The moon as mother of this universe

Good morning, my sisters and brothers.
“Good morning, Master Zelanus.”
Who is saying that?
Imagine that it is not the case.
We will begin with the continuation of the lecture which we recently experienced.
I told you that the human being, that the All-Source is light, life, soul, spirit, personality and that the All-Mother manifested itself in that universe.
Science is not yet that far that we can accept all of that.
Whether the human being is really a soul and a spirit and a spiritual personality, we must and you must wait and see for the earth of course; the faculties are not yet that far.
But still, as a result of this, you will get a picture of who you are and for what purpose you live.
One human being is open and has the feeling for that universe, but I will try to return from that vastness to the earth in order to see what we possess of it here as a human being.
As a result of this you will get to see your bible – I told you – your society, yourself, your fatherhood and motherhood.
Millions of problems will soon dissolve by means of this exploring, this analyzing, this unity.
And then we must be able to show whether there is really life ‘beyond the coffin’.
That is what it is about, that is the intention.
Before the creation began – I explained to you – there was only emptiness, but that emptiness was the All-Soul, the All-Life, the All-Fatherhood and the All-Motherhood.
And this lecture, which you get this morning, means: the moon as mother for this space.
That means that the moon has created the soul for all the life in this space and we will now start to analyze that.
For one person that is too far away, but you will soon feel that the being far away becomes the being close by and that all those laws, those millions of grades of life live in you.
You are part of all of that.
It is very certainly worthwhile getting to know yourself in this age.
We have experienced the bible; years ago we gave lectures about the existence of Moses.
We returned, so deep until mankind did not possess any faith anymore.
And a faith is still the essential, the feeling for the masses, because the human being who says: there is no Christ, that is a legend, there is no God, that human being does not have anything.
We will all be faced with that source one day – the millions in this world, children of God who search – and want to know one day what is actually the truth.
Thousands of books were written; one touches reality, another is off the mark again.
We got to know British India, Tibet, Egypt.
The Egyptians also searched, they were people as you are, with feeling, and wondered: are we soul and spirit of that All-Source?
As the human being developed, the occult laws, the gifts, the clairvoyance emerged, the human being got possession for himself.
The priest who could free himself from himself, from the material systems, now experienced that he had conquered death, didn’t he?
You know: your society is still unconscious.
But if all is true, what then?
What will society be like, what will the peoples of the earth be like if the peoples of the earth, millions of people have to accept this?
And we will now prove this by means of wisdom!
It is not possible that we pull heavens down, Christ also had to accept that when he brought the wonders, then people nailed him to the cross anyway.
For a few people those wonders had meaning of course.
But when you start to experience the core – I gave you those lectures – the essential, for which Christ stood, He also had to accept that.
Even if His apostles experienced the wonders, when the child had to prove: yes, this is it, this is the Divine personality, this is the source by means of which everything was created, then the cock crowed for Peter and these words passed the human lips: “I have never known that Man.”
We stand there ...
One of you wants us to just be on earth, one wants: analyze me and tell us something.
Yes, about what?
About heart, kidneys, nervous system, soul, spirit and material?
Another child wants to connect himself with the space.
Finally, after all those hundreds of lectures we are that far that you will see your space!
That means: the All-Source must reach awakening in you and it is only then that you can say: I am a human being.
‘The coffin’ has gone, death has gone, you have no more loss.
You live in that eternity, now, already, because you have not changed ‘behind that coffin’; the books tell you that, we showed you that again.
When you know the space, you will get awakening, inspiration, you will float ...
There is nothing more in you that can disturb you.
You still stand only for yourself on earth and that means: make sure that you have food and drink.
But do not pay any attention, none at all to anything, you will still ... if you can experience the harmony that was created there, in which we will be one and the laws of which we will get to know ...
That the human being – I told you recently – lives in the space, you must accept, because the earth also floats around the sun.
Soon, after this lecture, when we come to the embryonic life, then I will draw you that embryonic stage.
I will do it here on a board, so that you can understand how that creation, how the moon began, how that universe condensed itself – we experience that now – but when the moon has to continue that division, that evolution, as you experience, nature experiences, the animal experiences, don’t they?
By means of your human unity you give new lives, you give birth to new lives.
That wonder is still there.
The human being, science, the academic is faced with this wonder, but does not know the laws.
Is the soul attracted?
Does the soul come from the universe?
Is the child that is born for the first time on earth?
You see, problems, millions of questions, and all those questions dissolve before you.
You start to know yourself, you start to know the space, your Christ, your Deity and it is only then that you can receive everything in your society, there are no more disturbances.
There are no more problems.
You know the space, you know your own life of feeling and now you are faced with the laws of harmony, of love, of happiness, prosperity, benevolence, and justice.
You therefore have to decide then: where, which path will I now accept?
You get hold of that from the masters, that is the age and the university for this age, for the Christ, for Jerusalem, for Golgotha.
That is actually everything and those laws lie there, those laws live there.
Now I must release you again in order to ... the beginning stage ...
At the last session, we remained one when that space ripped apart; God had divided himself by means of this light.
There was only light.
From the nothingness, from that darkness revolutions emerged, condensings came about.
We saw the hazes and that vastness here has filled itself and now a division came, a next stage.
We remained standing still at that, we left that moment and then we start to look on earth at what we had of that.
We have the division, the human being still divides himself.
If you do not divide yourself, no new life can be born.
All of nature, everything in nature, animal and human being still have those divisions, the dividing of itself, the giving of itself.
A new life is born.
As a result of that division, the All-Mother has – that is the All-Mother – experienced that, as a result of that God manifested himself.
And then we soon get to see, afterwards, later, that people have given a word, a name to all of this and people now call that God.
I told you, you can call it Wayti.
It does not matter whether you have to do now with Buddha, with Mohammedans, with Protestantism or Catholicism: this is God, but only here on earth for this society.
The West does not yet know that God, that All-Consciousness; and we live there.
This is the metaphysical teaching, this is the spiritual science of the University of Christ.
And what does that mean now?
Christ came from the Divine All, we will also experience that.
You will after six, seven, eight, nine, ten sessions, you will get the picture.
We come to stand in that conscious Divine All.
We see into that space.
I brought you there recently and we left there again; you saw that for a moment, but now we will explain those laws.
That University of Christ is the consciousness for the human being.
