God does not damn!

Good morning, my sisters and brothers.
The last lecture brought you to what we will experience together this morning and that is: God does not damn!
Why do you accept this lie any longer?
You are just stopping your evolution.
And now we have to accept that the space, the bible and this mankind are bound hand and foot as a result of the fear which the masters brought about and that must be cleared again.
As a result of the many sessions ... the walk through the universe, which we were able to experience together, the beginning of the creation, sun, moon and stars, the origin, the driving on, the inspiration, the own manifesting of the All-Source brought us to the walk that went through the universe and finally we could take the planet earth in our hands.
The millions – I gave you this image – who had to follow this path, finally came to earth and could complete their cycle of the earth.
We made a journey to the Divine All.
I explained to you how the first human being began to think.
How the longing entered him to attract to his life the human being who remained behind on earth and to tell him: “I am alive, I am truly inspired.
I am soul, spirit and life, but I possess in this, in this world, an own personality.”
And the human being must feel that, the human being must master that; this is the essential for all the life originating because of the All-Source.
I will connect you this morning with four scenes that are necessary in order to take that damnation away from you.
In the first place I was able to do that because we were able to follow the laws, which originated because of the universe, because of the All-Source.
We could experience grade after grade.
We saw the first embryo, we saw the fish stage and finally the life came from the waters and accepted the land possession, land consciousness, a new organism.
We could continue, because providence had kept on laying down a new foundation in order to continue that life, the expansion of which entered us and the wisdom of which we could then master.
Because we lived we got growing, and only as a result of fatherhood and motherhood – that has become clear to you – God, the All-Source, manifested himself.
The human being reached the sphere ‘beyond the coffin’.
He started to think.
He continued to build, he saw that the life on earth was standing still.
They are children, even if the human being was adult, the human being felt himself according to and because of his sphere, according to the inner life which reached consciousness in him.
The human being who has to accept an independence ‘beyond the coffin’ – as Moses began, as another child came, Abraham – that human being started to feel: “My father and my mother live there, so do my children, and millions of people.
And they do not know about anything and I am alive!”
That human being started to lay foundations for himself, for soul, spirit and material and had the longing to finally go and do something.
The rest continued; millions of souls are ready, and you work there. Those who had freed themselves from the material, from the physical thinking, from the world, the planet; they could no longer absorb any more material feeling into themselves.
And you can compare that again to your own life.
Why do you not fly over the earth?
Why are you sitting here?
Why does your soul, your personality long for spiritual becoming conscious?
Why do you wish to continue your evolution as a result of the wisdom which comes to you from the space?
That is the consciousness, and that is your longing; that is your foundation for the life ‘beyond the coffin’.
And you are now ready for that; you have read books for that purpose.
As a child it already lay within you.
You mastered that wisdom.
You no longer need to ask: why do I have this, why does that other child not have this?
Why can you no longer reach your wife, your father, your mother, your friend, your brother, and your sister?
They are still not that far and it will soon become clear to us.
You can soon hammer on that image; you can sculpt it.
You can do everything, devote your powers, but the human being flatly refuses it.
And that is a foundation, which we will soon stand before.
That is a step, which succumbs under your feet, your feeling, your life of feeling.
We will see that, because we return to the human society.
We return to the life to which you belong and we make ourselves free in that, we build foundations in that.
We take away ‘the coffin’; death disappears before your eyes.
You receive pure universal providence, for you, in you; that becomes you yourself.
And then damnation lies knocked down at your feet and unravelled, but you are triumphant, always, eternally!
You will know what you are doing, you will soon know what you are saying.
Because it goes there, I will take you there, so that you will finally realize that you are a part of that All-Source, which is everything, which wants to be father and mother in the very first place, but in addition builds the altruistic feelings for every characteristic, or, you are still nothing.
You will be like a radiating beauty, as they were able to accept that, as they were able to see that.
You will give your thoughts space.
You will see that every thought is a sphere, a world, a heaven.
But when you remove something from that by means of lower thinking and feeling, back to the material substances, then you break off that foundation before the eyes of your All-Source and you can start again!
The human being who had reached the first sphere, the second, the third and the following worlds and entered the seventh, came into harmony with the mental areas.
The human being could now say: “Look, what did the All-Source, what did the All-Mother achieve?
No damnation originated, because we were not damned anywhere.”
And yet, they could experience their lives.
They could look back into their past.
Yes, just accept it!
You begin with a time that counts, has built up ... nineteen hundred and fifty years, has made it to a whole.
But you have already experienced hundreds ... hundreds of thousands of ages, also as man and wife.
You were able to determine those laws, we had to accept those laws by means of the universe, by means of the planets, by means of life and death.
There is no ahead, no left, no upwards, no backwards, only forward!
Straight through the ‘coffin’!
You are standing on top of it and you are looking at yourself, at the bones.
Millions lie before you and they no longer have any meaning, because you received this Divine building in which you live again, and, at present, in order to take your life to the evolution for the universe.
Only a body is needed, that castle which is a temple, in order to place those foundations in your hands.
Those who had completed the cycle of the earth had to accept that.
And when they had reached the seventh sphere and started to build up the fourth cosmic grade, then – I told you recently – that contact came about and the highest said: “What do we have to do?
How must we act?
What is the purpose of this life?
We must return to the earth.
We have seen that there is no damnation in the universe, but we have riveted those people to the stage: bow your head!
We placed fear in these lives.
How do we come out of that fear, out of that damnation?
How can we elevate the child of the earth again that lives there, which is attached to damnation, destruction and fear, to a new, spatial life of feeling, a new existence?”
And that existence is eternal.
That existence goes back to the Divine All, where that life will represent the All-Source, the All-Mother, the All-Light, the All-Life, love!
What is love? they wondered.
The human being speaks on earth, there in that sphere, about love: “I am fond of you, I love you.
I will ... everything ... and I will ... this ...”
But the love – they were able to accept – is a law.
