The human being and his spiritual awakening

Good morning, my sisters and brothers.
You will get ‘The human being and his spiritual awakening’ this morning.
We made a journey from the moon to other planets.
We came to the earth.
We experienced here the beginning stage of the earth, and covered a cosmic path in order to evolve, in order to spiritualize and to materialize our Divine core.
You know, the universities on earth are not yet that far advanced that people can accept this.
I explained to you – and the masters gave you the books – how the universe condensed itself.
We gave you a picture that attunes you directly and truly to the God of all life.
You see that the human being in general in society – when you experience and follow ‘The Peoples of the Earth’ – has an inferiority complex and does not know himself.
It is only when you are free – we came from the first sphere to the earth – later, then you will understand that you must represent the All-Source.
But what is All-Source, what is All-Soul, what is All-Life, All-Light, fatherhood and motherhood?
What is all of this?
We will then understand every grade and every thought that which we start to sense spiritually, and then lay the foundations for the next step, which were given to us by the macrocosmos.
There are millions of problems, which the human being can get in his hands.
Problems and revelations as a result of which you see yourself, but of which you must develop every foundation to the space and is only possible by means of fatherhood and motherhood.
When we see this space then we will soon stand before Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, ancient Egypt, British India, and Tibet.
We will soon stand where the God of all life speaks, yes, when the lips of Moses opened and he would interpret the first word, his first inspiration.
But that long path that we experienced from the silence, the loneliness with the millions who followed us, the first Human Being of which – didn’t He – entered Golgotha.
The facts that were given to us by the universe, lie deeply apart from each other.
And yet, a Divine thread runs through everything, as a result of which we will not experience the disappearing in his spaces, because the core in us always says: “To the left and now to the right, now just continue.”
I brought you to Gethsemane, I brought you to Pilate and to Caiphas and that means: to descend from the silence of the eternal, to attune to the material event.
You are faced daily, every moment you are faced with the Pilate in you, the laws of which you will experience and as a result of which your personality can prove: I will organize my life like this, I must do it like this.
Every moment, every day, every second, for every thought you are faced with a wonderful problem that is universally deep, cosmically rich, gets a shape, a personality, which possesses soul, spirit, life and fatherhood and motherhood, when you must admit: I will act like this.
Now finally showing one’s cosmic colours comes, yes, then it is not so simple to prove what you can do.
But always – I told you and I gave you the example – the walk of Christ is our path.
He is the only one who indicated how to go.
‘Beyond the coffin’ you can see how the first people completed their cycle of the earth.
A cycle, a cosmic cycle, a walk over the earth, which lasted millions of ages – no years and no centuries – before the human being could say: “I have that space in my possession.”
I gave you a picture in order to show you that the whole universe in which we live is actually placed on your hands one day and that you can say: “This work belongs to me.”
That does not get through to the human being.
You keep seeing that little creature again.
When the soul speaks, the personality wants to express itself, then you can see from the aura in the eyes how the personality feels, what the life is like.
And then you are already tortured and beaten before the word has materialized.
And you will leave that, you must stop with that, you must change and you must send yourself to the cosmos.
Because we went through Pilate and Caiphas onto the path, straight to Golgotha.
Why did Christ accept that? I told you.
Why must you go to Golgotha, what does Golgotha mean for your life.
For society, for church, for all the peoples of the earth?
There is just one!
I placed you before Buddha, before Mohammed, Ramakrishna.
You can go in and out of temples – there is just one Christ.
Because He came from the Divine All to the earth in order to bring His love, His spiritual consciousness, His Divine personality to earth.
And people called that gospel!
Mohammedan, when we now soon ...
We have been nailed to the cross here, we have accepted the death, we have experienced that deformation, underwent those assaults.
We have been spat upon, tortured and beaten, crowned with thorns, but we went and lay down ... free!
What does it matter to us?
Just destroy that body, the soul will continue as an astral personality.
But now, now we stand here, we lie down, we have been beaten and tortured.
We know: we died for something and now we must be convinced that every thought will undergo a crucifixion.
Every thought must be dematerialized by the personality.
It must get the spiritual becoming conscious and then the awakening in the human being.
And that is just for one thought; now the whole of society!
We go again over the earth, through this mankind and then we will have to establish in which grade of consciousness we have come.
How can the human being awaken?
What is spiritual awakening?
For what purpose did the Christ serve?
Why did the apostles surrender themselves?
And why are there people on earth who work themselves to death in order to take the other life of God to that awakening?
When you understand the life on earth, when you feel yourself, how awe-inspiring it is to experience contact by means of the mother with the space, then you will know that every moment God lives in your hands.
By means of the first material and spatial, spiritual contact, which you experience as father and mother, you experience a foundation of His personality.
When the All-Source began to send out her aura, her protoplasm, her lifeblood, this was the spiritualization of the God of all life.
Then the first revelations followed, which you will soon experience again ‘beyond the coffin’, as a result of this you will get your own foundation in your hands.
Then the hazes started to condense themselves, the universe became a thick mass and then the division of God came, because He made himself dissolve into myriad particles and the plan of creation for human being, animal and Mother Nature could start.
You will say: what use is it to us?
The macrocosmos, the moon and sun began to let the life grow.
And that harmony which can now be seen in the cosmos, in Mother Nature, where there are no disturbances if the human being does not interfere with that, we see those harmonic laws again on Golgotha.
The last words which the Christ spoke to the individual – but then from feeling to feeling – which stood under Him, no, in the distances, were not for society and not for the life which did not even touch Him during His life on earth.
He went straight to Gethsemane, just next to that, a bit further and He visited – which the bible knows nothing about – the Judas.
When Judas lay down there, and experienced the desperation for himself: “my God, my God, I violated His life!
I betrayed him anyway?” was this the human society in which you still live.
Christ, who underwent all of this, who felt the nails in His hands and the prick under His heart, was attuned, yes indeed, to His Divine Personality, to His awakening.
But when people elevated Him, elevated ... and people placed His life in the ground, then He calmly let himself hang in order to die, then He did not think of himself alone, but He went straight to His beloved child ... the Judas, the best whom He had.:
The Judas, who would violate himself.
But Judas did not hear Him, Judas had dissolved in his sorrow, in his thinking, in his feeling and yes indeed ...
“I can no longer help you, Judas, now you reach out your hands yourself to your wonderful self.
Why do you do that anyway?
