The human being and Gethsemane

Good morning, my sisters and brothers.
This morning we will go from the Spheres of Light, from the space to Gethsemane.
This morning, I want to explain to you what you will actually do when Gethsemane speaks to your life.
We have covered a long path.
We were faced with serious problems; they probably frightened you.
It does not concern me, and no one in our world, to just give the human being a beating, we will not achieve anything with this anyway.
But now and again we are concerned with shaking you awake.
There is no more to it.
And when we experience a journey to the earth from the space, when we experience that journey and are faced with soul, spirit and material ... when we want to sense something of the reality as a result of which the Messiah came to the earth, then the inner life finally begins to think.
Yes, when do you begin to think as a human being on earth?
For what?
The human being gets a fright if we lighten the personality, and touch that life of feeling.
Oh, good heavens and good God, then the inner life already groans and it is afraid to listen, to accept.
Have you absorbed the book ‘Those who came back from the Dead’ into your heart, or are they all just stories?
It does not concern us – no one in the space amongst those millions who have already completed the cycle of the soul – to break the human being.
It is only a question of banishing the damnation from your life, and putting something else in its, that you get new foundations, new feeling, new life, new consciousness and then finally you begin to accept everything and to analyse it for your own life.
If you do not begin that analysis, then you are not busy thinking either.
You have received such an awe-inspiring amount of proof; the human history was built up as a result of it.
Socrates and many other people gave their lives for you, your society, your thinking and feeling, for your soul, spirit and space!
And what has remained of that?
Gethsemane ... when you descend into that, when you take a walk over the earth, then Gethsemane speaks ...
Gethsemane to your life.
And then there is nothing more on the path that you have to walk and what you meet, which has nothing to do with your life.
Everything which you see, that originated as a result of your personality, your material laws of growing, because you have received the universe, God from the All-Source.
We will carry on reluctantly and then we will probably be kneeling there in this space in order to experience the silence of Gethsemane.
Really, now we are faced with the clean, pure silence, which the All-Source also possesses and by means of which the God of all life manifested Himself and, of course, was brought to the earth by Christ.
It must now be clear to you that the Spheres of Light were built up by means of real altruistic thinking and feeling.
I laid down, built up, different possibilities and foundations for you, not only for material, but also for soul and spirit.
I showed you the spheres, and we accepted the light from the universe.
We saw how the worlds went to the human evolution one by one by means of that materialization, from planet to planet and finally we had completed the cycle of the earth.
And now we continue.
We go through the Spheres of Light; we go through the fourth, fifth and sixth cosmic grades and from the All we come back to Gethsemane in order to complete a task for the earth, to do something for this mankind.
Gethsemane means: to learn to think, to meditate, to prepare yourself for the next step, the task that you took in your own hands.
And that was the short stay for Christ, the lying down and the thinking: what will happen?
No ... how will I be?
It was certainly very definitely not a trivial matter which went through the Christ when he was lying there ... and yonder his apostles, in order to watch over Him, to serve Him, to help and support Him.
To help Him to bear, for what He received by his Father from the Divine All, built up in order to give this to the whole of mankind.
Of course, next to this is the fact that the Christ, the Messiah did not need his apostles to help Him to carry; He has to do that alone.
And soon it will be clear to us that we also have to take every grade, every law of life, every word and every thought ourselves to the evolution.
We get nothing for free, because we possess everything!
We have everything received from the All-Source, because we have become human beings,.
And what does all of this mean?
The fear, which the human being has for opening himself, that is really awe-inspiringly sad.
The human being with his possession, wherever he finds himself.
Just feel the human being, just follow that personality and just touch that personality, that world.
Touch that soul, that spirit and then you will see how merciless, how pathetic that personality shows itself if you fly over that life and touch something of the foundations that they do not possess.
Because this phase does not intend to enter Gethsemane, not to mention to soon enter Golgotha – which awaits you and me and everyone.
Yes, it is not an art to descend to the earth when this mankind is ready.
Then people no longer need any word, any book, any art, then everything has reached harmony.
But it is now a matter of pushing this mankind up to that spiritual evolution.
Christ came for this purpose, every human being still devoted his life for this purpose.
Soon that will no longer be necessary.
You do not need to trot along after a personality, to drive, to talk, to inspire.
That is over, that happens of its own accord.
That comes from you, people want that, but then in the right direction.
Gethsemane means – that is here, this garden in which you are –: you must now send every thought to the space, bring it into harmony with life and death, with soul, spirit and material, with your reincarnation, with fatherhood and motherhood and thousands of more things, laws and problems.
Gethsemane wants to take you to the silence, to the meditation.
That Gethsemane is a becoming conscious, that is a sensing, that is a thinking in the right direction and in the true meaning of the word.
Gethsemane means: I want to be true, I already know myself, because I want, I know what I am doing.
No one enters there – and Christ would not have accepted that either – who shouts hallelujah today and then tomorrow calls you and the world of God and Christ and the masters, demons.
That no longer exist there.
We want ... the universe, the love, the justice, the harmony, Christ, God, the All-Source do not want to do anything with those grades of feeling.
We do not kick those lives away, but Gethsemane says: “What are you doing here?
Get out ... get out!”
Yes indeed, would you want to experience Gethsemane with mud on your shoes, unprepared?
And Gethsemane is the first sphere.
Anyone who has not experienced Gethsemane, does not enter any first sphere.
Because Gethsemane is accepting everything, is absorbing everything in you what the Christ brought, what the Christ has meant, for which purpose he came to the earth.
Gethsemane means accepting mankind.
For Gethsemane there is no longer any death, there is only life, cordiality, benevolence, pure thinking and feeling.
In Gethsemane you are not snarled at.