Christ experienced those millions of centres; he went through that space, through this space.
This space created new worlds.
We are ...
When you are ‘beyond the coffin’, then you will not yet be in the Divine conscious All, so that you can say: I am a Deity.
This space – we will soon see that – has created new lives.
Every insect, we call that every ‘grade’, every grade of life created new lives, grew, evolved and brought that aura to a more rarefied world, which lives behind this universe, which we call the fourth cosmic grade.
This is pure and honest cosmology, but it can be taken back to the human being, so that you can see, feel and also really experience this as a human being.
It is only then that all of this becomes your possession in order to look – as I told you – at what we mastered of that.
We will soon be faced with thousands of questions, of course.
We see that we have known the prehistoric ages for the earth and for the space; people lived there.
Where are those people?
Do they still live in the earth, must they await the Last Judgement?
Is there a Last Judgement?
Is there damnation?
Is the bible right, did God speak to Moses?
Can you feel, millions of questions, which still represent a faculty for this moment, as a result of which, peoples of the earth got to know the unconscious or the conscious.
Is that Divine or is that human what people said there?
Pitched battles were fought, people were destroyed only because people could not accept the bible.
And now we are faced with this wonderful whole.
Is the bible essential in everything?
Is the bible irrevocable for all the creations the absolute word, the thought of God?
Were those people truly inspired by the Divine consciousness?
Was the bible not able to make any mistakes?
We get to know all of that.
And when you feel this, that is your word, your thought, your speaking on earth with each other ... the experiencing of fatherhood and motherhood now gets space.
You are no longer faced with this one occurrence, you feel as it were the soul that comes to you.
You can speak with the space.
Yes, with the space, with the hereafter, or where does that new life live now?
Do you have, father, all those spaces in you when you experience the unity for the mother, and the mother gives birth?
Is that soul yours?
Or is that soul an own independence?
What did God actually, what did that All-Source want in order to create spaces and to create a human being on earth who knows nothing about all of this?
Who walks in a darkness?
Millions of people on earth wondered about that.
There was suffering because of that and millions of people died because of that, because they went through madness, through death.
In the temples of Ra, Ré, Isis and Luxor, thousands of priests perished there.
They consciously entered that destruction, because they would have to learn to think outside of themselves.
They had to leave this, conquer this organism, they had to go to sleep, through the sleep, in order to disembody and to look: who actually am I now?
And that is the God in you; that manifests itself in what we will soon enter.
Do you still have the pictures in you that I gave you recently?
That the darkness disappeared and that light kept coming and that the universe ripped apart?
At that moment – I told you – fatherhood and motherhood emerged.
And what happened now?
You now make that journey, you go along.
What now happened at the moment that this universe ... that is a garment, that is now a God already as a luminous personality ... what happened now that this rips apart?
We saw and we have to accept that – because the universe now starts to speak, we reach that unity, we experience that ‘beyond the coffin’, we experience that for a tree, a flower, a human being, an animal – when I become animal, when I become a tree, then the tree says: look into my life and return with me, where I was still haze.
And then we must accept – you can see those pictures, you follow those scenes – that the material also dissolved again and the soul life of a nature child returned to the Divine All, from where it received that condensing.
When all of this darkened, then we had in this space, in this vastness – where the moon, the motherhood and fatherhood have to come forward – we had nothing more than power which drove, inspired, and power which accepted.
Behind and through all of this we see that golden radiance, that is fatherhood, therefore a God.
The All-Source, the All-Mother continues to drive and to inspire.
And now we see that that aura, that plasma gathers itself and sucks itself up as it were into one source, that pulls together.
And now we get ...
And that pulling together manifests itself because that power there as mother and that space here as father manifests itself and accepts the independence as mother.
We now see, we experience – we have to accept that – that in this space, in this vastness there is nothing else than fatherhood and motherhood.
Maternal unconscious inspiring – because that must still begin, that still has to condense itself – and paternal force, inspiration, a personality which lives behind that, which accepts, absorbs everything.
These are the first phenomena, which we had to accept in the Divine All, in this space, by means of this immense picture, this organism received that independence.
For the human being on earth very dry, very far away and then this child says: “What do I have to do with this?”
But when you come ‘beyond the coffin’ and feel your astral personality – you are something, you can speak, you see – then the first thoughts which enter you are: what is true what people on earth possess and what belongs to lying and cheating?
And if you – I told you – are that far that you can speak with a flower, can speak with all life, then you can experience that space alone, under your own power.
And then you just have to tune yourself into the first moment, on that All-Source, and that All-Mother attracts you.
You become mother, you become completely fatherhood and motherhood for the universe and now motherhood will tell you how it took itself to that revelation.
Do you not have that, do you not possess that?
And you have the light, haven’t you?
I made it clear to you: when you enter the first sphere – you will have light, you will have harmony, you will have benevolence, justice, you will have mastered those laws – then it will be possible that your father and your mother stand before you, your brother, your friend, a master, who already passed on years and years ago before you, that they stand before you and say: “Look, now go with me through this space”, if people have convinced you that you are separate and free from ‘the coffin’.
Because the very first thing that you will get to know is: has God manifested himself for us, for you.
Who are you actually?
And then we must return to this moment, then we will return to the All-Source.
Then we see nothing anymore, we enter that emptiness; the apostles also had to accept that.
Every human being who says goodbye to the earth, stands before this eternity, these immense laws.
Always: if you have light, otherwise you see nothing.
Then you live in a darkness, you are hateful, destructive or whatever.
But when there is light, then that space is open to you.
You can begin with this journey immediately, hand in hand with a sister, with your father or your mother.
A mother who you knew before, ten, twenty, fifty, thousands of lives, who now stands before you and can say: “Then we were one.
I am a bit further.
Give me your hand and we will experience the unity of the All-Mother.”
It is she, that first giving birth which we had to accept and as a result of which the universe began, that source which will speak under and in your heart.
This unity becomes giving birth for your personality and now every scene is a law.
And you take possession of that law; if you experience that you will be that becoming conscious.
People do not need to tell you anything more, you know it at once, because you carry it along because the life itself speaks to you.
As a result of this I can immediately explain to you: Darwin and all the academics who the earth knew, all these wonderful personalities who have worked for the University of Christ, every human being who spoke about the sun, moon and stars, about soul, spirit and personality, about life, about God, about Christ, all those people from the birth of Christ have laid foundations for his University, do you feel?
