The human being and his Divine attunement

Good morning, my sisters and brothers.
I assume that you have absorbed into your hearts what you received as a result of the previous lectures, so that we can continue the journey to your Divine attunement.
The attunement which you will soon experience, which is of significance for your life and by means of which you will get to know yourself, is not only to be found here on earth, but – that must be clear to you anyway – has contact with the universe in which you live and which you will soon master later by means of many ages, by means of the planetary system.
We made a journey from the moon to new and higher consciousness.
We freed ourselves from the earth, from the material laws and continued, consciously further, to that higher becoming conscious, which will soon be placed in your hands, if you do everything for that.
When we have made that journey, we will return from the Divine All to the earth.
And now we will start to see, we will experience how those laws were put together, and what the human being has to master before he can say: “I am spiritual, I am spatial, cosmic, Divinely conscious.”
We assume and we know when the human being actually starts to think, when he starts to realize for what purpose he actually lives.
Millions of people, the great ones here in this world, everyone, have had to accept that this is not so simple.
It is only ‘beyond the coffin’ that the spatial consciousness speaks to our obtained personality.
It is only then that it is possible to speak to the life, to impress it upon you, to give it the wisdom you have mastered.
That is what it concerns: that is the purpose, the core, the knowledge, the feeling and the thinking, for which the human being lives.
Where does life begin and where does it end, you can wonder, and then you will immediately be faced with thousands of problems.
You do not stand only for yourself or for society the laws that you experience everyday and have to accept.
You are faced at this moment with soul, spirit and life, for which the universities do not know any grade, any foundation, because they still have to be laid.
I will go back with you to where we stopped the last time.
We do not come back to earth this morning ... and probably for a moment.
You now step out of your organism; all of you possess the Great Wings.
We begin from ‘beyond the coffin’, from your astral personality, your spiritual space, to accept a journey to the Divine All.
We want to experience that journey.
We saw that there were dark worlds.
You call them hells; the human being made a hell out of that world.
I explained to you and clearly, simply refuted that everything which you possess on earth – that will soon be clear to you – you gave a name to.
If you do art, we will explain to you in which grade of feeling, of timbre, for which personality your art lives.
If you live ‘beyond the coffin’, then the moon has lost her name, there is no ‘sun’; there is only creating and giving birth power in the universe.
The names of Gerritje and Pietje – as you mentioned that – and everything that belongs to you now falls away from you.
You have nothing more, only yourself.
Your sacred, Divine self, you still have that – and that will soon be clear to you – this is of universal, spatial and cosmic meaning, because that is eternal.
When we come from the Divine All and then look at those laws, those names, those foundations, it is only now that your life as man and woman gets meaning and you will, you can say to yourself: “My God, I thank you that I belong to life.”
When you now know the laws – you saw the spaces – you can also accept that you possess a Divine attunement, that you are a spatial personality.
You are soul of His soul, life of His life.
No, you become soul and you are life, conscious; that lies in your hands.
You have to represent His spaces now as a human being, as a human God.
Now life is different.
We go from the darkness to the light and we are now in the light.
We see that space, we see cordiality, benevolence, love and happiness, we see the temples, and we see nature.
We make ourselves one, we can make ourselves one, because we have got to know those laws, we have got to know those lives.
We went through Golgotha, we got to know the bible, and we saw the good and the wrong.
Arts and sciences live under our heart.
We have wisdom in us.
We learned, because we covered different faculties and absorbed the wisdom of them into us.
We became worldly conscious.
The planet and its systems in this space, that lives in our hands; we can lie that down here, we cover this space with the palm of our hand.
This space – really, you can accept it – has no more meaning for our life, we conquered that space.
And now we are standing on a bottom, which wants to be nothing else than life of feeling.
We are standing in the first sphere.
We love – that sphere wants to be that – justice, faith and trust, cordiality, benevolence.
We no longer believe, because we know!
Faith, hope and justice are a part, are foundations of the temple which we built for ourselves.
We know the dictionary of the earth and it lives under our heart.
We experienced Moses; we were in Gethsemane, yes indeed.
We saw, felt Jerusalem there; step for step ... followed the life of Christ footstep by footstep.
We went upwards!
We saw Him when He was whipped, nailed to the cross, when the human being – through him – placed a crown of thorns on our heads.
We took the cross, we were faced with Pilate, we were faced with the king, and we were faced with Caiphas.
We were ridiculed, deformed, thrashed, beaten and spat upon.
We were wearing a beautiful garment – we have that – we wear silver sandals.
In our hands lies a goblet, a flower, a pristine flower, a snow-white orchid ...
And yet, we see all the colours again of the space, of His kingdom, which He created, which reached development, materialization, there.
We went upwards, the cross on our shoulders.
We did not want anyone to come and help us, we claimed all of this for ourselves, because we now knew that every form of help is fatal.
Every form of help takes us to the human, material, earthly comfort, laziness, disintegration, and destruction.
We saw, we experienced, we now accept that we will experience those laws for a hundred percent, or the final core, if that grade begins to live, it will not belong to us.
And then we came up.
We collapsed; not three times, not twenty times, not a thousand times, but continually, with every footstep we lost that hardness under our feet and were floored.
We felt the thrashing behind us, the demons with the human sweep.
We experienced that thrashing, we were thankful to be able to be beaten.