And that law is a harmony again, is a system, is a breakthrough, is a foundation which you see in fatherhood and motherhood, which you experience and get as a result of fatherhood and motherhood.
And this is why that organism in which you live, is life, is soul and spirit.
An infinite castle, an infinite Divine, spatial possession, but is not yet understood by the human being himself.
You cannot yet understand how Divinely beautiful the human being started to feel when he had reached the first sphere.
You will not yet feel what the human being is – I will tell you that soon by means of the other lectures, which will follow – is in reality.
You do not yet understand the philosophical systems of your own castle, let alone your thinking and feeling, which are becoming more and more rarefied.
And finally you can say: “I am in harmony with this”, as I said: with the flowers in the universe.
And now the animal of the universe is capable of sitting down on your hands and saying: “This message is from her.”
And then you look into the eyes of a bird, edged with the Divine colours, a garment such as the All-Source built up itself and then the animal says, twittering and singing to your heart: “Accept me”, and then you descend.
Of course, you are like little children.
And that being a child also means: you will experience the law which you have now entered, with a bowed life of feeling.
They were able to accept that there, they absorbed that into themselves, the people who lived for you on earth.
The human being who gave you the life, the human being who gave you a footstep, the human being who built a path on which you would go, the only one which was created by the All-Source.
In the Spheres of Light, in the seventh sphere, on the fourth cosmic grade, on the fifth, on the sixth and on the seventh, which is the Divine All-Source, they had to analyse those laws.
They had to take a place in the nature, they had to experience that unity.
They sat down and asked: what do we have to do?
And then the Master came – which would later be the Messiah, the Christ – to the word, the unity with His All-Source and He could say: “We really brought wisdom to earth.
We made the beginning on earth for a human-spatial faith.
But we riveted the human being to something which – if this is not broken – he will stand right in a darkness and will not be able to free himself from it, if we do not built up those means there.”
And now the Divine authority is faced with the human damnation, which does not exist.
Then Christ said: “It is urgently necessary, when I return there, to discuss these laws with those who will follow me.”
And then Christ ...
Your bible does not tell anything about that, because they were not able to record the words that He spoke to His apostles.
That remained in John, that was meant for Peter, Andrew and for the other people.
But can you accept this that Christ continues His walk over the earth here between Galilee and the little charming places which were established ... continued His walk between rye and the laws of Mother Nature and prepared himself to receive that mankind ... spoke about that damnation?
The other people are here.
You can see Him there before you, the Messiah.
Walking, looking at the universe, the life which observes Him, which accepts Him!
He is standing still with John ...
He places his left hand on John’s shoulders; John who looks.
He says: “Look, John, you are the most sensitive.
Can you accept Me?
All of this is revelation, all of this is evolution.
I am most certainly not capable of explaining these laws; my time, my life is too short.
But other people will do that.
John, I come from a source with which I am one.
I come from the Divine authority, the Divine awakening.
I got to know God as father and as mother.
We had to begin in order to give the human being a faith.
You know the history of Moses, you know how the House of Israel originated.
But this fear, the fear of deforming the life, John, was built up, was pushed up.
People depicted and deformed that, it has become a tall stature and now the human being is attached to an eternal damnation.
I will not be capable of taking that away from the human being again.
Because you will feel, John, I can only lay the first foundations for the Divine, your Fatherly gospel.
I can only place the new foundations.
But the other, which will represent and elevate a Temple ascending, those foundations only come in a later age; and we will have returned to the Spheres of Light, of love and life, happiness, bliss and justice.”
John looks ...
The apostles wait there.
Peter thinks: “What is the matter with the Master again?”
And when Christ says to John: “Tell it soon ... only tell it, John, when I am no longer here.
When my task is finished, then tell and then also lay the first foundations.
Because, can you look as far as the Divine All, the Divine consciousness, think and feel, how the first working was born?
How the first thoughts, originated and sent out from the All-Source, were able to materialize themselves?
You cannot do that!
You have to conquer spaces for that purpose!
You will have to absorb sun, moon and stars into you.
You will have to carry the suffering, the life of feeling of millions of people, if you wish to be one with Me and with Him, as a result of which we are:
the Father in heaven.
You will have to absorb and want to carry, close in your heart every thought of those millions of people.
One wrong thought and you will sink back yourself, and you will attune yourself again to that which you no longer want to be and you have already conquered, but nevertheless still takes that back again, because you see it and want to experience it wrongly.”
And then Christ stands on the earth with both feet and must accept that mankind has been placed in a darkness.
The human being is attached to his fear.
To his faith?
Yes indeed!
People put it on in such a way, brought it in such a way to the universe; but those masters, those children, those fathers and mothers did not mean that.
They only said: “We will make the people afraid.
Do not do wrong, because you will destroy yourself!
When you go there and there and you want to accept and experience that life in this way, then you build on dark powers and forces.
But when you want to be and remain free of that, take yourself to the rarefied sounds, the timbre of the All-Mother.
And then every word will be inspiring, interpret your life, and finish the sentence, the feeling and the space, so that you have laid new foundations.”
But those people could not do that.
I made it clear to you that people started to influence the human being; only: “Do not do that”, and “leave that”, because you will destroy yourself.
God will punish you.
Yes indeed the space will punish you.
Of course, if you murder a human being, rape consciously in all his sacred matters, consciously destroy as a result of the talk which you have to say about the life.
That is that damnation!
That should and would dissolve.
That fear created a figure, became a wall, which can no longer be overturned, can no longer be conquered.
The human being has pushed it up and inspired it.
The human being has made a hellfire of it all by himself, because the fear, the feeling: do not do that, the Lord will punish you and then you will be deformed for eternity.
In the beginning – yes indeed – the masters found that awe-inspiring.
But is it not sad, is it not dreadful that you must beat the human being, in order to reach the human being?
Because you want to reach and want to protect the human being, you must hit him.
Yes, with a lash?
No, with words: ‘That the Lord will punish you.’
