal, every human being, everything in this space is absorbed into what?
It is absorbed into light, into fatherhood, into motherhood, into radiance for evolution, a revelation process which is present for every life.
Therefore you possess – and it comes down to that now – that life therefore possesses seven depths, seven possibilities in order to experience and to undergo that consciousness as a living radiating power.
Is that clear?
Now ... therefore obviously, that sun there – as father – is not alone, but that life has mastered seven spatial grades for consciousness.
Therefore that life, that first planet, that transition is aimed at ...?
Also at the second grade!
Because that life belongs to the fourth cosmic grade as a whole, as an independence.
Therefore now – and you will also experience that in nature – the life serves.
Those suns are ready to be able to receive all these transitions, so that the night will disappear.
There is no longer any cooling down needed, because cooling down does not want anything else but to live between hardening and renewal.
But you will get independence, stability, a continuous consciousness.
And now it appears that here the night for your life, for this space is unconscious.
Or is that not the case?
What are you when you sleep?
Try saying that it is not the case!
I challenge you!
But I want ... I will bring you back to yourself, so that you can determine on your own two feet: yes, that is the case.
But no one in this world can explain that to you, that comes at this moment from the Divine All.
There is no academic, no Einstein capable of analysing the fourth cosmic grade, because he does not yet have this universe in his possession.
Do you also accept that?
Then you can accept that we are laying Divine foundations.
And now it appears that there is no longer any darkness and we come to ... when that first planet revolved.
It is a wonderful phenomenon.
You must be able to imagine that, it is a wonderful problem.
We walked there; you can certify Jozef Rulof as mad, but he was there with Master Alcar and with me.
We walked there hand in hand on the fourth cosmic grade.
We followed the people, we looked people in the eye, and we spoke to people.
And the human being said: “I know your language, I know all the languages of the world.”
What did Christ, what did God say?
“The life of feeling is speaking!”
“Were you on earth?”
“Yes indeed, do you wish to know my name?”
“Yes, say your name.”
“That name is called: ‘Buhwuhwuh’, because I lived in the jungle then.
There were no cities, and there were no societies.
We needed millions of ages in order to reach the fourth cosmic grade.
Do you wish to give us a name?
I exist, my name is fourth cosmic grade.
I am sun, moon and stars, I am no more than this: father and mother.
But I have become life, light and love on this attunement, not yet in the Divine.”
And now we get: there is no night, because the planet, the first one ... the first revolution, the first grade, the first planet revolves, the first body revolves.
The second grade is also there, can you feel that?
Can you feel that?
Therefore the sun, the paternal authority is precisely on earth, on that planet, as here.
Therefore the paternal authority says: “If you stood there, then take over something of me.”
At the moment that the planet revolves ... they revolve there around the axis, which was necessary again in the beginning.
In the beginning there was ...
You will feel; I talked about it a moment ago.
I was about to contradict myself.
You will not remember it anyway.
But I want to prove fundamentally to you that there in the beginning ...
Because there was in the beginning darkness, darkness again; light came and then those planets reached working.
Then there was darkness, so also still in the beginning stage: universal cooling down.
But in the ... if you want to rap my fingers, then I will tell you: yes, here materially, there spiritually.
Therefore there is no darkness, that ‘planet’ sends its light along the planet earth.
You will feel that this sun shines upon all the life in the universe.
Those ‘planets’ can do that too, that is the paternal authority.
And now just one moment comes – they are, calculated for your earth as time, seven seconds – and then you see a light shadowing come.
Then all those planets are opposite each other at that moment, with regard to the space, the revolution, giving birth, fatherhood.
And what do we see now?
What you can also experience in this universe is that the moon closes off the earth, and the earth closes off the moon with regard to fatherhood.
Is it clear?
Therefore a planet eclipse, you can also experience that there.
But that is now no longer an eclipse, no longer night.
That evolved, the night must evolve, or do you not accept that when you are in the Divine, you will never sleep again?
Did you think that God still needed sleep?
You are eternally awake and conscious!
You feel that it all makes sense.
One connects with the other.
I cannot be mistaken about this, because we were able to make the journey to the Divine All.
We will continue on that path.
And now there is no longer night, there is always day, for seven seconds only a light shadow, and then it is that beautiful summer’s morning.
The light there is like the light on the earth when the sun comes up and it casts its eyes over the earth for a moment.
That means, then the earth enters its orbit again and then the sun rises again.
The sun traces an orbit, but now we go over the sun.
As a result of this that list came.
This is why the night manifested itself.
It is no longer present there!
There is only a light transition before the light ... before the planet accepts the spatial, paternal authority again and is open with its heart and says: shine upon me; influence me.
And then you should see the flowers there; you should see the birds there.
You should see the human being there; you should see the human garments there.