We accepted those lashings in gratitude, because we know for what purpose we live and for what purpose we would die, yes, why we would leave that material castle, the human organism.
And then we lay down, and then we took up our position for the human being who is hard-handed, the human being who spits, who covers in mud, gossips about, who kills everything that he does not understand, cannot comprehend.
We positioned ourselves and said: “Do what you want with me, I am one and all surrender.
No harsh words will pass my lips again, no abuse, no sullying.
I am not capable of absorbing your life into me.
I want to be like He is, where I am going.”
And then the executioners came.
Naked, dressed only in a loincloth we lay down on the human cross.
We spread out our hands consciously, feet stretched out in order to let the executioner, the human executioner, carry out his task.
In gladness we stretched out our arms, our hands and then we felt the first tingling of the human steel pressed on our warm, pure, open, benevolent flesh.
Then the first blow fell, the first pain slashed through our heart, the blood was already flowing.
Our eyes became hazy and behind all of this the phase of the material self.
But just a bit behind that the fourth dimensional independence to which we belonged and where we will go; and behind that the radiance of the inner life of soul, spirit and personality which accepts.
And meanwhile, the human executioner carried out his work and nailed us, material earthly, deliberately calculated, to the cross, as the Messiah also was able to accept.
It is really not a pretty picture, but this belongs to the reality, because one day you will have to accept death by crucifixion, and it is only then that you will be humanly conscious.
Not only a flower in nature says that, but also everything whispers that to you if you possess the powers and the courage to continue, to descend deeper into the reality for your lives, for your characteristics, for your personality, for your fatherhood and motherhood.
If you now wish to continue, then you will go higher, up Mount Calvary.
You are crucified, it is you, and you hang there and now wait for the end, when the inner spiritual cord, which connects you physically and spiritually, breaks.
You hear now, you feel now that Christ was not an untruth, a feeble-minded person, a narrow-minded person, because you are now that yourself.
You cannot beg God: ‘Why did you forsake me?’
You cannot send your feelings into the space, because it is you yourself.
You are feeling, you are life, you are soul, and you are spirit.
You have become pure truth, an independence who wants to hit, will execute the being self for the world, because that space now awakens in your life.
And in this way the very first people who had completed the earth, had completed their cycle came in the life of a spiritual world and continued.
And that included Christ, the Messiah, the Master, the very first life of feeling which was ready to take the footsteps spiritually for the human being; to give a foundation, in order to experience that continuing and of which and for which they could master that wisdom.
In this way they came out of the darkness – because there was still no light – into the world of the unconscious, the unconscious conscious.
They lived, they had only got rid of their material, the material feeling, their food and drink, but they continued to build.
Every human being has to accept that, every human being has to experience that, because this is the reality in order to be able to conquer your Divine personality.
In order to take the core which lives in you – which is your Divine attunement – to consciousness by means of the deeds, by means of your feelings, by means of your work, your task, but especially, by means of your fatherhood and motherhood.
We will go from the first sphere to the second.
You see that world changing, we change, art changes, the feeling changes.
You will envelop your thoughts ...
You will see your thoughts differently; you will envelop your thoughts in your obtained possession.
You are afraid to say a word; you only speak the truth.
What you will speak about, you learned that and nature proves that to you.
The phenomena which you see are founded, that is spiritual possession.
Every thought is a reality of the cosmos to which you belong and which you will soon get to know.
We will go to the second, the third, and the fourth spheres.
We experienced that the first, the second, the third are still situations, must be worlds which have attunement to our earthly life of feeling.
That material has still not gone from us; we still have the organism in us.
We want to use our hands, but we no longer need those hands.
We want to go, we want to walk; we still have time ... we have the feeling for time, but there is no longer time.
We are spatially conscious, eternal ready and sure for what will soon come.
We do everything there by means of feeling, a look from your eyes immediately tells the other life what you want, what you see, what you feel, and immediately that wisdom is accepted.
I explained to you that after the fourth sphere – Summerland – we enter the fifth, the sixth and the seventh spheres as worlds, of which we master these spaces.
We become rarefied, become spiritualized.
We do everything differently; we only go round through that infinity; that is also a universe.
There are people, there are temples, and there is wisdom.
Nature becomes more and more beautiful, what was silver there, is now radiantly lit up in blue with a golden shimmer through it.
The garments of the people possess the universal light of the universe, the colour shapes created by God, by means of His revelations.
A garment like that radiates that working.
In the eyes of the human being we see the living light for this beauty, this truth, but especially this motherhood, this father consciousness, the living light which will carry and will drive us, going upwards to an independence which we will now also master.
And then we come, when it is the end there, into the mental areas.
We dissolve again, because we are ready to experience and to accept a new planetary system.
And what and how will this life be?
What has this life to tell us, now that we are faced with a human being where there is no longer any trouble?
We could – we already experienced that – discard everything in those Spheres of Light.
We became happiness, we know how happiness can be experienced and achieved.
We are no longer false.
We do not have, do not know any meanness.
We know exactly how we must think and for what purpose we received our own life.
We know fatherhood and motherhood; we know all the languages, the possession of the world, all arts and all sciences.
We know that the jungle instinct will soon and later – afterwards, after us – enter the white consciousness and elevate that society into its hands.
We know, we have accepted, we have discarded what we were able to master.
No, we have given that possession to other people, because those lives are from our self.
Then it becomes clear to us, it will have to be explicable to us, if we will be able to accept this, that all the life belongs to me and you.
