The Caiphas and the human being, and Jerusalem and the human being

Good morning, my sisters and brothers.
You will get ‘The Caiphas and the human being’, and, ‘Jerusalem and the human being’.
Those are two worlds and two beings, two people, two souls, two spirits, two spaces for the earth and soul, life, spirit, society.
When you want to enter, want to experience Jerusalem, then you are faced with millions of laws, grades of life, problems, spaces, fatherhood, motherhood, and society.
If you want to enter Jerusalem as a tourist, then you will not understand what really happened there.
The earth, the universe in which you live, is millions of years old, centuries, ages.
You do not even need to talk about years, for they are ages.
And an age is an evolution, is darkness and light, but that is also the God of all life, it is the All-Source.
As a result of the lectures which you received this winter you should start to understand and you will learn to realize what you are actually living for.
It is the aim of people to awaken the Divine authority in you, the attunement to the All-Source – we always spoke about All-Source, All-Soul, All-Spirit, All-Life – the All-Personality in you.
You should finally know what you are actually living for.
When we start to experience Jerusalem properly, then nothing more remains of society and everything that you possess.
Then you enter Jerusalem not as a tourist, as a stranger in Gethsemane; you must finally accept and experience, be able to absorb in you why you have come to earth and what you actually live for.
And then we are standing in Jerusalem.
That word, that name Jerusalem means nothing, because that Jerusalem is also here and that lives in your heart, but that means: there you can experience and see, undergo the human history.
I do not need to tell you how serious these problems are, if you know something about the bible.
If you start to experience the laws, then the faults, the awe-inspiring faults, which the bible writers absorbed in them in order to just record the story and to link it up, that seems really childish, naïve.
Because it all happened differently.
But if we are faced with the actual core, which it concerns, then you walk there and you wear the garment of the Messiah, because that is what it concerns.
We took that walk through the universe, we went from planet to planet, from sphere to sphere.
And finally we got to wear a beautiful garment, a robe; that means: our inner self started to expand itself.
We came to the earth, we saw Moses, yes, of course.
We stood before Moses, we laid the foundations for our personality, our eternal self.
Because we go further; this earthly life means nothing, soon you will continue and then you will enter the world for the spirit, the astral personality.
But there and here, and left and right, and in front of and behind you, there lives the betrayal, the weakness, the not wanting, the unkind life of feeling which says: “I will see, I will experience my own thinking, I have nothing to do with you.”
And you also say that there!
Because soon every thought attuned and produced in conflict to the order, the life of feeling of the Messiah, that places you there in that street and says: “I do not know that human being.”
And then the cock does not crow three times for your life, but a thousand times!
With exclamation mark.
When you want to experience Jerusalem, then you must accept that that core is present under your human heart.
It did not happen just like that, that someone from the space, from the Divine All came to the earth in order to explain His laws there: He brought love, the Divine gospel.
Yes, the gospel which wants to be nothing else: you will live like this, you must do it like this, you must not hate, you must not speak, talk badly about life, about the children of God.
There is no badness, there is only unconsciousness.
And we meet that in Jerusalem, we have already seen that in Gethsemane.
We stood before Pilate and then we washed our hands in innocence ...
“I have nothing to do with it.
I do not want anything to do with it either.”
But soon when we enter Golgotha – in a fortnight, if it is God’s will – then you will no longer be able to wash your hands.
Then you will have to prove what you want.
Or, I will explain it to you, I will show it to you, then you will just enter the darkness – this society does that, the world does that – for your own self.
Then just accept that tiny, little personality.
But then there is nothing in you either which belongs to the Christ, which truly had to accept stone for stone in Jerusalem.
A Judas had to, later a Peter and a John had to accept that.
Yes, then Peter was so great and so wonderful that he could say: “Just slaughter me like your pigs.
I want to give my blood for Him, because I denied Him.”
And mankind does that, society does that every day.
The nonsense, the muck in which society lives, you also have that, people have that, all of us have that.
We will understand one day why that Jerusalem was born, why the Christ from the Divine All came there to that spot; that is the heart of this space.
That is the intellect and the feeling, that is the understanding in order to take the child of the earth – you received that by means of these lectures, you now know that, the books told you that – in order to bring the child of this earth, the children of God to the spiritual awakening.
But this morning we are going ...
We went from Gethsemane there, we lay down with Christ in order to pray, in order to meditate and that was only just in order to bring you and the masses, society to thinking.
Society still does not think.
There is one thing, one law, one necessity which you have to see and that is in comparison to the space, to the universe in which we live: we revolve around the sun.
You all know that, those foundations were laid by means of these lectures, the books convinced you of that.
Science can tell you: “Yes, we float in the universe.”
We went from planet to planet, we had to accept that path, a spatial, cosmic path; that was the aim of the Creator.
He kept giving us new bodies; even if science still cannot accept reincarnation, rebirth, it is like this.
We will soon be proved right, and then?
This space is millions of years old.
I want to explain to you by means of this that it is not so strange that the human being experiences Jerusalem as a tourist.
Jerusalem is two thousand years old, not even that.
What is two thousand years in two hundred million ages which the universe and the planet earth has to accept?
There is still no consciousness in this world, but that will come.
Because the Messiah, the Christ, the Divine Consciousness came; consciousness will come in this century.
We therefore lay foundations for this society, for this world, also for you.
And this occurrence, this torture, which the Messiah experienced in His thinking, you will now experience, so that you will finally be true in your thinking, feeling and understanding.
I told you, we went from Gethsemane, we lay there.
Were we prepared, were we ready?
Yes, the Christ is ready.
He is ready.
He is lying there, ten, fifteen, twenty metres from the apostles.
They are lying here together, that little club – that was just a little club.
They lie there in the most sacred, in the All-Source and fall asleep, they sleep, they are tired.
God is also tired?
He is always working!
Sun and moon, life and light, the waters, a tree, everything that God created never sleeps, never rests, that is eternally busy.
The human being is also becoming like that.
Did you recently feel what it concerned, when we were kneeling here and when the Christ would soon come, the actual, the All-Source in us started to say: “Why could you not have watched with Me for a moment?”
“Yes, I was so tired, we went on such a long walk.
Everything that You told already makes my head spin.
