The Pilate in the human being

Good morning, my sisters and brothers.
You will get ‘The Pilate in the human being’ this morning.
As a result of the journeys which we made, from the All-Source to the earth and back to the Divine All ... when we kneeled there in that space, in that atmosphere, in the nature, we started to think.
We saw that we had to take every thought, every feeling, back to the harmony, as a result of which everything originated, and as the All-Source could do that.
The human being built up worlds for himself and that could not happen as a result of doubt, he had to devote all of himself for that purpose.
And that happened.
We went through darknesses to the light, from one planet to the other.
They were grades and laws, foundations, which gave us new lives for fatherhood and motherhood.
And those worlds were always ready to be able to go further.
The God of all life made sure of that.
I told you; soon we will be faced with the human thoughts.
Soon, but we had to experience and had to discard a space.
And when we now return to the earth from that world, from the truth, the reality, the harmony, the feeling and thinking, and experience Gethsemane again – where we prepared ourselves for the new systems – will enter society, now we will look at what is good and wrong in us.
We will see that the world lives in unconsciousness.
We know that we will enter Golgotha soon because we have a task to accomplish, we have to give mankind something.
We come with a pure feeling, a human consciousness of course, but the Divine independence burns in us.
And it is this for which, and by means of which, we will live and die.
Millions of people had to travel that long path.
Millions of people went through trouble and misery, but we saw: the human being built this up himself.
The God of all life is only love, only harmony.
Now we must prove what we possess of that harmony and that love.
We are faced with millions of problems, every thought is a law, a world, a sphere, a space, a planet and, is a sun.
Every thought, every characteristic can knock us down, can build up a new road, can be a stone, a sacred foundation for the new personality which will awaken.
How do we get that personality now to the spiritual, spatial becoming conscious?
We have to learn that.
But when we now follow our path – because that is what it is about of course, in order to experience the Christ, in order to see and to feel how the Messiah could do that – then we lie down for a moment in Gethsemane and will experience the very last step, the moment that we can say: I am ready.
And now to society!
We now come to the characteristics of the human being.
We are faced with the universal systems for soul, spirit, life and personality.
We know: the Divine spark burns in us; we are a part of Him, we represent Him and Her as father and mother.
And now that must become released, we must free that.
We meditated in Gethsemane.
We knelt there, hours and hours and months on end.
We started to build up thoughts, we sent those thoughts back into the space.
We analysed.
We must sense where the core lies for every characteristic, if we want to see the living light of the Other Side, the first sphere, the heavens, the Spheres of Light.
In Gethsemane we reached deep thinking and feeling for ourselves.
Every human being must go in there.
Every human being reaches the state of purity one day, the ultimate and then he must say: who am I, what do I want, what will I start to do?
For what purpose do I actually live?
You experienced all of that.
You received the books from the masters, you know: ‘beyond the coffin’ there is life.
You now represent God as a human being.
And now we will look at what those human Gods are like.
What is the human being like with regard to soul, spirit, life and personality?
What is the human being like as father and mother?
We live in an awe-inspiring space.
Everything which lives there belongs to us, we can say, but no one believes it.
It is chaos on earth.
We come to the earth from that silence and are suddenly faced with the human personality of society, a human being who has something to say, a human being who can call himself a king, an emperor.
He has built up something for himself and society, he has reached the highest.
He can say: I do not want that, you will do it like that, you have to follow the laws, or I will lock you up.
The human being who says: “I will lock you up”, he must soon accept that the God of all life has still not locked anything up.
There is no Grim Reaper.
We do not have to knock the crown from anyone’s head.
We are Gods, well-considered, benevolent, just, yes indeed!
There we are faced with the human image.
We come as children to the earth, we walk in society.
We are inspired, we have love and now it will happen.
We have thousands of thoughts in us and every thought – they know that there and people know that in the space – has attunement to the Pilate consciousness.
And that is nothing other than a deep abyss, a hole, which you sink into.
And that hole - that abyss- that is infinitely deep; that is called doubt.
Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Pythagoras, ancient Egypt, China, Japan, British India, Tibet, all of them were attached to the Pilate.
All of them, every priest had to lose himself thousands of times in order to wring the neck of that Pilate.
Because the doubt smashed him completely, for every thought, spatial, maternal, paternal!!
With two exclamation marks.
Smashed completely!
The Pilate in the human being – we will soon see that – he nailed the Most Sacred there, on top of Golgotha, to a cross and let Him bleed to death.
The Pilate undermines every good thought.
The Pilate in you – we experienced that recently in Gethsemane – it smothers every vitality, it consciously saws the life in half.
It sucks empty what, as a result of God, the All-Source, gave a spatial unity, a stability, a capacity to think and to feel as He created His things, gave light, a support, a foundation.
He gave every insect, every spark His independence.
Yes indeed, the material independence can be seen, but people know nothing about the inner self, where the source actually lives.
The human being prepares himself for society and thinks he can achieve everything that people built up in this way in that society.
And when we had earned the first sphere, earned with blood, for which we had to devote everything, we could understand and see where the danger lies, where the holes, the deep holes lay on earth, in order to give ourselves light.
We could return, experience every law again and work out once more where we doubted.
And I want to show you the danger, the trivial part, the soulless part of that.
I want you to experience that the doubt destroys you completely for everything.
You can ...
I will prove to you that you can murder and kill – a murder, brought about consciously, is not so bad, not so fatal as the doubt, the Pilate in you!
The human being says: “I love you” and when the human being doubts, love means nothing, because there is no ground, no foundation, no space, no feeling anymore; the personality has completely gone.
There is no feeling, no life, no thinking; everything is empty and unconscious.
You never get a core in order to build up a new path, a new foundation; people do not accept you.
And that is still very simple for society, you can permit yourself that a thousand times in society.
You can keep on trying that, which means nothing.
You walk, you go, and no one says anything to you, but it is for the space that you kicked yourself into the darkness.