In Gethsemane you are faced with the laws; they are very definitely not so simple, because when do you experience the reality?
When can you say: today I am true?
And now you just work out for yourself how we can absorb these laws into ourselves and what you possess of them.
I am only concerned with making it clear to you that you have to conquer Gethsemane in this life.
And the Christ lived in that ...
The apostles are here and are waiting and they do not know is ... what is starting to happen to the Master ... what the Master is doing.
The telepathic unity of feeling to feeling, only John possesses that, an individual.
He has a few feelers and can attune himself to the life of the Messiah, the Christ.
And then you also lie down there and then you start to think.
Then you start to think in the first place: human being, human being, human being ... and what can I do for you?
Sects very definitely originated and as a result of this, ancient Egypt built itself up, and gave itself a personality.
The Goddess of Isis came forward as a result of the thinking: what can I do for you?
What can I give you this morning, what can I bring you today?
Can I take you back to the laws by which we were born?
And the Christ lay there.
He prepares himself to experience life and death.
He knows: soon people will kill Him.
But what does that matter to Him?
Soon people take Him to the executioners of this mankind.
One human being takes a whip in his hands and lashes out.
A slanging match means nothing, now the physical systems of this Temple are touched.
A Divine Personality now sits there ...
He accepts this beating.
If you were able to feel the sorrows of the Messiah, if you just enter this world, then your personality will recoil because of the violence that is still present in society, and also in your life.
That awe-inspiring simplicity of the Messiah, the Christ ...
To sit down there and to accept the beating, the tremendous material lashing and to say nothing ...
To sit down gratefully, with a power of feeling that says: just beat me, I will not do anything back to you anyway.
Because I no longer have any feeling to be angry, it just hurts Me.
I get awe-inspiring sorrows now that you are capable of taking up that whip, to press it into your hands, and to beat Me up.
Those are the first steps which we must absorb into us if we want to be ready to enter Gethsemane.
Because Gethsemane means: meditation, finishing a thought, finishing a word.
For Gethsemane everything is love and happiness, harmony, justice.
You cannot enter Gethsemane with premeditated feelings, with your long faces.
The human being is happy in there.
The human being does not have enough time to think and to feel, to work for the space, for society; Gethsemane takes the human being to the heart of this personality and says: what can I do for you?
Every child of God completed his hours in here before this life could enter the first spiritual heaven.
Every human being of the earth who possesses a little bit of feeling and can already absorb the first sphere into himself as it were at a distance, he returns to the earth and plonks himself down there, in Gethsemane.
And now we begin to think, separate from society, because nothing is right here.
All of society, the personality, which is called mankind, still does not have any trueness, accept this.
As long as the bible, as long as mankind ... damnation – I explained that to you, I took you to that strictness, to that devotion to duty – as long as this mankind cannot understand, does not want to accept a God of love, as long as this mankind still does not have any possession of reality and you as a human being, as an academic, as mother and as father do not need to drag this mankind to Gethsemane.
That is just talk in an empty space, where there is nothing present, only the unconscious feeling of the masses, which you cannot feel, you do not even hear it!
Because it is only then that Gethsemane will receive and accept you, be able to listen to you – Gethsemane listens to you, that is a personality, because the God of all life lives there – when you experience the trueness.
And now; what kind of true things do we have in us?
What is it about, why do you live and what will you now actually serve for?
When we enter Gethsemane from the astral world, then we do that reluctantly.
But you must just look how many people rush in there and want to sit in the first row, there precisely where the Christ prayed.
Precisely there on that spot, which is so scrupulously clean, so infinitely deep, the human being now wants to go there.
The human being immediately sits in the first place, he wants to stand in the shadow of the Messiah.
The good thinking human being, the human being who feels where it is going, you can find him there between the trees and the flowers, or under the ground.
He has nothing, but he still does not dare to go to the reality.
He says: “Am I ready?”
And now you get, of course, when you have left the material systems, the world, you get: what did I do here, what do I live for and why am I now going to serve?
Everyone wonders about that.
And now you can find there in the vicinity of Jerusalem – but from our world – you can find millions of souls, fathers and mothers who are preparing to experience Gethsemane.
Now you must look, now you are starting to sense something of these realities.
You are now starting to understand how awe-inspiring the life of the Messiah is.
And how those poor children, the apostles, did their best and could not understand it either.
You go and kneel down here, you moan from sorrow.
You have a pain in your heart that is so awe-inspiring, because all the sorrows of the earth, every human being who experiences life brutally, wildly, disharmonically, comes to your life, you start to feel that.
You recoil from a harsh, unknown word; you are afraid, because the human being will forget himself again.
You know very definitely what it cost you to get it so far, you had to devote your blood to that.
For every thought you gave a foundation, but that foundation cost your personality for Gethsemane.
You no longer ask here: who am I and what can I do?
If you do not possess the capacities, do not possess the feeling for your society, that art, then you will not even reach for a pen.
You let that pen, you let that lie there consciously, you are afraid.
You do not even rush to things in order to fling them at someone’s head.
You no longer do that, because you know: you are busy burning yourself, not that other person, but yourself, at the stake, temporarily damning – because the Messiah taught us that.
And then you really start to see and to understand the life a bit differently.
And then feelings enter you which say: how grateful I am that I am a human being; wherever I am and wherever I live, I belong to the Gods. One day, I will represent the God of all life on earth and for these spaces.
And then a little bit of bliss will enter you.
You now start to feel and to understand that, whatever your life is like, bliss enters you, because your thoughts possess wings, softness, benevolence and also pure love!
You no longer let yourself be paid by anyone.
You want to do that work alone, you must also do it alone.
You get no thanks from anything and anyone, because the universe gave you everything.
