The human being and his Divine birth

Good morning, my sisters and brothers.
You will get the lecture this morning ‘The human being and his Divine birth.’
You are that!
The next lectures brought us from the Divine All to the new footstep, the new laws in order to begin with the Divine life.
We made a journey through the space; we went from planet to planet.
We finally came to the earth in order to end our cycle of the earth.
We unleashed obstacles, and we unveiled worlds.
We descended into soul, spirit and material.
We learned how we came through the seven material, physical laws which possess the organism, from the jungle to the white race (see and could say goodbye to the jungle instinct.
Because cities, what you now possess, were still not there.
We followed the first people who had completed their cycle of the earth.
And we were able to follow them, again because of the books you received, ‘The Origin of the Universe’, ‘The Peoples of the Earth’, the spiritual gifts of the University of Christ.
We saw and experienced the laws.
We came from the darkness, because there was still no light in us.
We prepared ourselves for the luminous spheres.
Yes, for the good, the characteristics in the human being, for trust, respect, justice, love.
Because as a result of the higher characteristics – we felt that, we had to determine that – we received new life, new light came.
In that darkness where we lived, in which we missed the sun of the earth and this universe, a sun entered our life, under our heart, because we started to serve the life.
Then further, further, further ...
We built upon ourselves and as a result of this, the Divine personality awakened in our life for our independence as a human being, as father and mother.
We laid stone upon stone.
We knew that on earth, the planet earth alone – we were able to determine that in that space – good and evil, conscious good and evil lived.
The other planets had only to accept the animal-like life of feeling.
We know that now, but we must continue.
We built up the first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth and the seventh sphere as grades of light, of life, of love.
Now we are faced, were faced with the mental areas; we became embryonic life again, but we remained conscious.
I let you sense that path ... I let you sense those lives, I gave them foundation, I gave them inspiration.
I gave you a new outlook for fatherhood, motherhood, soul, spirit and personality.
We received contact with the fourth cosmic grade, with the fifth, and the sixth ... universal systems.
And then one morning we entered the Divine All.
We lived in a Divine world, in a golden light with temples.
We felt that we were life, that we radiated light.
If we could set ourselves aside, withdraw life from that space, then we would see that this golden firmament, this Divine All, darkened and that was we, ourselves.
We now represent God in everything, for soul, life, feeling, elemental laws, birth, fatherhood, motherhood, justice.
There is no longer faith, we know!
We experienced that; and at the last moment I suddenly connected you again with the moment that the masters started to determine the cosmology for your life and this humanity and we immediately moved to the earth again.
We passed into suffering and sorrow and suddenly you knew: yes, I felt the All in me, and I experienced a Divine birth.
But what does that Divine birth actually want to say to your lives?
When Christ, along with His people – He was not there yet, they were only people – took possession of the Divine All, when they had reached the Divine All, yes, I explained that to you before, they reached thinking and feeling, the understanding that there was a power which represented the maternal principle, but as paternal authority determined the way to go higher and further.
When those people – they were people, people as Gods – started to feel and understand their Divine birth, started to take a walk, further, further, further ... in order to give themselves visible light and knowledge, because they could serve the other life, the first sensitive life reached the realization to have to elevate the other life, in order to speak to that life, and the question followed in the Divine All: “What do you know, My brothers and sisters, about your Divine birth?
For what purpose do we live, for what purpose do we serve?
Why did we have to travel that long path?
Why did God, did the All-Source ...?”
There was the word; I will immediately connect you with that situation, how Christ, how those first people spoke to each other, how they sensed the life, because there was still no question of Christ.
When the first people reached the Divine All, they had to experience the Divine birth.
They had reached that independence and had to accept that now.
The highest Master – you will read that in ‘The Peoples of the Earth’ – said when they made the journey through the universe, and the other people asked: “Why do you feel this?”, the word came and he could say: “Yes, I was probably born earlier than you.”
And it was true!
There are now systems to be experienced by means of which the human being can be gauged, can be felt, can be seen from the jungle.
And in the white race (see you already see an academic and you can say: yes, I am further than you.
People live in the spheres, they are further than you now possess and feel.
There are those who have experienced the seventh sphere, who have experienced the cosmic grades.
There are people who now represent the Divine All as Gods.
And Christ lives there, the first Human Being lived there.
Christ said, the first Master for this space, the Divine Conscious being said: “What must we do?
You know that the planetary systems represent fatherhood and motherhood.
One of ours must return to the earth, because the earth possesses the highest consciousness for this space, for the third cosmic grade.
One of us must return in order to elevate those people into this Divine authority, if that human being wishes to experience a Divine feeling and thinking, the Divine birth.”
All of them came, all of them came and asked: “Let me go, Master.”
The first Master says: “How can you go when I must accept that I possess those feelings in order to serve this space?
In which hands does the certainty lie?
Who possesses the powers in order to be able to bear all of this?
For certain, I know: you will devote your lives, you will devote everything and you know how we left the earth and what the consciousness of all those millions of children is like who belong to our lives.”
Christ and His people, the first Divine Master and His people were together and laid contact, back to the earth, back to the sixth cosmic grade; the sixth starts to connect itself with the fifth, the fourth, the third and now the word enters the seventh sphere.
The masters from the seventh sphere are together, the supreme masters, the priests there, children, fathers and mothers.
They sit together in nature, in a wonderful temple ... surrounded, encircled by the life of the All-Source and prepare themselves in order to be able to experience and to receive the ultimate.
They are all clairvoyant, clairaudient. What is that? They are cosmically conscious for this space.
They can get a feeling that speaks to them, must speak to them inwardly.
They can experience it.
Yes, they can give shape to it, because they see where those words came from.
And now the message comes: “Prepare yourself.
Prepare yourself and lay the first foundations for the earth.”
The very highest Master, the First Conscious, prepares himself in order to receive a new birth, in order to give the earth the Divine authority, the spatial evangelism.
That means: the laws that lie open in order to be able to gauge the core, the love, and the truth.
The human being on earth needs a God.
The human being on earth, the child of Mother Earth needs the Divine primal source.
The human being on earth must experience the Divine birth; it is only then that this humanity, those millions of children will have a grip and that life will learn to see and to accept the All-Source.
The masters from the seventh sphere have recorded these messages, they came as now from the space and had to accept them.
They knew: truth, love, benevolence, justice lived under these hearts.
