The beginning of creation

Good morning, my sisters and brothers.
We will begin this morning with the cosmology.
I recently gave you the introduction and followed during which time you live, and what you received.
I gave you the introduction about the University of Christ.
You know about your bible, about the academics, art, music, sciences, psychology and now you are faced with the cosmology.
I will try to make it very simple and to record, experience and feel those laws together.
You will start to think.
You know the books.
And then we will return to the earth, to this world, to your personality, to your soul, your spirit, your inner life for society, God, the All-Source, All-Love, light, the All-Spirit, in order to see what you possess for yourself.
By means of the books of the masters we went through the hereafter to the space.
We entered the dark spheres and the heavens.
It is obvious that this society, the consciousness of this time still shrugs its shoulders whether it will be true that the human being possesses an astral personality ‘beyond the coffin’.
What does the bible say about life after death?
And what does it matter to the human being?
Soon all those millions will see all the things going on ‘beyond the coffin’, behind death.
As a result of these laws, by means of the books ‘A View into the Hereafter’ – I told you – ‘The Cycle of the Soul’, ‘Between Life and Death’, ‘The Origin of the Universe’, ‘Those who came back from the Dead’, ‘Spiritual Gifts’ and the other books, you received a picture that ‘beyond the coffin’, beyond the material, the soul is truly an astral personality.
And what does that mean?
I must show you, and I will do so, that you now live in that eternity.
The human organism, the society in which you live, means nothing with regard to the spatial laws, grades of life for soul, spirit and material, the human personality.
Your life here means nothing, only the life, the personality, the soul, and that is everything!
We go that far, we come to ... we come to stand before Socrates, your faculties, the universities.
We will soon stand before the picture that is called society and then we wonder, as a result of all these lectures: what did we master?
You possess justice, don’t you – whether that is justice, the laws and the grades of life for the space will explain to you.
You come to stand before your world, your space, and then you can see that every thought possesses space.
Every thought gets wings and different prophets, different masters speak about that, but as a result of the image of Christ you will still get to see and to experience that spiritual shape for yourself.
I release you from the earth, you are free from your bible, there is nothing more that you possess than only life.
You are a human being, you can think, you can feel.
Where we go, there is still nothing, nothing!
The human being, the life, Mother Nature still has to originate.
And from that source we return to the earth in order to record a few foundations for the human being, as father and mother, as human being, so that you get a grip in this life, and for soon when you will enter ‘the coffin’; or further, or back to the earth in order to do something, in order to bring you into harmony with those spatial laws, with the God of all life, as that is called, in order to assure you of that place, that space, that light, that life and that love.
Before creation began there was nothing, nothing, nothing.
There was only life, there was soul and there was spirit.
And the master calls that, the cosmically conscious being – you can speak of angels, what does the word angel mean; in the space the human being is cosmically conscious, he knows every law – he calls that: the protoplasm, the source, the All-Source, as a result of which, everything was born.
The source which possesses everything which we now – you will soon see that – possess on the earth, that is Mother Nature.
You can see a tree, you have yourself, you look at the space, you see sun, moon and stars, the animal-like world; all that life originated from that source.
At this moment we are of course already faced with the question: what did the bible start with?
And we will do that soon too; we will ask that question and will then place a new foundation for yourself, the foundations for your temple, we write that in ‘The Cosmology’, the University of Christ.
And then, it is only then that we come to stand before the source of this space.
And that source is now called All-Mother, the All-Mother of this space; the source by means of which the life received an independence.
And you are that as a human being, that is the animal and that is all the life of Mother Nature.
When the human being leaves, when you soon leave the material world, then you must of course first start to think.
The life of feeling which now possesses harmony – people call that love – will say to you and tell you: just continue, or – you experienced that – or you have to accept your world of feeling.
That is the inner life, it is your consciousness, your acting, and your thinking.
You give feeling to an action and that feeling will say: that action has attunement to a grade of life, as God saw and created all of that in His spaces and for His worlds.
We will now ...
We will now free ourselves from society.
You can close your eyes if necessary, then you no longer see this light, then you will release yourself from this space, but you can also keep them open in order to experience it consciously.
We come free of the earth, we now float in space; you always float in space.
That feeling must be taken away from the human being, because the human being feels a grip, he is standing on something.
You cannot leave this world for the earth holds you captive, but we float in the space.
And now we leave the earth.
We go, we reach unity with the material cosmos in which sun, moon and stars, the hazes live, are present, which were created for the human being.
We must still wait of course, but we will soon see what that actually – the beginning of creation – means with regard to millions of people, religions, sects, temples, Egypt, China.
Everything that the human being can imagine, that now reveals itself to your personality and is now the gift for and of this century.
That is the gift of Christ.
That is the gift of the university, the spatial university, which analyses everything, which possesses everything, which takes every thought back to the Divine All.
To what?
When God manifested himself – I have to materialize the word God – but when that All-Source began to give birth and to create, there was no question of that word God and God, nothing could be seen.
Here we are already faced with a word, for something that possesses no foundation with regard to the space, because the human being is brought in a maze by the word God.
The masters, Christ himself brought this All-embracing to the earth, to this mankind, because the human being would have to be able to embrace all of this, which must be God, at once.
Christ, the masters most certainly understood that this is actually not a picture of the reality, of the truth, but the human being would receive something on earth as a result of which he received respect for this space.
You can therefore change the word God by Universe, we call it Wayti.
Wayti is life, is light, is love, is everything.
The human being in the West, the dogmatic, orthodox adjusted human being possesses this God.
And now you must, after these lectures, after the books, after reading the books, you must start to listen to that minister, that theologian, your Catholic Church, the theologian always, when he talks about those laws, about God and his Omnipotence, always touches a human being again – can you see? – sees a shape.
Yes indeed, a shape.
God is a shape, is a picture.
And when we then soon, later experience the writers of the bible, then you will see that the writers of the bible started with that analysis from themselves, and a Divine human being stands before us again.
And that is true, that is possible, you will get to know all of that and then you will understand as a result of which your Deity awakens.
You will soon, later accept: yes, truly, I am a part, a spark of that Divine All.
And I find that Divine All again on earth and in the space, I was born by means of that Divine All.