You closed yourself off to the actual light, the true building up, the continuing, the progressive life of feeling.
That is unsteady, destructive, collapsing.
It lies there, no longer has any feeling, the light in the eyes has disappeared.
Yes, you have read about that Pilate, when he stood there and received the Christ before him.
Those are the moments that you will prove who you actually are.
And the human being has, society has very little of that, because we now know – we learned that in Gethsemane – that God cannot damn.
We followed the bible, we now know how religion originated.
We know that the masters gave the human being fear, in order to just restrain that child, in order to just impose upon that child: do not do that, because you will come to grief.
And now, in 1950, the human being still lives under that pressure, the strap is still there!
Yes, the human being wants that, the human being wants to accept those laws, because it was simply written by the God of all life, the Lord.
But that Lord was a child, that Lord was an angel, was a master.
In this way, I explained that to you, the laws were brought from the space to the earth.
But we?
From the Gethsemane, this deep feeling and thinking in order to be able to experience the truth, the harmony, that brings us to a higher grade for the human becoming conscious.
Now it becomes serious, now it becomes deadly serious.
You can no longer dish up any stories, no one believes you.
The space raps your fingers.
There are millions of faces, fathers and mothers who lived on the earth, the spaces are filled, millions of people live there who look at you, how you yourself will give light.
And you now do that by means of thousands of characteristics.
We accepted, we learned, we saw that a small ... that five percent of the hundred percent love is already a flame of unprecedented power.
But what do you do now for friendship?
What do you do now when the laws of the space start to speak and mankind is placed on your hands?
When you are faced with this mankind and start to feel that it is your child, is your father, is your mother!
Yes, that you will live and die in order to take this life, these embryos – they are just embryos, they are just sparks – back to the truth, because it is only then that you will be happy.
You can now say: I do not pay any attention to the whole of the world, I have nothing to do with that world.
What we, and what the space opens you to, is only this: never speak untruth!
If you do not understand something, then you can say such a thing, the material systems will teach you that: it means nothing, but never do it consciously.
Never feel beaten, because then you have nothing anymore.
Gethsemane taught us, recently, that we begged there to be beaten.
You now become strong, you thrash yourself.
That was proven by millions of people, they went into the lion’s den.
Do you not dare?
They went to the stake, do you dare that, and can you do that?
For what, for whom?
We must now ask ourselves that.
And in order to now take this image from the space to the earth, so that you have something for your social life, because you know how we came from the space to the earth.
We walked that path, those grades of life have been given to you explained, materialized and spiritualized.
You can now feel and think where we actually want to go and what it concerns.
And now do we immediately stand here, from this wonderful Gethsemane, in Jerusalem?
That is your society.
If you would wish to know what that Jerusalem means, then every stone of your city is exactly the same, a part of that foundation, of that city, that vicinity.
Every thought which was built up there, experienced, sent on to the people, you experience the actual core of that if you take that core to the spiritualization – or it will mean nothing, you will never make it!
When must we begin?
When will we actually get ground under our feet?
When will we learn to think?
And that is the most difficult thing there is.
If Pilate has been able to think, if he had known something of the universe, if he had known that he was a Divine personality with a human character, yes indeed, if the world had known during that time in Jerusalem, that there ... that every human being, it does not matter who it is, is a Christ, is a God, then no doubts would have originated.
Then there would have been peace and happiness.
But we know: from the jungle, from the nothing, the animal-like thinking and feeling, just living aimlessly, we reached the city self.
We no longer need to ask: why do we live, what are we doing here, how was that misery created?
We are that ourselves.
God gave us life.
At the beginning of creation there was – you experienced that – there was still nothing, there was only darkness.
A darkness like that robe there, but it became light, there was light, yes indeed.
In the darkness there was light, because the All-Source had an own living, shining providence.
You wonder, you experienced that in Gethsemane in the pure silence, in the truth – didn’t you? – in this temperament, in this animation, in this inspiration you wondered: when will I be true?
When will I reach the thinking, the normal?
When can I say: I love?
When can I prove that I can go to that stake for a thousand percent?
When can I say: that little cloud there ... I am not even afraid.
Because the stake means something, the scorching of the material self.
When people cut you open and hang you, like Peter, upside down?
Yes, that means something for the human character.
But when you know what caused the birth of wind, rain, sun, light, darkness, a planet, a star and a sun – from your own self, from and under your heart – then you are strong, have a zest for living and are prepared to accept all of this.
Now I can continue to give you observations, to build up images, scenes.
But suddenly I can place you before the moment and that must then be the necessary, you have experienced your preparation.
We were here and asked ourselves: may I have a small piece of this soil?
He lived here.
Didn’t He?
In the first place we begin acting the gardener, in order to keep Gethsemane in order for the human thinking and feeling.
The indifferent, the unconscious, does that not mean anything?
Even if the unconscious stands on the sacred life of God, it still kicks it in.
You cannot even murder, kill, hang, a human being, when that human being does not have and does not possess the consciousness: I did wrong.
And that must go now!
We must start to know, that when we do wrong, something happens, that the space can collapse.
Yes indeed, that universe collapses for you!
When you have light and you are assured of bliss, then your space already collapses when a wrong, destructive, dark thought passes your lips.
And then you just keep on nagging, but then you are like Pilate!
You will soon see what Pilate is.
You will soon understand what he did, if you know where he now lives, if you know what that man did, that soul, that life, that spirit, that personality.
You will soon reach the spatial violence and then a small, trivial little spark will be your fall, because God did not create any laws, planets and universes with and by means of his thoughts: well, I will see what becomes of it.
That was consciously ready.
That was inspiring, that was driving, that was looking, that was concentrating.
That was justice, feeling, harmony, benevolence, that was pure knowing!
And we give that to you, we want to give you that, so that you will finally know that you are brothers, are sisters, father and mother, that you are Gods, that in you the Divine spark – originated from the All-Source, given to you – lives in you daily, every second, day in, day out!