Why are you going to make the suffering and sorrow worse?
Bow and begin a new life, make everything good.
You have not betrayed me, I know what you felt.”
When this picture for spiritual awakening enters you, then you can feel and experience the sorrows of this Judas, because he really started to show his colours and thought: I committed a betrayal.
When you come to Golgotha and you lie down there ...
You can always find millions of people of the earth there, people who have discarded their garment, their material consciousness, you therefore find the astral world watching there, in order to experience, in order to examine, in order to feel how He experienced in His extreme situation the life for the body, His soul and spirit.
The direct contact from His cross ...
From that height there on Golgotha you can see the rays, which go straight to His Judas.
Not to Peter and John, not to those who lived the closest to Him, He sought and experienced the misery, the poor child, this child which was still to awaken.
This needy being which needed it, for which He had come: in order to materialize his universal consciousness for the earth and then to be able to spiritualize it, but for which He did not get any time.
Judas is lying there.
He has a pain in him, a sorrow, which is so awe-inspiring, which cannot be compared to anything, even if you suffer from tuberculosis and leprosy.
When the sorrows of the soul come over your lips and the groaning and moaning from inside begins, then you truly undergo the Golgotha event and you are one with His life.
And you must now master that for every characteristic, because you will soon see that when we leave Golgotha, where you then come to stand, where you live, where you will see: what your sphere is like ‘beyond the coffin’.
What is the world where you will soon have to come and live?
What will you do there?
Here on Golgotha it was proved – He wanted that – that you must send every characteristic to the God of all life.
That means: you must expand your life and then you enter the spiritual awakening for the first time.
Every thought gets that space, that life, that nature, those foundations.
They are fed by the conscious personality and it is only then that you know what consciousness is.
Not only for here, but also for there, later.
I explained to you by means of the book ‘The Peoples of the Earth’ that, when Judas had killed himself, he just had the consciousness in order to look where he was.
He was not dead, he was alive.
“My God, my God, what have I started?” and then his gaze became hazy, his consciousness sunk back to something ... yes, what is that?
You can read that again in the books ‘Spiritual gifts.’
He descended into the ‘coffin’.
He descended into the tearing loose of his spirit with regard to the body and entered the world of the unconscious, the world for the birth, in order to begin a new life.
Here the Catholic Church falls.
Here thousands of proverbs, which the bible preached, fall, because Judas would be damned here eternally.
And that is not possible because this universe is not the Divine All, as I explained to you.
You continue, because a fourth, a fifth, a sixth and seventh cosmic grade originated.
Judas would make good.
He would do what the other people could do.
But now put yourself in the situation of Peter, John and the other people.
There they are ... they are sitting here ... they walked there ...
They received for months, no, for years on end they received the wisdom from their Master, their Rabbi.
He was a Human being ...
In His eyes they could have seen the Divine light and yet there is still a doubt.
When he walked and went hand in hand over the earth, that was not art.
That is very simple, when father and mother carry the child, but when we come to the independence for which we live, when we become man, mother, father, sister and brother, when the Divine, spatial authority speaks to us ... yes, then we will have to show our colours for the space, for the All-Source, the All-Soul, the All-Mother.
Then we must prove what we can do!
And then that bible stands before you.
Then you stand before Golgotha, you are crucified, you have your coffin, you have your society, you have the peoples of the earth in you, and it is chaos.
And yet ... is there love in you?
Then you will shine over all those laws, because you will be spiritually awakened.
You have yourself in your hands.
Nothing can happen, nothing.
That certainty is in you, because soon we must prove whether we possess spiritual certainty.
Whether our character can really accept all those spaces, yes, can carry, want to carry and represent.
We must prove what we can do and what we want, because the earth is only a time in order to reach that awakening.
You have received the bodies in order to evolve yourself, of which the apostles understood nothing about, had nothing, no Judas nor Peter.
Nothing in this world can represent these laws if that spiritual awakening is not there.
What must you draw from that Christ, what must you get from His life?
What did He tell, what did He mean, what did He want with all of this?
There they go, there they go ...
Society is not any different, after all, is it?
You will believe and listen.
The Peter, out of whom people made a temple, a church, weeps until his tears run dry at the moment, why people adulated his life in such a way.
“I was not able to do anything!”
The human being builds a castle without the Divine Christian foundations.
The human being must first start to think: am I true, is this pure?
He must learn to think, he must learn to feel how to get through in order to look behind those veils.
And that is for your soul, and that is for your spirit.
If you understand the image of Judas, who hangs himself and destroys himself there ... and the great Peter who walks here and says: “I did not know that human being.”
“But you were with Him?
You represented Him?
You walked with Him along the street?
We saw you.”
“That is not true”, this hypocrite says, and he not only renounced the Christ. Or did you really think that he could have renounced the Christ?
The Christ is sacrosanct!
When you have the truth, you will soon see that, then you will be sacrosanct.
But when lying and cheating, hatred, when distrust and disbelief reveal themselves in your life then you have nothing more.
Then you are less than this Peter, then you have nothing of the Judas who wants to strangle himself in order to make good.
Then you lie down and you join your hands, then you can say: “Forgive me anyway.
Just hit me!”
Because that is the meaning of it.
The Messiah let himself be beaten there, because evil means nothing ‘beyond the coffin’!
You go and calmly do your work, you go and represent society and you let yourself be snapped at and hit, tortured and lashed.
You take yourself to that other self and say: “Just beat me to death, because you cannot even reach my soul and my life and my spirit, that belongs to that there.”
The violence that we were able to experience, were allowed to see, when we saw Judas there in comparison to the walk of Christ with His apostles there in Gethsemane, where they fell asleep.
When everything was piled on top of everything, when the universe broke down, when everything was to be shattered ... then Peter and the rest of them fell asleep!
And that was to serve and that was to do something.
“You are the Peter in this society”, the Christ said.
“You represent Judas.”
When you want to elevate the space, the spiritual awakening in yourself, then you go through Peter, then you go through Judas.
Christ and God and the All-Source, they prefer it a thousand times over that you hang and destroy yourself, than that you say one word which is wrong about all this life which belongs to this society and to Mother Earth and her children.
Just murder yourself, just destroy yourself; if you take your inner life to the increased awakening, you will be the anointed ‘beyond the coffin’ and I will prove that to you.
I want to dethrone that Peter.
I want to show you Judas first, that he is still alive.