And now the astral world begins, the masters begin to lay contact on earth.
They were already busy; they already brought those things to earth.
They created fire; they rubbed stones against each other, a flame originated.
But the actual society, the human development must still take place.
The human being needs a faith, the human being needs authority, the human being does not know what all of this means.
The human being must be taken back to the Divine birth, to God, by means of fatherhood and motherhood.
Universities will be built up.
A science will emerge.
A faith will come to earth and that faith will later become, in centuries’ time ... knowledge!
Millions begin with the construction of this mankind.
Millions of people live on earth in animal-like grades, in material, crude-material.
The white race (see has already revealed itself.
Mother Earth continues, Mother Earth builds on this organism.
From the waters the human being came to the passable bottom.
The human being feels himself, he hunts, and he dies for himself.
He knows nothing about a higher love.
He eats, he drinks and those ‘wild ones’, those human hyenas, those children must and will receive a faith, a wisdom, a science.
Because it started in this way.
Those were the first foundations that the Divine All had to lay before the House of Israel could be established on earth.
And now that you have experienced that Divine All by means of our previous unity, you can follow all of this.
On earth people are busy; people work in the spheres.
Everyone who has experienced the light, who has entered the Spheres of Light, begins to serve the other life, and knows: that life is mine, that is my father’s and my mother’s.
If that life does not come to the light, I cannot experience any happiness, because those cells belong to my organism, my space, my life, my soul, and my spirit, my Divine All.
Now we start to lay stone upon stone, we start to build a universal temple.
We will meet wisdom, power and love.
Millions of grades of life will reveal themselves to our life, the wisdom of which we absorb into ourselves and have to master.
The moment comes – the children there in the Divine All see that – in which the highest Master must prepare himself.
The prophets have already been on earth.
Moses has come; from the Spheres of Light a child asked to serve the life on earth, in a twilight immediately under the first sphere, the conscious knowledge, the serving.
Where the luminous revelations can take place, a soul lives there, and it asks a human being: “What can I do for my father and mother, for my sisters and brothers on earth?
I see, I live, I can speak, I can feel, I can think.”
And a spark of light appears in this twilight, a master from the seventh sphere, a conscious life, and says: “Can you hear me, can you see me?
I come to you, asking.
You are open to the laws of the space.
You want to serve your father and your mother, then I will serve you and connect you with your Divine consciousness.
You will now experience your Divine birth.”
No one knows what the name of this child will be.
But straight from the space, a contact emerged which can never ever be broken.
The spheres, the masters, those who have these laws in their hands, those who have to build those sciences, those who have to lay those foundations in order to elevate the earthly child to the Divine authority, they are in contact with the very highest, the human being who has reached the Divine laws.
And now Christ, the highest Master prepares himself.
Foundations are laid.
Moses comes to earth.
He first tries to descend into the human life.
He wants to experience the new birth: “Give me a life, give me a new birth.
Let me live again, I want to serve.”
The power of this life is terrific.
Inspired as it is, it throws itself down into nature and begs for a new life, a new organism.
Of course, the last feeling, the ‘gram’ of consciousness will have to reach inspiration for this human being, if this human being wants to become birth and reincarnation, fatherhood and motherhood.
These children ... this child experienced this, but it does not yet know the laws.
Metaphysical laws now speak to this consciousness.
And finally, under this going, under this feeling and thinking, the sorrow, wanting to serve, wanting to experience, wanting to work in order to elevate those people there, your father and mother, children, to something better, this life gets to experience and to undergo a law from the space and this consciousness dissolves for the other people.
On earth contact has already been laid.
The first human being, the first man, the first mother who for faith, knowledge, the space, the bible, God, universe, everything which you feel and can accept and have to experience in the space ... that life is busy creating itself.
It concerns one understanding, one feeling, and one thinking.
There is nothing else in the space than elevating the human being to the Divine All.
And this is why we get to see Adam, we get to see Moses, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the House of Israel is created, prophet after prophet.
People call them prophets; they are rebels.
They do not yet know any better, they serve evil, they serve good.
They have the lash; they have the love.
They interpret a flower and an animal kingdom.
They do not know any better and they are the first crude-material foundations for what will soon be the Divine universal, the University of Christ.
The human being who serves for God lives in a hole in the ground.
Then a little house comes, a few poles are erected.
The human being takes possession of this environment and has the feeling to shake the other life awake, to force it to look upwards, because this belongs to us; but it does not belong to us.
We have to master these laws, this space.
You know the birth of the House of Israel.
Finally, people on earth are that far that people can receive the Divine authority.
The First Conscious, who will soon be called Christ, knows what awaits him on earth.
They look at this wild animal there, the unconscious life.
They look through the spaces and know how people will be received there.
The human being is not ready for supernatural consciousness, the Divine Conscious Person; and everyone ... the flowers, all life, the light and the life, everything speaks about destruction, about disintegration, torture, lashing, misery.
But what is misery, what is being lashed?
What does it mean when you die, when you have pain for something by means of which you awaken?
They experienced those sorrows, they covered millions of lives in illness, as a result of disintegration and misery; they know misery and happiness.
The Master was surrounded by the children of Mother Nature.
He is surrounded by millions of sisters and brothers, they accompany Him and gradually He dissolves before their eyes.
He has accepted the journey to the earth.
This is a Divine birth.
What will we experience if we now follow this life?
Foundations – I told you – are ready.
A small path was built on which He will stand, but He will have to strengthen that path.
He will have to build a passable path from this swamp by means of his personality and his wisdom, his Divine contact.
All of that awaits him and he will have to serve for that purpose.
He knows that he went from the moon through the space and has lived on earth as an animal-like consciousness.
He knew, He knows all his billions of previous lives.
There is nothing more in the space that does not belong to Him.
He is light, He is an independence, and He feels carried by the powers and the elemental laws of the universe.
He is sun, He is moon, and He is darkness and light at the same time.
He is rain and wind, He is thunder, He is everything!
Because He is harmony, his life will represent the universal love, and the human being on earth will get to know how people accept that love, how people get that love when people absorb a harmonic whole into themselves.
He will bring all of that.
Yes, He has a great deal, but He must begin, in order to shake that child awake for higher universal, and Divine authority.
On earth two people live who have attunement to his grade.
There are still people living who have returned from the first sphere – they were already in the first sphere – in order to serve mankind on earth, received that birth and would attract this Divine authority together.