What do you really want?”
Yes, there is a little bit of feeling in the apostles, in Peter, in John.
A small awakening has come, a light support for Him, who must walk there, and who will soon have to accept everything.
And you are that.
You are the Messiah and you are also the apostles.
We have those characteristics in us, you are not free from them.
You cannot tell anyone: yes, I am free.
Why could Christ say: “He who is without sin, may cast the first stone.”
Just try doing it?
There is no one, you will soon see that in the world, who is free from faults and wrong thinking.
One unconscious being shouts about the other life.
Soon when we are faced with God, Golgotha and we go upwards slowly, look ...
When we have experienced Jerusalem, when we have been there before Caiphas and he has beaten us left and right, straight in our face, he puts the dagger in the middle of our heart ...
We start to feel the betrayal, the self-preservation, the possession, the fear of losing his personality, of having to let go of the task which he does not understand and place it in the hands of the best, the higher, the clearer, the natural knowing, feeling and thinking.
Yes, then you get a beating, then the world gets a beating.
I tell you: we are faced with thousands, millions of problems, for the faith, for society.
Yes, what do you do, what do you want, what do you feel, how do you think?
“I built something here for myself and I will let that be beaten from my hands there by a Rabbi like that, a dreamer like that?”
You want to say something about the Caiphas?
You are afraid of Judaism?
But all of your Catholic church and your Protestantism suffocates in the feelings of the Caiphas, because the wrong child is sitting on a seat where it does not belong, it will soon be clear to you.
Society, the human being was built up by lying and cheating.
The bible is not cosmic, is not Divinely experienced, or seen, because that is not possible – I told you: the bible and mankind is only two thousand years old – that still has to come.
We live here now, we went to Jerusalem in order to feel stone for stone.
And if you then come down here, if you go in the footsteps of Him, for the same moment that He walks there, then it is you yourself, then you are walking here.
But when we start to see it as a tourist, as a stranger, in order to just accept and to experience that reflection of Him – we cannot deal with and cannot carry that anyway – then we start to carefully absorb the first thought into us, how He felt, what He wanted.
Where do you come from?
I also told you, and that is already the first Divine, cosmic, spiritual touch: the apostles of Christ were born for their task.
They were people who already lived in the hereafter, or they would have betrayed and sold him on the way.
They go with you.
Yes indeed, Christ first attracted a different lot of people to Him, because they were not yet that far.
He tried it left and right, but the bible does not know that.
The apostles will at once be placed as saints on a pedestal – but they were mites.
That does not mean that you attack the human being, that you deny the apostles, that you deny yourself something.
You are faced with reality here and you must see that, you must experience that.
And if you cannot do that, that is your own business, mankind, world, society.
That still does not mean anything to the Christ, because He knows that He has to wait a thousand centuries anyway before this child has reached that height, that depth, that feeling in order to accept this.
You must now absorb all these lectures, that long road into you, because we said and experienced: the masters came from the Other Side, the Christ returned.
That moment will come in the next session.
He says to the highest masters from the seventh sphere, He says:
“How did they accept Me there?
You saw how I was received; I knew that in advance, of course.
But what will we do, what do we have to do?
The human being – you experienced that, I knew that, I had to know – they will betray me at the table at the moment that we are faced with the actual laws.
It must, that birth must take place.
And what do they do, what does this child do?
If I do not pay attention then he will pierce Me and he will murder that awakening in my soul.”
One person sells him there at the table for fifteen pieces of silver.
In any case, if Judas had learned to think better, had had a different feeling, then he would not have wanted to take the Christ there ... he would not have taken that pocket money in his hands, because anyone who runs round the earth with the cash, is contaminated by it, he is attached to it.
The Messiah, the Divine Source was handed over to a bunch of weaklings, whom people will soon canonize, because they took away His life?
That is not possible!
Millions of people later went into the lion’s den, and who achieved more than Peter, John and Andrew were able to, not even together.
There were people on earth, you will soon experience that, who had the God of all life in their hands, yes indeed.
They were able to devote their blood, their soul, and their bliss without doubting that eternity.
That was there, no, they saw that.
They see it, they heard it, they experienced it and then they started to devote themselves to that.
They did not need any bible or religion, or God, or Christ for that; they had that.
There are still thousands of people on earth, who want nothing of your knowledge, your feeling, know nothing about the Christ and everything, but they are as pure as gold.
Yes indeed!
You can observe there a shining life light in that human eye.
They already radiate cosmically conscious.
But Peter and John could not say that about themselves, because they were searching.
If you had seen these mites, these children there next to that awe-inspiring figure, the Messiah, the Christ, then you would have beaten them away from His life.
When the masters from the fourth, the fifth, the sixth and the seventh sphere followed that problem ...
My God, my God, how these people groaned when they started to see that the Messiah was not only sold and betrayed from in front, from the left, from the right, but also from above and behind in Gethsemane, because they knew: these children will succumb.
Yes, there were some who isolated themselves and to whom the Messiah, the Christ said: “Go, John, I no longer need you, I stand myself for My exploring, serving and giving.
You can no longer help Me.
For that matter, you cannot help Me with anything, you must do it yourself anyway.
But absorb Me into you, start to feel and to see where I am going.”
And then we stand, my sisters and brothers, world, society, then we stand in Jerusalem.
We come from that clean, honest, childish, pure Gethsemane.
We are placed before society and then we get to see that beautiful face of Pilate.
And then the human being must judge.
He must prove, because twenty-five thousand human children do not understand this Life, he must prove what he can do.
He must ...
He must pronounce a justice.
And now the Messiah stands, from left and in front and from the left and behind Him for evil, deception, destruction and sullying.
Barabbas also comes, a bandit, who stands next to Him.
“Yes”, they said, “then you should not have passed yourself off with the evil, with the muck, the destruction, the sullying of the world either.
You should not have interfered with those people.
You do not know what you are doing here!” people shouted at the Messiah.
“You accepted Mary Magdalene and do you know who she is, what she is like?
You accept that the dredge of society, the animal-like consciousness washes Your feet?
Rabbi, You are mad, and see that You leave!”
Why did Christ do that?
Why, why did He not lock himself away from the world?
