The bible begins with an untruth

Good morning, my sisters and brothers.
We have come this morning as far as “The bible begins with an untruth.”
Is that true?
Yes, but why?
Do not get a fright; I am not taking anything away from you.
On the contrary, you will receive something!
As a result of the journeys which we made together to the Divine All – you perceived that – it must now be clear to you that we must return to the earth in order to start to think for yourself, for the world, mankind.
I will therefore take you back to the moment that we – when we were released from the earth – started to think, to feel for the child of the earth and started to love that child.
We made a journey through the space.
We went from the moon to the other planets.
We came to the earth and completed our cycle of the earth.
You know that!
The masters brought you books, but there were no books during that time.
During that time, in which we now live, there were only people, and the earth.
There was no faith, no feeling, there was only animal-like attunement.
The human being was busy thinking for society, how he could build up an own life.
The human being made a family, there were fathers and mothers, and children.
People did not yet know anything about this which you now possess.
And God lived in everything!
Christ was not yet known, the bible would still be written.
And in that time we now begin to think and to feel.
There is only life.
The earth is there, the nature; there is no more.
No art, nothing of what you now possess in your society, lived during that time.
All of that still had to be born.
The human being knew nothing about Gethsemane, no Golgotha, no Father, no God, no All-Source, nothing about sun, moon and stars.
The metaphysical teaching was still to emerge.
There were no temples.
Yes, people began during that time to release themselves from the jungle.
Compare that life then with what you now possess, what you feel, what you got to know and what was accomplished during those centuries.
We will soon return from the jungle, from that time to your own society.
And then we will be faced with this wonderful reality.
And then you will see and you will determine for yourself what the consciousness of this present mankind is like.
We must go back millions of years, millions of ages, before we experience this thinking and feeling again.
You go back that far, until you are free from your society, the possession of the human being.
Did the possession of this world make you happy?
It has only brought chaos, brutalization, hatred, conflict, destruction, and injustices.
Thousands of problems mounted up; the human being cannot go forward or backwards.
And that now lives in the twentieth century.
We must go back millions of years in order to determine, to see, to experience how that human being built himself up.
We received the vision by means of ‘The Peoples of the Earth’ how the human being released himself from the universe.
By means of the planet system he continued step-by-step and he could master that wisdom, as a result of fatherhood and motherhood.
When those first people arrived at the Other Side in the astral world, they could determine that the inner life was an astral personality.
They could think; they stood on their own two feet.
They looked back at the earth, and they saw the material.
They could make themselves one with those people.
They also descended into them and now experienced again – from that world – the material systems, the human organism.
Is this so strange?
They asked of course: “Where is the sun?”
Finally ... the first ones started to think.
They lie down there, millions of people, searching, shouting: “Help, help, help me!
Where are my parents!
Where are my children?
Yes, I was sick, I was not well.”
One person was torn apart by a wild animal, another experienced his dying process, another being released from the material systems in a normal, natural way.
But they started to ask: “Why do we now live in a world where there is no more light?”
Those people must build up the light.
The light, strengthened, consolidated, given foundations by means of a deed, brought them to higher thinking and feeling.
As a result of the deeds that they did, the human being was first broken.
They descended into those lives, for the human being was amenable.
The human being had attunement, one to the other.
They became hungry and thirsty and wanted to quench their hunger and thirst.
And of course these beings reached a natural unity again.
And what do we now experience?
What do you now experience?
What you now determine has become your psychology.
Your houses, your mental institutions are still full of people who experience that unity.
One, for himself, feels psychopathic, another life is complete, directly and naturally, possessed to the full hundred percent.
Do people also speak nonsense now?
Yes, people speak ... those people speak about things which actually do not possess any mentality, or consciousness.
And when people descend into those beings, people enter a world that we do not know.
If the human being had not absorbed so much of society, which you now know – I once explained that to you – then there would have been no religious maniacs.
The dogmatic systems broke the human being, the human self, the inner self, the personality.
The human being started talking nonsense.
The human being released himself from his own stage, his grip, the conscious mentality in which he lived, the laws for organism, soul, spirit and inner life, because he started to search, wanted to go higher than he possessed in power, consciousness and feeling.
You will soon get these images again and then we will determine what the mentality, what the consciousness, what the thinking is in this present stage.
And then we will be faced with your university, with your academic as a minister and clergyman, Protestantism, Catholicism.
Yes, then we will determine, irrevocably, that millions of people are still attached to a dogma and do not know the laws of God.
We do not take anything away from these people; on the contrary, we take these people back to God, to nature, to life and death, to fatherhood and motherhood, to soul, life and spirit!
We look at how the human being started to think ‘beyond the coffin’, when he entered his astral life and personality.
As a result of the image which you received in ‘The Peoples of the Earth’, the book of Master Alcar, the book of Christ, the book of the space, of the masters, of your fatherhood and motherhood, you received an image ... you experienced ages and were able to determine how that darkness originated.
The human being lived in darkness.
There was darkness, there was light, there was a sun and there was a night.
But there was an astral world for the soul, an unconscious world, because that world attuned itself to the inner being.
As the human being developed, that world would expand, and light would come.
A hell – what you now call a hell – does not exist; there is only unconsciousness.
The darkness, the hell is unconsciousness for the human being.
The human being does not know that world.
The human being does not know his personality, not the attunement, not the space, not the world for his soul and his spirit.
And that is all; there is no more.
But those are the fundamental laws on which we stand, which were created by the universe, by the All-Source.
And now we get to see God!
God was able to manifest himself as the Lord!
You could have called him ‘Papa’!
You could have given Him a name as ‘Wayti’, Mohammed, Allah, Ra, Ré, Amon-Ré.
Why did such words come into being, did the human being invent so many words in order to represent the God of all life?
Is only the Lord, the God of all life capable for the European consciousness and inner life of taking you to the heavens, to his consciousness and character, his personality, his light, life, love and fatherhood?
Does the child from the East not come back to the All-Source and do you alone, by means of your dogmatic theories, have the right to call yourself human being and child of the All-Source, of God?
Is this harsh?
God is a Father of love, He does not damn!
We kick damnation to bits.
The Grim Reaper will perish, there is no death!
‘Yes’, we will soon write in the books of Jeus, ‘we will knock his crown from his head!’
And you do that by means of the laws!
Not by means of words, but by means of the laws, because ‘beyond the coffin’ you will live and see, you will get ‘wings’ one day.
