Our revelations to mankind

Good morning, my sisters and brothers.
We will start again with a new season and take you into the laws of the cosmology.
You will get a number of lectures about the moon as mother for the universe.
You have received a few lectures, but I will take a short trip with you this morning through the years that we were together.
I would like to ask you: were you able to determine for yourself in what time you actually live.
Mankind is afraid, mankind is trembling.
We live in 1950, almost two thousand years have passed that you had the Christ on earth; you were able to speak to Him there.
Two thousand years passed in suffering, sorrow and misery, fear and trembling.
In ancient Egypt, where I brought you, foundations were laid for this age, which we call the ‘Age of Christ’, for which we work and serve, talk and write: the university of your life, the cosmology.
And what does all of that mean?
Up until now we have given you here, in this building, a total of six hundred lectures.
And has the human being now changed as a result of this?
We took you along to the life ‘beyond the coffin’.
The books which you received, they gave you an idea what your astral personality ‘beyond the coffin’ will be like.
The human being does not yet know it; science – we had to add that – could not and cannot yet accept those laws.
The psychologist knows neither soul, nor spirit nor life, does not know any astral personality.
The parapsychologist needs proof.
By determining that the human being possesses a deeper sleep – as we gave those parapsychologists by having André, Jozef Rulof, tested – does not help.
Sooner or later they are faced with those foundations: “Would it really be like that?”
In London, in England, in British India, but mainly with Western intellectual powers, the masters, the core from the space brought physical manifestations to the earth, which people call materializations, dematerializations.
People recorded the astral personality by means of photographic shots, but science, mankind cannot accept that.
And yet, this would actually be enough for mankind.
Thousands of wonders happened by means of the human being; not by means of a people as a mass, because that is not possible and I will explain that to you.
I will prove to you that the masses do not change, awaken, receive a new, a different consciousness by means of a book, by speaking for hours and hours to those masses.
I would like to ask you: what were you able to master during those years that we are one by means of these hundreds of lectures?
Now draw up a balance, work out what you learned during those years and then you must accept anyway: how very little it is.
Yes, you started with yourself, but you do not yet know yourself; even if we hammered on your personality, close to you, from the space, from another planet.
Did you really think that the space could say: yes, these people are elevated to a new world with regard to soul, spirit, life and personality, sun, moon and stars?
They, these masses, all these people know their time, their life, their fatherhood and motherhood?
The human being also says: “Well, I will see that soon.
When it is that far, then I will see that.”
And why does one person make a fuss in order to take the other life to God?
I made it clear to you by means of different journeys, which we made together from the life ‘beyond the coffin’, I made it clear to you that when the human being enters his Divine Kingdom at a spiritual attunement, he begins to help Christ to carry.
I showed you that the spheres, the heavens, which people also talk about on earth, are not full, filled, but that all those beings, those masters are situated somewhere in order to go and do something for the God of all life.
We do not sit down there in order to wait whether we will get food from Our Lord.
Yes indeed, we are one with the flowers, with the nature, with the universe, but we have a task.
And which task?
We have begun to give ourselves that awakening.
And we wanted to lay those pictures, those foundations for you during the years that we were one, here and somewhere else, in Amsterdam.
You received the evenings from André.
You received the books ‘A View into the Hereafter’ in order to look ‘beyond the coffin’, in order to experience and to determine your own revelations.
We gave you the new work which followed that, “The Bridge to Eternal Life’; we made you one with the word of the sick, of the dying and it is still not enough.
One book would have been enough for us for this world.
One work is enough, but mankind cannot be reached.
One work, one blow, one touch is not enough for the individual either.
“The Bridge to Eternal Life’, that book could already have given you those revelations which we want to give you, the revelations from the universe – yes, what is universe? – of Christ, of God.
No, the revelations for this mankind as a Divine shape, as Divine thinking and feeling, understanding, love, happiness, art, science, philosophical systems.
This lecture is entitled: “Our revelations to mankind’, and how many revelations have you not already received?
If we follow the mentality of the human being, and these masses, and the time during which you live ... the chaos in which you live, the fear that the people possess time and again, proves that you have had a tremendous beating 1940 – between 1945.
The Christ looks from His universe, because He is still alive, you can see and experience Him every moment.
He still looks at the earth and says: “Just look, that personality was hammered upon for five long years and again and again they are faced with revenge, hatred, misery, destruction, sullying, gossiping.
One kills the other.
The masses and the peoples are ready again.”
During which time do you live?
In which consciousness do the masses live?
Can a revelation still be given to these wild masses?
War, canons ...
The gold of the earth is used again for violence, for the atomic bomb; you will soon see whether that is necessary!
Peoples of the earth lie kneeled again in the churches and the minister and the bishop, the curate and priest pray and pray and beg the Christ to give a little thing, in order to not let that happen again.
Well, well ...
The spaces are filled by prayers?
How can a human being be capable of inspiring the space, attracting that to himself as an individual and as a mass, as father and mother, when you continue to insist on damnation?
Is a human being, is an inspiration really spiritually expanded and inspired by fatherhood, motherhood, benevolence, cordiality, justice and happiness, understanding, the bowing of the human being with regard to motherhood, fatherhood, friendship, Christ?
Yes indeed, when we stand before Golgotha ... on our last unity during the previous season, when we were there and left Golgotha, when the human being had to accept that he had not laid any foundations, yet a cheer went up from this childish life of feeling: “How beautiful that was.”
Yes, how beautiful that was!
I am not talking, nor the heavens, the masters, the Christ, the God of all life is not talking ‘how beautiful that is’ for the human being who finds that beautiful.
The foundations, the revelations must hit you!
You will finally have to bow to a revelation that is true.
And we can place those revelations in your hands.
You no longer live in a time of damnation, which has never been.
God never spoke to Moses, because He is not a human being.
I will prove to you, I will explain to you – by means of the laws of the universe, by means of sun, moon and stars, in which you live – that you are only a grade of life as feeling, as mother and father.
