The human being and Golgotha

Good morning, my sisters and brothers.
You will get ‘The human being and Golgotha’ this morning.
We are going – we experienced that – from Gethsemane to Pilate, we came to stand before Caiphas, before the law, the justice of this world and will now climb Golgotha.
But what does that Golgotha actually mean for the human being?
What does that mean?
You must first actually be ‘beyond the coffin’; you must have your astral personality in your hands.
You must be able to let go of the material, you must be able to see through it.
You must be able to see all those shrouds, by means of which the soul explored its world as the astral personality, by means of which it became conscious, you must be able to see that on earth, you must be able to experience that in this organism, if you want to experience, if you want to accept, if you want to get a becoming conscious which was brought to earth by the Messiah.
Why did He come as a Divine Conscious being to the earth?
We experienced by means of the previous lectures, that the bible begins with an untruth.
You do not need to say immediately: those were lies and nonsense.
It is natural, spatial, spiritual untruth.
And why?
I explained that to you.
I showed you how Moses received his first thought in order to start a higher life, in order to convince the human being on earth.
In order to give that higher life to his father and mother, to his sisters and brothers who remained behind, because he went through ‘the coffin’.
I explained to you, we went from the moon through the universe, from grade to grade and saw a picture of how the creations originated.
When the world can accept this, when we can convince the world, the human being feels for himself the God of all life in himself, then you will get happiness.
You will get satisfaction, you will get a universal consciousness as man and wife, which it actually concerns.
It will perhaps sound harsh when you say: “The bible begins with nonsense”, for that is the sacred word for the world.
Then the human being gets a fright, because the human being accepts what the other life gives you.
Can you always do that?
Can you always accept what the other human being thinks he possesses?
We laid foundations.
What you now receive was not just taken just like that from the space; on the contrary, science can convince you that the creations started other than the way the bible tells it.
And you can be calm about that.
You can absorb that into you, because the academic is already so far that he says: “We were born in the waters.
All life originated in the waters.”
The bible started at a time when the human being had actually created his society.
In ancient Egypt kingdoms already originated.
The masses on earth would have to accept a faith.
The masses on earth did not know any God and any Christ.
People would begin with that and those were the people – I have explained that to you, you can accept it – who had completed their cycle of the earth.
Those are your and my – and everyone’s – fathers and mothers, those are sisters and brothers.
We reach universal love, unity, feeling, truth, justice, consciousness.
We will represent God one day as man and wife, because God is father and mother!
That long journey through the universe gave you a picture of why the Very Highest would come to the earth: in order to give that human being a new following evolution again.
You were able to accept that.
After all, God did not create any human being by means of a bit of clay and breath of life, that is a child’s story.
The paradise, where the first people lived, that is a child’s story.
After all, people had to attach the human being to something.
People therefore did not know the beginning stage of the creations.
People did not know how God had began with his materialization, people on earth did not know that.
The human being, if you take the Protestant child ... if you take the Catholic child, that child still accepts what the priest, the chaplain, what the order says.
That child does not get any growing.
If you go to the university, then you will still leave that university unconsciously.
And this is how it goes with Protestantism, this is how it goes with other sects who have got that Western consciousness.
The Eastern child thinks differently.
Why did – we experienced that, you received those lectures – why did ancient Egypt originate?
Why did priests and people come there who wanted to get to know nature, and who wanted to accept the ‘death’?
Who wondered, as Socrates could do that: “Why am I a human being?
Why am I a mother and why are you a father?
Why are you different?”
The human being knew that, but he did not know himself.
He did not know why he would be father and mother.
And in the universe – we showed you that – all life was born as a result of fatherhood and motherhood.
Those are the Divine foundations.
We came from the universe to Gethsemane, we started to meditate and now we are faced with the moment when we prepare ourselves in order to enter those unconscious masses.
We thought, we knew for what purpose, we lay down.
Soon we will leave this piece of ground, soon we will go from the paradise.
We will have to place ourselves before Pilate, the law of this world.
We will continue and then we can surrender ourselves and say: “Do what you like with me.”
You know the problem of Golgotha, but the Golgotha in the human being, the human being does not know that.
And then we come to be faced with those universal laws, then we go from planet to planet again, which Christ did not speak about, but about which He said: “There will be some who will explain the laws of My Father and it is only then that you will get universal consciousness, happiness, a view which will explain and connect you with the spheres on the Other Side.”
You can take the seriousness of this situation that you are faced with back to the human society, your own possession.
You are faced every day with Golgotha and Gethsemane when you have to do with man and wife, your marriage, your children.
Every day it concerns the smallest things in which you can experience Golgotha and then Golgotha says: “I forbid that you insult one of my children.
Not to mention that you get hold of a weapon and shoot that child down.
That you destroy the life of God, that you close that life off and deny the life the own evolution, as a result of which delays, disharmonic worlds emerge.
And we get a piling up of souls, who have to live in a world somewhere in this space and to accept that they cannot return to the earth again, just like that.”
Now – you read that in the books – thousands and hundreds of thousands of people are waiting for a new body in order to return, in order to be father and mother again.
Being a child on earth has no meaning, but the child of the space accepts the laws that have been materialized by God.
And in the laws you will get to know yourself, in those laws you will start to experience where life is going and what the meaning is to be here.
The Golgotha problem immediately places you with both feet on the ground.
Yes indeed, then the universe asks: “What do you have to represent?
What do you live for and what do you wish to die for?”
If you want to have the certainty of being able to see later ‘beyond the coffin’, to be able to love, then I will give you a picture which we experienced from that universe in order to prepare ourselves to take the Golgotha problem in us, under our heart to awakening.
And then you are in a different position.
Then you will probably be able to bow your head.
And then you have the understanding, then you have the feeling, the knowing, and the certainty: nothing can happen to me.
During the time that Jerusalem speaks and the life of feeling from that city reaches the Spheres of Light, then the human being in the astral world reaches the own meditation.
We start to think, we become still, because it concerns our own self.