That is blood that you deformed yourself, if you look over the world, because in Gethsemane you are cosmic, Divinely conscious.
In Gethsemane you look at the people and at the world and say: “I have to serve that world, just hit me.”
And when you still want to accept a thank you from those poor children, that poor, miserable, pathetic society and from this personality, then already nothing will remain of you and you will not be busy laying foundations, which you kick away again from under your feet of your own accord.
Christ did not let himself be paid.
For Christ life was a gift, a serving alone, giving everything of himself.
If He had accepted the material means, then He could have worked with material means, but then He would have been lost.
Christ had to do it from his grade of feeling, his Divine thinking and feeling, his consciousness.
And that was only by means of the word!
When we lie down soon and then prepare ourselves, when you experience Gethsemane in order to accept the lashing for the world – the lashing, do you hear? – when we are then faced with Pilate and he says: “Yes, which of these two do you wish to have?” then that is not Barabbas who speaks to you, but then it is the Messiah!
No, it becomes much more impressive, these laws speak much more clearly to your existence and your personality, your fatherhood and motherhood, because now the good and the wrong reach eloquence and raise their own heads.
You have to wash your hands here in innocence for good and evil.
Yes, the Pilate lives in you, and in Gethsemane that man, that personality must go from us!
Here we are faced with nakedness, we have nothing more to hide.
It is only the feeling which comes to us from the space that must inspire us purely, clearly and harmonically, if we want to be able to follow this path.
And now it is certainly not simple.
Now it becomes difficult, because you will lay the core on each thought that was built up by the God of all life and must give the universal consciousness to all the thoughts, the deeds, and the feelings which we send out.
And we have that in our own hands.
The tremendous possession which you start to see, which you start to feel, in which you live if Gethsemane awakens in your life ...
My God, my God, you then shout, how happy I am that I may absorb this into myself, that I start to belong to that for which you materialized yourself!
And when you now lie down there and think, feel: where is it going now, where must I begin in order to learn to think, and you are father, you possess the material, male organism, then it is obvious that you start to think for the first time: what have I done, how did I feel, how did I accept the mother, my mother?
And the mother, if she starts to see herself, when she starts to feel herself in Gethsemane ...
My God, my God, what will remain of us when those thoughts disturb our hearts itching and churning, when those thoughts go to your throat and almost smother your life of feeling!
Then you cried out for help, for justice, because you know how we made bits and pieces in the lives which passed and represented nothing else but laziness, destruction and conscious misery.
Just do not be frightened again ...
When you show the human being – yes indeed, straight from the earth – what Gethsemane is actually like, then you see and you feel the human organism.
No, then you are faced with the living heart of the universe.
You are now a nerve, you have consciousness, you are blood circulation, you have the light in your eyes, and you represent something of this mankind.
But when you have mastered this, then you are called, then you have received the name: Gethsemane.
Gethsemane is feeling and thinking.
Gethsemane is simplicity, humility, justice, harmony, love and happiness, construction.
Always for the best, never ever for destruction.
You do not go from the light to the shadow, you are always inspired, and inspiring!
You only go one path.
Left and right, there is no longer ahead and behind, there is only a forwards.
To go forward, to what, where?
What did I do, what did I live for?
What did Christ do for me when He came to the earth?
Could He have damned my life?
Am I really a part of God?
The masters placed that in your hands, you are gifted people, you can already do it on earth.
What does the human being of the church have?
What does the dogmatic child have?
What do the millions on earth have?
Nothing, nothing, nothing!
You are already the gifted people who can enter Gethsemane.
You accept: there is life ‘beyond the coffin’.
But now there must no longer be one wrong thought in you, or you will kick yourself out of the first sphere and you will still not be busy proceeding to meditation with the Christ, with the apostles.
That only lives in the space.
That meditating is still not there.
But finally become a human being!
In Gethsemane we want to go straight to the human part.
The human, earthly, inner awe for the life of God ...
And it is only then that the task comes.
Which task do you have?
You ask in the human society for inspiration, you want to serve.
But when do you begin to descend into your deep, own Gethsemane ... what lives in there?
You will have to descend into there in order to finally experience the ultimate; that is the last thought, that is the seventh grade for cordiality, benevolence and love.
Also justice, of course, stands before your door, and now you can open the door and let that life in, into your heart, into Gethsemane.
There are people standing here around this garden, around this courtyard, and they want to go further and they cannot ... and there is nothing.
They may continue, there is nothing, no walls have been elevated, but they do not come a step further.
You see, that is the Divine source, there the justice lives, which says: “I have still not made it!”
When you enter Gethsemane then you see a barbed wire there in an astral shape, a wall of concrete, which was elevated by you.
And you live behind that concrete, and you cannot go there.
You envy the human being who lives there, but you flatly refuse it.
The human being does not want to run himself down, the human being does not want to multiply.
There is still no humility, there is no pure feeling in order to experience motherhood, fatherhood, mankind, your being a child.
And it is only then that life becomes beautiful, because now you start to feel that you are being led!
You are now still ...
You are now still busy leading yourself through life.
But when will you surrender yourself?
When will you let yourself be led?
When do you begin to do your best, in the first place where you are, and where you live?
You must not neglect the material things, because by means of the material you enter the Temple for the Soul, for the Spirit, your Personality.
Is that not true?
Gethsemane takes you precisely to ... to the inner systems, and it is only then that the gates in the wide, eternal hereafter open for you.
And now you are no longer a human being, nor a personality, you are now only a child.
A clean, pure, benevolent child.
Can you see?
The human being and the personality, which now lives on earth, it must disappear.
You must no longer long for an adult consciousness, you must put that aside.
For that matter, Christ said: “Come to Me, but as a child.”
What is this being a child?
When are you conscious in a childlike way, when do you start to feel pure and clean in a childlike way?