And then the human being will bow down to the most sacred in him, the awakening, the activating, the inspiring, the feeling and thinking in order to be able to go higher.
So the human being who had completed the cycle of the earth wondered: “Where am I going now?”
And the first one was there, with a wonderful feeling, a sensitivity, with other antennae, who wondered: “We will continue.
We will release ourselves from this situation.
Let us just remove ourselves from this sphere and determine whether there is an actual end.”
And then they went on their way.
Those were the first people who had absorbed and had completed the cycle of the earth, the material organism, the laws for the earth as planet.
It cannot be any clearer.
They had nothing else to do than get to know themselves.
They are thirsty, and they are hungry.
They crawl into a human being, descend into him.
The thoughts of the human being – also hunger, also thirst – attract that inner life.
They are one, they go to sleep again, they feel the organism; the auras, the life aura sucks itself together.
They come higher and higher, they go through the solar system, the feeling centre, feel the heartbeat, the blood circulation, the nervous system.
Finally they come back to the day-consciousness.
They look through the windows of this castle.
They start to see: “Really, I am living on earth again, I have a new body again, this is material”.
They start to feel around, they feel that something has happened which contains this space, but also themselves.
And now dramas happen, problems charge at the life.
All of this humanity, mankind still lives in the jungle, has only food and drink, is covered with a hide of a wild animal, protects itself from some cold, against the heat ... but is insane.
Every grade on earth which lives here – there are seven grades of rising, awakening – is possessed by the own attunement, which has therefore left the earth and now returns in order to take possession of those people.
Because there is nothing else, because they ask for light, life and work.
What would you have done differently?
Did those people have time to scratch away at a violin, did they have time, did they have the consciousness, and did they have the feeling to recite a poem, in order to make a Rembrandt, a Titian for you?
Did they have the powers and the forces and the feeling, the consciousness, did they possess that personality in order to interpret Beethoven, Bach and Mozart?
That was still to come, that was not there yet!
And now ... there was only possession on earth, insanity, the unity of the astral being and the material being.
The human being who is hungry and thirsty, the human being who looks for awakening, for light, because the sun has been denied to him.
There is no more, and that is the complete whole of mankind, this is the consciousness of the masses.
Millions of people know nothing about any God, any Christ, any space, any sun, any moon, any science, any psychology, nothing, nothing at all.
That is everything!
That is the only foundation that mankind knows and which lives in the space!
And there is a God, an All-Source has come into existence.
The first hazes – I showed you that, I explained that to you, we were one with that, I brought you to those systems – sent out an aura.
And that aura started to condense itself, the universe came into being.
That aura, those laws of life ripped apart like a golden light.
The planets began, the moon began, and embryonic life appeared.
One after the other, stars and hazes, in condensed material form.
And then the people came to the earth.
The planet earth is ready as the child of sun and moon and can continue the life.
We live in a dark world, we have no light.
We return to the earth and when we have experienced those people there, felt and thought that we can only just eat and drink, can satisfy ourselves.
Yes, we do much more, we experience unity.
We start to feel that something comes into being in that mother where we are.
A child is born and we ourselves stand right in front of it.
Now we start to ask ourselves: “What will happen to us?”
These are the laws!
In an instant these people were ready to start to think, to start to feel: ‘Where do I live?’
You must experience that, you must be able to sense that, it is only then that the new awakening comes.
They started to finish one sentence, they started to finish one thought, they experienced that thought.
They experienced not only the organism – a hand, a foot, a leg, they felt about, they felt the heartbeat – but they were one with the life, with the soul, with the spirit.
And by means of their personality they got a grip with the consciousness of the earth and the life there to which they belonged.
Now they started to think.
I told you a moment ago: the few people who were ready, said: “Come on, let us go, we will see how far, how deep this world is.”
And they released themselves from the masses.
“We will return soon.”
One of them feels as it were where he will go.
They float through the space.
They are already ten, twenty years on their way, according to the earth, according to your time, and there will not be any end.
They remain in the darkness, they go upwards and they go downwards.
They feel that condensing comes and when they start to see that condensing, then they are in the middle of the earth.
They start to see, they start to look: “But my God, good heavens!”
They could not even form and materialize those words.
You must remove yourself completely from your time, your feeling and thinking, if you want to experience those beings, if you want to experience how society was built up.
And it is only then that it becomes the possession of yourself, you get new foundations.
And those people laid new foundations for themselves because they went on a journey, because they started to explore, because they started to see, started to feel that there is more living between heaven and earth than they had got to know in their material existence.
For centuries and centuries they are on their way.
Centuries and centuries – do you hear it? – they go on their way and they are still on the earth.
They finally go higher, they have got to know the earth.
They saw other tribes, other people.
“Look there!”
Did you think that there and there and everywhere where they come, that people live there?
Those people are different, those people have a different colour.
Yes indeed, those laws are still present, you still know black, white and brown.
Those phenomena also appeared during that time.
Those people were busy.
The earth built on the human organism.
The sun got power.
The life can begin.
They determined grades, grades which they only later learned to see, because the grip which they themselves were and was placed in their hands by the God of all life, but whom they still did not know.
One says: “I believe that here a power is present which thinks, a power that knows everything and as a result of which we came into existence.
Come on, let us release ourselves from the earth, let us release ourselves from this!”
Because they had no understanding of the earth, can you feel this?
Every word which you know in your dictionary, by means of your dictionary, they knew nothing about that.
They had nothing but themselves and their feeling in order to go, in order to explore, in order to long to get to know that to which they belonged.
And now they go through the space.
They return, they reach unity with planets, with sun, moon and stars.
The moon is still working, the moon supplies and finishes her life.
They see the fish stage and they see the first beginning.
They go back deeper, until that dissolves again too.
They can follow that, because one law, one grade after the other is like a thread that connects them, and they can determine the movements, the condensings, the expansion laws.
They enter an empty world again and now come to stand before the All-Source.
Before the All-Source ...
Darkness comes again, because the creations were still to begin.
And now they ask questions.
“What can you feel?”
“What can I feel?
From all of this everything originated, we were born!
Because look there, there ... everywhere you see weak hazes, weak thoughts.
And those thoughts start to condense, those thoughts are fatherhood, motherhood, light, life and love.”
But what do they know about love?
Yes, they felt and experienced that law to a certain extent, when they were still with their own ones, with their children, with their fathers and mothers.
When they were one and experienced that possession for the material, for soul and spirit.