You will now immediately get an idea of who Mary and Joseph are and where they came from before they were to experience this Divine mercy, this Divine working.
As a result of this, the space determines, and you can accept it, that the human being prepared himself in order to attract, to serve, and to give birth to the All-Consciousness.
Father and mother are on earth.
Mary and Joseph find each other and reach unity.
A silence enters this Life in the mother ...
When she lived between the third and the fourth month, this Consciousness spoke to her and she started to feel that she was carrying something wonderful which the stars would speak about.
She enters a higher thinking and feeling and hears invisible voices, which are still melodious to listen to.
She hears, she understands, people speak through her to her life, by means of her own language, and say: “You will be one with the All.
You will give birth to the Life, the very, very highest Life, which will give the world a faith, that will give the world a gospel.”
What Mary heard at that time as a mother, not one word of that, not one word, one sentence has yet been recorded.
No one was able to listen to what she experienced during her unity with her Child, with the space.
People told, and people prepared her that she would soon see the Living Light.
And as the human being on earth is still born, these things, these laws were interpreted, and the feelings were outlined, which elevated the core of this life to the maternal authority of giving birth from the Divine All, so that she could understand.
And now, after a few months ... that past history, the unity of mother and child were wonderful revelations for this mankind.
But this mankind and the mankind of then could not, for that matter, understand those feelings.
People call it angels, the angels came to Mary and said to her: “Look, He will appear to your life.
Feel, He is in you and look what path He has to go, so that you will be prepared to be able to serve Him soon.
To be able to take Him to your heart soon and then to be able to say: go, because you came from the Divine All, you came from the Divine source in order to serve us, me and the life on earth.”
Before the birth came, the mother was already prepared to be able to surrender this child.
The other brothers and sisters did not notice this unity of mother and child.
This child walked next to her and sent the own feelings to the mother, whom the other life did not understand anything about, did not feel anything.
There were more brothers and sisters.
“Why”, one says, “mother, you are so one with him and why can you not give me those feelings?”
A brother of Christ, does the world speak about a little brother of Christ?
That child sees that this child lives in the silence of the space.
There is something, yes ... what is it?
The mother knows it; she cannot interpret these feelings.
And more mothers experienced that who would bring the genius to earth.
They have, these mothers – and you can make your material comparison – they have felt that they carried something blissful, something exalted inside.
Millions of mothers spoke later and during this time to their ... to the inner life, and were connected with that core, the core for art, for music, for wisdom.
Mary experienced it, Mary underwent this and when this child awakens, playfully feels the earth, and prehistoric ages reach the consciousness.
It is between five and six years that this child lives in reincarnation; the seventh year gave the life of the Messiah yet other feelings.
This child starts to feel the old age of himself; he starts to understand.
It plays, but it plays differently, it lays down and sees a space.
It falls asleep, it is outside, it is inside, and it is everywhere.
When the mother looks for it, then it is kneeling down before the flowers in nature.
It surrounds itself; it surrounds itself with these treasures.
Mary sometimes finds it, this Life, surrounded by birds.
The life in nature sings and wonders: what will happen to this Child?
What, what task does this life have to accept and accomplish?
My God, my God, what is the purpose of all of this?
The highest Master – about which the prophets told that the Divine consciousness will awaken on earth – already lives in the inner life of Jesus.
The name Jesus means nothing more than what you received.
Your social representation must take place by means of an independence, or society would get to see nothing but disharmony.
This Life receives a name as people gave a name to many people.
But in this Life lives the Divine authority, the Divine consciousness, which Mother Earth, the serving principle, has to represent.
And now spatial feeling awakens in Jesus.
As this Child grows older, the universal takes shape.
Nothing happens, but when Jesus experiences one thought after another as a human being, he feels that the Divine birth is taking place here.
We were able to follow that Life.
From our world we experience this birth which you call Christmas.
The time that you experience is not in harmony with the reality, because it was the height of summer when the Christ was born, or – believe it and accept it – the Messiah would have frozen in that crib outside.
It was the height of summer when the Messiah opened his eyes and the life had started for this world.
We connected ourselves with that birth and lay kneeled at the feet of the Divine authority.
Our Christmas is already behind us.
We prepare ourselves again for the crucifixion, devoting everything.
We prepare ourselves for Gethsemane, because Gethsemane must speak to us, a real prayer as it were, as a result of which the Divine personality will awaken and the Divine All can manifest itself humanly, spatially, Divinely.
Millions of people lie kneeling at our side when the first thought for this birth takes place.
When we see ...
When we prepare ourselves to experience that birth, then you see millions of people walking on this side.
Thinking, they go hand in hand, these fathers and mothers.
These men and women, with the children who are there, who belong to them, they attune themselves to the moment that the space became hazy.
When they are one for a hundred percent, the closer they approach the moment, the closer they experience and see the birth, and the spheres, the space opens and every world, every law becomes rarefied.
And every law asks you: come, awaken me, and experience me, because I can serve you.
And now a law is a world, now a law is light, life, spirit, soul, love.
The more love, the more understanding, the more awakening there is in you, the human being can experience that universe while rising.
And now it is possible from the first, the second and the third sphere, the fourth, the fifth and the sixth cosmic grade – but from the first sphere – standing, lying, in nature, to be one with flower, human being and animal, to enter the Divine All in order to master the laws for this Divine birth on earth.
You now become Christ, you become and you are now a Divine personality; even if the wisdom is still not in you, even if you do not have the laws in you, you can attune yourself to the higher, to the understanding.
One wrong thought in this human being closes him off to going higher.
There is no longer any evil in us, in those people, no wrong thinking and feeling.
People have released themselves from society.
Anyone who still thinks earthly, materially, belongs there in a twilight world or attunes himself to the animal-like.
Those people know that the darkness lives there, that those are the hells for which the human being opened himself, for which the human being serves, that the human being wants.
We know, those people know: every thought must now be in harmony with the space, must be a law, must mean life, will accept soul, spirit and material, in harmony with the space, as the elemental laws, the ages of condensing – as a result of the All-Source – could manifest itself.
The masters in the first sphere are open to receiving this life.
The first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh spheres, the fourth, the fifth, sixth, and the seventh cosmic grades drive the life upwards.
But you must now ‘be nothing’, and you must be willing to lose everything.
