The soul as astral personality.

Good morning, my sisters and brothers.
You will get ‘The soul as astral personality’ this morning with regard to your life here and your other side.
The ten, twelve lectures which you experienced, the books ‘A View into the Hereafter’, ‘The Peoples of the Earth’, ‘The Origin of the Universe’, ‘The Cycle of the Soul’, gave you an idea of what the human being will be like ‘beyond the coffin’.
Ancient Egypt began to lay foundations for the soul as astral personality.
The metaphysical teachings laid foundations: China, Japan, and British India.
Your society, the psychologist, the parapsychologist, he does not know that the soul has lived on earth several times.
By means of those books, by means of the lectures you have finally got an idea, which you can accept.
By means of the lectures, which we now experienced together, I gave you an idea that the human being, that everything from the universe was born by means of the All-Source, which is life, light, fatherhood and motherhood, soul and spirit.
The astronomers assume that the beginning originated because the aura in the universe condensed itself; you can accept that.
When the academics are soon that far that they must also accept the soul ‘beyond the coffin’ as an astral personality, then you will feel, then this society, mankind, will be faced with a new becoming conscious.
And that becoming conscious will then be called the Kingdom of God or the thousand-year reign.
I will not go into what all of this means this morning, because I want to give you an idea, and I want to continue with the lecture where we recently stopped, and that was that the human being, all of you, become free behind ‘the coffin’; and now you have to accept what you are like.
What did you do on earth?
I want to give you an idea that the society in which you live is only temporary consciousness.
Everything, which you do on earth, remains here; they are borrowed goods.
There is nothing, absolutely nothing which you can take with you as material.
I must make it clear to you by means of which you can awaken and by means of which the human being receives inspiration, by means of which you can lay foundations for the soul, your spiritual personality.
When we experience that and when that is absorbed by you and is understood, we have come a step further.
I showed you those flashes several times, gave you an idea, showed you a scene, as a result of which we can receive the people ‘beyond the coffin’ and which then will speak.
We recently determined ...
André asks me: “What did you do during those nine centuries, when you were busy experiencing your becoming conscious on earth?”
You heard this recently.
I thank you for that beautiful lecture, my child, you were really inspired. (On 14st of May 1950, Mr A. van Otterloo gave a lecture by means of a scenario written by him based on the book ‘The Cycle of the Soul’.)
You heard how we put an end to our lives.
Murder, manslaughter and violence took place in our own consciousness.
Later, when reincarnation comes, you see, then you are faced with the life of feeling and you refuse.
You let yourself be beaten.
You can only love the human being, Christ proved that.
I brought you from the All-Source through the space, from planet to planet, far away from home and yet nearby, I brought you to the earth.
We began in the prehistoric age and in the beginning, the first footstep, which we had to make on this long path, this universal, macrocosmic foundation.
We placed ...
By means of the bodies, by means of the lives that we received, we experienced this space.
You are space.
The human being feels inferior – the human being is space!
You have already conquered this universe when you will soon have completed your cycle of the earth.
What does all of that mean?
If you can talk society out of, can inspire in this way ...
The university ... what is society?
That is the intellect, the power of feeling, the personality of your universities.
The universities – I told you – give an idea of how this mankind now thinks and feels.
The university talks about justice, the university is now still faith.
You received doctors, you have astronomers, and the knowledge of the human being is tuned into the universe.
The human being is busy getting to know the Divine creations and that is now becoming science.
You must be able to sense as a result of this that society, that your university is still materially socially conscious and means: people still know nothing about soul, spirit and life, nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing!
The metaphysical teachings go around it.
You got to know ancient Egypt.
You saw the temples – temples live on earth – where people live who wondered – you saw that again as a result of the books ‘Spiritual Gifts’, ‘Between life and death’ about ancient Egypt, the temple of Isis, of Ra, of Ré – as a result of which the human being traced a path around science, the metaphysical teachings, built up a foundation, attracted a temple, as a result of which he got to know himself.
These are the small foundations, the small images, the short little paths which take us to that one, which – as I said – goes through the universe and will soon begin again ‘beyond the coffin’, if the human being, if the life, if the personality becomes free from the material systems.
What will begin now?
We were in Gethsemane, we were there in order to meditate, and we came to Pilate.
Therefore from the universe ...
We were in the Universe one morning, I brought you into the Divine All with a conscious purpose, because I now want to explain to you who you are.
You already know a bit about what will happen, what will occur.
We came from the All-Source, the conscious therefore Divine, human All, where people now live who have reached the All-Consciousness.
Christ came from there to the earth in order to bring his Divine consciousness, which you call gospel.
We also came from the Divine All to the earth, we followed the Messiah – He is the first conscious life – and of course we had to accept Gethsemane.
What is Gethsemane now for the soul as an astral personality?
In order to explain this to you scientifically, spiritually-scientifically, I would need ten books, a hundred, because then we must first follow every grade of life – later, that is the cosmology – follow those condensings, how those divisions came about through God and how those creations began.
Then we will first get the journey through space for the universe.
For the universe we get life and death, fatherhood and motherhood for everything, light, life, becoming conscious.
We then go through the grades of life, because the All-Source is All-Mother, because the creating and giving birth was maternally inspired.
That universe was filled because a power came, a thinking, a feeling.
As hazes those powers condensed and then this eternity was filled.
That power manifested itself later as clouds, a golden radiance came, therefore light came from that darkness and then this wonderful garment ripped apart, which is Divine Spirit, and the division came about.
Then the planets began, then fatherhood and motherhood for the universe began, can you see?
In order to explain that to you I told you: read ‘The Origin of the Universe’, then I can take care of you, then I can elevate you into those first births for the macrocosmos.
But the macrocosmos created the microcosmos and we are that, that is the flower, and that is the life on earth.
Mother Earth as macrocosmic mother created the embryonic existence: the human being, the animal, and nature.
And you will have to master those laws as a human being!
Now ...
When we – we experienced that – when we live in nature, when you enter the East and you see there an initiated, that man, that life, this soul, this spirit, this personality has freed himself from the material, freed himself from society.
And now that life can give itself completely.
The more you now become in society, the more difficult it becomes, doesn’t it?
Because Ramakrishna sat down there, Buddha put everything aside and said: “I no longer wish to possess it, because it would just disturb me.
It is only lack.”
Why did Buddha and why did those great ones, those conscious beings, put aside the material things?
Why would those people no longer be able to act the judge?
They did not want anything more to do with the earthly, the earthly thinking and feeling.
And they felt that well, because every possession of the earth is now a disturbance.
The more possessions you now have in society – I will show you that, I will explain that to you, because we will soon take that walk – the more difficult it will become for you, because you now drag all of that along with you.
Now you come from society.
I asked you: what are you, what do you want?
What do you want to achieve here?
Do you have money, do you have gold, and do you have possessions?
That is wonderful, if you have achieved and can understand that.
God has – I also explained to you – created a paradise situation for every human being.
But where does that paradise lie?
Society does not have it; you can only get it in nature.
God thought – Christ said that – God thought and Christ felt that: the paradise is in you, and that is now true!
Ramakrishna, Buddha, the great ones from the temples felt that, because they wanted nothing to do with that society and everything that lives on earth.