That you will conquer the space by means of one thought, in order to lay a foundation on which you will stand, by means of which you will build a path for your inner life: your heart, your direct sensing with regard to the laws of life, grades of life, God as light, God as father, God as mother and God as elemental law, but also God as justice.
What has your church, what has science, what has the psychologist fundamentally inspired with regard to fatherhood and motherhood, life, light and love?
Did they reveal that you are really the revelation of God as a human being?
During which time do you live?
You are almost standing with one leg – the other will come of its own accord – in the Divine Kingdom.
In this chaos you are almost standing in the Divine Kingdom, on earth ...
Isn’t that something!
The flowers laugh; the human being cannot do that.
Nature cheers at you, a bird chirps day and night.
André takes you to the pure nature and connects you with the ducks, with the cordial feeling and thinking, with regard to Mother Nature and the universe, God, Christ; and the human being cannot do that.
The human being does not want to begin with himself.
I gave you the picture of how you will soon be ‘beyond the coffin’.
Again we come ‘beyond the coffin’, because now we begin to illuminate, to explain those systems, those thoughts with regard to Socrates, for him, for Plato, for Aristotle, according to the spatial revelations, to analyse for God and for the All-Mother, so that you will now get to know yourself during this year.
But during which time do we now live?
Fear and trembling over the world!
The peoples of the earth cling together.
For what purpose did you receive ‘The Peoples of the Earth’, the book of Christ?
His life’s work lies within your reach.
“Could that be possible and is it the case?”
The bible, the masses, the human being who feels the bible, says: “That thing is standing there and I do not want to see that thing again.”
How can it be that the God of all life can hate? ... Take the Old Testament.
There are still millions of people who are attached to the Old Testament.
I gave you the lectures under the orders of the masters who began to give the human being a faith.
And now we are faced with fire, a hell that burns ... burns eternally.
The human being is still not capable of thinking, of beginning, of experiencing the ‘word’, he is not capable of that and now we have to do that.
You must do that ‘beyond the coffin’, because you start to think there: am I astral here, am I now spiritual?
What is spirit, what is life, what is soul?
What is soul?
It says: “They will burn eternally.”
Then they are damned.
Have you – did we ask you – already discovered a fire in which you suffered, in which you are really burned and to which an end never ever comes?
Just put your hands in your material fire.
Or what is that fire like which is supposed to burn there eternally?
The books explain to you: they do not exist!
There are no destructive worlds created by God, as a result of which He curses and destroys for eternity His child, His life, His light, fatherhood and motherhood!
That must go, we shouted here to the space; called to the space, the masses: that no longer exists!
You must not think about that again, that is over!
You almost live at the moment in the Divine Kingdom.
But just go and listen to your minister and to your priest, just listen to the academic, what does he have to bring to you, what does he have to say?
We asked you: what are you when you are a theologian and received your title here, and you do not know the laws?
What do you know, dear professor, about life and death?
What is soul?
“I do not know.
Yes, the soul is from God.”
So ...
What is life?
Does the human being have an astral, spiritual personality ‘beyond the coffin’?
“Yes, there are heavens.”
And that Lucifer, that devil, where does that child live?
Is he really a messenger of God who has lost his foundations?
We gave you those pieces of proof, we explained those laws.
You will now get spiritual science; you will get to see your new bible in this new season.
And you can experience that, we must follow that, we must accept that; where those revelations originated, and that is the beginning stage of the moon, the beginning stage of this space to which you belong and which we will conquer as a human being.
During which time do you live?
The human being would want everything to be broken down again.
But do you not feel then – we were able to write in ‘The Peoples of the Earth’ – that you must now look at the ‘yellow danger’?
And that Stalin would make the best of a bad job?
What is the ‘yellow danger’?
Europe is ready, there is not one people here in Europe that thinks about war.
But just go back a moment, what has happened since 1914?
During those few years you experienced twenty-five thousand ages, because mankind, society needed millions of years in order to build itself up.
Since 1914, 1915 ... only thirty-five years have passed and the peoples of the earth have reached unity.
When we wrote in 1935, had the books ready in 1939 – the three parts from which we made one part, ‘The Peoples of the Earth’ – that the peoples in Europe and for the world would reach unity, no one knew that yet!
When we gave a lecture here, “The Dutch East Indies and you”, and said: that The Dutch East Indies of yours will be free, because that is a cosmic law, it was shouted there: “Dirty Bolshevik!”
I say: “Thank you, madam, then it is you, because I give you my love.”
And it happened.
Those are the revelations of the masters, but those revelations have spiritualized and materialized, you can read them from the space if you only think.
What kind of academics are they who give you the picture every day of that space and the mothering, analyse the complaining pathetic feeling of this mankind and keep on dwelling on that ‘blow”, the small piece of path which was experienced and was covered since this morning?
They do not look at the space, at the future.
That future cannot yet be experienced for a professor of this world.
Because you keep on hearing it: “We do not know.”
There is no one in this world that is capable of giving us the future picture of this mankind.
Can you see?
Then just read ‘A View into the Hereafter’, ‘The Bridge to Eternal Life’, ‘The Cycle of the Soul’, ‘Mental Illnesses’.
‘The Origin of the Universe’ gives you a picture of how those creations, and how those foundations were laid by the God of all life, by the All-Mother.
We gave you the picture, the books, in order to take and bring your gifts, your feeling to analysis, to expansion, as a result of which you learn to understand the word, the mysticism.
We gave you the picture by means of these, that you will see where the spiritual deception lives, but also where the spiritual unconscious being is still busy drinking, destroying, sullying the Christ, because people still drink His blood every day.
What was Golgotha for your life, by means of which He was able to manifest himself anyway to this mankind?
You received the picture by means of your ‘Grebbe-line’.
Yes, we are in contact with masters.
The human being himself is capable of passing on the picture of ‘beyond the coffin’, because he has experienced that path of life, because there was light in him.
That human being who told about his life there, he experienced that.