Here we can ... here we do not need to remain standing still; you know the book ‘The Peoples of the Earth’.
They returned.
They returned to the others, who still lay there and asked: “What did you discover?”
“We discovered that we live in a space.
There is actually no end, but an end comes when you have experienced this.
And behind your death – when this dies – then you continue.
Because it is you, the thinking power in this, who determines the life.
Who says: ‘I am light, I am life, I am space.
I am father here and mother here, but soon I will triumph over everything.”
Those people, my sisters and brothers, were the first ones who had completed their cycle of the earth.
They started to serve those people, they gave them beautiful thoughts: build up something else.
They started to feel because they absorbed those laws into themselves, because they could distinguish the light and the darkness, and gave them some fire.
They started to see how those elemental laws reached condensing and could give those people a short and small technology, a wonder.
And then, at that moment, fire originated.
They rubbed some stones together – you have, you know those things – and then continued.
Millions were busy inspiring those people, in order to already bring those people to development.
There were millions who in that grade ...
Only the highest grade wanted expansion, wanted awakening.
The first, second, third, fourth, fifth and the sixth, those grades were still busy experiencing the material organism.
They experienced insanity, fatherhood and motherhood, the unity with the material.
The other people continued, they started to serve, and because they took a deed to the height, to the space, gave inspiration and rareness – can you feel? – rareness, feeling, in harmony with the world in which they lived, expansion came, more light came.
And finally, after millions of years, millions of ages – understand this well – they could determine and they could say: “We have reached the first grade for the light, for the harmony, the reality as all of this originated.”
And that is now the first sphere, that is now the first harmony, that is justice, that is love, that is fatherhood and motherhood.
That is the unity with the metaphysical law, the harmony for the space, as he, like that mother – or whatever it is – created all of this and provided it with his soul, her life, her fatherhood, her motherhood, her justice, her harmonic laws, going forward in this way in order to enter that where the Divine All is finally experienced!
Can you already feel, can you now understand how simple everything actually becomes?
And there is still not a God and there is still not a Lord, not a Christ, not a bible, nothing, nothing, nothing.
We already live in the first sphere, we are more in harmony with the reality, with the deed, the thought.
We can already take our leave of there and enter the society of the now.
But we do not do that, because we will also first lay foundations and determine where we started to think in order to write that bible, so that the human being would receive a faith.
Because it is still a wild mess on earth, only evil, lust, violence, destruction lives there.
One wants more than the other; the strong one conquers.
There is no knowledge, consciousness, only power triumphs over everything.
The great ones, the giants, the powerful ones in feeling, it is they who act king and emperor, which the other one will later do and will cover himself with a wonderful garment.
What the human being here still possesses on earth is a desert, is an emptiness, inwardly.
Yes indeed, Mother Nature continues.
There are flowers, there are animal species, there is everything, not yet in the shape as you experience that in your time, in your own life.
There is everything there, but what there is not, that still has to come, and will and can take this humanity back to the God of all life.
And these people will make sure of that.
When they have reached the first sphere, of course they reach thinking and feeling and understanding.
The first ones say: “Can you now feel what the earth, what those people there, our fathers and mothers need?”
They experienced law after law, they determined fatherhood and motherhood, and they connected themselves completely with the world of the unconscious.
Yes, they entered there and came to the spark stage, the cell consciousness, and descended with those cells into the mother, they experienced that transition.
Between the third and the fourth month they could continue, they could become released, they were released, they became free and had to accept: really, the human being returns to the earth, there is reincarnation.
“No”, they said – reincarnation; that word still had to come – “you can return, you can return and as a result of this returning we will continue.”
That was already wisdom for millions of years ago.
Those people could not yet tell you, people could not give it on earth, because when they started to speak and when they started to inspire the people, people did not hear them.
They had to be completely one with the material being, with this inner life, but then the earth took the material away again.
The human being lived here, had a grip here, felt some of that invisible and the human being saw nothing.
Yes, there were already a few who felt: “What is living around me anyway?
Where am I?
I can hear speaking.”
They were the sensitive people, those were the Paul’s, who will soon come, already the prophets.
Because you will feel, the development continues.
Not only for the material bodies, not only for that society which is coming, which is being built.
But the masters there – they are already conscious beings, who can already call themselves master – say: “If we bring ourselves into harmony in order to serve those people, in order to take the life on earth, in that space there to the development, then you must long, then you must become it, you will receive that birth.”
And now people are born who have reached the first sphere?
No, the human being from the Land of Twilight, just under that, who already sees the light, who perceive the light already and absorbs it in him, those people start to long.
Those people can drive, inspire, can speak, have a higher intuition, are inspired in a mental and rarefied way.
The human being in the first sphere is free from lust and violence, from disintegration and destruction and injustices.
The human being under the first sphere, who is not yet that far, but who is ready to take himself to the awakening, people need those people in order to inspire the human being in the material.
And those people, feel, they can ask: “What is living here?
Is there more?
But I see something, but I feel something, I look through here.”
Yes, they see there that mist, a dusky world, it is everywhere.
They see themselves from the material.
They return to the moment when they were astral-spiritual there.
There is no difference, only a small foundation has been laid, a certainty too, which now has to adjust to the material laws, which must absorb the material truth, because it belongs to the organic life.
The other people continue and when the second, the third and the fourth sphere – can you feel that – has been conquered as a space, when that space has been taken possession of, only just by thinking, by feeling, by doing good and experiencing the harmony ... there is now no longer a wrong thought in the human being.
There is no talking there, no gossiping, no tattling.
They are open and conscious there.
They know: one wrong thought already takes us back to those material beings, we do not want that, we want to go further, higher.
One wrong thought slams them against the earth, and can mean a suicide, a murder, can be the destruction of the child in the mother.
One wrong thought – they already know now – brings us back to the darkness.
They stand with both feet on the ground, and that ground is luminous, conscious.
That bottom is loving, is harmony, is justice; it is they themselves.
They have been able to master that wisdom up until now, but they still have to go further, because they have not nearly returned to the Divine All, to the All-Source.
And now you can accept me, you can soon see, we will show you the laws and then explain them, one for one.
Then the fourth, the fifth, the sixth and finally the very highest for this space came into being and the first people entered the seventh sphere in life after death.
Then they saw silvery golden light, they returned from there to the space.
But how did that world originate?
How did the first, the second, the third, the fourth, the fifth ... yes, how did the seventh sphere come into being?