We experienced Golgotha ... because we accepted death by crucifixion, because we lay down there.
And in the first sphere those laws were sealed, those laws came back to our life once more.
In the first, the second and the third sphere we experienced those laws again and then determined for the first time: yes, what I did, was normal, natural, conscious, sacred, spiritual, and full of inspiration.
Now I can continue.
I absorbed the sorrows of the people into me.
I experienced how Christ was, how He has been.
No, I experienced, I now know what the All-Source wants from me.
I absorbed those sorrows, I absorbed that suffering on earth into me; I am suffering, I am sorrow, but I am also happiness, because I am a Deity!
I cannot release myself from society, when I see that my father and mother perish as a result of spiritual sorrow.
I cannot possess any happiness when my child does not know that I am alive, that there is no death.
I have to destroy that death.
And we destroyed that death, we absorbed those sorrows of Satan into us, we conquered the Satan.
We no longer need any dictionary, any ten commandments, we have become the tenth, the first, the sixth, the seventh commandment.
There is nothing more which can disturb us, we are no longer afraid of deformity, sullying.
Deformity is that life which does not know us!
We were attracted by a new world.
They are the mental areas, mental worlds and means that the rarity of that world is more eloquent, more benevolent, more loving than the last one in which we lived.
We experience a new birth.
We reach peace in that world, and we sink back to the embryonic, because nothing has changed about the Divine and for the Divine laws of revelation.
We are still father and mother, because when we are in the Divine All, the All-Consciousness will prove that to us.
The first people ...
We will now continue from our own time, from your century, from this moment.
But the first people who were able to enter and were able to conquer those worlds before you and before us, laid stone for stone.
The moon, sun and stars, and the hazes created universal bodies.
Because we made the first divisions, the first journey, we know that every embryo creates new life again.
And in this way we see that sun and moon, the stars and planets created a new house for our life.
A world in which we could live, in order to continue our life, in order to return to God, the All-Source, and to represent there the All-Source in everything, for everything, for soul, spirit, life, light, love, fatherhood and motherhood.
And then we will be Gods!
We are now in that world, we receive the birth, and we grow up.
The consciousness which we knew on earth, has been conquered.
In the first sphere, we know that there the human being was already conscious, clairvoyant, clairaudient, and sensitive in feeling.
You do not need to move in order to speak with the life on earth, if that life possesses that consciousness; you can do that.
We were able to master the natural, spatial telepathy, the unity with another life for our own consciousness; we have that, and that is our possession!
We do not need to move, because where we are, there is everything, we have become everything.
I do not need to follow that life, that love, that bliss.
When we speak about everything, then your dictionary is there, also the bible – the good of the bible.
Then the spheres are present in our life.
Then we float, we are wind, we are rain, we are light.
We have become serving power, materially and spiritually.
We feed the waters, and we give the light to the universe, because my light is the light for the sun.
My power is the inspiration to be able to do art.
When the human being on earth attunes himself to us and I am the knowledge, then I will manifest myself there as wisdom.
When the harp consciousness awakens in you, then your life strums of Divine respect.
If you are a violinist, then the life of feeling will interpret the sorrows, the happiness, the benevolence, the love, the justice for the space, or you will manipulate the human birth.
We will now accept all of that.
The more we have absorbed the seventh sphere in us, prepared ourselves for the mental areas, for the fourth cosmic grade, it struck us that we are now everything.
We have absorbed this space, in which there is so much, into ourselves; that possession lies in our hands.
From now on we can analyse the earthly consciousness, there is nothing more that we do not know.
We see all the troubles for the world – too many to mention – the thousands of abuses before us.
We know insanity, we know every illness, and we are professors for cancer, tuberculosis, leprosy.
We are Mozart, Beethoven, Titian, Van Dyck, and Rembrandt ...
We are cosmically conscious.
There is nothing more that you do not know, you have become an omniscient for this space.
And that will become clear to you when we will soon – that ‘soon’, I always say, I always speak about soon, but that soon still lies thousands of centuries behind us and yet close by – when we return from the Divine All and accept that soon, then we see how the human being deforms himself.
What happened during all those centuries?
What happened during the ages when the material revelations still had to manifest themselves?
We got to know that.
We were in the jungles and in the waters.
Soon we begin to analyse, to dissect; not for ourselves, but for the human child which has not yet reached that height.
In the sphere, in the world in which we are now born – we awaken – the mother carried us ... now it just takes seven months, the time according to earthly calculations now just takes seven months – not nine – before we are born.
Because the child in the mother ...
We know that now, we have mastered that, the doctor, the academic of your world will have to accept all of that, he will get to know that, these are ages, conscious grades for the material development.
The child experiences that in the mother and this is now open and conscious for our life.
We master that; it has now become science.
We are still not awake for five seconds.
The child lives there, the material growth is shorter.
What you now need thirty-five years, twenty-one years for – we saw that – happens there in only fourteen and twenty days, because we go to the Divine full growth.
There is no longer a disturbance present in that life as a result of which the material systems, the tissues for growth and blossom process are restrained.
You experience that here on earth, because restraints are present in the mother.
The abnormal in the child deforms the growth, which must happen naturally.
There is nothing more there; here we live in natural growing and blossoming, and everything is open.
There are no longer any opposing powers of our personality, we are open and conscious.
The mother received us in love.