And nothing changes about you, ‘beyond the coffin’ you are the human being who thinks, who feels; that personality stands there before you as a human being.
We gave you the other books; “Laid foundation upon foundation”, said Master Alcar when we began.
But we also took you to the Christ, when He lived on earth and spoke to His apostles: “Go and walk.
Come, I will make you fishermen of the people.”
The church, the bible knows nothing about these circumstances.
The writers of the bible began – I gave you those pictures and you will read it in ‘The Peoples of the Earth’ – they began to think from a world that they already knew.
Now the bible begins with untruth! You have probably already absorbed the lectures!
God did not make some clay and breath of life ...
He did not make a shape by means of a bit of material and inspiring wind; what was it?
The human being – we have shouted at this mankind – originated in the waters!
Those are revelations?
Yes, we gave you, were able to and could give you thousands of revelations – as truths and realities with regard to the space, your fatherhood and motherhood, soul and spirit, society, peoples of the earth, insanity, illness and happiness, your love – because we could master those worlds.
We lived in that consciousness.
But the human being says: “No.”
Society says: “No, that is God’s word and that will remain so!”
And that is not true, mankind!
Just reach thinking.
God did not take any clay in his hands and add some breath of life in order to make the human being.
The human being had to begin in the embryonic existence and I gave you that picture.
We returned to the All-Source one morning, the All-Mother, because that was only giving birth; and creating would soon occur, spiritualize and materialize itself.
The human being continues and says: “The bible is truth and you will stay away from it.”
When someone comes who analyses the mysticism for ancient Egypt, then that is hilarity, I wrote in ‘Jeus I’, then that is mocking, the killing of God’s word.
This mankind in this age, in 1950, is still standing – those are millions of people – are still standing on these destructive feelings and is smothering itself.
No continuation is possible, you cannot renew, cannot change that society.
You prevent your own development, because you accept that clay and that breath of life.
You do not get any feeling, any love.
That kiss of yours, if you give that to your mother, it stands on damnation, it has no inspiration.
When we returned from the space, from the Divine All to Golgotha for a journey into the cosmology, and when Buddha there, Ramakrishna there, Annie Besant, Blavatsky, Socrates, Plato, all the great ones, Rudolf Steiner and Marie Corelli too, were there together on Golgotha in order to start to experience the laws of God and Christ ...
When they could see back into the lives in ancient Egypt, in China, Japan, France, Germany and Italy, then they could accept: I am eternal, we have had millions of lives.
We came this far by means of fatherhood and motherhood.
When we will give you a lecture soon, therefore later, and will show you what the University of Christ is – which you, which we, which André represent and which mankind will receive one day – then we will explain fatherhood and motherhood to you, received from the All-Mother, from God, from His light and His life, from His laws of condensing, His independence, and we see that we conquer this space where we are.
That is the new bible!
This space will speak by means of sun and moon, stars and planets, by means of light and darkness to your soul, your personality, your being a child, as a result of which you feel yourself absorbed, inspired and expanded, rich in feeling.
And it is only then that you will be able to say: I know.
We kick that believing to pieces, instead of that we give you the spatial knowledge, the cosmic unity for every thought.
Every thought that you experience on earth and send out, feel, is either unconscious or conscious, possesses love, possesses feeling, and probably possesses cordiality, benevolence.
But when is this thought inspired by the Messiah?
I inspired you here in such a way that you were not capable of getting up one morning and leaving; then I had to break the contact for the space.
Did something really – I ask you – awaken during the years that we have been one?
You want to thank Master Zelanus and Master Alcar and André-Dectar.
We told you: we do not need your thanks.
Although ... we accept your flowers and send them straight to the place where the sign of the cross can still be seen and experienced, we lay your flowers down there.
But the cordiality, the understanding that emits from you with regard to society, human being, fatherhood and motherhood, your friends, means more to the space.
We work for that, we inspire the life and never stop until we have reached the conscious Divine All.
I can already experience the space this morning, but it is necessary that you feel during which time that you now finally live, what society, what your life has to give you.
We experienced lectures, we received a unity by means of which we saw that your task in society means nothing.
And yet ... again: look after yourself, make sure that you have food and drink, that you are in harmony, because for what purpose did people create the faculty for Socrates?
Were the thoughts Socrates felt and thought during his time, were they really worth being felt?
Why did science make a faculty of that?
The revelations, which could already have given the human being the cosmic happiness, were there!
But that was not felt by the church.
When Galilei said to Pope Clemens: “The earth revolves around the sun, holy father” then this ‘sacred becoming conscious’ hit his fist on the table and said: “No, the sun revolves around the earth.
I want nothing to do with your carry-on, we want nothing to do with your carry-on!”
‘Is that awakening, is that inspiration, progress, is that evolution when you kick the truth into your dungeons and let it starve?’ I shouted at you.
The human being says: “Yes ...
Was that really the case?”
Galilei stands in your midst and can testify that he has been destroyed.
Or do you not believe that you nailed Him to the cross during the life of the Messiah on earth?
That it was us as human beings, as Jews?
It is all of us ... you come from that race(see rulof.org/there-are-no-races).
That spot on your forehead is still there.
There was just one race (see rulof.org/there-are-no-races) on earth and that became the people of Israel.
That became Jerusalem, that became the Christ, and that became the Messiah, yes indeed!
“Oh no”, society says, “that was a legend, those were stories of the people.
Oh, really ...
Do you believe – I asked you then when we came to Gethsemane – that there were people who could say to Him, who could listen to Him: “My God, My God, let this pass by, this poisoned cup”?
The apostles – I showed you – had fallen asleep, they were sleeping; Peter too, John also.
They had forgotten their Master.
The doubt?
No, the pathetic inspiring.
They had no inspiration.
There yonder in the distance the Christ is preparing himself ... the Christ is preparing himself for his rise to Golgotha, because He knew for that matter what would happen.
The chaos on earth would break Him; that animal-like being would hit Him, whip and mock him.
And then finally a cross on His shoulders and then upwards ...