And that that Judas in you will carry out a fight for life and death for every characteristic, it is only then that you become mother and will be father.
You must first have drunk His blood and have felt that it is wrong.
You must first go and sit down there and feel that crown of thorns, then you will know that you chastise him again by means of each thought.
Just do not get a fright ...
Soon you will then want to begin yourself ‘beyond the coffin’.
It is not the intention of the space and of the Messiah to make you afraid, but to bring those examples, those laws to analysis, in order to show you how it must be done.
Being silent on earth, saying nothing and walking past the life of God, deforming one and just building up the other?
To enlarge a shape, a kingdom of heaven for yourself?
You will soon be able to see that ‘beyond the coffin’, when we leave Golgotha.
You will stand there naked and alone.
What Judas did, is not so bad, is not so terrible and not so dreadful, because it is the pure, the sacred truth.
Because God, the All-Source, immediately let Judas see: “Judas, you see, you can open your eyes, because you will continue.
You lost that life, but you will get a new one back.
You have not cheated me, Judas.
Just come from Golgotha, because I cannot be cheated.
You cannot denounce Me, Peter, you renounced yourself there.”
If you just feel that, that your husband, your wife, cannot cheat you, because they cheat themselves!
You are sacrosanct when you keep the spiritual personality in your hands.
And then the sacred, pure, spatial love speaks.
Then life in society – if I want to connect you with the earth – is a paradise.
Even if you live under the ground, then you start to understand your house, your possession, your garden, everything that you possess here on earth.
Yes, it will come that far that the despair enters you and you want to throw yourself on Mother Earth and crush her at your heart.
Then you do not kick, then you no longer shoot, and then you do not destroy the space, the life breath in which you live.
On the contrary, you start to love your footstep, because you start to say to Mother Earth: “Am I not hurting you?”
If you had seen the walk of the Christ, then it would get through to your life, then it would get through to your spiritual awakening that He kissed the earth by means of His footstep.
The apostles asked: “Why do you walk like that, Master?”
He says: “I am not walking, I am not strolling, I am floating.
And you have to master that.”
When the apostles sat together after his death then they started to analyse.
The mites were sitting there.
“We have lost Him.”
They had lost Him humanly, they did not have different words than you, these perfectly ordinary children.
They had lost their possession.
Their Master was there ... and now the Master was gone.
They saw Him experience Golgotha there, they saw Him be killed; society crushed Him to death.
They buried Him, he was no longer there.
There were still wonders ...
They had lost Him.
Those foundations, which the Christ laid, were still not enough.
If only they had followed Judas.
Later, later after so much time, months and years, yes, then Peter could say: “Just slaughter me like your pig.”
And people also slaughtered him, upside down on a ladder, so that the blood flowed straight over the street.
With a conscious personality they walked in and out of the streets, so that the world could see that Peter was slaughtered like a pig.
And he said: “And now I am happy.
Did I make good?”
Then he had spiritualized and expanded his own renouncement.
He had accepted the beating of the Messiah.
He had said to the world: “Do what you want with me.
But you cannot destroy the bubbling vitality, the enthusiasm, this wonderful inspiration which comes from the universe and from Him to me.”
Now he could say: “You beat yourself.
You beat yourself if you want to cut me with your words.”
If you sent one harsh word into the space then you attune yourself to mud and poison, to the jungle instinct, animal-like instinct.
That will soon be clear to you.
But that Judas there and that Peter there and those little apostles who could walk with the Messiah, with the highest and the most Divine Consciousness on earth, who could eat and drink with Him ...
He gave them thousands of pieces of proof.
When John said: “Master, why do you not eat?
In a fortnight, in three weeks, you have ... I have already seen the sun set and rise twenty-four times and you eat nothing.
You drink nothing.”
What did He then say?
“The food I have in Me, has been the expansion for My spirit, and that is speaking, John.”
What can John understand of this?
When he shut himself off for forty days ...
Then ... when rain came, he took two drops of water from the space and said: “One drop is the same as a life sea, isn’t it, because one spark represents worlds of spaces, rain and wind, oceans, because I am soul of His Soul and life of His Life.”
And it was like that!
The human being on earth wonders why the human being can do that.
If you receive the spiritual awakening, you will become spiritually fed.
If there is just one characteristic in you, which represents the low, the disintegration, the destruction, then you will become hungry, because now the animal in you speaks.
Yes indeed, we know that you must drive, must take care of the body.
But tell me, tell the space what you need and we will establish your personality.
We will tell what your spiritual awakening is like from your walk, from your face, from what you say and you will be lost.
The space will tell you where you must start in order to enter that Golgotha.
Just let it go, just leave it alone, let us make sure that we get away from there.
But realize well, the human being, society, the animal-like carry-on, the unconscious slaughtered Him there.
It is the human being.
He did not die for mankind; people murdered Him consciously.
And with this the consciousness of your Church, your Protestantism falls.
Luther did not need to wage any war for this purpose.
And people drink, people drink His blood.
If it becomes clear to you that you can throw all of that overboard, you will enter the naked, spiritual Golgotha!
We could give thousands of lectures in order to kneel down before Golgotha and to finally be able to say: Now we have nothing left.
We are free from earthly thoughts.
We have nothing more to do with society.
We have experienced the faith, the Catholic Church, Protestantism, Buddha, Mohammed.
We have the bible in us!
And the rest what is not true – forget about it!
And now we are faced with the last judgement – away with it!
The beginning of the earth – away with it!
The beginning of the creations – away with it!
God did not create any human being from clay and some breath of life and half a rib; we were born in the waters, world!
We were born in the waters as embryonic life and soon you will establish that.
We gradually released ourselves from the waters, Blavatsky, theosophy!
We were first human being and then the animal came and then Mother Nature.
All those spaces were received directly from God as a result of our possession.
Because the All-Source divided itself, we received these spaces in our hands and we gave birth to all the other life in this universe.
Not only animal and Mother Nature, but also planets.
You are a world wonder, a spatial self, a planet, you grow.
Let these characteristics grow, so that the spiritual awakening speaks to you.
Inspire and kneel down and pray for and drive Judas, research every characteristic ...
This is the nakedness before which you stand, the pure nature, the pure self, which must speak to you.
Experience Judas every moment in one day.
You do not need to pray for him, because you cannot pray for another.
You cannot pray for your mother, your child that must die, in order to keep it, because that is evolution.