Why did He not make sure that these and these things could not be told about Him?
Because when Mary Magdalene – the word comes – had raped and killed herself as a whore for society and the world, how could Christ contaminate himself by that darkness, if He wants to appear for the light of the world, of millions of people?
A mystery?
He who comes from the Divine Source, does wrong things, so that He consciously hands over the whip to that society, that misunderstanding, that animal-like carry-on in order to just give Him a hiding, beat Him to death, to murder Him.
Because that will come.
When is He wise, when is He backward?
The people, the few people who were ready and who edged Jerusalem, who followed all of that, wondered: “Do I have the right to think about this Human Being?”
Those are the cosmic problems which the world knows nothing about, but as a result of which one wrong was piled up after another.
As a result of which the Messiah did not lay any foundations for society and the seeing eye of the material human being?
No, He built on pits, on manholes and clamps for Himself.
He went through mud and sludge to the light!
He says, because He knew: if I experience light in that society, how can I elevate to me the other, which is not that far?
He descended into that sludge, He became sludge.
He said to Mary: “Leave it and you will be healed.”
Yes, that happens.
You will soon experience that, that that happens.
You can instantly bring forward a universal trust if you love your husband and your mother and your wife.
Then you will be universally true.
And Gethsemane, Pilate showed us that.
Because it is not that, washing hands in innocence, not showing one’s colours and letting the other life pine away, letting it perish along the path, the long path back to the All-Father.
That is not art.
But to lie down here and to say: watch out, do not think wrongly!
And if you do not want, then just continue, then just go to your own scaffold.
We also experience that.
And because of this you will see that the Christ was right that He descended into the darkness for the life in the material, because He had to have that.
That is the disintegration and the destruction which you now have to accept during your life and why the peoples of the earth do not yet understand each other.
We will not come out of that Jerusalem.
You cannot separate yourself from Jerusalem in order to have a look at Golgotha and to say: yes, I have already seen it, I will give myself, and then it will be over.
No, you will undergo those sorrows.
You will learn to think and to feel here, or you will be no good for yourself.
For goodness sake, understand what will happen if you see yourself here.
... (inaudible) We will remain there in that time, but when you now start to see how the human being from America, France, your country ...
And then they come to look in Jerusalem: “Yes, did that man live here?
That was a legend.”
And then they look at the towers and the broken down ruins in order to absorb a picture of Jerusalem into themselves.
But it is not that, it will never be that either!
When He was faced with the danger along with Peter ...
The danger?
No, the gossip, the destruction, society, then the children, the apostles started to understand: now it is becoming deadly serious.
Christ had not done anything yet, He had to speak His ... and He would still speak His first word about the actual source from where He came.
Then Peter had already succumbed.
He still warns him.
You warn yourself every day.
You have it every moment, your fathers and mothers warn their children every moment, but that child continues.
We know it, there is no consciousness, but now we are large adult people.
We have experienced the nature, we have experienced fatherhood and motherhood, we have experienced Christ, and we have experienced God.
When will we start to think?
There comes Peter ...
Judas thinks.
You see, Judas thinks that he can urge his Master on, interferes with something that he should have stayed away from with his fingers, his heart, his life.
You should let a human being live.
A student runs his professor down; he knows it, but he still has to study for seven years.
The human being does not think.
At this moment – that new bible is written – then the analysis comes for which Socrates and Plato lived.
Why, Judas, did you begin to think in the wrong direction?
Why did you interfere with the Divine authority?
Why did you accept wrong thoughts for yourself?
Why did you start to think about and sense him?
You should have stayed away from that!
And you, human being and Jerusalem, have to stay away from the human being with every thought, because you smother that source!
We got to see that, we had to accept that.
Otherwise, you will never enter a pure, clear, harmonic sphere.
You do not have to interfere with a human being.
Therefore, that is the danger, if you consciously go from Jerusalem to society and you leave that behind you and you now enter your own time – because that is what it concerns after all – then agree, just write about a human being, about something which you do not understand.
Just feel ample.
You have the pen, you are an editor of one of your large newspapers.
You are the one with the say, because you have the money and you can place and write what you want, you can break what you desire.
But here ... did you not receive any example, society, from Judas?
Yes, they will also hang themselves soon.
Did you not see that Judas as a result of his wrong thinking ...
He wanted to raise the Messiah, he wanted to show Him, and he wanted to prove what He could do.
Did the Christ, did the All-Source have to listen to a mite like that, a trivial little life like that?
Yes, there was longing in Judas in order to do something for society, something for the Rabbi, something for the faith, indeed, but there was no consciousness, not for that.
Judas goes, he sits there, he wants ... he is like a possessed person in order to send the Messiah under that people, under that hatred, because he knows He can do it, yes indeed!
Christ thinks: must I let myself float through a fairground attraction, must I go and sit on the clouds in order to take the people, these masses back to the Divine?
That was no longer human, because the human being cannot receive and experience his becoming conscious for the next step in Divine wonders, that must happen materially.
This is why the Messiah lives materially, this is why He was not afraid to accept the evil, to accept Mary.
After all, for Him there is no badness, there are no wrong thoughts.
Mary loved, Mary Magdalene had experienced love.
She wanted to see what she carried inwardly in herself.
That will soon emerge and then it will appear that Christ laid down the All-Source in Jerusalem at the feet of the human being.
That He experienced that All-Source by means of his metaphor, by means of his parables, but also and especially by means of his movement, by means of his torture.
Yes, what I must show you this morning is: just dare, when a human being stands before you in Jerusalem – you will soon have to accept and to represent that task – then dare to say as a Pilate there: “Yes, there is Barabbas, there is a lower consciousness, a psychopath, a brute, a brutalized person.
And here, people say so, is a pure personality.
But I want nothing to do with it!”
But that is a Divine authority, which is a Divine law.
You have to be just for everything that was created by yourself, because you do not know yourself.
Here is your child, your mother, and your father ... and now I wash my hands in innocence.
That human being does not get to hear the truth.
Society, which is the authority in this rotten world, that leaves this human being all alone.
You do not get any grip – and there they are.
The Messiah was like this.
He did not even listen.
Praying ... coming from Gethsemane, meditating, prepared for the clique, which He will be faced with.