Yes, that little self.
“The human being is nothing”, people say, but the human being – we got to know – is a universal, powerful, and Divine wonder!
The human being is soul, the human being is spirit, the human being is universe, sphere, love, and justice.
You no longer need faith; when you live ‘beyond the coffin’, then you are an omniscient!
And you can only just master that law, that happiness, that personality when you go through these worlds and follow Him, of whom the Divine Self shines above everything in Mother Nature, through the space, through your society and the human being received his own spatial personality.
That means: now we come to face the truth and we no longer need to dwell upon the beginning, what the bible told you.
That the bible says: “God made the human being; and let us make people from some material, and breathe power and inspiration into those people.”
You laugh at these words, at this childish story, because you go back billions of ages, where you come to stand above your own first beginning.
And then you experience your embryonic life; that is in the waters.
That long path ...
When you come ‘beyond the coffin’, enter the spheres ... when there is hatred, disintegration, destruction, lying and cheating in you, people do not need to take care of you in order to start to speak to your life.
When you still accept the damnation for so long and do not see any space – the eternal burning in a hell, in a darkness, in a fire – then the space, then God, then the cosmic conscious being, the angels – they are masters, they are people – cannot reach you.
You must first throw that overboard, you must get rid of that.
You must begin to see the truth, to experience the truth, to analyse everything by yourself according to the material laws, the spiritual truth.
And we had to do that.
When you come ‘beyond the coffin’ and you are lucky, you cannot charge at Golgotha just like that.
You are not ready to be nailed to the cross, you are not ready for that.
You do not like that.
You must want that?
Yes indeed, there are people who shout it out: “Just hit me and hit me!”
When the Divine spark speaks to your life and day-consciousness, you receive beautiful, wonderful, inspiring feelings – but that is still not enough!
They are still not foundations.
We have seen people, we have seen millions of beings, strong personalities succumbing when Golgotha began to speak.
My point is to give you an idea this morning that is immediately in contact, in the direction of Golgotha – seen in an earthly way and experienced spiritually – so that you start to feel from ‘beyond your coffin’ your astral consciousness, which it actually concerns, for which you live, for which you serve.
And now you can say: what do I have to do with that?
And now you can curse Catholicism again, throw off Protestantism; we say again: yes, if that was not there, we would never have seen Golgotha.
There must be a beginning for the spatial awakening.
We first had to lay material foundations, the masters said.
But now you will see other foundations and they are cosmically conscious, they are universally just, they are independent.
They have been placed on earth by the God of all life for man, wife, father and mother!
These are the only problems for your society, which you have to accept and absorb into you.
Then you go from the truth to the human being and then you are faced spiritually with your fatherhood and motherhood.
Then you are faced friendly and justly with your task and then you will say: “Just hit, do what you want with me.”
What did we learn from the Christ?
That he came to the earth as a Divine Conscious being?
Could we do that?
If you experience the first, the second, the third, the fourth, the fifth, the sixth and the seventh sphere, can you then accept and absorb a Divine Conscious being into yourself?
No one can do that.
But we start to feel: he also experienced grades.
By means of the book ‘The Peoples of the Earth’ the masters gave you an idea where Christ originated.
You got to know the ‘son of God’, ‘God as spirit’ and ‘God as Father’, because you are the Divine son yourself.
The creating power represents the maternal fluid in everything.
That means: it follows the new evolution process after giving birth.
And we became that as human beings.
Because that was God when he still had to begin with his materialization, with his spatial, universal, macrocosmic becoming conscious.
If you feel this picture then you will understand once you have experienced the truth, you look through everything.
Then you start, and then you will experience the simplicity, the reality of every footstep which the Christ experienced.
And then He is also capable of accepting the cross, which the human being placed on his shoulders.
We have to – you experienced that several times – in order to experience Golgotha, we have to experience and to follow first of all the birth of the Messiah, of this Life, this becoming conscious.
Master Alcar even gave you a picture one morning how we saw the Christ there as a child of two years, experienced his awakening until the spatial, Divine came into working.
As a result of that we could see, feel, experience and accept that we people have exactly the same thoughts.
Only ... we lack that spatial, Divine consciousness, that feeling!
And now, when you want to stand before the actual laws, want to remain lying, want to meditate – can you feel? – you also come through Christ to the philosophical systems for each thought.
Because a thought is a world, represents a world of light and darkness, which Socrates and Plato and the others started with and as a result of this created a university.
But now the University of Christ which comprises this whole universe, it says: become simple, become very simple and human, if you undergo and experience and send out the love, the core, the harmony of every thought, for every law.
Because it comes down to the sending out.
Because the sending out ...
Experiencing the inner being and you do nothing, you give nothing, you say nothing, then you are a living dead!
It concerns the word that you send out.
And now we have seen that every word either ascends the universe and is light there, is life, is a path, is a pedestal, an accessible path ... can be a paradise.
You can find the life again, that thought, in a flower, in a bird, in light, life, love!
But the actual law of which the mother experienced, because she gave birth and gave space to a new life, or there would be nothing more left of the earth; there would be no more people, there would be no thoughts which could represent the spatial laws, those evolution processes were smothered, God did not place them in our hands and we had this law.
This contradictory occurrence, which the bible speaks about, and about which you can follow, can experience thousands and thousands of passages, which take you to the deformation of the human and for the human thought.
It is the being broken for this society.
It is the beating, which Christ experienced there with Pilate.
It is the execution, the torture that He had to accept by means of the unconscious of the world, the human being who has not known himself, his God, his Christ.
We go from the astral world consciously into that Pilate and then we are faced with this human being and ask him immediately: why are you putting out a hand?
Why are you violating – I asked you recently – a human being?
Why do you think that you can judge?
Why are you doing that?
He should have refused immediately.
You do not have the right ...
You can start to act the judge for society, but who tells you that you are right?
Who tells you that you give the truth to the human being, when the human being stands there and says: “Yes, your honour, and I did that and that”?