Just destroy it.
They lay there, the children – I showed you – who have fallen asleep next to the Divine wonder ... next to the Divine consciousness!
They walked with the Messiah over the earth and did not know that He had Divine consciousness.
There they were ...
We gave you lectures from the birth of Christ.
I let you experience a walk, when Christ walked with His apostles over the earth and He spoke to John: “Look, John, I can ...
I can give you cosmic consciousness.
I can connect you with the Father as father and as mother ... but who understands God as mother?”
What could the Christ – I asked you – still be able to give to mankind, if He had been able to experience the ultimate for His life?
Then the Christ would have become seven hundred thousand years old, because He has the knowledge and the power in order to inspire always and eternally from the universe.
His body had never died, never!
He no longer had to experience, had to accept that death.
Christ could have remained with you for seven million years, centuries, ages, and then would have recorded the university of His life on earth.
But what did people do?
And now that is not any different, now these same laws, these feelings still occur in your society.
What people do not understand, do not feel, that is nonsense.
When we began people there called: “In three months that life will talk himself to death completely.”
We have given six hundred lectures, we have been busy for five years and we still have to begin, because I will prove that to you.
We only built up scenes, we showed you phenomena.
We brought you – I told you – by means of the books, to life and death, to soul and spirit.
We took you to insanity, we let you know the psychopathic unconscious and the conscious grades of life.
We showed you the laws of God and we have not yet made it.
We still have to begin with the cosmology, with the fundamental, so that we can say: look, we are standing on this now.
We are laying foundations for ourselves, for our fatherhood and motherhood, for our personality.
For the bible?
Yes indeed, but everything of the bible is not wrong, you do not need to drag away everything.
But why do people praise the life of Paul and of the others?
Was that inspiration used up completely during the ages that passed?
Are there no longer any Pauls of that kind on earth?
Has that time been completely smothered, closed off?
Does God leave His children alone?
Does the Christ have nothing more to tell?
I explained all of this to you.
Didn’t I?
I gave you that in order to give you a picture of how rich, how great, how deep you are.
I was able to give you the picture by means of the masters – because we prepared André – of how eternal a thought is, and of what you live for, I showed you what society means.
I took you back ... we returned to the prehistoric ages, back when you did not yet have your little house, when you still lived under the ground.
We returned and started to look where the first illnesses had originated, because God did not create any illnesses.
All this misery which you have, which mankind possesses, was not there; for God everything was harmonic.
This is why the masters wrote those books.
One revelation after the other was built up by the masters, was spiritualized and then materialized, so that you would get to know yourself.
And now we have made it, you saw it during these days.
The minister, the clergyman begs: “But my God, people, what did we learn?”
Yes ... nothing was learned, nothing for the masses.
Nature continues, Mother Nature continues to work.
Mother Nature, Mother Earth finishes her life.
But during this time the Jehovah child stands before you: and prepare yourself, because all of this can collapse at any moment.
Still, in 1950, there are inspired people who think that the God of all life can destroy Mother Earth and her life.
But the Catholic Church does not need to damn that child, nor your theologian, because they damn too.
And you must understand that now, you must banish that from your life.
There is no damnation, destruction!
There is only reincarnation and that’s what it’s all about: the reincarnation for the planetary system, for the human being, for animal, for flower and plant, for the smallest insect.
We came from the Spheres of Light and returned to the earth.
We made a journey to Bethlehem one Christmas morning and we saw the birth of Christ.
I brought you into the Divine All, where you are Gods as man and as mother.
And then we returned to the earth ...
We were silently one ... in a sacred sphere.
Yes indeed, your hearts opened, but is that also and besides, in addition the heart of this mankind?
Does this mankind not feel, does the church not feel, do the academics not feel that this life of feeling cannot be destroyed anyway?
That a new inspiration must come, that an evolution must occur and that this is the explanation of and by means of the metaphysical teachings, as a result of which ancient Egypt itself was able to manifest itself?
Why was ancient Egypt born? I asked you.
They were revelations!
The Great Winged Ones became free and made a journey in the space.
And the body lay there, but it was talking.
Now we are more and deeper, further developed, now we walk here before you and yet we experience the same laws.
No more blood flows, but they are wonders and revelations; not only for you alone, but for the peoples of the earth, for this whole mankind!
The human being got his independence, sun and moon also got that and did you not think the peoples of the earth?
China and Japan ... what happened during those few years?
Just experience that.
Are you capable of that?
Japan in 1939, what kind of people were they, what was the consciousness of that people like?
Was that child open to Israel?
That child lived in the Eastern mysticism, in the ‘sacredness’ of a destruction.
A destruction of the child that was the most sacred that there was – and we say: no, do not violate the life, God, refuse!
Refuse to kill, if you do not wish to be killed.
Refuse to take part in destruction, because you are a Deity.
How far is that Japanese consciousness from you?
If only that Jap, if only that child, if only those masses had accepted Buddha, close to this vicinity.
But in five years, my dears, in only five small hours, short times, a million consciousness was brought to Israel!
Japan is ready to enter the temple of Israel.
Does that mean nothing to the world?
Can the professor, the academic see these foundations?
And what else?
Now also the Chinese people.
Stalin makes war; we would be able to inspire him at every moment in order to not do it.
Really, this mankind has earned a beating.
This mankind, this Europe, your country, your people, and this tremendous existence have earned a new beating; just look at the masses.
That cannons and destruction is built up is now necessary, because you are faced with evil.
But nothing is capable of – accept this now and take that into your heart and just fling it at your universities – in order to destroy the people of Israel! (Master Zelanus does not mean the country Israël, but the House of Israël.)
Because the people of Israel is in the hands of the masters, has and gets the inspiration of the Messiah.
Because for this becoming conscious ...
Israel says nothing, but this is the highest becoming conscious for the space.
Israel has received contact with the masters.
And that people can no longer die out, that people cannot be destroyed.
A people of so many millions of children was taken to Israel in five years.