You cannot sacrifice and clothe and decorate yourself with beautiful garments: they mean nothing when this does not speak.
When is the mother beautiful?
When does the father have the spatial, creating authority in his hands?
When he goes towards the mother in love, when he says: “Yes, my child, your thoughts are mine, your life is mine.
We enjoy the universal, spatial kiss.
We will give birth and create as the All-Mother was able to do.”
What is the All-Mother?
That All-Mother, that source lives in you, because that representation is: the human being will be as I am.
Judas got new lives.
He returned to earth as a rabbi, because he would experience Jerusalem.
He still lies there and shouts and groans and howls: “Yes, I have awakened.”
And finally, you read in ‘The Peoples of the Earth’ that everyone, each consciousness in the first sphere undergoes that, because we want to possess that; we want to be Judas.
We want to be Peter – yes, we kick him away from us twenty-four, twenty-five times.
For if you follow the thoughts, when you follow the thoughts, the feelings of this Peter, then you will be in a rage that this human being, now that he stands on the Divine foundation, sees the heart blood of the Messiah flowing and still says: “I do not know you!”
You dwell upon that and the tears run down your cheeks?
No, your soul walks away, your spirit walks away, you have nothing more, because a renouncement occurs here which is awe-inspiring, which completely beats you up; another lashing, a crucifixion is nothing compared to this.
You renounce ...
When you are beaten on the cross or you hang yourself – you also like to do it by means of a rope or you jump down from a high space – that is not as bad as that, just for a moment, you cheat on, lie to, renounce your motherhood, your fatherhood, your friend, your sister.
Yes, we are going there and then the reality will speak to us.
Then you can weep from happiness, then there will no longer be any fear.
Then you will be a human being, then you will reach inspiration.
Then you look, then you cannot get enough of those little human eyes, which represent the universe, in which the All-Source, fatherhood and motherhood are present.
You start to feel and to experience that and you know for what purpose you live.
Then you receive inspiration, drive, foundation, and knowledge.
Everything becomes wisdom, the University of Christ comes under your heart.
“Yes”, you say, “just hit me!
Just hang me, just nail me to the cross, as long as I get the ‘wings’.”
Do as that other one there, on the right hand side of Christ and say: “I do not need you.
I do not need you.”
“One day, you will be with me in paradise.”
Do you know what that means?
When you can bow your head and show your colours for everything that lives, for your being a human being, motherhood, light, life, love, personality, your Divine attunement, then you will immediately be in paradise.
Then you enter the grade of becoming conscious for your own self as you feel, as your feeling is.
But then you will have experienced thousands and millions of laws.
You will know exactly that you must not help that human being there, must not touch, that human being must do that himself.
Then you do not carry, because when you help to carry the human being, then you carry them from bad to worse, then you carry them to a darkness.
They must do it themselves.
You yourself will spiritualize and expand your Divine core; that is spiritual awakening!
And how many millions of characteristics live in you?
To give birth to a child ...
Wonderful, mother.
But if she does not understand her child, her life, her birth?
The world and the universes created by God, brought out a harshness, have spiritualized and materialized a truth, so awe-inspiring, so deep too and tremendous, from which you can only feel the laws of reality, the awe-inspiring laws of condensing and laws of growing, by means of which the planet – no triviality after all – floats around the sun and got to accept her orbit.
The human will is so awe-inspiringly deep and great, immeasurably deep in power, in becoming conscious and inspiration, that you can measure that by the orbit which the Mother Earth experiences and has to cover in this universe, every day, every second.
The human will is so strong that you get all the gravities and laws in your hands.
The human inspiration becomes so awe-inspiringly deep and conscious, the inspiration so eloquent and melodious and just, that you can weigh up all these planets and stars in your hands.
Because you are the kingdom, you are a Divine conscious being if the love speaks to you, if the love comes over your lips, if you radiate that.
If you soon come ‘beyond the coffin’ and you have left Golgotha ... we will leave Golgotha now, we will go, we will take a walk from there to the spiritual grade of life to which we belong.
Because we are soul of his Soul, spirit of his Spirit, we have to accept an astral world, we are Gods!
Do you wish to fool me and the space that the human being of this world is a Deity, who does not even know that God cannot damn?
Millions of people live here, the city consciousness to which you belong, accepts a last judgement, which I recently ridiculed for you.
How do you wish to find your prehistoric head and skeleton again, now that everything has been pulverized?
How do you wish to appear before your God soon, without an arm and without a head, squinting before Him?
That is the possession of the church, and that is the possession of millions of people.
They learned that through Christ, they experienced that by means of the crucifixion and Golgotha.
The universal moment, which we will follow, you now see that.
You are separate, you have died, and you have been nailed to that cross as a human being.
How many people have experienced a crucifixion on earth?
How many people were not tortured during your last war?
How many people were not killed?
And where did they go now?
The core of this society is now: when do I do good, when am I true, what can I do, what may I do?
When the Christ walked there and He experienced and underwent a fight with the people of the society, which kept the money, then He stood where you now live.
You must prove what you can do.
You will have to say: “I love that or this.”
Because this remains here; your castles, everything that you possess, remains behind there, you only have a crucifixion.
You are beaten and kicked, and yet that is not necessary.
That is not necessary, He did not mean that.
He gave the example, because you find that evil, that poverty, that unconsciousness, that animal-like carry-on on earth again.
Now that must also go away from the church.
People cannot pray for Him, people cannot bleed for Him.
Yes, they bleed for Him and that means, every moment they cut His organism to shreds again.
They drink His blood, they lie down there, they pray, close their eyes and drink their wine, that ‘blood of Christ’.
They get some bread crumbs, “Eat My flesh and blood.”
Yes, eat this and see and feel the truth!
Feel how your word will be with regard to those who belong to you and whose love you have absorbed into yourself.
First prove what you can do and then tell whom your inspirer is, for what purpose you live, because now we begin to walk to a world which takes us to the spiritual awakening.
And now it already begins.
We are there with millions of people, two hundred, three hundred, five hundred.
We have been released from this torture.
We are happy?
Yes, who could do that?
Who could do that?
Who was ready to accept that torture?
Who can say of himself now – there are thousands of people along, we are father and mother – who can say: “I am ready to be lashed?”
Here behind me lives theft, disintegration, and destruction.
“I flung the child in me into the space.”
That little mother does not need to experience Golgotha, she is not ready.