They are devils, satans.
From the rest with whom He walked, and to whom He spoke, by means of whom He was able to reveal himself somewhat – He could not give them too much, because then those poor apostles would have suffocated – He must accept that they have already lost their way.
They no longer have any ground under their feet, they stampeded.
Those twelve adults do not have the consciousness which a child – now in your time – has received from the Messiah, by means of the bible, by means of the teaching, of five and seven years.
Peter did not even have that and John did not have it either.
They clung to a beautiful tree and said: “You can cope with more wind than we can.”
But you will be wind and be storm, you will experience all the elemental laws, have to absorb them – but they did not understand any of that.
Christ went with a conscious feeling and thinking in Jerusalem.
Because that is the heart of society, that is your The Hague, your Amsterdam and everything, that is your Paris, that is New York now.
Berlin has already felt it, that is clipped, because they carried it through too far there, they did not get enough.
But they were the Caiphas’ for your own time.
You know by means of ‘The Peoples of the Earth’ that Adolph Hitler represented the Caiphas from Jerusalem.
But you will make everything good again.
And now just violate the life of Christ ...
That is the book ‘The Peoples of the Earth’, written by Christ.
He himself instructed the masters: “Write the book about My life and tell that the Caiphas lives in your midst.”
And now we must accept whether we have much of that Caiphas, if Jerusalem awakens in us according to the laws of the universe, or that we will still have to awaken.
Do you live, or do you not live?
Then you do not have the right either to say a word.
Then you do not have the right to feel and to think; you still have to begin with it.
But there we stand, from that silence.
We prepared ourselves, we meditated, we are not yet just outside Gethsemane.
That is the Garden of Eden, that is still Divine, that is a small piece of ground where we could think and feel: my God, my God, my God, let this poisoned cup pass me by?
No, no, we are wildly and consciously attuned, in order to be able to prove what the God of all life, my Father, gave me.
That burns in my heart, that is furiously conscious, like Christ also felt.
And now we must bring that consciousness, that furious feeling, that fear and that trembling, which is not there, but is called animation and inspiration, the knowing, the being, we must bring that to society, and that is Jerusalem.
And now we come to stand before the authority of this world: Pilate!
He will just do it, he with his crown, the governor ... the governor of Jerusalem will just say it.
There he is.
A pillar of, ‘lick my waistcoat’ Jeus would say, a stinking monster.
Just go into society and look at these lives, these personalities, their thinking and feeling, feel that.
Then you will see ... that this life, which must still awaken for God, which loves society, which lets itself be decorated with diamonds and pearls, with decorations, medals, that that life must decide about you.
And you just have to accept that, you stand there – Christ too.
Where is this going?
Where must I go?
He stood there, vacant, He thinks: what a long time it is taking.
First they tortured Him there.
Pilate says: “Hit that Human Being, just whip Him.”
It already starts with this.
He gives the order that they must break the Messiah, this Rabbi, substantially.
And now Christ is dragged there into a hut – you can see that soon – and the gentlemen come there, one for one.
They hit the body of a poor Human Being until they are tired out.
They have a whip in their hands.
If they just did it with their fists, but they took a whip and hit wildly at this unfortunate Human Being.
The King for all the worlds is being broken.
He does nothing, He does not say a thing.
He lets it go over him, He gets his slashes.
His body is beaten up as no human being has yet been beaten.
Yes, there are more, they tortured them to death.
Your five year war, your last time, you have already forgotten that, but then it also happened again.
People hit at the good, people must break the good.
The demons of this world do not know any better.
My God, my God, my God, Christ thinks.
But just do not violate Me, do not violate Me, will you.
He accepts it.
He says nothing, nothing, nothing.
They stand there.
The people laugh, Jerusalem laughs, those soldiers begin to sneer.
That brutal violence looks at the God of all life, of Judas and Peter and the apostles.
The women have fled, the mother of Christ no longer knows what to do, she is running round Jerusalem and is thinking: where is my Child?
She knows that He possesses the Divine authority.
But at that moment – accept it – Mary did not know that she was carrying the Messiah in her and she did not even know that this Child who came into the world from her and because of her, was the Messiah.
Because she was walking there: “Where is He now?”
As a pure mother she loved Him, of course, but she did not know for what purpose He had come.
“Why must that Child be beaten, why must my Child suffer so much?”
If Mary had known that this was the Messiah, then she would not even have spoken those words, then she could have accepted it.
But this is a human being, a simple human being, a mother.
But it happens there!
Here ... one person takes the whip in his hands in order to kill the good in the human being!
And He who can do everything, who does not take a dagger, who does not spit, who does not say a harsh word, because he knows: when I say a harsh word, when I would say: “Dirt, leave me alone, I did not do anything to you, did I?”
The Knowledge, the Consciousness does not even say that, because the Consciousness does not need to say that, that animal-like will not understand that anyway.
You do not need to defend yourself with regard to the lower, incomprehensible, unkind self, your words are not accepted.
You will not beat it in, you just have to accept it.
In a thousand years’ time then Pilate, then those executioners will be that far and then they will wonder: my God, what did I receive, what did I do?
But how did that awaken?
Because those executioners also experienced in this way and were whipped.
Because there will come a time when you will take the harmonic laws of God back to the Divine harness.
And then another one will beat it into you and then you will start to understand how painful that is and then you are sitting in the same place.
And because you know and feel that you are powerless anyway against such seething violence, you do not say anything either, and you accept it.
And that is the beginning for the first human, material becoming conscious, and a foundation under your feet.
The beginnings in order to continue and to absorb Jerusalem into you, to soon enter Golgotha.
But who does that?
I will go on in order to show you Jerusalem, and then to soon enter your society in order to record a few things for yourself and your life, your feeling and thinking, your marriage, your fatherhood, your motherhood, your sister, your brother.
And I will send you home with that, so that you will know: do not hit!
The Christ is taken away from here, He first goes to the king and then one says, the earthly one, he says: “Are you a king?”
He says: “You say it”, because He knows that He is that, a King in the spirit.
Yes, Socrates, Plato, you felt something of the Royal authority, the crown of and for every thought, every characteristic.
When a king for the human spatial, spiritual, inner consciousness comes to the fore, then he puts a crown on every thought.