When do you rise up in arms and think you can knock down another human being with brutality, with savage power?
Did you really think that the Christ was open, the apostles, the spaces, every source of life, originated by means of the source of all life, which was built up by this, that you can enter and experience that by means of rough, brutal power?
That is not possible, for that matter!
When the Messiah felt that the moment would come, then He entered into meditation; even He!
He was not ashamed to lie down and to start a meditating, a thinking.
What did He ask himself?
You know, for that matter: if the smallest insect did not know that the God of all life, the All-Source, the All-Mother had inspired the life, that he had received that independence himself, if the Christ, if the insect, a flower cannot feel that, then He could really have shouted out: ‘My God, my God, let this misery pass my life by, what will I achieve?’
But it was not that!
He never ever said that!
Because, can you feel, then He would have chased himself out of Gethsemane and He would not have been ready to be able to accept this pure mankind, his life and his blood, his soul and his spirit – that is his possession.
He would not have been able to serve for this purpose, then He would have weakened.
And people must devote everything to this, here you reach the ultimate grade – as I said a moment ago – in order to absorb the actual core into you and to be able to say: now I am truth, I am now a friend, I am a sister and a brother, I experience and represent fatherhood and motherhood.
Christ lay down and thought: yes, I must prepare myself, the time is short, and soon I will leave the earth.
And that was the sorrow in Him, that He did not receive the time in order to complete his task, his mission because of brutal violence.
When John asked Him after this meditation: “Master, what did you feel?
I thought I was flying in the space with you”, then He said to John: “John, I wanted mankind – our own blood, our souls, our spirits, this living foundation – to give us the time to ... so that I can show myself completely, can give myself completely.
Yes, John, then we will fly, then we experience a consciousness, then we will advance thousands of years in only a few seconds.
But mankind, these masses are not yet ready.
These masses do not know about meditation, about inner feeling and thinking.
We get to accept a material destruction, John.
We can make ourselves strong, we can think.
And what will I think about?
That I will finally be ready in order to be able to accept this life.”
Christ did not get ahead of himself.
He did not return to the All-Source; the space, planets and stars, they did not matter to Him.
He started to think: how will I soon be ready in order to be able to receive these blows, this consciousness?
Will I be prepared and say exactly what lives in Me?
Did you really think that the Christ went to Pilate just like that and later to Caiphas, unprepared?
He would ...
He would have destroyed himself, no Divine consciousness would have come from Him.
But He was prepared!
And those few words that He spoke, they were therefore Divinely conscious.
And that can no longer be talked about; He only said: “It is you ...”
In Gethsemane, my sisters and brothers, you reach the true thought to finally begin with the very first one: can I, must I accept everything, which I see and experience?
And then we will begin to accept.
Then there is no longer any no, then there is only just a yes!
There is only the word of the space that we now see.
Here there is no deception, there is no more lying.
Gethsemane lets us kneel down in the Divine truth.
Now it is finally one beginning, we lay one foundation: we begin to accept!
And if you do not begin with that, then you will dissolve there and another one goes through that concrete, through that barbed wire around Gethsemane, and you go away and that life enters.
You discard your place, your grade of feeling and give that to the other life, which is – can you see? – which is busy believing and accepting, in order to say to himself: I want to begin!
Because what is the beginning?
If only you knew that now!
You can read and you can absorb books into yourself, you can do everything for mankind, but when you do not know: I have begun, then you will never make it.
You must know it, you must feel it.
You must now begin with the very smallest thought, the very first one.
But that small thought is universally conscious, is universally and infinitely deep.
What is beginning, what is lying down?
What is meditation, what is thinking and feeling?
What must I start with?
And that is – accept it – Gethsemane in your heart, the place where you must start to nibble on those foundations.
You take the crumbs off that, you hit pieces off it, because you laid foundations which do not possess any truth.
Because these foundations, which we have on earth, have been built by means of lying and cheating.
It is best that you and every human being explain that for themselves, you know exactly what you are like, how you feel.
In Gethsemane, there we got the first thought: there is no evil, no more being wrong in my universe.
Can you feel?
But when we see that there the poison for the world creeps up on us like a snake in the night, then we go away from that life?
No, then we look at it and say: “Disappear from here!
Get out of my way.
I do not need you!”
And then you are immediately faced with the justice of the Christ, who said: “Go behind me, Satan.”
You are like Satan, if we just start to feel one wrong word in Gethsemane.
And then life cannot be rhymed, then there are no more frills and you do not write about Divine truths in verse form.
Gethsemane does not need your St. Nicholas carry-on – if you know that – because that is also a frill.
That also stands there with lying and cheating, with a false self, a mask on.
Every life of feeling, every thought, their masks fall, we gradually reach the reality.
We want nothing more to do with that dark, destructive life of feeling.
We no longer want to see that life.
And yet we feel: if you reach truth one day, if you come to us one day, to the light, to Gethsemane and soon to Golgotha, with the real human showing of colours, your head bowing as the space taught us, then we will be ready to receive your life.
But then you can kneel down at the feet of the master, do you see?
Then we will begin to help a human child.
There is no talking in Gethsemane; in Gethsemane there is only thinking and feeling.
There you experience the pure, universal Divine reality.
And then a silence comes under your heart, then you start to be happy that there is mother sitting next to you with the same aura of feeling.
Then there is no longer any old and young, there is only feeling, there is only life.
Yes, how do you wish to experience this on earth?
But you can experience it here, because the Christ also came here, He brought it!
Millions of people experienced it on earth.
One or two people went through Gethsemane.
You will feel that we cannot yet leave Gethsemane.
But soon we will accept death by crucifixion.
We will drag that cross up the hill.