She is attuned to the earth.
She must free herself in the first place from destruction and the conscious disintegration.
She flung the life into the space.
She cannot go to Golgotha, because you must be free there.
That dying there has no meaning at present, because you do not earn anything by it anyway, you are just slaughtered.
You are just destroyed, materially destroyed, but the spirit, the soul, the personality has learned nothing.
Now this being must prove what it can do, as a human being, as a father, as a mother, as a sister and a brother.
But what are you now?
Can you already tell the child of God what you carry inwardly and you built up by means of love?
Because that is what happened on Golgotha.
Peter was so happy that people slaughtered him.
He said: “Just cut my heart to shreds, because I have just sullied it anyway.”
That’s it!
Which one of you, who on earth can say: “Just cut my heart to shreds”?
We always say: We devote our life.
We want to die for the Messiah.
You can nail us to the cross.
But it is more wonderful to be able to say ... to be able to remain in this chaos and to want to live in order to continue His work.
To be able to remain and to want to live is everything, is the perfect, is proving that you know what you want.
But from Golgotha we go down, first through a deep valley, together, all of us, the conscious beings.
We become silent.
We now feel the silence of Gethsemane.
There is something brewing.
One says to the other: “Why ... what do you feel?”
“I cannot feel anything.”
“Are you happy?”
“I am happy.
I cannot feel anything.”
“But can you not feel that shouting around you?
I am becoming afraid.”
Yes, here, the faults come there, now the inner possession comes.
Has this life awakened, has this life spiritual possession?
The other ones, forty, fifty, sixty, do not feel anything, they just continue.
They say: “How beautiful it is becoming, how beautiful it is becoming.”
They get the happiness from the space.
They see a wonderful garment in the space.
The flowers are starting to speak?
That is not yet possible, we do not see any flowers yet, and we do not see any waters.
We have one path, we go through a wild swamp.
We go underneath it and we crawl out of it again.
We must prove what we want.
We do not yet have any foundations.
There goes one, who has a woodland, a soft moss under his feet.
“Where did you get that?
That is false, that is mean.
We have been cheated.”
“You say that you are walking in a swamp, you say that you are drowning, that you smell a stench here?
I am walking on roses.”
“I do not understand you.”
The difference of becoming conscious shows itself as a human face, as a personality, as a human being.
You should see that little mother there.
This mother is going to change, she is already wearing a beautiful garment and I go with rags, I have no footwear.
Yes, the sacred, the silver, the golden sandals are not there.
Who will possess them?
“I deceived my mother, I deceived my father.
I am hateful, I am harsh.
I do not believe my love, I do not believe the people.”
They walk there away from Golgotha and want to go to the spiritual awakening, the first sphere?
They get stuck in that mud.
You see one there – gone!
There goes one: “Help, help me, help me!”
You cannot help them, you cannot pull them out because it is that melancholy.
That character, that spirit, is like mud.
You will probably think: get lost, I am not like that.
I will sort out my life, I will soon see what happens.
No, now it must happen!
I can say that to you.
Society laughs, just you laugh too.
Now you will have to do it, have to accept and absorb into you the cheerfulness which you must interpret, which you must spiritualize.
Every minute is an eternal possession.
Just look, just work out in yourself what is still wrong.
Just turn yourself inside out.
You have the portrayal, the scene: people and people.
If you soon leave Golgotha, you will come ‘beyond the coffin’, it is very simple in order to take care of you, in order to talk to you.
Oh, you eat from our hands, you eat from the life which knows everything, the human being who can now say: “That mud is not there, child, just come along.
I will bring you to a soft path, a wood, a rich area, wooded, planted.
I will bring you into a sphere where you will see the flowers, where the birds will sing for you, where the human being is: majestic.
There are no kings and emperors, but you will see princes and princesses of the space, by means of their consciousness.
And now a master comes, now the creator comes, now the man comes, a youth of twenty-five years, he comes to the mother and says: “Give me your hand, my dear, just follow me.
Now you can ask me questions.
Where were you?
I see it, but tell it yourself.
Be released, tell me where you were, then we will reach asking questions, then we will reach experiencing, then we will reach inspiration, then we will reach the analyses of yourself.
That character must go.”
“Yes, I was harsh.”
What is harshness?
What is growling, what is snarling, what is lying to, what is lying, deceiving and injustice, unkindness, disbelief?
That is that swamp there.
For the astral world, for Christ, for the space, for your God?
Justice, love, truth, devotion to duty?
That is a path, those are foundations on which you stand.
You can continue on it and that will take you to a very different world.
There is one amongst us who possesses the ‘wings’, who can say: “I have done everything that I could.
I made mistakes, of course, because I did not know everything.
People came to me, about whom I should have felt: they were the real ones, but I did not see through those lives.
I spat right in their faces by means of my word: go away, beggar.
I should have known whether this life was really chastised on earth.
I should have seen, I should have sensed whether this life was worth helping?”
Because you may not and you cannot help the human being, the human being must do it himself.
I will just tread on those foundations if I spoil the life which ignores Christ, which actually sullies and hits Christ again.
You cannot support the human being by means of these things.
You can only tell the human being: you have to do it like that, you will reach that spatial purity.
You will then see the spirit and then you will get to accept your beating ‘beyond the coffin’ and you continue.
And we now walk to the first sphere.
We want to go higher and higher.
We now know: we live in a space.
There we have the earth; that spiritual substance is exactly like the jungle of Mother Earth, which has been condensed.
The substance in the spirit represents the reality of the material, because God created all life in this way.
He provided it with soul, life and spirit, which are the three foundations.
The soul is the Divine core, the life is the All-Source.
And we expand that life, we spiritualize it and we materialize it.
The planets could do that.
That becomes a body, that became an organism and we bring that for ourselves back to the All-Source where we will represent Him and Her as All-Mother.
And now you will have to see how poor we people actually are.
You can say: I have the life on earth.
Just go back, but you must just accept that reality.
Just stand still in this space.
On earth you do not see that world. But you do not see that from inside either.
Parapsychology cannot yet accept this, it says: “The human being will live on earth once.”
Now you start to see that you have had millions of lives.
And now you are here, you are the father, you are the mother.
The mother lives there.
The father is there too, but where is father?
“Husband, where are you?”
The father is not there.
We have on ...
During those five minutes that we left Golgotha we have already lost two hundred people.
Those people have disappeared without trace.