With Exclamation mark!
When the human being Christ was to experience the earth from this silence, this paradise, and when He said: “I am one with my Father, you will and must recognize Me by the miracles”, then you see yourself and then your light shines towards you from your eyes.
Yes, the human being has eyes, he can look, he can talk, he can speak, but what is that spatial machine like?
Where does the foundation actually live, the personality, which speaks?
You can deceive me that we originated by means of the planets and that we can conquer those spaces; it concerns and it will be true: make it clear to me, because I want to have, feel, experience the God of all life in my hands.
It is only then that I can accept you.
The human being writes, the human being builds up a task.
He does art, he has inspiration, he becomes something and now you can immediately feel from Gethsemane: by means of which task do you experience the darkness, the disharmony, the injustice and by what means do you experience the awakening of your Divine self?
There were people – and they are still living – who started to think by means of the silence, the harmony, the mediation of the Christ, by means of Gethsemane.
And they knew: when I come with these spatial thoughts to the human being, then that human being who does not understand that will attack and destroy me if necessary.
But if I have been able to speak just twenty-five words, that there is a God of love, then I will be ready and my task will be over.
Those people all experienced Gethsemane, they learned to know the Pilate in themselves.
They betrayed God, Christ, the human being, their fathers and their mothers, not from the front, but also left and right, from behind and above, in everything.
The human being thirsts for possession.
Love is trampled down with feet, sanctities are abused.
The son, the daughter has raped father and mother?
No, that was not enough, cut into bits and pieces.
You know those stories, that happened, but they were still just people.
We saw, the higher we come, the more difficult it becomes.
No, it becomes much simpler and easier, but here it becomes difficult.
The Divine core, the soul which you are, that part of the All-Source, that life which expanded, which materialized itself, has to represent God, the spaces, everything.
And that is still not conscious, that must awaken.
That has thousands of doubts in it for itself.
People always keep thinking that we are being cheated, people think that we are being deformed, but the actual core, the consciousness cannot be cheated upon or deformed, you will learn that.
I told you, when we live in society and we have neither God nor Christ, we have nothing, we know nothing about metaphysical laws, then life is perfectly simple.
But then you also stand above the ‘coffin’ and then you weep until your tears run dry.
Then that body is your loss, your world, and your space.
Then a flower has more, it represents a characteristic.
It was elevated from the ground and it shines towards you by means of the Divine colours and that is also fatherhood and motherhood.
Just look at those little children, small and large represent the spatial consciousness.
They have travelled an infinite path like you.
They speak, they sing, they love.
That one asks there: “May I also stand there?”
That one is calm ... they know.
This one is also calm.
She looks through everything, that is the spatial, creating thought of Our Lord, which opens her golden goblet for the human consciousness and says: “In me there is no doubt.”
These children of Our Lord are free from Pilate and you must become like this as a human being.
You will become like that, but the higher, the more beautiful, the more powerful that aura, that consciousness becomes, the more fearful it will become within you, because you start to feel: now you must devote everything!
And that devoting is not so simple, because you keep collapsing.
People only have to touch you, to look at you and there you are, then the reacting comes, can you feel it?
Pilate was not so bad and that doubt in you, that is not such a destruction, such a destructive carry-on, but it makes you completely blind, you no longer see anything!
When the Divine Consciousness stood on earth and wanted to bring His task, His holy gospel to the people, then he was immediately faced with the doubt ... with the doubt.
The human being Pilate, decorated with a beautiful white sheet, a beautiful garment, did not know it.
His soul there, which received the dreams from the space and is open to the higher, said: “Do not violate that life.
Oh, my loved one, do not violate!
My inner self warned me last night, do not violate these higher thoughts and those powers, because you will deform yourself for eternity, eternity, eternity!”
Pilate is standing next to the Messiah.
Yes, the rabble, the people, the unconsciousness wants to demand here, it will pronounce a justice for the world – but not for God, because people do not think about that.
The human being Christ showed His miracles, He cured the lepers, gave the blind sight.
He spoke a wisdom: “Become love, become justice.”
He had to do it in this muck, in this unconsciousness, in this darkness, in this terrible society.
He had to walk among the people, with a Divine consciousness.
This Divine figure, this spatial Self for thinking and feeling, for fatherhood and motherhood, was prepared to be able to take care of all of these masses, but is not accepted.
What we must pull out of here and what you must take to consciousness for yourself, in order to give those feelings the spatial shape, which I ask for, is: what should Pilate have done, how should he have acted there?
That man could not think.
Yes, he could think for the earth.
Just write down, I will judge: just hang.
But you will not be finished with that.
Just hang him, that man committed a murder, just hit him against the wall, just suck him empty, just execute, just torture him as harshly as you want, this human being forgot himself.
You know: you cannot do that for the space, you do not need to put out a hand, because you are hitting yourself anyway!
What should he have done?
History also gave him a crown, which happened in order to show mankind: how must you now act for yourself?
What should you have done?
You are faced every moment in this society by those Pilates – but it is we ourselves!
The human being says something, the human being does something; in order to just protect himself he betrays his sister, his mother, his brother, his father.
He cannot materialize that last five percent, it does not pass his lips, because here something refuses.
That personality is afraid, is cracked.
Yes ... and then the water of life comes in useful.
You can pronounce that judgement, easily, simply.
Just put it on to another person, place it on another person’s shoulder, and you are free!
But you are not worth a cent, not worth anything, for the God of all life, you have buried yourself for thousands of things by this!
The human being looks at the very highest and always just asks again: I want to possess this, that and the other.
But the Divine metaphysics forces you to analyse and to check every thought and to take it to harmony, as the things originated.
And you know that now!
When you put a flower, a seed into the ground and you take it out again after ten minutes, a quarter of an hour, you keep looking, then you smother that consciousness, it rots.
And it also happens like this with your own personality.
In Gethsemane we saw that we must think like that, always according to that love, to that harmony.
