The human being and his astral world

Good morning, my sisters and brothers.
You will get your last lecture this morning, ‘The human being and his astral world’.
I really hope that you have understood a little bit about your Deity and universe by means of the lectures during this season.
When I look round and see your beautiful children (master Zelanus means the flowers which the people brought), then I can, I believe, accept – and the masters - that the thanks of your life has become constructive – with regard to all the systems, the spaces – for soul, spirit and material, and has received a flight, as a result of which you will finally see your Great Wings.
It was my intention to give you a picture of your own space, your Deity, by means of these lectures.
The books that we spoke about and which were given by Master Alcar to your life, gave you a picture of how you will live ‘beyond the coffin’.
You saw me in different situations, under human, social, material, spiritual and spatial inspiration.
We could have asked you before: “How do you wish to see us?”
Understand well, I let you take a walk through Gethsemane, to Pilate, to Caiphas.
I did not carry it through, there was no time for it, you need four, five hours for that.
In order to let you experience the problem, the disintegration, the destruction of the Messiah, so that we bring Golgotha to awakening in ourselves, that was not possible.
But by means of that you got to see a picture, a space, which will take place ‘beyond the coffin’.
I built up these lectures in order to – if the masters want that – connect you with the cosmology of your life.
You feel, it is not so simple to just identify you with this space; you need time for that.
You have to think for that and put aside every wrong thought.
It is for sure not simple to see the first foundation for the astral, spiritual personality, but especially for the space in which you live.
And that space is eternal.
It is eternal for a time, because we know the seven grades for the space.
We have seen those grades as laws of life and problems of life.
We now know that father and mother are twin souls.
We have the animal-like twin soul, the pre-animal-like, coarse-material and material.
Of course, you and the world, the Kingdom of God – for which the Christ was born and died – are concerned with absorbing the spiritual twin soul for space and time and God into you and to take to that development.
Who possesses this sacredness?
I must show you this morning for the last time that you cannot experience or carry the Spheres of Light only as man and only as woman, because the happiness of that space, that sphere, that world is too powerful in order to deal with that alone, under your heart, as a human being.
You received ‘Through the Grebbe-Line to Eternal Life’.
You saw, you experienced Theo, his father ... and that has been laid aside for every human being, that was born on the moon.
As a result of the first division – I just let you see that, you read it again in ‘The Origin of the Universe’ and in ‘The Peoples of the Earth’ – you saw the core of life of yourself.
I brought about that division one morning and accepted the universe, followed the life on earth, and then we could see where the human being split himself.
What does all of this mean now for the life ‘beyond the coffin’, for your astral world?
I did not intend to hammer at your personality; the space does not like that at all.
When we went into those things, those problems, furiously inspired, it was only to shake you awake.
You have all of that in your hands.
And when you take that trouble, when you want to fight for that, all those wrong things fall away from you for society, away into nothing.
And in their place comes clean, pure, spiritual-scientific thinking.
You are free from dogma, you are free from the Church.
I showed you the Church, Protestantism, Buddha, you saw Socrates.
We were in ancient Egypt, weren’t we?
We experienced that space.
And now you were able to decide for yourself what the masters placed in your hands.
We left Golgotha and saw swamp.
We had to accept that the human being who went along with us suddenly dissolved before our eyes.
And now you cannot even help the human being; your father, your mother.
Is that not dreadful?
Is that not the suffering of the human being who will soon become free and will stand in that space?
You are in a space, but every wrong thought takes away that spatial light from you, that sun darkens which is you yourself.
And now you have to accept whether you are really a human being as the God of all life created you in order to represent Him for those spaces.
I showed you the pictures, the foundations, as a result of which you can begin a really beautiful life.
I gave you the pictures in order to absorb them into you, in order to strengthen them, to then spiritualize them.
It is up to you yourself what you do.
If you thought that we were too near to the earth – it is very simple to tell and to explain that to you – then we did that under the power and the will of the masters, because you cannot experience and cannot accept the sphere happiness from this society, because we know how difficult that was.
I showed you this swamp in order to attune you to it.
In order to decide for yourself how wrong it now is to take part in that society.
I had to make it clear to you that the task that you do connects you directly with the Other Side, your astral world.
And I explained to you and analysed, built a temple fundamentally spatially, which you are, which you will soon see when you accept and experience the life on earth, take to development, as God also wanted it in everything.
And then it is a case of listening and it is a case of thinking.
Now you begin to think in the harmony for that space.
That means: a thought gets evolution, that thought starts to carry, that becomes light, that becomes inspiration and finally love, which it concerns.
A master there does not intend – and cannot do that either – to place you with violence in that sphere, because that is not possible.
You have that yourself in your hands.
It is not simple either to talk from that world, to remain in it, to live there yourself and to approach, to come from a pedestal to your human consciousness, to experience the unity for fatherhood and motherhood, that is not simple.
And yet also very simple if you are open to the word, to that law, to that new, spatial, spiritual thought.
And we all had to accept that.
If you have sensed ‘The Cycle of the Soul’, then you can experience a struggle for life and death.
I also really hope that on Wednesday you will also ...
I will be there, there will be more from the Spheres of Light, millions even, in order to see my life again, interpreted by yours, a follower. (On the 21th of May 1950 Mr A. van Otterloo gave a lecture by means of a scenario based on the book ‘The Cycle of the Soul’.)
In order to show you that you can learn in society by means of your struggle, disintegration, destruction, when you open your eyes, when your heart is always open in order to see the good in everything.
And then you will never rebel.
In the Spheres of Light, where we are now – we made that walk – we stand if you possess love.
I assume for the moment that we all possess that love.
You can decide for yourself whether you are there.
If we wish to enter that world, then there is only harmony in us.
We are cheerful, we walk there, we have the grass under our feet.
We have seen that the human being lives there in the swamp, between the cracks, stretching out their arms and shouting: “Help me, help me!” and we cannot do anything.
We must leave those people beyond there in those cracks.
It looks like a jungle.
It is much worse, they are deformed and broken and raped.
The demons ... what is a demon?
You still do not even know that.
What is a devil, what is a Satan?
The brutalization lives there under the earth, because the human being has lost the conscious, earthly material ‘going’.
The human being has nothing more.
The human being has dissolved in the destruction.
What should we do?
We will continue in order to show you the picture of what your first sphere, your astral world will finally be like.
Even if you have experienced that in the books, even if Master Alcar has given you the pictures with André, you are now faced with the state of purity of a space, which is your world.
When you have sensed the books ‘A View into the Hereafter’, where André visits his child, and that the master cannot say just like that: “Come on, we will just go and you will just take that child there into your hands, it is your child”, then André already has to accept that that is no longer his child.
That is an independence, a personality, that is a consciousness, which he has nothing to do with.
Because he knows: I have had millions of lives myself as father and mother.
But what should André have done there?
Lose himself.
He is lying there.
Master Alcar cannot reach him, he cannot help him.
He looks.
André now knows – we also taught you that – how to act.
He is yearning, he wants to go forward, and he wants to conquer the space.
He wants to serve, he wants to materialize his space, his sphere, his life on earth with regard to the masters.
So he wanted to give himself for this work.
And the human being on earth can do that for fatherhood and motherhood, for life, light, soul and spirit.
In your society you can materialize every thought and that takes you to the spiritual, conscious grade; and now you are in harmony.