You are no longer a mother, no longer a father, you are only life.
People cannot disturb you.
You see no evil there, and you do not feel any deception there.
People who seek the lower live under your heart.
A human being who does wrong, you lock him up in your life breath and you will feed him, you will protect him.
The human being who possesses the light knows it: people here do not destroy, and people do not detest anyone.
Human beings and animals are Divine sparks of an infinity, are born from the All-Source, the All-Soul, the Omnipotence, the All-Feeling and All-Thinking.
In the first sphere you can now see people who are free from dirty, filthy, earthly, material thoughts.
There is no gossiping there, no talk that puts you down.
It is all blessing and happiness, there is only serving, there is only knowledge.
Because we know, they feel: the Messiah followed the same path!
Soon we will be beaten and now it is still just the moment that we attune ourselves to that occurrence.
But now the reality, now the true, now the following of Gethsemane, the following, the experiencing of that law.
Through Gethsemane to Golgotha!
Yes, soon we will hang there, we will hang here and we will beg, and we are grateful that we may be beaten, because then we undergo a crucifixion?
No, then we undergo the conscious child of the earth which looks for the wrong, suffering, sorrow and misery.
Millions – I told you – lie down there and now the human being is beautiful, now the human being is true.
Now you can speak to a human being and you receive a universal kiss from this inside!
As a word, as a glance from the eyes, as a smile.
Oh, how wonderful it is!
Oh, my God, my God, how is it possible that I belong to your life.
How awe-inspiring it is and it wants to be, to undergo people!
And when these millions of children are ready to experience the drama, the law, the space, the Divine self, that is called Divine birth, before those millions are ready to descend to the earth – because it happens there – they just fall down, they lie there, kneel, sleep, hands before their eyes.
One human being treats himself in this way, another has other aspirations, is otherwise inspired and hangs and leans there in that space, but everyone is gnawingly conscious, experiences the own torture in order to experience it so well, so cleanly, so spiritually pure.
The human being wants to beat himself in order to be ready, in order to be able to serve.
We just experience.
“When”, those millions beg, “will we get the honour to be allowed to be beaten?
Oh, my God, lash me, if I can elevate the other life.”
When we are soon on Mount Calvary – because it is that – then you will feel and understand what the life on earth has to mean for your fatherhood and motherhood.
Then you will no longer blow down a human being and then you will no longer talk nonsense about the human being.
Then the very lowest in society and of the underworld is a grade of your personality and then you have to accept and you will serve.
When those feelings reach consciousness, you will understand for what purpose you actually live.
We, millions, billions of children, sparks of God, had to master that.
And now ... now they are ready!
Now they follow the life of Christ.
We see, we experience the contact between Christ, the Life in her, this Child and Mary.
We follow Joseph as father, the serving feeling, Joseph as the creating power; we absorb the represented feeling for Mary into us.
We see a true father here.
That man, that inner life, is open and conscious and serves, always ready to take care of the maternal.
There is never a quarrel; they come from the first sphere.
One word, one wrong word from father and mother would have smothered the Divine authority in the mother, and disharmony would have emerged.
The mother and the father are in harmony with this birth, with the material law, the working.
Because if you wish to know, then the mother can, because she makes herself angry and worked up while carrying the child for the first weeks, she can smother that life, by a wrong thought alone.
But because the child is animal-like again, the birth is animal-like again, crude-material, in disharmony with the Divine universe, harmony came again between mother, father and child.
But for the Messiah everything was harmony here, an open path had been made.
Those lives were ready to be able to receive that authority, that feeling consciousness.
We get up with the Messiah and we go with this Life over the earth.
We sleep with Him, we see the Child lying there.
We see the masters around this Child.
We see that the masters from the Divine All awaken the consciousness, the inner Life.
When Mary was carrying her Child between the third and fourth month, the masters awakened this Life.
They only tuned their feelings into this Life and said: “We are here, Master.”
They did not need to touch Christ; they did not need to touch the Life.
They did not need to say: come, we will elevate this aura.
This Divine authority, this Consciousness, did this by means of own powers, that happened of its own accord; but they were there.
They let Him feel, they let this Life feel that they were there.
And then it came: “Can you hear me and can you see me?
I am speaking ...
I am speaking to you from the Temple of the Mother.
I live in the All-Source.
My father and my mother, I have come to love you.
My sisters and brothers there in the Divine All, I now see that we must still climb seven grades before we enter the All-Source.
And then there will be darkness again.
After my own task has finished we will return to the Divine All in order to experience the true Divine birth.
This is the material becoming conscious.
As a result of this we bring a task, we experience a task, but we will soon go further in order to represent the All-Source.
We are now still people, but we will soon be omniscient.
We will go so far, so deep, go so far until the sparks splutter from our lives.
We will see that our light in the eyes has got the independence of what became visible in the space.
We will be the power for the waters, we will experience foaming becoming conscious in an elevating way by exploring tree, leaf and flower.
We will drive a river over the earth.
We will populate the seas with lives, because now the All-Instinct awakens under our heart and it is only then that we have reached the Omnipotence and we can say: now we are as God is.
Whom people gave a name to.
No, we can then say: we are working, we are life, we are light, we are love.
That happened and that took place during the unity of Mary and Christ between the third and fourth month.
Between the fourth and the fifth, the fifth and the sixth, new revelations came.
And when the Child is born, then the whole of the Other Side lives – there is no longer a world, or, one that is empty – all the life stands next to the Divine Conscious and will help to carry Him.
No, that life will follow Him.
After a few years we enter Jerusalem along with the Messiah, with the Christ, and are faced with the Pharisees and scribes.
Now Christ tells, now by means of his unity with Jesus, He tells the scribes how it should be done and how it can be done, what is good and what people wrote wrongly, what people meant wrongly.
He already places the world before the facts.
He places the earthly authority before space, before soul and spirit, but is not accepted.
The first wrong footsteps have already been experienced and He has already had to accept them.
Books were written on this world, which we start to feel, which we already start to see; mistakes were made.
And we know: the other mankind, in centuries and centuries of time, will describe this Life and will say: where did this Life, where did Christ receive his becoming conscious?
When I connect you at this moment with your earthly wisdom, then there are books in circulation – and those people are faced with the spiritual scaffold, with themselves – that sullied the life of Christ.
People write, people say that Christ experienced a study here and there.