The conscious being knows where they went; they dissolved on Golgotha, because they were to return to the earth.
They have to accept reincarnation, they went to the world of the unconscious.
The mother fights here as a lioness for that possession, that material carry-on, that body which means nothing, those arms and legs; but which she loved.
From inside she had nothing, it concerns that being, that being has disappeared without trace.
She stands there alone, naked, now finally on her own feet.
You should hear them screaming and shouting, fathers and mothers of the earth: “Hubby dear, hubby dear!”
Yes, then Gerrit comes, then Klaas comes and then Nico comes forward.
“And where is my husband now?
My man, the cheat.”
The first thing which she thinks is: which occurs to her and lives in her, is: “I have been cheated, the cheat has gone, he leaves me alone now!”
She never ever wishes to stand alone, they cannot live another five minutes and go on.
‘Beyond the coffin’, it is so natural and remarkable, she experiences her own feelings, as she thought and felt on earth.
He has gone.
He was never there.
He was never there on earth.
She thought that she had the core, but inside, for that spiritual awakening and that feeling, that thinking, that possession, she had nothing, nothing, nothing!
And now she has nothing either.
“I will soon see what will happen to me.
Oh, I will have a space anyway?”
Yes indeed, so large.
You have a space there in that swamp, because every characteristic is false, has been deformed, has been sullied, is unjust, is unkind.
You only choose your own kind.
That which is false and is deformed, you love that.
The truth ...
When you were told the truth on earth, then it was sidestepped.
The human being did not go into truth, because that is difficult.
Now you sit there – swamp.
Another must help you?
Yes, in order to bring you there for a moment; you will go back anyway.
We put you, the Divine authority, the Divine justice just places you back on the accessible path, on ground, so that you feel your feet.
Because God says: “You will always and for eternity and wherever you are, you will feel Me.”
The Christ brought that.
And then the master places you on an accessible path.
You feel it: thank God, I am out of it!
And now again: “Where is my husband now?
We went together, we perished and now he has gone.
He is leaving me alone!”
If you absorb that into you, that you are also really alone.
But that you will earn fatherhood, that you will master motherhood.
You will take all the qualities as characteristics to the spiritual grade, it is only then that he will stand next to you.
Then you will have ground under your feet, then you will become silent.
Then you will no longer be a human being of fifty and of sixty, then you will become a child.
The more child-like you become, the purer your inner heart speaks to the life of God in nature and the space.
Then the life speaks to your soul, your spirit, your astral, better self.
When we ... the sphere of the earth, the sphere of the earth ...
We have not yet attuned ourselves to the astral life to which your spirit has attunement.
We do not even enter there, because all those cursed characteristics, that fuss, that misery, that unwillingness, that heavy character, that destructive feeling, where that pressure which you lived under day and night on earth, for sixty, seventy, eighty years, that not wanting to understand, that belongs to the earth and not to the spirit.
You cannot even release yourself from your terrible feelings – and that would also be unjust – you just have to drag along that ballast.
But it is lying there.
You enter that eternity.
If that swamp is not intended for you, if that darkness is not for you, because there is no light, then it begins to pour with rain.
The universe, the elements tear apart.
You think that you are going mad, but you do not even become it.
You are standing alone, right in your mad life of feeling, your world.
And Golgotha taught you that.
Golgotha says: “You will love everything which lives.”
“Yes, he died for me, he took away my sins.
I went to church every morning, I went to communion and I prayed, I went to confession.
I said: I have done wrong, father, I have lied to and cheated the people.
Yes, I just violated that yesterday!”
“Just say five Our Fathers and then you will be rid of it.”
He would like that!
The reality lies there, ‘beyond the coffin’ and that is not only here, that is the same everywhere.
You go through the stinking world, you smell it.
And another says: “I do not know what you are complaining about.
I have my happiness, I feel happy; I am floating.
Someone is walking beside me, it is already becoming denser and denser.
It is remarkable.
Grandfather, grandmother, who are they?
A spirit of the light, a mother?
Who are you?
I can see your face.”
“Now I can manifest myself to you for the first time, my child.
I am your mother from five lives ago.
You come from Holland and you come from France, but we were in Italy then.
I already knew you when we started our first path, our first lives and we belonged to the jungle.
I destroyed and raped myself thousands of times.
Yes, I absorbed the earthly life into me, I went through it and finally I knew how wrong I had done.”
“And what is now the foundation, that you can speak to me?”
What made the conscious being immediately ready to ask that question: “Have you come that far?
How do you know that you now possess this?
Are you really a human being?
Come a bit further, free yourself from ...
I cannot connect to you, I cannot show myself in that misery, in those lies and that deception, in that material brutalization.
Just come forward, further, wrench yourself towards the good, towards the light, towards the soul, towards the spirit, and you will see me.”
Is that not true, did the apostles not say that, did Christ not say that on the earth: “Prepare yourself for Me and you will receive Me”?
He flung the metaphor over the earth, but you stand here in the reality of that metaphor.
Mother Nature tells it to you, your soul, your spirit, your personality says it: “Your life now belongs to this attunement.”
Now you must hear the groaning.
Good evening ...
Every human being now – it is remarkable, no, it is very natural – everyone now compares himself with the life on earth: “Why did I do that?
Why did I let myself go, let myself be seduced; I just broke myself!”
Weeks, weeks and months now pass.
There are people who have been silent towards each other for forty years now.
Now they shout: “Why?
Who broke me in such a way that I could not open my lips for forty years?
What kind of cursed feeling is that?”
Two people sit there, two Divine sparks opposite each other and have not spoken in twenty, thirty, forty years now.
They hate each other, they murder each other this week.
This inner self is twisted, deformed.
They are no longer people, they are animal-like shapes.
You would like that; an animal cannot even do that.
The jungle is happy.
Look into the beautiful face of a tiger and a lion, a hyena, those faces, those animal heads, those heads are open.
Those eyes look at you wildly.
Yes indeed, that is the attunement.
But a human being multiplies this by his deeds, by his feeling.
The human being does not believe himself.
The human being does not go into the Divine proverbs on earth, because you know your truth for that matter.
You know for that matter how you must live, you know what gentleness and love is.
You cannot be cheated and lied to by every word.
You know exactly when your wife, when your husband is really loving, you know that.
But why do you not do it yourself?
Those who can continue ...
Out of the hundred million people we arrive with two people in the first sphere, two!