Blavatsky, Buddha, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Pythagoras, you can go back as far as Egypt, you go back as far as China.
All those people who just touched the source of this All-Mother and All-Father, materialized a word – as a result of which the society which you belong to was able to lay the foundations, as a result of which then the faculties emerged – they have served for the University of Christ.
That is the revelation, the All-Source, the temple in which every word is materialized, spiritualized and in which the human being can experience himself as a Deity.
Now here I can ...
I will continue in order to explain this, how the universe condensed itself.
And then we go back from that source in order to look on earth at all the things those people were able to do, did, for the development of this mankind, so that we can lay by means of the books ‘The Peoples of the Earth’, ‘The Origin of the Universe’ – which you have, which you have read – a judgement, a new foundation for this age, for you, for this time, for this society and if necessary for the Divine Kingdom, therefore in a thousand years’ time.
We can now already lay foundations for millions of years, as a result of which society, the bible receives spiritual and spatial consciousness.
And that is the gift of the space, that is the gift of Christ, that is the knowledge of Christ.
I have told you the pictures, we were on Golgotha.
There, Christ did not die for us people; we had to accept that, you bowed your heads.
A human being who can really feel spatially, spiritually, does not wish to accept that the Christ died there for us, but we have consciously murdered Him there!
You see, that is something completely different!
My children, hold on to this.
If you float here in this space – just close your eyes – then this light will become hazy, we now live in an obscurity.
A division has come; that light has divided itself millions of times, but as the All-Mother and the All-Father could do it.
Therefore here in this vastness there are only two laws present, there is no more that we have to experience.
There is no more than only giving birth and creating.
And now this will have to condense itself in this eternal whole and then we enter the laws of condensing, the grades of life and the elemental laws, by means of which spirit became material.
That took millions of years, of course.
It took millions of years, hold on to this!
Sense that the motherhood, that division, reached an independence, that the moon, that mother as moon, could condense herself.
As a result of that ripping we received flowing apart, growing of course, but then the moon sucked up all those lives and all that life, all that aura, because she could take her independence to the next moment.
Do you understand this?
Do you feel this?
That the fatherhood there, but that the motherhood here – as the moon, as the mother for this space – had to condense itself, because we saw that there for the All-Source.
There are academics who know – you probably saw these pictures – that the beginning of the creation achieved nothing else than condensings, clouds which became stronger and more powerful, and that gradually the seas emerged.
People were not able to go deeper than this moment.
People could not yet record that the actual creation began behind that.
And if people had been able to see and to experience those times of life, then the university on earth would have been further and the biologist, the geologist could have said: look, that was already a condensing, that already took millions of years before the planet could begin with the materialization.
But that took millions of years, according to your time, that that motherhood here in that space – which therefore belonged to the motherhood – could absorb that life, that therefore means: could elevate to the consciousness.
And then we saw for the first time, every cell yonder in the space ... that the moon could no longer elevate this grade.
We also see that, we will soon experience that.
There yonder, in the whole of that eternity there are still sparks left from this division – we will soon see that – wonderful macrocosmic bodies.
We now experience the macrocosmic giving birth and creating.
Soon I will draw it for you: the human embryonic creating and giving birth, so that we will therefore start to experience our own independence.
What you now must accept, is that this motherhood absorbs the own substance.
And this absorbing already took millions of years, according to this time and your calculation, before the moon could begin as mother for this space.
We now see nothing else in the space than ...
Also fatherhood moves itself and builds itself to that independence; a flower comes from the ground and represents her independence, a fruit, the animal – do you feel? – it grows.
That was for this stage only the separating from the Divine fatherhood and motherhood!
And now we see in the space, now you can always see millions of people there and then the master says: see the sun there.
The sun prepares itself, that light reaches a compact mass.
That source drives on, we have made those revolutions.
And here is motherhood; the moon was even bigger and more powerful than the sun.
The sun gets an expansion and stands yonder.
And this power which floats here, which now has to represent motherhood, has now already got working, inspiration, and force.
This is now the source, the essential, the absolute which you have to accept and remember for the whole of this space.
From this everything now comes back and to us.
When we know this, when we see this feeling, this development before us, then we are capable of accepting the human life, to follow it, to experience the origin of the human being through millions of stages.
Everything now lies open to us and I will soon prove it to you, later, by means of the following lecture, I will draw it for you, so that you get that purity in you.
When we enter those laws, those grades of life, those foundations, as a result of which the All-Mother, the All-Source as father and mother manifested itself, then we must also accept that we – as part of all of this – will represent God here in this conscious society and that every thought which you observe and materialize touches that source.
We now come ...
We can now immediately take a trip to Egypt and we ask: what did you consciously materialize from that source?
Were you able to release yourself, did you also elevate that substance into you?
Because an action later appears to be: an action for society.
An action seen as a task is no different: what do you give to your task?
How much feeling do you elevate in order to give that deed to society?
And now not only for society – that is therefore a material deed – but now for your soul, your spirit, your fatherhood and motherhood.
It becomes so simple, this becomes so perfectly simple, my children, that if you want nothing to do with – I will prove that to you – if you want nothing to do with this society, you will still enter the Divine All!
I will explain to you and you will understand that, that social life, bible, everything which the earth possesses, cannot help you in order to come there, because everything lives in you.
This becomes difficult and this becomes very childishly simple, because the source, the force, the working takes you back to that conscious Divine All, do you see?
Because you are a part, because we are a part of that motherhood and that fatherhood, laws and grades of life which we have received as a result of the embryonic existence.
It seems far, it seems difficult, and yet ... you do not have to remember anything.
You do not need to do anything, tune yourself into anything else but: in that space lives only fatherhood and motherhood; we experienced that by means of the previous session, did you?
And that is a macrocosmic body, that is the moon and that is the sun.
That is the beginning of this creation.
There was still nothing, there was only light there, dark light; that body darkened and a glow comes here.
In that space that glow is still present, that is the Divine light, that force and inspiration.
Therefore that All-Source as protoplasm drives on.
There life divided itself; the sun is already coming.
And when we close our eyes and you now look into the light, then that is the light here – if you close your eyes and you now have the light before you and you start to move your hands, then you will still see a shadow – this light here is the Divine power which drives on and which must now materialize itself as a result of these laws, as a result of the times.