We will now soon get to see, as the laws determine it, that the human being has become a Divine independence for fatherhood and motherhood.
And there is no more than that, only being a father and being a mother.
And now we start to see God, now we start to experience God, now we are one with that Omnipotence.
Because the mother experiences that Divine, spatial, universal unity during the giving birth and the creating, because the condensing, the hardening processes live in her as grades of life and laws.
She has received that space, that Deity, that All-Soul, because the human being was able to evolve, because the human being went through the space, through prehistoric ages to the present.
But that has evolved itself again too.
That means: astral and material worlds originated.
I really do not hope that it is becoming too much, too deep for you, but now: by means of that space, by means of that material cosmos ... we free that material cosmos from the own foundation, that independence and now begin to learn to think.
How did that flower, how did that space originate?
By means of soul and spirit, by means of the astral, spiritual power, Divine plasma!
Therefore that material must disappear, it must dissolve before our eyes, if we wish to go and look behind that universe, because the All-Soul, the All-Spirit lives there.
What you see here, that is all finished, that is the existing space.
Science speaks about sub-consciousness; he, the psychologist, does not know that.
But that is the All-Source in the human being, up until now, up until this time.
We go through that, that material dissolves before us, because we must go to the beginning stage of everything, if we wish to see and experience the God of all life, if we wish to see and experience the All-Source, the All-Soul, the All-Life; we are going there.
When an academic comes to the Other Side who has true meaning, who possesses the feeling: I did something for the earth, I analyzed true laws of reality, then he can open himself to the master.
If he possesses the feeling and the consciousness, can experience the unity for every system and grade of life, he does not need any master, because now the flower says: “Come with me, make yourself one with my life.”
And that is simple, Christ also spoke about that.
“As the mother is one with her child, you will experience me like that and experience and determine my foundations, my space, my spirit, my soul from that.”
And then we are one, then a flower tells how it developed.
Then we come from the realm of colours, that is a conscious world, that is a radiance, also of God, aura.
Now we must return, we therefore come to stand before that flower buds.
We return to the earth and then that globe, that seed, also dissolves, and we come again to that soul, that spirit.
We know nothing more, it dissolves in our hands.
And now the academic of the earth says; “Must I now master all of this?
Can the space, can the astral world, can this macrocosmos tell me and absorb how the ‘self’ was born?
And then the universe says: “Enter my life and enter my heart and I will take you to my first being born.”
Mother Earth says that, the moon says that, the sun says that, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn say that.
Every insect can connect you with that space.
For the cosmology ...
When the masters from the Divine All knew that the earth must get consciousness, that the earth, mankind was ready to experience something more and that those foundations laid by the bible, do not give any evolution – you know it, the human being has already been talking about the bible for two thousand years, about love, about justice and harmony; but where do the laws live? – then the master could say: “Well, now it will happen.
We must build up an instrument, we must build up the human being who is ready to experience that unity, so that the All-Source as mother is brought to earth.”
And now different masters, different people on earth have already touched that All-Source, for example, Ramakrishna.
Ramakrishna disembodied, the Egyptians disembodied, experienced something in the space.
Just read ‘Between Life and Death’, just go to your faculty, to your egyptologist, he can probably explain something to you.
And then they disembodied, they freed themselves from the organism and then the séances began.
They are not nonsense, you still have that culture!
There is no academic on earth so stupid and so wretched to say: that Egypt was nothing, that is just madness.
The Egyptologists were freed from the organism, the temples of Ra, Ré and Isis – I gave you those lectures – experienced that awakening, that contact, that unity.
And then the priest lay there, he became free, the body was lying there; the soul, the spirit departed from that organism and then the high priests could ask questions.
And they started immediately: “Where do you live?
Do you have eyesight there?
Can you speak?
Do you have feeling?
Tell us, give the Goddess of Isis this sanctifying consciousness.”
And then the laws were analyzed that far, so far and so high and so deep as the Great Winged one possessed in feeling; he did not come above himself.
And now you can compare that again with this time, because people spoke in Egypt about Gods.
A piece of stone, a flower, a universe, the night, the fire, the sun, everything was a Deity.
Actually – in spite of your biblical feelings, the dogmatic doctrines – the Egyptians were right, because the human being, a piece of stone, a flower, night, light and dark, wind, lightning are Deities, something originating from God.
And every thing got that independence.
Therefore already three thousand eight hundred years, three thousand nine hundred years; five thousand and six thousand years ago there were people on earth who could say: “The human being and everything which was born by means of the Goddess, is a Deity, possesses Divine attunement.”
You will certainly notice and feel that we are already on earth again, but remember that picture of the space, because we will look beyond the material and will experience the unity with the All-Mother.
You can do it!
The human being who follows these sessions, these lectures, for the first time, must absorb ‘The Origin of the Universe’ into him, those three books (Originally this book was published in three separate parts).
But I assume that you are ready and now want to lose yourself, as you are now on earth, for a short time and you assent to, attune to, adjust to that source with all your strength and power, where we will experience the silence of the space, because there was nothing else. The silence which the human being can experience in the deep seas is nothing in comparison to the life of feeling of there, because every thought, every timbre would still have to be born there.
There were no winds like you know on earth ... they were not there.
A screeching, a whistling, a chirping, all the life, which we have behind us, still has to be born.
Where we are, that is a vastness and we will soon see and later, or later, that an end can also be experienced there again.
As you yourself asked André: “What are we when we are God?
When we possess the Divine attunement, do we then return or do we experience that once more?”
You will soon see that you were born from that power, the power as a result of which you originated, which represents everything; you will be night and light, you will possess life, you will be soul and spirit, but above all father and mother.
You must accept that fatherhood and motherhood for the space and for all the life is the essential source as a result of which you evolve.
That society, and that the church is still capable of hitting its own child from that source, is awe-inspiringly pathetic, because the human being – you will experience that – now restrains himself for the Divine evolution.
Accept and feel: where we are, there is only silence and that silence must be life.
Life ...
But what is life?
We speak about protoplasm, but what is plasma?
Then I can tell you: if you feel yourself one with that, you will get, as it were, the feeling to want to grow, in order to reach working, feeling, deeds, manifesting.
It is a power, which comes from inside you, embraces the life of feeling and then gives an exciting realism, a feeling of justice.