And it is really true that the human being has created a damnation for his life, his society, his church, his religion, and his faith, which those masters did not want!
Not that; that would not be it!
But you see it: it is so true that the gossip, the nonsense of your society have burned people at the stake who had not done anything at all, have hung up people, for the countenance of the world, of your society, imprisoned people, buried people alive.
Because one human being started to speak evil about that human being, the masses were able to indulge, because the animal instinct awakened.
And the people from the first, second, fourth, fifth and the seventh spheres, the fourth, sixth, seventh cosmic grades are now there.
All those billions of cells of God now have to accept that the human being has kicked himself into the darkness.
Almost two thousand years passed and still – how can it be, how is it possible – after two thousand years people still accept damnation, while in addition, a Divine foundation lies which says: “God is a Father of love!”
How did those people reach that Divine source, that love, that light, that life, that wisdom, that personality?
As they started to analyse, started to experience the laws, the systems for the universe, they saw: if we do well, if we walk one path, no left, no right, no forwards or backwards, but this way in the direction towards Divine authority, experience fatherhood and motherhood in a loving, eloquent, harmonic way, nothing, nothing, nothing will happen to us!
You will only get happiness and bliss.
Only the universe will speak to yourself: “Nothing will happen!”
Nothing can happen.
That was the mysticism, that was the life of feeling.
That was the priest, the priestess who said: “He ... whoever that is above and whoever that is whom people call God, people call Ra, people call Ré, people call Amon-Ré, people call Allah.
Whoever that is ... we were able to determine for ourselves, we were able to decide for ourselves, because we see the laws, because we were able to gauge the life: that is only light, life, fatherhood and motherhood, but wants to be love!”
The enormous struggle which the masters felt when they entered the seventh sphere, the sorrows which they had to receive, because they saw: “My God, my God, what did we do?” was so frightening, so terrifying, and could not be compared to what the bible writers would later feel and had to accept.
The fright hit them in the eyes and took the universal light away from them.
They could no longer see, they were blind from sorrow, because they saw and had to accept: my God, my God, what did we do?
We gave the human being a word: just be pure, just be good, be just, be harmonic.
We made those masses afraid and now it is damnation!
To be damned, for eternity ... is insane!
An insane person in your mental institution does not even experience this reality.
You can now do what you want; just destroy, screw around and do what you want, that is not as bad as being eternally damned.
Do you no longer realize that as a human being that is not possible?
That is the very ... final, the extreme if a God of love speaks to you?
My God ...
Satan, then disappear from this space, if you want to hit your life like this.
The master really walked there for years and years, for centuries one walked after the other, one walked past the other: “I have the light, I have the life, I have the love ... you should see that, there, just look!
Are you happy?”
It begins in the first sphere, the human being is walking ...
“I am nice and free, I am delightfully free from the earth.
No one can do anything more to me, because I have experienced the earth, I have experienced everything.
I have nothing more to do with the earth.
I am free, I am happy.
Who does something to me?
I have light, I have the flowers, I have the trees, and I have an own house.
I sit down here, I just concentrate a little bit and there a temple comes around me, with all the charms which I feel in me.
You see the art, the science, the wisdom hanging on my walls, and I am sitting, lying in the middle of my hall, the hall of love, surrounded in a beautiful nature, the orchids of the universe around me.
I receive kisses of loveliness, of harmony; the Mother speaks to me.
But I am not happy.
I am not happy!
Why not?
My God, what is approaching me, what is charging at my life?
Why do you let the people sing and be happy?
How can it be, what is approaching me?
My God, I am penniless in the first sphere, I have nothing.”
Another person is walking there, looks at the space, has light, has life, and has love.
But there someone was damned, by you!
He is stuck there.
Those millions no longer have a life; they are afraid.
Afraid of what?
For the ‘coffin’, for the death which is not there, for thousands of things, but we have to experience that.
Give the human being something in his hands and say to the human being, say again to the other one: “Now make a beautiful verse out of this poem, then make a wonderful novella out of it and discuss and feel Mother Nature in all her bliss, her final laws, her inner laws.
Discuss her for soul, spirit, life and material, and let the personality experience, interpret the life playfully, as your virtuosos can do that on the violin, on the piano, on the harp.
Make a symphony of it, but interpret by means of this that there is no damnation.
There is only life, light, love, Divine bliss!”
Millions of people walk there and are powerless in the first and second sphere.
All those spaces are filled by a wonderful inspiration.
The human being is ready, the human being now knows himself.
The space has been conquered, we carry planets and stars under our hearts.
No one can tell us any more, we have mastered that wisdom.
We have completed the cycle of the earth, and we still stand in damnation.
Can you be happy there if you know that you are mother and your child is contorted there by that misery, is beaten, has no light in its eyes, no more feeling and keeps on lying down there and must sing, must groan: “Do not do wrong because you will be damned.”
What kind of a Deity is that, who spans a universe there, who possesses a Divine power there, who is Omniscient, Omnipotent?
Does He still need a damnation?
Does He have a sword in his hands – because damnation is sharper than a cutting sword – does He need a sword in His hands in order to hit, to destroy, to crack, to behead His children, who were given birth to in love by means of His life?
Just hang that life, just shoot it down, just live it up, just lie away if you want; if there has to be damnation anyway, just destroy your society.
Just take part in lies and deception, that is nothing, after all, in comparison to eternal damnation.
What do you live for actually?
Just shout at each other, just steal from each other, just behead each other.
Just fleece each other, take everything which you have from another person, just stain, sully and deform each other.
You will not make it in comparison to damnation.
A human being on earth is busy putting himself in line for the Divine power and Mother Nature.
The human being is busy building himself up, bringing himself to the evolution, painting, inspiring, singing about himself, and writing poems about himself.
He makes a wonderful play for himself and he stands on top of it and speaks: “I will be like He is and I will do as the state of purity told us.
Yes, you know, I will speak like the waves of the oceans, the lights of the lights.
I will be like a tree in nature, like a source, I will inspire the life as a life source.