Now we can accept, you can experience that this was not true, because the Divine revelation, the Divine consciousness comes with the days.
Every hour gives a new life, new feeling, and new thinking.
And in this way we see that He experiences Jerusalem.
That He returns home with father and mother.
Yes, that He has already ripped open the curtains, the shrouds of the space and Mary and Joseph were able to listen to the Divine word when he says: “I serve my Father.
Why are you worried when you know that the Father lives in me?”
The mother can bow to it.
Christ, after twelve years, experiences a beautiful world on the earth.
He walks in nature; He speaks with His male and female friends.
He always has a good word, but he plays like a normal child.
Sometimes, then He feels something coming towards Him ... then something awakens, then He withdraws.
Then He goes into nature and lies down again amongst the flowers, he speaks to the animals.
When he had dealt with all of that, then the earthly physical relaxation comes.
The physical which demands: not too much now, or You will burst; we have to lay stone upon stone.
Life corrects itself of its own accord; it awakens as the material systems, the nervous system, the brains can bear more.
The gravity of the space already comes, but the final sight, the Divine All absorbs everything in itself again.
Now we can already determine, we must accept: this Life awakens of its own accord.
People do not need to do anything; no master is needed here.
The task, the truth, the harmony which is present in this Life, says: “Go from my sight, I represent myself.
My Divine Self will awaken; I bring my Divine Self to the people.
I cannot go left, I cannot go right, I go one path, forward, straight to this mankind and then I surrender myself.”
It is not possible to stand still for long at these scenes.
Then we would have to analyse volumes and we would have to write, if you wish to experience the youth of Christ and see before you.
But when He becomes seventeen, eighteen years old and a beautiful being stands before you, with only love in him, when the ground, the bottom on which he lives and walks, speaks and every footstep which He takes, singing by means of his power, his wanting to serve touches the Divine timbre of the space and a sound, a symphony of words and feelings returns to the earth, which can be seen by every human being, which can be felt by every human being, then we know that the Divine harp is busy tuning itself.
The All-Source manipulates this Life!
No, a Human Being has prepared himself in order to represent the All-Source.
A Human being is ready to bring the life from the Divine All to the earth and to manifest himself there, by building up, materializing, spiritualizing the harmony of this space for every law, and giving that law a space of life for hereafter, the hereafter ‘beyond the coffin.’
When Christ awakens in him, when He accepts the apostles and He has reached his twenty-first year, the spatial feeling, the male, the creating powers pass his lips and every word speaks more clearly, more anointed, more universal, it trembles in the human being on earth, because these words, these feelings were still never interpreted.
And now He walks as a human being, as a brother, as a normal simple human being over the earth with his brothers and sisters.
Now and again He gets a child from the space and walks with His friend through nature.
Mankind does not know who they were, but He already had friends, he had His friends before He took His task on his shoulders and the apostles saw their work, their life and their task before them.
Many people walked with Him along the waters and then He spoke of beautiful things.
Many people were able to experience that nature was his master.
We can now follow all of that.
There he talks to the flowers and says: “Where were you born?
Where I came from, you will possess a garment, more beautiful than this.
You will then be golden aura, you will possess the golden consciousness and that means: the omnipotence.
We will be one together in feeling and thinking and interpret all these universes conscientiously, always, eternally.
To be one in life and happiness, for soul and spirit.”
You must see in these words ... you must see the Christ one day in these words, then you will see the human being, then you will see the youth, the natural happiness, the playful, the happy.
Now and again He can laugh, smile.
Now and again He is bubbly inside and he is a normal human being, an ordinary human being of the earth, with the Divine All in Him, in his subconscious, bearing the billions of lives in him which He has had, and to take all of that to revelation soon.
And then the apostles come.
Then He begins to think.
He frees himself – we see that, we follow that – He frees himself from nature.
We see His inner life on His face.
He sees through everything, word for word now gets meaning.
Word for word – we know it, you will soon hear it, millions of people who follow Him will see and hear it – word for word now will get to experience a Divine birth.
Because every word is a Divine law!
Every thought must experience a Divine birth.
And then He gives His first lecture; He gives His first word to the people.
Now He begins to interpret, to materialize the truth that lives in Him, the space of which He is a part.
All lies and deception have sailed away, He has conquered those laws, those darknesses.
He cannot speak any more nonsense, any untruth, He is free from the earth!
It is His soul, His spirit, His personality, which leads and carries the material violence, but He has conquered every cell, there is no longer a tissue that disturbs Him.
Now you get to hear a metaphor which connects your life, His life, mankind directly with life in nature, but gets social becoming conscious, has to accept social foundations, so that the human being will remain standing for the coming centuries, in order to be able to conquer the darkness, the other, the lower self, the disharmony.
We follow Him with the first speech which He gives to the masses.
And then He stands and He feels that He must begin to give a few lessons, because his teaching, his wisdom, his word must continue.
“Come”, He says to the fishermen, “I will make you fishermen over the people ... come to Me.”
And everyone whom He looks at is lost; no, he surrenders.
All those lives have nothing more to say, they are taken care of by love, truth and justice.
Now He walks over the earth.
He goes further and further and further with the apostles.
He prepares them.
He can give these children spatial wisdom, but He must take care of them in that small true silence in which they live.
They start to feel themselves, they start to see what He wants.
He tells these earthly people how they will go in a brotherly and sisterly way next to and past each other.
He makes it clear to them that they ... the wife, the mothers ...
“Yes, but my mother ... my children already say ...!”
Did you think that the apostles would have surrendered just like that?
Did you think that there in that living room the other life, the maternal authority had nothing to say?
“You will stay here”, one says.
“What do I have to do with that mad person?”
The man says – because he has been touched –: “I will go and follow him.”
Did you never, did mankind of this time never wonder what those mothers thought?
How they wondered, when the Divine authority speaks?
Who gave these children, these mothers, food and drink?
“Go with me”, said the Divine authority, “I will make you fishermen of and over the people.”
And then these little men, these little children, thought: ‘But my God, but good heavens, but my world, how will that get food and drink?’
We now start to see that those mothers took care of themselves.
We start to see that the becoming conscious which the men received from Him, passed onto the mothers.
And they said: “Go, my child.
Go and come back and tell me what you saw, experienced, because He is true!
He is truth!
I want to give myself.
Just go, Peter, John, go and follow Him, but come back and send me a message now and again.