Does it not mean anything to you?
Are you standing still, is the space, is God, is Christ at a standstill?
Does Christ not do anything anymore, does God do anything more, does He leave his children alone?
Yes, people look at the clouds, but that does not happen again.
Galilei does not let himself be destroyed twice by the Catholic Church.
And then Christ ... Christ has to come back again to Jerusalem?
Not to hang Him now on the cross.
No, to knock Him down on the street!
The human being who comes to this society with a higher consciousness, with deeper feelings, with spirit, soul, expansion and love, can no longer be banned, but sullied and deformed.
People can no longer lay down that life, that consciousness at the stake, dear church, that time is also over for us again.
“Yes, there were just ten”, the Head says.
“There were just ten people, it was not that bad.”
But those cardinals and bishops once reached deeper thinking and feeling.
Those priests, those nuns also came ‘beyond the coffin’; and could now begin with their own spiritual life and were now able to ask true, spatial, Divine questions, to which and for which the answer was given; that answer is ready.
“For what purpose did I serve now?”
If the human being had not received any faith – believe it and accept it – then it would not have been good either.
But now the analysis comes.
The revelation, which you now get to experience, is the analysis of the bible, the analysis for and of this universe, your society, and the peoples of the earth.
You will receive and experience revelations when you start to look, want to see, finally start to ask yourself: yes, it is like that.
You must begin to absorb that revelation into you and to say: “Yes, the human being has already experienced millions of ages on the space before the writers of the bible began!’
That was written by the human brain.
The human being started to think.
As we now write books on cosmic consciousness, this was the human history.
You can listen to it every day, the minister is already speaking.
He does not let you see that path, but he now lets you turn off to the left.
And we say: to the right, the law lives there.
Now to the left ...
Now you can experience that law.
Yes, the theologian begins to very carefully nibble off bits and pieces from those wonderful revelations of and for the bible, because he knows, the biologist, the geologist, the scientific child which stands next to him says and: “Look, you can study now, you can represent the bible, but new revelations have come.
The human being was already mill-, mill-, millions of ages old – do you hear it? – before the bible was written.’
And who now stood on that foundation?
No one!
Now you cannot only see the flowers.
People must tell you: “There are flowers there, which are white, red, green and yellow.’
But they are not there.
The writer of the bible received a story from him and from her and mankind and your society knows those stories.
Tell something different today to a friend, to a human being whom you do not know; you will get it back in two, three years’ time, from Europe, from France and America, but then it will be sullied, then it will be twisted.
It will have been flung as high as the heavens into the space, or you and your story will be kicked into the ground.
You will be deformed, nothing more will remain of you and your story, because mankind has absorbed it into himself.
Millions of children want to experience something of that and by means of that, but nothing remains of that story, nothing!
It was not a fish like that, but one like that which he brought home for Our Lord.
It was one as big as this!
Certainly, the Divine revelations are spoiled and sullied in this way.
In this way people came to this world and began to think: that is worthwhile, we must record that.
And now it began ... and now just read the first passages.
This age is open to this, this mankind still stands for the clay and the breath of life and does not want to experience the other revelation: the human being who can explain and analyse that breath of life and that clay with regard to the space.
We live in that space.
We flashed through that space and can be one with the moon, sun and planets.
We see that Jupiter possesses unconsciousness, that Jupiter, Venus, Saturn cannot possess any life and that the moon is dying. We see why those craters, why that breath of life dissolves.
Why does Mother Moon no longer have an atmosphere, academic?
You cannot live there.
They still want to go there, they want to go there, but the foundations live here.
Here are the revelations brought by Christ, by the masters, by your father and your mother.
Does mankind dwell upon this?
Does mankind wish to see these revelations, these foundations?
We will now begin with that again.
The revelations for this mankind say, from the heavens, the masters, that the bible begins with nonsense!
The God who gets a shape and a personality there, is a hater?
Harsh, terrible, are you not shocked?
You should tell that in your church, in those churches.
Two hundred years ago there were people who said: “Yes, inspiration can, I believe, be experienced from ‘beyond the coffin’.
There is no death.”
But they were burned at the stake!
The human being was not allowed and could not make any spiritual poem, then you were already shot dead by the church, church, church ...
And that church stands there, millions of people do not wish to awaken.
They are waiting for new revelations.
The Christ gave everything, God gave everything to His life by means of His manifesting.
But what is that universe made up of?
You can understand me, you have ‘The Origin of the Universe’, and you have ‘A View into the Hereafter’.
Hells were not created, no damnation!
We must begin again in order to show you that here your damnation can be experienced, takes place, if you yourself smother your character and your society, your fatherhood and motherhood.
If you hate, if you talk, think wrongly about the human being – I taught you that – then you will already be gone.
Love each other, accept each other.
You do not need to carry those people, those people must do that themselves.
But here you live in the revelation, in the universal unity, which will never come to an end.
You can only go to sleep for a short moment.
Only go to sleep ... and that is dying; you will awaken again behind that.
Either you will continue consciously as a human being, or you will return to the earth and will experience the world of the unconscious again, the embryonic life, parapsychologist, psychologist!
You will grow again in the mother to awakening, to evolution and then you come as a child to earth.
In 1950 science cannot yet accept – the western sober life of feeling – that the child which now lives in the mother and will soon be born, has already been on earth for millions of years and already has millions of lives behind it for fatherhood and motherhood, society, space, Christ, God.
He cannot accept that; and they are the revelations for this age!
That is the Divine Kingdom, that is the ‘Age of Christ’, His University, as a result of which we analyse these laws.
And then you can ask millions of questions, they are also taken to the spatial revelation.
I tell you: after all those hundreds of lectures we still have to begin with the actual analysis for your character, your personality: I love, I have religion, I have feeling, what is soul, what is spirit, what is being a father and mother!
We must still begin to explain the laws, in order to transfer them, in order to spiritualize and to materialize them.
What no Ramakrishna was not able to do and what Krishnamurti was not able to do and no Besant and no Blavatsky.