I write poetry, I play, I do music, I do art.”
But what do you actually do if that damnation is there anyway and everything fades away from your life again?
Where does the beginning begin and where is the end?
Where does God begin to think?
Cursed are you, the God of all life, if something emanates from you by means of which you hit your children, your life light.
The masters, the Spheres of Light, the millions who released themselves, who are free from Mother Earth and her laws, who went from the jungle to the white race (see rulof.org/there-are-no-races), stand by this.
Those millions of lives had to accept ... they had conquered the darkness, and they could finally say: “My God, my God, how beautiful it is here, how wonderful it is; I experience the silence here”, but there ... but there millions of people are living who are attached to a damnation which does not exist.
Yes, just go back.
Just go back, all of you.
We prepared that.
Cursed are those who have began to give a faith to the human being.
I will not get my mother out of that damnation again; my father has forgiven my child, because that child could not believe in damnation, that child no longer believes in those powers and forces.
My father said: “Then I will let the sword of justice pass over your head”, and chopped off the child’s head!
Millions of murders took place as a result of that cursed damnation, as a result of Protestantism, Catholicism.
They fought each other because there is that damnation.
They killed each other, the peoples of the earth, only for this stinking faith, the mud where you are, because you are standing on top with a sacred radiance, a firmament which you made yourself.
Gold and precious stones hang from your body, but damnation stands under you.
And do you accept that, do you love that?
Is that everything which you possess?
You cannot think, you cannot feel.
You cannot do nothing, in order to help the masters so that that damnation disappears and a people, this mankind awakens and evolves towards the pure, inspiring light!
Yes ...
When do you become inspired?
The sorrows which are experienced and felt in the Spheres of Light, they are infinitely deep.
André told you once: “I have nothing to do with the spheres, with first, second, third, fourth, sacred spaces, nor with love, nor with twin souls.
I want to fight!”
It is the damnation, the deformation on the earth.
We do not have any time for that pleasure to sit down and to look into that space.
We have to do with the life to which we belong, because that life must also become released from that damnation.
And God speaks in this way at this moment.
That was Christ who said to John: “Do you see, John?”
Christ held John to his heart.
The pure, Divine inspiration, the Omniscience of Christ shines through John and the tears run down his cheeks.
“Are you weeping, John?
Then I can accept that I have really inspired your soul.”
But if there had been no emotion in John, if Peter and those other people had not asked: “What does He say now? What does He say now?
What does He have to tell us?” then they would not have been destroyed there!
There they lay moaning and groaning, they did not want Him to be all on His own.
Tears ran down John’s cheeks, when he saw that the masses were imprisoned.
“Yes”, Christ said, “that is the damnation for the masses, because the human being damns himself by means of one wrong thought.”
Even worse, it is becoming more and more profound.
“Until we”, Christ said, “have solved that damnation, John, then it still lives in the soul, in the spirit, the life and the personality.”
Because every wrong thought which the human being has received because the bible was written in such and such a way – in disharmony with the reality, with the naturalness, with the Divine truth – now every thought is also a damnation, which is considered wrongly, which is felt disharmonically.
That is a damnation for the human being himself.
That is much worse!
Anyone who has received the life image, the light from God ... anyone who will inspire God as father and mother – we had to accept that anyway – who will finally inspire God in order to take that damnation away from the earth, who?
Who must do that, who will begin?
Those who begin will succumb!
We will have to build up piles, piles, mountains of happiness, life, love, truth in order to give the human being a support, because millions keep getting added, because that church is still there, because that bible is still there, because Protestantism, Reformed, all those lower instincts – do you hear it? – are still there, we cannot elevate the human being to give him behind, above those mountains the universal, true, Divine view.
You no longer have a view, you are actually blind.
Not you, you do not accept that, but the world is blind.
The world no longer has a view, the world has nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing.
That is the consciousness of millions of people, peoples on earth.
The world, this mankind has nothing.
Just pray and just sing; if you do not watch out and you do nothing wrong – just one step, you see? – then you will already be gone.
You will never come to the life, you no longer need to do anything; can you feel it?
I will soon come back to this, I will hit society.
I will hit you, I will place you in the truth, because there are millions who want rid of that damnation, because they experience the sorrow of their children.
I once told you: when you enter the first sphere, you will rest on your laurels there.
You will have a lovely seat on a bench in nature, you can do what you want.
You stand there, you just hang there; everything belongs to you.
You do nothing more, you are there, after all, aren’t you?
Are you there?
But we have learned, the human being who lives there has learned that he went through the universe and that the life which is on the earth are your children.
You are the father of millions of children, and the mother.
And even if you are mother, then you are also it as a man.
Millions of children live there, that is your blood, your soul, your spirit; they are your brains!
And that life still cannot think.
You have to inspire, control, elevate that life, because you will give that life universal brains, so that that life awakens.
That is the sorrow of Christ, that is Gethsemane, yes indeed.
I had to put an end to it recently, but we were still not in Gethsemane, you thought that!
I still did not let you feel there what the Christ felt when He said: “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” – no: “My God, my God, how do I get rid of that damnation from the earth?!
Can you not watch with Me for an hour, can you not just listen to me, Peter?”
Yes, John wept until he was blind; he experienced the Messiah.
You will also experience it, Gethsemane.
And then when we are beaten up thoroughly, when they have beaten our wonderful, universal, Divine castle, the physical systems black and blue, then you will still laugh, smile, because you are prepared to carry, to love and to take in your arms the child of your heart which lives on earth.
Then there is no longer a wrong word in you, then there are no longer any wrong thoughts, then you are in Gethsemane!
Soon, your next lecture, just prepare for yourself, is called: ‘I want to be like Gethsemane.’
Because then we lie there and will learn how we have to pray, how we have to think.
Then we are faced with those millions who do not know any happiness.
The Divine All is not happy, because there is still damnation on earth.