It is the bliss which shines over you, which absorbs you, which you absorb; and then that moment you touch the lifeblood of the All-Source.
We will start to look at what that All-Source possesses.
Because we can do that, because we can now make a comparison of what the macrocosmos possesses and what you have to get to know on earth, what Mother Nature created for itself, the animal world and the human being.
Whether there are spiritual spheres like hells and heavens, we do not want anything to do with that yet, because they only come when the human being has completed the cycle for the universe.
Are you bored?
When the space, when the masters start to speak about God and the All-Source, All-Soul, All-Life, then the human being on earth feels a pressure.
“Oh”, they say then.
Then the child of Mother Earth is not yet capable of relaxing for once.
This does not need to be heavy at all, we are only talking about darkness, about a source, which is everything.
But we will take that source by the sensors.
We have the right, that source asks for it, to feel that source.
And then the human self here, the consciousness here is not able to absorb that, because people say: “Of what interest is that to me!”
And we receive those feelings, they go to the space, because every conscious insect, every master, the soul, the life, the light of the space feels how far the human being has come for himself.
God knows exactly, Christ knows exactly, the first sphere knows exactly how you think, how you feel, how you live.
The moon knows that.
Yes, astrologer, do not deceive yourself that Jupiter and Venus will also receive you and that they will inspire you, that is something entirely different.
But every insect, the hazes, the spiral hazes, the smallest insect, the smallest spark of God knows how the human being feels and thinks, if the human being absorbs that and if the human being can deal with it.
I must not go into that too deeply in order to explain to you: is that lifeblood, is that life aura, what is plasma?
We assume – and it is the case – you must, when you experience the cosmology, when you experience the space, you must still go through that lifeblood in order to absorb the very first origin of that in you, so that you can feel: yes, if I continue now, think through, then something will happen, and that is already the new giving birth, I will give birth.
That space now, that vastness, where there is no light, that is only motherhood, that is giving birth.
That is the house of the universe, the heart, the blood circulation, that has personality – we will soon see that – that has everything.
Giving birth, that is living fluid, life plasma.
That is a rarefied material, which cannot be seen and yet is visible.
Because we see: in this space there is as it were, when we look through, just get used to this darkness, then we can see, then we look for miles and miles, millions of years into that space, and into that depth until we think yonder, far in the distance: is there already something busy there materializing itself?
Yet there is light and there is darkness.
When you lie down for a time and close and then open your eyes and you reach the identifying, the unity with that space, that mother – that is a mother, there will soon be a process of giving birth – then it appears as if the sun is rising.
A more powerful light has originated, sharper, stronger than the sun at its peak possesses in strength and personality for your own time, for the present stage.
In that darkness a golden aura comes forward, which is not there, which is not visible, which you cannot feel.
And yet, you feel that warmth, that magnificence, that silence, that justice.
You are protected here into infinity.
There is no light, there is darkness and you see something.
That means, and we will see that again soon, that the human being also in his deepest darkness on earth, where that life will soon come and has materialized, that in those very deepest worlds there is still light present.
And now we must agree that the All-Source, that All-Mother – that is the All-Mother – that infinity, that vastness where nothing lives, only the All-Mother lives there.
And this whole only wants to be: giving birth, motherhood.
There must be giving birth, an evolution will come which brings that life forward.
And now the masters ask, when you come there – the masters from the Divine All, therefore the human being who has already reached the Divine All, the conscious Divine All – he now asks your consciousness questions.
If the human being did not live in the Divine All, then a word, a thought from that source would never have come to the earth and the human being would live, society would still live in the jungle, in the prehistoric ages.
But you can no longer accept that, because we received the universities, society was elevated, even if that society is ten seconds old and conscious for the universe.
We must accept: the human being on earth – at least in the West, not in the jungle – you here in society have got thinking and feeling with regard to God, Christ, space, your All-Source.
In this world, if you are there, then you cannot as a human being of the earth, even if you are a being with light, with space, with feeling, you cannot speak a word, you cannot cling to anything.
That life – as I said, you experience a unity with your flower, with the mother, with the child – that unity, that source must now speak to your life.
And that is the unity with God.
You will feel, if I want to depart from this, then we will soon immediately write the book and then we will ask thousands of questions.
Theologian, which unity do you experience?
Theologian, which unity?
When you speak about unity with God, what do you experience then, what do you mean then?
To do good, be harmonic, give love?
What did the laws for the Divine All, the All-Source, the All-Mother, tell?
What did those laws materialize?
Is that unity of yours on earth universally Divine, is that true?
Now you can already start to think.
When you soon, today or in four weeks’ and two days’ time, hear the radio and that doctor, that theologian, that pastor speaks about the Divine unity, what is that then?
Then you must remember this picture in which we now live.
You come, that source now asks ...
We are people, we live there, all of us look around: eternal, darkness!
We have the feeling that you want to embrace each other, you now receive the immense spatial kiss!
Because this is a contact which goes straight to your heart, to your being father and being mother.
We are hand in hand there.
When we ...
One human being can go along, the other cannot, one human being can give himself, and the other one does not want to give himself.
We now already see disorders here.
Why do you not give yourself?
Why do you not release yourself?
Why do you sit there so stiff and narrow-minded in this space?
Then let yourself go and make yourself one.
Just lose this character now, because you are attached to me and I cannot experience this unity.
Do not crawl away from under my life of feeling, but want to accept this trembling, this inspiration.
Well, we stand there ...
Not one wrong thought must now be in us, if we want to experience that All-Source, this Divine unity, because now God will, the All-Source will speak to us.
We will start to give birth, I will grow, I will radiate and here there is a human being standing who restrains me from letting myself radiate.
That human being does not want to think, does not want to feel, that human being says: “Well, what does that matter to me.
I would then rather hold onto the earth again, then I will not collapse.
This is going too far away from me.”
“No”, someone shouts, someone calls, there is a voice from the space, “the being far away is being close by.
In my source, in my life, in my giving birth there is no far away, that is you yourself.
Soon you will experience my unity, but now just discard those human feelings.
You are a human being it’s true, but release yourself from that society, release yourself from the condensed, material cosmos.
Enter my living heart, because I am the All-Mother who wants to receive you.
The All-Mother!”