Yes, she already spoke to us when we still lived in her, and then she said: “My child, tell me, where did you come from?
You do not need to give me those material words, because I can see it.
I will give you a new life, a new birth; accept my pure kiss.
You know for certain that you, before you came to me, lived in the first, second, third, fourth, fifth and the seventh spheres?
Can you look back, now that you still live in me, to the problems of the earth, the third cosmic grade where we were?
Can you go back to the moon, to the transition planets?
Can you go back into the society, millions of years ago?
Yes, then we lived there!
Can you attune yourself to that and can you now understand what you will soon possess?
What will soon shine towards you when your material eyes, which are spiritually conscious, are opened again?
The mother speaks to the child in her, and when the child is born and it opens its eyes, then it is conscious.
Then it laughs, it is knowing, it can soon and immediately tell the mother what it wants.
Everything has been discarded, the wrong thing; the new will be brought to development.
And now the life speaks, now the feeling speaks, because the mother says: “We will return to the Divine All, we are now on the fourth cosmic grade.
We have to discard here thousands, millions of lives, because you see there the second, the third, the fourth, the fifth and the sixth cosmic grade, interpreted by a transition, a planet.
Here, where we will soon be, it is the mother body.
We will experience, my child, together, you with your soul, with your life, your fatherhood and motherhood, we will also absorb this space into ourselves.
You will experience all those sacred shapes, you will absorb the wisdom in you, by being a father, by being a mother, by representing the life again and again.
Can you feel that I, that you, the millions of children of God are only light in this space?”
Yes, now as a human being we can understand and accept that.
The human being here in this world walks in nature; the first planet on which we live again as a human being.
Regard those material shapes, I connected you with them recently.
You started to sense that these were people, but do you realize – when we return, make a comparison with the material, we see all of this, we experience, we undergo this sacredness and now make our material earthly comparisons – that we return to God, we return to the All-Source.
We no longer have to do with evil, with misery, with illness; those troubles are conquered.
Here there are no lies, no deception anymore, no society that elevates one life and deforms the other.
There are no longer kings and emperors here.
Medals, which you get on earth, you will now laugh at them, they are no longer presented here.
A characteristic is your feeling of honour, because all your characters shine, you are represented by thousands of personalities.
Every characteristic – you have now experienced that, you see that – is a universe, is a deity.
Here there is no longer any scandal, any writing.
Here there is no longer any writing, here books are no longer needed, because you have brought the ‘book of life’ to awakening.
You are living consciousness.
Your shape is a book, built up by the universal foundations.
You stand on the living Self of Christ, and it is you yourself!
You do not need to do art anymore, because you are art.
You do not need to do wisdom anymore, because you are wisdom by means of your shape, because you are here, because you are a mother, you are a father, because you walk here.
Because you can draw up, can materialize, can spiritualize the thought in you – that is not important – you move in this space; you levitate yourself, with the sacred, the Divine, the maternal, the hand of which you feel.
That pressure comes under your heart.
‘Yes’, says the Omniscience there, ‘come, child, come, my life, my love, my light, come.’
We make a journey through this space, and now you see that people are walking in front of you.
You walk in nature; you have not yet experienced that planet.
You must first experience that planet, you must experience the final stage, that must live under your heart.
You cannot do that yet, but the second grade, third, fourth, fifth, sixth and the seventh, they can do that.
Are they moving and dissolving before your eyes?
No, you see them floating there!
They are the angels as a human being, which people on earth gave wings to in your picture books, but those wings live under this human, spiritual, spatial heart.
It is the personality.
Here no stigmatizations are necessary anymore, here material wings – your motors – are no longer needed.
You float by means of your Divine obtained will into the space, and you can say: “Come, we will be one with a star”, they are also there again, “we will be one with these lights.
We will be one with fatherhood, because I am the blessed source, the vitality.
I am the essential foundation for this space, this light, this life, this love, because I am the Divine authority.”
Try making a comparison with the love which you now possess and the love of the human being who is spatially conscious.
We return to the Divine attunement, we are Gods.
There is no sleep; we are always awake, because we will remain eternally conscious.
To be awake on earth belongs to the unconscious feeling.
To be awake, to have to sleep is still unconsciousness, is still destruction, is exhaustion.
We no longer know any tiredness.
We are no longer tired, because we are alive, inspiring, shining; our will, our personality serves!
We are serving because we look, we are serving because we walk here.
We are walking because we possess the feeling to have to represent everything in this space.
You laugh, you speak.
You can do that, but we are one from feeling to feeling.
The temples before our eyes radiate my and your light.
The people built up their garments themselves, they wear them by means of their beautiful feelings.
But by means of your and my light, by means of your and my knowledge, by means of your Divine attunement they wear this garment, they have received this motherhood and he is father and she mother and that is the child, that is the Christ, that is the God.
And there now behind, behind that the final All-Source for everything lives, where we will go in order to soon return and to see our human becoming conscious, which you then have to accept again in your own society.
And if you still wish to do wrong, be destructive with regard to the other life of God, then you will not only beat your own self to a pulp, then you will deform not only yourself, but then you will be damned for centuries and centuries, because you elevate that damnation yourself.
You, who are now here in this space, will be happy, will be able to agree: here there is nothing more that disturbs us.
There is no longer any good and evil there, there is only the happy, natural life of feeling in this world.
And that is you yourself.