And what does the human being in society do now?
What are you now with regard to your spiritual personality as soul?
André keeps giving you the images as a result of which he says: “Look, the human being is the Divine spark.”
But what is a spark?
You are that as body, you received arms and legs and eyes, a mouth in order to speak.
You only have, you have ...
God did not give you that mouth in order to speak.
Buddha also felt that and the others felt that.
Ramakrishna said: “If I say very little, I speak more and I say more than if I materialize my word.
To be silent ... if I am silent I reach the unity for the spatial life of feeling, with everything created by the God of all life.
It now appears that my silence is meaningful, even more meaningful than the word which you receive.”
But society has obscured everything.
Christ only came in order to open you.
If He had sat down on earth and He had remained sitting there for his thirty-three, thirty-four or sixty years, according to your time and He had remained silent, but He had sent out his powers, then He would have achieved more than now ...
Is that true?
Can you analyse the universe by means of silence and saying nothing?
God gave you a mouth in order to breathe, but not to say ugly, hateful, disintegrating, destructive, unjust things about His life.
The human being uses his lips in order to say something, and what you now hear in society, that is nothing else but hatred, disintegration and destruction.
You almost do not hear high thinking, universal thinking and feeling, just pay attention.
“The fifth word which comes is always destructive, or it is completely off the mark”, André would say as Jeus.
In order to learn that and to now prove that – I told you – everything which society built up has material.
And that material, even if you are an academic, that remains here.
‘Beyond the coffin’ you are only just a spark of life, no more.
But you are everything, because God manifested himself.
I will not return there now, otherwise just read the books ‘The Origin of the Universe’, ‘A View into the Hereafter’, ‘The Peoples of the Earth’, ‘The Cycle of the Soul’.
God as All-Source got to experience those laws of growing.
They are the grades of life for every characteristic, each and every thought.
When God manifested himself – that is Mother Nature, you see that now, that has become material, they have become flowers, have become people and animals, spaces, planets, stars and suns – all of that is still feeling, only feeling!
Science – I gave you the proof – has that planet there, which is dying ... which people call moon, but that is not a moon.
Who has that word ... did God create that word?
The human being says here on earth: “You are damned if you do such and such.”
Did God create the word damnation?
It is not possible!
Yes, the bible says – they are ‘The Peoples of the Earth’, you can read that there: “Yes, we will make people.
God has begun.”
But who was God, who is God?
God is feeling, God is spirit.
And when the human being, the Catholic child stands before God as spirit, then they see a human being again with a beard of twenty-four metres, fifty metres, or two thousand metres long!
Then a human being stands there again who speaks, the Lord, but God never spoke.
God is life. God spiritualized and materialized himself by means of the grades of life and the laws of growing.
You are a Deity.
Every spark represents Him, Her, as father and mother.
The planets are macrocosmic sparks, therefore with laws, with light, with life, with soul, with spirit, with fatherhood especially and motherhood.
Therefore the smallest spark has attunement to the All-Source, that is the All-Mother.
Ramakrishna therefore said: “Mother, mother, inspire me!”
Ramakrishna and the absolute saints – that means the human being, the conscious ones – they kneel down, they do not see any badness.
For an initiated there is no destruction, no badness.
Sins ...?
That is evolution!
Should you murder that child in the jungle, which breaks and murders and eats another human being there, should you then murder that child, because the child does not know any better than that this is food and drink?
That is animal-like, pre-animal-like consciousness, but that is a Divine spark, that is a Deity.
And when you now soon experience and can accept the cosmology of your life, your thinking and feeling, then I will make a Deity of you.
And then just say to your mother and father: “Get lost, I want nothing to do with you.
Then you should have done it like that”, then you throw away and trample your Divine core, your Divine attunement!
Now work out for yourself, now that we are here: who are you now, what do you want?
Become a judge, become a doctor, become an academic, become a king, become an emperor, queen ...
The higher – that appears now – you climb the social ladder, the more dangerous it becomes for your personality, because you connect yourself with something which has no spiritual attunement.
Now the philosophers are busy getting the spiritual grade out of a thought, as a result of which people and for which people poisoned Socrates.
He had to drink a goblet with poison because he said beautiful things.
People locked Galilei up, the Church locked Galilei up.
And that Pope said: “No”, and then he cursed God here and there, he became angry, “the sun revolves around the earth and not the earth around the sun.
Now ... and lock that man up!”
And Galilei sat there in the dungeon of the Vatican.
The Church tied thousands of souls to the stake, always when that child of God wanted to reveal himself and said a beautiful poem, a spiritual poem.
Then that child had go to the stake, because the child went outside the order and then that child was killed.
“Yes, there were only ten.”
The Catholic Church says: “There were only ten people and there were also two simpletons amongst them.”
But it was ten million, ... church!
As a result of those things you will get the idea that it should not be like that, that it is not really possible.
How can God damn himself, himself for goodness sake – you are God – how can he damn and let that burn?
There is no fire, the books ‘A View into the Hereafter’ tell you that now.
What kinds of books are they which break you loose from that selfishness, from those inferiority complexes, and which give you a spatial look at your own life?
Yes, if you do not wish to accept your Divine core, then just live it up.
You will make it, in ten thousand years’ time, in a hundred thousand years’ time you will have to begin with it anyway.
You can wait, you can say: “I will see it soon.
Oh, what does it matter to me, why should I make a fuss about those things now?
What do I have to do with that space and those planets?”
But you are a planet and you are a sun!
“Yes, but I am just an ordinary human being, I cannot think yet.”
No, the feeling is still not there!
And in this way we see now that there are people who yearn and yearn and cannot get enough.
Because their Divine core for the human grade of life is awakening.
Those people start to yearn and now they see: if I do wrong I will be poor.
‘The Peoples of the Earth’ tell you that again.
The first human being who had completed the cycle of the earth, stood there, lived it up, descended into the human being; of course, the sun had gone, they lived, they shouted, they called for help.
Then the human being started to think.
I was able to give you a clear picture in ‘The Peoples of the Earth’ how those people still lived on earth by means of the own grade of life, they could connect themselves and then they descended into those people.
The father descended in the mother, and the mother in the mother, the woman in the woman.
They reached unity, they became feeling; they were feeling ... life.
And that life as an astral personality received connection and then those eyes – that day-consciousness, those are the human eyes, that is the day-consciousness – by means of that they could see and then those bars started disappeared, that darkness dissolved and they saw in the material again.
I told you then and that is very simple: the psychologist comes to you, arrives here walking and walks past here just like that; he does not see and hear anything.
He says to his friend: “What were those people talking about a moment ago?
Was it about insanity?
Huh, that is not possible!
Yes, it is there, but what is it actually?”
Then all of mankind, in so far as the human being could be reached, was possessed.
There was a time on earth – I told you that and explained that by means of ‘The Peoples of the Earth’ – then the third and the fourth grades were possessed, therefore as an organism. You feel, the third and the fourth grades go to society.
That was already the highest consciousness which already lived in Egypt and there were kings, emperors and pharaohs there.
Those other grades still lived in the jungle.