And now this: in that All-Mother we reach thinking and feeling, the surrendering of the human being.
We do not dare to think.
You must not think, because if you think then you already enter the present stage.
Then the will has, the human will, already has disengaged you from the being nothing and you must now be nothing, because you are everything.
“You are everything”, Socrates said, Christ said, “if you say nothing, then you will be everything.”
The human being who asks is nothing, but the human being who wants to experience this silence, this universe, is everything, even if he lives under the ground.
Christ gave imagery and that imagery now gets spiritualizing in this space, in that All-Mother.
We start to see, we start to feel that when we have returned to the earth, the All-Mother will be like the green of your rose.
And if we go deeper, we will enter the heart of that source, as a result of which the mother revealed herself.
She opens herself; that gloom, that darkness is the All-Mother, and the light which we start to see, that warmth which we start to feel, this unity which we now start to experience, is the yellow of your rose flower – which are one as giving birth and creating.
And now we already feel that God as Father is also present at the moment that the All-Mother still has to spiritualize and to materialize herself as giving birth.
Can you remember that?
The fatherhood as God is present in that space, in this vastness, because we see that there is light.
Because by means of unity, by means of undergoing that unity, experiencing that heart, we start to feel inwardly that there is light and warmth.
We see, and that God sees: that life is already busy making itself visible.
And now, if you possess those feelings, if the master, the cosmically conscious being, if he remembers that for a moment and takes a trip two, three, four, five ages further, then he will see before himself ... because we can all experience that in this source, soon.
When we start to experience the moon – I told you: we reach the moon, but this is just the pre-stage, as a result of which the moon originated again – then we start to feel how the human, material eye got light and manifested itself.
Now we can soon experience how the human eye became seeing, because it originated from the feeling.
That feeling, you accept that, don’t you?
Everything in the universe possesses feeling, every animal, also granite, stone, diamonds and pearls have feeling, because the feeling has been materialized.
You accept that, the biologist, the geologist accepts that.
Those are laws as a result of which we can say: we live in the All-Seeing eye, we live in the source which is everything.
Which is everything: giving birth and creating, soul, feeling, life.
In this way the human being floats through the universe, left and right, brothers and sisters hold hands, the masters go in front.
Or you are one with your mother whom you knew before, ages ago.
Or you see a mother there with her child – of course, now conscious – going hand in hand, dressed in a really beautiful, universal garment.
Of course, wearing golden sandals.
Hand in hand, like Divine children they surrender to this silence, to all of this, this All-Source; which is mother, but which is also: soul, spirit.
Which is also a personality, but that personality can only be seen now as plasma.
Which can be felt as silence, because there is still no working.
Gradually – it is calm – we see that a power goes through this space, which fills this vastness, this body – because it is a body – this organism.
The mother, the All-Mother has begun with her process of giving birth.
Aura comes and that aura connects itself, spreads itself through this vastness.
That is the body, the organism for the All-Mother from which God was born, from which the Father originated.
When the bible speaks about the Father, then that is real, then that is essential, but when we speak about God, then God already stands here behind us, because it is only a word.
It is an encompassment concept in order to portray fatherhood and motherhood, the creating and giving birth, the power, the feeling, the justice, the love, the harmony.
And that is God; that is the All-Mother as Father.
We examine all of this and we see now, we gradually see that that aura ...
Everywhere aura comes, everywhere hazes come, now and again luminous, with a beautiful radiance, a frame.
It is as if – as you experience that on earth when the sun sets and the clouds are radiated – as if you see those golden flashes.
In this way we see now and again in this universe a luminous garment emerging and then we are faced with living plasma.
You will certainly feel, the sun has now already materialized.
That is a very different world, you do not touch that world, this is all rarefied material, this is blood, this is the mother milk of the universe.
This is giving birth, this is living, living substance, this is soul, this is spirit.
Because we will ...
Soul first!
We now start to see a phenomenon and this phenomenon is a spark of the spiritual personality as All-Mother.
Because we see light, because we have seen the darkness and feel the warmth in this darkness, we already feel something of that personality as power, peace, quiet, justice, because here no disturbances can be experienced.
This process, my sisters and brothers, lasted for billions of ages.
Billions of ages, millions of years according to your thinking and feeling passed before those hazes became denser.
And now we see that those hazes find attunement to the clouds that the cosmos possesses for the earth.
The cloud in this space is therefore an attunement of the beginning stage, which we saw, which we experience for the All-Mother, don’t we?
You look into this space, it is nice weather; then you see each phenomenon of the All-Source – in which we are now, that All-Mother – you see it again as material, as an independence.
You can bring back each phenomenon to the All-Mother, the beginning of the creation, because every moment you can see the origin again in the space.
When the human being looks at the heaven like that and it is all blue there ...
That is not even blue, that is an aura, which we also see again – can you feel? – which we also see again in which we lived a moment ago.
You see there the golden light, you feel the golden light of fatherhood, that warmth, you also see that in this space, because when you enter the cosmos, there is no longer any blue.
But it can be seen from the earth.
But gradually ... a wind comes, a power comes.
Yes, the human being already says: “There is a thunderstorm approaching.”
The elements will condense themselves and in only a few minutes – isn’t it, you experience that, don’t you? – you see the clouds coming there, thick heavy heads.
Where do they suddenly come from?
A reaction has taken place.
This space now experiences ages with regard to the All-Source, because that took in harmony with the All-Source millions of years – I told you.
For the space that now happens in only a few seconds.
And now darkness comes, those clouds start to separate, it is raining.
We will soon experience exactly that situation on the moon.
That situation in the space is the All-Mother in the material, but now seen as life breath for the human being and this cosmos.
But the moon has experienced exactly the same picture, because it divided its life.
The embryonic material life could begin and we see, we now experience that picture for the All-Mother.
There is not a difference in anything.
In this way the actual giving birth for the creation began, there is no more to it.
But in that ‘there is no more to it’ lies everything.
We experience the soul, the spirit, the personality there.
I told you: the flashes that we see are a part of the All-Mother as she will be and she must become as a personality.
Because she has to spiritualize?
No, she must manifest herself, yes indeed, she must materialize herself.
She will soon experience elemental laws of condensing, laws of hardening.
That whole macrocosmos, this universe in which she lives, will get shape, because from her life this space and other spaces will be filled.