Therefore the light of God must become visible and that happened as a result of millions of ages.
Now I can take a jump, fly past times and ages, then you will get to see a further stage, but then you will not have that first picture, then we will miss that stage when we come to stand before the human laws, before Mother Nature, before hells and heavens.
I showed you that when the All-Source, the All-Mother started to manifest herself, that aura floated into space; those were seven ages, seven transitions, that aura kept on changing.
And we now see those ages again for all the life, the existing to which you belong.
We know on earth, for example, the seven grades for the sleep, the seven ‘months’ for the child according to nature.
You calculate it in months, but there are seven ages before the child is completely grown up in the mother, they are seven grades.
We see those seven grades in and for every law again, and those are now the ages for the cosmos as a result of which motherhood and fatherhood originated; motherhood and fatherhood received an own independence and now the moon can begin as mother for this space.
What did we see now?
We see that here an independence was born as macrocosmic feeling and thinking.
And people call that macrocosmic body the moon, but it is the first grade of consciousness, of feeling, for this universal organism.
The universe is nothing else but a body, the systems of which we will soon see.
And those systems are Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, the hazes, suns, moons and stars, aura.
That is the macrocosmic body.
And those organisms will soon be part of this whole.
We now see the personality, that is God, that is the All-Mother, that is the All-Light, the All-Life, the All-Spirit, and so on and so on.
Can you hold on to this?
Now we will begin to see the next stage.
That took ages – I told you – that took millions of years and we see: that planet absorbed itself, it condensed itself.
The large cell, the ripping, the actual source of that motherhood absorbed all those cells in this environment into itself.
And at the same moment the moon gets, this body gets movement.
Do you hear? But you can compare that on earth: heat everything up, you take a drop of water and let it fall, you immediately get to experience that unity.
You can take an example by means of material research.
And this source, the consciousness ...
And we will soon learn that again for the personality, as a result of which we get to know a Socrates, Plato.
Because Socrates wondered: if I think and I want to do the good, why do I still have the feeling in me that does not wish to take part in my goodness?
Can you see?
There Socrates began to think and to feel: if I want, but I do not want what is asked of me there – and now it is I who does not want.
The man Socrates, the life Socrates stood before the own will, the soul, the spirit, and the personality.
Are they independences?
Is that a unity which we can see in God?
You feel, the human being started to think on earth.
The human being started to wonder: who am I actually, that I can be part of this space?
For what purpose did people actually create me?
And we want to teach you that, outside of the bible.
We have nothing to do with the last judgements and damnation; you will soon see that there can be no damnation.
And that will be proved to you spiritually-scientifically, that is possible.
After a time we see that the moon traces an orbit under this power.
Fatherhood continues to inspire, that light becomes stronger, that evolves; this is therefore already a materialization.
There are still no people, but after a time and a time, after centuries a small spot comes in this space which already possesses materialization.
And what we have now seen in that All-Source – that All-Mother which I spoke about recently – therefore here the moon as mother possesses, as separation from that source.
The Divine creation began in this way.
The lecture which you recently experienced was called: ‘The origin of the Divine creation’, and the origin of the Divine creation is nothing else but fatherhood and motherhood.
Have you understood?
There is no more for now.
And now we get: in the heart of this macrocosmic globe, this body, in this heart, in the centre working comes.
You had that during that time and you will soon stand on top of that, you will then experience that planet ...
The masters are here and then the master says: “You see, in the heart of this body hazes come, something is brewing and they are the brewing and growing processes.”
The same occurrence comes – now we soon see happening what we saw there – but now as an independence.
Therefore this life, this globe, the moon – can you feel? – the moon has everything of the All-Source.
This is God already as mother, this must become God.
And there you see God as father.
The Eastern metaphysical teachings, the child from the East sees more the mother in the space, because everything is giving birth for that life.
For the earth, for the western self the Lord is eloquent, feeling, thinking.
And the Lord is the sun.
But has God now spoken as a human being?
Is this already human?
Here there is no question of human thinking.
But how will the human being become?
What do you have at the moment, at this moment, when you can materialize your thoughts and feelings?
Where did those thoughts come from?
This is the beginning of creation; only a planet, an independence came, that must begin with giving birth; there – this is lighter – and these two powers now start to speak to each other.
The sun, that warmth brews here, hazes come, hazes, and now we start to see the first working for the moon.
Now we can dwell upon this for a moment.
That moon already radiates at this moment, doesn’t it?
The new condensing radiates power, that power, that aura is inspiration, is force.
That power of this body goes through this space, which grows, further and further, until nothing more ... until that power does not come any further, because that source holds onto that here and absorbs that power in itself.
Can you feel that?
And now we see, the master says, now we already see that the moon, this body, is busy, that aura grows – but the materialization, remains here, doesn’t it – that aura radiates.
And now we already see that the first elemental laws, the first hazes have already ensured the own atmosphere – can you feel? – the breath of life.
And now that grows seven ages.
That aura of those first hazes goes here and evaporates; evaporates but remains.
If you can feel this, then you will soon experience the gravity.
Now that atmosphere becomes feeling, consciousness.
There that atmosphere is already present and that also grows now.
That grows seven times, seven ages come into being, seven grades, until the rareness of this material – can you feel this now? – the rareness of this material no longer touches any core – can you feel? – and then we already see the atmosphere of the moon, the breathing.
That aura goes that far away until the sensors have dissolved, until these seven grades, the power of this aura has spiritualized itself – can you feel this? – and until we therefore come here to a space where there is no atmosphere, no breath of life.
Can you imagine this?
And now you already see that the moon already takes care of its own closing off.
Here you can live everywhere and you taste that life, you feel her soul, but behind this emptiness comes again, can you see?
Now the academic on the earth says ...
When we later ...
If you are interested, then I can continue there and then we will soon, or later, experience the attracting and rejecting of the planetary system.
Are you interested?
Then I will draw it for you on the board.
Then I will dwell this morning upon this in order to see how the moon, how the enclosures and how the atmospheres were born.
But when this has condensed and yonder ... – we have talked about those, and those grades – you will feel, here is the final stage as breath of life of the moon.
Can you feel this?
Here there is nothing more, here you enter the state of purity again of the All-Mother.
And that source no longer needs to drive, that source is.
When that source, when that body, that space condensed, when that vastness in which we live got independence as light, the All-Mother had completed her task.