Those people who returned there, sought their own grade of life, their neighbourhood where they had lived, because the feeling, the thinking, now received that unity by means of material.
And that became insanity, possession.
The human being experienced his unity.
I even wrote, I told you: children were born as a result of the astral human will.
Is that not possible?
Yes, in the cosmology and a while later – I touched upon that – we said: that is not possible, because that soul is born, but okay, by means of the earth human being, isn’t it?
He has the right, because the mother must give birth; that life will have to grow and condense itself in the mother.
But the astral personality lived in that mother and also experienced that process.
And that is the most wonderful thing for the birth, in order to get to know that, then you will know it immediately.
And because of that those four grades, millions of people were completely possessed during that time.
They lived, they felt strong, but in these auras – which one of you say that you are completely free – the astral personality lived in these lives, in this aura.
You feel, that is unconsciousness, because for the Divine laws and the spiritual harmony it is now called and it is now: remain in harmony.
That is independence and you must stay away from that independence!
So you are already wrong when you connect yourself with a human being.
A spiritually conscious personality from the first sphere no longer does that either.
Only in order to serve, in order to bring something beautiful, the knowledge, the inspiration from the space, from his own life, from his sphere where he lives.
That is the human being, that is the man, and that is the woman.
By means of this ancient Egypt came into being, the temples were born, because we went – there was still no faith – the masters went around the human being immediately to the soul, the life and the spirit, and in this way that culture was born for ancient Egypt.
Unfortunately, I must bring forward these pictures, if you wish to get a clear picture soon of what will happen to you when we leave that swamp in which we lived here recently.
And now we are faced with the human characteristics which we must conquer.
Now you will probably laugh, you will probably shrug your shoulders if you are an academic and you touch that.
You have God, you pray, you have done nothing else but a study, given your life, devoted your personality for: become, for example, a minister, become a clergyman, become a bishop, become a cardinal, become a pope.
What are you now?
Now you come to the other side – I explained that to you, I give you those pictures – and now we must take that away from you, because the creation is different.
God did not create any people by means of some clay and breath of life.
He did not take a rib from Adam or from Eve – it does not matter, it is a story – in order to create new life; we were embryonic.
Finally an academic is that far, the biologist is already that far that he says: “Yes, life begins in the waters.”
But they are not so sure whether the human being lived in the waters.
And now imagine that that is true and soon the biologist, the university can teach you. “Yes, my child, follower, student, you will get the first lectures this morning.
We must return.”
Soon, in ten thousand years’ time you will come to the university.
Then you will become an astronomer, no, then you will be an astronomer, you will be a minister, you will be a professor, you will not be ... – medics, that is separate, the doctor, the internist continues to walk his own path.
But you will become a doctor, you will become an astronomer.
The astrologist has no meaning, you will never get to know him on earth.
But be angry again, that also happened here ...
The astronomer, you are a clergyman, minister, bishop, you can learn everything, but it becomes a psychologist, parapsychologist.
You will get all the spiritual orders, the faculties in one hand.
That will become an academic in ten thousand years’ time.
And now the professor begins: “Yes, ten thousand years ago, twenty thousand years ago – what is it, they are twenty minutes, twenty seconds – then we also learned that God could damn mankind.
But how we lived in such an unconscious ...
There is evolution, student, and you will feel, how we lived in that evolution, in that darkness.
We continued and finally we came so far that we had to accept that – and especially now, now that we possess contact with the masters – that we had to accept that we began in the embryonic life, and that was the moon.
That was not the ‘moon’, my audience, but that was the first cosmic grade of life for the space.
We begin from the first cosmic grade until this far.”
Can you see?
Now the academic comes that far, during this time, that he says: “Yes ...”
A professor ... what is a professor, what is a doctor, when are you that? What are you if you are a minister?
Now ...
I will prove it to you: we do not break those lives.
That human being, that minister learns, he must learn for a long time in order to learn that bible.
He learns about a human history, he knows all about Jacob, Moses and Isaac.
But not when Moses began to dream and when Isaac slapped Jacob right in his face, that minister knew nothing about it today.
He does not know how Moses dreamt, he does not know that.
But I am following those lives, because it started like that.
“Yes”, he says, and now he remains in the same position.
He must go back; he can begin with Moses, but he must go back, because the bible begins with that and that and that.
“Let us make light, let us make life, let us make people.”
The minister accepts that, he believes: that is Divine truth.
And now it appears, when he looks ‘beyond the coffin’, it appears that the creations were already finished for millions, billions of centuries, ages, billions of ages, the Divine Source had materialized, the people were already there, nature was finished and then the bible began.
Now the bible begins to talk about God, about a creation, about everything.
That is the minister who comes with all of this from his university on the other side, also the theologian of the Catholic Church and now the word resounds: “I thank you for everything.”
Minister, go and sit down and we will show you the space.
You can ...
That damnation quickly away from you, because damnation does not exist!
You brought the people back to God, you prayed, really.
Now we will go and see what you have achieved by means of that praying.
You kneeled, you spoke beautifully, you let the people sing sweetly.
Always those beautiful songs, but do you not see that they did not come any higher than the sphere of your earth?
Because that singing, where can we find that?
What does your song have to do with and where does that attunement live?
Does the universe sing?
Can you experience anything by means of God, can you attract something by means of your singing?
You see, minister, you see, priest, you created sphere, you are in ecstasy ... that is not the word, you have entered into meditation in order to attune yourself to the higher plan of creation and then you started to sing.
You involved a beautiful organ, you hum nicely.
You can hum nicely, you can ... you sang so that they could hear it in Cologne and in Paris.
Oh, they sung there too.
And that feeling and those songs went higher and higher, but they did not come any higher than the roof of your house, because they really had no meaning.
Minister, you spoke about damnation.
“Yes, then you should not have committed any sins.”
But you see, there is no fire here.
Accept this now, because there is no fire.
The human being, Hitler and Goebbels and all the demons which you knew on earth, they are living now in the seventh sphere and they are now in the Divine All. (Master Zelanus means here that the human being who lived in a ‘beastly’ way in the prehistoric age has now evolved to the seventh sphere or even to the Divine All. In order to make it clear to his audience which grade of animal-like behaviour he means, he uses Hitler and Goebbels as examples from recent times. The masters now indicate about Hitler that he now lies in a dark sphere (the valley of sorrows) and will only reincarnate again on earth in thousands of years in order to make good his karma. By means of this comparison Master Zelanus emphasises that finally every soul will reach the Divine All and that damnation does not exist.)
The prehistoric animal-like being, which lived there and during that time, now represents the Divine All, Minister.
And about the bible he knew nothing, he did not know any God and he did not know any Christ, he had nothing!
He had no society, he had no light.
That brutal animal as a human being, sat and lived in the jungles, was a marsh child, and had nothing.
And that life lives now in the Divine All and is Christ.
Can you not accept it?
You are here ‘beyond the coffin’, here our word is law!
Are you not listening?
Gosh, Minister, you have already disappeared from my eyes – gone Minister!
The Minister says: “That is not possible for that matter, because the bible says ...”
No bible exists here, Minister.
That bible, that is for the earth.
Here you experience the Divine law and that is the soul as the spiritual astral personality.