Compare the universities.
There are no longer any steam machines in this world; you have conquered the technical wonders of the earth.
You do not need any food and drink.
Can you feel where I am going?
We do not see anything again, the garment of the earth, all of that which belongs to society, your material world; and yet you wear a garment.
You have eyes, you have a head, you have your hair, you have your teeth, and you have everything, because that human organism was also present in the spiritual spheres.
The astral personality also has feet and hands, that organism does not change, only the inner life awakens.
And now we live on the fourth cosmic grade.
I explained a moment ago that the planets are shone upon by the same number of creating suns, so that there is no longer any night.
There is only a light shadow.
When the planet, the maternal body turns around for a moment, it gets the new authority from that space, because there is the second grade, the third, the fourth, the fifth and the sixth.
There is always light, there is always life, there is no longer night, not for the soul either.
I already said a moment ago, during the attracting, during the becoming awake in the world of the unconscious we already know that we will be attracted.
And now you could ... now you will also start to ask questions for yourself.
You will make material comparisons which are no longer there now for that world, I mean the destructive organs, the laws of life, the human psychology from the material world, which the earth possesses, they are no longer there.
Those laws are gone, they have been conquered, and they belong to us!
The mother – I told you – is already in contact with her life, with her child before that soul comes.
And now the birth, now the awakening.
Now the dying process, the being released from the material.
You will die there, you must continue.
Dying is evolution.
How will you die, how will that corpse dissolve?
There are no longer any corpses, because we do not have any illnesses here, we have no rotting processes to experience in that space.
Everything is sacred, open and conscious.
Everything has accepted and received the final healthy core.
You go at the same time; one can no longer go before the other, that is father and mother.
Father and mother, these twin souls continue at the same time.
We got to know the laws because, during your earthly life, the masters have given you ‘The peoples of the Earth’ and ‘The Origin of the Universe’, because you know that you killed, murdered, that you destroyed, and consciously eliminated those lives.
Because there was hatred in you, in your life, and you did not feel any love, you created untruths, laid disharmonic foundations.
They are no longer there.
You now continue consciously, there are no more disturbances.
On earth one life destroys the other, that life must return to the earth.
We will soon come back to that, yes indeed.
First we go to the Divine All, first to quickly get to know those laws in order to determine these untruths, so that you will no longer murder.
So that you will no longer hate, so that you will finally accept the life, whatever that human situation.
Then we will learn ... then we will learn to think, then we will finally learn to act.
Then we will know that we must not go into that untruth, we will avoid those lives.
We no longer want anything to do with evil, with destruction, with sullying, devastation, passion and violence.
The life, even if you live in the darkness, despite that darkness, that destruction, is happiness anyway.
When we soon enter those laws, then you will have become a conscious personality.
You know how to deal with your life, you know how to introduce your life somewhere, you are serving.
We get that by means of this journey.
You will get that because you learn to see your Deity!
Because there are wars on earth, because the human being does not understand this, the human being inhibits his Divine progress.
The human being inhibits his Divine evolution, because he does not know how to accept the life of another.
You will not make it either with praying and beautiful songs, that will soon be clear to you.
You will stand next to Moses, you will soon write the bible yourself.
You will become a bible writer and you will throw out what is wrong.
You will soon be able to see that.
You do not need to ask another person that.
Those wretches cannot give you that Divine truth.
You are truth, you have become seeing.
All the gifts that God can give the human being, His life, you have them in your possession!
You are no longer a psychopath.
You are Divinely conscious, in attunement of the fourth cosmic grade of life, to which we now belong.
I explained to you that the six and seven grades for the universe, to which the earth belongs, are now present in one space.
There are seven suns and seven mother planets in this space.
They are the first, second, third and fourth, fifth, sixth and the seventh sphere in material.
A planet is now a sphere, it is a world; can you feel that?
‘Beyond the coffin’, now that we enter the astral world, the spiritual universe begins to reveal itself to our life.
Now that space speaks to our life, now we are benevolent, courteous, we have become life, light by means of fatherhood and motherhood.
On the fourth cosmic grade you walk with each other and say: “My love ...”
You become everything there, you become love there, you are love.
You have your name; you just look each other in the eyes.
We go further arm in arm.
Do we wish to die here on earth; do we wish to dissolve here?
We already know that we will be born yonder in a short time, in a few hours.
The seven grades for the space, the development laws, the evolution stages – can you feel that? – which we made from the moon, which we got to know, which now live under our heart, take us in seven ticks, in seven seconds – it is there according to your calculations seven hours – back to the earth again.
To the human being, to the material, for the new birth, because we become mother, will be father.
We do not go ...
Did we experience the previous death, the previous passing on, the being released from the material while walking?
No, previous to that we lay down, millions of times previous to that, in nature, hand in hand and dissolved, we became free from the body.
“Are you still there, child?
Can you still feel it?”
We speak humanly; we are human because they are two shapes.
These shapes cannot disappear; we are there.
The mother is here, I am here, I am father, and she is mother.
She has my hand; I can feel her.
We reach unity, spatial unity.
We embrace each other and now we enter ‘death’, we dissolve.
The human being who is still here, sees us disappear.
We become hazy; there is no longer a rotting process.
We become hazy before the eyes of Mother Nature.
Mother Nature says: “Come, my children, give me that back.
That goes back to where it came from and you will see that again soon when you enter the Divine All.”