The spiritual personality will only then be able to unburden itself, it will only then be able to take a flight in the space and be able to say: “Now I am flying, now I live here in myself, now I am one with the space.
Now that is, that melancholia, that fear, that sorrow has gone from me.”
Because the Christ cannot be happy anyway that there his life is burnt at the stake, that his life is hung up there, is cursed, is deformed, is sullied?
He cannot approve of that, no God of love!
That is not possible, that is nonsense.
That is earthly, human nonsense, that is your gossip!
You deformed, sullied and raped the God of all life!
Can you hear it, mankind, world?
What do you actually live for?
The narrow-mindedness of a ‘pulpit’, which stands there with a seven-year study, stands with: “Oh ... and the Lord will protect you.”
Get that man from his pulpit and cover him with providence and send him into the street, so that the human being sees, hears and knows: ‘I am an unconscious being, damnation!’
Yes ... not so harsh, just do not send him away again, because you will still not achieve anything.
He cannot do anything about it, because there are still people living in the jungle.
We have to take into account – the masters say – the child which does its best.
The Jehovah consciousness beats himself up, walks along the street, rings bell after bell: “Prepare yourself, because the world will perish!”
We inspired that child, we handed that child the laws, the scriptures.
We started it ourselves.
And now we want to give that child a good hiding?
No, that is not possible.
Powerless ...
You cannot even take hold of that child by the scruff of the neck and say: just shake it up.
You are now violating yourself.
How can you reach this child in sweetness?
The human being who has reached the first sphere, no longer snarls and growls.
That human being understands everything; he does not ask: why do you open the door?
He understands, he does not kick a piece of nature out of the house, he does not insult any flower, any animal, any human being.
That human being is all-feeling, conscious, honest, good, pure, harmonic.
That human being radiates, that human being feels the tapping from above, which is then karma – we taught you that – which are material miseries.
That human being is open and says: “Thank you, I will learn.”
But the human being does not learn anything.
The human being does not want anything which is misery.
The human being goes over himself.
The human being knows it better than Christ, the human being knows it better than the masters.
What do masters have?
Puh, it is I!
And did you think then that I could not do that?
They have never yet left me standing alone in this space.’
Yes, then you are a minister.
Masters from the seventh sphere, masters of the fourth, the fifth and the sixth cosmic grades now still groan, lie kneeled, groaning, tortured, because they carry that damnation.
And what can you do?
What are you?
Who are you? ...
One minute of silence for the Messiah.
One minute to think about that Divine bliss is worth more than to imagine and to feel about those who you have slaughtered consciously.
When we went to sit down here in order to be silent, in order to finally ask the space: to let us experience and to undergo the silence of the universal heart, was much better than making such a fuss about damnation.
That is the step ... that of the Grim Reaper, can you hear it?
People experienced and had to accept that step in this way and then they saw a scythe.
Not only that we have brought damnation, but people handed death, which is evolution, a piece of wood with a dangerous sword on it.
And then the heads of the people disappear, just like that into the ground.
And if we then say: the last judgement does not mean anything either, that is such a fairground game, that is ridiculous, you must go and stand on it with your tambourine.
Now just play, now just rant and rave as hard as you like; that is ridiculous.
Just look for a head from the prehistoric age and walk with the rib of your ancestors in your arm and now just try placing them in this building!
That is so ridiculous; but damnation is radiant-pathetic, painful, poisoned.
But ... there is the Grim Reaper: “Are you ready?
I am here!”
Just let me live, just give me a moment ...”
Yes indeed, here is life.
You should just have thought of yourself.
You should just have used your life differently.
You should have accepted the space.
Why did you not start to reflect on that which can still be proved?
Here is your bible.
Just open those books, just open those few pages and go to the New Testament, go to Christ, go to Gethsemane, go to Golgotha!
Why do you accept the Old Testament, a God of revenge?
You do not wish to think, do you see?
You flatly refuse to think.
You continue to accept the cackling of your minister, your clergyman?
Your false singing?
Good grief, my universe, why do you do it any longer?
I would rather go to a clean, pure soprano and alto.
Why did God give the child, the mother, those wonderful sounds and why must I start to listen to your own poem?
Did you really think that the Christ wants that?
In the pure meaning for the space, the bliss for you on earth, the new child lives.
It is the new birth for every thought, for all the life of feeling.
Become mother, make yourself free from damnation, do not accept any Grim Reaper with a scythe!
But he is there ... you must hear him walking.
Today at this moment, my sisters and brothers, every moment, every moment the angels from the heavens ask me: “Master Zelanus, when will you begin with our feeling?
When will you take away the sorrows which we carry, the pain which we feel?”
I am the spokesman for millions of people for this space, for which I was able to prepare myself, also André.
I am the representation of Judas, Caiphas, the Christ on the cross – you too.
We Judas’ of this world no longer dared to pronounce the word decently, because you are standing next to reality.
And then the angels say: “Just finally pronounce my name, our sorrow.’
But the masters, the All-Source ordered me to explain the first Divine laws.
The All-Source ordered me to take you to Gethsemane, to Golgotha, so that you will get to know yourself.
And it is only then that you will understand for what purpose you live and will die.
But millions of people – I told you a moment ago – millions of people are dying at this second.
And then the Grim Reaper stands just as merrily next to these children of God and chops willingly, lovingly ... with a wonderful gibberish he prepares himself.
And finally the blow comes, a rattling: the human being is no longer.
You would like that, world!
You would like that.
To put people, a Divine product, in the earth, to plonk them down, let their bones decay, let them become deformed, rot.
Tall Hendrik is still alive!
Also Peter Smaling with his beautiful voice”, Jeus says.
“And there is Fanny, and José too.
But I have nothing more to do with him, because I want to work.
I do not have any time, I have a household.
I must serve for Crisje and the children”, those were the boys, “they must eat!”
People, people of the earth, the Spheres of Light, you will never make it.
Even if you have both feet in that world, then you will run out again!
You must ... the human being ... we become nasty, we become unwell from the human being who feels happy and inspiring, spiritual.