As a result of your message I will experience the space and your kiss.”
We must now determine and have to accept that these mothers were also ready to serve Him.
Yes, they were born; there were no longer any destructive foundations in this, no elemental respect which takes you to the darkness.
Those mothers understood, accepted and surrendered.
Even the children of Peter and John said: “Father, go.
I will come after you.”
Who was the later Paul, who were the other people who passed on the word after the apostles of Christ?
The Divine authority calculates everything.
No wrong foundations were laid for this task.
Peter comes from the first sphere, from the Land of Twilight.
He has not yet reached the first sphere, but he comes back as Moses came back.
The other people come from the Land of Twilight and are ready to serve.
They enjoyed, tasted how that wine from the space can move the human heart, can strengthen, can give an inspiration, a bubbly present, so that this life will awaken.
Because this life feeds itself, and inspires, prepares itself for what lives there, the human being from the material society.
The mothers ... the wives of Peter, John, and the others, they have children and surrender.
Mother and child, father is ready ... they are ready in order to follow the Messiah, the Living Light of the space.
They do not know any destruction; they do not know any doubt.
There is only accepting present, the feeling: it is this!
The world needs this.
Why does the bible tell nothing about any of all these things?
Or were these people divinely blessed?
They were not any different than you feel.
You have to prepare yourself as a mother and father for society, or you will not have anything to eat.
Now follow the Divine authority and prove what you can with regard to Christ, Peter, John, Andrew, your motherhood and fatherhood!
Tell your husband, give him as a mother the inspiring power and say: ‘Go, my dear, represent Him, but not the evil, the destruction of this world’, and you will be a part of Mary.
You do not have any worries and any fear, because you received two hands in order to take care of yourself.
Where do the great ones live from human history that stood on the street and interpreted the life light, the inner life of the space by means of a small instrument?
When the mother knew that the man would be hung, then she did his work and she represented his task.
There are no gaps in this.
There is no destruction here, no complaining, and no grumbling.
There is no leprosy here.
Mothers and fathers, the man as the represented apostle is ready and the mother to carry and to serve him, to receive him in love.
Because Christ did not build any holes in a temple.
His back, his past was ready; He could not accept any daggers in his back.
He laid stone upon stone.
He built as a result of man, woman and child on the university of his life.
And now we just go quickly to Jerusalem, because the time becomes short, unfortunately.
We must quickly go through the meadows with Him, through the fields.
We must experience, undergo millions of conversations.
We take at least seven months for Christmas, according to your time.
No night, no hour, no day, because we have to accept and absorb every thought of the Christ.
It is only then that we will start to understand our own life; we will start to understand animal, flower and nature, God and everything, the All-Source.
And you sleep, you waken and you put something on earth and you give it a light and that is your Christmas.
You eat and drink a lot.
But for a good word, for a good thought ... in order to make yourself substantially empty, in order to destroy yourself substantially ...
Today the space asks, Christ asks, soon the Divine laws ask you how many times you spoke wrongly about this mankind, about the life, about your father, your friend, your mother, your sister.
He comes with his disciples who follow Him through thick and thin, through night and darkness, rain and wind – because they have got to know Him – He enters Jerusalem.
Every morning letters go to the women of Nazareth and Galilee, the wives of Peter and John: “Child, it is fine.
We already know such an awe-inspiring amount.
Do you have our love, and can you feel our personality?
We awaken every second.
Oh, it is so wonderful!”
The women want to follow their husbands.
They want to kiss and wash His feet.
“No”, they say, “He forbids us to touch Him.
Stay at home and work and be happy, He does not require any more from us.
Take care of the children, take care of your surroundings.
Have light, have love.
Feel, feel, feel where it goes.
The world receives Divine love; the world receives Divine sight.
He is the Messiah.
If you can do that, my love, if you can do that then everything will be ready, I can continue, I can forgive.
And pray for me, send me your feeling that I will not succumb, because we feel, we feel that wonderful things will happen.”
I ask you at this moment: what does the bible know about this?
What does the bible know, what does this mankind know about the feelings which Peter, John – before Jerusalem took place – had to experience, had to deal with, to represent and had to conquer with regard to their own family?
Nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing!
You still do not know a thing about the inner becoming conscious which the apostles experienced and the women and the children, that whole environment, because all of this was experienced inwardly.
Just as little as the human being knew the Christ at the age of seventeen.
Where was He between twelve and twenty-one?
Mankind knows nothing about that, nothing.
He experienced that in nature for himself.
We are standing – you are familiar with that, you know that – with the apostles in Jerusalem and now He gives his prophesies.
The moment that the bible, that the Divine gospel must be written, that will happen.
By what means did Christ write his Divine Gospel?
That couple, those few words which He spoke, is that the Divine universe?
He shares out his wisdom left and right.
When the apostles, when the people ask him: “Yes, but he deceived me ... and he did that.
I want to have justice.”
And when people come, then He says, He asks: “What did you do?
Who started here, who laid the first foundation for the destruction, the deception, the slander, the gossip?
Then you have accepted and attracted the devil, evil, then you will have to make that good again.”
He did not take the being that deceived for a hundred percent; He took the human being who laid the foundations in order to allow that deception to take place.
That is challenging evil, and Peter says that, John says that, Andrew says that.
They were in nature and could speak to Him.
He says: “Lie down.
He there on the left, the other people here, he there.
Ask me what you want and prepare yourself ... prepare yourself.
The things, the laws of my Father will come over your lives.”
A time will come, He could have said, that you have to prove what you want.
A time will come soon, Peter, that you will have to devote a hundred thousand percent of your physical conscious, your soul and spirit for Me, in order to accept and represent that universe, my word, my life and that of your God.
Now you will have to show your colours.
They enter the region of Jerusalem; they sit down, there in that beautiful region.
Yes, they kneeled in Gethsemane.
It is a really beautiful garden there.
Peter feels happy and says to John: “Perhaps it will not happen anyway.
Are you not afraid, are you not afraid?
I do not know what is entering me, but I am, I feel sad.
Would something happen to Him?
Will we be strong?
John, what do you feel?”
John is the sensitive one, who says: “What do you want, Peter?
What do you want now?
If you now know that He does everything anyway as He feels that, will you then start to act the master?
When that fear, that feeling enters me that something will happen ...
Yes, I can feel that too.