When that child there, that André, is finally ready, then he does not disturb in any way.
The human being must now make sure that he cannot disturb, because every wrong thought, tuned into the life of God, is now a dagger in the human tissue.
Now compare this with the earth.
Just return in thoughts to your society which we talked about.
And can you feel how difficult it is becoming?
No, how simple it actually is, when that becomes necessary, to bow your head for the truth, the reality, because the reality immediately gives you that expansion.
I showed you that, I explained and analysed that by means of all those lectures.
André did what he could in order to give you those evenings, in order to bring you that release, that spiritual relaxation.
And for which he wants to give himself entirely and completely, because he knows: I must take my life back to God.
I must bring the human being to the astral, spiritual world, where I will be happy if my brother, my sister, my father and mother live next to me.
And believe it now – I gave you a picture of kingship, emperorship, I gave you a picture of science, art and everything – what are you if you represent Rembrandt in art and you do not have the love?
Christ said: “If you speak the languages of the world and you do not have love, who are you?”
Now, prove that the first sphere is nothing else but love. I have shown you the dictionary, so that dictionary has been transformed, has been expanded, has been spiritualized.
Every word now has harmony and is love.
Love, love, love, love!
Difficult, difficult.
And yet ... the human being asks for love.
I let you experience the Buddhist kiss, the damnation, the Last Judgement.
We went through the bible, we saw Moses.
We saw the birth of Christ.
Every scene must be able to tell you: yes, that is it.
That is the reality for the space, for God, for light, life and love.
That is the moon, the sun, the planetary system, but that is also your spiritual world and in addition your happiness, your walk, your science, your being a father and mother.
And you will experience the wonder there, the masters say, comes from the space, from the Divine All – and that is the Christ – to us and you are faced with your twin soul.
What is the twin soul?
When we enter the first sphere as space, then we must not have any material ballast with us.
Then we are free from society.
Then we just have one feeling: that world on earth – I told you – belongs to me.
The world on earth, society, mother Earth, this planet must be carried by me.
Now you will understand for what purpose Christ died.
The human being – I explained to you – he does not lie down there in his beautiful flowers, in his garden, in his garden of life.
He does not play day and night on his life harp.
Every sound carried out, materialized and spiritualized by good deeds – understand it and accept it – is now an ornament of his temple, a painting, a settee, a flower, a plant.
The birds come to you and sing.
You live there as a Deity.
Every wrong thought of society, possession, everything has fallen away from you.
You have lost your name, you are now only life.
You represent a grade of life in a space, in a world which belongs to you.
And now you start to know, now you get that yearning, that burning in you, that fire, now for the first time you know for what purpose that Christ there came from that Divine All to the earth and let himself be beaten there.
You are part of His personality, His light, His life, His love, His fatherhood and motherhood.
You understand it and you stand on the border of a world for the first time, which you will now enter and must conquer.
By what means?
I explained to you: now that you are still on the earth, this is the possibility of taking a flower in your hands, which you now do.
By means of such things, if you see that a human being does not forget himself, if you do not serve laziness, disintegration, then you can take thousands of possibilities into your hands here on earth and materialize them, and then a spiritual foundation will be laid.
Take this into account and understand that every human being has to take care of himself and every human being must watch out in order to reach that spiritual grade.
That is the study of Socrates.
In the first sphere, in this world in which you live, you have those thoughts.
You can begin with that analysis.
You know exactly when you can speak, can act and you have always, always the correct word in order to give that explanation.
You carry that life.
You are no longer a disturbance.
You are one with that eternity, because you have completed the cycle of the earth.
You are harmony in everything.
You are understanding in everything.
You know that a master – I explained to you – cannot support the lower in order to break the other life.
And now you know that spiritualism on earth has become a manure pit.
For this purpose the masters wrote ‘Spiritual Gifts’.
The master from the highest spheres cannot give a human being, a child, any protection if that child destroys.
If that child shoots down the life, the other life of the mother and the father, of another people, then no spirit, no consciousness can return in order to help that child.
You do not accept that, because it is your child, but that other mother is also the child of God and that mother has love.
And why must her child be killed?
In order to save yours?
That is not possible, that does not exist either, because we have a God of justice.
You must now accept that you think wrongly and feel wrongly; God did not create those laws for the human being and his existence, all grades for animal, nature, especially the human being.
Here in the first sphere, here in this astral world you are true.
You can also still think materially.
But you have seen the coachman Gerhard here: people make you free and separate from the earth.
And then it is in the first place: “Do you wish to see your death?”
I took you back to a ‘coffin’.
I connected you with Frederik van Eeden.
I could connect you with a pope.
I was able to pull three of them to the spheres, a Clement.
Between 13, 14 and 15 I took three over together with Master Emschor and others, in order to convince the priests that it should not be done like that, not to belittle those lives.
“But sir, where do you live?” we wondered.
Did society find this hard?
Society as religion and dogmas already say: “That cannot be true.”
The bible also explains it.
We furiously reacted to it.
In order to let that pedestal shake, no more than that.
Those people, those dogmas, they must make sure themselves that they get that spiritual space.
We do not enter there, that is dangerous.
Let those people, let those dogmas, those sects make sure themselves that they reach that spiritual harmony.
They do not need to accept us and to accept Christ.
You can sully Him – they must decide for themselves – one day they will be faced with that spatial, spiritual justice and everything will elude them.
I wanted to give you the picture, how you will actually live in that astral, spiritual world, what you must do in order to attune yourself to that source of life.
You are father and mother and now the love for the human being is the unity and the contact, they are also the Great Wings.
And now father comes there, the man comes ... the mother is not there.
We showed by means of the different books that the human being can return to the earth and that the human being will be father and mother there.
You are as man and wife ...
You certainly do not need to be jealous of the other life, because I told you: we have the animal-like twin soul, but we long, we stand before the spiritual twin soul and that is the life that was given birth to and created by you, and that life returns to you.
When we started to think about the wrong on earth, we tore ourselves from each other: the attunement, therefore the life on the moon – which I showed you – was born from us, as a result of which new life came, that continued on the moon.
You will probably get that later and then we will follow those lives.
Exactly to the second you will see when those lives separated, because cause and effect are built up, the karmic laws occur.
Because, unconsciously – it does not matter – we destroyed the life there.
But now we return from the earth, by means of the cycle of the earth, by means of the many lives, by means of fatherhood and motherhood.
We have already experienced all the peoples of the earth: we were with the French, the English, and the Americans, everywhere.
From the jungle we came through those laws of becoming conscious and finally we had reached that cycle.
And now we are faced with the first sphere.
You are good, you are harmony in everything.
You want the best and the good, you are inspired in order to serve; you know.
I showed you how the doctor, the theologian, the divine had to lose himself; he must lose all of that, this is why I gave you those pictures.
In order to represent the spiritual science of God, he must now get to know the bible.
No, he must get to know Christ.
And he does not know Christ.
I gave you that picture, that lecture.
I hammered upon it, I remained in connection with that all morning, in order to show you what is good and what is wrong.
You are in this world, in this space – the human being in his spiritual, astral world – you are only a grade of life.
I told you that you have lost your name.
You have nothing more to do with society, you are free, completely free.
You can now see each other.
You can represent the mother, your sister, and your brother.