Now for the first time we represent all those doctrines, sects, that mysticism.
It reveals itself now for this age, for now, now at this moment.
Also nonsense, also not true?
Madame Blavatsky brought: “First the human being was nature, then animal and then human being.”
We say: no, you felt that biblically, Blavatsky!
Also Max Heindel (1865 -1919, founder of the Rosicrucians in 1909), who thought that the human being would one day be able to fertilize himself in his life.
He must have seen that on a snail which carried its house.
The human being is not only father and mother, but the human being also has a house on his shoulders and that is a snail.
But people are not snails!
No, Blavatsky, Max Heindel, you were off the mark!
You never, ever in your life experienced a conscious disembodiment, as you say.
That is not true, because then you would have told the truth.
Then there would have been no more tearing of the theosophy.
Then the human being would already have seen the Divine revelations by means of the metaphysical teaching, by means of the spiritual laws, by means of the Divine Kingdom on earth, but from the University of Christ, and those are revelations.
If you pronounce truth, if you have experienced the truth, no fault can be made.
And that has nothing to do with society, that goes through society.
Very certainly, that belongs to the personality, to the human character.
No, these are universal, Divine foundations and revelations, which I want to show you.
Which Blavatsky, nor Krishnamurti, nor Rudolf Steiner was able to do.
They did not have the eyes, that feeling.
Read the books of Rudolf Steiner, read the secret teachings of Madame Blavatsky and now compare it to the books of the masters.
And then come back and say: yes, you are right, I must bow.
When a minister says: “Yes, the writers of the bible were apostles, academics, as we now have a theologian, a person with biblical knowledge”, for whom you created the professorship.
That man, that life, that academic will explain the bible to you.
“Sit down”, and he begins.
But he still has to accept that maze.
He starts to speak from a source, which has no existence, because God has never ever spoken as a human being to the human being!
And now you just begin with the bible, just begin where Abraham, where Isaac, Noah, and where Moses reached consciousness.
And I gave you those lectures, and now everything is different.
Yes, and yet so close to home, because it is you yourself.
It is you!
From the spheres a child reached consciousness and said: “My father and mother are there and they do not know that I am alive.
How do I return to the earth?”
And then the searching begins, which you will soon experience ‘beyond the coffin’, wherever you come.
If you have feeling, you have love – we made that proof, those lectures, those journeys together – then you will be faced with Moses, for your first beginning, your first spiritual step, because that body means nothing.
It is a temple created by God.
God created the human being in His own image!
Moses ... he received that name for the first time on earth.
But, dear grade of life, you are soul, spirit and a personality.
Can you now accept that this human image, which represents you, has Divine spaces?
God created the human being as His image, as a revelation, but how will you, do you wish to see and to experience that revelation?
Those are now the books.
What did the masters give you during these years, from the moment that we began, to your life, to your society, to your people?
To Europe, to this mankind?
We touched upon the cosmology, we brought you through the ‘coffin’, and we gave you a new life.
We will go back infallibly to the moment when the first feelings for the God of all life experienced a materialization and a spiritualization.
We went back to the first moment, where the first giving birth, the first giving birth and creating for the embryonic human originated – by means of Mother Earth?
Yes indeed ... later, after various millions of ages – but it was born on the moon.
And now, which revelations do we have to give you?
Astronomer, come here, sit down and you will get lectures and we will now analyze and explain that dead moon.
You will get to experience cosmology, from the origin of this ‘moon’, which is billions of years old, this life, this Mother.
We will place the Mother of this space under your heart.
You will become conscious.
We will explain to you – if you want that – if you can visit her life with a rocket and where you never again ... until the moon dissolves, you will also dissolve.
You will never work it out, you will never ever experience her.
And then what?
But that is possible here, here on earth, because the human being possesses his Great Wings, the human being is of Divine origin.
No, the human being is a Deity!
Now just look at the earth again how that ‘God’ lives, but that means nothing.
You received art.
I let you experience how the revelations originated for the music, for Rembrandt, Van Dyck, Titian.
Why – again and again – do we come back to those same names, those words, those people?
Mother Earth received cosmic unity for art.
Beethoven, Bach, they made the most of their talents, the life of Christ was interpreted.
Then science comes, finally science.
Every science is now only fifty years old.
Go a bit deeper and you would not even have this light.
They are material revelations, but the spiritual revelations are not yet absorbed.
And that is in the very first place that you will get to know the bible, that you will get to know yourself as a human being.
Not for here, but for ‘beyond the coffin’, for your astral, spiritual life.
And then to go just like that from that life to Golgotha?
Yes, we were able to do that, the profanation which occurred to us, those spatial feelings?
What is spatial?
When we want to fly to Golgotha just like that?
You do not know that life for that matter, can you feel that?
We experienced picture after picture, law after law.
We went through the human history by lying down for ages in Gethsemane, in order to come to ourselves; and then out of there again to Pilate, to Caiphas.
Caiphas ...
And then upwards to Golgotha.
We were beaten, we were deformed, we were crucified; for what?
And then you asked: “Now show us our eternal life.
Connect us to the astral world, to the first sphere”, that is a heaven, “to the second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth and the seventh spheres.”
And then we came to the fourth cosmic grade.
Because is it not true that God said: “Divide and multiply yourselves”?
And now every spark had ... Every spark that came from that All-Source and which could not yet be seen, spiritualized itself, materialized and must return to the conscious Divine All.
You are that, we are that, the flowers are that, the waters are that, the animal is that.
All that life returns to God, must return to God, otherwise that universe will collapse.
That is also a personality.
A spark that dies, that aura returns to the All-energy and will represent that life there.
God gave himself shape and gave His image to the human being.
And that image means that you must conquer, and will have to one day conquer this earth – a planet that floats in the space, which revolves around the sun and traces its own orbit.
And then it is called: then you have completed the cycle of the earth.
Then you will live in an astral spiritual world.
Then you will be in the world to which you belong as life and as spirit.