Because every thought will be and possess a kingdom.
And it is only then that you will see your foundations, you will see your Gethsemane.
Then the divine threads will touch you, and you will feel one, and feel yourself united with Him who is Everything.
But here we are ... and then you get this beating.
The good is beaten, but the good finishes its task.
The good, as a human being, wants to experience this task, and does nothing.
And now you will see: the pure, spiritual, Divine foundations come forward, they build themselves up.
And that is then the only ... that is then the only grip for you as a human being in this society, this world.
If you ... if people would, if people want to hit you: do nothing and accept it.
Because if you hit back – did you not receive the proof in your society, in life? – it is only then that you will think and feel and then understand the possession, the only possession, the good in you, has suddenly gone from your life and then you can begin again.
Begin again in order to prove, in order to place that crown on the mind, on the emotional life, on the accepting, the surrendering, and the serving.
Thousands of problems now charge at you, is a dictionary in itself, because every thought possesses a crown, possesses a soul, a spirit, and a personality in eternal possession.
And then you start to see that that hypocritical society, that stinking, material Jerusalem lies at your feet.
Then you are standing on top of it and then money, pearls, diamonds and emeralds, sheiks and maharajas, kings and emperors mean nothing, it is then you yourself.
You do not accept such alms, you kick them from under your feet.
You do not accept any emperor, any kingship, any pen, any judgeship.
You want to be a child of Mother Nature, because you return to Gethsemane.
You say: “I will go and walk, everything which you see belongs to me.
God save me from this destruction.”
No, God cannot save you, because you are the represented element for all his spaces, for soul and spirit, for fatherhood and motherhood, for reincarnation.
Just think for a moment in that Jerusalem, in that dungeon there, where five, six, seven wild brutes charge at Him, charge at you, take the garment from your body, rip it, so that you sit there naked.
And then they come with a whip, then they come with a crown of thorns, then you are given a crown to wear ...
The crown of sorrow, the crown of lowliness, the crown of being nothing, feeling nothing, experiencing nothing.
You get to wear the crown, people nail it through your brain.
The blood – yes, what is blood? – the blood flows, stings, it drips, but grimness lives in you which says: “Just do to me what you want, you will lose anyway.
After all, you can never conquer me, if I remain in harmony with Him, as a result of whom I came here and as a result of whom I received my life.
Just hit me – you will hit yourself.
Just sully me – you will sully yourself.
Just rape me in feeling – you have already raped yourself.
Deform my motherhood – you are deforming yourself, you are murdering yourself, you are destroying yourself, you are poisoning yourself.
You do everything, everything, everything if you reach out a finger to me, because I come from Him who is everything.
I come with love, I come with happiness, I come with energy for building up, pure, spiritual evolution and you can get my blood for that.
I know – you do not know.
In this incoherent world, for these people who want nothing else than the wrong wanting and who still think that they are doing good – because they fight for the possession, their society – you stand and the Christ stood as a human being.
When He was beaten and was kicked, then He was a human being, a normal complete human being.
Then He was not a Deity, nothing more.
But here, in Himself, in His subconscious, in His soul, His spirit, His personality, there He is the God of all life.
There He is a human being, He lets himself be beaten.
We experienced and saw in the human history that always the highest authority – something which has spoken to society, to nature, to the millions of people of this world – has always been the bowing principle.
It is always the soft, always the acceptable, the life of feeling which carries, which serves, which absorbs you.
Those poor people there, who have taken the whip in their hands, who have accepted the execution for this society, for one human being there, that is devil’s work.
That is the violation, the violating, the descending into the human heart and turning around everything in there; absorbing the life into that, throwing it through society and letting the animal-like carry-on dance.
For what?
It is the not wanting to accept that a human word can contain truth.
It is the consciously knocking down, because this takes you to something else anyway, because when he gets this, then I will have lost this.
And now here – there are more of those people, more of those worlds – now everything, all that other and wrong charges at the one, only good.
And now the Christ can ... now He is that far, now the human being is that far, now Jerusalem is here, Jerusalem has already touched us, Jerusalem says: “What do you want, do you want to rule here?” ...
Now it is that far, now He is lead away and now He goes to the unconscious religious danger.
Because there is one religion and that is Judaism.
The church, the Catholic church still has to be born, there is no question of Protestantism.
There is Buddhism, yes indeed, but then you must return to the natural peoples.
Here in conscious Europe, in conscious Jerusalem there is no Catholic church.
The bible is not understood, the bible still has to be written.
They begin searching here and there for the sheets, which the conscious human being absorbed into himself and wanted to donate, wanted to give to mankind.
People are looking for those people.
People ask: “What do you know, what did you hear there, in that place?
What did that apostle tell there?
Write it down, so that nothing will be lost.”
All of that still has to come.
But it is here, it is already written here.
The source lives here, here outside Gethsemane, in a small church.
Caiphas cannot accept that this child is a Rabbi.
“My God, my God, my God!” it shouts in the Christ, it shouts in the Human Being, “I have the same religion, I have more, I know more.
I will lay new foundations.
Why do you not go from this ... why do you not go out of this path?
Why do you not step next to what the world received?
Why do you not go a little bit away for me?
I come with the new.”
Christ thinks, the Human Being thinks: but my God, how do I get that man, how do I get that dogma, those feelings of those people to a higher becoming conscious?
I will have to let myself be beaten again, but I will say it.
I will say it to him that it is I, that I possess the contact with nature, father, mother, with the God of all life, God as spirit, God as son, and God as father.
But Christ knows: God as mother says everything!
Now we come to stand before the core of life.
Christ goes from Gethsemane, from Pilate to Caiphas.
He is a Child of the church, He has received the study of the own university.
Caiphas represents the professorship for all the people of his kind and his race (see and he has given this Rabbi the first foundations for this study and teachings.
Caiphas is the head.
And what should Caiphas have done now?
What does your feeling say?
What does the human being do, what does society do, what does this mass-personality do?
You now go and stand before your own field of learning.
You return to the human thinking of your own time and then you are suddenly faced with your university.
And then you are a student, you climb up and checkmate your professor, you know more, you feel deeper.
And then he says: “Go away, it is I.”