And then we also come to Golgotha, then we get support and a grip in society and then finally the millions of God, the children can say: yes, he had truth, she is true, benevolent and beloved.
This is a beatifying personality, this is light, aura.
You long to meet these lives, they give you strength, light and trueness.
When those lives sit next to you and are regular visitors, they sit down on your chair, then you are grateful, because those lives radiate something, have something to give to your life.
And Christ had that!
The apostles did not have that; they were so trivial and small that one after the other collapsed from fear.
They fell asleep, I told you.
At the sacred moment when it was due to happen, that all of this universe awakened and looked, millions of people, millions of souls, millions of masters followed Him, they fell asleep.
They had to rest.
“They could not watch for an hour with Me.”
No, the human being cannot do that!
The human being can watch when it is for himself.
To experience the hundred percent for the human dying, the serving, the taking care of, that is Gethsemane.
Then you have nothing to do with doubts, to do with Pilate.
Pilate is a simple child, a child of four, five years, which says and accepts, obtained by the mother, absorbed by the paternal authority: “Yes, mother, I see it, there is my food and drink, I believe you.”
Pilate stands there, he is the representative, the representing personality for human society, he represents a mass.
He does not feel the danger for his life.
Because every moment the shining personality can come towards you and then you just have to think!
Then you have to think for the space, for Our Lord, for God, for the All-Source, for millions of characteristics.
The world crows out to Him, but there was not one human being on earth who was free from the Pilate characteristics, because the hundreds of characteristics in the human being – we had to accept that – received light, life and love as by means of the doubt.
The doubt is sometimes good, because you can observe the destruction by means of the doubt.
And when you then possess the other in order to experience and to absorb this, then you are the strong man, the conscious mother, who goes forwards and lets herself be seen, will show herself. She lets herself be seen and admired for her God, what she wants and what she can do.
And now we are faced with this weak child and compare ourselves to the Messiah, the highest Consciousness for this universe.
And now it becomes dangerous, now it becomes frightening.
I told you, society does not know that, to possess a doubtful feeling for society means nothing.
No one will interrupt you, no one will say anything to you.
You doubt ... why?
You doubt everything, but now doubt your soul, your Divine attunement, and you will have nothing left!
Doubt the beautiful feeling of him who says: “My child, I am yours.
I do nothing, I love you.
I want to live for you, I want to work for you, I want to die for you.”
If that feeling, that harmony, that accepting is not there, then you talk to a deaf and dumb being, it does not make an impression.
And now thousands, no, millions of people are killed already only because they could not believe.
Is it so strange that the masters began in order to place the faith as a foundation in the human soul?
In order to make the human being afraid for damnation, eternal burning?
That was only in order to secure you to this Pilate, that you would no longer doubt, because as a result of the doubt, society has sunk away into nothing, into a swamp.
There is no longer any light, there is no light to be seen on earth.
The universities are deaf, dumb and blind.
We get to see that through Pilate.
After the doubt another trueness stands before you.
Then the beating stands before your life, because by means of Pilate we reach brutal violence.
And now it becomes worse, from one to the other, but descending, to the darkness.
How do you act, what will you do when the wrong word comes to you?
By means of the books, by means of the life truth of the Other Side, of the masters, you can now determine how you have to act, when something is said for your life which will cost you blood.
When people know, when you start to feel: it concerns myself – now, what can happen, if you know that you represent God in everything and that society lives by means of you?
Everything lives by means of you, because you are real attunement of the All-Source, which possesses everything, and that is light, life and love.
Those are elemental laws, those are suns, stars and planets, spiritual, astral worlds, that is soul, spirit and personality.
And of that last one ... that last thought, that feeling which acts, which feels, that is consciously sure or it will mean nothing, it will lose itself in everything, every moment.
Yes, you do not need to contemplate that Pilate for long here in that Gethsemane or in your society.
You will lose your lawful crown, but it means nothing.
Everything which now has truth, which now has life, which now has light, which now lives and has meaning, you will get a hold of that yourself if you give every thought and every characteristic that as a result of which the spheres originated and Christ spoke.
What I can give you here, from this source, is: how must you awaken for yourself?
We have now learned that.
We returned to the earth from that wonderful space, we saw the Divine All and now we are faced with the human characteristics.
Thousands of things charge at us: friendship, truth, benevolence, quiet, and peace ...
Yes, what kind of things are they?
How will we now ... how must we now learn to think?
When the human being says, when the human being quotes the bible ...
I tell you: society is not so serious, that is very simple.
You can think day and night, it is all rough and brutal, destructive and deforming; but, when the soul starts to speak, it becomes difficult and dangerous.
The dangerousness that you will lose yourself, the danger is now that you deny your Deity, and millions were able to do that!
I want to make clear to you that every thought, or whatever you are faced with – a strange person – then you are faced with a part of yourself which you will feed and will one day give light to.
It becomes so dangerous and so difficult as a result of this – I made that clear to you one morning, we are now faced with that – because the more ... because once you receive the light, once you have got a hold of the spheres which were built up by means of harmony, by means of justice, once you have got a hold of that, then you start to feel Gethsemane, you leave Gethsemane.
You do not even look at that Pilate, he means nothing.
You have nothing more to do with doubt and with destruction, you go straight to Golgotha.
You hang yourself on the cross and you die for these masses.
But soon we will come there, we are not yet that far.
We must first awaken the consciousness in us, that is obvious; we now represent everything, and that we must start to carry that life of ourselves – you are that, all of society is that.
Why does the human being have that feeling?
Why are there people who are inspiring in order to press that society to the heart?
I have given you a picture of the first sphere, the second, and the third.
Yes indeed, people sit there and rest, but they must not do that for long.
The rest from those Spheres of Light are somewhere.
You cannot even find your real father and mother there; they are not there.
They are somewhere, they are busy.
When they sit down there and rest they can experience a meditation, Gethsemane is for that.