That is what you are now.
You have eyes and you have a mouth, you received your hands, but you do not know how you progress.
Come on, we will teach you to walk.
And that does not happen just like that ...
He does not know what to do with those legs.
Yes, walking on earth, he had support there.
But we have no support, there is no becoming conscious, there are no foundations.
The minister cannot walk, the minister does not know where he should start, because the minister does not have any wisdom of life.
He had only the scripture.
How can it be ...
Yes, Minister, now you did good things there, you brought the human being to God.
And you gave her, you gave that poor human being who sat there in front of your door, Minister, who lay down like that in the evening in front of your door and remained lying there, you called her in and you gave her a warm bed there, Minister, and that is now your foundation!
You gave that child fifteen cents, Minister, in order to buy a loaf of bread.
That is now here, otherwise, you would not have any grounds.
We know ministers, Minister, who live in the land of hatred, who not only sullied themselves, but the world and the space too.
And they live there, we will not even visit them.
But you still have possession as a result of the few true things, which you told – therefore, round the religion, round the bible!
You have nothing of the bible, but the human thoughts and the feelings, which you inspired with pure feeling, which therefore now represent justice, benevolence, trust, sisterly and brotherly love, Minister, those are now the foundations.
That is material, and that is living substance on which you stand, otherwise you would live over there.
Come on, Professor, now it is your turn.
“I have that and that grade!”
Yes, your medals are already lying on earth, they have no meaning here.
Someone with a cross of valour comes: “Where are my medals?”
The first thing, which the professor asks: “Where did my title and my high hat get to?”
Yes, that is no longer there, you are naked here.
What you are wearing, that is a cloth.
That cloth and that garment ...
You are not naked, professor, cardinal, judge, ordinary people of the earth, you are not naked, but the garment which you have, there are holes in it, it is dark, there is not one spot of light to be seen.
Yes, a light shimmer comes, Professor.
And is it not remarkable, academic, this garment is precisely attuned to the sphere underneath here, under the first sphere, there is the Land of Twilight.
Your garment begins to shimmer, but there is no light.
Your eyes have no light, your hands are twisted, fat, bluish, green, not a normal colour.
Your face looks bluish, shining greenish, your eyes are wild, they are bulging, you have thick lips.
You are clumsy, bent.
You have feet, which are two metres long, you cannot stand in front and you cannot stand behind.
You have no more movement, because you know nothing about Divine working!
If you are Divine working, then you have the movement in order to go.
God gave you legs and feet in order to stand and hands in order to serve, in order to pray.
But not hands in order to strangle, in order to deform His life, God did not give you that!
God gave you a mouth, God gave you the breathing organs, but not in order to damn and to curse the life, professor, pope, minister!
Everything now from your university – you will soon have to accept, just become learned and just become a professor for theology – people must take that away from you, because that no longer has any existence, you just echo someone else, but you yourself have nothing, nothing, nothing.
“God is love and the Christ came.
He says: ‘And I will forgive your sins.’ ”
Yes, you would like that!
What is forgiving you?
You will have to earn it!
How do you wish to represent this space?
We must first take that bible, those dogmatic institutions, attunements, foundations away from you, academic, if you wish to be a naked life, as the flower shines on earth, as the life is here, as the universe was created.
What is your spiritual personality?
You are darkness, you have nothing, you are distorted.
It is true, the human being who comes to the Other Side has movement, is working.
You see those personalities going, that lives, that is beautiful, that is a living consciousness.
Everything lives in this human being.
The eyes radiate light, beautiful lips, beautiful hands, fine, spiritually conscious, they are sculptures!
Look at these organisms ...
Yes, because we will be like the Messiah, we will be like God and God created the human being as His image.
The human being represents Him by means of all these worlds and spaces, fatherhood and motherhood, animal, life, flower, plant.
He has only the bible, he has only a story of Moses, Isaac and Jacob, the House of Israel.
“And then the Lord said ...”
Yes, then Noah revolted against God and then God had to interfere with three barrels of cognac.
That happened, the human being writes that down in the bible: Noah had to do that and that and that.
Noah had to take on his animals, he had to go there, because the world would perish.
God destroyed Himself; because we, as human beings, the life in nature, the space, sun, moon and stars, those are sparks of God, that is God Himself, Himself.
That is He.
That is His life, His love, His purity, His harmony, His fatherhood, His motherhood, His personality!
That is the soul of God as the spiritual personality and now here on earth as material, as human being, as animal, as flower!
As bible?
As God ... as a theologian?
God does not know any theologian, because when the human being cannot experience that life, not a flower, not a human being, when the human being ignores His Divine laws – for example, your priestly consciousness, the clergyman – as a mother just becomes a nun, and holy and chaste, and you will now be walking next to creation!
You will have nothing anymore, nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing, now you will be completely out of it!
You are next to it, you have released yourself from the Divine, spiritual and materialized harmony.
You are now only ‘sacred’ as a human being on earth, but now you have nothing anymore, you are dying off.
That is now the whole Catholic Church.
Yes, the only thing which there is also and will come, is: become good, do this, do the best, bow your head!
Yes, but do you do it yourself?
Good, the words come to you: bow, and you must love.
Wonderful, that is now the only thing which can be a foundation for your universal progress, we, millions of children of God, as Deities, as sparks of His life had to accept that.
And now you are on the Other Side.
You are a painter, you are an artist, so great and so wonderful.
But do you not feel, when you are gifted, Beethoven, Bach, Mozart, Titian, Van Dyck ...
“Do you not feel then”, Master Alcar says to André ...
When he had to experience the universe and when he, André, could almost no longer do it and said: “I will dissolve, I will burst apart on earth, how can I deal with that?
How did you live then?” Then, Master Alcar said: “I was a painter, but not an apostle.
And what I brought to earth has nothing to do with the space.
If I convince a human being of eternal life and the God, the Father of love who does not damn, I will have achieved more than all my wonderful ‘oils’!”
It is true, because that remains on earth.
Master Alcar said: “Look, they are now selling the paintings for millions and the human being ... I have brought the human being that far in order to steal those things.
And there are people imprisoned, there are people locked up as a result of my art.
But we must – God created all life, God brought everything to spiritualization and materialization – we must live in His harmony and then you will no longer paint, because then you know: there is also an unconscious one who really wants to possess that art and closes himself off for years in a prison, therefore I bring disorder.
I brought disorder as a result of my art.”
“Thank God”, Bach, Beethoven and Mozart said, “that they can only interpret that art of ours and then it flies back to the space.”
But just materialize the Divine feelings here on earth and hang them on a wall and the human being likes them and he steals them away – and you have created disharmony.
This is why a master from the first, the second and the seventh spheres says: “We no longer paint for the earth, because the earth, the human being there, does not understand our art.”
You can look at it, it is a possession, it is a beautiful form of art, of feeling, of soul, of spirit.
But it is not that.
During my time, when I was on earth, I trampled, sullied and deformed people.
And when I saw how I could make it good and I was not damned, then I lay down in the silence and I thought: thank God, I am alive.
I am not even damned, I can begin.
But I will never start on art again, because society did not only sully, squander and deform me, but Christ and God and what hangs there.