We become unwell from that, the human being who dares to say: “The Father will tell me.”
“Fly, malaria mosquito which you are”, nature screams at you, “what are you imagining?”
Millions live there who must hold onto their hearts, or those hearts will burst as a result of inspiration, as a result of sorrow.
Not as a result of pride and gossip and weakness of personality, in order to go and sit down and to serve Our Lord and the space in your house, with your cup of coffee and all the things which you have on earth, to sit down and to talk about how you are, how far you have come.
The Spheres of Light are empty.
Mary and Joseph, the father and mother of Christ weep day and night, because the family of David still lives there.
The children of Israel, you are that!
Those are the millions, that is France, England, Germany, America; also Russia, also Adolph Hitler!
They suffer, Mary and Joseph, descendants of the House of David.
Yes, they are sitting there, upstairs in the hall; that is you.
You have no sorrow, you can still achieve it here.
When you have reached the first sphere, then you can do nothing more, then you will be powerless.
Even if you are a master, even if you are in the seventh sphere, even if you are in the All-Source, even if you are Christ, then you no longer embezzle five cents.
André longs to give the world a temple, the University of Christ.
There is no money.
“No”, André says.
What do you do there, what do you do there anyway?
Lie down day and night, make your life miserable, admire the Christ?
But, my God, my God, are you then colour blind in the Spheres of Light, on the fourth cosmic grade?
Did you dream of your life aura?
Did you make a universe, a temple, of that?
Did you have the music, do you have the art, are you satisfied?
Then I will stop!
“If it still takes a long time”, André says, “I no longer wish that torture.
You have brought me too far into the Divine self.
Who on earth are you then, Master Alcar, Master Cesarino, Ubronus, Damascus and Half Moon, who control this earth, who brought the human being through the war, who have pondered every technical wonder; and now the atom bomb again.
Who are you?!
I am not satisfied with that food, with that drink, with that inspiration, with that inspiration of yours, that means nothing more to me, I am no longer satisfied with that.”
And I am not either as Master Zelanus, nor Master Alcar.
We want more!
We want to see God, we want to experience God.
I want to build up the House of Israel, because those foundations which have been laid, are no good.
A Divine ant eats at them and it is called damnation.
It is not white, it is not black, but it is yellowish-brown and has all the colours of the universe.
That is the animal instinct.
That is feeling, feeling with a knife, with a dagger, with a sword.
The Grim Reaper lives in it, between it and sits above it and has a crown on his head.
Can you hear it?
The human being is becoming angry?
No, grasped by sorrow, torn apart, you are unravelled; your rib cage bursts from sorrow when you start to see the masters, when you could lie at the feet of the Virgin Mary and Joseph, Golgotha, Gethsemane, the bible.
We are not wild, but we are mad from sorrow, because you still not only wish to damn the life by means of your universities, but, also you here, you deform, you still hit the life of God every day.
By means of a word you think that you are not hitting ... but you have already taken the light away from the human being.
When will you begin to really think, to love, to rim and to carry the life?
Yes, where?
Do you wish to say that you love God, that you love Gethsemane, Golgotha?
Do you wish to deceive yourself with that?
In the seventh sphere people no longer dare to do that, nor on the fourth cosmic grade.
In the fifth cosmic grade the sorrow now increases; not the happiness, but the sorrow!
The pains increase as you come higher, because you go to the suffering of Christ.
Unclear, untrue?
Can you not understand this?
Go then!
Then finally go away and do not listen to me anymore, to the ‘nonsense’.
I no longer wish to see your drooping faces, your nasty, destructive, deformed life of feeling.
I do not want to see the sorrows, the wretchedness, the laziness, the not wanting, the flatly refusing to accept happiness for the universe, and yourself, your family, I no longer wish to see that.
I am unwell from society, from your mankind, because real sorrow lives in me.
Real pains thwart my nervous system and hammer on the inner life, but the brains say: just batter away, I will make it.
Every cell of this organism of mine and of André is open to the lovingness of the Messiah and will defend him.
Defend ... in order to make that damnation disappear.
That is your work, that is a task for the millions of people of this world!
People, people, do not imagine that I possess the feeling, that I am giving you something.
Did you not think that I followed you and then did not see that you will not start to think in the right direction anyway?
In the first place you will have to start to think towards the space, towards Gethsemane, towards Mary and Joseph, towards the apostles, John, towards the Spheres of Light, towards the seventh sphere, towards the millions who have reached that space, that sphere, that piece of ground.
You don’t do it!
You can talk and talk and talk and inspire the people: “Oh, how beautiful that was, how I enjoyed myself this morning.”
The devil will get you with your enjoyment!
You will experience the sorrows of Satan when you say: “How beautiful that was!”
Then you have not taken away nor this, nor that, nothing of all your millions of qualities and characteristics, you have taken away not the least bit of feeling from me, let alone from the space, let alone for this mankind.
You only see and you only feel for yourself, your naked, little human self.
I am doing nothing to you, I am really doing nothing to you, because I am afraid of doing anything to you; we are afraid of creating even more misery.
Did you think that we would be capable of knocking down a human being while we see that there is so much damnation, that there is a Grim Reaper, the death with a scythe like a flaming sword?
We know Gethsemane, we know Golgotha, we pull the hair from our head, we get the heart out of our ribs and let our blood flow before your eyes, because we know: soon, when you enter the first sphere then you accept – we will not even tell you that yet – then you will accept your happiness?
You would like that!
No, then you will help us to carry, do you see?
Then you will help us to carry.
Then you will ... then you will say what Christ said to John, of which I gave you the example: “John, it is not what we have brought to earth, but the human being has multiplied that fear by a million and has made a damnation of it.
And they are children of yours, John, of me and of Peter and the other people.
Did you see the Spheres of Light, did you see the masters?
Can you say, John – you disembody now and again and you were able to see the heavens – can you say a master in the first, the second, the third sphere is happy?
That they are happy?