I entered Him, I am starting to feel what can happen, but then something says to my being: that is for Him.
I am not yet that far.
I cannot start to act the Christ, I cannot start to act the Messiah.
But I have to follow Him, I have to carry Him, I am starting to understand how I must do that.”
And now the apostles, the children of Christ, are busy laying the foundations themselves for later.
They are starting to understand that they must stay away from what belongs to Him.
But what they possess themselves and have already mastered, they drive that into the space and they can give that to the child of the space at any moment, as a Divine gift.
The fear, the sorrow ... the disintegration, the destruction ... my God, my God, the misery is approaching.
Christ reaches meditation.
Yes, we could not even follow Him when He closes himself off for forty days – because that is true.
He does not even want to see those apostles of his any more.
He cannot stand them anymore.
He says: “Go, do not obstruct Me any longer, I have to represent my God, the All.
Go with those little pathetic thoughts, I want to be alone.”
Now He closes himself off.
For forty days – that was an age – He lives in solitude.
The flowers come to Him; the milk, the Divine food flows just like that in his hands, the flowers give their juices.
He drinks it; the life asks to be able to give itself, so that He will remain alive.
When He touches a flower, those life juices come to his hand and now this Divine fluid drips like that into his mouth.
But the life dies.
The life says before it is buried as a result of own will: ‘I will return, or I will return to that from where I came.
Do you not know that I was born by means of you?
Do you not know that we wish to serve?’
And all those little flowers get countenances, get faces, wear a garment, have soul, have spirit, and have a personality.
He sees: they are temples!
Temples ... is wisdom, power and love.
He reaches unity there with the space.
He experiences his new lives, his reincarnation, his subconscious.
He makes a journey, which we now made and which we will soon continue, from the moon through the transition planets.
He becomes one with Mother Moon, he experiences the fish stages.
He sees himself in the waters, in the jungle.
He experiences himself as animal-like conscious.
“Yes”, he says, “because there is no sin.
I, with my People, had to go through these phases of life.
We had to go further and higher, because we would represent the God of all life, the All-Source.
We would experience those first laws, the becoming conscious, the awakening for body, soul, material, in a revealing way, if I wanted to master that wisdom, that space, if I wanted to conquer that grade of becoming conscious.
Yes, from body to body, because we received body after body we got growing.”
He experiences this and finally, finally he has reached the earth.
He stands before the moment again that he misses the sun, but awakens as an astral personality.
He asks: “Where is the sunlight?
I can remember that I was sick ...”
Now those visions flow through Him.
He knows the laws, because they have returned millions of times from the universe before He would appear to the earth as the Messiah.
Returned from the Divine All, to the seventh, the sixth, the fifth, the fourth cosmic grade, the third ...
Back to the first moment when He started as embryonic life.
He finished and experienced this journey, along with the millions who are with Him, the laws of which live under his heart.
He now returns again, He returns to the Divine All.
He experiences, He undergoes the space.
He enters the universe with his sisters and brothers and He sees that they lay contact for the earth.
Sphere is connected with sphere, grade with grade, world with world, space with space, souls with souls, spirit with spirit.
And then He is faced with the moment that He dissolves.
Then He has to accept that he enters the space and can prepare himself for Mary and Joseph.
Israel has awakened!
He returns, He awakens and when He comes to the apostles in this way, to his children, then he can say: “I am ready.”
Now he has been born Divinely.
Born for his Divine task.
Born for the Divine becoming conscious, the justice, the love, the knowledge, and the harmony – by means of which everything came into existence.
Now they lie kneeled in Gethsemane.
The apostles fall asleep, they are dead tired, the boys.
But you will ...!
He knows that, no one knows that, only He knows that!
They are still earthly-spiritually tuned into material things, to sleep, to feeling.
They are dead tired, but they still had five percent, still three, still four, still two, still one percent and they had lost the ninety-nine percent of that.
Still one percent of the hundred thousand, the hundred percent of feeling and that certainty in them – they still had that, the apostles – and they could have kept themselves awake by it.
But that will weakened and this whole little company fell asleep.
“Can you not watch with Me for an hour?”
Christ was awake.
He kneeled in Gethsemane.
He says to the universe – because God, the All-Source, the Father, the Mother as God, who is already ...
They have already awakened in Him – He sends to the All-Source: “I am ready, I am awake and conscious.
I ... but my word gets wings.”
He is lying there in Gethsemane and says to the boys, his children: “Why can you not watch with Me for an hour?”
He did not have to say that, but He says something and that is understood, that is accepted.
They get a fright, they hit themselves, Peter and John.
They flog themselves, they weep, they beg: “My God, why did we not remain awake?
Why could we not watch over ourselves?”
They could have experienced the life of feeling, the becoming conscious, that wisdom anyway.
Now they have lost it.
They could have felt their Master; they could have seen God.
They could have seen the All-Source in Gethsemane, could have experienced it, because He connected them with the All-Source.
You know the drama.
They go higher, they go further, and they come to Pilate.
Christ challenges the world, mankind.
He knows ... (inaudible) by means of one word He can say: go from me, Satan.
It is I who controls you and drives and inspires you.
I am the All-Source, I am the Divine becoming conscious.
In me every word gets the Divine birth.
Go from Me!
But He is love.
He is harmony.
He returns for the scandal that these masses possess, and among which these masses live.
He knows: there are seven animal-like grades living; a few people in this world are only conscious, they are the highest conscious beings and can accept the feeling.
Those who serve for Him, they come from the astral world, the human being who still has to experience these material systems, who still has to complete the cycle of the earth, that human being lives in darkness and violence.
And then, when he comes to Caiphas, when Pilate says: “I wash my hands in innocence ...”
Yes, you must do that once again for the Christ.
I would want to dwell here for millions of years.
But we will still go there, by means of the following session which we will experience together.
Then I will let you shout and tremble as Pilate.
But then finally, finally, as a result of His word, His soul, His spirit, His life, His love, you will also accept the truth, and say: I flatly refuse to act for Pilate any longer.
You will now learn when you have to say the word ‘yes’ and the word ‘no’.
You will finally start to learn when good is good and you represent evil yourself.
You will finally then be able to say: ‘Yes, go and serve.
We are one.
I still have to master this wisdom, these thoughts.’
When we will soon stand before Pilate, then your human society will collapse, also that of Pilate.