And not only art, a perfectly simple painting – even if you give millions for it – not only a diamond which you get from the earth and gives the radiance of the space, the gold ...
Why did that gold have so much meaning for you?
We can only show you that you will be a diamond when your human character speaks according to the grades of life, the laws of growing for the universe, the All-Source, the All-Mother, the All-Light, the All-Life, the All-Soul, the All-Love.
Can you see?
Then you will shine like a diamond, and that is fatherhood.
The art for the universe is to materialize and to spiritualize the life, to give that harmony as a result of which those laws originated to every characteristic, and it means: if a seed goes into the ground, leave that seed there, because nature, the All-Source will do it, but leave it alone, do not mess with it.
And now the human being has messed with these sacred treasures, a mother, for example.
She flung that light, that little particle there, that spark, that embryo back to the space again just like that, and that was murder!
Why are you doing this?
But it is much worse: there is a mother who has a lot of worries and cannot give birth to her child and says: “My God, what does that society say?”
You see, false shame, unconsciousness!
What does that society matter to you when you are now God as mother?
“No, that child has to go.
What will the people say, what will society impose upon me?”
Child, mother, that is not so bad.
Children entered the Spheres of Light: “Oh, Master, I have sullied!”
“You have not sullied, my child, because you came higher as a result of this working, yes indeed.
I once murdered my friend on earth, I knocked him down.
He would experience a new evolution as a result of my blow, otherwise I would have to return in order to give that soul a new body.
This child entered you, it was evolution, it was reincarnation.
You therefore had, as people say there, a lucky escape.”
But someone there says: “Fire!” and they shoot each other down, those Gods!
One Catholic – I told you – shoots down the life of France, Italy and Japan; that of Japan is not Catholic, but oh well ...
The conscious West says: “Go and defend yourself.”
Now you have a people, now you have a country, you have an emperor, just serve that now and go along with what those beings tell you.
Now you must start to think.
Can you already feel at this moment how conscious society, this mankind is?
And now you go along.
Yes, you have the feeling: I will defend my people, my country ... and you have nothing of your God and your Christ, you do not even think about that any more.
Now the minister comes to the Other Side and also that theologian: “Yes, defend your country and your kingdom.”
The Catholic Church also says: “Go and defend this possession.”
How can you approve of that as a mentor, while Christ brought and came: “You will not kill, because you kill yourself!”
You murder the life?
No, you cannot murder the life, but you restrain this evolution.
And now the pope says: “Go and defend your church, your faith, your country, your people.”
That is great!
And he wants to go to the first sphere, where we are now going?
He wants to be light in the first sphere, to get back the shapes of the Divine hand that you received?
You want to possess the pure, harmonic light in your life?
Because when you are in harmony with the space, with everything, with life, with fatherhood and motherhood, with friendship, your sister and your brother, you also radiate that pure love from your eyes.
Is that true or not?
Because just go to hatred, look into hatred, look into disintegration, look into your human giggling.
“Ha ha ha ha ...”
Yes, what is it?
If you tell the human being: “Just become a thinking person and do not giggle at everything.”
In the spheres you chase yourself away, because there we no longer giggle.
Here you will start to think, Minister!
The human being who becomes conscious ... Now go and look at the people, look at yourself, look at your fatherhood and motherhood, look at your being a man, your being a woman.
“She is walking there, she is approaching.”
But in the spheres you are no longer a ‘she’, but there you are a law of life.
“Mother is coming”, “father is here”, when you experience fatherhood and being a mother in this way.
Here in the spheres we no longer wish to get a fright as a result of your talk, as a result of your feeling.
In the first sphere, as soul, as astral personality, we are in harmony and then we are working; all that life is mine, yours, that is your blood, that is your light, that is your feeling, that is your life.
Benedictus, Cellophatos, Pius the fourteenth, the sixteenth and twentieth and the thousandth, where do you live?
Where are you?
If you have taken the professorship, the jurisdiction for the earth into your own hands, then you will also have to accept and be able to represent the life of God in love.
Just ask a master: “Must I go to war, must I do that, Master?”
Then he says: “No, do not murder, sully, rape, deform yourself.
Do not violate the Divine life.”
And this ‘holiness’ says: “Go.”
How is that holy, what kind of holy is that?
And that is now a dogma; I have nothing against those people.
Does this life wish to go to the heavens like this?
What is a heaven?
When you can say to the human being: “Do not put your hands out, do not make any claws, any animal-like consciousness of your hands, your beautiful hands.
Do not let those nails ... do not let that blood flow, and keep your normal, white, pure, shining, human colour.”
Do you not have that any more?
As a result of one word, as a result of one wrong thought you deform that beautiful, wonderful, spatial, spiritual, inspiring personality.
You are no longer a mother, because you have none of that.
You raped the life?
I do not dare to say it, but the laws are there.
We see that from your garment.
“You have ... how do you come by that beautiful garment?
You have a garment.”
Yes, mother, she and he have a garment.
There is one shouting there, I told you: “Hendrik, Hendrik, where did you get to?
Now that it comes down to it, I cannot see you!”
“No”, Hendrik says, “now I am in my world, in my harmony.
I no longer have to accept your breaking here; I have finished my task.
It does not matter to me where you are.
Now you will have to begin yourself!”
Well done, Hendrik!
Hendrik gets a ten from Christ and a seventy-seven from the laws of the universe!
And God says: “Well done.
Now show who you are, because for your Deity you will have to fight and struggle!”
And what is the life now?
Now you can begin.
I told you: just get hold of the dictionary.
Am I good, am I soft, am I harmonic?
Am I loving, am I purely conscious in everything, am I harmonic in everything ... (inaudible)?
Am I alive, radiating?
Is that life which belongs to me and is mine, is that my blood, my light, my life, do I love that?
If one leaves the other alone for five minutes and he comes back, the life sits there.
Now just return to the earth.
We do not know that in the spheres.
When I ... my mother ...
I experienced hundreds of mothers.
Mothers who gave birth to me in Italy, France, Japan, Russia, Holland, Belgium, Germany, I was able to give birth to again.
Do not imagine that you are the mother of that child, there are another thousand here, who have given birth to you again.
You only have earthly motherhood.
Of course, when the child becomes conscious and it becomes manly, and motherly, then you will have lost it for that matter, then this will become an independence.
In the Spheres of Light you have to say: “All of this is mine.
Can you see these spheres?”
That is not arrogance, but not an inferiority complex either, because we are Gods!
We are life of His life; light of His light only comes later.
We are working of His working; we live for that matter, we are here.
We are feeling of His feeling.
We have nothing to do with material knowledge.
Just become an academic, just become a manager of that and that, what will you serve?
Only the very smallest feeling, when you walk away from there and you are rid of that and you speak to your friend, to your grandchild there, the man who climbed the first ladder: “So, brother, how are things at home?”
“Yes, sir, my wife ...
Yes, I have worries.”
Yes, who has no worries?
Sir, just do well.
Just give that child something, if that child is ready for it!
Now you must know, or you will spoil everything.
Yes, and that is the university of Socrates: can I give that child something, otherwise that child will go downhill again.
You must devote one hundred percent in order to work; you want to become Divine working, after all, don’t you?