We dissolve before the eyes of Mother Nature and receive a new existence.
And finally ... finally we have, after millions of lives, to be father and mother again.
I now know as a creating power that I will soon be a mother, and then I accept my creating power.
Now I receive ...
Now I receive her love, but I am mother, I am father.
I know that I possess that love, how I must materialize that love, how I can give that love.
She also knows it, it is she, and it is I.
We are one for light, life, love, space, working, justice, benevolence, and the spatial kiss!
Why do we long so much to return to God?
To take the life and the work from His shoulders there!
He said, when He began his revelations: “Return to me and represent me for everything that I gave you.”
The All-Source had to wait millions of years and ages until we could enter that stage.
Now we are already on our way, now we already look from the fourth to the fifth cosmic grade.
The space becomes more rarefied, more beautiful, more spiritual.
The Temples radiate a pure meditation.
You can lie down and kneel everywhere in order to meditate; you have become meditation.
Your prayer, your feelings are in harmony with everything.
There behind in the space I call my brother, my father and my mother.
I know that my father and mother also live there, but we are now sisters and brothers, we are unity.
And I say: “Just draw me up, just draw me up to your life and let me enjoy this space.”
And then we go.
Now what you can read in ‘Between Life and Death’ becomes true.
Now the longing in us becomes conscious, when Dectar asked Venry: “Venry, give me a little inspiration, a part of the Great Wings, so that I can let myself float on a cloud over the earth and can look at the pyramid.
Why do I have this longing, Venry?
Because I know that I am supreme.
Because I can then forget the smallness of myself, of my trivial little self, my pathetic personality.
So that I can attack the moment one day in order to attract spatial feeling in me, so that the love awakens in me, so that I can receive that kiss.
It is only then that I will be life; it is only then that I will be conscious, it is only then that I will be feeling, it is only then that I will have become shining and real.
It is only then that I think that I can conquer death, that I can fell a tiger, and that I can force a snake to change into a winged species.
Yes, then the high priests can approach me and then I will stop them and I will say: so far and no further.
It is only then, Venry, that I will think that I can follow my study, then I will achieve the true Great Wings and master them as wisdom.”
You experience that on the fourth cosmic grade, you are that on the fourth cosmic grade.
You have become Ra, Ré, Isis, Luxor, Tibet, British India, Gethsemane and Golgotha there.
You are a flower, a sun, a moon there, driving, working, inspiring power with a becoming conscious which cannot knock you down, but which drives, which really goes reaching to heaven through infinity.
Which will carry you as a result of the benevolence of the self-consciousness which lives in you, which you gave, which you drove, which sent to you: “Come to me and you will live.”
And then you will have become eloquent.
Now you know what inspiration is, now you no longer need to search for words.
You let yourself go, you release yourself, you surrender and you walk, you are a walking poem, the walking, eloquent love, the bliss which feeds you in a nourishing, trembling, strengthening way.
Let live how the authority goes to you.
Like a madman?
No, like a universally conscious being you dissolve for the whole movement and environment.
You walk there and proclaim the sacred sorrow of your inner light.
And the human being listens.
You can experience your comedy there, yes, your comedy as spatial authority.
You go there like a madman, like a cosmically conscious being, dissolved in a purpose, for a foundation which can be inspiration, which is wisdom, which is art, which is light, which becomes life, which will represent love!
Compare yourself to that space.
You go speaking, you fly, you float, and you feel the beautiful, soft earth under your feet.
Your heart seethes with longing to be able to pour out all of this.
People do a comedy act on earth.
People look for inspiration, people wish to interpret a human being, but there we interpret the life, the life of God, the light, His bliss, the Christ!
I am wearing a garment as beautiful as this space.
Then it floats over your lips: I am happy as happiness is here, I am father and mother as that has become, I am floating, and I have wings.
Yes, really.
What was Isis, what was Luxor, what was Tibet?
What did I learn on earth when I entered a university?
When they made a denier of God out of me, a brute of a human being, a cad who drove along the disfiguring of the Divine authority by giving damnation to the human self of God.
I had to study for this purpose.
I would like to break you?
No, I would like to take you with me in order to give the evidence: wherever you stand, wherever you live, that is pure self, pure consciousness, pure life, pure love.
Everything lives here, I have become a human being, and I will never succumb again!
Where do I live?
No one is laughing at me.
Everyone is looking at me and saying: “Look, come to us”, and giving us the radiant life of feeling of Mother Nature, of sun, moon and stars.
I continue.
In this way we float from planet to planet.
In this way we go from the first, the second, the third, the fourth, the fifth cosmic grade to the sixth.
And when we have experienced the sixth, our garment has become more and more beautiful, the sandals are Divine light; we no longer have any gravity.
Our inner life has conquered everything; our characteristics are spiritually conscious, receptive.
Everything of ours, every thing, every tissue, every blood pressure which belongs to our life has received Divine foundation.
It has drive, has inspiration, has working, no longer has leprosy, it has truth, is feeling, and has experienced the revelation in order to take the next step.
In order to make the next step which we will make between life and death.
Life and death are only a step: life and death live in our left hand, in our right hand love, becoming conscious.
In order to enter the inner, spiritual from the material life there, is only one thought: I want, I am, I go.
In order to get the new life from there in order to enter the Divine All, they are now only steps.
Those are feelings, which is the continuing, the floating, the knowing, the singing, the prayer, the meditation!