If you want to make the symbolism real, as the Messiah could, then we drag every wrong thought up on our shoulders, in order to soon – you will experience that by means of the next session, or afterwards – to behead, to smother it at Golgotha.
You, the human being will nail every wrong thought consciously to a cross.
And you look at that, because you are now capable of giving your blood of life for space, for fatherhood and motherhood, for the light of this world.
The light of this world, because this life is yours, that was born under your heart.
You covered millions of lives, you conquered millions of worlds, but you have not yet reached that spiritual ultimate grade.
And we now fight for that.
This is why we go and kneel down, here in Gethsemane, and the silence speaks to our human heart.
If you walk there and you are here between the children, then you will get the sorrow: “Are you sitting comfortably, are you lying here delightfully?
Can I do something for you, can I help you think?
Ask me, I am ready.”
“Where do you come from, Master?”
Yes, we lived there amongst millions and were grateful to give a word to these people, but we did not want to have ourselves snarled at.
If a doubt enters a child, then we see that immediately.
“Accept”, we say, “accept once and for eternity: I am spiritually conscious.
If you cannot accept me ...
We laid those foundations, we come from there, and we are only here in order to help you.”
But where did this life get to?
Since this life starts with the doubt: is that really like that and can it be like that and is that there ...?
It has gone!
First the very first beginning: let me think, let me feel.
I must begin in order to be able to listen to a human being and that is now the most difficult thing there is.
To listen to a human being, to accept a human being: yes, you are right.
Now just listen every day.
Listen to everything in the world, but start to listen to this speaking, this feeling and thinking according to the grade of your consciousness.
You do not allow any more nonsense, you cannot even do that anymore.
You are capable of accepting those people, but with that nonsense, with those half-conscious feelings ... the flying in the space, that building castles in the air means nothing to you.
Reaching too high, flying too high, doing something for society and you cannot even write your own name, that is megalomania, you do not need to come with that in Gethsemane, because people do not need you there.
You must see here in the reality.
You must accept the reality here and ask yourself: where do I live, who am I, what am I doing, can I do that?
And then for soul, spirit, fatherhood, motherhood, universal light, God, Christ.
Because you are, and you are like Christ, you will become that.
You will represent this world one day – I explained to you recently, I made you afraid – soon in the Spheres of Light, then you will start to represent the Christ and your being God.
You will carry this misery of the earth under your heart, these are your children, this is your blood, this is a part of your soul, of your spirit.
This is universal Divinity that lives here and which lives everywhere!
Just deform that life, just do something to that life, just kick that life ... you will no longer do that in Gethsemane.
In Gethsemane you will tread the footstep, you will lay the first foundation there for every thought.
You are a doctor?
Then you will experience that doctorship in Gethsemane at a hundred percent for the spiritual grade, you are now a good person.
Are you talking about love?
Then you will involve Gethsemane, because here you want to be love!
If you are talking about harmony, then you will no longer upturn a human being in Gethsemane, you will no longer snarl at a human being.
You will finally trust a human being.
And now the human being on earth has thousands and thousands of thoughts, thousands of longings to do something, but you do not come any further.
Why not?
Because the personality does not start with the first grade ... a little foundation.
You do not begin with: I want to be true, I want to be a friend, I want to be a sister, a brother, and I want to be a true father.
You do not begin with that.
And because you do not begin with the first foundations, materialized visibly by the universe – that is fatherhood, motherhood – you do not come any further either.
I must be a good mother, a true mother, I must carry the love.
I am woman? then I carry the Divine All-Source manifesting with me, I am that myself.
My eyes say it, my words will interpret it.
Who are you?
Am I hurting you?
Who are you?
What do you want?
Talking nonsense?
Today: “I love you!”
Tomorrow: “You are my master, you are my Christ”, and the day after tomorrow: “I no longer need you!”
Ha ha ha ha ha ... do not make the space laugh.
“Today, Crisje”, it says in ‘Jeus’ and the masters told, it was brought to earth, “today you are a king, but tomorrow?”
“I love you.
Oh, I cannot live without you!”
But in a fortnight’s time?
“You will never leave me again, will you?
Because we are nothing if you are no longer there, Christ!”
What do you do tomorrow with me?
Gethsemane asks you that.
Can you see?
Gethsemane wants that when you say: I accept the universe, I believe, then you will believe, because the religion takes you to the knowledge, but no doubtful carry-on!
Today we must sit down.
“Must we not do something else?” people ask and people say and people still fling, after hundreds of lectures and all those books, in André’s face.
“Must we not do anything else than sit down and sit down here?”
Yes, who are you?
Who are you that you dare to say this?
What are you doing here then?
You still do not belong here!
You do not yet have the blessing, the feeling, the love, the faith, the truth and the justice in you to listen to these Gethsemane universes and words.
You are no use to me, just do not imagine it.
I am nothing, I am absolutely nothing, but I have experienced spaces!
I have accepted Gethsemane and I let myself be crucified thousands of times.
By accepting every word of the human being, I experience a death by crucifixion.
Who are you?
Afraid again?
Have you not gone yet?
Gethsemane holds you captive.
Oh yes, the strong in spirit, the benevolent, the knowledgeable say: “Just hit me, Christ.
Why can I not die for you?”
A work of art to put a dagger into your heart, to let the blood flow, to consciously take the heart from your ribcage for the Messiah.
My God, the most beautiful thing there is!
To be able to suffer, to be able to feel what the sorrows of Satan are like which were poured out over mankind.
In Gethsemane you become true.
In Gethsemane you no longer feel material, you no longer feel earthly.
Then you go and sit down.
You do not dare to look Christ in the face, you do not dare to look at Him.
You are not tied to a master’s apron strings.
You will be careful, you do not even dare to step into his shadow.