When there are faults which finish off the harmonic laws of your society in a contradictory way, then the human being has the right to teach you.
But you do not have the right to kill that human being!
Here we do not stand only for injustice, for lying and cheating, bible nonsense, ignorance, unconsciousness.
You can get out your whole dictionary and then you will be able to analyse every word according to the laws as a result of which you were born, as a result of which God manifested himself.
And they are planets, stars, people, animals, flowers, birds, Mother Nature, that is all the life of God.
Soon you will see that art, science ...
I told you that recently, we will connect everything together this morning, I showed you that art, and I showed you the science.
I showed you a psychologist, I showed you what his consciousness is like; he does not know any soul, he does not know any life, he does not know any spirit, he does not know himself.
Now we are faced with the sensing of the space.
We did something for the earth and we can let it go, because it has no meaning for the actual astral, spiritual personality.
I showed you Pilate, how this human being acted with regard to the better self.
I placed you before the situation in order to sense, because that still happens in your own time.
You are continually faced with justice and then you can make a decision.
And whether you are called Pilate now or whether you go to Golgotha, or he goes to Caiphas or he goes to a great, conscious being, the smallest insect in nature has to bow its head here.
“You must not judge”, the Divine authority said.
And this is now the danger, this is now the breaking and the falling.
I could remain standing still, weeks and weeks and months and years, and we therefore do that in order to fathom that Pilate, in order to sense, to experience the curse of ourselves, and then to kill him.
I showed you that the human being must start to learn to think in the direction of Golgotha, in the direction of Christ.
And now you can walk society.
You can experience the human being and then you can experience your husband, your mother, your father and you start to follow every word until you receive the pure colour, a foundation on which you stand, which has attunement to the harmonic laws ‘beyond the coffin’, in life after death.
Prepare yourself, because every moment you will now soon be beaten.
Is that a beating, when you receive the truth for the untruth that you possess?
The masters say in the spheres: “Why are you afraid?
We are not doing anything to you!
Are you already afraid because I will tell you the truth?”
The human being gets a fright: “What have I done again?”
“You did nothing.
You murdered, committed arson, you told lies and committed deception after deception.
You committed murder after murder and nothing happened, nothing, nothing, nothing!
You are as bad as the animal-like being in the darkness – and nothing happened, nothing.”
“But master, I forgot myself, I did this, I did that ...”
“You are now in the light, you stand in truth, you began to learn to think.
He taught us that, can you feel that?”
Now we are faced ...
What must Golgotha tell us with regard to human society?
Now we are faced with the destruction, with the beating, which you get right in your face.
And then you just have to say: here there is still a spot; here there is still a place which you can destroy.
Because that is the serving feeling.
That is the human being – you must learn that – that is the human being who will not repay evil with evil, no longer becomes angry, can no longer be angry, because then you lose the spiritual foundation, then you are deception, then you become lying, then you become destruction, then you become passion and violence.
The Christ proved that.
He could do that for Pilate.
He could do that for the king of the earth and later to the Caiphas, immediately for the spatial, social authority.
Then again for society and then to the faith, a higher grade for feeling and thinking.
And then He was faced with His sisters and brothers and then one brother killed the other one.
Then people said: “Go and crush this Rabbi.”
What happened there at those moments, you do not know, people say too little about that.
The preliminary stages which the Christ had to accept during the last days before His Crucifixion, they were awe-inspiring.
Because He proved there – the apostles had to accept that – in that He bowed for the smallest and most wrong.
What Peter said about the Christ: “I do not know that human being”, then Peter almost suffocated in the ‘poverty’, in the soulless, the terrible human part, which the apostles had to accept.
They suffocated in that poverty.
And before them stands a Divine Conscious being, the Messiah, the Christ!
Is it not true, how ...
I want to show you – and the Messiah did that, we learned that, we had to accept that – as a result of this beating, this humiliation, that sullying, that lashing, the spitting upon a Divine Child, He became the Divine one.
If the Christ had hit back then He would have been a human being, an animal-like monster.
But he goes ...
This fragile sheep, this Child lets himself be beaten, this Child lets himself be kicked, spat upon, ill-treated.
People put a crown on his head, a crown of thorns that went through his brain.
He does not mind and He accepts it.
And then John said to Peter: “Can you still understand that?
We followed a madman, a crazy person.
That Man no longer has any will, any personality, He is a lamb, you can slaughter and murder Him.”
The apostles stand there.
The apostles did not get it for nothing.
They were little children, I told you that – they were too.
They did not know that the Divine Conscious one was walking there.
Therefore, everything which the Messiah experienced and underwent there, before he went up to Golgotha, you have that in society.
Just become something, just become a lot and just become Pilate and become a judge, do art and want to possess the world.
Where does the human, Divine, spatial simplicity, cordiality, benevolence, justice remain?
Boating and everything is not there.
Spiritual possession is the embellishment of a Divine source.
They are the pearls that you receive, the diamonds, which shine.
And now every diamond and pearl is a characteristic and the apostles did not even understand that.
This is why the Christ thought: just nail Me to the cross.
They do not even understand where the simplicity lives.
They do not even understand where the first foundation must be laid in order to get that characteristic.
Because we go straight through fatherhood and motherhood, through grades of consciousness and then we just have to prove what we can do.
Now go and stand here and let yourself be beaten up, let yourself be lashed.
For what?
“For what?” you ask.
You must first know whether you can be beaten.
You must first ask within yourself: am I worth receiving that lashing?
We got that out of the Christ.
I am not ready to be beaten, in order to represent His life, in order to carry His character, His consciousness, I am not ready for that.
Pilate and Peter, John, Andrew had to accept that they are not yet ready to be able to be beaten, to be able to be broken.
A lashing, which the Christ experienced, did not mean a beating for your material garment, but it was the lashing against His personality.
People crushed His wisdom here, His consciousness and His love and that really beat Him.
When you get a beating in the street, you are walking there and you retaliate, it does not mean anything, it does not mean anything.
You must only know by which consciousness you are being beaten.