They come and if you know them, if you know these lives, if you feel them properly, then you will absorb them.
But we are standing here already.
Just gauge me.
Between us and you, between mother and father, between man and wife, there, there in between stands God, but there in between stands Christ with the weighing scales of you, which weigh: what do you want?
Here you are weighed, universally, cosmically, Divinely weighed.
And that is now the passing over to the first sphere, to a higher grade.
You step over the threshold of a garden of life, a temple which you are yourself.
Millions of people, men and women, had to accept that they did not see themselves, could not find themselves.
“Yes”, says the master, “then there is also something in you, in her, which removes her from this sphere, this space.”
“But does she belong to me?”
Then the master can look into her and into his life and he says: “No, that life belongs to another.
That grade lives there.
If you want to come along, then we will return to that source, where those two people were created as cells, as embryonic consciousness in order to represent the God of all life.
Then we return to the jungle, then we must return to the moon in order to experience all those laws of life, through light and darkness.
In order to come to earth, to experience the place where you are torn from each other.”
“And where is my soul now?”
It is remarkable, when you are faced with this tremendous, universal happiness, then you immediately ask: “Where does my love live?”
For what purpose has God created the human being, man and wife?
I explained to and analysed for you for what purpose the life serves.
What is love?
What has meaning in this society?
I put a crown on your head.
I showed you society.
But what is society, what are millions if you do not possess any feeling, any love?
Then you are poor.
You cannot buy it, you must earn it.
The pictures which I gave you, bring you to the justice, the truth, the benevolence and the independence of the twin soul, man and wife.
I will not explain to you now in how many worlds those twin souls live who have to represent that astral, spiritual world together, because you cannot bear that love, that happiness alone.
You cannot deal with it, you now succumb in your happiness.
“Because you will go hand in hand”, Christ says and God said, “through my worlds, which you will experience as temples.
You are law, and law, because when fatherhood and motherhood are created, experienced by you, then you will have to enter motherhood and fatherhood together, because you have become fatherhood and motherhood by means of man and wife.”
“How can I be a mother alone when the father is not there?”
“How can you hit me, mother, if I watch over you, if I live for you, if I want to serve you?
How can you snarl and growl at me and kill me?”
That life, that being cannot reach, cannot enter the first sphere, that spiritual, astral world; that life attunes itself out of that again.
If these two people now have to experience that space together, then you will already feel the sorrow, the emptiness.
But in that sphere there is no light, even if the mother sees that he lives there; in a thousand years he will make it after all.
And now she attunes herself to that life.
Yes indeed, she sees.
He sees that the mother does not yet wish to think there.
The mother is still nonchalant with her space, she does not know that space.
She does not know that she can soon make a journey with him which will connect you for millions of centuries and ages with God.
You go into one temple and out of the other.
The harps of heaven give voice to your life of feeling, and then you can say: “I am that.”
Yes, you take a walk through the sacred, pure nature.
And there is a master, a mistress, a child of God and play a life harp and you feel that it is you yourself: I am that.
And you hear there that your soul, the pure mother, is depicted there.
And you are that together.
And then you see the garment, the sacred aura of the space coming to and over you and then your life is illuminated.
There is only cordiality and love, understanding.
Hand in hand you start to experience these laws, you will accept these laws, the human being who is now one as man and wife, and there are few of them.
You can just accept: you are here already.
Society, the earthly life has nothing else but a fundamental building up; what belongs to you today – I told you – you will have lost tomorrow.
We looked into those lives, where the emperor represented my soul and the beggar came to him and could say, from ancient Egypt: “For a time I gave her, my beloved, away to you, but soon she will belong to me.”
Every beating which you received on earth, is now a spiritual flower, is a foundation, is a way to your dwelling, your temple, if you have accepted that beating while bowing and lovingly, and you could ask yourself: “Yes, it was for my benefit.”
We will not even talk about what you did for Christ.
If you live in love – I will prove it to you – if you live in love and complete life in harmony, therefore lovingly with everyone in society, want to experience life bowing, the word interprets pure harmonic laws and sounds, then you do not need to do anything.
Because Christ did not want you to fight and struggle, to have to hang yourself and to have to burn yourself at the stake for His life.
God created the human being according to His image, God gave the human being space and happiness, a world of thoughts and all of that is love.
God did not give you any misery, any struggle, any illnesses to experience; God only gave you His science, His soul, His spirit, His light.
Why would you work yourself to death here on earth?
“But when we are happy”, the master on the Other Side says, “and we meet a brother and he does not know the road where to go, should I hold my tongue?”
In this way you find the academic again, you find the master again on earth, Socrates began, Plato began, Aristotle, Pythagoras, ancient Egypt reached becoming conscious, the temples were born in order to take that fatherhood and motherhood to the spatial harmonic love and to now experience it.
The time of preparation, which you will soon experience and undergo in the Spheres of Light, in your astral world, is nothing else than that you have to wait until he or her, she or him come and are ready.
Anyone who now possesses happiness – you feel, this is it now – anyone who possesses the happiness on earth to be able to live in harmony with two beings, with one life and that life follows you, that sits next to you and that also wants to make progress, that is yearning, that life is hungry for wisdom, that little human being, this life, this man and wife, they are universal happy ones for the life in the astral world.
I can show you by many thousands of examples that the twin soul on earth, the man and the woman who have understood each other, even if they were not yet in that attunement, that means even if they did not belong to each other – it is clear that she will see her soul there and he will see his there.
But the rich friendship and construction of that personality already brought them into harmony, so that the laws occurred so sharply and truly that one life pulled the other one from the material, that the man now went and the mother could say: “In a fortnight I will be with you.”
Yes indeed.
The human being will receive his life if you possess love.
And the human will say: “I will let you die, because you have gone too far, have come too high in the truth, in the love, in the bowing and in the serving, so that this dreadful disintegrating society will no longer hit your life.”
Now we have seen that the father elevated the mother after a few hours and the mother died.
“Yes”, she says, “father, I am coming.”
The people earned that.
You can earn that.
So that your life can speak?
No, because you have accepted the laws of God harmonically and that is now the astral world.
I am faced again with thousands of worlds, ways for the people, paths which I can follow.
Because every human being, man and woman, this unity, builds up a world for me, actually a chaos.
Because every path is a law, a grade of life, consciousness, harmony, love, fatherhood and motherhood.
One – I tell you – has it, another does not have it.
Now we can start to write books again.
There are mothers who have no father, no motherhood, they are not married, want to be a mother.
“Why did I not enter that mercy in order to be a mother?
Why did I not experience that love?”
You feel, the mother who now remains alone, the wife, the mother on earth who has not received that happiness: “Is there someone who is waiting for me?”
My dear children, let me tell you that there could be millions who are waiting for you, because your soul can be there.
You have returned to the earth in order to become a mother, problems and laws and grades of life for the twin soul.
Soon you will come there and then it proves that you will not experience any motherhood, but that you will only carry the maternal organism in you – will carry in you, not externally, but internally – so that he will receive you as a mother.
And now it begins.
Why did you receive ‘Through the Grebbe-line to Eternal Life’?
If we were to analyse all those pictures for fatherhood and motherhood and the twin love and for the astral world, then we would have to write a hundred books for your consciousness.
Here and there we can only intervene in order to give you a picture.