Then they are not real, then they are false.”
We develop you.
Why do we work ourselves to death, why does the space work itself to death, why did Christ work himself to death, why does an apostle work himself to death?
Why did Peter, with a wonderful inner life and happy surrender, let himself be slaughtered like an earthly, material pig?
Because that was done, people slaughtered him upside down.
Why was he still happy?
Because he now finally got the feeling to be able to help to carry.
That is it.
That is it!
When you enter the first sphere ...
You feel, after all those are the books of Master Alcar.
You are afraid, you are terrified of hearing the truth, you cannot accept any word from masters and you do not dare to accept any truth when they say: “But close your mouth, but be kind and sweet.”
Are you mother, are you father ... are you girls and children, toddlers?
No, because of the universal truth, no!
You are children of one God and will be love.
Why do you not begin in love?
‘A View into the Hereafter’ takes you to bliss, doesn’t it, André?
And then finally Master Alcar says: “Oh, it is becoming so beautiful, it is becoming more and more beautiful”, and André collapses.
And André succumbed, he threw his arms around his master’s neck; he says: “Master, I cannot stand it any longer.
Oh ... what is that ...”
‘On a mountain, there in the distance ... André sees a majestic building with a Divine aura.
The paths lead to this building and he saw happy people dressed in beautiful garments.’
Wonderful, isn’t it?
For you in order to soften?
No, you would like that.
That is only written peacefully for the children of four years which you still are, in order to prepare you, because we know for that matter: behind that, behind that line there, there it will be deadly seriousness.
You are still just here in fun, in pleasure, spiritual pleasure; you just strum a bit on your little harp.
But there it becomes seriousness, because there you begin – that is the first sphere and I will come back to it later – there you begin to help Christ to carry, the universe to carry.
Now it becomes seriousness, now you are faced with damnation.
Now you think you are inspired?
Those crumbs of inspiration which awaken in you, those little insects?
Where did you get the courage from in order to stand here?
Then I laughed behind your shoulders.
You see, I am doing nothing to you, brother B., but I am showing you: yes, they are walking there.
I should have got you off there, I should have spanked you like a father.
You will be wild if it concerns yourself ... but not for Christ, then they have no inspiration!
When do you become angry, when do you become furious?
As André says: “Then just stand on your head for Christ!”
You perform tricks, your trick, you balance something which you need twenty years for.
But that is not for the Christ!
You let yourself be hit, you are a boxer, an athlete and you become muscular.
Yes, for what?
For brutalization and decay.
In order to make you strong for the first sphere, the second, the third, the fourth?
Just do not get a fright.
You will not do that, the human being cannot do that.
The human being can talk, the human being can sing ... falsely.
It will all be okay again?
No, that will not be okay!
We will soon get André back.
‘André is on the wrong path?’
No, that was not the case.
But you, hypocrites, you who stand on damnation, you have not only killed Christ again, not only André, not only me, not only the teachings of the masters, not only Gethsemane and Golgotha, but you sat in the living heart of the Messiah.
Just tell that!
We no longer love mangy dogs, because it now concerns a scabby human being and that has more meaning, and the scabies is not so bad, the plague, the cholera, the leprosy is not so bad, my sisters and brothers, as the living damnation, the eternal deformation of a God, who is only love ...
If I let myself go, then I will sink away.
There they are.
Yes, because you pulled the Garden of Eden ... we explained, we explained, here!
I wept, the heavens wept ...
That on top of everything else!
They roughly pulled the Garden of Eden from the ground now that we, just for a moment, left and they started to slaughter again the living image of the Messiah, John, Peter, Paul, Mary and Joseph and all of this humanity, because they were thirsty, these tigresses and tigers!
A lion in the jungle, a tigress who watches over her children, does not even do that.
Yes ... where does damnation take us?
When will you begin?
You are deforming yourself.
But I will keep that until the next session, because then we will be kneeling in Gethsemane and we will take a walk over the earth, because we now have come that far.
Hypocrites which you are, when you stand shouting on your pulpits that the God damns: “Do not do that, that is a sin!”
There are no sins, there is no deformation, no disintegration, no destruction, no weakness of personality.
Everything is evolution.
We can take care of you again and press you to the universal heart again, because we represent the truth, because we are inspiring and the God of all life will speak to our lives.
Are you waiting for a word?
It is better to wait for silence.
Then you will no longer turn in your chair, then you will no longer have anything to do with material systems.
You cannot even surrender to the universe, society.
I hit your hands from your face, in order to finally sit down in sobriety, in respect and to thank the God of all life.
What can we hope to achieve with the world, what did Christ hope to achieve with humanity, and what did the apostles hope to achieve with their task, when they were faced with that eternal damnation?
“My God, my God, how deformed life is.”
And now other people have come in order to release you from damnation, but also to release you from your own harshness, because every word is damning for a time.
You will never have to think again about harshness, about deception, deformation, jealousy, or whatever it is, all those wrong qualities and characteristics.
You will have to give every thought sweetness, space – in time and space – and then your parapsychological research will begin: who am I?
We have respect, the space has respect for the human being who has finally got the feeling: I am beginning.
Put your shoulders under this wisdom, my brother B., but do not do it too quickly.
Millions of masters are sitting there and can do nothing, have to wait, have to wait for what I do, me.
You can call me master, but you can reach me much more and more deeply.
And then you will experience those masterly powers, which are sweet and which take care of your life, when you really begin, when you become mother, become father, friend, sister, brother.
Everyone has to ensure his own right.
Everyone must ensure that he finishes his task in which you are now and does not create any new misery.
We no longer expect that of you.
You are not frightened by anything; you live and accept for now – I will close that off tomorrow – from now on you take the sacred desire in you, that you will do everything and everything in order to experience the harmony for word, law and society.
Because those are the systems of Socrates, this is why the human being had to take Socrates’ poisoned cup.
When he said: “Yes, but there is much more.