Which consciousness of the earth wants to crush you, wants to lash you?
If that is a great, powerful personality, it is worthwhile.
The Christ devoted himself for this purpose.
He did not devote himself for a human being or for nature, but for the consciousness of this world and He let himself be beaten, He let himself be spat upon and covered in mud, because He knew: I am harmonic and I will remain so.
By means of experiencing foundation upon foundation, life after life, because I became father and mother, I was able to reach the universe of God in the Divine All.
One wrong move of the finger and I will be out.
When you can experience the four, five days, the week for which Christ stood before He went up to Golgotha, then you stand here for six million centuries in order to experience all of this, it is such a great deal.
You get no end, you cannot experience an end, because every thought with regard to Him, hit and beaten, a deformation, a sullying, has spatial, universal, macrocosmic meaning.
Because every thought connects you with a new organ, new thinking, new feeling, life, light, darkness!
The human being gets a hold of this.
Why do you live?
For what purpose are you on earth?
If you feel something of it, then you will have to understand that everything on earth, wherever you are, is still Divine love.
You cannot escape it.
You have to act in everything according to the harmony as a result of which God manifested himself, as a result of which stars and planets originated.
It is becoming difficult?
It is becoming very simple.
It is oh so awe-inspiringly difficult and yet also simple.
If you go and stand here ... if you go and stand here and let the human being judge, just let him decide about your inner self, if this just refuses to do the wrong.
And then God says, then Christ says: “Continue and take up your cross and walk straight to that height there, Mount Calvary, and just let those executioners hit.”
The masters from the seventh sphere, no, those from the fourth cosmic grade, the fifth and the sixth cosmic grade, directly from the Divine All, were on earth at that time.
We still watch with millions of beings, people over Golgotha, because nothing more can be sullied.
That spiritual occurrence, this Divine climax is still here.
Society stands on top of it.
The human being does not see himself.
He stands before Pilate, he goes a bit towards the lashing, but he shakes it off him again.
He gets a beating; not by means of the executioner there in Jerusalem, but by means of your society and he does not understand it.
He does not feel it, he sets it aside.
Peoples of the earth now have proved how they did not understand, did not feel the beating, which is like the event in Jerusalem.
Peoples of the earth truly get administered a beating between 1939 and 1945.
Now people should have known which way to have to walk.
Yes indeed.
You cannot do it, because there are still lower characteristics, which are represented by the peoples of the earth.
And now one child wants to go higher up and the other child goes down, walks an animal-like path and is now powerless.
Yes indeed, you are powerless.
Peter was already powerless when he said: “Where is the Divine Spark in this Life now?”
Andrew said ...
The holy John, who is like a child, began to doubt.
Because is this Divine authority, when you are beaten, when you are kicked and lashed?
“John, you are alive anyway”, Christ could have said, but they did not understand that.
“That you are there, John, Andrew, Peter, that is everything.
By means of that you represent God as father, as mother, as universe, as sphere, as light, as life, as soul and spirit!
But for and by means of everything in love.
And what is that love, Peter?
Look what I do, I love this child.”
Did you think that the Messiah thought for one moment: Pilate, Pilate ... if I just wave then you will be gone.
Then he would have murdered this life by means of concentration and consciousness.
What another life must do by means of a dagger, by means of that lashing, the Christ could have done that by means of his thoughts.
He did not do it.
He stood there pure and unblemished and accepted that sullying.
And then the moment has come that people say: “And now upward.”
Now the Human Being is a human being!
Now the Divine Conscious being is ready.
It now comes down to: how do I experience my end?
What will I be like when these things are beaten by My flesh?
What is that?
What does it mean for a cosmically conscious being in order to be able to die for the Christ?
In order to be able to die for a human being?
How many academics did not have any Christ consciousness in them?
Did they not show because they injected themselves and had to accept the death?
That was also the Christ consciousness.
But all of that, that one path ...
The Golgotha is sung, is wept, and is prayed.
But it is becoming very simple, humanly perfectly simple, when you take the laws into your hands and say to your husband, your wife, your child: “It will happen like this and if you do not accept me, never a word again from me.”
You can sense and understand the life if you absorb the love of Him into you.
Certainly ...
Come, we will go upwards, we will take this cross, but freely!
He is free, he has nothing more to give.
He does not drag anything behind him either, He can die.
He can give himself as He wants.
For Him death by crucifixion is a mercy.
What did you make of it?
Look at those frightening portraits that were painted of the Messiah.
They have hung up the naked, dark, deformed, on the walls, but no one has yet painted His Divine consciousness.
No one sees that.
If only you had painted a space, a heaven and had put Him down there with two words underneath: “I love everything which lives”, and you would have received a Divine painting, a Divine, spatial scene which you could always look at, always.
You can experience that in the Spheres of Light.
We have become mad now that we experienced every footstep of Him.
We walked after Him.
We first go through the streets of Jerusalem.
We come across the people, the beautiful, happy laughter, the child that weeps, the child that feels what it is about.
And the child with a wild aura in its eyes; we are followed like satans.
And there He goes ...
On the way we meet someone who will help us carry; the Christ has sympathy for this child.
“Let me help you to carry.
You succumb, You have already succumbed.”
“I want to succumb”, He said.
Stay away from it – He did not even say that.
That poor child, that Joseph who takes up the cross there and helps the Christ to carry it.
I can give you ten lectures about his following lives, the poverty of which he felt.
A Christ, a human being who is conscious, does not even let the other life carry, because you want to experience those pains, those sorrows; the mother wants to experience them herself.
The man cannot even receive them, he is also too insensitive for that.
People thought that people could help the Christ.
It does not concern the Christ here, it concerns a life that is cosmic, and is Divinely conscious.
That no longer lets itself be carried, that child accepts, that life understands.
That does not let itself be denied any foundations when it comes down to it.
Because here we are faced with Divine justice.
When that child came into the Spheres of Light, then it lay weeping.
“I violated the consciousness of God.
I wanted to help God carry.”