There was no longer any life needed, this was everything!
Driving force, that source is there, that All-Source drives.
That life would probably be able to dissolve .
That light was there.
That light could disappear.
People wonder at this moment – I will let you ask questions, later – people wonder whether the sun is still capable for millions of years of giving light to the earth for this space.
Does that source never reach exhaustion?
You see, we get all those questions from the space and then we will begin to see what we possess of that as human beings.
That is now cosmology.
But if you see this, this picture ... I live here on the moon – do you see? – the moon.
I radiate.
Of course, I must have an aura, because that was aura.
That is plasma, invisible plasma and it has experienced a period of a million years, it has undergone grades of life; it became light, it ripped apart.
And now I am therefore here on this (master Zelanus draws on the board), this moon – that is a macrocosmic body – and I take a piece of leaf from this flower in my hands: this is the moon and everything here is All-Source. This is a comparison, for example, from here, the masters say.
And then we can go for walks, and accept it, now the people stand around the masters, you see millions of people.
One human being, one master speaks there with millions of children of the earth – bil-, bil-, bil-, bil-, billions of people, fathers and mothers, live on the Other Side – and then the master is one and explains the human being; but the human being sees everything, the human being is one with those hazes.
And then the master says: “Look, now I am going from the aura of the moon, from this mother.
She radiates and her aura is now also as deep, as wonderfully great, as great as she is, is the depth of her atmosphere”, can you accept this?
If you see the body, if you see the body on material, then you can also determine the consciousness from that body.
There is therefore for us ...
It means nothing to determine and to calculate, to feel, to see how deep the consciousness of Mother Earth is.
And that all enters the human being, my sisters and brothers, you have all of this living in you.
This is soul, this is spirit and that is your personality.
But then we are faced with: what did you master of it?
But you are already on earth, you have become a human being, you have fatherhood, motherhood and you evolve, you grow, you have conquered the jungles.
Do you see?
As a result of the cosmology you therefore get the moon experiencing in you, this is motherhood; that is the fatherhood.
And then you can go here ... when I leave the stage here, then I will already live outside the independence ‘motherhood’ in this space, do you see?
This is the aura as breath of life which the moon needs in order to grow and now I can immediately connect you with the power, for your time, of the sun.
How deep, how deep does the aura of the sun touch the earth?
What happens when the power of the sun, of fatherhood touches motherhood?
Can you feel, now we can touch the cooling off for the earth.
If you now say: it is like that above 3000 metres, then we feel this, and at 16000 metres high you feel that; that can all be experienced and determined for this time.
You can still see those laws every moment – which we will now experience – you can see them for the present stage.
We can now immediately explain to the academic, the astronomer – now you must listen how wonderful that will become – why Jupiter lives there and Saturn there and yonder Venus.
Why Venus there, with regard to the moon, with regard to the earth?
No, with regard to fatherhood!
How was the moon able to close itself off in this space, so that later there it could not ...
We see that, because more bodies come.
There are still millions of sparks in this space, they are still there, which have therefore not been sucked up by the moon.
I gave you this picture: because she reaches here and not further.
We therefore now get to see that soon planets will come which do not experience, cannot experience fatherhood.
Why not?
Because this grade is not sufficient as consciousness in order to absorb that feeling there of that All-Source.
And now we get to see and to experience that those organs have to do with this space, this body.
Now we get to experience what hazes are, what stars are, planets are, meteors are.
We will see all those systems and then we will determine that fatherhood and motherhood dominate the space, no more.
But now we get attracting and rejecting: Jupiter does this and Saturn does that and Venus does this.
And then we can experience: yes, Venus, you do not come out of your orbit, because if you enter my environment, then I will push you back.
And now you get: now we are faced with the Divine harmony, harmonic law.
It will be wonderful when we soon, if that universe has condensed ...
Of course I cannot take that leap now.
We must close off the moon this morning.
That life will begin.
Let us take the overview of the cosmos – I already touch upon that materialization for your own time – and then we get to see that the moon could really begin with the embryonic life.
But before she, this mother, could begin, she felt those spaces, she absorbed all that life in this space, according to what she herself possesses in space – space is now becoming conscious, consciousness, inspiration – this body as motherhood, elevates in this whole environment, elevates all those sparks into her.
And now we get to see an emptiness, an independence.
And the master says: “Look, the mother is preparing herself.”
Fatherhood is there, you now get to see emptiness here.
But there far yonder, there – we live in the vastness of this organism – there far in the distance there are also these bodies, which therefore got an independence as a result of the Divine division.
They are myriad sparks!
But the whole – can you feel? – I therefore divide that space between fatherhood and motherhood.
That cosmos ripped apart; the dominating power elevated those little cells into it – clear?
Therefore we see here, that is the moon.
The moon now withdraws.
The moon body as an astral body therefore represented an awe-inspiring space, but returns to independence, to an own space.
Now we see that that astral macrocosmic globe, as first cosmic grade for motherhood, absorbs itself, shrinks, condenses.
As a result of those condensings - you feel, first rarefied in that space, this is a new stage again – the moon absorbs itself, only as a result of that warmth.
As a result of warmth you attract the life to you, those laws can also be experienced materially.
Is that true?
And now, in order to experience a further stage, we then come to ...
I showed you, I let you feel this growing, that is the growing of the mother, the growing of the laws, the growing of fatherhood.
And now we go here in the middle of this planet ... that continues, that aura leaves, until that aura comes here and this is also the day-consciousness of Mother Moon; we can call it that.
Here there is no more life.
But if you come here, then something balances.
You cannot enter here, as a power of that space, do you see?
You cannot enter here, because here something holds you back.
What is that?
That is now the consciousness as aura of the moon.
Now you get to see the weight, the carrying of the atmosphere and then you can already determine why, when that soon condenses – you feel? that moon which will not come out of here again – how it is possible that the planet keeps itself moving, keeps itself floating in this space.
Now you are faced with gravity; later there will be no more gravity.
This condenses itself.
But all of this is new, you see?
That aura, that atmosphere holds on to life.
This is part of the heart, the soul, the spirit, and of the personality.
This cannot be wrenched from that orbit, only stronger bodies; they are not there.
What can the master say?
He says: “Look, my brothers, what we now see is: there fatherhood, here motherhood.”
And now, we will just let go of the space.