And then to absorb into your thinking: yes, it will come, when I am in harmony, when I do my best, when I am kind and understanding, when I do not violate the life, when I only want to be love, then ‘beyond the coffin’ that love, that law, that world is also open to me.
And that is now the astral, spiritual world.
You see it, when we see millions of people as man and wife together, then they are millions of different grades of life for the human being, they are millions of different worlds.
Which unity, who as man and wife can now enter and accept the first sphere?
Is your temple ready?
Now we will begin.
The light from the space shines at you; your dwelling is ready, because it is you yourself.
Have you read the books ‘A View into the Hereafter’ in which and by means of which Master Alcar explains to André: “Look, how does my dwelling originate?
I break down my dwelling in only a few seconds.
In a millionth of a second I represent myself in the darkness.
I do not need to enter any darkness in a shining garment, then I descend into that destruction and become it; but I remain myself.”
Now we sit here and now you see: you take your place, you start to think.
You sit in nature, you are one with the children of God.
You see the human being there, you know: you love everyone.
You can go to your husband, to your mother, your father, but all this life, those millions of people, those children belong to you.
You sit down and gradually your house builds itself up, your temple.
Did you do art?
André gave you a picture of art this week and that word went straight to the seventh sphere.
And then destruction came.
Millions of people in the space looked.
How can it be?
But that is the human being.
Did you not understand that when you mess up art as reality, you also sully your personality and the consciousness of the space?
Is your expressionist feeling pure and meaningful with regard to the life which was created by God?
Natural, just, pure as a beautiful shape, inspired by pure, spatial, Divine motherhood and fatherhood?
The human being imagines working art on earth and violates the product of nature, because the child of God is now raped.
That was the lesson of André.
And then the human being becomes angry.
We closed our eyes, the spheres closed for these personalities.
If you cannot understand: we are not capable of stirring anything at all in your life, taking it away from you, if we cannot put something higher in its place.
God could not do that, the Messiah could not do that, no justice, and no harmony does that.
If you do not understand that: you see there the Spheres of Light and you see next to it the darkness, every wrong word, your rebellion, your breaking down.
You start to think for the first time: do we mean all of this?
What is good and what is wrong?
And if you cannot understand that, now that we stand here in the spheres, then the master says: “Just wait.”
You must now learn to be silent, only the master will speak, the space will say it.
Your immensity, the astral world is harmony and will ask you: open yourself, now it is possible.
Otherwise sit down and build on your house.
Just show what you possess!
And then the human being sits down – as I gave you the picture a moment ago and with which I will continue –goes to sleep, lies down or sits arms folded like a Buddha and waits, but is shining.
Now you must see the different dwellings as temples.
There are people in this world who possess a temple.
They live there in the mountains.
You have mountains, you have waters; everything is there.
Mother water – you will soon read that in ‘The Cosmology’ – also has her representation in the Spheres of Light.
She lives there and is crystal clear and pure.
She has discarded the muddy, the dark, the grade of Mother Earth.
In the Divine All she is reflecting, but also in the first sphere.
When she speaks to André in ‘The Cosmology’: “André, can you see me?” and you feel your own character, then that is universal truth.
You feel how beautiful the human being becomes in his thinking and feeling, if you want to experience the spiritual truth and can accept how beautiful, how wonderful the mother is, how sacred her course of life, her walk, her footstep.
And now you get a hand, a kiss, then her kiss represents herself here in her beautiful garment, her temple.
And then you see the aura from those walls as spiritual, spatial substance coming to you and it now takes you to the sacred moment for the spatial awakening: the universal motherly and fatherly kiss ...
So ...
Then the sacred esteem in order to see the father and the mother lying down and kneeling.
Now you can pray.
And now Christ says from the Divine All to your life, to all these millions of children: “Do not pray any more.
You have earned Me.
No, it is you yourself.”
You see.
What you are, what you do, what you represent, you see that now, everything that you have done.
You do nothing for another, you are that yourself, you are always that yourself.
No one can take anything away from you, you learn that now, you will observe that.
They shine towards you, you earned that.
Look, they start to live, every characteristic now speaks and is a universe, a picture, a painting, a harp, a flower, a bird, a human being, a characteristic, but is the kiss ...
When will you now enter the universal love for you and your soul?
Who belongs to you and what?
“Which life is mine?”
What does it mean, if you will see and can accept your own world and space, can press to your heart like father and mother?
There is no injustice.
Here on earth you only have each other temporarily.
Because do you wish to tell the space, do you wish to tell Christ, do you wish to tell the Spheres of Light that this life is precisely yours?
Yes indeed, here under you, there are people who already possess the happiness – even if they do not know it – they travel one path.
And anyone who can now think and feel, can experience a dream, a space while sleeping, the lying down hand in hand, he feels the soft pressure of the human heart.
And that is spatially deep, consciously carrying, feeling, serving, and loving.
Then there is no longer any ‘no’, then everything is ‘yes’ and understanding.
Then there is no longer any hatred, there are no longer any wrong thoughts; everything is accepted.
There is no being wrong, there is no wrong thinking; everything is harmony.
I hammered on your lives, on your personalities in order to let you feel that you darken your whole day by means of one word.
And then the human being goes ...
The human being asks questions, the human being wants to read, and the human being learns to absorb books into himself.
The human being can tell just like that that the moon is dead and that we were born there, but what does that wisdom and that space all say, if we begin again today in order to break the life?
If we say: “Go”?
To think from the spheres to the earth in order to let you feel that love, then I weep until my tears run dry and the space weeps until its tears run dry, and we do not do that.
But by means of those distant sounds, that unity, that understanding, that persevering in order to elevate you to your own Deity, is what gives you shape ‘beyond the coffin’.
Then you are naked, but beautiful and you truly carry a garment and there are no holes in it.
No, you should see the mother.
At the age of eighty she becomes an apparition of twenty-five years old.
When mother Crisje – you will soon get ‘Jeus of mother Crisje’, carries it to your heart and gives it to your life – when Crisje during the war, before the war ended, could experience her ascension, Master Alcar let him disembody and he stood before his own mother, as a child and as a master.
The Tall Hendrik stands yonder ... yonder.
André is sitting at a table during those January hours and he sees yonder the Tall Hendrik.
Master Alcar comes with Crisje.
Crisje is standing there, André looks into her eyes.
He does not ask: why did you come, my mother?
Is the hour of becoming conscious, the breaking of yourself, is that conscious and do you have that in your hands?
He is working.
I am one with André.
He looks into the eyes of his mother, his pure Crisje and now Crisje can wait.
We finish the sentence.
Crisje may see how we are writing, how we interpret the space, how we analyse the laws of God, for ourselves, for the human being, for society, what the Kingdom of God will be in so much time.
And when we are ready, then Master Alcar says: “Let him free and let him experience his Crisje, his life.”
What André immediately does is: he steps and descends into Jeus and speaks with her the pure, wonderful, beautiful dialect.
He is André-Dectar, spatially conscious, has got the Great Wings and descends into his mother and gives her his spatial personality and places a world of flowers in her hands, which Crisje cannot even carry.
What will happen now?
You will soon accept and experience that if you want that.
The Tall One stands yonder, he does not have the right, he does not yet have the personality to come here between these two lives, to step in, to bow and to be happy: “Oh, Jeus, I am also here.”
The Tall One has not yet earned that.