Christ could have said: “Carry yourself, stay away from this cross.”
The Divine conscious, the human being in the spheres, in that paradise where you will soon come, he no longer lets himself be carried, he has love in everything.
Because if I let myself be carried, then you will diddle the love out of my heart and then I will have lost it.
“I will live, serve, carry, always for Myself”, Christ said that.
The human being in society wants to be carried.
Here we get the example of the truth, here we are faced with all or nothing: what do you want, where are you going?
What did that Simon want, what did that Joseph want?
“May I help you?”
The Christ looks round, He says: “Child, accept.”
Inwardly He gets a sorrow, a sorrow, which overcomes Him.
And then He succumbed again by means of that sorrow, that the human being wanted to help carry Him.
That the human being thought he could experience a Divine space.
That human being ...
That cross is a Divine space, they are the laws, and they are the planets, suns and stars.
There a human being comes and wants to take suns and planets on his shoulders in order to help carry that Divine Consciousness.
People look that Divine Conscious being in the eye.
The human being expects a small smile from the Divine Conscious being, the Messiah.
He says: “Oh, are you not pleased?”
Yes, I am pleased, because you beat My consciousness to pieces.
I have laid foundations for millions of centuries and now you make a weakling of Me again.
Christ could have said that to the man who helped Him to carry.
A woman is standing by the road and places a cloth on His face.
He has sympathy, He has love for the little mother.
He gives her His face, His feeling.
But what did people make of it?
The poverty, the sorrow which you receive – you will soon experience that – when people curse and deform your serving, your love, because another thinks: I will just do that for you, it is the fall for yourself, that is the sorrow which you get when you get the consciousness, and you finally help to carry, help and will represent the God of all life in a Sphere of Light.
What do you do as man and wife?
I hope that you will understand this, that you will learn from this that you must do everything yourself.
That you must never place your things on another, even if it is your wife, even if it is your husband, because you now possess nothing more.
You must prove for every characteristic that it is you.
We learned that, we had to accept and then we started to understand what the Christ meant to accept Golgotha, to let the Golgotha in us die.
There comes a wretched child and thinks that it is doing good to help the Messiah, to help that Rabbi there ...
Yes, you could have helped a human being, a rabbi, but not a Christ.
He knows that it is the Messiah.
In this life it is accepted: that is the Messiah, truly, it will be Him.
The doubt does it, the poverty to help to carry the life light of God.
Christ accepts it.
He looks this child in the eye, He is of course grateful for those beautiful feelings.
This child has feelings to help another life carry, to receive this life in those sorrows, in those insults.
Christ accepts it.
The masters are next to Him, the masters see and know.
The spheres are empty; millions of beings, men and women, are on earth.
They now know that that world does not get the material blow, does not undergo the material sullying and contamination, on the contrary, He gets the spiritual sullying, we see that.
Because the conscious being does not want to be carried, because then we no longer serve.
Then everything dissolves, we have nothing more.
Then we cannot accept and develop any Divine consciousness, we are then poor, human and trivial.
And that was God; that is the Messiah!
Well, we will continue.
We may not think of Him, the masters may not help Him.
Yes indeed, there are some: “Just let me do that.
You have experienced so many millions of laws.
You created the space where we are.
You made a footpath for us, built up the Spheres of Light, the flowers and nature, the birds.
You gave us light, life and love, fatherhood and motherhood and now you let yourself be beaten ...
Now, for what purpose?
For that there, that chaos, that Jerusalem Judaism, that terrible carry-on there?
Why do you not let a child from the first sphere serve there?
A child from the first sphere could have done that.”
“No”, the Messiah says, “I will do that.
I will let myself be destroyed and beaten, I will let myself be killed.
Because I am God!
I cannot let that child of mine, My brothers and sisters do that work.
I will do that!
I love that child and I will first go through that pain.
I will let myself be nailed to the cross.
I will give My blood, My life, My light.
I will do that, because I am light, am truth, possess justice.
I give My life and I will die ... for My child, for My mother, for My love, for My Divine self.”
The drama there now, when we come up ...
You become nervous, you lose yourself, you feel irritated, you walk around it.
You see it, there lies a cross and there is another one lying there and another one ...
But here in the middle, there lies a large cross.
You are standing there.
You are dressed in only a loincloth ...
You look into the eyes of your executioners and you love them!
Does not one thought enter you in order to think: my God, I want you to disappear from my sight?
Does the feeling not enter the human brain to think: go away from me?
“No”, the Messiah says, “you are needed, you are sacred in that deed.
If you hit Me then I love you, because you will accomplish a task which you will experience for thousands and thousands of centuries, by means of fatherhood, motherhood, friendship, sisterly and brotherly love.
Because, as a result of this you will see your own deformation.
Just hit Me, that dying is nothing, because I look straight into My Divine heaven, into My other eyes, I see My other personality.
You just see material here, but My actions are Divine and you will recognize me by My actions, My deeds and My words.
Not by My light, because you will not see that anyway.”
He lies down peacefully.
The flowers sing around Him, those beautiful children of nature ask: “Let me do it”, and sing to Him: “It is You.”
When nature says it, then you can also accept it.
When nature speaks to your life and you feel that love, that cordiality, that harmony, just accept it, because a happy laugh, a kiss, which received and experienced the becoming conscious straight from the heart, will tell you.
Where is the mother of Christ?
Where are they?
Peter knows it now.
Judas has already disappeared, he says: “What did I do, what did I do ...?”
That is now the cosmically conscious being, who shows his colours immediately after his fall, can bow his head and disappears into nothing.
The heavens, the spaces have respect for that, for Judas Iscariot.
He has now become a celestial in comparison with Peter, John, Andrew and the others.
Where are you, Pilate, Caiphas, in comparison with this child, which you will drag over the earth, but which knows and feels: I violated.
The only, the only soul of all the millions which followed that there, were able to experience, that child hangs itself, puts an end to its life.
This only child knew that He was the Messiah.
Not that Peter, not John, they were unconscious of spirit.