Yes, where are we going now?
If you hold on to this, we do not need any more, then we can make a trip, experience one age after the other.
But when you are soon in that, then you must go through that darkness, through those clouds.
But you know: behind that lives the All-Soul, the All-Life, the All-Source, but and especially and for everything the All-Motherhood.
Because by giving birth, when the mother started to give birth and when we underwent a condensing in this space ... that plasma is already fatherhood, because from the nothing it became visible.
Fatherhood and motherhood are one, that space continues, more and more life comes.
And finally, finally – the books ‘The Origin of the Universe’ describe that and also ‘The Peoples of the Earth’ – we reach the enlightening of this space.
We now see that fatherhood got materialization, became visible, that golden feeling, that timbre; even the voice now speaks to our life.
We see that this universal garment has become one light.
And what happened now during those billions of years?
What materialized here?
This is still not any material – because you feel, when the material emerges, then there must be something, which can see that material – this is still All-Soul, All-Spirit.
But the All-Source as mother has condensed itself as a golden light.
Is that true?
You see, by means of giving birth the All-Mother and the All-Father undergo a unity.
They have both become light, because that light, that invisible feeling light has visibly materialized, spiritualized itself by means of those ages, those millions of years.
And now we see the All-Mother and the All-Father shrouded in a Divine, luminous haze.
Now the human being says, now the Catholic Church says, now the theologian says: “God is a personality, God in His eternal personality ...”
This is now the luminous image, the light as God, as Father for the universe.
This is universally deep, immensely deep, but that is God as light.
Because this light originated from the giving birth, from the mother.
Therefore the All-Mother has giving birth and creating in her!
The All-Mother started to give birth, but that became creating.
Because when that feeling, that plasma left her, that light, that aura, possessed the same powers which she possessed: the feeling in order to create and give birth, to change, to evolve.
Because behind and in all of this lives the thought, the will: I want to manifest, spiritualize and materialize myself for my body.
My body.
Now the universe is only the Divine organism, the Divine image.
The astronomers now say: “This is space.”
But this is not a space in which you live, this is an organism, this is a temple.
Now we can, now you can already make comparisons for yourself and you will soon have to make them, or they will be of no use to you.
The cosmos wants that, we must, every insect must, every grade of life must begin with that.
Now you are faced with the analysing of your bible, of society.
No disturbances occurred here; here is harmony, here is only light.
You feel, I cannot make the jump in order to now connect you immediately with the condensed cosmos, with the planets and the stars, but I can explain to you that we will soon not see anything else and will experience for that universe, no Jupiter, no planet Saturn, no Venus, no sun and no moon; we will soon experience only fatherhood and motherhood.
Won’t we?
And now this becomes, we take this whole, wonderful universe in the palm of our hands and say: "On the left, on the side of my heart, my motherhood lives and fatherhood on the right.
I am one, because I am that Divine representation.”
When we soon, when I make a comparison for another five minutes, ten minutes and ask you questions: what do you have of that, what do you have of this? – we can now already do that – then we see, then we experience that everything which the earth, the human being gave shape, gave, granted a name, has nothing to do with the actual source of life, which is mother, is father, is soul, is spirit.
Because now the ultimate will come, we live in that stage and – I connected you with those laws several times – now that must divide.
That must also begin to divide, that must divide itself, that rigid cloth will soon burst – and now we are faced with the laws of evolution.
Multiply, divide yourself; or this is already the dead point for the All-Source, the All-Mother, the All-Soul, the All-Spirit.
A dead point.
If this had not been true, if this could not have happened, then there would have been no people on earth, then there would have been no animal world, then there would have been no nature, and then creation would have become consciously stuck at this moment.
Then creation would not have known that space and then there would have been no bible either.
But just make, just dare to make your comparison with regard to the theologian, your faculties on earth.
What does the human being know, what does the theologian learn now about God, about the All-Source, the All-Mother?
People never speak about the All-Mother, but in that space there is only giving birth!
The theologian only knows his God because of his being Father: the Lord spoke.
The Lord spoke ...
Society is trembling, society is afraid when people say: “God never spoke as a human being”, but is this not speaking?
We were in nothingness ...
We were in nothingness and yet we were in the All-Power, the All-Power in order to give birth and to create.
We saw that light came, we will soon take it to division, to the new and next evolution.
And then darkness comes again.
Until we see that that source – but now millions of ages further – becomes visible again, and we are faced with the All-Mother – the moon, the first cosmic grade – and fatherhood in the universe and you feel how the first giving birth for Mother Moon as All-Mother for this space could begin.
And then she revolves?
She will not do that soon, the earth will do that.
Science does not know why the moon can only be seen from one side.
There are also academics who can say: “On the one side which is lit up, there is no life, but people live there in that darkness, there is still something living, there is still something present”, because they cannot see that side, that side of Mother Moon.
When does the human being experience Divine facts and can you lay the spatial foundations for your society, for your soul, your spirit, the astral world?
When will that happen?
I will now give you the wonderful picture, until we reach the moon.
In ‘The Origin of the Universe’ and in the temples on this side, beginning with the first, second and the third spheres there are temples in which that unity ...
You will read that in the book of Master Alcar, ‘The Origin of the Universe’, that you can experience the space in a temple by means of technical wonders.
That means that the earth will also receive that in fifty, in five hundred years’ time, for which you have already laid foundations.
You have your planetariums, don’t you?
But then you will get to see the All-Source, a thousand times, a thousand times more condensed, millions of times more simple and yet more spatial.
Because you see it, this is all still a beginning stage.
What the earth has in technical wonders in order to feel the space, will also evolve and it is only then that you will experience a planet, you will experience a grade of life.
Then you will experience the soul, the spirit, the personality, fatherhood and motherhood for every spark.
Macrocosmos or microcosmos, it comes under your heart, because you experience that unity.
You feel, you think.
This space also ripped apart.
The All-Mother as father – this is fatherhood – divides itself.
We were able to determine seven ages in this space.
The All-Mother was not ready immediately and this universe was not ready immediately, that took ages ... they were ages, I told you.
And now we were able to see – the material will soon teach us that, the hells and the heavens will prove that – that seven transitions emerged before the mother got paternal authority, before the mother gave birth and created her child, her fatherhood; this is the light of the universe.