Now we stand here, Jeus sees, because the Tall One ...
You will read it, in the first part I made it clear to you that the Tall One is thinking wrongly again and tramples the little rattle under his feet.
“Is that everything which you can do?” I ask the Tall One.
“Why could you not accept the feelings of Crisje?
You think again: oh, that nonsense.
I do not want anything to do with that nonsense.
I am ... my quartet, my violin, it is I.”
And Crisje, who has experienced the forecourt, the forecourt of Christ, who disembodied with Jeus, must close herself off because the Tall One does not accept her.
He cannot be a child and in the Spheres of Light we are children.
“No”, the Tall One says, “don’t make me laugh.”
But the going during this moment, if you read that soon ... then you will get to see the second part and then you will get to experience the third part.
And then you take yourself through the father of Jeus, the Tall Hendrik, to his cosmology.
On earth: “Huh, you would talk to me.
Go away, with your long face.”
Yes, just send the human being away and hit the child.
Not because of this child, but the big, the adult personality wants nothing to do with this vain pursing and says: “Go away with your moaning, what do I have to do with it?” – but here Golgotha was experienced ...
The Tall One does not see anything else but vexation, destruction, that disturbs him in the morning.
And then Jeus can leave.
But Crisje feels how that child is suffering.
I could have told the Tall One soon, at this moment, I could have shouted out to him: “Tall One, in fifty years’ time” – what is fifty years? – “then you will stand on the threshold of this temple and you will not be able to enter.”
And the Tall One stands there in January, 1945.
He brings Crisje to Jeus, André-Dectar, he must stand there as a beggar, if Jeus cannot accept him, because he knows: his child is now a master.
And the child, fatherhood and motherhood, becomes a master.
You rise out above the destruction.
You represent that mastership if you attach the love to it.
There is the Tall Hendrik.
Jeus does not look at him, he does not do that as André-Dectar.
The Tall One will feel what it concerns.
Every word is now a space, is a law, and represents a foundation of the astral world in which they live, because soon he will disembody in order to experience that ascension with Crisje.
The Tall One cannot experience that now, that is not for him, he did not think for that.
Yes, in those spheres ... in thirty years you will not get that space.
What you can master here in only one second, you need to fight and struggle for that in the astral world for thousands of ages.
Here you can do that with a task, with a word.
There you do not have the word.
You have nothing there.
You must first master that feeling.
Crisje asks for a cross, but the Tall One ... it does not occur to him to give her a cross.
Because a cross is love.
Read and experience this work, then you will see the Tall One standing there.
But then you will soon see yourself in the Spheres of Light, in your astral world and then you can say: “Yes, truly.”
“Father, why did you as a child ...
I am not a child, the human being has millions of lives behind him when the soul is born on earth in the mother.
Why did you not wish to accept me spatially, lovingly, and spiritually?
Then you would have stood next to Crisje and the three of us could have experienced that journey, that cosmic happiness.
Because we will return to the dying of my mother.”
But the Tall One cannot go along; André leaves him standing.
He goes with Crisje and takes her hand.
And next to him, yes, yonder in the distance, is the master, is Master Alcar, and there are the higher ones who do not even want to connect with these lives, because they want to give those lives spatial happiness, that unity.
That is of Jeus and Crisje.
And that is your love as man and wife, as twin souls of one colour.
Are you yearning?
Are you also longing for spiritual development?
Or do you not yet need this?, I asked you.
“I will soon see.”
Then you are standing there, in that and that time ‘beyond the coffin’, behind that shroud.
That is a thick wall.
You do not get through it, because you must destroy that building again, destroy that terrible, universal, immense fencing.
You have to do that yourself.
And the Tall One has not yet started that.
You feel what it concerns, what I gave you in the mornings that we were one.
And one went home bowed down and dejected, but a moment later: “Now, what does it matter to me?
I am still wonderful here.”
But then you are faced with that destruction there, with that not wanting to and then you cannot continue.
Jeus takes Crisje’s hand in his – as André – and says nothing, but they release themselves from the earth.
He can say to Crisje: “Look, mother, the earth lives there and soon we will go to ’s-Heerenberg.
I want to experience your death, your dying.
I have experienced it.
But now we will be one, because I must release myself from your personality.”
And then Crisje does not dare to say anything, because she sees her master.
“Talk in dialect”, says Jeus, “because I am your child again.”
And then mother and child go – as you will soon read in ‘Jeus of Mother Crisje’ – then they both go and make a journey straight to the third sphere, they possess the Great Wings, the Spheres of Light are open.
And if Crisje wants, she could experience the sixth and seventh heaven, her love was so deep and so pure ... she could always receive the human being, every thought, so spatially, fully and consciously.
What do you do?
André takes her straight to the first sphere and they go for a walk there.
Crisje becomes younger and younger and finally she wears those beautiful sandals, that beautiful blue garment and on her chest the Messiah shines, interpreted in a pure light.
He looks ...
“Mother, how beautiful you are.”
Crisje weeps.
He weeps from happiness.
“Mother, how beautiful you are.
How happy I am that you were so good, so clear, so pure.
How grateful I am to God that I can receive you.
We are one eternally, we have that love eternally.
But I will finish my work, I will prove to you that I am André-Dectar and yet your child.
For after this you will be my child and I will be your father and mother.
Look into this space.”
He soon goes, by means of the feeling of Master Alcar, to the first sphere.
He takes the walk and follows the path which he experienced with Master Alcar.
The birds come to him.
He lays the flowers of his wisdom, his life, and his personality in her hands.
He can say: “Look, Crisje, look, mother, look, life, everything which you see here, belongs to me, I earned it for your life, because I love you purely.”
Yes, then everything shines.
Then that child can look up and then the Christ says: “I live in you.”
Crisje goes there with beautiful blond hair, looks twenty-five years old, wears a garment which carries and interprets itself.
Her beautiful garment radiates like the universe could do that, as a result of which the human being was created.
Because every thought of Crisje is a space, a universe, a planet, a sun, a flower, a plant, an animal; light, life and love.
And when they now enter the first sphere, at the place where Crisje will rest – she already rested there – and she experiences the contact with that sphere, her astral world and André sees that she can experience the second and the third sphere ... but because she will release herself from the earth first, then the master, her child, says: “Come, my mother, we will return to the moment of your dying, your being released on earth.”
And when you soon read that in ‘The Cosmology’, then you will now have the picture: truly, they are walking there.
Crisje looks round, she holds onto her Jeus.
And that is for you as man and wife, that is the fatherhood and motherhood; now mother and child.
But with universal unity she holds onto the hand of her child and master and then they go, they walk straight up the Grintweg and descend into house 318.
They enter the kitchen, with spatial thinking and feeling, they are free from the material.
Crisje sees that she is spirit, that she interprets soul and life.
The Tall One is not there, the Tall One cannot experience this.
He is not there, he must still earn it.
They built this up.
Yes, one day Jeus will prove it to her that he carries the cosmology under his heart, but that he built that up for her, and she again for him, and mother Crisje again for thousands of other lives, because she loves.
There they go ...
The dying of the Tall One does not even interest them now.
They can look back into that, but André says: “That is over, it is not that.
Every thought which we now experience, belongs to you, my mother, and we will be one in that.”