Gethsemane is a sphere, a universe, ready for the light, the harmony and the justice; that is always Gethsemane again, that is the meditation.
That is a place in you, a foundation by means of which you can rest, can think about things, and can experience things for soul, spirit and your eternal Divine personality.
But now you start to feel that you absorb every wrong thought into you, and that is a torture for your life, because your blood, your life stabs you there, hits you.
And that life is yours!
You start to understand in the Spheres of Light that you must start to carry, start to represent the suffering, the sorrows of this mankind – all those millions of children – because they are part of your footstep.
If those millions of people continue walking and they go downwards, then this is the destruction, the standstill for yourself; you cannot go further.
And this is why people live so long in the spheres.
This is why it takes ... this is why it becomes so heavy and difficult the higher you come, in order to absorb society, that universe, all those peoples of the earth into you.
You feel it, that is why the people stand still so long there.
Anyone who absorbs everything, anyone who accepts everything, anyone who has no doubts, any lying or cheating in him, that one rises out above the human thinking and feeling and now has spatial consciousness.
And it is only then that the planets, the stars, the suns speak to your life.
Then every law says: “Just wait a moment, just analyse me.
I want to go with you, you have forgotten me.”
Then you cannot take a step further, because every footstep says: Stop!
A new law reveals itself to your life, it hitches itself to your soul, your life and says: “Analyse me, I belong to you.
I am yours.”
Can you feel it?
And to see that from the first sphere here on earth.
Tell me now, ask yourself what you have, who you are, what you can do.
That is no longer believing, this is spatial knowledge!
Now you start to think about, discuss and feel the things of the day.
Now the maternal kiss is eternal, when that truth is there.
When you cannot give any inspiration to that love, that feeling, that character, then you stand here washing your clean hands and you are the doubting Pilate in you again.
And there are thousands like this!
For friendship, for your work, for your task, your whole social life.
It is chaos, it is a darkness, but that darkness lives under your heart.
Yes, it is becoming difficult?
No, it is becoming perfectly simple, I will prove that to you.
The apostles who followed Christ and who saw that He stood there ...
Just judge!
Pilate on the left, the Christ here ...
Barabbas came, the lower one.
The Barabbas, the fine core, the serious core, which said: “Take me and let this Human Being continue.”
Can you feel, he already had something of Gethsemane, that Barabbas, he wanted to give mankind something.
A rebel who carries the core in himself and says honestly – because it cost his life, it does not matter: “Let this Human Being go.”
There was a lot more said there at that moment, which mankind knows nothing about.
But then mankind and society would have turned upside down and people would not have dared to murder the Christ.
The Barabbas put the words in Pilate’s mouth: “Leave Him alone and seize me, murder me, just hang me!
I know that I have erred, that I have done wrong.
I have sullied people, I sullied the things of life.
Just seize me, nothing is forfeited by me.”
Then Christ looked to the right for a moment, looked into Barabbas’ eyes ... and knew Barabbas, he was told that inwardly: “Give me this honour, let me give this to these masses.
I want to be beaten, I want to carry, I want to think.
I want to experience the love of everything created by God.
Just let me experience this, I am ready and you are not.”
A low consciousness stands there, the Highest Thing of All stands here and the doubt stands in between these two lives.
Pilate did not know it, but now you must know it.
He should have known it.
For society you must ...
It concerns life and death here, it concerns God here, Christ, your space, the All-Source, millions of questions, characteristics, benevolence – always benevolence again – justice, love, happiness, life, light, fatherhood, motherhood.
Always that life, love, happiness, fatherhood, motherhood, personality!
There the doubt stands and it does not know, it washes its hands in innocence, this human consciousness, and says: “I have nothing to do with it.”
This knocks everything over.
He – the Divine core in him – has nothing to do with it!
“I have nothing to do with it, it does not concern me.
I will never look at it again, judge yourself!”
Yes, now just pass the Human Being onto the animal-like carry-on there before you, the brimming destructive; Judaism?
There were also Christians, Pharisees and scribes.
We will soon ... the next session, then I will take you, then I will place you before Caiphas.
Then the Jew in us will die and the Christian in us will awaken, because we are going there.
The Mohammedan, Buddha, everything, every sect, Judaism will die in order to absorb the Christian, spatial, Divine consciousness into us and to kill the doubt.
In order to place the doubt under our feet, it is a snake consciousness!
And then we say: “Yes indeed, when I am not there?!”
What do I have of this?
To experience the awe-inspiring, wonderful feeling that you are happy and you can devote yourself to something.
When the human being can bow his head for fatherhood and motherhood, two lives in society, what is the kiss like afterwards?
Then the tears of cordiality and understanding fall.
But if that ugly, social, dark head sits on that human character and if that head cannot be broken or bowed, then you are that poison here.
Anyone who can do nothing, absolutely nothing, possesses nothing, anyone who washes his hands in innocence, you would ... him!
But you do not even do that, or the Christ would have done it.
You would ... him!
Just do not think so wrongly.
Yes, you would like to take him to your heart and say: “Child, child, child, now think what you are doing, now think that the time will come ...”
Now you are there, now you are standing there.
You can, you must be in command, you must give the answer for yourself, for your cake, your bread which you baked; it tastes good.
But we will go higher!
Soon you will stand – what king and emperor? we taught you – soon you will stand ruling over a people.
And now you must see how hands are washed there.
Phew, you do not see them.
I doubt?
A fine personality says: “I have nothing to do with that, that is certainly not my work!”
In Gethsemane you are blown away by a small, trivial little adder, because that little adder belongs to your characters.
And that one attracts thousands, it becomes a ghost, which says: “Leave here, hypocrite!
What do you want? Do you want to experience the life bottom of the Messiah?
To interpret your nonsense?”
“I have nothing to do with that”?
It is you!
And in this way millions of people were slaughtered before your eyes.
The conscious deception, the destruction lies there, before you.