Is that clear?
You are this – you will soon see that – as a Deity.
You are therefore universally deep in giving birth and creating.
This rips apart, this universe divided itself into myriad sparks.
And after this occurrence ... it gushed apart, like the spark in the space is still gushing apart and mixing itself.
When the sun, when the climate, when the timbre, when the powers of the cosmos become milder and the tension discharges, then you get the ripping apart of a cloud.
Then you get a compact independence again, in which there is no more vibration, no more ripping present, that tension has been discharged.
And there is no lightning and thunder, because then working must come, then those laws must condense, materialize themselves and then it will rip and that will brew against each other.
And when that grade has been reached – do you wish to know how lightning occurs? – one life gets the own independence back for the other, because one is ready in order to start to grow, to start to evolve and now happens which we see for God and determine at this moment.
No one has spoken about this yet.
No one on earth has seen this yet as a material being, no Socrates, no Blavatsky, no ancient Egypt, this is new for this mankind.
Does that get through to you?
There are still no books.
Yes, there are academics that say: We are like that and that and that and that.
But people do not yet know that behind that the life source lies and that behind that the All-Mother lives, the All-Soul, the All-Spirit and that all of that is soul and spirit, and that we will see that soul again, that spirit again as a spark of God – as a human being, as an animal, as a flower – in a later earthly age.
Why did you create the bible then?
Why, theologian and astronomer, do you cling to that God who said: I floated over the waters.
The Divine spirit went over the waters?
And that therefore means that those waters were already finished.
In those waters there was also life, because God said: “There are whales.”
Why did the writer of the bible not tell anything about the prehistoric age?
Why did he not say: There are animals there in those waters, they are like giants, but if they want, they will flutter into space just like that?
Yes, now and again someone comes, but then again it is the academic, the academic of this time – the writers of the bible did not have it – who says: “Just look there, what kind of animal is that of twenty metres, twenty feet large?
Where did that animal live?”
Temple writers, academics from that time, were you blind?
Why did you not say anything about the space?
People could not.
You will feel, thousands of questions already charge at your life, for which you can lay the foundations.
And we will now lay them and experience them together.
Then you will know what is good for you and what is wrong.
Yes, then you will also stand in your darkness and your light, because the laws for the universe, for the macrocosmos, but also for God as father and mother had to experience and had to accept that.
Because this light which divided itself a moment ago, is Divine independence.
What happens now, now just be human and simple, what happens now when we take away millions of sparks from this light in which I stand?
What happens then?
Then we return to the darkness.
This is the All-Source, this is God as light and now this light divided itself, that rips, that flows away because it has experienced an eternity.
Because this is the final stage in order to come from motherhood to fatherhood for God – you see.
Because this is the final manifesting for God as spirit, this is the Divine spirit.
God is therefore not a shape, but spirit.
The academic, the Catholic Church says: A spirit is an independence, that cannot be divided, that is God.
Therefore the Church still sees the Divine spirit, as a human being, as a shape.
Yes, you see, another step further, another grade deeper, theologian, and you will get to see your Divine spirit as this organism, this space, this vastness.
Are you there now?
Clearly feeling, feeling and thinking – I told you – goes to the space.
Millions, billions of souls of God heard what you were busy with at that moment, when André gave you that explanation.
God said – thank God – the masters called and the children Saturn, Jupiter, the light of the universe called: “There is a human being busy, who asks: ‘But then what, when I am God?’”
And then you get to see yourself as a matter of course.
They gave you flowers during the night, they released you in order to feel the universe.
Because people say: “Dare as a human being to see your Deity.”
The universe, the All-Mother, the All-Father, they have sacred respect for the spark of their own life which begins to think and to feel.
The Christ had sacred respect for the human being who said: Just hit me, I want to die for you and for the life.
Then you have the Christ, we also learned that.
Now feel, in this space there is darkness again and yet there is light.
Can you see?
There is light.
We have known fatherhood.
Fatherhood; this light is fatherhood for the All-Mother, the All-Source, God, God as father!
We have now got to know God as light, as spirit, from giving birth, from the mother.
Behind that there therefore lives the All-Mother and now this will manifest itself further as an age, as an independence in the present – now during this moment – because it divided itself.
And now we see, now you can ask questions.
Are you father?
Are you mother?
Why are you actually mother?
Just ask your academic.
Here we will lay foundations for the University of Christ, soon.
This is also already the word from the new bible.
When we speak that we are busy and say: we are writing the new bible, then society, the world shrugs its shoulders.
But can you not feel then that soon the new age, the new consciousness must lay down those foundations, must spiritualize and materialize those foundations and that the bible begins with that?
You therefore experience your new bible.
That is not so awe-inspiring, that is perfectly simple; you live in the ‘Age of Christ’.
That means: you will get to know the laws, you will get to know the soul, the spirit, the personality of Christ.
Is that not worthwhile?
Can you receive this at your faculties?
Can people, can the bible, can the theologian give you that, now that you know what they gave the child of Jesus?
Now that you know what they made of your life, what they made of God?
Then just go back to your Old Testament; that is really old.
You are mother, you are father.
What do we now have of this light?
Is that soul, that invisible source, that All-Source, is this not still present in you?
Do we have that as a human being, does the animal, and does Mother Nature have that All-Source?
Of course, if you think about it, then we already enter the present stage.
But we are now going to look and see how the sun and moon condensed themselves, how the earth originated, why the earth got a place precisely in between motherhood and fatherhood in order to condense itself.
We will now experience that we received the moon and finally absorbed it into us.
But we will now experience that the next grade is for us and that we can soon say: we have conquered this universe spiritually and materially!
Then you say: yes, I am hitting a deity.
We saw millions of sparks originate – didn’t we? – in that space, but this, all of you, all of you as father and mother represent a space, a universe, the macrocosmos.
What are you?
What will happen now?
I will let go of this, we will remain in this stage.
The next session will take us immediately into this fatherhood and motherhood.
The next session will take us immediately to the unity, to the moon as mother and then you will get the title for the lecture ‘The moon is the mother, the All-Mother for this universe.’
Then you can go to the universities, to your theologians, your religious and you can say: “Just sit down, then I will explain that to you.