Thousands of students, academics were killed – do you not know that? – when the teachings begun, when the human being received his inventions, because one human being who had it did not want to give up his place for the new.
And now you are still standing still – and that is Caiphas.
Now you can build up a science; you are a master in art, you are a Bach, but now a Mozart comes, now a Beethoven comes and says ...
And now a Bach must be able to accept: yes, that is true, that is more rarefied, that is soul, that is spirit.
But Caiphas cannot do that.
And now the Christ lays down spatial foundations for eternity, when He was faced with the Caiphas, and then He just had to surrender.
What do the masses learn, what does the human being learn from this moment, these dealings of the Christ?
Is it not true that you still live in that destruction, that you are still faced with the old, the unconscious – and the new?
Is it not true that the new is not accepted, that the new doctor who comes there and makes an invention, that people say: “Just lock him up, just kill him, he is a madman.”
It is only now that this struggle begins.
It is only after 1950 that it must begin, because the world asks for a new consciousness.
The world now starts to see the Caiphas.
The world which no longer swallows, no longer accepts any Pilate: “I wash my hands in innocence.”
You now have to prove what you can do!
But there it is, the Messiah has given that proof, you are faced with your religion.
You feel more, you are deeper, and you have a higher becoming conscious, because you are an evolution process.
You lay foundations which take you back to the Divine All.
Do you not?
What does the Caiphas say?
“We must kill this Human Being, that will become the danger for our religion.”
Here you have it, this is the destruction in which you still live.
This is the dead point for the human history, religion ...
The human being gets a prayer, the human being gets a song, the human being gets art.
And now we will begin to build up, to elevate that singing, that art, in order to bring the soul of life to the social becoming conscious.
That means: let it shine, let it live, let it be life.
The Christ started that for God and for religion.
Now you can do art, you can experience a technical wonder, but woe betide, woe your personality, and your feeling, if you are faced with the faith of the human being.
If you think you can kill the faith and you give nothing else in return for it, then you are already busy damning yourself for centuries and centuries.
Because you take away the ... from people ... you kick in the foundation for which the Christ lived.
There is one beginning, there is also an end, an end of a grade, an end of a feeling.
Now the crown comes on it and Caiphas refused that!
Because of this he did not understand or feel Jerusalem.
He had nothing to do with Jerusalem, he said.
It concerns our consciousness, the Lord.
Now the human being is in the Lord and curses him!
The human being says: “I am mother”, and she probably has a child in her, but she feels none of it.
The human being tells you: “I love you”, but tomorrow you will be on the street.
“I cannot live without you.”
“I must have you, I will die.”
Just die, just die ...
If you can let a human being die because of love, you are a cosmically conscious being.
Then the Christ shouts at you and says: “I died myself.”
If Caiphas had just died for that moment, the laws for the spaces had just knocked him down there, then he would not have been able to speak those words.
Two thousand years have passed and the Caiphas still lives there, the Caiphas is still on a pedestal.
Everyone who accepts a task for the world and who holds back the development of this mankind by means of art, by means of justice, science, they represent the life of feeling of the Caiphas.
For art and faith the human being gets credited with universal meaning, Divine wisdom, because you are Gods.
Everything becomes a part of this Deity, of this thinking and feeling, of the soul, of the spirit, of the father and the mother.
Understand well, that when you now still speak to your minister and your priest, your cardinal, your pope and you say: “I have come to you with the Divine authority and the consciousness in me of the Messiah, I am the new Christ”, then you are consciously laughed at right in your face, because they do not want to lose that.
What do they not want to lose?
The Christ said: “You will lose your life and then you will receive Mine.”
No, that gold, that seat there, that seat and that coat and that top hat, those emeralds on the finger, which you can kiss like that, it is that!
Your house, your beauty means nothing, but your possession, your destruction in thoughts ...
Millions of grades and worlds charge at you now, which demand analysis, it is only then that you will get to know yourself.
Soon ‘beyond the coffin’ ...
My God, good heavens, universes, angels, masters, give me the time that we can analyse this, because we are faced with Caiphas.
Yes, we are faced with the Caiphases in human society.
Caiphases live here in The Hague, in Amsterdam, in the whole world, New York, Paris, and London.
It does not concern Judaism, being the Jew; it concerns a human, natural, spatial faith.
Jews no longer exist.
You have reached the priestly, spiritual thinking and feeling through Judaism.
The Jew will die in you, because – yes indeed, what concerns us and the Christ lived for – the Messiah in you will be born!
And if you start to feel that, if you want to give every thought the Christian, the spatial, Divine life of feeling ...
My God, my God, if you hear the groaning of your characteristics, which are then beaten by those wrong, cold, icy worlds of feeling.
If you see how a character like that fights in order to accept the good, because the soul always drives, wants to drive and inspire the Divine source in you.
You must experience that breaking when you are placed as a human being before the good and the wrong.
That is a fight for life and death!
And if you do not wish to accept that fight, if you do not want to start that fight yet – now, you see what became of Caiphas.
He did not want to, did he?
He did not want to, but reincarnation lives in Caiphas.
He will have to prove one day why he called a halt to the Divine, spatial evolution process.
Christ leaves the earth.
He lets himself be beaten, he comes before Caiphas, and Caiphas says: “We will get Him.”
Now that poor Judas comes in line, Judas comes forward.
They enter the garden and there goes Judas, he is going to betray his Master with a kiss.
“No”, says Judas, “and now I will force You.
Now You will just prove to that cursed low, unconscious world what You can do, Master.”
Christ looks at a little child.
“So, why did you come to Me, why did you not leave Me alone?”
“Just give mankind wisdom”, the Christ said, He wondered, “even if I give My life and I give My heart, then it will still not be enough.
No, they send Me to the stake which I do not like, because I experience other stakes.”
It also says, when that bible is written again, it also says: “Stay away from My life with your hands, your thoughts, your feelings, I have My own task.
I will accomplish that task as I must do it.”
Millions of books lie here for us, philosophical systems lie in Gethsemane, lie there with Pilate, lie piled up in Jerusalem and the human being does not see them.
Why not?
It is because those philosophical systems must still be analysed.
Socrates and Plato had none of it.