When do we become human beings?
When the human part passes your lips.
Is that not the love that you ask for?
Does the mother not wish to experience any Gethsemane by means of the love?
What does your kiss taste like?
Go into nature and bow to the animal instinct.
Yes indeed, you will now get the kiss from your cow, your animal gives it according to the pure attunement.
But the human kiss is calculating, is filthy, dirty and thieving.
Today people accept you, you are taken in with open doors and a great commotion, but tomorrow you will go out the door with a sacred, human providence.
And then people ransacked you.
Look for yourself; that is the human being.
In Gethsemane you must prove that you can no longer do that.
And in the very first place, what we, what Christ, what God is concerned with, what your father and mother were concerned with when you lived in her, the mother: become child, become space, become true, become soft, become benevolent, experience friendship as it is.
Just finally start to learn to think and do not do anything yet.
It is much better to experience your being material in silence all your life, you can just walk into the ‘coffin’ and prepare yourself for this feeling which is given to you by Gethsemane, than to start shouting now, because you must accept anyway: the people do not like you anyway.
You do not yet have it, you do not yet possess it.
You must first be grateful that God gave you food and drink.
And what does the world do now, what does mankind do for himself, for the masses?
What does a people do?
Do you not know that?
Here we are kneeling in order to finally begin and to wonder: what are we doing, who am I, what do I want?
And then you just sit down.
You are like a ... psychopathic being ...
You would like that, the world will make that of you.
When the world does not understand you – when the lectures which you receive, which are brought to consciousness in your soul, when you want to give all of that to the world, you are a psychopath, because people do not understand you.
But Gethsemane feels you!
The truth which now comes to you from the space, you get that by means of a dream, you get that by means of an action; a friend, a sister, a brother, a love comes to tell you.
People place it in your hands.
It is remarkable, the human, universal, massive reacting no longer gets to see any mantraps and clamps.
Gethsemane does not put down any clamps and mantraps for your life, you make them yourself!
The human being makes them himself.
Did you think that Christ came to the earth with next to Him the Divine nirvana, sanctities and space, realms of colours – and next to Him a dagger?
There was not one wrong thought in Him ... a pure Figure.
And you can achieve that here on earth.
You can achieve that and then you are faced with a benevolent human being and then you must see, then you will feel how awe-inspiringly beautiful a human being is for you.
Then you are grateful if you are a man and the love of the mother speaks to you.
Then you must just look into those eyes and then just feel that heart, and she says: “Yes, dear, yes, my darling!”
Be careful, because when you say in Gethsemane: yes, dear, yes, my darling, then you will have to know what being a darling and being a dear means, otherwise, you no longer say it there.
You do not dare to say in Gethsemane: I love you.
You do not know what that is and what it means: I love you.
What happens?
Then you walk in a space, you now come across spatial systems, you now have planets and stars in your hands, you know every life source.
You know how deep a mother now is, you carry this life.
You can carry it because you got the cosmic consciousness.
Now you can say: I love you.
But when can you give this away, your ‘love-you’?
Gethsemane accepts it!
When you see the same life source as motherhood and fatherhood before you, and that mother says: “I love you, everything lives in me ...
Gethsemane”, then Christ also stands in her life, as a shining image, before you.
Yes ... then you hear a soft whispering under your heart and then a new child is born under your heart.
You can start to feel the first contractions, if you experience Gethsemane.
You start to feel whether you have really nibbled off some of that material thought, whether you have inspired a material thinking and feeling.
Because those are the contractions for the new birth, you have those contractions in you!
Gethsemane is one contraction, it is the experiencing of a grade of feeling, one thought, yes, a few words: “I love you”, and “now you just come to me, I will accept you for eternity.”
You do not yet have truth in you, not even for five seconds of that infinity in which God lives, which is eternal ... in order to understand: I love you eternally.
Did you think that Christ would let himself be cheated any longer by people who want to walk a spiritual path, who want to enter Gethsemane?
Then you will hear anyway behind you and to the left, in front and to the right of you, also upwards: “Hypocrite, go away, Satan, piece of destruction!”
Is that not true then?
You are doing that yourself anyway.
No one in the space, no one in Gethsemane, no one on Golgotha, no one from the first, the second, or third spheres will speak a harsh word to you, you do that yourself!
You break, you darken the light from the universe.
And then Christ did that, then the human being did that?
Then society did that?
No, you are that yourself.
Do you know how deeply, how wonderfully, how universally Divine a human being is?
Why do you kick that being out of Gethsemane?
Why do you want to step in yourself when you do not yet belong there?
Just admit it, you cannot do it anyway.
Then the human being can, then the space can help you to continue that evolution.
But ... bow!
Bow and lie down and think: I love you!
In four months’ time, in two months’ time ...
All of the world, when the world awakens: “I love you, I love you!”
How awe-inspiring the feeling in the human being is when the human being starts to enter love.
We are mad, we no longer know what we are like, how we act.
That human being, that human being, that human being ...
But in four months’ time?
Everything will be slaughtered, human blood, the human light in the eyes means nothing more.
But would you wish to say that this child is not guilty?
Where were the first foundations laid for this destruction?
A human being who wants, has sunshine, awakening, evolution, justice, benevolence, harmony under the heart, and every word becomes harmonically felt.
That is society, and that is the human personality, which comes into harmony with Gethsemane.
You no longer want to know anything about that shoddy carry-on, that pathetic carry-on of the earth; a human being becomes precious substance, yes indeed!
You have the light in the eyes, you have the power of speech, you have talent, you have consciousness – and by means of one word you destroy all of that!
But when you start to think according to the harmony, the silence and the laws of meditation of Gethsemane: Why? You will then continue of your own accord.