The human being is this, the human being is like that, the human being is space”, then that wretched child which is attached to damnation again – am I talking nonsense? – put a poisoned cup before Socrates.
Galilee was thrown into its dungeon by the papal, Catholic, conscious authority because he said: “The earth revolves around the sun.”
Such a poisoned cup again, because there is damnation.
Untruth, world?
Am I talking nonsense?
Why did people break Galilee, why did people enslave Galilee?
Why did people beat his task from his hands?
When people speak to a clergyman and you say: “What do you want?”
“Yes, you must return to the church.”
“So ... must we return to the church?”
“You are still a baptized Catholic?”
“So ... yes, that is good.”
But when you tell that child before you, that child, for the Holy Mother Church – and I wrote in the Cosmology, in the name of Christ: ‘That church of yours, which is Catholic’, and if you were also Catholic then you will just get a fright, this morning, then you will be rid of it immediately and for good, ‘that is a spiritual whore.’
Yes, if she is mother with a Divine love in her, why did she burn the children at the stake?
Why did she, this mother, that religious mother, take away the light of life from Galilee and Socrates and millions of other people who had to accept the stake?
She was much less than a slut!
A slut reaches awakening and still loves, but she continues and goes further consciously.
And that decorates itself with precious stones and garments.
One for one these little children go upwards and then they are run down.
Then they are faced with the sorrows of Satan, then they are faced with the misery which the Christ had to accept; now!
And which you cannot escape, because you keep on hitting the light of life of God, the new light, right in the face.
And then you think you can deform that by means of your gossiping, your weakness!
We still live in this time, you are still no different.
Did you hear it?
Tell it to your other sisters and brothers: a Divine mother does not prostitute herself, she is only love.
Because the church, if you take part in that and you become a cardinal and a pope and as a cardinal you put your stamp, your signature under that death sentence, then you rape that mother, then you are demonic.
“Yes”, the clergyman says, “there were only ten.
We just burned ten at the stake, no more.”
No, it was ten million!
Ten million men and women, still children, were burnt at the stake.
Joan of Arc is your example, even if that child fought for a leper, for a frill.
Her God was just a frill, a fairground customer, because Joan of Arc was cheated from in front, behind, left and right.
And the master who inspired her, he was not there.
There was no Messiah to be seen in the space for Joan of Arc!
That was her religious faith, her feeling from before, when she was a nun and she was also attached to that church.
And now she wanted to do something for the Messiah, for the God of all life and she thought that she was inspired.
The devil was behind that!
Just make a film about it and then just experience, then you will know how a God of all life will inspire his children, but not to deformation.
A God does not need you to go and stand at the stake, you are too childish for that.
I am talking to the world, listen, I am not talking to you.
But if you want, fill your pockets with it.
You carry such large bags.
Make a purse like that out of your heart and put everything in that heart and begin from now on to learn to walk.
Become Joan of Arc, but not ... do not act religious, do not act the medium, neither for Galilee, nor for Joan of Arc.
Come to us first.
There have been more of these hazy people who saw sacred and wonderful ‘faces’, but they did not take the sword, they went into the lions’ den.
They were real, they only loved the cross.
The human being who loves, no longer deforms.
He does not want anything more to do with stakes, with harnessed expansions of feeling.
They will not get a black or white steed under them, but will get the ‘wings’ of the space.
They sit down on a wonderful animal, but that animal is spiritually inspired and has an eagle’s head like the pyramid of Gizah, which was built for you people and was elevated for the bliss of later.
... (inaudible) If only we could carry on explaining the laws to you, in order to take you hand in hand, to feel your real hand as man and wife, father and mother.
But we will return; prepare yourselves, my children.
Just shout it out this morning!
Do not give it to me and do not give it to André, we want nothing more to do with your praiseworthiness, with your gentleness, neither does André.
Today we are accepted and we are angels and masters, today because of you we get – we already had to accept that – a white garment around our neck and tomorrow we are beheaded by you ...
But we are still here!
But where are those wizards, those conscious of spirit, who share out these frills?
Why do they not put any feathers in their caps ... children of God?
If you really have love in you, then say that I am wrong, then attack me.
But you cannot and do not even dare that, because no foundation of you will remain.
But I will not send you away.
The God of all life says: “You are universally deep.”
You are part of his life.
You are life, light, father and mother, you are everything.
You are sparks!
No, you are Gods.
It does not matter who you still are, it does not matter how you speak and who you attack.
Stop that in the future and you will lay the first foundations for the Spheres of Light, for your Gethsemane, for your Golgotha, your trip, your journey back to the Divine All, where you will represent the All Source.
You are Gods!
Today the human being receives his everything, his love, and tomorrow you are deformed.
But remember this, for your future and your past: we will not let ourselves be taken back in the death‘s ‘coffin’.
We do not let ourselves be deformed by your talk, there is already enough misery.
You will hear nothing pass our lips, we love, love, love you!
We love you, the world and this mankind!
But we do not let ourselves be raised either and placed on your church towers, because tomorrow you will not grant us that light of life and that space and you will knock us off again anyway.
And we know that.
We do not want any thanks, we do not want any feeling; we want nothing, but we carry the sorrows for this mankind.
We are grateful that you are here and want to listen to the masters and I tell it to you, you can accept that and it will be my last word for now, for this morning, with the assumption, the drive, the inspiration that you will soon prepare yourselves for Gethsemane.
The Christ was in your midst.
For now, for eternity, if you ...
Now He is here, now the angels are here, the masters of the light and the space!
It is up to you to keep the light of life, this Divine wisdom, this authority, this bleeding, inspiring, driving force for yourself, for your fatherhood and motherhood and for your children and your society and to lock it in your hearts.
From now on you will experience Divine authority.
The angels will be curious for how long.
It is up to you to lay the first foundations for this.
You will not build for a strange world, but you will build on your Divine reality.
You will build for soul, for spirit, but for your Divine personality, which will shine one day, which will one day possess and represent the Omnipotence.
My Gods, until this far.