We gave you the pictures of how you awaken your Divine spark.
And then we stood that morning and now again, and in the future we will stand: hit that child right in the face, deceive mankind – and you will deceive yourself!
Talk nonsense and babble science, the laws of which you do not know – and you represent lying and cheating.
But that is too far from your life once more, society does not even feel that.
But when we stand before the Messiah, when we accept Golgotha – church, theologian – then drink his blood; you will have to accept ‘beyond the coffin’ and for the university of His life that you are drinking, deceiving, and hitting yourself.
Tear the life of this side from the Divine joints, release those masses, but woe betide you if you possess nothing new, nothing else than disintegration and destruction.
Violate the life of your mother, of your husband, of your child, of your friend ... and you still always violate, sooner or later, at this moment, yourself.
We taught you that, those are the revelations, because God created nothing else but harmony.
These are the revelations for your life, for your fatherhood and motherhood, for the time that you are still here.
You do not need to weep at your graveyard, to perish as a result of suffering and sorrow, for that is not necessary.
I taught you, the spatial inspiration as revelation is: that which now belongs to you, that life which is now yours, from yourself, which you have everything to say about; that possession, your whole kingdom here on earth, as material, that belongs to another.
You have only temporary consciousness, you must release that.
You must begin with yourself anyway one day.
It is not that the masters bring you to the earth, that they make you one with this society and that you must be beaten for this space; the masters bring you the spatial cheering, the ease, the happiness, the Great Wings, in order to spread them!
There is no longer a ‘coffin’, there is no damnation.
The human being is an eternal product, a gem of power of creation, the human being represents His Deity.
I told you: you are Gods!
Now look at the masses, now look at your society, return again for a moment to your church.
Listen to a Catholic priest, to your minister.
Listen carefully and place the book ‘The Peoples of the Earth’ and ‘The Origin of the Universe’, ‘The Bridge to Eternal Life’, ‘The Cycle of the Soul’, place those books on your knee, open them and make an inner, but spiritual comparison.
Dare to make that and then to say: “Now I know it, now it is perfectly complete.
What the bible begins with, that also belongs to 1950.
That is only four days, which have passed.
They were just people, but now I get the Divine word.”
You do not need to accept us, you do not need to bow to the masters, to those books: bow to yourself.
Bow alone to the truth and devote your personality to that.
As long as the word ‘sentimental’ passes your lips, you cannot move another step for your spirit, for your personality, for your fatherhood and motherhood, because God and Christ, these spaces are not sentimental.
These are truths, true revelations, which were not only materialized, but also spiritualized, because we received an astral world.
Become mother and father, become brother, become friend, become sister and brother and then we will reach the deep, spiritual, Divine science, for which we will lay the foundations.
And then we will stand before each other: when are we good? When are we true?
Is that life which sits down here open to the truth, which must then be the God of all life?
What is art, what is inspiration?
The human being, this mankind was afraid again.
But can you not feel, when we wrote that the Dominions of England would receive an own independence ...
Now look, examine history, follow that for a moment.
The Dominions ... who worked for ages and ages on those peoples, they say one fine day – when they have the strength, have the consciousness, can you not feel that God lives behind that or Christ? – : “You are free, tomorrow you will be free.
You will get your independence, we want nothing more to do with you.
You are allowed to experience your own life.”
Why did your people go to the Dutch East Indies?
In order to bring those coloured people to another consciousness.
Why did you have to go there?
In order to possess those people?
Christ knew, and God too, that you will have to leave them alone again later.
Because every insect, and especially the human being, a flower, those are independences!
Also the colour received an own independence through God, through the universe and became red, yellow.
Didn’t it?
The Dutch East Indies received, that child received an own independence, because every people must experience a higher becoming conscious, which is now war for you, isn’t it?
Masses like that come again and attack the life; for the space, for God, for the peoples of the earth it is evolution, a perfectly simple evolution.
Those things must come.
And then just examine ... just go over the earth, now look at the peoples, and you will receive awakening again and consciousness if you open ‘The Peoples of the Earth’ again, because you will now be faced with every independence which was created by God.
Every grade of life as people, also the jungle gets an independence.
Is it not simple?
Now just yearn as a human being to possess a lot, soon you will have lost it, you will go into ‘the coffin’ anyway!
And then you will have to begin on the Other Side to lay foundations there for your new revelation, which is not material now, which you cannot buy or pay for by means of material, but it will have to live here, under your heart.
And now people attack your lifeblood.
Just say: “I will soon see.”
Good, but then we will not want, then the universe will not want, then God will not want – nor Christ – anything to do with you, because you want to sleep.
You can rest, you can consume and experience your powers, your personality here in this society, but then you are sleeping.
You do not live on the earth, but under it.
You have no biblical feeling and you do not have any feeling of Israel.
You do not need to look at a Catholic and a Protestant; you have nothing at all, if you can say: “I will soon see.”
Have sacred respect for the churches which were born, because the human being would receive a faith, I taught you, we explained.
The masters had to begin in order to attach the human being to something, ‘The Peoples of the Earth’ tell you that, Moses tells you that.
The human being who does not want to know anything about all of this, who has no church, no feeling, nor nature of course ...
Because there are people, who do not need any church and any dogmatic doctrines, any foundations.
There are people who go by means of a tree to God, and (by means of) a puddle of water to the universe.
Those people, those are the metaphysical children, they originated by means of Ramakrishna and the temples in ancient Egypt.
But the human being who lives here ‘consciously’, who does not like any God, any Christ, any church, he does not live on earth, but he lives under it and is more pathetic than the insane person whom you had to lock up because of all his illnesses.
If it is any good to you, take it ...
It is not the intention to bark at the life on earth, but becoming conscious must come.
This is not shouting, it is only pure inspiration in order to bring you to the awakening.
It is the word which possesses that spatial becoming conscious and is capable of now taking not only the material revelations to Golgotha, but to inspire the spiritual – the true, universal, eternal foundation – purely humanly, purely maternally and purely paternally.