The higher child, the higher feeling and thinking as mother, the wife of Pilate says: “Do not violate this Life, I have seen a wonderful vision.”
A letter, a word even now comes from this life, this beautiful feeling, this maternal authority.
As the apostles were able to do that for their wives, anyone here who comes into contact with the Christ gets a message.
Pilate is also warned: ‘Do not violate this Life.
Man, do not violate. I have seen a wonderful vision.’
But this wretched, earthly thinking child washes his hands in innocence and says: “I do not want anything to do with mud and with goodness.”
He washes himself in innocence; he should have taken part in this authority!
He who represents the highest for that moment says: “Yes, I am that far.”
Otherwise, hold your tongue, do not violate material tasks.
He says: “I do not want anything to do with it”, but he does want the garment.
Yes, he will soon climb Golgotha with on the left the sword and on the right the cross and want to represent the All-Source ...
Deception, Pilate!
“Yes”, says the other child of the space, of Mother Earth, “I will go with you, Peter and John, I will go with you through the mud and the sludge.
I am not afraid of losing my life.”
But when a haze comes, then people run away, because people think that the stake is approaching.
The betrayal of Jerusalem, the disintegration and the destruction which we experience and have to accept in Jerusalem, I will show you by means of the following session.
And then I will place you before Pilate, before Gethsemane.
We will climb Golgotha.
We accept the lashing, the crown of thorns.
We are grateful that we may be beaten.
And the people who follow Him are grateful that they can pull a thorn from His head by means of a pure thought.
We will soon experience on Golgotha that you nail Him to the cross again as a result of every wrong thought, give him a crown of thorns again, and put the knife of your personality into his heart.
We will experience that, we will see that, we will feel that.
You will start to understand that.
And it is only then that you will know that society and mankind live in the darkness, and everyone who elevates the wrong feelings belongs to that satanic.
And finally afterterwards, the good has to show and will accept the Divine colours.
Yes, you will go along, you will soon be crucified.
You will devote yourself as a mother.
You will no longer stand there shouting, crying, looking up weeping, because your child is hanging there.
You will be nailed to the cross yourself.
You want it, you are ready, because you know that you will awaken as a result of this.
You are no longer afraid of cause and effect, you are not afraid of a wrong word.
You are not afraid of being slandered by the neighbours, spat upon, that all lies behind you.
You accept that with joy.
The human being must first be beaten, if the human being wants to awaken.
Christ drags his cross upwards.
They are standing there.
He lies down there.
People nail the Divine Conscious Being to the cross.
Nails go into his hands and – He feels that, He experiences that – through his feet.
He is stuck, nailed to his own self.
But the cross is mankind, the nails are the nasty remarks, they are the hatred, the jealousy, the destruction, the whore instinct of your society, which lets His life light bleed.
You are that, that is mankind, and if you do not want anything to do with it, a wrong word will never pass your lips again.
Then you will start to say like Peter and John: “My loved one”, as wife, as mother, “give me the notes of your heart.”
And you will say: “What did you find out, what did you experience?”
No Christmas bells are needed here.
You do not need any life books that people have to write for your lives for this.
All of that lives in your heart.
You are part of the Divine Conscious.
You let yourself be beaten, you let yourself be lashed you only say ‘yes’ when you feel and know that you possess that truth.
And otherwise you just deny it and you bow your head and say: ‘I do not know.’
But you no longer go into anything.
You now celebrate a Christmas, but a Golgotha at the same time.
You become man, father and mother, you only look at your friends.
And when you hope that they are also happy, you are grateful and a real tear appears in your eye.
Or your day, your Christmas, your Golgotha, your space will mean nothing.
What do you want?
I must release you ... we must release Christ.
How I would have liked to remain standing here for months, years, centuries, but I assure you: the space hears me.
‘Beyond the coffin’ you will continue with the masters and we will take you back to this moment.
Then you will see me, you will see yourself sitting here.
Then we will undergo the crucifixion, but receive the Divine consciousness as a result of this.
We experience and inspire the Divine birth for one law and one grade, for fatherhood and motherhood, in order to represent the All, the All-Source as a result of which we originated.
If you absorb this for a moment into your heart and look to the right of the Christ, you are for just a few seconds, hanging yourself on the cross.
And then listen to the murderer on the right and the other one on the left and feel today, feel in the minutes, the moments which now come, to whom you belong.
Or you have the Christ of need, or that you still let it pass your lips: ‘I want nothing to do with You, I will take care of myself.’
But the other one says: “Admit me into your paradise.
I bow, I bow, because you are the Messiah.”
Let every thought today, and in the weeks to come, interpret the Messiah.
Make of every thought a walk through the fields, through the dessert.
Isolate yourself in meditation, experience the silence of your inner soul, your life, your spirit, your personality, and never talk nonsense again.
Never make something bad, because everything has meaning and is true; sins were not created.
When I send you away today, then I do that under the authority of the masters.
Remember that and absorb this into you for eternity, because you will possess happiness, life wisdom ‘beyond the coffin’.
Never talk anger again about the life of God, do not hate him.
Never feel like the beaten one, never say: that human being does that, and I ...
What are you?
You are now the destruction, I taught you by means of the sessions, by means of this unity.
Let the silence of your soul, the quietness, the honest feeling and thinking pass over your lips.
Even if you torture yourself to death, even if it is agony there inside, because the lock gates of your personality want to open in order to say those ugly things.
First murder what lives in you and can sully you, if you want to enter Gethsemane, want to enter Golgotha, if you want to get to know and to accept and to experience His life.
Human being, become a human being!
In 1947, my sisters and brothers, the masters left you behind in paradise, in Gethsemane.
I assume this morning ...
Then I said: ‘You pulled the Divine children roughly from the bottom.’
We left you behind in paradise, in Gethsemane, and could sit down.
Word after word I gave flowers, bouquets from the space.
I assume that you have built up the paradise, the Gethsemane for yourself, for your fatherhood, your motherhood, for your children, for the Messiah again.
Yes ... for this humanity.
I thank you for the colours, for the flowers, for these children.
I thank you that your hearts were opened and that you wanted to listen to me so kindly.
The blessing of Christ, the blessing of the masters.
Really, become father, become mothers, but above everything: become the child of the Messiah.
It is only then that you will experience a blissful, enthusiastic, harmonic Christmas.
The heavens are with you.
I thank you.