But just go higher, just come higher to the more rarefied justice.
Yes, then you no longer know it either and then you attack the people and then light is darkness for you, then the love is a deformation.
Yes, now you are faced with the strictness, the harshness of the spiritual law for which the Messiah died.
Peter also had to do with that, because then he hung upside down on a ladder and they slaughtered him like a pig.
Then his blood flowed away, but he did not mind.
Now there was no longer any doubt.
No, because he killed it in himself!
That little mite Peter, who was walking there amongst the people, he experienced Gethsemane.
He comes from the garden of Gethsemane, he comes from the space ...
There lies the Divine source and he does not believe it, he falls asleep and says: “I did not see that Human Being.”
Very simple, easy, Peter, people should have blown you from the world!
Yes, just shout at Peter.
Now it is also said: “The greatest stupidity which I committed, was that I followed that man.
That is an eternal stupidity.”
No, you will never be rid of that until you get the Pilate from your ribs, pull him from under your heart and finally start to accept, finally dare to say: “Yes, that’s it, now I know.”
But I cannot give you that, the Christ could not give you that.
He stood here and they did not accept Him.
Even Peter, who went with Him day in day out through the pastures, through the streets ...
“I do not know that Human Being, I have never seen that Human Being before.”
Yes, are you far away from Peter?
Do you have nothing more of Pilate, do you not doubt anything more?
Do you have such a blessed, expanding justice influence in you, that the birds of the space follow you and do nothing else than chirp for your life?
Do you already experience those wonders?
How many characteristics have expanded to a flower?
What you still have and what mankind has, are only unconscious crumbs, pips, dead parts.
God, my God, my God, if you start to feel the sorrow, the pain, the torture of the Messiah ...
No, of the human being, the normal conscious human being, who is never accepted, the human being whom people do not believe.
The human being who attacks his mother and says: “What do I have to do with you, woman?”
Good heavens, does this human being have something?
He does not need to be a Pilate, that is a devil hunter.
We are no longer talking about that, we do not like that world.
We are busy devoting ourselves for society.
We are busy breaking, destroying everything in us.
We must undress those characteristics, they will stand naked before us, and it is only then that the human eye will shine.
Now it is of some use to you.
You start to live, you start to write poetry, you start to sing, and you become an artist according to spatial feeling and thinking.
You have something, you can do something.
And now you can have more feeling – you can be nothing – even if you are just a road worker.
Even if you do nothing else than empty ash buckets every day, we see that.
You are worth more than your queen and your emperors, who hit the life there left and right, who sign death sentences.
That is a dirty carry-on, that is destruction, that is deforming; those are your Pilates in your society.
But that is their business, you no longer do that, otherwise, you must not come here.
Then you must do as Peter did.
“I never knew you.
I do not know you and I want nothing to do with your life, your wisdom, your light, your spatial consciousness either.”
Then just stay who you are.
Then just start to serve for society, just help the refuse, enjoy.
Just bring that destruction higher and higher, put a new crown on its head.
Just serve as Pilate was able to do: “I have nothing to do with that.”
My God, my God, can you never feel, people of the earth, how the Messiah lay here?
How He had to stand there for such a pathetic carry-on?
A pathetic product must ask Him: “Who are you?”
Yes, soon you will get to know the brutality of the real Jew, who asked Him: “Who are you, what are you, what do you want?
You are the Christ, the Messiah?”
And now you must be capable of saying: “Yes, it is I, you say it.”
That pride was not even in Christ.
He did not even want to say: yes, I am that.
You are nothing in the space.
He did not want to be anything either, but it was He, He represented it, it lives in Him.
But just look what that Pilate did, what you do every day when you are faced with your father, your mother, your sister, your society, your boss, your employer and when that human being means: it is like this, and you want, you want ...
You do not want it, you laugh at him behind his back; then you are also the hypocrite for the space, the destruction for all Divine, spiritual systems and no metaphysical law means anything.
You cannot even weep until your tears run dry.
You cannot get tears over your lips.
Yes, those you weep mean nothing, they are hypocritical, doubtful.
You only weep because you do not know, you weep when you are sitting alone for five minutes.
Loneliness, resting, knowing, happiness, singing; you do not have a cheerful nature ...
Do you have that?
Thank God!
Must you be carried, all your life?
Then you are also the pathetic, the supported personality.
But we do not let ourselves be carried.
God was not able to do that in anything and did not do that in anything, we always go ourselves.
We want to absorb the suffering and the sorrow of the human being into us.
I want to experience those pains, because she is not yet ready.
And then I am a mother, then I am a father; Christ was too.
Peter was not, only John had five percent of that.
It was Judas, it was he, and he did not doubt anything.
He went over Christ, over the space and said: “He can do even more than this.
He will beat you when His word, when His personality speaks.
Then you have to do with the Lord? No, then you have to do with the space!”
Judas wanted even more than Christ.
And now is Judas a traitor?
Now Judas is the traitor!
And his Judas streak lies in every word – you hear? In every thought!
But he wanted – the masters gave you that, you read that in ‘The Peoples of the Earth’ – he wanted to take the Messiah to the deeds, he knew that He could do it!
If only you were a Judas like he was, then the Pilate in you would have been killed.
Then you would already have hung yourself on the ropes.
And you can hang them up, kill every wrong thought and hang that thought down before you.
You want beautiful paintings, you want books, you want art, but hang your thoughts around you like living corpses, then you will understand what you live for.
You do not even dare that!
You beautify yourself from outside, but from inside ...?
How will the human being be able to beautify himself?
And then you ask for happiness, you ask for love.
You want to have it beautiful, to have it good, you want to be carried, but what do you put in the place of it?
For what purpose, how does your source flow?
You are restricting your source, you are putting dykes opposite it.
You smother every thought again.
People must just touch you: “He is this, he is that.
That human being sent me to the bottom, broke, and broke me for all those years.
I have been beaten, they murdered me inside.”