And that is the gift which the University of Christ has to give to you, can place in your hands.
And now I can say to you: even if there were hundreds of thousands of you: do you wish that I remain close to you, am with you?
I can ... I have the feeling and the consciousness to ask you: from which source of life should I draw up your lecture this morning, during the hours that we are one?
I asked you before: do you wish to see me close by this morning, close to you?
Yes, then I will be close to you.
Or do you wish a lecture, do you wish to see the laws explained, do you wish to see the revelations from the astral world, your spiritual life?
Do you wish to see them where they actually originated, from the All-Source, the All-Mother?
I can place those lectures, those laws in your hands and ask: why must we now begin, after six hundred and fifty lectures?
Are you now ready from the bottom of your heart, with all your tissues and fibres?
Is your soul, is your longing, and is your personality ready to begin now with the Divine lectures?
Then the first and the following lecture for you will be: ‘The moon as the All-Mother for this universe.’
And under it: the human being – academic, university! – did not originate as it is in the bible, but the human being was born in the waters.
You should take a look, you should listen carefully and now read.
During this time the university is awakening, the academics are saying: “So, minister, just set to work on it.”
A time must come anyway that the university on earth receives a conscious personality and that the universities – to which the astronomers, the psychologists belong – can finally say: “Minister, we are walking one path of life.
We both receive lectures here, but they tell you an untruth, which I know and which I can analyse.”
And now the minister is sitting there and there the theologian – we have nothing to do now with the Catholic Church – but it is the minister, that is the Protestant, reformed faith, the bible, which receives the same Divine wisdom in addition to the astronomer and the biologist.
They experience it scientifically and they according to a faith, the bible.
And now one deceives the other.
The astronomer can tell, the biologist can already tell it, yes, there are academics: “We were born in the waters, minister!
You must go back millions of ages if you wish to write the bible.”
And now it appears that the university, therefore your people, your parliament, is not the power, is not the personality which it wants to be, to say: now we finally call a halt to those theologians, we give those theologians, we will give the bible spatial, spiritual consciousness.
No, because then you will know too much, then there will no longer be any grip!
But for what purpose are we here then?
Give me the radio, give God your radio and we will fling these words over Europe and over the world and we will lay the new foundations for your new bible, for the University of Christ.
We have the word, we have the inspiration, we have the truth, we have the justice, harmony, love, life, light, spirit and space.
No, we will not get the radio: the minister has it, his hour.
He begins again – a thousand years long, no, ten thousand ages! – he begins again, still in 1950: “And Abraham said ...”
What Abraham?
That deaf and dumb one there from that time?
That wretched, mad life of feeling?
What Abraham?
“There was just one Abraham and one Eve.”
Yes, the Catholic Church also comes ...
There is evolution, but do not touch that one Adam and Eve.
The snake is still there.
Yes, ‘Holy Father’, the snake lives in your dungeon where you smothered the life, the consciousness, the evolution of Galilei!
That is a curse for yourself.
Just give us a quarter of an hour ... We start to write the new bible.
We have already started it; Jozef Rulof, André-Dectar, he has the first books for the new bible in his hands.
And if society secures it, then your psychologist can, your astronomer, your minister, your theologian can sit down there in order to receive and to experience the lectures, from Christ, from the masters, from God.
We are prepared, we are ready; can you see?
That is the revelation for this mankind!
We do not look at, we do not hear any roaring of cannons, we only see evolution; is it not true, Christ told you anyway, even if those people do not yet have that consciousness.
What does Christ matter to Stalin?
But his heart beats as a result of Christ!
Ffft, ffft, we blow it from the hands of Christ!
One law of life, one act of kindness, calmly and personally given, directly from Christ to Stalin and to communism – just believe it, human being, those are revelations which God has materialized and spiritualized – and you know, you no longer have communism.
To let one star fall from heaven, that is possible, we can already do that.
“Go and cover that Kremlin, cover that unconscious” – and Stalin has gone!
But what did Christ teach us?
Why did He let himself be beaten, why did He let himself be whipped by Pilate?
I confronted you with it.
Why could people put a crown of thorns on Him?
He only said once ... when Caiphas asked: “Are you the Messiah?”, then he said: “You are saying it.”
Yes, what is the purpose of it?
Why do we give these lectures any longer?
Can we bring society to a new consciousness, to other feeling and thinking?
“Yes indeed, I do that for myself”, every spirit says.
“I do that for the birds, for Mother Nature.”
Caiphas, why were you mistaken about His life?
Why did you, and your people, violate His life?
Would you wish to accept that you had to make good for Caiphas, while you have nothing to do with Golgotha, with Jerusalem?
Adolph Hitler was needed only for that.
People needed the human being for that who committed his mistakes.
One day we will experience that unity again and then we will reach universal unity and we will carry the life of God.
You will one day be capable of experiencing and sensing the life of Christ, but also to spread it!
In order to close this off this morning, I want to take you to the next step.
I would ask you in the name of your inner space: are you really capable now of being able to listen to the lectures, in order to absorb them into you?
Do you wish for me to experience the hells with you again, for us to go through the hells again, to the heavens?
But do you wish to finally get to know your existence now?
They are revelations.
Then I ask you: are you ready to experience and to accept the moon as the All-Mother for this space, as a result of the next lecture, the unity with God, with Christ?
Is that the case?
Then that will be our next unity here, for you, for your society and for your space, because after those lectures we will finish them materially and spiritually, so that it is also of some use to your theologian, your bible.
I thank you for your wonderful feeling, I thank you for the flowers, which I will give to Master Alcar.
I will take the inner life back to Golgotha.
My sisters and brothers, I do not want anything, I do not hope for anything either.
And yet there is a little, soft, childish longing in me, or my life, my feeling and thinking would not have any existence.
I really hope – that feeling is in me – that I was able to give you a little something during these hours.
No more is needed for that.
Then I thank you very much for your beautiful feeling, for our unity, for this morning.
See you in a fortnight.