And after that sixth cosmic grade we enter the Divine All.
Now we approach our Divine attunement.
We walk there as a human being, next to me a Goddess with a face so radiant, so wonderful, such pure awe.
The mother is now so great, so incredibly beautiful, is now the being that belongs to me.
A Deity is walking next to me and says: “All of this belongs to me, belongs to us.
Where did we live?”
We enter the seventh cosmic grade from the sixth cosmic grade and now stand as Divine Winged Ones in the Divine All.
The golden light here belongs to us.
We have awakened, as the human being has awakened on the Other Side.
We came from a world that we discarded, which we conquered.
Now we stand in the Divine All, we do not dare to look yet.
At the gates, at the first border – we enter seven borders, seven depths, seven worlds – we lie down there, we kneel down and join our hands.
There are no prayers; there is only thinking and feeling.
I take her hand.
We think, we close our eyes and we see, because our consciousness sees.
Inwardly we see this golden light which is everything, which carries everything in it, which has also built up our heart, has crystallized our consciousness, because otherwise we could not deal with this, otherwise we could not bear this.
My God, my God, are we Gods?
Then we open our eyes and begin to explore.
Where do we go now, left or right, backwards or forwards?
When we look in front the golden garment shines at us, when we turn around the golden light of the space is exactly the same.
It now proves that what we have now conquered by means of a hundred percent love, suddenly changes, then the foregoing dissolves in the now.
And the now is the foregoing, because we can look back at our thinking and feeling on earth.
Here we wait, here we are ready to be able to walk, in order to absorb the world into us.
Where will we go, what will we do?
Sit down and pray.
We carefully pull ourselves up, hold tight onto our hands and go for our first human Divine walk in the Divine All.
We start to talk to the flowers; birds come to us.
There are also temples and buildings there.
Yes, now a temple has become spatial, infinitely deep; this whole world is one temple.
We see pillars there, we see the foundations, and we see the towers.
We see the garments; we see the radiance.
What radiates is love, what comes to us is purified, spiritual, Divine bliss.
We start to feel ...
We now start to feel that when we want to possess the becoming conscious for this Divine All, we must still enter seven grades.
Here the human being lives in the Divine infinity.
We are infinite and yet we can still continue.
We will walk first, we will think first.
We will feel the life first; we are man, we are woman.
We write down in this space – just for a moment, when I can adjust myself, then that awe-inspiring inspiration flashes towards me and drives me upwards and also her – we want to write down: ‘I am here.’
And we see: every movement that we make gets material shape.
When I write my name from the earth, then I see that name, it is the sounding board for the Divine timbre, nothing more which we do, everything has Divine authority and attunement and destination.
You can do nothing more, or it will have meaning.
Every thought, every action is under Divine authority, under a Divine will.
I have become father and mother by means of Divine education, by means of Divine meditations.
I deified my Divine core, which I received on the moon.
We are Gods, as man and woman.
We are light, we are life, and we are sixth, fifth, fourth, third cosmic grade.
We are society, we are jungle instinct, we return to the earth, back to that space, back to the planets.
We return to the moon, enter the fish stage, see ourselves again, and go back to where the first embryonic life began.
Now we still continue.
What does a human being do, what do you do, what do you want to do when you enter your Divine All?
Then you go and you will make journeys again.
That entered us, that entered Christ.
When He entered the universe with his first children, the Divine consciousness, then it occurred to Him: “What did we experience, where did we come from, Mother?
What must we do?”
Only the earth has the highest consciousness for the third cosmic grade.
We do not need to inspire the life on the moon, or those transition planets.
Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Venus – we experienced that – they are gas balls, and do not need any development, any human authority, any human feeling and thinking.
We must return to something, to the earth.
We must go to the earth in order to give a faith.
We must tear the earth, Mother Earth and her children, the third cosmic grade from the pre-animal-like becoming conscious.
We go through nature; we will make journeys in the very first place.
We will return back to the very first stage when God started His material and spiritual revelations, His manifestation.
We will do that!
Then Christ began; and now we begin.
Then Christ went back with his first children to the very first stage on the moon.
The moon was still in working, she was faced with her death when the first human being reached the fourth cosmic grade – Christ knows that, the people know that, millions of souls know that – then the moon started dying off.
Her last life, her last source, her last spark had reached the very highest, her final becoming conscious, which is the fish stage.
Christ walks there in the space of God.
He is Divinely conscious.
Along with him there are millions of other people, fathers and mothers.
He calls the children together: “Come.”
And now Christ makes millions of journeys with His people.
Back from grade to grade, experiencing again, and again, and again.
They make those journeys back to the very first beginning of the Divine creations thousands of times, millions of times.
They went back to the moment when the All-Source started to radiate her life, with which I connected you when we experienced and underwent these first sessions.
They went back to the first moment, back to the disintegration, the destruction, the sullying, the deformity of the material self, material systems.
Back to the primal source, back to the beginning of everything, in order to undergo the final for ourselves, the now.
We are in the Divine All!
We cannot leave this Divine All, because it connects you immediately again with the social.
You cannot leave this Divine All just like that, because you feel happy here.
You now look through sun, moon and stars, through all the material systems.
You now know what the light in the eyes of the human being on the earth means, what it tells you, what it gives you.
What it is like when the hatred comes to you, the not understanding, the unconscious feelings.