It started there.”
Now you are already Divinely conscious.
When we speak of Divine consciousness – the human being can possess the Omniscience for this space – there is laughing and shoulders are shrugged scornfully.
But is this truth, is this not true?
Are you not life, do you not live as a human being?
Do those flowers not live, does your dog not live, your cat not live, does the animal not meow?
I do not need to tell and to explain to you yet how all those timbres originated, because this has timbre.
Motherhood possesses timbre.
You can already listen to the voice of the All-Mother, because a law that works has power, that is a timbre, that is a sound, that is flowing, that is inspiration, that is awakening.
And awakening is the unity with the life of feeling which has something to say, which has now materialized that space and that is the All-Source timbre, of which we will soon possess a sound.
Why does the mother have ...
If I wanted to connect you directly from that space with that eternity, with the possession for you as a human being, then that space will take me to the human voice, to the alto, to the soprano, the mezzo-soprano, the baritone and the tenor, because that division occurred here above.
What does the maternal alto mean, academic?
Singing master, do you know the human voice?
How must that voice be developed if you want to materialize the pure alto of the space by means of the sound, the timbres, which you give shape to by means of Mozart, Beethoven and Bach?
What happens when you sing?
But what happens when you do Bach?
What happens when you walk round on earth in an organism, now that you have been separated from motherhood?
You have now reached a state, a grade of consciousness for fatherhood and motherhood and you will soon return in order to spiritualize and to materialize your life, in order to let the life of feeling grow to a wonderful, spiritual, spatial personality for fatherhood and motherhood.
Do you see?
The space is speaking.
I must restrain myself, I must restrain myself as a cosmic, as a spiritual life of feeling in order to counteract the powers of motherhood, or I will be smothered here at this moment, the life of feeling is so fierce and tremendous with regard to the own spark, created, given birth to by her life.
When we began with the first lecture – do you still have that, did you not experience that? – and André came on that stage and everything was full here, there were seven hundred people, then André said: “I experience a struggle, four years, in order to be able to conquer that water.”
If a flower speaks to your life and that flower takes away your own human personality, then that means that you will discard your society, your life, your thinking and feeling with regard to her space.
Is it perhaps not true?
And then you will lose yourself.
The poets speak and write poems, add words together, but they do not touch the feeling of the flower, of Mother Nature.
The unity with this space means: discarding your social thinking and feeling with regard to the other grade of life, which then gives you those feelings.
And then for always and eternity again fatherhood and motherhood speak to your personality as a human being.
What do we have as a human being on earth, what does society have now?
Is it so strange, academic?
Now you can ask questions for yourself.
I will do it for you, I must do it, because the laws speak.
What did you master of yourself, for yourself?
Do you understand this organism?
Freud, Socrates, Plato, Jung, Schopenhauer, the greatest of the earth do not know themselves.
Ask the highest consciousness here on earth.
Man, you are man, you are creator, but why?
Why are you not a mother?
Why does a child die in the mother?
Why are there mad people, lepers, religious maniacs?
Why, why, why, why?
Can you feel, we are no longer one with the state of purity, with the unity, the harmonic laws for the All-Mother, the All-Soul, the All-Spirit, because we now experience the human thinking and feeling of this society, we are already disharmonic.
The human being got hold of himself, the human being started to explore his spaces and wanted to possess that space.
“I gave you everything”, the All-Source says, the All-Mother, God.
You do not need to explore anything else, you do not need to take possession of that world, that space.
You must not touch that source of life of another spark, because you have Me, you are everything.
I am the Divine representation as animal, as living aura, as night and light, as giving birth and creating.
If you can accept and want to understand this, if you feel this, then you have to speak to yourself now.
Not to the life of the space, not to the bible, and not to another personality.
Descend into yourself and now get to know yourself, because you are light, you are soul of that All-Soul, life of that source, spirit and material.
When the doctor, when the surgeon puts the knife into your body – and millions of doctors have asked that and searched for that – and he sees that that child must die, he looks whether he can see the soul or not.
“I cannot see any soul.
Does he now come through the mouth, through the eyes?
No, the human being has no soul.”
The human being has no soul either, no spirit, world.
The human being still does not have anything, the human being is a piece of material, which can talk, which can think.
Yes, whether the human being had to master that, is an entirely different matter.
But we also still have people who live in the jungle.
“We have nothing to do with that.
I am only here in order to cut that piece of disharmony from that life and now it has died.”
What is dying?
Can that soul, can that Divine soul, and can that All-Mother be killed by your razor-sharp sword, your knife?
Can the doctor kill the soul, the spirit of the space?
Is that in the hands of the human being?
The human being, the academic wonders: “Am I soul?
Am I spirit?
Am I an inner personality?
What is feeling?”
What is feeling?
You see, the universities still have to lay these foundations on earth, my sisters and brothers.
Paul from the bible was not able to do that, even if people speak every moment about this personality, this good soul who now lives in the fifth sphere and is a follower of the masters.
He is still not in the seventh sphere, because Paul was still an unconscious being for your time, for your age, for the University of Christ.
And from that and with that we do not say anything wrong about this Divine child that gave the earth consciousness.
What could Paul do?
What did the prophets do, what did Socrates do, Plato, what did Galilei do?
All of them built the University of Christ, laid the first foundations for this age!
This age will speak, the personality of Christ wants to awaken.
His Divine thinking and feeling – because He lives in the Divine conscious All – now comes to the earth, because He knows and we know and every light of the universe knows: Mother Earth only possesses good and evil, and wrong.
Mother Earth received the Divine human consciousness because Christ came to earth.
Christ brought: stay away from that, because that does not belong to you.
Do not rape your life.
Mother, do not smother that child in and under your heart, because you are restraining the evolution, the divisions for your own personality.
How do you soon wish to be born again?
The academic asks: “Is there reincarnation?”
Thousands of sects originated on earth that say: “There is no reincarnation.”
And if we had not experienced that in the origin for the All-Mother, the All-Father – I told you – then creation would stand still.
But we will give birth, the mother, the All-Mother manifested herself by means of fatherhood; this light is fatherhood.
The academic, the psychologist, the parapsychologist, your faculties do not yet have any of that.
They still have to lay the first foundations for your soul, for your spirit.
Is there a hereafter?