They could experience seven grades.
Every grade was inspired, every thought got satisfaction, becoming conscious, life, soul, motherhood, fatherhood.
They had to elevate every thought, every feeling – and you possess millions of them, remember those which you send out in one second, you think about world parts in only one second.
Now that thought got more feeling, more love, more harmony, more justice, more pure fatherhood and motherhood.
They started to expand that organism, that organism got a form.
Every tissue was inspired by the rarefied, pure, universal sound, as a result of which the universe, as a result of which all this life originated.
They started to see consciously that every thought became a world, is and has to represent a space.
Every thought got more feeling, more motherhood, more fatherhood and harmony.
Every thought could take them to the first, the second, or third sphere.
More power, more inspiration for the second, for the third, for the fourth, for the sixth, the seventh sphere.
More intensity, more consciousness, more feeling, more purity, state of purity.
Because the life started to reveal itself to their lives, they could experience and determine those laws.
And those were the foundations, can you feel that?
When the seventh sphere had been reached, therefore, by means of the thinking, by means of the acting, by means of feeling, by means of fatherhood and motherhood, everything in the universe.
As that harmony was experienced in Mother Nature, the human being came further and higher.
There was no God, no Christ, no bible, and no art.
Yes, in the first sphere people already knew that a piece of wood could make a noise, because when their inner strings were tuned, attuned, their life of feeling was attuned to a flower, they heard wonderful spatial singing, because now the life started to speak.
They experienced a universal harp.
The life strummed on the inner, that infinite system in them, the solar plexus, which connected them with material, soul and spirit, as a result of which every word got form and then a spatial, universal timbre.
And the first human being heard a song, a piece of music, which then would later be interpreted on earth for centuries and centuries, millions of years later by Bach, Beethoven and Mozart, as children from that world.
Then a Rembrandt came, then a Titian came, then the other people came.
Then wisdom came, then the feeling came, the analysing of the space.
Yes, later faith also came.
First the faith, first the feeling and thinking, because the masters, the people there, your fathers and mothers who had entered that seventh sphere, said: “We must start to work there.
What do those people need?
How can we make those wild masses afraid?
How can we connect those masses to the space, to God?
Is there a power which we can bind together, can encircle by a small, short word, so that those masses will start to feel that there is more?
Can we not make those masses afraid by means of something that they would like to possess?
Yes indeed, we will beat those masses, we must reach those masses, we will receive, we will achieve nothing with gentle violence!”
And then the first human being in the seventh sphere said, those masters: “Just hit them, just batter them to pulp, just hang them, just destroy them, just burn them at the stake, just beat them to death, millions of people; otherwise you will not come a step further!”
They tried to descend into those people in order to feed those people; but they do not come any further.
What must we do?
What must we do in order to bring, to take, to inspire those wild ‘beasts’ there to the higher awakening?
What must we do in order to release those people from that society, from the jungle, to release them from that wild carry-on and to bring it to where we live?
By means of some talks, some gossip?
Just talk, just sing, and just shout: “We are here, can you not hear us?
We are here!”
The human being simply walks through these invisible lives.
The human being does not say: go away, I am here.
No, people do not see those beings.
These lives are invisible.
The inner eye has not yet awakened, the clairvoyant has not yet come into existence.
And yet people live there.
People have sorrow, people have feeling: we must bring this mankind to awakening.
“But they must know that we live!
‘Beyond the coffin’ there is no death.
We feel universally deep!
All of this belongs to us, I am actually already like this All-Source!”
Every human being, the man, the mother felt that.
They can give birth to children, they can get contact with those masses, but what can we achieve?
Nothing, nothing, nothing!
Then the master, the ‘angels’, the universal, spiritual authority and that becoming conscious reach unity.
They sit together and analyse for themselves how to bring that connection to earth.
How should the human being have thought during that time?
What should those masters, what should those fathers and those mothers of ours have done in order to elevate those lives on earth in that unconsciousness and to give those people the feeling that there is an All-Power, a piece of life, a power which thinks, which feels, which inspires, which is father and mother, which gives us everything, which is light and darkness?
How do we reach that source?
How can we take those people to the inspiration, to the knowledge?
Again they go and they must return to the earth in order to try it again, because they know: they attach the people to untruth, lies and deception, because the reality still cannot be experienced or accepted.
What now?
Just try it again!
Certainly thousands of times, hours and hours, days and months – according to your time – it was thought, felt and spoken about this development, about this contact, in order to elevate the human being, to take to the inner God, because they are inner, spiritual Gods.
To there ...
They know exactly that they can go further, will awaken grade after grade, because they know: as a result of my thinking, as a result of my feeling, as a result of my deed I brought light into that space.
Light, light, light ... there, there, everywhere.
As a result of every thought they bring light, because they are part of that space, because every thought came from the All-Source and that All-Source did nothing else.
That manifesting of that All-Source – they do not yet have a name for it – that power, that working did nothing else than they now do.
And that now lies in the hands of the human being!
That will soon be clear to you.
Then you will feel the power of your society, then you will feel the consciousness of the millions on earth.
Then you cannot say: my God, my God, how far we are.
But in addition you are as poor as a church mouse, because you, those masses then, the theologian, the millions who are attached to the dogmatic theories, still have to accept the darkness, because for them there is still someone above here or in the universe who damns!
And we kick that thought to pieces!
We knock that thought the own crown from the head, because that does not exist.
These millions can experience and have to determine that, they had to accept that!
It is not working, it is not working on earth.
Those millions cannot be reached; you can descend into them, you can speak and drink into them.
You can push up those feelings, but there are thousands of characteristics there, qualities – they are walls – which you must conquer.
And then also: when you reach one human being – therefore the human being in the seventh grade for feeling and thinking on earth in the material, in the human organism – then you are faced with millions of other people and you cannot reach them.
“How must we begin?
What must we do?”
The decision comes, there is just one possibility: one of us has to go back!
“One of us has to go to the earth, to that planet, in order to build up a core and from that core we will have to conquer mankind, all those millions of people.”
And now the masters descend to the Land of Twilight.
Because I told you: the first sphere is not capable of that, those people know, they no longer live in untruth, in gossip, in deception; that feeling is no longer present.
They are in harmony with nature, they speak with the space and with the light.
They can only serve, work, give their power, their inspiration, their feeling to everything, but not for the destruction, not for nonsense, not for and by means of that life which lives under this, then they are powerless.