You will voluntarily let your blood flow, give your soul, your personality.
Yes, sit down in the house, in your beautiful easy chair, with the delicacies of society and then just talk about Our Lord, analyse wise systems.
Yes, that is art!
You are a great master.
Ffft ... gone!
You are, you can do everything.
“Just look at my child!
Is that not a kingdom of heaven?”
Yes indeed, on the left side the sword and in the right hand the cross, in this way they go to Golgotha.
They have nothing of Judas.
Ha ha ha ha ha!
You should hear the space laughing.
Frederik says: “Look behind you, just be careful.
Do not go to the left, walk on, they will not do anything to you.”
There they are.
“I am standing with you, I will go with you, Christ.”
Every human being is a Christ!
Every human being who represents the truth, is a part of the Messiah.
“I will go through the mud with you, we will go with the sacredness and with the truth, go forwards through the mud of society.”
Yes, just look: “I love you”, André talked about it to you, and tomorrow you get a dagger in your heart.
“Never leave me again.”
Tomorrow they themselves go!
And the day after tomorrow and in two months’ time?
Then you will already have been buried a long time.
Then you will be worth no more than your stinking body in the ground.
The truth!
You see, someone is calling in the space and that is your Divine guide who always puts up a finger. He sees everything.
“There, just go there.
You are sitting there?
You must sit there, you do not belong here yet.”
For you?
We do not yet have any figures and the God of all life does not meddle with little calculations.
Your feeling is placed on the weighing scales and you yourself are that weighing scale, you are weighing yourself.
I do not have that, I want to have it this way.
You will start to carry the human being?
Yes, you start to botch up the human being.
Now we must start to learn, now the university comes for you: how can I do something now, how must I act now?
I must go through doubt, disintegration, and destruction.
Yes, I love myself a lot.
I do not wish to be tortured in this way, why would I let myself be beaten?
Life is beautiful.
Yes, life is beautiful, life is wonderful, but the spaces no longer want your Catholic kiss.
Your Protestant life of feeling and your dogmatic attitudes, they smell of the earth where your family lies.
Just weep, just make pictures – they are lying there – wreaths, flowers: “Oh, mother!
Oh, when the last judgement comes, I will get you out again.”
Just pray, pray, pray anyway, and ask why we do not pray.
My law, my life, my thought; that is a prayer!
When I know that I must not act like Pilate, then I pray, do you see?
A fairground attraction?
Why do you not say anything?
Why do you let me work alone, why do you let the space go alone, why do you do nothing?
If you cannot, do not do it either.
You still do nothing.
When you begin to be true, to finally ask: “Just hit me”, but do not bring it there for goodness’ sake, to those people.
You bring it over the world, you destroy a human being, and you hit Christ right in his face by every wrong thought.
Your, “I carry you.
Oh, I do so much and the Father is next to me and I am in contact, I have reached unity with life, light and love, with the father and the mother of all those people” ...
They do not need you, because you are like Peter.
“I do not know that human being ...” and that little being is a Divine spark of you!
Even more?
Do you not yet know who and where your love lives and who that is?
All of you are that.
I come from the first sphere.
I was there, for a moment ... in order to prepare myself.
Someone comes and asks for his mother:
“Mother, where is my mother?
I have just come from the earth.”
He was male, a well-known personality.
The master says: “Now we know who that is.
Mother and father, self-love: that is earthly, that is material, and that belongs to society.
If only this child had asked: ‘Where is Christ?’
No, that is too far already.
‘Where is the life?
Let the life speak to me.’ ”
And now millions of mothers and fathers stand there, we covered all those hundreds of millions of lives, and every child just now is my mother and my father.
And now you must see here on earth – we will go back for a moment – and then you must see how one life acts with regard to the other.
The mother lives there and there is the father.
“Did you see that woman?”
“You should feel that wretch from that man, that bitch!”
There are no bitches, no women on the earth, there is only maternal and paternal consciousness.
If that child does wrong, it is still a child.
You do not murder your child!
The mother who says: “I will kill my child”, because of hatred and animal-like consciousness, that is an animal.
Good, God says: “Just come.”
The Lord, Our Lord does not damn, you know that.
That mother will soon come with us.
We do not need to murder her again, to hit her again, then you can behead yourself every day, can’t you?
It is becoming difficult.
Oh, how fearful it is becoming, but how beautiful and meaningful, simple, it is becoming.
You only have to do the good.
You only have to banish that misery in you, that uncertainty from yourself.
You only have to say: go and experience the space, you belong to me eternally.
You are eternally mine, but I will let you go.
Hang yourself, I will sit down for it and look at what kind of rope you are using.
The human says: “I will hang myself, I will end my life.”
Can you feel, they have nothing to do with Pilate, Pilate already represented something.
I ask, God, Christ, the All-Source immediately asks: do you jump from the roof?
Then come down from your church tower, then it will be finished.
Then you will know it ‘beyond the coffin’.
Just go, just commit suicide!
But do not walk with your lives for sale, do not behave so pathetically.
Start to see the greatness, the space of ‘beyond the coffin’ and you will know.
Just hang yourself, you will get a rope from me.
“I want to buy a boat for you, then you can sail the sea of life.
But I know: you will drown”, you will get from God, from Christ.
If you continue to nag for your human happiness, if you continue to beg and ask and chatter, gossip about the destruction of another, then the God of all life says: “Just go, just kill that child, cut off the necks of that father and mother and absorb that blood into you.
Is it good now?
Is it good now?”
They did that to Christ.
Prepare yourself, I will soon take you to this and then you will know that the Christ lives in you.
I will nail you to the cross in the name of the angels and Christ; and if you cannot bear it, your blood will run away.
But I will let myself bleed to death for you.
The masters do that, the angels do that, and everyone does that, because we know the Spheres of Light.
Because we know how we broke that Pilate in us.
Peter, John and all these great ones long again to return to the world in order to be able to be beaten, in order to do something.