Then work, lose yourself, collapse.
Because you cannot even do that!
Become working, but become serving, become living, become conscious.
And all of that is now a characteristic for your spiritual personality.
I got hold of the dictionary, can you feel that?
I must be able to speak to you for a thousand years, if I want to show you your astral, spiritual personality.
I will also continue with it in this last lecture, if you wish to feel that every wrong thought ...
You suffocate, you burst: “Go, mother, I do not want anything to do with you, you are this ...”
Then this mother is not that, then you yourself are that.
You betray your friend, you not only betray your motherhood and your fatherhood, your society.
I do not need to start to speak to a thief, I do not need to start to speak to the underworld; we know: we descend into a pit, into a mud consciousness and that is not the intention, you see that yourself.
But now the more rarefied grades for your thinking and feeling.
“We are standing next to you, Christ.
We serve God, we experience the masters, yes indeed!”
Yes indeed, just prove it!
I told here one evening: do you wish to climb Golgotha with the sword in your left hand and the cross on the right, that means: with stars on your jacket?
Do you wish to deceive God and Christ, the Spheres of Light that your child that murders will be helped by the masters? I told you.
That is devils’ talk.
Then you make a demon of the masters; that is not possible, we fight for it.
And that is the truth of life of André-Dectar, which connects you with the University of Christ.
Now just work out who you are, now listen to your own words, your own feelings.
If you are mother and you give birth and you create, why do you not give birth by means of every thought, man?
Then you must not ... with the mother ...
The man is thinking again: oh, that is her work.
No, that is your task, your giving birth, because you will give birth to her because you can carry her.
But she does not want to be carried, she says: “Eh, I will look at that later.”
But you live here in eternity!
Now the human being says: “I will soon look at that ‘beyond the coffin’ and then I will see what happens to me!”
Have you never heard of a pilgrimage?
Have you never heard about meditating people, how those people live?
Have you never heard about Brahmans and Buddhists, who lie down for Buddha and for Mohammed: “Allah, Allah!”?
Yes, those children have the power and the courage to walk for thousands of miles, in order to ... a little spark ...
They are certainly deformed people and psychopaths to you, and that is Eastern psychopathy.
But they have the power – just as your Jehovah’s witness has – in order to fight and to inspire!
Yes, now we must show those children, the followers of Mohammed, the Buddhist child: those are the frills.
We must show and explain to the Jehovah child: you only fought for destruction, devoted your soul and personality.
Is that not a shame, all their life has passed.
“I went from door to door and I told the people: prepare yourself, because the earth, the creation will perish.
And then they laughed at me and now it appears ...
And I became furious?
No, I did not become furious, I conquered myself.
I no longer wanted to be angry about the unconscious beings on earth.
I stood before the people with my inspiring word.
Yes, I ... God, church ...
I was first Catholic, then Protestant and then I received Jehovah.
I went from door to door, wet or shine did not matter to me and now it appears that I worked for nothing.
All this life passed, for nothing!”
Minister, you talk to an unconscious being, to the darkness, when you talk any longer about damnation, deformation and being able to drink the blood of Christ.
Professor, if you want to be a theologian, then let go of damnation and live according to that.
You are standing still, cardinal, bishop, chaplain, priest, nun.
You received your body in order to give birth and now you start to pray, pray, pray, pray, pray.
You want to marry Christ.
You serve Christ by ignoring the space, the fatherhood and motherhood of your Deity, your evolution?
“Yes, but how could I know that?
I had the feeling to serve the Messiah, the Christ and then I ... my ...”
That child comes to the Other Side and is ‘sacred’ and has no garment, no feeling, no light.
The child has been ‘sacred’ all that time, all those years, its whole life.
We will accept that that child was sullied by nothing and by nothing, but what is sullying?
Motherhood is sullying?
Yes, for her!
And you are the most sacred law.
Now the conscious child of the spheres there comes to you and says: “The most sacred laws created by God is being father and mother.
By means of this the ‘sun’ and by means of this the ‘moon’ originated, by means of this you received life.”
God, my God, my God, you should see the children lying there.
They have completed their cycle of the earth, they therefore had a grade.
Thousands of them live in the world of the unconscious, millions, thousands, hundreds of thousands.
All those beautiful children, those mothers, those lives must return to the earth in order to become mother, because they wasted their lives!
Even worse, even worse than he who murders, because he is still in working.
They do nothing more than pray and think, for what?
For an empty something, for the non-existent.
There is no more absolute experiencing, altruism has gone.
They walk like human beings in an empty world, which grows dark, because they do not take part in the plan of creation!
If only I could take those children to these laws of justice, to let them see them, but that is still not possible.
That will come, of course, but these lives go away.
Become sacred, experience a dogma, but you stand next to creation, next to harmony – you see? – and you make disharmony out of harmony.
Now it appears, now that the soul comes as an astral personality ‘beyond the coffin’, it sits with millions of thoughts in one place, has no existence, has no ground under its feet, cannot see, is blind, has nothing, its eyes are shut.
If you now have hatred, then those eyes open again because you have hatred.
That hatred flies out of you, if hatred is wrong or good, it does not matter, that feeling awakens you.
If you have behaved like an animal on earth, it is not quite as bad as when you act the saint, because now you will have nothing more.
This is why Ramakrishna says: “I love the whore of this world.
Mother, mother, I see you as a holiness!”
“What is whorish consciousness?” Vivekananda asked his master.
“Master, how can you love the animal-like slut on earth?”
“My Vivekananda, get out of my sight.
I do not see any evil, I do not see any wrong, there are no sins.
That this child wants to be a mother and does not experience it consciously yet according to the creations, is still the pure evolution in order to absorb it and to experience it?
Vivekananda, how can you think like that?
Get out of my sight today, I no longer want to see you today.”
What did Christ say, what did Christ say?
What did the masters say?
What will you have to tell yourself soon, when you ... here with your managership ...
Now you come, you are free from the earth, but you are a manager and you are so great and you love it so much, all those possessions.
And now you come to the Other Side and then you stand: “Yes, I read a book.
I read books and I listened to the masters.
I know everything about it, you can tell me immediately that I have died.”
But what do you have now?
What did you master?
One still smothers the other.
When I follow your auras, then I extract a few who still trample.
Five hundred lectures are for nothing.
What does the human being learn?
Tomorrow you will hear: “Haw!”
Or: one passes the other in silence.
When do you become spacious, when can you ... - I taught and asked you, because it is that, you must know it yourself, you have that in your hands, that is your possession – when do you truly love?
I made it clear to you that it does not mean – that you should start to hang on each other’s knees, on each other’s shoulders.
“But do not say a wrong word again”, André said, the masters say, the laws say, the grades of life, the harmonic law for everything says, the love, the life says, a soul says, the light for the space says, for your sphere, for the soul as the astral personality ‘beyond the coffin’.
We were releasing ourselves from Golgotha.
We went ...
We were here.
I have not spoken about that, because I had to stand still, for that matter, in order to analyse every human being.
Every human being is now a universe.
I can immediately explain to you ...
I will not start here in order to open you, why would I do it?
You are still afraid of it.