And now André sees that two days before her passing on, before her being released and freed, the ending of the cycle of the soul, Crisje is already universal, spiritually elevated and freed from her material thinking and feeling.
This is a beautiful death.
She goes to the people, speaks with the people: “Yes”, she says, “so much can happen.
Today we are still alive.
You see: we live in war.”
She talks like that from the space, because she feels: something will happen.
I am going away, she thinks, and then I still want to say goodbye to my friends.
And now Jeus sees, as André, that she, two days before she is to die, goes to the left and to the right and visits the people everywhere and says: “Good day, see you later.”
Her face is shining, the people wonder ...
Yes, everyone is walking like a skeleton on earth, but her inner life, her space, her large heart lies on her face, she looks like a spiritual beauty.
The people say goodbye and then she lies down, Jeus sees.
He stands there, next to Crisje.
He looks, he stands in the position.
He experiences it there and looks, he sees how his mother says goodbye to the earth.
The man who lives there, asks: “What is there?
Are you tired?”
“No, I am not tired.”
“Do you need anything?”
“No, just let me lie peacefully.
I do not need anything.”
Did that life understand her in the suffering?
Have you never heard that a human being died when the mother just ran out the door in order to call the doctor?
The beautiful sounds, the pure possession, the love, the harmony for the space did not want to be disturbed for this consciousness and sent that mother or that father away, out the door in order to call a doctor, in order to call for help, so that the human being – the man or the mother – this harmony, this soul will die naturally and purely and peacefully.
Because that harmony said: “Now we no longer need your breaking, destruction, your crying, your weeping, your trembling, your shaking and ... and forgetting.
We will go away in secret.
I am alone in this struggle.”
And now Jeus sees there that that other child which lives there walks left and right through that house, because – he can make a cup of coffee – the human being has lost himself and he can no longer eat.
The wonderful, pure help lies there and does not need anything else.
“Can I do anything?”
“Can we not talk?”
How must Crisje talk to a human being who has not understood her, a human being who does not sense her?
A human being who has understood nothing about God and Christ – yes indeed, this life went to the church – but has understood nothing about the mystic holiness, the pure unity with everything, and the benevolence with life.
It is always just destruction.
Now she does not need this life, the conscious being does not need anyone.
Only the unconscious, the pathetic, the crying, the needy calls: “Help, help, help!
I believe that the Grim Reaper is here.”
“Ha ha ha ha”, the Grim Reaper says, “that’s another of those who cry, who do not know me.”
Jeus of mother Crisje knocks the crown off the Grim Reaper’s head.
He takes the pearls from his crown, his coat and his collar in order to make a garland, a braid out of them for his sister Miets, for all the life of God, for Crisje.
He says: “Mother Crisje, my mother, I have taken all the Grim Reaper’s pearls from him in order to give you a spiritual cross on your heart.
I have earned that, Crisje.”
And now he sees how life could be now and how it should be, but which it has not become.
A human being is walking there, runs back and forth and: yes, who can cook there?
People think of food and drink.
If everything is good, if the human being lives there and you are taken care of, then they have no happiness; then they pull the lot from the table and fling it through the kitchen, cause destruction and sullying and go to a church and pray.
But they do not know God and Christ.
And now, a time comes that the human being is alone.
And God in the heavens, Christ, who knows His Crisje, who keeps on and on talking to this life, said: “And now you will be able to die peacefully, my child.
You will be alone.
I will not frighten this life.
I will not chase it out the door, but you will be able to die peacefully.”
And the day passes.
Crisje is lying there, Jeus sees.
The night comes, she does not say anything, she knows: it is going to happen.
She sends her beautiful thoughts to The Hague, to him, to Jeus, the others cannot sense her.
Yes, there are a few who think: what is the matter with mother, what is the matter with mother?
Something is happening there.
It is little Teun who feels that Crisje is dying.
Have the others felt, or known it?
Were they one with this life, that they could experience that a spatial flight would occur?
Crisje is lying there.
The day, the night comes, now another day.
And in the morning, in this evening when the sun sets, she will free herself from her body.
She is lying, is thinking, knows that she will soon go and prays ...
The Tall One and Miets are also there.
Miets connects herself with the mother.
She sees Miets.
“Mother, you will be with us soon”, and Crisje understands that.
They do not need to give her any French, German and English in order to interpret these words, because this heart no longer absorbs that into it.
It is the tremendous, wonderful, sacred dialect, it is the life of feeling which materializes itself in a language of this world, which is understood literally and comprehended and is then accepted.
Yes, they are there, we are there too, the master is there, I am there.
I was allowed to go with Master Alcar in order to experience that sacredness of Crisje, this beautiful deathbed, as I was seldom able to experience.
We are now busy writing with Jeus, he is writing.
We are busy with ‘The Cosmology’.
There is no disturbance, because already a few months ago he ...
You feel, he experienced this dying there and he has now experienced it from the Other Side.
He felt it there and said goodbye to her.
“Darkness and light will come soon and then we will be closed off, my Crisje.
And then we will not see each other again, I can do nothing more for you.
Now you are standing on your own two feet.”
This dying here is the becoming free, is the ending of the cycle of the earth, in order to enter the astral, spiritual world.
But who sees this beauty of thinking and feeling?
Had this child ...
Was this child now open in order to talk?
There are millions of people lying on earth, sick.
They know that they will soon have to die, but do not talk to me about the hereafter, do not talk to me about a death.
My God, preserve me.
You cannot tell them the sacred truth.
Cancer, tuberculosis, leprosy must now be kept quiet about, because the human being is not open to that.
You must protect the human being.
You must say nothing to father or mother, because then they could probably get a fright.
Yes, then what, if her blood ran over her lips and filled the streets of the city, if she could experience her eternal journey as a result of that knowledge, then what?
Here, talking is not possible.
But how wonderful, how awe-inspiring this event becomes when the man and the wife, the father and the mother can be together and say: “Soon I will also come.
Are you still there, my child?”
The things this child can tell me?
Neither the second father of Jeus nor Tall Hendrik felt it.
When he went, he said then: “Soon I will be better again and then we will begin with the quartet.”
Yes indeed, Tall One.
The Grim Reaper was already sitting on the edge of the bed and looked him straight in the face and the Tall One did not see and feel anything.
Teun said: “Just go in the coffin”, a child of two years’ old – but the Tall One did not feel anything.
Crisje already knew it four months, five months, six months, a year beforehand.
Five minutes before his death he still did not know anything; not he, no.
Why not?
Because he, for that matter: I will see what will happen soon.
I do not need that life after death.
I live here, I am happy here.
Just carry on, but then this is not for you.
Then you do not see any ‘states of purity’, any flowers which smile at you.
On the life bed, at the feet lie the spiritual flowers.
Crisje lives in a scent which can only represent the Other Side.
“A good character gives you a little perfume”, Frederik says, “so beautiful and so pure.”
A characteristic, brought straight into connection with the Divine harmony and the laws of life, radiates towards you like a perfume and you absorb that by means of your senses, your taste and sense of smell.
They are characters.
People do not need to delouse you now.
Every characteristic is a flower, is wisdom of life, is the radiation in the human eye.
There is no hatred, no disintegration, and no destruction there.
Crisje does not have that.
Crisje is free from these things, because this is true.
She had lived according to that, she meant it, felt it, and gave it.
Jeus is standing there.