Because they know: they return to the ignorance and are now empty of feeling.
Therefore the human machine will not be stopped from working.
That human machine can only work when that machine, when those tissues, when those systems are in harmony with the infinite, with the universe, with soul, spirit and material.
Of course there are people who are ready in the Land of Twilight.
There are people there who ask, who beg: “But why can I not return?
My father lies there, my mother lies there.
They do not know me!”
And one of them is father – the first father – Abraham.
This is now Abraham who asks, who begs: “Let me return, give me a new body, I will elevate those masses.
I have life, I have inspiration, I have light, I have everything and people know nothing there.
My father lies there; you should see them, you should see my mother, you should see my brothers, my sisters.
My God, I stand in that, I live in them; can you not hear me?”
No, you are not heard.
We do not need your ‘hear’.
Those lives go naked swaying through the material, have their food and their drink, their recklessness, their fairground, their pleasure.
Yes, what kind of pleasure at that time?
Nothing, nothing, nothing!
They had life, they could be one with Mother Nature.
They went bathing, they went swimming, and they went hunting. There was no more to it.
There was no more to it.
They could not deal with or experience anything either.
Then this human being started to long, a man, a creating power.
He elevates himself, he enters a dusky situation.
He hears speaking, he hears ‘thinking and feeling’, and in this silence he hears: “Can you hear me?
I am the Lord.
Return to there and release your father and mother from this darkness.
I will give you the feeling in order to bind these masses, to unite them as one to me.
I am a Master.”
But this Master calls himself Lord and Master of everything.
‘Really, I am the Lord, I am the feeling, I am light, I am life, I am love’, people did not need to tell this to Abraham, because this child would not have believed that, not have felt that!
What did Abraham know there about the second, about the third, about the fourth or about the fifth, about the sixth, about the seventh sphere?
Meanwhile, times had passed again.
The first masters freed themselves and become free; in harmony with the mental areas, and are born, reach working.
New people, new firmaments, universal theories, attunements as a planetary system are ready.
The fourth cosmic grade looks after them, there a birth is experienced for higher expansion, inspiring and giving, fatherhood and motherhood.
Here on earth awakening comes, because the first human being in the Land of Twilight asks: “How can I take my father and mother to the spiritual becoming conscious, in which I live, to which I belong and to which I got attunement?”
Can it be clearer?
This human being is born, this human being awakens.
This human being starts to think, he gets married.
And this now, my brothers and sisters, when this child grows up with a mother who still does not know anything, who had no feeling of this child, but felt in her: something lives there, what is that?
Those words cannot yet be interpreted, people still had no psychology; people did not know the soul, the life of feeling.
A source of expansion has entered her.
This life is awakened, of course, kept awake through the masters.
With this feeling this child will awaken; and it will be called father Abraham.
Abraham comes to earth.
The House of Israel gets a fundamental base, the first steps are laid, and the first feelings have come.
The child Abraham waltzes, jumps and dances over the earth and has a mission to complete.
This first child from the Land of Twilight, from the life after death returns and says: “Yes ...”
When it is seven, when it is eight, when it is nine years old, the mother already feels: what is there in that child?
This child is different.
And then the feeling reaches awakening: unity.
The first foundations have been laid.
There is nothing written in the bible about the first thinking and feeling of father Abraham, because people are no longer able to pick up those feelings.
People later only just adjusted this first thinking and feeling to the thoughts of the human being who would be a bible writer, who would join these poems, these stories together and would make a start with them.
This is the drama of mankind, this is the beginning and the origin of the House of Israel.
Abraham gets married, children come.
There come ...
Abraham, Isaac and Jacob come, the House manifests itself, it expands.
One life passes on, the other comes back.
The stories spread, the Lord speaks.
The first wisdom is received, experienced, sent out and accepted.
Twenty-four, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty, twenty-one, just carry on, thirty-five, sixty-four people believe of this human being that there is a life ‘beyond the coffin’?
No, they believe that a Lord exists who created everything.
And: ‘Do not do that, or you will be lost’, and: ‘Do not go there, because the Lord says ...’
And now word after word reaches awakening, good stories come.
The nursery class for the bible has come into existence.
The nursery class, which is called mankind, sits down there and has to accept the first words.
Trillions, millions of people live on earth, but they are not yet ready.
There a core was laid.
And now you can soon accept and now you can experience – when we make contact with your time – that you are now the first-borns for the House of Israel at cosmic experience, cosmic feeling, and cosmic attunement!
But there the first steps had to be laid, there the beginning is accepted, there the first thinking, the first contact is accepted with the astral world, which is a master, which is the Lord.
He will give what he knows himself and was able to master for himself.
In this way the first thought, in this way the House of Israel – Israel, which means awakening, spiritual becoming conscious – came into existence and was born.
The masters see that it is going well.
But centuries and centuries are needed in order to keep this small bunch of feeling, these few souls, these human children together.
Gradually the other life also comes, because people speak about happiness, people speak about the space, people speak about darkness and light, about hells.
“Do not do wrong, because you will succumb if you do wrong.”
After all, they were able to experience that.
And now you must see how that bible now truly and universally absorbs and passes on and analyses and records the sacred, spiritual truth of the astral personality.
“Do not commit sins, because you will experience a darkness.
Do not do that, because you will burn eternally, you will destroy yourself for eternity.”
Yes, does the human being perish for ages, when the human being commits a sin, does wrong?
The human being, the life awakens.
The first lectures have started.
In one incredible trivial, nursery class, truths were interpreted here and accepted.
But the human being from the space and ‘beyond the coffin’ knows what he is doing.
He makes them afraid: “You will not do that!”
When you steal and cheat – they experienced that, after all – they descended again into the sludge, into the mud, into the lust for the material life.
“Lust and violence, robbing of another conscious, raping a mother takes you to another rape, and you will live there and burn for eternity.”
Yes, from inside!
They did not talk about it being fire!
The human being himself added that later, because then it gets even better!
Then they are attached even more strongly to that misery.
Then they are riveted to the Divine chain!
Then they can no longer stir a muscle?
None of that: “You will be there and burn, if you do not obey the laws of the Lord.”
In this way life on earth was destroyed, attached to a truth, to a spiritual truth, which later – because the human being, the bible writer, did not yet understand the spiritual laws – were materialized and spoiled, messed up, sullied!
They did not know any better!
Just beat up these beings.