They made churches.
The holy Peter, yes, he is still lying in his grave begging and shaking and wanted to have just been able to interpret that image of Judas, but he could not do that.
Judas is now the deformed.
The Christ loved him and carried him in His arms and says: “Judas, it was you!”
Why does that cursed society always go the wrong way about that unconscious human thinking and never the good, the pure, the polite, the harmonic law of a thought, of a feeling, a deed – yes, and so on and so on – motherhood, fatherhood, light, life, love?
Judas loved his Messiah, he also recognized Him.
At the moment when he saw the heavens, the grade of life awakened in him, the grade of feeling and consciousness, and beat him down.
The sacred task of Judas, that he hung himself, had meaning for the space , because he knew: we murdered Him.
I betrayed Him, just incite me.
He did not betray Him by a kiss; he only wanted to tell Him, as also happened to you and to every human being, all those great ones on earth: now just prove what you can do.
It is always the same story, the same drama takes place.
When the ‘great ones’ stand before you, then they must prove what they can do, then they must hit out, then they must commit a betrayal.
They cannot do that!
This is why Buddha broke his neck, this is why Socrates was poisoned.
This is why you set the temple of Rudolf Steiner and Pythagoras on fire.
But you took care of yourself; diamonds and pearls, gold, emeralds, you decorated yourself with them ...
And it was taught on earth by Golgotha, by Christ, by Judas.
Is it Peter?
He would like that!
In the space it is not he, there it is Judas.
Betray everything you can, when you feel that it deforms the Divine Conscious being, that is betrayal.
For two thousand years He was betrayed and sold, they drunk His blood.
Judas does not do that, Judas began with his own blood, which drained away. He could take it back covered in mud, it went over the earth through the mud, and absorbed it into itself again, because he received new life.
The human being becomes savage and wild of consciousness, but it is sacred inspiration, feeling, thinking, understanding, sensing, wanting to serve in harmony and justice, it becomes benevolence, in order to be able to die for the own moment, one deed, one characteristic.
Just lay that down on your cross.
Kill everything in you if it crops up and wants to break the other life.
The moment is blessed if you see this, but it becomes Divinely conscious if you can accept and want to experience it ... on the cross.
There, wonderful now, nails through your hands.
What is that, what does that mean, to lie down and to hit a nail through that flesh?
Just nail me here to this foundation, if you think that you will earn heavens as a result of this.
Christ earned it; not by means of that crucifixion, but to stand here next to Pilate, to be betrayed by Caiphas, as a result of this He had His Divine consciousness.
But not as a result of that crucifixion!
Just nail yourself down and you will know it immediately.
Did you think that you would change inside?
Did you really think that Francis of Assisi changed when he jumped into a thorn bush and lashed himself ...?
André also experienced that, he let himself be hit, be lashed.
He walked round here on earth with the materialization, with the manifestations, his body is bloodied.
He says: “But I have not changed.”
Just let yourself be lashed by those people, by the executioner and society; you will not change anyway.
If one characteristic lives in you, who possesses an own head and an own personality with regard to the pure spiritual awakening and wants to take that awakening back to the earth, you will have lost it.
Then your scales go like this.
But you are here and there lies the other balance and it has no meaning.
The world sings about this moment, but you can cheer this moment, this is no longer singing.
This is why Bach wept until his tears ran dry when he returned to the Other Side.
He said: “I murdered Him.
I made a pathetic product out of Him.
I should have made something completely different out of Him.
I sang about his sorrows, but I did not see and did not feel His Divine consciousness.”
Bach still groans as a result of his singing, which you send up annually and now.
There we stand, weeping, weeping about Him there, which means nothing.
That was a law, that was a cause and effect, and that was – yes indeed – the accepting.
I told you recently, when we were in Gethsemane: during your war the people were burned with your cigarettes, gassed, chilled, tortured, lashed.
For the inner human being that is all nothing.
It means nothing when you have cancer and tuberculosis and go mad from the pain.
If you understand those pains, then you chase after those pains and then you say: it is I who wants to live and not this!
“You made yourself sick”, the Christ said and that is the truth!
Bach is standing there, returns to Golgotha and says: “My God, my God, my God, if only You had closed my mouth.
If only You had turned my heart around, if only You had sucked my blood, if only You had just driven me mad.
I sang about a leper, I experienced the sorrows of the earth and the spaces, but I had nothing of the Divine authority.
The crowing from the jungle, a snake, a crocodile, a wild animal, a hyena could do better than I could.”
That is sacred, but just look at it Divinely conscious.
Just look at it from the inner life of the Messiah, from the Golgotha, which we know, what He wanted.
It does not concern those outward spectacles, those scenes, that is nothing, it is just a side issue.
But His action, it was that!
Bach ... poor Bach ...
The master ...
André experienced the situation with Master Alcar at the moment when Bach was lying there at Golgotha.
He becomes inspired by a master from the third sphere.
He wants to interpret the life of Christ, so that the human being will experience that situation every year in order to awaken.
So that the human being will start to feel.
Can you feel?
Of course, the sounds are there, but the crucifixion goes in front.
That is what is left of His action.
Because He gave everything to you.
That crucifixion, that means nothing.
Because the Catholic church, the Protestant child says: “He gave ...
He gave you everything, he forgave you everything.
Go on, just say five Our Fathers and you will be rid of everything.”
They made a curse out of His consciousness.
Bach says: “I connected the sounds which are sent out with the jungle, because it is that soulless, that pathetic, which lies there and hangs on the cross.”
Now we are sitting, now we are shouting, we are hanging, collapse under the cross of sorrow, of pain, of contact.
We become one with those wounds.
But a human being, a few centuries ago, surrendered himself to a lion and a tiger and was ripped apart.
Can that not be compared with the event that the Messiah experienced?
Is His material death so much, now that we know that the human being was rubbed with pitch, was eaten up by the ants?
They delightfully killed the human being, skinned him; during your war it was made into lampshades.
We know that too, of course.