Now just work out in yourself whether there are faults, whether there are characteristics which are directly attuned to the earth.
Imagine that you say: “I will see it later, I will see my eternity.”
Yes, you still live here, you have everything here, you have your body, and you have your society.
But ‘the coffin’ is there.
Thank God, Grim Reaper, people gave you that name, but you just pull away the inner life from those material systems.
We should let him live for a while.
When the Grim Reaper has gone, then the human being says: “Now, I know for that matter, I will continue and where I end up, what does that matter to me.”
It is true, you are right about that.
But that mud there, that world there stinks like a rotting corpse cannot smell and stink, because every characteristic has withered.
There are those amongst us who no longer possess a body, those are disgusting monsters.
The hands have become so bent and long; they are deformed.
They are no longer faces, they are no longer people.
The animal-like carry-on deforms itself, that is now the personality.
Are you afraid?
We are not!
That is our image in which and on which we are reflected, our personality is reflected.
We are no longer afraid of this monster, because every characteristic is a monster, is leprosy, destruction, is satanic.
We begin to put up a fight in order to enslave, to deform this life.
Every characteristic gets a dagger in its own heart.
And then the mother says to us: “Well done, husband, just murder that.
That must be destroyed.”
But the soul will live, because those millions of qualities as characteristics in the human being – we saw that, we had to accept that, we were on top of that, we lived in that – they have soul, spirit and a personality, every characteristic!
Did you not learn that?
Did you not see those people on earth, they can represent art?
That is a Mary?
Yes, as mother of Christ.
That is something which possesses ‘wings’, that is silence.
“Just sit down in this silence”, a master says, because he can still do that.
That life can rest.
And then the human being sits in the jungle of himself.
Thousands and thousands and thousands of millions of people sit in the human jungle.
Every moment people die on earth, they end up in their own jungle and they sit there.
It is raining, they are soaking wet.
But what is being soaking wet?
From inside they walk away, they do not smell anything.
They look at each other: “Yes, my husband has gone, my wife has gone.
Why did she leave me?”
Oh dear, oh dear; back to that possession, back to that human being, back to the material self.
They know nothing about God, about space, about evolution, about reincarnation.
They do not know whether that love is theirs.
That love was just received, that is just deformation, that is being deformed, that is a time which you have to make good.
You cannot make a temple out of it, you cannot live it up there; that belongs to another.
That is no longer there now, you have lost that.
You had ... you or she, you have to make good to each other and you received life for this purpose.
“Where is Hendrik, where is Johan?
Where is my wife, where is my love, where is my child?”
All of them are independences.
You will not see your children for the time being.
You see that God is unjust!”
But my dear child, earthly love means nothing.
You just loved yourself.
Did Christ not say that you will love all His life?
Or did you still doubt His words?
Those true words, which He deified, you do not like them.
You like the impure which can be drawn to you so easily, you accepted them.
But He said: “You will love all life.
You will, when you want to serve Me and want to represent Me and your father, you will go over the world and you will say My words.
You will speak as I could do that and nothing else.
Because then you will cheat yourself.
Then you will destroy more than I built up.”
You will then just go to your church again.
Just kneel down again in your Catholic church and pray and make a confession and go to communion, which all of us were able to do in these centuries after Christ.
But which we released ourselves from, because we got the reality in us.
We saw that, we experienced that, we really went to the first sphere.
One wrong quality, one characteristic, one coldness will restrain you.
There you stand.
There you stand, we cannot take you along, because that characteristic is not there, it has not yet spiritualized.
And now we go and stand with our own self on top of the dictionary of the world, on top of the bible.
And then you will feel under the soles of your feet what is true and what is untruth; because what is untruth, that pulls you down and what is true, pushes you upwards.
And now your dictionary: I am truth, I have always been true, I have never cheated a human being before, I am not envious, I am not jealous.
All my characteristics, everything which you can image is feeling, you see.
Because the human being has built up jealousy, the word jealousy and hatred, the human being got to know himself.
You now know what jealousy is, but you did not know that in the jungle.
Yes, then you saw it from the face, it gives the hatred which manifested itself, it could be seen, and you could absorb that.
Now you are faced with a social word.
That is the consciousness of your wonderful society in which you live, for which you serve, which you would give anything for, if the human being would just enjoy himself inwardly.
Art must be brutalized?
You want to achieve something and write sexual novels?
Just carry on, just serve that animal-like in the human being.
The world is looking for possession.
It flies over the earth and all of that lies in one star and you stand there, ‘beyond the coffin’.
You suddenly have to represent your spiritual personality.
Now you can bring the God in you to awakening precisely by starting to sense that earthly life and to know: good, I am still alive, I still have my hands.
I still have the possession of my husband and my wife and my children.
What must I do now?
How will I begin?
In one year you can experience thousands of centuries, in one year the human being can say about you: “Good heavens, good heavens, how you have changed.”
And now that inner self speaks.
You must spiritualize your whole dictionary, because it lies there.
How many millions of characteristics ...
Just think, sit down when you have really done your work.
Sit down, just start to think and just look at your husband, and let him look at her.
Think of the words, hear what you say yourself and whether that word is in harmony with Golgotha, with Judas, with Peter, with the Spheres of Light, which you belong to.
Just work out what you were like yesterday with regard to the human being.
Did you just bark at that human being again?
What did the Christ do?
“Can you not just watch with Me?”
Can you not feel that this is your bread, your life, and your existence?
Must that be destroyed?
Must I chase you out the door then?
“No, I must go in!”
Then bow and be grateful that you may work.
Be grateful that you are really healthy.
There are those ... (inaudible) there are those on earth who awakened by means of their illnesses.
The beating which you received between 1939 and 1945 was only in order to awaken spiritually.
It is remarkable that the peoples of the earth now receive the demonic carry-on and the satanic part of Adolph Hitler and now want to bring that to unity.
In order to protect themselves against the Satan here in the world, against Russia.
If a human being there is bad, why are you looking at them?
Why are you awakening it?
Why do you give a human being the example how you can rape the life?
Why do you bring the animal from the jungle to your society?
Now there is fear.
If you wish to experience the peoples of the earth, if you wish us to analyse them with regard to Golgotha and the first sphere, then you will see your own mask – but inwardly.
I must tell you, there is not one ready, not one, who can experience and walk that long path in order to reach the first sphere.