We assure you: when you really start to think, start to feel and you start to attune yourself to Gethsemane, in one year you can achieve more than other people were able to in centuries!
And why?
Every thought is felt, is really experienced, do you see?
And that does you good, that is a bliss in you.
You ask nothing of the world, you do not want any thanks from any human being.
Because thanks removes my foundation.
I must completely and ultimately lose and give myself completely.
Everything of me must go, it is only then that I will have completely dissolved for the serving, the giving – yes, for which gifts, for which deeds?
I must dissolve, I must disappear, as a human being here like this, because one day I will have to represent all the grades of life and laws of life in the Divine All!
Then it is clear anyway that I must lose this what I am now, I will change that, I will expand that by means of meditation, by thinking.
And then we will have no Scripture, then we will not need any other things in order to drive us to that reality.
Then Gethsemane speaks in you, under your heart, but then you are benevolent, well thought-out and conscious.
You start to experience every word by experiencing Golgotha.
That therefore means: every word gets the power of the Christ.
And that is not so simple, that demands and requires everything of your lives.
But when you possess that, when you have that, then you say for yourself: nothing more will happen to me, nothing can knock me down, I am conscious, I know!
I have nothing more to do with the earthly material, social things, even if I live in the midst of it, because I live spiritually, inwardly in the Spheres of Light.
I came from there in order to take my children from the earth to the light, and now I live in the All-Certainty.
Is that not beautiful, is this not worthwhile to give yourself completely for that?
What will our life be like soon when we leave Gethsemane?
Did we wonder for thousands of characteristics: am I now prepared, am I now ready, can I go?
You can feel it, you can no longer leave that sphere, there are still thousands of things that you must finish.
Asking questions has started in this universe.
Every thought asks you: Oh, just wait a moment, just experience me!
What do you want?
I am faith?
No, I want to know!
When am I knowing?
I am just, experience me, just prove me!
It is only then that you can say: you belong to me ...
But now I belong to you, now you are mine.
I am untruth and the untruth kills and breaks and completely destroys this personality.
Yes, just try getting out of this!
And yet it is very simple!
Thousands of foundations lie there and they must leave Gethsemane, because you will experience, interpret and conquer the spaces of God floating!
Is that not true?
Is this gravity?
No, you come across the spacious sounds, the happiness of Mother Nature.
There is nothing more for which you will tremble, everything is cordiality, benevolence, everything shines at you, you are bliss itself.
You master that, because you start to feel, you now know what you live for.
‘Beyond the coffin’ there is space, ‘beyond the coffin’ you walk with brothers and sisters, you go hand in hand: “Where do you want to go, my child?”
Now you are far enough to experience a planet.
You go to the moon.
This space belongs to you, this is not a shed, not a house under the ground!
This space is your house.
You place a planet just like that on your hands, because it lives under your heart.
You have finally got the power and you have finally built up those powers in order to experience law after law.
You went from the embryonic life to the fish stage, you walked planet after planet, grade after grade, becoming conscious after becoming conscious.
And finally you could say: I have completed the cycle of the earth, I have the earth in my heart.
I am now ready to conquer Golgotha.
We will climb Golgotha.
I will carry.
Nothing will beat me down, I will work to my dying day.
And now you start to feel that your time is too short, that the time is precious.
One day is awe-inspiring for the space – and is nothing ...!
The night makes you unhappy, because you must lie down and give the material systems the powers in order to sleep, in order to rest in order to be ready again tomorrow.
Hours have passed, but thank God ... you live, you thought about those hours.
There is no longer any second, or you enjoy that second.
You have given that second foundations, ‘wings’, you are knowing!
Yes, knowing for everything.
You are knowing in the pure sounds of the space.
You know how Christ felt, how He gave himself and for what purpose He came to the earth.
You know the bible from A to Z.
You do not need that Scripture, because where there is cursed, where there is said: “You will go there in order to destroy a child”, then ... then that is the Satan.
You know that that is no good, that is untruth.
The reality of Gethsemane tells you: “Just look in this parchment.
You do not need to read this, the law of nature will prove it to you.”
Is that not simple?
You come from the first sphere, a heaven on the other side, and you walk the earth in a material state, but with a human living heart.
Where will you go soon?
Where will you be?
Will you really be capable of being able to receive a father and a mother in the astral, spatial unity, to be able to receive them there?
If there is just one wrong thought in you, if that megalomania, if that boasting, that material destruction has not gone from you, then you do not even see your wife and your husband again.
Then one is there and the other is here.
Then one will first have to begin to prepare himself for Gethsemane.
Yes, then comes the benevolence, the accepting, the head bowing as a matter of course, but then you are alone.
You will have to do it alone and not by means of the help of thousands and millions.
You will lay down devotion to duty in the first place at your feet in Gethsemane, so that the human being who meets you, who sees into your life, can say: “Yes, really, this life is true.”
It is just remarkable that the human being on earth always puts on a garment again and wants to be bigger than he is.
He puts a crown on his head, which he has not even earned, he waves a sceptre that he does not have.
No, because that is only the hitting upon another happiness, upon another life, it is the working to the bone of an overworked human child.
People no longer need those things in Gethsemane.
There the wisdom speaks, there the light speaks, there the love speaks, there the justice speaks, and there we lie down in pure, quiet meditation.
To lie down and to wait and to be able to sit.
Yes, must we sit here, must we always just sit here?
God listened to you.
The Spheres of Light get a curse, a slap in the face when you say: “Must we just sit down here and listen?”
Are you that far that you know everything?
Then you no longer need God and Christ, then you are a Deity and then you are Christ!
Is that not true?
What we are concerned with, is in order to bring you to thinking, only just to thinking.
I do not long for any more from you; you must decide for yourself.
I am speaking here for Mother Nature.