Yes, they now live in the third and fourth sphere, these pathetic people, because they will be riveted to the earth until the last child is free from damnation and eternal burning!
And it is only then that they can accept and move their spiritual step.
Or do you not believe this ‘nonsense’ as justices?
The human being records the material life from the astral world.
The storm comes thundering and it strikes the human heart as violently as lightning and it feels groaning and moaning.
The fear comes, thank God; the human being on earth gets a fear of doing wrong.
And this is the most wonderful foundation for many, many centuries!
Here people are laying foundations by means of the strap, by means of the lash, by means of a piece of steel?
No, by means of thoughts which comprise spaces!
By means of the word which connects the human being with truths which he can see with his own eyes, which he can feel, can finger, because he knows: the Lord will deform me!
And you can accept what now comes about: one deed is raised up, you still do that; when the human being says something about another person, then it is a world event in two week’s time.
You still deform every moment every Divine, pure, natural word, every thought!
You kick it, you kick it into the space and over the earth.
You do not know where the first thought originated that brought about the damnation, the disintegration, the gossip, the nonsense, the destruction, the rape of a human being, of all the good in the space!
You no longer know that.
This is why during this time the universal conscious is fighting with regard to gossip, nonsense and destruction, because that is demonic and satanic fire, which spreads itself over the earth and through the space.
André says, after all: “Just commit a murder, but do not talk any evil, any bad thoughts about a human being.”
The other human being takes over, the other human being takes it to the darkness.
No, it goes through society.
Soon ... yes, later by means of the following sessions you will experience that society is beaten destructively by your nonsense, by your damnation, by your destruction.
By the God who damns and has built up a hell system, you will be beaten, until you finally no longer know whether you must go forward, left or right.
You are as blind as a bat, poor in feeling; that belongs to this society and is still your own time.
But they must do it, they cannot do any differently.
One human being helps them by elevating the other life and making that life afraid, because the human being now feels strong.
The mother says to the child: “And if you do not leave that, then I will call the Lord.”
And the child says to the other life, the sister, the brother: “Leave that, because the Lord is watching.”
And now it happens of its own accord.
The human being is inspired, inspiration was born, feeling, development, awakening!
One takes over what the other life reads out, expands, and looks at.
Inspirations come about, inspirations are born.
It becomes more and more beautiful, every day.
The masters can be satisfied.
The masses, this mankind, millions of fellows and children, sisters and brothers become afraid, more is not needed.
The respect is there.
There is a Lord there in the space, a power, a force, an inspiration that knows everything, who can let you be damned, and who can deform you.
Yes, that power is leering at you, it is in light and in darkness, it stands before you and behind you, left and right, above and below; it comes from the earth.
“Can you not hear it crackling there in the space?
That is the thunder and the lightning, but that is the Lord!
Did you perhaps do wrong?
Did you cheat deeply?
Why do you go stealing then, why do you go and destroy that life?
Why did you rape that woman?
Why did you murder that little sister, why did you not grant another life on earth?
Why do you wish to damn yourself and take yourself to that eternal fire inside?”
The human being sees the hell, the human being sees the stake, but it is the fire here in you, the unconscious thoughts.
Those bitchy, those cursed feelings which only see evil and destruction.
That is that dark satanic burning hell to which these people belong and to which they have attunement.
That is now Abraham, that is Isaac, that is the House of Israel!
And if we now continue, just for a moment, then they begin to think and to feel.
People find it worthwhile to take in and record those stories, that feeling which the Lord says here.
And now we get to see the first novellas, the first pages of the bible and it says: the Lord said such and such.
But that was a beginning!
A clever child comes to the earth.
One thinks and feels sharper than the other life and says: “We have a day, we have a day again, we have a day again, the moon ... there is light and darkness.
How must we learn to think, how must we describe this?”
Five of them, seven of them come together; they sit ... they sit together, these Jehovah children.
These are now the Jehovahs.
They start to analyse what they do not yet know, but from there they are inspired.
Just let them write, if they just write, if they just feel, if they just pass on what we know.
And even if that is awkward and narrow-minded, even if it is no good and even if it is in conflict with the Divine, the spatial, spiritual, loving, maternal and paternal truth from that life, just let them write, just let them feel.
Just let them crash and be afraid, as long as the human being just awakens, as long as the human being just gets feeling, as long as the human being just starts to feel: there is more in the space that we do not know.
There is a Father who can make us afraid and a Father who elevates us.
When we do good, then we may sit at his table, on his right hand and we eat gruel with good sugar, the gold spoons are produced.
Yes, this nursery class, these first children accept everything and are pleased that they can finally let go of the earthly, material authority.
They receive happiness and bliss, because they start to know that that demon there does not have everything to say, but that the Lord is there who will beat him and he will soon experience his darkness.
That is accepted, that is experienced, these children absorb that and it is the present stage!
Millions of years have now passed when the first phenomena, the first novellas came.
They spread themselves among the people, they lay in the human heart.
When the first people came, those people were born for the set-up in order to begin the bible.
Children come from the Land of Twilight again and just have the feeling: if I could just tie those people to that, if I could just convince those people of that.
Everything comes from one source, everything must come from the source of truth, of benevolence, of light and of life, of knowledge.
Everything came from the Land of Twilight directly into contact with the first sphere, with the first heavens, with the first wisdom, the truth, the harmony, the pure fatherhood and motherhood, becoming conscious, awakening and justice.
The first thoughts come from there and will take place in harmony, get images and lay foundations.
They will build up contact in order to describe this one day.
And when these people now start to sit down and absorb those feelings of the Lord, of Abraham, of Isaac and Jacob – a while later Moses comes, he will do it even better – then that has already been recorded as a result of which the very first feeling was not lost.
But it tallies with everything, it is in harmony with the truth ‘beyond the coffin’; but it has been materialized.
What is spiritual burning as feeling in the human being, is the fire in the darkness.
What becomes the deforming by means of the wrong, as a result of a rape, as a result of the sullying of the human being and the life on earth, for motherhood and fatherhood, becomes for the bible, becomes for that material child the eternal deforming of himself with regard to the Lord, with regard to those laws, with regard to everything which thinks there, as through which they were born.
The heavens and the darkness, which is unconsciousness in this human being, becomes a hell with a burning fire in it.
Wisdom becomes fear, the opposite image for the awakening becomes destruction there.