Now you do not dare to speak anymore of demon, Satan, I hate you, I leave you alone, I do not trust you.
You are faithful, or you would lose everything again.
Now you do not snarl anymore, you do not know what it is.
You are afraid you would be crushed – even if you are a deity – when the demon of the darkness came to you and you would just react.
When you would just think: ‘Just come to me, then I will prove to you who I am’, then you would already beat yourself out of this sacredness, then the foundations would become hazy, the Divine authority would dissolve.
The kingdoms of heaven would come to the human, hateful, destructive eclipse, because you accepted that darkness.
You can now understand what it means, what it means to be a human being, to become a human being, to absorb the Divine possession into you and to represent your own attunement.
You are now light, life, love, space, power.
“All-Source ...” Master Alcar said in 1944 to André.
“Just note this down, can you hear me?”
“Yes, Master.”
“Then note down what I will dictate to you.”
It is 1944.
The evil over the world is raging, deforming and sullying.
The people are starving.
The human being has attuned himself to destruction and general disintegration.
There is no longer a God, a God of love does not exist.
Who still believes in a God of love, Christ?
You can no longer reach Him, praying does not help anyway.
The war steamroller goes over the peoples and crushes everything.
Hunger and misery, the people are like living wrecks.
They show hunger oedema.
Human skeletons ask for ten cents, in order to be able to buy a piece of bread which they cannot achieve with thirty, forty or even a hundred guilders.
The human despair decked itself out as a result of the breaking of the gender of human happiness.
The decorations which the human being has hung up, are now worth thousands more.
People have now understood during these years that food and drink mean something after all, and that the human being possesses a will, in order to be able to do good, to follow the good.
When you speak to the people, they laugh at you, because a God of love no longer exists.
There is not a God.
Christ is a legend.
Adolph Hitler and his kind want to possess the world.
Adolph already created a characteristic that – far outside the country – smothers the life of God.
Cities are razed to the ground.
People have to put the corpses naked into the ground just like that, because people no longer have any wood in order to lay them in a coffin, no linen, no shroud in order to dress them.
Where does this take the human being?
What does life on earth still mean?
What did God mean by creating, making people?
What did He mean by laying happiness and the space in the hands of people?
What did He mean by saying: “If you lose that, then you will get mine”?
What did He mean by sending his child to the earth and letting it be killed?
We live, the human being lives in that killing, that disintegration, that destruction.
And now a madman comes, a maniac, to a human being of the earth, who is sitting there in a little kitchen with a small stove.
That human being laughs about the disintegration and the destruction of the masses, the thousands, the millions in the world, and says: “Even if they come with hundreds of thousands of aeroplanes, it does not matter to me.
I have no loss anymore.
They can kill me, they can kill me off, I have everything.”
Then a madman comes, a leper, a psychopath from another world and says to this child of the earth: “Just listen.
I have something for you, I will dictate to you.
Can you see me, can you hear me?”
And that life says: “Yes, Master.
I can hear you and I can see you.”
“Then quickly take a pencil and paper and listen to me.”
And that child writes down and hears:
“The All-Source ...
God as father.
God as mother.
God as soul.
God as spirit.
God as life.
God as light
God as love.
God as mental power.
Material laws.
God as harmony.
God as justice.
God as independence.
God as the spark, the Divine spark.”
“And it is everything for the time being.
But soon, André, I will release you from the material systems and then you will receive along with me, and together with Master Zelanus – by order of the Divine All, the Messiah, the Mentor Jesus Christ, the Love – the cosmology for this mankind and we will then set up the University of Christ on earth.
Soon you will be one with me.
And then we will start with the cosmology for your life and this mankind, because it will be you who will have to represent the Divine All, Golgotha, Gethsemane, the Spheres of Light, the Divine space, the All-Source, because this century has received that eloquence.
And if you cannot accept this, then I will soon, later, I will give you that proof.
See you later, André.”
André is preparing himself.
Now his personality must speak, now his personality must be everything if he wants to experience the cosmology of his life and for this mankind, if he wants to carry and interpret that cosmology.
“Yes”, he says to Jeus, “you do not believe it, but I will become a prophet.
Who was it that saw father in the coffin and spoke to him?
It was I and not you.
That contact which the master gave me, Jeus, was an occult law, was becoming conscious, and was life, light and love.
It was I, because then I received a characteristic for my spiritual task, my spiritual personality.
I became life, light and love, and not you!
You remained there; you could only speak the ‘dialect’.
You spoke nonsense; you were playful, yes indeed.
Who was it, Jeus, who saw ‘Him’ on the Grintweg and spoke to ‘Him’ and walked along with the Tall One behind the coffin in order to bury him?
For whom were the pears and the apples which came raining through the roofs in the winter?
They were for me.
That was my master!
That is the master who will take us along, take us back to the All-Source in order to see that life and to bring the wisdom to the earth.
And now you ...”
And you were able to make that journey because of the few lectures.
Now also go and sit in the darkness and listen to the universe whether the master is speaking to you.
These are the foundations in order to continue.
Soon, as a result of the next séances and our next unity, we will return to the earth together, in order to see what is good and what is wrong.
In order to see how Moses was born, in order to see when the bible writers started, in order to begin to see who created justice on Golgotha and who is love.
And who accepts and represents the disintegration, the destruction, the sullying, the rottenness of this world.
As far as this ...
As far as this ...