Now we know you by your garment.
We walked there; we are not standing still.
We go a bit further, we will soon return there again, because – at the following sessions – we will now follow life on earth from the Divine All.
And then we can determine: what do you do if you do wrong?
What do you do, what are you, what are you intending when you lie and cheat?
Rob a human being, hate a human being, destroy a human being, and kill a human being ... what happens now?
Can you feel, we are being faced with those Divine foundations; you are going to see your Deity.
And now we see there: life in nature is spiritual.
In the first sphere on the Other Side we are free from lies and deception.
In the second and third sphere and of course in the fourth, in Summerland, we are spiritually conscious.
And now the fifth, the sixth and the seventh sphere, where it takes you ten, twenty, thirty, forty, fifty, a hundred thousand years in order to come there, in order to absorb those grades of consciousness into yourself.
Because a grade of consciousness means: what did you experience of those people?
You say: “I do not have anything to do with those people, what do those peoples of the earth matter to me!”
But what do you think, if you enter the first sphere, what will live there in and under your heart?
What did Christ feel?
We will come back to that.
We will get to know that.
What would you think if you were on the Other Side, that you would live for yourself?
Only of yourself and to think for yourself?
Did you think that you would have got your consciousness if no one had done anything, had not lifted a hand, had not started to think?
Do you walk past the life just like that which was burned at the stake for the Christ?
What do you think that this means when people held out a poisoned cup to Socrates?
What did you think when Christ closed His eyes on Golgotha?
What was going on inside Him?
That His body was broken?
No, He died and He lived.
The Catholic Church violated that.
No, those children do not know what they say and how they feel.
Christ said: “I am that life.
You originated from God.
I am suffering for you.”
Of course, you will soon have to absorb the suffering, the misery, the poverty, and the destruction of Mother Earth into you in the first sphere.
Because that suffering and sorrow belong to you!
You will bring the human being who lives in the jungle to society, to the happiness of your consciousness.
That is the creation, and that is a Divine revelation.
You will live and die for the life which walks the path with you, the Divine path and will one day enter the spheres for the final authority.
We will now experience that in the fourth cosmic grade.
Can you feel what we will soon experience and how we will enter Golgotha?
Yes, how will we see the court of Gethsemane?
When do you want to pray, when do you want to say: “Father, Father, forgive them, because they do not know what they are doing”?
Being beaten by society is a flower for your Kingdom of God in the heavens, for the earth and for the spaces which originated for your society, your spiritual personality.
Shrug your shoulders if you dare, still dare now, now that you know that you will soon inspire the space, the fourth cosmic grade!
You can only build that up, you will soon lay stone by stone, as a result of your human thoughts, your characteristics, your deeds.
Because you will have to and want to serve Divinely, because here there are no longer any lies and deception!
And now further, a bit further.
Here you see the fourth cosmic grade.
I can suddenly go further; the fifth and sixth are not any different.
The sixth ... you still remain mother, you reach unity, you still have to give birth and create; the embryonic life lives in you.
You still possess the Divine All ...
The mother has the All-Source in her and grows, gives ... opens her temple and the creating power inspires her as a result of the paternal authority.
We go further to six and enter the Divine All.
The seventh grade, the cosmic grade, the Divine All is finished, ready for us!
There is light, and everything possesses the golden radiance that we were able to see for the All-Mother in the beginning of these revelations.
Now we are Divinely conscious.
What was now experienced, what did we do?
We continued from human being to human being, birth to birth.
We saw that the moon life had no meaning, but for the space the transitions were in order to return to God.
All those planets in the universe you can blow from your hand!
The earth has the highest respect for this space.
The spiritual worlds originated, because as a result of every deed – we will soon get to see – you built as a result of every deed, every characteristic, love, light, life, justice, harmony, you built on your path, your spiritual path, in order to be able to move your feet ‘beyond the coffin’, which you also possess there.
You are love!
What are we doing here in the Divine All?
You are space, you are a planet, you are fatherhood and motherhood.
You know the laws of this space, because you went through them!
By means of fatherhood and motherhood you got expansion.
By moving step by step you entered life grades for a new consciousness.
You went from planet to planet.
You put a planet in your pocket; a universe means nothing, because you are on your way for billions and billions of centuries and ages!
You are now in the Divine All!
You are life and wind; you are giving birth and creating, light, life, love for everything!
You wear a beautiful cosmic, macro-universal garment.
Stars and planets shine through your garment.
You can see the textiles of this garment in the light of your human eye.
You are sure and conscious, and you can say to yourself, to the universe: “I am in everything, because God, because the All-Source revealed itself, I am a Deity for everything!
I place the laws, the wisdom, the becoming conscious of my life at the feet of the other life which still has to accept this path.”
Go home with this universe and kiss each other.
I thank you.