We will follow how the moon began with that condensing and we see those hazes of the space again therefore entering the moon.
That moon body is now ...?
Can you feel, what is the moon now?
Now we will explain and record the moon scientifically, spiritually-scientifically for your universities, we therefore record for the University of Christ: the moon – this is the moon, the moon, can you hear? – we call that in ‘The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof’, and this is for the space, the first cosmic grade.
This universe has three cosmic grades; and then we get the fourth.
This space would create the fourth, the fourth would create the fifth, the fifth the sixth and the sixth the seventh.
But now this, the moon – remember – as plasma, as source for God, for the All-Mother, is now soul; we saw that, do you know now?
Soul! But it is also already spirit.
This is already spirit!
This is the moon, this is the first cosmic grade.
No, this is motherhood as spirit, originated from the All-Mother.
Can you now follow this, by means of the last lecture?
And now you will get to see that the moon did not stand on that heaven just like that and was able to materialize itself.
No, this is soul of Her soul – now we will begin, you will now begin yourself – life of Her life, no more.
This is spirit of Her spirit, blood, blood of Her blood, intellect of Her intellect, yes, giving birth of Her giving birth!
Now examine what I asked you recently: what do we now have of the moon?
People look at and laugh at the moon.
Science does not know what the moon is now – yes, during that time.
We see soon, later, that she is dying; this moon which now floats in the universe is dying, already dead, has already completed her task.
You therefore get to see by means of the lectures, the final, in which we now see and experience the beginning, you get that.
What are we here?
What is the moon now for God, for Christ, for the universe, for the All-Source, All-Mother, and All-Father?
When we arrived there, during those first moments for the All-Mother, then Master Alcar said – when Christ came back with His apostles, and Darwin will have to accept that and you will all have to accept that, all the life on earth as human beings will have to accept – the master said: this is the All-Source!
The All-Source rules here, in this, there is still nothing.
And that All-Source is light, life, a personality, harmony, and justice, can you feel?
But wants to be love for everything, love, love, love.
Now people speak of a God as a Father of love, a Mother God who is love; what is now love?
Now an independence came here and it has life, soul, spirit, love, doesn’t it?
This is love, this is feeling, this is protoplasm.
What is protoplasm?
Just do not retain that, just keep the essential with you: light, life, personality, spirit, but this wants to be love!
And we will now have to see that, we will have to experience that, those revelations must show us whether this is really love.
Now you can already make comparisons with your own time.
Now you place the minister before you: “Minister, what is love actually?
What is soul, what is spirit, what is life?”
What is life?
Blood plasma, flowing material, a substance.
A substance, if you just condense that, then you have that in your hands and if you let it go, it will flow away from you just like that.
And now you no longer see it and yet it is there.
It is inspiration, it is awakening and it is materialization, by means of which the elemental laws emerged.
We get to see the laws of hardening, materialization, hardening, as a result of those ages, as a result of those seven transitions – we call that those ages – until the final was reached.
Can you feel that?
Until the final came and change emerged and that is now the moon here.
This All-Life – that is now All-Life – will divide itself.
There is only motherhood and fatherhood in the space.
And now we can experience, now we can determine how many cells ...
“The macrocosmos”, the academic says, “serves the microcosmos”.
You are that, that is nature.
The planets in the space are macrocosmic bodies.
The life which now originates as a result of this on the planet is the microcosmic cell.
And now we get to see again what we saw there in the beginning – don’t we? – for the All-Mother; this life must grow, must continue the evolution.
This life is evolution, growth, spiritualization of itself, for fatherhood and motherhood.
What does the moon now have to do?
Can you already feel this, what the moon has in itself and possesses?
What is now the moon as independence?
Everything must be born from here.
Academic, astronomer, biologist, geologist, you seek God, Christ.
There is a God who speaks.
Did God really speak, can you hear voices here?
You see only aura, you see only giving birth!
And then Darwin stands there next to the master, we receive all the great ones of the earth and we say: “Look, Darwin, we are not yet at the ape stage, but it already lies there.
And you sought that on earth, but it must happen here, because there is still no life.”
You should have seen Darwin.
The human being who achieves something on earth, and has written books for the university, has built up systems and then must soon accept: I was completely off the mark ...
Then you stand there.
And this is truth, you can accept this: this is truth!
If this was not truth, I would be knocked down and the blood would flow over my lips.
Here nothing can be lied and cheated about.
If Darwin comes, Socrates ...
Socrates who looks at Darwin like that ...
I experienced Socrates, soon with the masters, with Master Alcar. I experienced Plato, Pythagoras, and Buddha.
Buddha, what did you know about that?
Mohammed, what did you know about that?
Blavatsky, come ... you do not yet have any reincarnation, come ...
And then someone from the space comes: “Did you see that?”
Who else is there on earth who built up those systems?
Who else is there on earth who wrote about the God of all life, about fatherhood and motherhood?
You see, otherwise there was no life in the space.
There is darkness, this here is a soft shine.
If this light above me goes out, my sisters and brothers, then we will keep the aura as light here in this house for seven hours.
There is no darkness at once, that grows and goes through the walls.
Therefore the aura of the walls absorbs it and when it comes outside, then it gets the spatial aura.
And it is only then, when all that light – also here – has dissolved, then we get to experience darkness in this hall for the first time.
And Darwin gets to see that, all these children get to see that; they must now accept: yonder there is darkness, but in the space here there is a weak, weak, weak light.
We see here something, the shadow.
I close my eyes and then I see here in this light the shadow of my hands; that was the moon and in that light here ... the light of the space was like that at that time.
That became the sun – can you see, can you feel this? – that is the light during this time.
Here the first hazes begin to come; as that force now grows ...
Fatherhood has independence, that primal source as father drives onwards.
The sun has absorbed itself; it has already closed itself off, and that power radiates.
That is also astral, an astral body, but will materialize itself as light, do you see?
Now this warmth can already be felt.
And now we get ... after thousands of ages, thousands of centuries we see here in the middle of this body – yonder, we do not reach that – here the heart comes, here the first hazes begin to come, here; and you can lay them on the palm of your hand.
This is the first stage for the embryonic life.
For the mother, for the moon.
We know what this body possesses, as a result of which this body has got the own independence.
We continue.
And now ages pass.
It took ages, millions of years before this environment here, the moon here, that body, that astral, spiritual, All-Mother source materialized itself.