If she had meowed, André-Dectar thought, if she had now cried: ... (inaudible) “I am going”, no, then this greatness would not have been there.
But this life can accept.
She is lying there alone, she no longer speaks.
How can you achieve the unconscious?
This child runs back and forth.
“Just go to work, there is nothing wrong with me.
I will soon be up again, I am a bit tired.”
And he goes.
She is alone during those hours.
Ten minutes before the end Jeus sees that the man sits down there.
“Do you need anything else?”
“No, Hendrik, I do not need anything.
I thank you for those beautiful feelings, for the feeling to ask me whether I need something, but I do not need anything else.”
Crisje looks him in the eye.
She also wants to say: “I am going, I am going, I am going, the ‘wings’ are already coming”, but she can no longer materialize the feeling, it is not understood or felt, for that matter.
She releases herself, Jeus sees, and is received by her child Miets and the Tall One and the many others who were able to watch over her life.
This is the beautiful end.
When that child comes back there in order to go out, to call a doctor: “Cris, my Cris, you do not look well, I do not know what is the matter”, the soul, the astral personality has been released from the material systems and has accepted the journey to eternity.
The Tall One is standing there.
Can you see?
Jeus, as André-Dectar, does not say anything.
He now takes Crisje as a living conscious personality into his hands and he follows the carrying of her personality to the first sphere.
When they enter the first sphere, he sees that the life, that her inner personality is already changing.
He sees – and Crisje sees that and follows that now – that her clogs change into silver, golden sandals.
That beautiful, that worn-out dress changes into a beautiful, wonderful, silver blue garment and her grey hair changes to a blond, blue, golden colour.
And the cross on her chest, for which and by means of which she earned and loved the Christ, sparkling towards the space, says: “I am a child of Christ.”
Then he can already say: “Mother, my mother, my soul, my life, we have left the sphere of the earth.
We will return to the first sphere where you will prepare yourself for the second and the third, in order to soon take possession of the third.
But as a result of which we will free ourselves from each other, because I have to bring ‘The Cosmology’ to earth.
I serve for the University of Christ.”
And now Crisje can say: “Yes.”
Tall Hendrik could have told that already: “Crisje, you have given birth to a prophet.”
But every thought, every characteristic – accept this and Crisje sees that now – is prophet ship, is the representing for a universe which is called God and Christ.
And then, when they leave the first again, when they leave the material universe and he says: “Look, my Crisje, now we can go and talk, now you are free, now you can absorb everything.
We were one from feeling to feeling.
I am not your twin soul, because there it is Tall Hendrik who will prepare himself, who will earn you.
Because he came by means of his violence ...
By means of his task, by means of his devotion to duty he stood with both feet on the earthy ground, but you both were similar again anyway, because he is your inspiring power, your sacred representation.
He was always able to receive you again with regard to the material and the life on earth.
You are one and will be together eternally, you are two flowers of one colour.
He is the bubbling life of feeling which can now bow his head and can say: “Yes, master, just let fly at me.”
And you will carry him by means of your pure, Divine, Christian love.”
Now Crisje sees who Jeus is.
“Look”, he says, “mother, Mother Moon lives there, where we were born.
This is the sun, the fatherhood of the universe.
We must materialize all these planets and stars, we will bring them to condensing.
We made a journey through this universe and were able to conquer it finally.
And in addition, we were able to master the laws of life and the grades of life as light for soul, spirit and material, fatherhood and motherhood.
I am your master and your child.
Because I carry my universal love in me, mother, I am still your child Jeus, but André-Dectar is standing next to you, as the instrument of the masters.
I have to accept it, because the space calls it to me, but know and accept: I have served by means of the love which I received from you.
You gave me the foundations during my youth.
You carried me, you kissed me.
By day and night, by storm and wind, by peace, we were one in everything.
Why not the others?
They will still master it, they have to live for that, they have to watch for that, and they will serve for that.”
And then Jeus, as André-Dectar, enters the first sphere with his mother.
Then the Tall One comes, then the Tall One can ...
He is already in the first sphere, he has given himself during those thirty years.
In a short time he went all out.
He says: “Destroy me, break me, I want to earn my Crisje.”
And in this way father and mother will be able to earn themselves.
In this way the mother will be able to earn herself in order to love and to accept and then to represent fatherhood.
Jeus enters his dwelling.
There are now thousands of paths here.
Every path is an opening, is a temple building: enter me, enter into my bliss, into my personality, into my soul, into my spirit.
Crisje has not closed any door, we now see; everything is open.
She collapses from happiness and it is Master Alcar who takes care of her and lays her down on a bed of flowers and splendour and we leave her alone.
Then André is not standing before her corpse for the earth, but then he is standing there at the foot of an angel, a mother, a universal life of feeling, who has accepted her twin soul, because they are lives of one colour and one law, because they have represented harmony, justice.
He can say goodbye to this personality.
Crisje goes into a sleep as it were, into a state of trance, in the second and the third grade of unity for the space, in which she can now release him, because it must happen.
So that the maternal love for mother and child, and child and mother will dissolve into universal truth, the eternal unity, as a result of which we secured independence as human beings.
Now Crisje can accept him as André-Dectar.
She can say: “You lived for me, how wonderful we were.
How awe-inspiringly great and deep maternal love is for the earth and the space!
And yet we are free.”
Crisje gets that love sent to her for always and eternity.
Crisje knows: this cannot be broken, cannot be deformed.
But that is his space and his world, his astral space and happiness; this is mine.
And then the Tall One can come, Tall Hendrik.
When Master André-Dectar calls him and he first sees his Jeus and then the master and then the universe, the consciousness, the feeling and thinking, then the Tall One can bow to his child and says: “May I enter your heart?
Can you accept me in everything?
Because I want to serve you, I am doing my best.
I want to help God carry.
The masters may send me to the darkness, I am ready.
The masters may beat me, I will bow.”
Yes, now a child stands opposite his father and can say: “I thank you.”
There is no big and small.
Wealth and poverty do not exist on earth; there is only evolution, there is only reality.
A personality of the earth who carries the material laws in himself, cannot represent any spiritual space – it is here the unity on earth – but the being released and the going to universal love, which is spatially and eternally deep, the God of all life placed that in our human hands.
And then the mother awakens.
Why does she awaken, why does Crisje awaken?
Does she not need any time to sleep then?
No, goodness is never tired.
Love cannot be destroyed.
Love does not know any destruction or material tiredness.
She had only lain down, she only went and lay down in order to meditate, in order to think, in order to free herself of her child, Jeus.
Crisje ...
Crisje sacrificed everything by means of her ascension.
She does not favour one child in order to destroy the other.
She distances herself from this dependence.
She already knows: this is universal love.
Because she loved universally on earth – you will read that in ‘Jeus of Mother Crisje’ – she could also absorb this space into herself.
And now this places her before the new consciousness.
This life is immediately awake.
He accepts her.
He says: “Good day, father, we will see each other again.
When I am ready soon and we go through the Spheres of Light, when we have experienced the space, when we have determined the Cosmology for the cosmos, for this universe, when we return from the Divine All to the earth and we then start to experience the human organism from the moon and her embryonic stage, right back to the Divine conscious All, where we will see the Christ and then start to experience the soul, and we have completed the cycle of the earth from the earth and let go of that earth and her laws again, in order to experience the first sphere, the second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth and the seventh spheres, then you will be able to see and may receive me on the border of these worlds, if the masters approve of that.