“The first sphere, oh, I will be there in a moment!”
You are there in a moment, you just walk through ... but a jungle just comes where you get lost.
You do not get out of it, because that whole earth – that earth is just a spark, ... but that immensity, this universe, your life and your world are so deep – is one swamp.
Here and there a little blade of grass comes up and if you look at that little blade of grass it does not radiate for another life, not for Christ and not for the All-Source either.
That is that little characteristic, you are just that yourself.
You planted yourself there.
But that flower lives for the space, for everyone.
That flower represents the kingdom of God for all the worlds.
You therefore have to make yourself a king, spiritualize yourself!
Every thought takes you to Golgotha.
And then you are beautiful, then you are true.
People love you.
Because who as a human being cannot love the Christ?
When are you beautiful as a man?
When you have the child in you.
When are you true love as a creator?
When you serve for the space and not for yourself.
When you can say: “I am universally deep and conscious.
I am ready to interpret the Christ and to represent the peoples of the earth on earth and for the space”?
If you are separated from the church and damnation, if you are separated from Protestantism, if you are separated from Luther.
Because those people still damn.
Because they walk through the streets of the city with a ‘last judgement’ and wait until the heavens start to blaze in order to call you with your naked skeleton.
Every wrong deed, if you experience and feel that, places you before the last judgement, because now you shall show your colours.
Christ meant that!
You go from the coffin.
That goes away, that rots away, that must dissolve.
You call that rotting, but it is expansion.
And you are of material and you will return to material?
No, you are soul and you will return to the All-Source and represent Me there again.
The All-Source drives and is still alive.
The maternal All-Source is still busy sending out that love, because She gets her life back again.
Is it not true?
If you give birth to the child and the child becomes mother, then the child gives birth back.
Then you see in the child what you could do yourself.
Human being, become human being, become father and mother!
Human being means that you have to represent God as a spark of Him, as light, life and love, as father and mother.
You carry that All-Source in you.
You have received the eyes in order to look.
You have received the feeling in order to feel and the lips, the mouth, the vocal cords in order to speak.
Why would you want to say hateful things by these means?
Why would you want to break everything by means of those lips?
God gave you everything.
He gave us the speech organs.
But if he had left us deaf and dumb then we would be with the people sooner, then we would be in the spheres sooner, then we would have come through those spaces sooner and back to Him.
But is that enjoyment?
God materialized and spiritualized himself by means of the revelations, by means of a tree, by means of a flower, by means of a plant, by means of a sun, by means of a moon, by means of a star, by means of hazes, by means of light and darkness.
When will we begin?
When will the human being begin to make himself luminous?
When does he give ‘wings’ to his walk?
When is he gentle?
When is he loving?
Is it not true that you collapse from happiness when the love splashes on your cheek?
Can you not feel, are you so dead then, so lifeless, are you so merciless that you want to lie to and cheat yourself?
Do you really not know as a human being that he hit you by means of a word, and she tramples on you?
Is that cancerous life of feeling, does that not go into your food and drink, when the mother comes there with a long face, her long countenance?
When her character speaks, then it does not taste good for that matter, then you eat the gall of her personality.
But the mother who says: “And”, those loving thoughts, that face, that personality, “now have a lovely meal from me, because we have earned it.”
And then she sits down and then you are one and then you have a beautiful conversation.
You follow the children and you say: “Look, they are personalities.
We know where they have come from, where they came from and we know where they are going.
We know that they gave us life before; our fathers and mothers took care of us.”
It is no longer taking care of, but it is evolution!
You attracted that life in order to later return to the earth, in order to be able to continue your evolution spatially, Divinely.
When will you love?
If the Judas in you awakens, the Judas, precisely the Judas, not the eternally damned, but the sacred Judas awakens in you, then you will be a human being, then you will bow your head, then it will be possible to talk to you, to reason with you.
Society is beautiful, your dictionary is universally deep, has been put together in an amazing way.
You have learned so much, you can make it clear to each other what you mean.
Analyse, just analyse yourself now.
Become a woman, become giving birth, become creation, become light, become life, become soul, become spirit, then you will see how you radiate.
Then the man will say tomorrow: “What is the matter with you?
How silent you are, how beautiful that is.”
“Yes, hubby dear, my darling, I have awakened spiritually.
I am starting to feel that every thought is a universe.”
Why did you start with poems, why have you started to write poetry?
Why do you say: “And I will experience the space as purity”?
Yes, with words!
“I will give shape to the space according to soul, life, spirit and light.”
Where is the light?
If a human being comes who says: “May I ask you something?” – “Go away, animal!”
The life has gone, the light has gone, the soul has gone, the spirit has been suffocated.
Go through your society and open your eyes, start to see how it should not be done.
And it is only then that you will soon be able to say: “I will climb Golgotha.
I will get a new life.
I want to accept Judas, because the betrayal in me”, first with regard to yourself, “sends my life tumbling.
I will murder those characteristics.
I want to prepare myself for the bliss, the Kingdom of God ‘beyond the coffin’, in life after death, which is not there.”
When the human being rejects you, it is you yourself.
When the human being does not understand you, then you can determine the grade of life for the human becoming conscious and then you just go left.
But when you yourself allow the gossip to manifest at your table, when you love the deception with regard to society, friends, acquaintances, fatherhood and motherhood, then you are deception.
When you accept friends who betray you to the left, to the right, above, in front of and behind you ... because you listen to that nagging, because you love that begging, that rattling, that gossip, then you are a child of death!
Because every characteristic which you then love, has no soul, no spirit, no spatial awakening, that still has to happen.
But the space sees you, Christ knows you.
The Spheres of Light cannot receive you, because you do not tolerate any spiritual awakening.
You have everything in your own hands, yourself, your Deity.
You are a part of His life, of His light.
You are father and mother.
You are a Divine personality in the human grade of life, that is the life on earth.
But soon you will be: astral light, astral life, astral feeling, astral love and it has everything.
It bows, it loves, it serves.
Everyone serves for himself.
The human being absorbs into himself: I will serve.
And if you both start to serve, life on earth is a paradise.
Then you experience the Kingdom of God, for which the Messiah gave His life.
Where He came from, that is the Divine All.
Cling to His life, to His word, to His feeling and you will be eternally sure.
Nothing can happen to you.
You no longer have any fear for death, because we gave you the books of His life.
You are a great, conscious ‘winged one’.
I thank you.