You see it now, destruction and awakening, lust and love, hatred and development, injustice and justice, lies and deception and cordiality and benevolence stand opposite each other and become the first foundations where the universal and the masters from the fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh spheres walk, wander and stand; that is a Temple.
A Temple for the human being on earth, which one day will be a university, because that will also come!
Now the people come on the earth and begin with the actual work and will write the bible, will write the story for mankind.
The story for Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, for all the life that thinks and feels, and wants to awaken with regard to the Lord, will serve for good or evil.
You are that, that is also this humanity.
Nothing has changed.
Work has begun in order to record thoughts and feelings.
Those people come from the Land of Twilight.
The masters from the first and second spheres worked upon those lives, they could not elevate those lives any higher, for that matter, they were attached to the feelings, to the personality of those people.
They could not give the people that inner fire in them – they had experienced that when they started to release themselves from the darkness, experienced a journey through the universe – because they knew nothing there about soul and spirit.
That fire in them in order to do wrong, that fear became a red-hot fire, burning material.
The masters thought: just go ahead, as long as fear remains.
As long as fear remains of destroying yourself and the life of the universe, then we will have foundations, after all, in an animal-like, pre-animal-like, crude-material, yes, crude-material grade of life, seen as wisdom.
And that, determined with regard to the Lord as spatial feeling, is a small profit.
And they were satisfied with that.
And then the Lord said: “The first day is over.
Let us be satisfied, it is good.”
Then the second day came, the third day, the fourth day, the fifth day ... – remarkable, the masters have determined seven grades for the universe – and they now made one, two, three, four, five, six of them.
‘And on the seventh day you will live and be happy, you will celebrate it as a sacred occurrence.’
Yes, to think and to feel, to meditate on what you absorbed during those five, during those six hours and days which have passed.
That was the intention.
Those were the first, second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth spheres, for the lower, the darkness.
But having arrived in the Land of Twilight, the human being starts to think, to feel: I must go higher, I want to go further.
I descend and I will do everything, but I want to see the light.
I want to possess the light, because there I feel happy.
That seventh day is in order to think.
In order to work?
Just work, but think, meditate on what you did that week.
It is a grade, it is a becoming conscious, it is the highest experiencing for the very last, the final, so that you can say: I have it, it belongs to me now.
This is the final, this is the hundred percent for your sensitivity.
This is soon, when we enter the spiritual grade, the becoming conscious for your society, this is the very last which forces you to act according to it, for good and evil, life and happiness, cordiality and benevolence; yes, for Gethsemane and Golgotha!
You cannot escape that, never, never, no!
Because you shall experience the laws in love and harmony, as the All-Source wanted it!
And from the Lord came a ‘God’.
Yes, from the Lord came a God!
The Lord became God, because the Lord had finally spread over the earth and the masters thought: now we can place a new step, a new foundation, a new look.
There must be a little window in this instrument in order to look through that, and through that: left and right and ahead.
Then Moses came.
I am telling ... I am not even telling you about the story of Noah; that Noah went over the earth and it started to rain and nothing more existed.
That is nonsense, and that is a nice story for you.
There was a man who brought inspiration, who felt it: something will happen – also another symbol, a truth – who received contact with the truth, was connected and would experience another part of the world in order to lay the foundations there for new authority, for knowledge, new feeling.
Then society, the development of the human being, of mankind will begin.
You see the streets coming, you see the paving, and you see the foundations.
You can say: yes, we are getting a university, we are getting a church.
We are getting a religion, a faith.
The human being has already got a faith, the human being is attached to a dogma, dogmatic feelings.
A dogma means: you are attached to a story.
The bible has stories, they are dogmatic intents which connect you to society, to happiness, life and love, to the universe, your Lord, your God.
There is no more to it.
And now the bible comes, the people begin.
What do those people know, what do these first people know who put those stories together about the universe, moon, sun and stars?
What do they know about the origin, when the All-Source started to manifest itself?
Nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing!
You can already feel, just begin, now just read the bible, people begin on earth, but in a situation where the earth is already millions of years old, finished.
There are millions of people, the universe is inhabited.
The fourth cosmic grade has condensed, people already live there.
The human being prepares himself to experience the fifth and sixth, the All-Source, to reach the All-Source, to experience the All-Consciousness with the God of all life, the unity, in order to represent Him in all those grades and for all those worlds.
Yes, I brought you there recently.
We stood before the Divine all.
We can now make the jump back immediately to the space.
On earth there is work, on earth connection comes.
On earth books are published which connect you with the Lord, which take you to new light, new life, new thinking, bliss.
Because you are not beaten; the Lord does not beat, there is no eternal burning.
That is here, it lives under your heart.
That is the deception that you commit with regard to your fellow people, with regard to your sister and brother, your father.
That is the hatred which you feel for another being, and that is the fire which burns in you.
Burning fire, material fire does not exist in the universe, even if the earth has had to accept a red heat age.
Even if every elemental law has got to experience that growth and blossom process.
The red hot fire of the human consciousness, the soul and the spirit, material, fatherhood and motherhood, that lies in you, that burns in you, because you feel wrong, because you consciously destroy and knock down the good created by God.
Now just cry, now just weep, but remember: you can be happy, because those things do not exist; there is no damnation, no burning hell.
The bible starts with an untruth, because, when the bible writers began, the creation was already millions of years old.
And the earth was populated, also the space, also the hereafter.
There is reincarnation, there is light.
Yes, there is also death, but it does not exist, because the masters, the children who got and were able to master the consciousness in the astral world, were able to determine: death is just evolution, just ... universal exploring and accepting with regard to the God of all life, with regard to the All-Source.
There is reincarnation; you can keep on receiving a new organism, a new life, because you cannot achieve anything in one life!
The God of all life thought of this for Himself?
No, those are the laws, that is truth, that must, that would, it could not be any different!
Full stop, exclamation mark!
That could not be any different because the universe was born by means of those laws, experienced those laws of condensing!
We received an embryonic, we received a fish stage.
We went from the waters to the land.
We went from the jungle to the town, we got houses.
Yes, an Egyptian pharaoh already lives during this time, peoples originated, we released ourselves from the jungle.
The Lord floats and wanders over the earth in order to shake the children awake.
And the highest, highest, highest which now comes, has and feels mystics ... mystics, the occult laws, the experiencing of death, the accepting of life.
Motherhood, fatherhood is now a mystical law, is a reality foundation for the universe, for this occurrence.
That will soon change.