If you want to prove to me, if you can show that you are a human being, and that Gethsemane speaks in you, then I will work myself to death!
Yes, God hears me, Christ sees me.
I look here into the beautiful faces of my sisters and brothers who know what I want.
I interpret their lives, they can put their stamp on every word, explain their life of feeling by it.
They know who I am and what I want and where I am going.
They know everything, because I am harmony, justice, I am loving, benevolent.
I am busy representing my All-Source for the human being who has not yet awakened in this grade of life.
And what do you do? I ask you!
You cannot do it yet, sir, madam, my brother, my sister.
You do not need to fly into your pens, you do not need to make yourself nervous in order to start working now; you cannot even do it.
You must first ...
You now begin to learn to think.
If I get you ready, if you want to help yourself in order to prepare yourself for the moment ‘beyond the coffin’, then you already do everything.
Then I do not need to carry you any further, then you finally get the power to learn to walk.
Because on the other side lying and cheating is destruction.
You are not capable of moving a foot, because lying and cheating send you to the bottom, put you in your own place, this is your world, your little circle, you are attached to it.
Yes, you are attached to disintegration, destruction, deformation and brutalization.
Because on the Other Side you can only walk ... the Other Side only let you walk ...
Benevolence ... the benevolence progresses, the justice progresses, they are flying, spatially inspired, but no lying and cheating!
That is here, that closes itself off in an icehouse.
You become as cold as the North Pole.
And can the North Pole possess Great Wings?
The human being is like that!
Are you afraid?
I look into the face of the sacred providence, also the trinity; and which must reach awakening in your life.
And Gethsemane serves for that purpose.
I have not yet said anything about that, I have not yet even started with that.
We have not laid down yet, we are not lying yet, we are not meditating yet.
We are not asking yet, we are not begging yet, we are just walking ...
We are brutal, we are wild, we have no time for anything.
Oh, my God, when can I sit down and when can I think?
When will I begin?
I do not know what I should begin with.
Thousands of feelings charge through my personality and I do not know where I must begin.
My God, give me the first signs.
And then you will see ... yes, then you will see what I now see and from the heavens, the space comes to me.
And that was the sign of the cross for the first Christians and means: I love you!
Then you have to put a cross over that love-you: I love you dearly.
Then the cross will tell you whether it is there, whether you really love, but usually you look in a deep darkness, in a deep night and there is no question of cross lighting and auras.
You do not have anything yet?
You have everything, when you now begin to experience the word meditating.
And then the Messiah will soon say: “Just prepare yourself.”
We will now go to society and see whether we are capable of everything.
Yes ... now we will have a look: what is simple, what is humility?
When may we say something?
We will do that soon, now that we are ready ...
Good, we are just ready.
You feel, we will stay in Gethsemane for centuries and centuries.
Just like the man who came and said, a traveller –there is a man busy, he rakes the material Gethsemane in Jerusalem – he says: “Sir, may I come in for a moment?”
“Come in, stranger.”
There is a man busy there with a rake, he is keeping Gethsemane clean.
“So, child”, this old life says.
“May I have a ... may I have a bit ... may I have a bit of sand?
May I, may I have a small bit of soil?
But Christ lived here, didn’t He?”
The man say: “You can take away cartloads from here, this has no more meaning.”
“Who are you?”
“Who am I?
I am of the same becoming conscious and feeling as you.
I have come to Jerusalem in order to ask to do something for Christ.
But I do not yet know where I should begin and then I thought ... then I asked this city: may I take care of Gethsemane?
And now I have been here for seventeen years and what I see here is nothing else but shrivelled up ground.
Just look at the world.
When the world changes, Gethsemane changes.
Then the flowers come back.
The life is shrivelled up.
But if you want to take along some sand to your house in order to put it down there ... to go and look every day at the soil on which the Christ walked, in which He lived ...
Just go, you can get everything which Jerusalem possesses, it costs you nothing.”
“May I have a flower?”
“Take everything, there ... just pick them from the ground, they mean nothing more, nothing!”
And that child does it, that child goes away.
“I have a flower, I have a flower, I have a flower from the life of the Messiah, because He lived here.”
He goes walking up, he does not pay any attention to the world.
The people look at this child.
He is crying, he is weeping: “My God, my God, just let me experience something.
He lived here, didn’t He?”
Then this child, the old life, says: “I started wrongly.
I have been walking round here for seventeen years and I am waiting for a word, but I no longer find Him here.
I must find Him up there.
But I have ... I also lay there, but I heard nothing, I am not a Judas, I am not an apostle; I want to know!”
Yes, you want to know.
But you discarded your being a child, your contact, your eternal love and feeling, your fatherhood and motherhood.
You came here as a human being and not as a soul, nor as spirit nor as life.
Society, that muddy personality hangs on your life.
You are material, you are mud, you are wrong, you cannot think, you cannot feel, you go forwards backwards.
You should have looked there and then calmly.
Yes indeed, now you weep, now you feel that Christ lives under your heart.
He says: “Just come, my child, do not weep anymore, I will take care of you.
Accept my flowers, accept my ground.
Can you feel me?”
Gethsemane lives for this soul!
Christ is still there for this soul, in order to call to you: “Learn to think, learn to understand, learn to feel what it means: I am a human being, I am a father, I am a mother.
I want to be a friend, because social friendship takes you to the first sphere.”
And then you are buried.
But then you return and then you look at the world and then you say: “What do you have to say about me?
Thank you.
Am I a scoundrel?
Thank you.
Oh, do you wish to lash me, do you wish to hit me?
Have I earned a beating?
Oh, give me, give me that beating, smash my legs, I will probably learn better then.
I am busy beating myself, but I can no longer ...”
I thank you.
I thank you ...