Those are spatial foundations.
But you have to ask yourself, like Judas, like Caiphas, like Peter – this is just the example, they were just children, who began to serve anyway –: “Why do you interfere with Me, why do you want to change My thinking with regard to yourself?”
That is: do it like that, no, you must do that like that.
And then the human being walks: “I want you to do it like that.”
“No”, says the human being, “that is wrong.”
Just let that human being perish, then he will know.
Yes, the laws become harsh, the laws become strict.
Did you not think that this was self-discipline, when the Christ let himself be beaten in that cave there of Jerusalem, when the executioners came to Him?
Then Christ said: “Just hit Me, then that other will have nothing more to say.”
Because it should be like this ...
... (inaudible) He did not say one word, nothing passed His lips!
Just go to society, just go and look at the people who are writing, who can say something about you.
Go before the footlight of your society, then you will be gossiped about and beaten.
Yes, thank God you are that far that people can no longer take the whip, you can say what you like.
During those two thousand years something happened, but fifty and a hundred years ago you went, people put –because people loved God – on the stake and your fat, your blood ran away.
In this time you are faced with Caiphas.
Caiphas did not want it.
Let this be a law for you, a world of justice!
Caiphas did not want to, Pilate did not want to.
Yes, they went there.
Judas knew it at the same time when he looked in the eyes of the Divine authority, and said: “There is just one thing for me: out, I will hang myself.”
Yes, then he received life again.
He saw for a moment that he was alive and then he came before the reincarnation, the rebirth, because he has to make good.
You can read it in the ‘The Peoples of the Earth’ and experience, again undergo that struggle again of Judas.
But there is Caiphas, what did he do?
Then you will receive a different garment, a different light, a different world, a new birth.
Yes, there he stands in the heart of Germany, in order to ... the Jewish life of feeling?
No, we have respect for the faith which Mother Nature produced, the first faith, the Jewish race (see, Judaism.
No, in order to take you away from the betrayal, to release you; and to put on the spatial, true, the spiritual evolution, for yourself, for your society, for the peoples of the earth.
Caiphas returned there to the earth, you see.
Why did you not have any sympathy with the Jewish race (see
But have sympathy with yourself.
Now the Jewish child is faced with, Jerusalem is faced with a true fight.
Catholicism, Protestantism, Sufism, Buddhism, Mohammedism, theosophy, that still does not have anything, that has only built up frills.
That is also faced with the Caiphas again.
Is it with Judaism?
No, it is with metaphysical teachings, and the metaphysical laws.
And they ride on a white horse through society, they do not wish to accept the donkey on which Christ sat; the simplicity, a donkey, with a palm, with peace and happiness and welfare.
No, they sit here and say: “We know.”
A new Caiphas emerged.
Did you not follow the fight recently which André had with theosophy?
And they say: “He is a demon, he must be destroyed.”
We have been standing here for five years and roar it out: “Do you still doubt any longer the life of feeling because of which the space originated and the children of Christ received the life light?”
Just think about what you have to do, today, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, in two weeks’ time; in two centuries’ time you will be ready.
You will experience yourself eternally.
Now we come back to society and have to accept: you do not need to be afraid that this life will come over your head again, that only happens once.
But the Caiphases live there: yes, the betrayal, the human betrayal which receives a faith, which receives a feeling, a religion.
What does the Catholic church imagine, that it is more than Judaism?
The Jewish faith is clean and pure, but it must stop killing and slaughtering the innocent lamb; those are all frills.
And you, the human society with its frills, you live under your castles in the air.
People built up castles in the air.
People accept and worship a social authority.
People accept social justice and then you are faced with your kings and emperors, who can do nothing more than give orders in order to smash down and to slaughter the child of another people.
That is your possession, that is your justice, that is a crown.
Caiphas showed: do not violate the higher thought which can take you to Jerusalem.
Caiphas taught you how you have to learn to think, if you want to return to Gethsemane.
Do you want to go and stand before your king, your fatherland, your church and sovereign?
You have nothing to do with a church and sovereign; it is you yourself, if your thoughts have accepted the Divine line, have understood the harmony, when you want to be: life, light and love.
We have nothing against Caiphas.
We have nothing against Judaism, but deception, destruction, that must go from this life, that must go.
You will be open to a new time.
You will start to understand that you are just here temporarily, that this means nothing.
You will soon learn to accept that you achieve more when you are silent, than you now do for the world, because everything which has to do with this world and is understood – can you understand this? – that has to do with destruction.
That has to do with lying and deception.
That is Caiphas-like, you do not allow that, that does not want to approve that you bring a new order, a higher thinking and feeling.
That is not possible, you must be destroyed.
Do not interfere with it, but go your way.
Learn to see how the characteristics were given to the earth by the Jerusalem life of feeling, according to the Messiah, according to the laws of the space and for God, for which He came, for which He lived.
Sense when those laws speak to you and give them to your wife, give them to your husband, but do not ‘lip’, do not groan in this life.
Life is wonderful, life is beautiful, life is supreme if you accept the Christ, if you start to understand Jerusalem and do not want to be a Caiphas.
If you can accept that the evolution will come and must find progress, then you can give birth to ten, then you can give birth to thousands of children, you will never succumb, because you do the work of your Lord, because you represent your God, as father and mother in society!
In Gethsemane you will sit down with both of you and be as sweet as little children.
Why do we fuss so much?
Why are the Spheres of Light filled ... why do they live there in deep sorrow?
Because they are powerless, they are powerless before the violence of your society, your world.
The Caiphas has the gold, Pilate has it.
Just go and look in society and at everything that inhabits castles, steps over your Persian garments and lives and is fully decorated with emeralds; that is rotting.
The Divine laws for the universe, for rebirth, for reincarnation, for bible, Peter, John and Andrew will prove that to you.
Otherwise, you will not do it.
You cannot experience and follow any human life, any human evolution because you break the other life.
You cannot serve your Deity by means of deception and destruction, that is darkness.
Therefore know: your whole society is lying and deception, but do not violate yourself.
Be the Messiah, as man and wife, become it, remain it and it is only then that you will walk a path which takes you straight to the Spheres of Light.
To the Garden of Eden?
To the Divine kingdom in you, because the Christ, the Messiah awakens in you.