The inspiration?
You ask what inspiration is; we are bursting with vitality, we cannot go forward.
We say: “My God, then finally give me the possibility of being able to portray it.”
Do you see?
In art ...
What is art?
It is the feeling, it is the knowing and then you are sure.
Then you lay down next to the mother of another and then you stand naked before each other, you do not see anything else but the sacred, sacred inspiration of the motherhood and the fatherhood.
What do those garments mean?
You look through them anyway, you just want to see what is and lives beyond them.
You are naked before God, before the space too, but you should see how the human being hides himself.
Life is beautiful, life is eternal and life is wonderful when you know how to experience it.
When you know that every characteristic is a flower, which interprets the life.
And then you are sitting next to your friend, your mother, your father and then there is no more antiquity.
Then everything is youthful and young, benevolent and loving.
Yes, then life becomes beautiful, because then you start to understand for what you live.
Then you have ...
I saw you ... I saw you in that society, do you see?
You are standing there, you are walking there, and you are strolling there.
You radiate light for a moment and it is dark.
Every characteristic gets five percent, four, three, two, nothing.
Now we balance ourselves, we still have good and evil.
Just downwards, that is that light there and then we have nothing more.
Then we are faced with the doubt, with the disintegration, injustice, unkindness, lying and cheating, nonsense, gossip, and so on.
You should experience the atmosphere, here just above the earth.
People, when will you start to love?
When will you start to feel that everything is love, that every human being is a spark of yourself?
You have covered millions of lives, there is your father, your mother, your child.
You are sitting next to your mother, but you do not know her.
Yes, that mother must make sure of course that she attracts you.
You have nothing to do with a destructive inner life, that stiffness in there; you will not reach her anyway.
You know exactly which people have to give you something in your house.
You know it so surely, because you want those others gone, from your space, and that is true.
Do not let your purity, your happiness be stolen.
Let those people make sure that they are carried by their own kind.
Carry your own kind, the lower grade does not understand you anyway, it will sully, deform that again anyway.
Do you still not know it?
What a fuss we make.
The whole space lets rip, every spark which is conscious speaks, gets inspiration, because we want nothing more to do with Pilate.
We have conquered the Pilates in us, we know that we must definitely give witness for the spiritual grade.
And then the harmony, the benevolence, the inspiration under our heart awakens.
Then something under your heart starts to swirl and then you no longer feel the material blow, then you are as sure of yourself as you can be.
And what is that!
Human beings of this world, come to the ultimate and let the inner self reveal itself.
But you are the thinking power for all of this, you are the personality, which tears each thought off the Pilate.
Give every thought spatial feeling, truth, life light, from now on.
In five minutes’ time you could die, become released ... and then you will stand naked ‘beyond the coffin’.
And then you say: if only I had beaten myself to death!
You already do not have the word often ...
We knew people, people who followed Christ and who distrusted Him.
They still do not have anything.
They have already been following the Christ, the Messiah for two thousand years and they still have nothing.
You get nothing, you do not build, you keep on breaking off when that doubt, that ... that boasting, that pride stands next to you.
“Today it is master; tomorrow ...” André said, “I am called John Thud Bang.
That means: then just burst!”
Today we are accepted, tomorrow we will not mean a thing anymore.
When will you finally start to accept the eternal friendship, for yourself?
What do you wish to give the masters, what do you wish to give the Christ?
He knows for that matter: that what you give Him today, you will take away from Him tomorrow anyway.
That present of today is the curse for two months.
“I love you ... yes indeed.
I love you!”
But do not tell me anything!
Stay with your ‘love’, stay with your ‘happiness’ on the other side of the ocean – because a human heart is an ocean – and let me go away from you.
But do not adulate the Christ, because He knows you.
First prove that you have something of Gethsemane and that you have killed the Pilate in yourself.
Then the universe accepts the love, your personality, your light, and your life.
Now characteristics get wings and you feel happy with your fellow human beings, with your brothers and your sisters.
Then you no longer need a bible, because you are the Divine true word yourself, because the bible originated by means of the human being and you are Gods.
You can interpret that depth and you do not need any French, German or Spanish for that; that can only be experienced and felt.
And now the kiss speaks.
Now you can experience and feel the Protestant-like of Catholicism, because when you get the Protestant-like kiss from your mother, your child, your girl, then damnation lies next to you and you take away that pure taste.
To receive a metaphysical kiss from the space, was the shining Divine garment for the Christ.
Just kiss me ...
This is why Christ could say: “They will betray Me by means of a kiss.”
He felt from the stench, the rottenness, which the human character displayed, he felt the life light of this world.
Yes indeed, but He was that himself.
He was not angry at Judas, why?
Judas wanted to urge Him on, Judas wanted to give the Christ, his Master inspiration.
Do you not ask André and do the masters not ask each other: “Now let them have it.
Now prove what you can do.
Get everything out of it which you can.”
You do that every day and you can, you must do that now, because you must say to your mother, to your father: just prove what you can do.
And now you must not long for the superhuman, the supernatural, you must feel and understand the grade of the life and the consciousness and then you know – and you have to learn that – whether you will perhaps go too high, fly too far.
I have to analyse millions of characteristics.
Prepare yourself!
Get the Pilate out of you, the doubts for everything.
Prepare yourself, because I am freeing you by means of the authority, by means of the spiritual sciences of the space, of the masters.
I free you, by means of their authority, from the Jew in you.
I will let you experience the Caiphas by means of the following session, our next unity.
And then I will let you bleed to death and then you will still say: “I thank God and Christ, because I was finally able to give myself completely.”
So far.
Thank you for the beauty that you gave me and André.
I know where the shoe pinches.
Make of yourself what you put down here, prove that you finally wish to awaken and that you will finally love.
There is no evil in the world; even if the human being destroys himself, there is still no evil.
There is only evolution.
There are no sins, there is only awakening!
Do not dwell upon those sins, love everything that lives.