They are clouds.
The hazes condensed themselves, you now see clouds everywhere, clouds and clouds.
And the academics for the earth recorded this picture.
People say: “Creation must have began in this way.”
No, the earth!
And the earth also began in this way.
Now we get to see that, the more the moon, this body, this first cosmic grade condensed itself ...
Now I can already descend into the embryonic life of course, we start to follow the embryo, because this body will have to divide itself as the All-Mother was able to do that for that space.
Divide, grow, represent the evolution, you must multiply yourself.
Yes, you grow, you keep getting to see another aura, another life, another character.
And they are only clouds here.
They are clouds, it is light and darkness, and there is no more than that.
I can dwell upon this for the embryonic life, but I must return to that, soon.
And I will draw that for you, so that you will start to see the attunement as a spark before you and we will experience how the human being became father and mother as embryonic existence.
Does that interest you?
But what will happen now?
We will let go of the moon for a moment and then we will see what they meanwhile, during those millions of ages ...
Here are already the first hazes, they condensed themselves.
Embryonic cells already originated, also perfect, and now the embryonic life already begins.
Whether that is the human being?
We will become that.
But we know: this is soul, spirit, life, love, and harmony.
Here no disturbances occurred.
What comes from here, that therefore possesses Divine attunement; is that clear?
There you have it, that is Divine attunement!
And now we will see.
What.. more light already comes, and now we will see what the moon created for itself.
What does this body do now?
That aura goes away, doesn’t it?
That aura of the mother enters the space.
There that aura in that area – I told you about the atmosphere, but the atmosphere is not there – and as that atmosphere got consciousness, that influence emanated from the moon through itself, further, further, further.
And now there is a body yonder, an astral globe, not so big, and not so strong, because then it would have already been attracted by this dominating power.
Can you feel that?
But now there is yonder in the space ...
I told it: there are myriads and myriads of sparks.
And that cell – also a macrocosmic body – that lies there and as the moon now comes to working, condensing, the inspiration, the becoming conscious is also stronger.
Do you believe this?
And now that planet comes there, also a globe, which already gets to feel an aura of the moon.
What happens now?
The moon is not only giving birth here for herself – is she? – but gives birth at the same time for the macrocosmos.
And when that macrocosmos is ready ...
Now sun and moon work on the body, on the own building, can you understand this?
You get: now sun and moon work on the new, the next step for the space, because if this life, if this life cannot go any further, if this life must remain here – Darwin! – no evolution will be possible.
And then we have as a human being – we now stand here – as a human being we have to accept the ultimate, but also the standstill.
If the moon had not sent out any life, if she had not been able to take care of new grades, then we must accept in this stage: more life will not come for the space, this is the end.
But it happens ...
We see there that her aura becomes more conscious.
The atmosphere becomes more conscious, the atmosphere is there.
And now we get to experience that every – I am talking about independence – every independence begins again to give birth and to create.
Do you accept that?
Everything which is materialization or spiritualization, everything which was born from the All-Mother, must begin to give birth and to create.
Now, accept what now comes: that that atmosphere here also begins to give birth.
And now we get seven final stages, seven grades, which the atmosphere now experiences as mother and father.
That atmosphere of the moon there – we have nothing more to do – that will grow, will ask, will radiate.
And now this life here touches a planet, a globe which has not yet been touched by fatherhood and motherhood, do you feel?
And this now becomes ...
That globe, that body absorbs the power of that atmosphere of the moon as mother and now we get to see the first secondary planet here, the first transition.
If the moon is therefore ready and the human being, the human being, we accept that, has experienced her body – we will see how that stage becomes – then there is already aura and then there is already a body ready exactly on the consciousness of us, with the same attunement, because it originated by means of the atmosphere, by means of the moon as mother, by means of the new birth.
Is that clear to you?
Then I am happy.
The human being will never get to know himself if he thinks: what do I have to do with that?
And when you receive this picture and you have absorbed that into you, then the earth and your footsteps become lighter, because your soul is now eloquent, your spirit can speak with that space.
You know the laws, you see through everything, there are no more problems, no more gravity, and everything is now easier.
You feel, André feels spatial in feeling on earth – you can destroy something of course, you can work something to death of course, we also did that, but otherwise he feels luminous, there is no gravity – in his feeling he touches the space.
You become one, he is one with sun, moon, stars, animal life, flower, nature, fatherhood, motherhood, with everything, everything. As you emanate your feeling? No, now it will soon be different, as you attune your life to the expansion, the spiritualization of your material, your fatherhood, motherhood, society, your deeds, your characteristics, do you see?
We get to see exactly the same workings, actions, which were born in this Divine All.
Can you understand this, can you feel this?
Then you can feel that you cannot escape that creation.
Now we will see, we will immediately look and conclude for this morning that that space – we may not continue, we may only see what that first planet did – that the moon is already capable and that aura, that atmosphere is capable again to give that body there which has not been elevated – you feel, that lives there – it now gets the inspiration from the moon, gets becoming conscious, aura with aura.
This is conscious working.
This is unconscious feeling – can you feel this? – it is still unconscious, because there is still no working.
And now we will see, soon when we have the board before us, that the embryonic life ...
When we experienced the planet, expansion comes, we come to the first death, the second death, the thousandth death, the millionth death, we stand as soul, spirit, personality and the ultimate is now the fish stage for the moon.
We also experience that for the earth.
We have been fish, just look here, here are your gills still, we were born in the waters.
The pope, the academics say: “Was the human being born in the waters?”
Yes, this will materialize itself; we get to see and to experience that water and then the human being lives in the waters.
The ultimate stage is ...
Then we have the grades of life, there are millions of them – there are just seven – we keep on getting to experience the materialization of the moon as mother.
And now you can already feel: where are we going, and what will you get as final experience of the moon?
Her body, won’t you?
We can therefore, for this morning we will determine: we were born from the All-Source, by means of the moon, the moon which people do not know.
Sense this, go, just descend to your universities.
The moon stands there, has now died for this society, for this age.
The moon is dying.
Now we come with the teachings and the wisdom: the moon is the All-Mother for this space ... and you are the moon!
Ha ha ha ha ha! people say, just laugh too.
You are laughed at.
And now people will soon have to accept us, because the moon is the All-Mother for the third cosmic grade; the sun is father.