Now ask the questions.
Soon, in the next session, we will come back with the All-Mother for a new independence.
The All-Source divided itself by means of myriad sparks, but what happened?
Soon, we will begin there, then we will continue, then we will experience the All-Mother for this space.
And that became the moon and that became the sun.
Those two laws, those two worlds together, which experienced the manifestation from motherhood, fatherhood through each other, those laws have now been materialized spiritually astrally: that became sun and moon.
Sun and moon.
That world divided itself by means of myriad sparks, but there is only fatherhood and motherhood in this universe.
What are you?
We can make comparisons for the cosmology, the masters say then.
Where can this law be experienced on earth, André-Dectar?
And then you must immediately be conscious.
The space says it.
If you therefore do not want to experience any unity, if you, if André were to shrug his shoulders and say: “What does that universe matter to me, what does that All-Source, that All-Mother matter to me, what do all those laws, those condensings, those grades of life matter to me?
I am just going to the cinema, I will have a nice dance this evening.
Get lost with your space, I am an ordinary human being, I also want to enjoy myself sometime.
I want to be free from that space, I do not want anything to do with that, I am just an ordinary human being.
I am an ordinary human being, a perfectly ordinary human being.
I would rather stand with both feet on the ground.”
Wouldn’t you?
You hear this every day.
But in here – we will soon experience and see that – that Divine attunement lives, the All-Source lives, the All-Father, the All-Soul, the All-Spirit, the All-Personality, the All-Feeling; that is the human being.
And when André started to experience that, then he collapsed, then the water, then the nature, then a cow, a horse, a dog, a cat, a mouse started to say: “But can you not see who I am?” a worm, a snake ...
“I was born from your life.
Why do you want to destroy me?
Why do you not want to recognize me, why do you not wish to experience me?”
Do you wish to say: what do I need that space for? – you are space, you are eternal!
You are God, you have a Divine attunement, with soul, spirit.
What are you living towards then?
“Yes, I am alive.”
“Just pinch yourself”, a voice from the space said to André.
“Yes, I already did that as a child”, André says, “then I cut my hands and then blood came, because I wanted to see a cross, I wanted to experience Christ.”
Did it hurt?
What is pain?
Pain means that you touch the reality, feel, by means of a cruel thing.
Pinch it, cut it, burn something, go from the harmony created by God and you will experience disharmony, the ripping of the aura as material.
Is it not true?
“Think, how must I learn to think?
What do I have to do with that space, what do I have to do with God, what do I have to do with the hereafter, what do I have to do with hells and heavens and Socrates, what do I actually have to do with that bible and all that boasting, that shouting over the world: “Pray, pray, pray, pray, pray”?
It does not help me anyway.
My mother left, my father left, I lost my child.
People have stolen from me and deceived me.
They put me in prison as an innocent and during the war they burnt me with burning cigarette ends.”
But what did you do?
“Nothing, nothing, we did nothing.”
Soon we will see, when the laws of justice occur and then you will say to yourself, then you can make calculations, world, earth, mankind: what did you interfere in?
Can you hear this? (Master Zelanus knocks on the platform.) Then the Divine heartbeat taps at your heart, your brains, your intellect, your life of feeling, your soul and spirit and knocks at the door.
The knock of the space, mankind1): can you hear me?
The tap from the universe ...
Birth, life and death; awakening, evolution; soul, spirit and material.
Are you truly one?
Are you mother and are you father?
Then you will soon evolve.
You will enter the world of the unconscious, because the human being ... the human being now in his society represents the All-Mother and the All-Father as a human being.
But a flower, also a tree represent the All-Mother, also an animal – for that animal attunement.
We can soon call Darwin.
You were on top of the universal thinking and feeling, on the spatial being the self of the ape and the human being, but also on the shadow of the previous incarnation, Darwin!
The human being looks up to Darwin.
Yes indeed, he began to think and to feel.
Do you feel that awe-inspiring restraint, the lack of consciousness for Darwin, your academics, that he starts to attune his Divine stage, his Divine fatherhood and motherhood to the ape in the jungle?
Now the world still wonders: were we born from the apes?
Or the apes from us, they do not touch that, they do not think of that; is the ape perhaps our shadow?
We will soon see, we see later, my sisters and brothers, that that animal was really born from our ribs, from our first human self, the skin as material, and that that skin also has to represent seven worlds again.
And then the ape will serve us.
He will have to accept and to experience the light in his eyes, but certainly again the human feeling, the looking, but also the claw stage.
Because this is the shadow of our life and our feeling, our fatherhood and motherhood, our soul, our spirit, our Divine personality.
The All-Mother divided herself, the All-Mother gave birth in order to become father.
What does the mother do?
What happens when the child awakens?
Then the child is in the world.
That is no longer a child; that is a human being, yes indeed.
But that giving birth has become creating!
And now the child, the living child, originated in this human grade; and the new birth begins, the new life, the new thinking, the new feeling.
Hold on to this, just look at the life, at yourself.
Feel how your feeling is, inwardly.
Every word now, every thought that comes snarling over your lips, is disintegration, is the destruction of your giving birth and creating.
It is the halt for now and for later, for this week, for the times to come, for ages.
Continue to snarl and continue to growl, continue to deceive, continue to lie to the human being, his society – you finally lie and deceive for always and eternity your Divine fatherhood and motherhood!
Do not tremble now, I only wanted to give you the Divine and spatial orchid this morning, in the name of the masters and Christ.
“The kiss”, André said, “of the space.”
But those were my feelings in order to show you, to let you feel that I am also there with you. (Master Zelanus means the session where Jozef Rulof spoke.)
I thank you for your beautiful feelings, for the being silent, for the magnificence that you gave me by means of your thinking and feeling.
Do not give me that, but send that consciousness to Golgotha, because people there have nailed the highest, the most sacred, the Divine Self to the cross.
We always still have to bow to that.
You will and we will have to exhaust ourselves thousands of times.
We will earn flowers, they go straight to the Christ.
I want to accept them from you, because I place them there at the feet of His life for you, because I cannot accept any thanks.
Because He has given everything, everything, His Divine motherhood and fatherhood to mankind, and yet was broken!
That not the Caiphas in you will awaken at this moment, but the Christ.
I thank you.