They killed the human being for his skin; that is more than a crucifixion.
The human being who could experience that and says: “My God, my God, what did I do that this overcomes me?” that is the conscious being!
I accept it, of course, hunger and misery mean nothing.
It only means that I am thinking, that I am feeling.
I want to be the Christ, in His thoughts, as a human being.
And by means of this you lay spiritual foundations and you can enter ‘beyond the coffin’ the Spheres of Light.
Just love the animal.
You can experience Judas, but not Peter, John, or Andrew.
Those nine others meant nothing for the Divine firmament, but Judas is a sun, moon, stars and planets at the same time.
That is Judas, because he bowed his head.
And Bach?
Bach did not want that.
Just believe that, he did not want that.
He wanted to show the Divine resurrection and people were left with a crucifixion from it.
The nothing, the actual nothing which people lay in the grave, if people had also been able to get that, then they would have slaughtered and sullied and deformed that too.
But it was gone!
Christ dematerialized himself and says: “You will stay away from that, that belongs to ‘beyond the coffin’.
Now I intervene, these are My laws.”
Now we go on the cross, we hang there, you hang there if you want to experience it.
You now hang on the cross, you have been nailed to the cross.
You open your eyes, you are grateful, you say: “Just hit, just do what you want with me.”
You feel it, that is wonderful, wonderful, those nails through your heart.
Give me a knife and I will pierce myself, if André approves; he also approves of it.
He experienced that thousands of times, you will soon see.
When ‘Jeus of Mother Crisje III’ lies in your hands, then you will see that he wanted to accept that.
He wants to be beaten and crucified every day and that is the art in your society.
You call him all kinds of things, me too, Christ too – we will never do anything to you.
If you can do that, if you can experience the analysis of one thought, one characteristic, of your fatherhood, your lordship, yes, your being a Lord, when you can take that back to the actual child – because you remain a child with regard to God and Christ – then you are a universally conscious being.
Then you are a beautiful human being.
When you want to preserve and want to keep that beautiful, then you will also know what you can devote for yourself here on earth.
And then your singing will not be nearly as false and as material and pathetic as the great Bach brought and wanted.
Now your singing becomes ...
One characteristic sings, gets spatial attunement, the violins begin, you hear the harps and now you get to experience the sound of the space by means of your characteristics.
You make a universal song yourself out of five, six, seven sounds.
And a characteristic is a sound.
Fatherhood is sound, motherhood is sound.
Justice is a beautiful sound, you feel that.
But if you enter the love as a sound and you want to start to sing about that love, then people kiss you from all the spaces, from every environment.
Then the human being on earth says: “That is wonderful and true.”
You can love that, and that also means something when you walk with it, when you sit at the table with it.
When you speak with it, then every minute, every second is a paradise.
Did we not experience that in Gethsemane?
Did I not tell you that we meditated there, did I not tell you that, when you experience the first sphere, that you begin to carry?
Then carry the characteristics, then carry your personality.
Nail each characteristic to that dead cross here, and just hit the nails in.
You do not dare to do that, you do not do it.
“You flatly refuse to do it”, people on earth say.
I am not angry ...
Bach had wanted to interpret the life of this flower, he had wanted to record the Spheres of Light in his song.
You can still find him in the first sphere, groaning, weeping.
When it is Easter then he trembles.
“Oh”, he says, “they are beginning again.
Hallelujah ...
Yes, just play that record.
It is wonderful, it is beautiful.”
He says: “They see the crucifixion there.
They have not recorded the light, they have not recorded the space, the Divine becoming conscious, they only experience my destruction.
I will go with Him.
Just let that go and be pleased and happy and give it the spatial radiation.
My task was for nothing.”
Yes, Bach, you can wait two thousand years, five hundred years, in order to be happy.
It is only then that people will understand his art.
You do not know Rembrandt either for that matter, nor Beethoven.
You do not know Mozart.
That is material understanding.
You experienced your Easter materially.
What remains of it, is only sitting down and praying.
You will not make it with praying, you cannot pray for your Golgotha.
You cannot walk around it; so, a wonderful trip to Nazareth, to sit down behind a bush and to see what the time is.
“Oh, there he is, there they are ... not for me.”
Just hide.
Now you have to, you can show your colours here.
“To show your colours”, Christ says, “for everything which you want, for everything which you are.”
Your society ... just become rich, just long for this, just long for that.
But long to remain life!
I can dwell upon this for thousands of centuries, to experience every art of the earth, every thought, the cities, the peoples, the nature, the ape man, an animal with regard to Golgotha, Bach and his art.
Society, the psychologist, the psychiatrist, the minister, your clergyman, that lies here and breaks its precious neck.
There is no longer any possession here, because there is nothing, no spiritual consciousness.
You have to take it just like that, to shovel it onto a cart and to place it beside the other destruction.
This is destruction!
“But”, Christ says ...
And that is the core, that is the foundation, what actually remains of it.
If you can already do that, you are busy anyway laying the first foundation for yourself.
Laying the first foundation to no longer violate the life of another.
If a human being says: “Thief!” then you say: “Wonderful.”
Everything, which just kills you, is the sacred assurance for the life ‘beyond the coffin’.
Everything, which just sullies you, is the acceptance of that cross.
Because when a human being says to you: “That is a dirty animal”, you must be pleased, because he who says it, is it.
Christ did not say anything.
He who says: “Look there, that thief”, yes indeed, you have it easy.
I told you, always compare it to your society.
When you see the true thief, you cannot say that it is a spiritually conscious being, then it is a thief.
But when they say to you, say to the consciousness of the first sphere and do not understand that – and the words come: you saw your prophet, but you did not recognize him – then that is for you.
Then you laugh at that destruction, then you laugh when people nail you to the cross, because the human being on earth does not understand you, does not know you, does not feel you.
It is you alone.
And then you laugh at this.
When your friend says: “Why did you insult me?
Why did you do so much to me?”
You do not even ask that anymore.