Now we are faced with the academic and people say: “Grab that madman, lock him up.”
Then Galilei came to the pope and said: “Father, father, I have got it, I have got it!”
He thought that he gave the world, the church something and then that poor Galilei was thrown into prison.
Because the earth revolves around the sun!
We will also have to record that soon.
You will therefore be like Galilei, you will become Socrates, you will become Plato, Buddha, involve all inspirations, clergymen, ancient Egypt; you will get the consciousness of the macrocosmos.
Does it mean anything to you?
Galilei was not able to accept that, he did not receive it, because the pope said: “No!”
If only Galilei had lived in Holland, but Holland did not yet have it.
If only he had lived in England, what does it mean?
“No.” A human being on earth who represents God, says: “no.”
Can you experience the feeling, the sorrow of Galilei, when he could make the human being happy, the world happy, could give an evolution which connected the human being with a God of all life?
There the Head of the Church says: “No!” and beat his fist on the table.
You will feel, as a human being you cannot experience this, you cannot imagine this, because I will show you the consciousness which Galilei possessed for his time minutely, essentially and absolutely.
But, you rise over it.
What we determine for this morning is: what does the bible have now?
We let go of that gravity, that life.
What does the bible have now for your time, for your body, for God, for Christ?
Who was Christ, what did the bible record and analyze for that?
Did the bible say something of the moon, that the moon is the mother for this space?
Where did the writers of the bible begin for goodness sake?
Who inspired them?
You see, that is the University of Christ, they are the new books which we will and must write, which the masters must bring to earth.
But there the evolution of your life begins, as we saw for sun and moon.
That is the University of Christ, they are the first foundations for the human history.
Because the writers of the bible did not become free from the earth, they felt themselves, they did not become free from the human being.
But we were embryonic!
And now the voices come, now this pope says, now the academics say: “Truly, research whether we were born in the waters.”
There are academics who say: “Yes, we experienced an embryonic life.
We do not yet know it.”
Therefore you get at this moment, if you feel this, you will get the spacious prophecies from me, spiritual-scientific prophecies.
Because the world does not yet know anything about this, your academic is not yet that far.
Therefore I fall and God falls and everything falls if all of this would not contain any truth.
We cannot play off the Deity, the teaching, the space, your soul, and your spirit more than we do now.
And now you must, if you read such a thing in the paper and in your magazines, then you can make all the comparisons and determine for yourself: truly, Master Zelanus speaks the truth, he is connected with those laws.
And this is now the happiness for your last days that you are still here.
When you soon – if I may give you that – get the expansion of this space ... and not only for the universe, because we start to determine the astral, spiritual conscious world.
From the moon you will soon ...
When we follow and experience the embryonic life – I will begin the next session with that – when we follow and experience that embryonic life, then we sit there in the world of the unconscious, in fatherhood and motherhood, in reincarnation, in soul, in spirit, in harmony, in love.
All those millions of laws are to be found here in this first haze stage, in that first separation, where the moon divided itself.
And every particle is now – you know? – every spark now from this life is soul, spirit, fatherhood, motherhood, a personality, has a will, has power, grows, can begin with evolution.
Everything, everything is present in that spark!
I will draw that spark for you and I will let you experience the unity with that and we will see that again in that space.
Therefore we determine once again – a few seconds, my sisters and brothers, in order to record that we could begin with our life in this space as a result of the moon as All-Mother, as a result of which we would be able to spiritualize and soon materialize our Deity – therefore we determine once again – do that with me, do that for yourself – that the bible has brought none of that development to earth, that the writers of the bible still have to begin with these new foundations.
What does the Catholic Church have of this truth?
What did Protestantism know about this - what is Buddhism, what is Mohammedanism - what did ancient Egypt know about this?
Examine, read, grow, make comparisons for yourself, for your soul, for your spirit, for your organism, but before everything: what do I have if I am father, what do I do then?
And who am I if I am mother?
Because everything is for God, for the All-Mother, the All-Source, the All-Light, the All-Life, the All-Soul, everything is, wherever you look, nothing else than fatherhood and motherhood.
You cannot experience anything else.
And now you experience that fatherhood and motherhood according to the conscious or the unconscious grade of life as feeling.
Who are you now – I asked you recently – in feeling?
Do you grumble, do you grunt, do you destroy, do you build up?
What do you have of that harmony, of that harmonic soul which is God?
What did you achieve now on earth, what do you represent now on earth for your Deity as mother?
You are mother, then he is father.
What do you achieve, what did you achieve?
What do you possess?
How do you think, what are your actions like?
Yonder, we will soon meet planets which have not known any conscious evil, but we have here the earth, we now have in society, we live on earth, and we have got to know hatred, destruction, sullying, passion, and violence.
We got to know diseases, destructive diseases.
Did God create that?
Were they here, will we see them later?
What does the human being possess for God, for the All-Source, in everything which he is?
Harmony, love?
Love, say it!
Are we love, are we harmonic, are we growing?
Are we evolving in harmony, in justice, in that love?
What have we mastered of that?
And now you can begin in order to take that cosmos, that Divine All in you, to bring into harmony with sun, moon and stars, to materialize and to spiritualize, my sisters and brothers, and only now you will begin with your universal life.
Until this far, until the next time.
Then we will begin to follow, to experience the moon as embryonic life and then I will draw that first division for you, how the first cell divided itself and then we will let go of that.
I hope to experience that lecture with you.
The division, the first being one as father and mother – now as a cell, isn’t it true? – the division of those two cells, twin souls, do you want to know about that? What is now a twin soul?
The part of my life which belongs to me, but not as a human being ... but as feeling and as life!
Not as a human being – do you see? – I will take that away from you just like that.
The human being searches in society for his happiness, for his soul.
What soul?
I am searching for my life!
I will soon get back that part which has divided from me, or I cannot represent this Divine All.
I will acquaint you with those laws, you will get an answer to millions of questions, not material, not human, not earthly, but spatial, spiritual, Divine!
We reach with the Divine Omnipotence universal knowledge, feeling, understanding, universal fatherhood and motherhood.
You get the Divine Omnipotence in you, do you believe that?
There is still no one in your world who has met the human being who possessed the spiritual Omnipotence.
Do you accept that we can now reach that unity with the Divine Omnipotence?
Because these cells, these workings take us back to the Divine conscious All.
I thank you.
(End of Part 1)