If I receive the power and the willingness, the mercy of these spaces in order to give that to you, then I greet you as my father.
But if I must serve, if I must serve, Tall Hendrik, then you will be faced with a spatial independence and you will have to accept me as an instrument of the University of Christ.
Good day, father.”
The Tall One says: “Good day, Jeus.”
Miets is standing there.
There are more people standing there.
And then he lifts Crisje, takes her in his arms, she is now a young child, a girl of twenty, twenty-one years old.
He frees himself from the first sphere, her astral world.
They return again to the earth, straight to the room where he is writing and then they say goodbye.
Not one word has been interpreted or spoken materially; they were one from feeling to feeling and this is still just child and mother.
But universal love – for the spaces of God, for the Spheres of Light, for fatherhood and motherhood, for the serving on earth, the life in the material – makes and brings you universally deep, brings you to the Divine, pure truth, brings you to life, light and love.
How can it otherwise be that these lives lay down their space, their inspiration, their personalities at Golgotha and say: “Christ, may we tell you: we are that far?”
But they can see that, for that matter, from their consciousness, they can see that from their garment, they know that by means of their feeling and thinking, because André can explain the laws to her and Crisje already says: “I know, this is God’s house and in this house there is just one dwelling of mine.”
But she already lives there, in that temple.
The flowers lie around her, the birds come towards her.
She has her beautiful garment, she has the silver, golden sandals.
On her chest lies the Divine cross, the sign that she loves Christ; that of the earth is just show.
But you can, you will build up that cross by means of love, by means of the deeds, by means of your feeling and thinking and then you will carry it on your heart one day.
As the Eastern child interprets the Buddha by means of the star on the head, as the child of ancient Egypt has received the sign of Divine, universal consciousness and could receive the Great Wings.
Jeus returns, he says goodbye to his mother.
He stands before her and Hendrik, the Tall One, is there again, he says: “Come here and take her, take over this love from me.”
And then he looks into the eyes of his father: “I am going to work.
We will probably see each other again.”
Now André knows: now that Crisje is there – now that he has seen her ascension, now that he stands on earth with her in the spiritual, astral world, now that he knows that they have eternal unity – now nothing more can happen on earth, because I have released the Divine, spatial, conscious motherhood of the earth from the earthly independence and taken it to the spiritual becoming conscious.
Those are the orchids for Christ.
Those are the orchids which you can spiritualize by means of your deeds and now can lay down on Golgotha – I told you – by means of which you give the proof that you really want to serve, that you will really experience and want to accept that pure love one day.
And then you will do it a bit differently.
Now you live in happiness, in bliss, in becoming conscious, in peace.
Now you have everything, because your word ‘yes’ is a law.
You are always bowing and understanding.
I wanted to teach you that this year, I wanted to give you that this year, take the example from here.
But look over the world, now look at the people, how pathetic, how unconscious those deathbeds are now, how unconscious the life of every day is if the human being cannot speak his truth.
When the human being is snarled at, you cannot experience any truth, you cannot experience any harmony, if there is no bowing, the soft understanding, and the wanting to receive.
Because it is not evil, the human being cannot do wrong; that is consciousness, that is becoming conscious, that is evolution.
If a human being goes and stands on his head and a human being steals or he drinks, why will you still kill him?
You only say: “Why are you doing that, but why are you doing that?
You will end up in jail, you will sit there alone.”
But if they do not want it, then just leave them for a while in that prison – the darkness on the Other Side is much worse – until the human being finally starts to understand: I must not do it like that anymore.
Until the human being finally starts to feel and understand: now it is becoming different, I bow and I put a lock on my mouth.
I told you recently for that matter: God did not give you a mouth in order to speak, but in order to breathe.
Just weep until your tears run dry, if it is for the reality, it will be worthwhile.
Does it happen as a result of weakness, or are you touched again, or have you been flung out of balance again?
By what?
By whom?
By the brutality of this world, which is not there.
Are you involved with disintegration and destruction, with murder and arson?
Do you still wish to represent your country and your people and your queen, your society by taking the cross in your left hand and on the right the sword, or on the left the sword and on the right the cross?
To serve forgery?
Lies and deception?
You cannot be perfect here for the fourth and fifth sphere, but you are Gods!
You are people of one colour.
Accept each other today, with whom you are involved, I told you many times.
And have a health, have light, life and colour, have love.
Serve, if you want to possess this bliss, if you want to possess your garment, if you want to possess those pure, beautiful sandals.
And then just live as ‘Masks and Men’ and paint with poop.
“How can masters speak about poop?” the human being says.
Can you not feel that this pathetic, inhuman, soulless, muddy human-like of the earth belongs to society?
“Ha ha ha ha!” the human being says.
“How can masters speak about poop?”
You live in that, but you get yourself out of that muck, because you live in that mud as the pure lotus of the Temple of Isis.
In this mud Frederik pulled, the masters pulled, Christ pulled, God pulled, the Holy Spirit pulled the sacred white lotus as a human being upwards and planted it again in the spiritual first sphere.
Is that not your gift?
The art and the holiness, the awe-inspiring power which is needed in order to descend into that slush, into that mud and to ... you from that mud ...
How can we show you the first sphere, how can we show you Divinity if you want to avoid that mud?
The human being feels so big and so pure and says: “The masters write with poop.”
Ha ha ha ha, space, Christ, can you hear this?
The human being wants to be more than you.
“That is not from the masters”, people say on earth, “that is Jozef Rulof himself.”
Yes, and you too, you stand in the midst of misery, of disintegration, of sullying and destruction and you will find your kingdom there again, which we help you with.
We give you a light, a push, a lifting, a cheering up and look you right in the eye.
Can you feel the love which burns in you?
Do you understand where we are going, now that we are ending this winter this season and I must free you to your society, your own character, your consciousness?
What would you do soon, under your own power?
Then just go and walk a path of life.
Go on a journey and imagine the lectures, the laws which we were able to analyse for you.
Be happy, shine, and go into nature.
We are following you, the heavens are following you.
Be cheerful and lively.
Let the human being say: “Look, he is a sweet character.”
Prepare yourself for the first sphere, so that your husband will soon be able to take care of you as mother.
So that she stands before you, creator, and do not keep silent again; explain the systems to her, give her the spiritual pure kiss today.
Be a real child for once.
Yes indeed.
If you want to look: there is love here ... and silence.
Silence ...
God bless you.
With the thanks and the greetings from the masters whom I serve for and whom I had to speak for.
Until this far, see you soon.
Thank God, thank Christ that you were able to experience and able to receive all of this.
Spread it.
Accept soon – I beg that of you, I also ask you – place ‘Jeus of Mother Crisje’ at your heart and become Crisje, become Jeus.
My sisters and brothers, I thank you for your kind feelings, for your surrender and understanding.
I have given a lot, I was inspired a lot.
I tell you, we have finished five books this winter.
We held two exhibitions by André-Dectar and we gave you a hundred and twenty lectures and we are not tired!
We are young and lively.
We are capable of continuing and of talking to you for four weeks.
Anyone who loves cannot destroy himself.
Anyone who loves possesses spatial unity, the love with all life.
I thank you ... I thank you.