When you have been cheated for a thousand, for two thousand and for ten, then you think: I certainly needed that blow in order to awaken, in order to know and to understand how it must not be done.
But you do not follow those people.
You do not even want to hate those people, you only say: “My God, my God, why did you cheat yourself through me?
Why did you hit yourself again?
Not to the cross, but why do you hit and connect yourself to that darkness again, to that satanic, the deception of this world, the poverty, the misery?
Here you will live and die.
You will be hammered to the cross here, but you will still not be dead, you will still be alive.
In these hours now, this hour and a half, between half past ten in the morning and half past three in the afternoon, it must happen, then you put the crown on every thought.
Now you must prove whether you do not get angry.
Here, you can receive seven hours from the Messiah, from your God in order to prove that you do not get angry, in order to prove what you want.
You are now tortured for seven hours and up to the last moment you can say: “Now it is over.
Now I have proven what I want.”
And it is only then that it is the law, the way, the light in the first sphere.
You go here with all your characteristics, with your personality through the evil, therefore the wrong in you, because if you are not wrong then that will not happen.
If you have a task – understand it carefully – for the world, you come forward, then people grab you.
Make silence in you where no one knows you, these laws happen, you have to represent these worlds.
Because that is from Christ, that is the God in you!
Can you see?
During these short hours during which it must happen, you have to prove whether you are friend, are brother, are father, mother.
Here you must prove whether you love, have light, what you want.
Here you can prove whether you want to follow and can accept the earth with all that mud, or the better in you, the serving.
There, in those last moments, then you cut back the own self and it will probably say: “Eh ...”
And that screaming is no use to the Christ, you are already weak.
Then He says: “So a groan fell from your lips after all.
Yet, you were not yet conscious for those sorrows, that beating, that lashing ... which was for yourself anyway, not for me, not for society, but for yourself. Yet you succumbed for a moment.”
That was Peter!
“Before the cock crows, you will betray me three times.”
The smallest insect from Mother Nature can tell you that, because you betray it again.
Does there ... does there never come a thought in you that you can say: “This is finished.
I can compare this to Golgotha, now I have possession”?
Of course, you already proved that; you are accepted as followers of the masters, the good ones, the conscious beings, the thirsty ones.
Now prove what you can do.
This will not continue, this will not go on, that crucifying here, always climbing Golgotha.
You must begin one day.
Because the second is an eternity, a second is eternal if that second possesses spiritual light, can you feel it?
If that second accepts Bach, feels Judas, and understands Peter.
What do they now have of Peter?
Did you really think that Peter meant that as a simple fisherman, that people started to worship him in such a way that the towers of his castle almost reached the clouds and the Messiah in the Divine All?
Where does Peter wish to go?
Was it such a wonder that Adolph took a few away and razed them to the ground, in order to show them how it must be done, what Peter wants?
Go into nature instead.
What did Christ do?
Adornment, what does it mean?
Lay a new path for the Catholic church, Protestantism.
Now get to know your bible.
Now get to see your minister, your priest, your cardinal, your pope and you will know the poor of spirit.
But when the human being fights and strives for his God and he possesses the truth, then it is a wonder.
Then you have ... you can have respect for this human castle, this consciousness.
But the human being still fights at this moment for damnation and eternal burning and there they become cardinals and popes, it becomes a minister, a theologian.
Therefore they receive theology as a result of destruction.
How is that possible?
Let them just crucify themselves first and when they say: “Just come, just come, just come”, then we will at least have the Divine foundation in order to say: I sacrifice myself for the earth and mankind, for my university, for my title, for my faculty, for my mother, for my father.
Talking and thinking: and I will do this and I will do that.
What do you do?
You will feel what you do!
If you must still eat and drink from society and you are a happy person, then thank God on your bare knees that you still possess that.
And start to slowly begin to spiritualize those things, so that people in your environment can say: that is a human being.
The human being tells you whether you want to be nailed to the cross.
You no longer give ‘lip’, you no longer shrug your shoulders and you no longer smile.
For nothing more, because you know: you are smiled upon yourself.
So ...
Life becomes simple, life becomes beautiful if you understand it.
Life is wonderful, is universal, is Divine when you bring the God in you to awakening.
And it does not matter what you are, what you do.
Art no longer has any meaning, we saw it from Bach.
He crows, he shouts it out, he says: “Yes, what did I achieve now?
They lie there and weep until their tears run dry, while they must be happy.”
But you will not get them by selling blood.
Bach wanted something completely different, of course.
And you also say that.
It is eloquent that the task which he carried out goes straight to the Messiah.
He was not understood either.
But what did people, what did the earth ... what did the earth understand about it?
Give me the opportunity to charge at your concert buildings, in order to inspire the musicians.
Give me your baton in my hand and I will bring them to the spiritual awakening.
And then you will hear the sounds of the space, but now as cosmic conscious beings, as carrying beings, as fathers and mothers.
And that howling of Golgotha is of no more use to us.
This sawing is no more use to us, this is ancient, because this is material.
Because the Christ was beaten, because He was tortured, because He gave himself completely, the human being now wants to suck His blood too, to receive a mercy.
By means of Him?
Can you experience a mercy, God says, by slaughtering my Child?
Do you wish to walk around His life in order to sing about His life, to pray about it, do you wish to reach Him?
That is not a Golgotha.
You made that of it yourself, that is your possession.
That is material earthly bungling.
And that is the Messiah here?
Yes indeed.
Christ is the Divine Conscious being, the Mentor in the Divine All.
He experienced planets and stars.
He knew for what purpose He came.
He brought the sacred, Divine consciousness, which you called gospel, but means: love, awakening, evolution, understanding and sensing everything which lives, with regard to the spatial spiritualization.
And that also means: to be in a world where there is harmony, to be in a world amongst millions of sisters and brothers, in order to continue eternally.
Always further and higher in order to reach the God of all life in the All-Source and to represent Him there eternally as father and mother, in the real sense, which can only be: to feel love for everything which lives!
Let the Christ in you awaken.
I thank you for your grateful feelings this morning.