But it is in that, your aura tells me.
Asking questions to the masters and thinking at home: get lost!
It is not that.
I have no respect for you, we are polite, we accept you.
Do you wish that the Messiah, that your Divine core awakens? Do you wish to make a footstep, to lay foundations, still here during your earthly life and your task here?
Then begin to accept the life.
Talk with motherhood and fatherhood, open yourself, until the human being will say: “You are truly a lovable personality.”
You must give it to one human being, he passes it onto another.
You get five a month, six, seven, a hundred, a thousand.
Gradually the life starts to speak about you.
Society is dirty, filthy, deforming, sullying, but there is one human being on earth who knows what I am like and that is my Deity.
And God has now placed that in your hands as father and mother.
If you do not wish, if you do not wish it, then you restrain your Deity here!
If the husband says: “Wife, shut your mouth”, then he does not smother her, but himself!
If you hate, if you have to keep on destroying – the spheres will soon prove that to you – then you restrain yourself, then you not only hit her, but yourself.
If she or he says: “I would like to see that later, I have nothing to do with it”, that is his world, not yours!
And if that life says: “Accept this, I will hang myself if you go to the lectures of the masters”, then just say: “With which rope will you do that?
Then I will buy it for you.
I will put it like that on the table, instead of food and drink you will now get a thick rope.”
No, you nailed Christ to the cross.
God wants you to experience the pure laws of life and if your word says that, if your lips interpret that, then you also just have to experience and accept it, because you send it into the space, don’t you?
That can no longer be stopped.
“I will murder myself, I will commit suicide if you do not leave that and that.”
And if the human being starts to wonder: “Am I doing good, am I true?” then just murder André and me as well!
You can stab us first, we really want to die in order to receive your word and your power.
We are truth, because the soul is an astral, spatial, Divine personality ‘beyond the coffin’.
That is the kiss of the space.
“Then you give”, Christ says, “that life, which provokes and deforms there, the truth.”
If the word hatred is hatred, wants to interpret hatred, destruction, then the other word is a piece of rope, the reality and the altruism of the soul there – the mother or the father – and lays it down for his personality: “Here it is ...
Or will you jump from the roof?
Jump under a tram, then you will be gone immediately, but do not provoke me any longer.”
In the Spheres of Light, when you have reached the spiritual wisdom of life ...
There was an initiate on earth, he got married and the child, the mother who lived next to him, only said: “I love him, he carries me, he is the space.”
Yes indeed, what is personality, what is consciousness, what is love, what is life, what is light?
But she got up one morning and she had not slept well apparently – the space has nothing to do with sleep, your Divine spark does not think of sleep – no, there was still something inside which was not in harmony with his situation, or the universe, or this on earth.
He says: “Child, now that I see darkness in you by means of a small, weak thought, it is better that I disappear and come back to you soon.”
“But you cannot do that, can you?”
“Yes, but you stabbed me.
I want to be light, truth and life.
How can I live next to untruth, unkindness?
I am going!”
And after fourteen years the initiate returned.
She had lain there kneeling and thinking and asking for fourteen years.
“Prepare yourself for me”, he says.
“I have been busy preparing myself for you.
Because did you think that it meant happiness, that I had to leave you?”
And here you hit each other, you leave each other each moment!
When the soul – the mother or the father – has a small moment, then she says tomorrow: “I will not go again.
What difference does it make to me?
I have nothing to do with those people anyway, nothing to do with God, with Christ.
What difference does that hereafter make to me, what difference does that space make to me?
Who can prove it?”
Yes, then just keep that.
But the other child is yearning, says: “I want to die.
I will live, but I will also die, Christ, space!” because that child starts to feel that this is the truth.
One wrong word ... that child can no longer think wrong.
That no longer says “get lost” and “go to hell” and no longer hates, no longer deforms, no longer sullies, no longer renounces.
That works, that serves, that is always busy in harmony.
When you come home too late, husband, then you are the disturbance.
Now it comes down to it – you see, that is the earthly school – how do we reach harmony for each other, towards each other, how do we reach unity?
Because unity is love.
And now you should see, you should start to ask, you should start to sense yourself what now remains of it.
We have your spiritualists, we have theosophists, we have ... (inaudible) churchgoing children, but the metaphysical children still speak: “Just kill!”
“My son killed, he shot down seventy-five and eighty, but the masters got him out of the mud, otherwise he would have suffocated.”
And now he can start to kill again and then another thirteen Japanese went.
And he wants to enter the first sphere?
He is a spiritual personality?
If we fight against that, then we are no longer any good?
Then I am the untrue?
André and I, the masters, Christ, God, the All-Source?
The All-Source lies and deceives?
We took a walk with four thousand, five thousand, one million people, all of mankind was ready and went ‘beyond the coffin’.
We stood there, I say: “Follow me, I will lead the way.”
And now you also go along.
You go with me, you go with the masters, otherwise you would not be here.
And now we start to walk from Golgotha.
I do not need to tell you how the space originated and how we come further, how you must think and walk.
I give pictures of all of that, in order to place you for another five minutes in the first sphere, then you will know immediately.
But I need days and months and years in order to show you for the first time how those things originated.
And then we will be faced with the laws of life, the grades of life, with love, love ... what is love now?
We will leave Golgotha and you saw there, they already live there in the swamp.
They live there in the swamp.
“Oh, Hendrik.”
Yes, Hendrik, yes, Peter, yes, Johan, Abraham, or are you called Isaac, yes, now you stand alone, now you are a universal space, can you see?
Another has no more than this little circle and that is marked out, and there you see a lump of ice, it melts, cold comes.
What is there now?
That human being is cold, the north pole is next to you.
Yes, on earth you see that north pole, here, under your heart.
I love?
Now you see what love is.
We do not have one left, I will probably take one with me.
We continue, first through this universe.
We release ourselves from the material space, we enter the astral world.
Now it is the soul that looks, which really gave light to this personality, to every thought, light, light!
Shining like that diamond there, shining like the sun, shining as Christ said it and now every characteristic is comradeship, friendship, fatherhood and motherhood.
Fatherhood and motherhood is now everything; you are mother and you are father.
One of two?
You are both!
And what did you do for fatherhood and motherhood?
Were you really a mother?
We continue in this way.
You go under the power of another, you will receive those feelers.
You enter ... we enter the Land of Twilight, we release that cosmos and we stand ...
We have already left thirteen, fourteen, twenty, hundreds, they live already there in the Land of Hatred, because they hated, they had no feeling.
We have already lost them, we will not see them again in thousands of years.
Is it your mother, your father, your child?
You do not see that child again – now still as a child – it has become an independence, it is a Deity, it is the God of your life there and it will come, it has to go back.
Where does this child live?
We will soon, when we have the consciousness, we will start to look where your father, where that woman and where that man of the earth now live.
Now just grow into each other.
Now you must possess everything of the universe, the whole dictionary – can you feel, always that dictionary – about kindness, benevolence, honesty, harmony, silence, sweetness, you must possess all of that and then we will go to the first sphere.
We already come ...
There are still a few amongst us, we go hand in hand.
They already cannot bear the light, because the human being already collapses when you give the human being something beautiful on earth.