If you soon read ‘Jeus of Mother Crisje’, then you will feel how you must start and will learn to think.
Jeus is just five years old when he is faced with Golgotha and weeps until his tears run dry.
He is lying in the wood under the bushes and cannot weep.
Because he says: “I am alone.
And where is the Tall One then?
You can go to blazes”, he says.
If it comes down to it then we stand alone and then the mother leaves, the father, your brothers and sisters, they leave you alone, they betray and sell you.
It is their business.
But he wept, he cried.
I cried ... also about the heart, about the poverty of the world, about the Caiphasses, who drown and drink away the Christ every moment.
Yes, harsh.
You have, society has nothing else.
The good is always raped, again and again.
They experienced poverty and misery for five years; Jerusalem in decline, material destruction.
The people walked about the streets like skeletons and then they ate from the hand of Our Lord, then He could do something with a human being.
Then they said: “Oh yes, tell me something.
Is there still a God?”
But now?
They tortured brothers, mothers and fathers, they chastised them.
The human being who came on his seat knew you yesterday, but not any longer today, tomorrow.
“Who are You?”
Yes, Caiphas said that: “Who are you?” Pilate said that: “Who are You?”
The kings of the earth said: “Who are you?”
“You say it.
Do you not know Me any more?”
But do not listen to the betrayal in yourself.
When the Caiphas raises his head, then you stand on a poisonous serpent, but now it is a characteristic, and then you escape the biblical authority, the spatial, universal reunion ‘beyond the coffin’.
Just weep enough and politely until your tears run dry.
Is it because you made a mistake?
No, just weep ... make as many mistakes every day as you can, but just weep, just realize how well-off you are.
Christ did not weep about His happiness, but about the poverty of the human being, because one human being violated the possession of another.
We wept about that.
That is horrid, that is awe-inspiring, that is harsh, that is terrible; but you must not start to weep about the beautiful.
No, you must not do that, you must be happy.
Yes, you must ... that happiness, did you not see it?
Did you not see during those two thousand years which passed, which made human history, did you not see then that this happiness smothered everyone, sent them to the bottom and killed them, put them at the stake?
Where do the pope and those cardinals, those kings and those emperors live?
They have been smeared with pitch and hung up, they have been burned, because the happiness in your society, the possession, does not mean a jot.
It is deception, lying, destruction, sullying, and poison.
It is dirty!
Christ wants nothing to do with that.
Just keep the money – Judas could have done what he wanted – that is the purse for society.
They make canons out of that, disintegration.
They get medals.
Because you invent a canon, you get a medal, you are honoured, you are a baron, you are nobility – but inside it is suffocating.
Weep because you are so well-off.
Be grateful that you will finally know that you have found a place in Gethsemane, but learn to think.
Learn to accept Jerusalem and how you must enter Jerusalem, experience Golgotha.
We will soon go there, in a fortnight’s time, if God gives me the grace.
Then I will nail you to the cross in the name of Christ, but that must mean happiness for you, otherwise it will be worth nothing.
I want to die for you, I also want to live for you.
If you want to die for another human being, then that just means weakness.
But if you can live for the human being, as Christ experienced for all his children, for this humanity, then that is Divine expansion.
My sisters and brothers, accept it: the person sitting next to you is a sister, a brother, a father and a mother of yours.
Never speak evil, there are no wrong things; everything is learning, everything is evolution.
You have to learn a lot for society, because society also becomes a personality, yes indeed.
We do not knock that wisdom off the stage.
Your doctor, your professor, the philosophical power has meaning. People came, who brought you back to nature.
Is it not remarkable?
They brought Caiphas, they brought faith, and they brought Jerusalem to awakening.
They say: “When am I true?
When am I upright?
What is feeling?”
Can you see?
Do not become a parapsychologist, but become a psychologist for yourself.
Love and then you have already laid the most sacred foundation for yourself.
Love everything.
Just stand on your head and be pleased and happy, as long as you do it the right way.
Become a human being, become brother, become sister, become father, and become mother.
Look at your child, but just look at yourself.
Sit down and meditate, do it good.
When the other one sees you and says: “Yes, you just sit down”, then you must say: “Soon you can go and sit down for ten hours, ten days, ten centuries, ten millions of ages and I will not disturb you.
I know for myself that I will not disturb you, I will let you sit and meditate.
Even if I work myself to death, you will meditate.”
It is because he who is sitting there is the Christ.
Then accept each other as the Messiah.
Let the mother – man, creator – be a holy Magdalene for you.
And let him be the Andrew, the Paul, and the Peter.
But know: for the earth he can also shout out his crowing.
For the earth we also have faults and wrong thoughts, because we have still not laid the spiritual foundations.
Accept each other, in light and darkness, in suffering and sorrow.
When you have everything in the world – you have your kiss and you are carried on hands – then that is not art.
But when you go with each other and you start to analyse the things for your society and you want to understand it, you are in the middle of human miseries, then you will have to prove what is the matter with you.
Yes, in the war – how can it be – when you were all broken, physically tortured to death, then you could accept inwardly, then the human being bowed his head: “Here you have all of me.
Oh, let me live.
Here you have everything, just take it, I do not want anything to do with it, but let me live for goodness’ sake.”
Yes, and now?
“You can drop dead, I no longer need you.”
Ha ha, the Christ went over the earth with books, he says: “Here, just read.”
“Oh, do you have more of them?”
In four years’ time – we have a house again, we have a bed again, there is food again, we are no longer afraid, tomorrow nothing can happen to us, we have everything ... -: “See that you leave with your Jerusalem, I no longer need it.
Eh ... ‘coffin’?
There is life behind death?
Do not make me laugh.”
Gone anointment, gone foundation!
Christ knew it.
He was not there for nothing.
He said: “If just four, if three, if just two, if only one awakens for me, for God, for fatherhood and motherhood, for reincarnation, then I will not have lived for nothing.”
I would like to ask you, I would like to call to you this morning in the name of the millions of angels, your fathers and mothers, here in Jerusalem: be the first, that only one, become it.
Make sure that it is you and you will possess the ‘wings’ beyond the human ‘coffin’.
See you in a fortnight.
Thank you.