Every word now also gets its space, its meaning, its direct contact and the universal analysis as truth, which will one day become science.
Then Socrates, Plato and Aristotle will come to you.
Then the temples in China, Japan, in ancient Egypt will originate, then you will hear from Ra, Ré and Isis.
“Amon-Ré, you live in my heart and I want to follow you, anoint me.
If I experience the laws of your space, I experience life and death and I am ready to experience all those chastisements, the suicide, and the destruction.
I am ready to descend into your waters and to behold your eye, as a result of which you see me and can deform me.
But I want to live and I want to be light.
I always want to give love to those with whom I live, who belong to me and you.”
That became Egypt!
But the bible writers had to keep to that bible, those stories.
And now you see, now you can begin.
‘And God said: let us make people.’
Those poor, poor infants there from the bible begin with some clay and some life breath.
They put the Lord down next to them, because the Lord can do everything, the Lord is a blister, a wind, a rain, thunder and lightning; the Lord comes as thunder into that clay.
He descends, he gives that clay life breath and says: “Ffft, that is the first human being.”
With that the child of four years begins to write his bible – according to human becoming conscious – in the nursery class for the universe.
‘And God made a human being from some clay and life breath.’
But how he from inside ... he does not even feel that; that human being does not even know how he received life.
Yes, he is also originated from clay and life breath, but he looks fine.
He looks so well that he actually cannot understand what that clay has to do, what that clay means, because clay is actually just material.
Yes, they sit together at a fire on the earth.
They take the earth into their hands and one says to the other: “Do you believe now that we are born from this?
This is also clay; just inspire it?”
He blows ... – the Lord did that – and he blows and blows and blows and blows, he also storms, but nothing happens.
Clay remains clay and life breath remains life breath; but there is feeling and this human being lacked that feeling.
He has no consciousness in order to inspire clay.
God could also do that.
But not for the human being; that would be the earth, the material on which you would walk.
This would become a passable planet.
No more, but also no less!
Can you see that?
If I am clear now, then you must be able to accept anyway, that you ... this society ... now so many thousands of centuries have passed, the word of God, of the Lord, has developed itself.
By means of the previous lectures you can now absorb this wonderful, universal gift into you and you can say: ‘Really, this is the truth.
Our theologians are talking nonsense.
They are still – that university child – tied to the bible and speak in the twentieth century about damnation and eternal burning.’
So fearful.
The masters finished their work so consciously, so fantastically strong, that after thousands of years they still continue in the misery, still in the unconscious and they do not even want to lose that destruction, that damnation, that eternal burning anymore.
That is the twentieth century, that is called The Hague, that is then called Amsterdam, Paris, Rome, Berlin, New York, China and Japan; that is called mankind.
Yes, there are some – thank God – who released themselves from burning and eternal damnation.
We received the metaphysical teaching.
We received the bibles, the bibles, I say ... we received the temples from Tibet, China, Japan – oh, thank God – we received ancient Egypt, because the human being continued.
The human being floated, whizzed around that bible, around those dogmatic theories, through the earth and over this planet and searched for the metaphysical laws, searched for the truth, searched for the feeling: who am I?
I am a human being.
Now a few people started – they had to come, they were also inspired again by the Other Side – now a few people started to wonder: what am I as a human being, why am I a mother, why am I different to him?
Why am I this and he that?
Why must I receive him and must he give me?
Why must I sleep? The human being at that time wondered.
Around the Lord, can you feel that?
Because the masters saw: in this way we will not make it, we must start to build there.
And when the first human being – who was also originated from that light and coming to the earth – wondered: “Who am I inside?
What am I, what do I do when I go to sleep, when I lie down, why must I sleep?” he descended into the metaphysical and you read in the books ‘Spiritual Gifts’ how the first magician, the fakir, the yogi was born, and he elevated his life aura into his left and then his right hand.
He freed himself and lay down in his dungeon.
He no longer had anything to eat and to drink, he took himself out of his organism, out of this world and he said to himself: “Now I must see and try that I also place my brains there, my head, and then I will go and walk.”
Is it not dead simple to accept all of this, this state of purity, with regard to damnation, destruction and eternal burning?
What do you do now?
Why do you live?
The first magician, the first yogi brought himself into the astral world and waltzed around there, but he now forgot to think, he was happy.
Someone quickly descends – you read that in ‘Spiritual Gifts’ – into this life, and he has to accept the possession.
But he wakens himself up, he comes up, upwards in the day-consciousness and his self.
He suddenly thinks and takes a leap and a jump!
In the waters he wants to experience the being released from madness.
And it happens, then the releasing takes place and he has his eternity in his hands, but he returns.
He returns again, he returns thousands of times in order to conquer that death, the releasing from the material systems.
He also has to represent a space.
The human being received his bible, the human being received father Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and then Moses and then many other people, Jesaja, the prophets.
But the human being succeeded in giving the life contact between material and soul.
The masters, the angels from the Spheres of Light understood: now we will begin in order to take the inner life, the soul and the spirit to the universal awakening.
Now Egypt came into being.
Now you are – in the twentieth century – the children for this eternity.
You are no longer the infants of the lowest classes, but you have got another consciousness and I was able to explain that to you.
A short time ago I could say, under the orders of the masters, of the universe, of soul, life, fatherhood and motherhood, that I could accept you as followers!
This becomes the becoming conscious for this mankind.
Damnation, eternal burning will dissolve and disappear, because the human being returns to the Divine All as father and mother, in order to represent, propagate and to explore there the God of all life in all his grades and laws.
And then he can say: “When I deny this universe my light, darkness will come.”
Now we no longer have to do with clay and life breath, we have to do with the inspiration in you, which lives under your heart.
We speak with the masters, we carry the mother through this infinity.
We receive the universal truth, the justice and the benevolence, because we got to know the Christ later and He came from his Divine All to the earth, kneeled down in Gethsemane in order to climb Golgotha and to conquer the evil, the unconscious for this world, this mankind.
You will tamper with every thought for yourself, for the masters, as a result of the metaphysical teachings, as a result of André-Dectar and yourself, your feeling and thinking, and take that back to the goddess of Isis, to the temples in Tibet, to Christ, to God!
You will lay foundations for your future for the University of Christ, for this mankind which will continue to exist for eternity, because you and other people on this earth have accepted the life light for the reality, for the love, for the unity with God as Father and Mother, in benevolence and humility.
You no longer believe, you know!
You know ... you know.
For eternity!
Until so far.