But this sacredness shines at you, the flowers begin to sing, the birds already come, the light from the first sphere comes, you have nothing more.
Yes, then just come, there are still a few.
Go with me.
And the masters welcome us and at the end of the first sphere, in this space, in this grade of life, there are millions of people standing, fathers and mothers, waiting on us.
They now bow, they now bow for us.
You are a king for the human, spiritual consciousness.
The spiritual grade of life in the space, in the first sphere, is free from all the destructive feelings, it is a shining being.
We can see, those garments slowly began to change, the face got an aura, the eyes started to speak and those thick, working hands became ... became spiritual possession, the rarity of the beautiful body which God put in our hands.
Shining and happy, benevolent, just, harmonic, there is nothing more that disturbs you.
You now go in the silence, because there you have your house.
This space is a kingdom, here are the temples.
Millions of people lie at your feet and want to serve you, they lay you down between the flowers from the spheres and the birds come and say: “I bring you greetings from your sister, your father and mother.
Soon you will expect Christ.”
Who is that?
The human being on earth is soul, spirit and material.
The soul is the Divine core.
Therefore every thought – you see that, you now read that in ‘A View into the Hereafter’, continue for yourself, just remember this – every thought which you bring in harmony with the Divine laws of condensing – a thought condenses itself and expands itself, the more rarefied, the more loving a thought becomes – is the space for a feeling, is a feeling as a characteristic.
Therefore every action gets sphere consciousness.
What are you like now as a father, what are you like today as a mother?
Can you understand all those thoughts, which you get on earth – because they can do that – can you understand every word that you receive?
Can you immediately determine and absorb into you the spiritual harmony of that and can you immediately make a judgement: “No, that is not like that, according to the laws of the universe, according to Christ ...”
Just hold on to Christ, because He was love in everything.
“Do people do that like that?
Why do you do that now?”
And now you are standing on earth, of course, that the one human being does not accept you, which you do not want.
But you continue to persevere.
As long as you do that!
What that woman and that man do, what society does, does not concern you, as long as you are that.
Because learning has no meaning, you are only life.
Your professorship for that and that and that and that means nothing.
Your art has no meaning, only your world of feeling, your personality, where it is in harmony with the working, with the laws of growing and condensing of God, which are represented by fatherhood and motherhood.
Can you understand this?
Therefore every thought-characteristic, my sisters and brothers, must be birth giving and creating, as God created the universe.
A flower radiates His realm of colours.
If we had also been able to destroy this as human beings, then we would have made them black.
People are already busy making them black, cultivating them just as long until they are black.
Are you happy now?
That is real and true for that matter.
Where was this life born?
Make an orchid out of every characteristic – I told you – and lay that orchid down at Golgotha.
The Christ picks him up immediately, picks her up immediately, that characteristic, that personality.
But are you, have you become a realm of flowers, a Kingdom of God, a paradise?
You carry, you represent the garden of Eden?
There are no snakes now, because those characteristics are the snakes: long faces and thin lips, elbows.
Deforming and hating and talking wrong, that is no longer there, you become benevolent, you become loving.
You are never deceived when you stand opposite such a human being.
You immediately feel that this is the truth.
What does the world matter to you?
Let society keep everything that the world has.
Live through it.
Yes indeed, you still have to live, but do your task for a hundred percent and make that task, that action more and more beautiful, so that the master above you says, about you, my child: “You are making progress.”
You are making immediate progress.
The human being says to André: “Well, I do not understand my brother, and my boss.”
It is not that man, it is you!
For the universe God says and Christ says: “I am love!”
And then you must make of it what you can make of it.
I will prove to you that I am love.
Because it is only by means of love and by means of understanding, by means of harmony that you get to know your father and your mother and your child, but not by means of hitting that life.
Do you wish to be a mother and to say “get lost” to the life of God?
Just hit, just hit it away from you, just be wild and furious – that is not love.
You will not come there?
You will come, but it will only take a hundred thousand years.
“You want to begin, do you?
Well, what are you doing here actually?” people say in the Spheres of Light.
We will not even look at you.
Is there one amongst you who is really yearning for a hundred percent?
Yearning does not say it, but now to prove what you can and what you want to be!
But another does not even thirst.
He lives and he reads, but what is that yearning?
Is that being great in order to say: “I will go with you and with the masters through the mud of society” – and when we stand before it then they no longer know that light.
“I ... my Father, give me the power, the sacred inspiration, we will do everything for you” – and if a cloud appears, you will run away.
And then you must have us, you must have Christ?
We are no longer any good?
If I give you love and you do not understand it, I will be the guilty one, the deformer, the one who sullied?
If you truly ... the first sphere ... we are now on the border.
We will soon, by means of the next session we will experience and see what you now have to devote, if you truly want to see light soon.
Then we will continue.
That is the next lecture, then it will be called “The soul and its Universal Consciousness”.
Write it in your heart, that is the next session, because now we will begin to look and see whether we can give you this universal consciousness, won’t we?
That now lies at your feet.
Make a space of your life.
Enter that space and accept that life, as feeling, as a human being.
Serve each other.
The mother must understand her duty and her task.
As a father and a mother, as a man and a wife you can, now that you are that old, speak to each other and then you have to listen to each other, and if you cannot do that, you must learn that first.
But do not say to the mother: “Go away, because you will not understand it anyway.”
Every human being must learn to think!
You are Gods, we are now spiritual Gods.
We are still material Gods here, but soon then we will continue, because we come from the All.
I will take you back from the spiritual sphere to the seventh, from the seventh to the fourth cosmic grade, the fifth, the sixth and then we enter the Divine, human All-Consciousness as light, life, love, fatherhood and motherhood.
Child of this society, if you want to be a follower, then prove that no wrong word will pass your lips again.
I told that you are a follower, but you must still earn it.
I accepted you, the masters accepted you, but what do you do now?
Hit, because you are something?
Are you something, do you have something?
Then prove it to her who is a mother, your wife, your child.
And you prove it, mother, to the creator and tell him, explain the laws to him, because we placed the books of the University of Christ in your hands.
You can give him the truth.
And if he refuses as creator to accept your word, then just withdraw and serve those last years of life that you are still here.
Soon ‘beyond the coffin’ ...
Do not speak one wrong word, do not waste your space by means of that one word, not your personality, do not sully your garment.
Close this garment, make satin and silk out of your rags.
Make a protoplasm out of it, with all the sparks and laws of life and grades of life of the space in it.
Let your eyes shine, let your walk be working and serving power.
Let your lips only interpret the love of Christ and you will be truly worth being able to experience this life.
You will be truly worth receiving motherhood, for yourself, for your husband, for your children, the space, Christ and the All-Source.
Now your kiss is true and blessed.
I thank you.
Thanks for those beautiful little lights here, wonderful.
Where is that child that was always ill?
Are you here this morning?
That one is from me ...
Come here, I will give you this.
May I add one for your child?
I am not a sphere seller, I do not take part in flower séances, but I know you ...
And the thanks from the space, my life, for your beautiful feelings and thoughts.
You are that and your child is that ...
Also from André.
I love you, but accept me – prove it – accept me, that I can enter you, and now live in your hands.