Good morning, my sisters and brothers.
We will begin by asking questions about the books and spiritual problems.
But I wanted to give you something else this morning, for the first morning, after all the time that you were alone, even if I was with you every evening; you were probably able to feel that now and again.
I would like to ask you to give me one word this morning and you will get your lecture.
What will we talk about?
I will place the lecture in your hands this morning.
(A person present says words of thanks.)
I thank you and then we will begin ...
The gratitude of the human being – this will be your lecture – with regard to the cosmology, Christ, God, fatherhood and motherhood.
The gratitude of the human being who is starting to know, who is starting to feel, who is becoming conscious for the life ‘beyond the coffin’.
The gratitude of the father who starts to sense with regard to his own personality for what purpose he lives.
The gratitude of the apostles when they started to understand the Messiah.
the gratitude of the child who starts to learn to see that God can only be and has always been a Father of love.
When we start to feel the laws for life and death, my sisters and brothers, and you enter the astral space where you now already live, then the universal gratitude enters into our heart.
We start to understand what our life on earth was like.
The numerous lectures which I gave you, the pictures which I brought forward in order to be able to somewhat motivate your personality, and to be able to open your personality, was only to show you that universal, Divine, spatial gratitude, but in the second place, in order to let you awaken those feelings.
You yourself must begin with it, if the awakening for the space, the personality for here, for society, but especially for life ‘beyond the coffin’, wishes to possess and get the eloquence in order to be able to surrender yourself soon to the Master who will then stand before you.
What is gratitude?
When a human being gives something to the other life, then that gratitude is punctuated, inspired by a deed, a deed that shows you the life, a deed of a father and a mother who give their children a light-hearted thing, as a result of which the child learns.
The thanks for a beautiful flower, the thanks for the wisdom that you are given by means of the social systems.
Yes, do they have meaning, did they experience the hundred percent for the philosophical system?
Because a philosophical system is every word for which Socrates, Plato and Aristotle gave their lives.
However, I will take you to the life ‘beyond the coffin’, because it is there where you will awaken in order to be able to feel the gratitude that the ‘word’ was given to your lives.
We described the Temple of Medici, but especially the Temple for the Mother, the Temple of Wisdom.
When the artist leaves this life, he must then be able to show his gratitude in order to portray the eloquence and the inspiration of the Messiah by means of wisdom and his art.
What did the Masters do?
We have shown that soon you will stay ‘beyond the coffin’ in that gratitude and that awakening, but here you already live in the infinite awe which can only be the universe.
And now gratitude is a law, the gratitude that you feel because the Masters gave you wisdom.
That was experienced in the temple of Ra, Ré and Isis, in China and Japan, in British India, in Tibet.
Yes, society got to see and to feel, to experience, the gratitude of Our Lord, when the Masters began to give mankind faith, to give mankind the wisdom how you will live, how you will awaken.
Understand well what it concerns, it means that you now already live in the infinity of your Deity.
You are no longer on earth, you do not live in the material, because ‘beyond the coffin’ the awakening came to you and you will say and have to admit inwardly: yes, I am that far, my awakening reached that and that grade.
The gratitude in my life is the accepting, is the bowing to everything that I received.
When we, when you enter the first sphere, and a Master comes to you and you start to ask the question: “What and how will my task be here in this infinity?” then we ask you: “Is the gratitude for the universe already in you?”
In the first place, we will have to show you that every word is law.
The gratitude now, the feeling to be able to inspire, to be able to speak, that becomes the deadly seriousness of the personality.
It is the step, the foundation in order to enter the Mother of the universe, as Ramakrishna experienced it and passed on to his apostles.
The books which you already have in your hands here ... when you read those books, then it cannot enter you: yes, this work is a story, and those and those books would not have been written?
The source of justice, the source of inspiration which is only adjusted to the Messiah, which only represents the Divine authority, that now appears to represent the inner life of feeling of the human being, of every animal, every life, embryonic, wherever you live.
All life walks, and is inspired by the Divine justice, after which your gratitude will interpret the life exactly and you will begin with the first word.
You now begin to think: what should I do?
Well then ... although you cannot enter that step, although you have not yet been able to lay the foundations, the Master asks you to go upwards and then to enter the Temple of the Mother.
When we start to make the comparison with the earthly life, the earthly personality, then we are immediately faced with a Divine infinity, a wonderful inner life, because that is the mother when she feels the justice, the gratitude in her and has accepted the head bowing.
Not one wrong word then passes your lips, everything in you is correct, because you have become correct.
What meaning does it have when you do something nice here on earth today and tomorrow you lose yourself again as a result of one word?
I made it clear to you that every word is a universal infinity, because every word has Divine meaning, and it begins with gratitude.
But where does the gratitude take you?
To the systems of Socrates, to a temple, to a foundation, a universal planetary system.
That is the gratitude of your Father, your Christ, and your Golgotha!
When gratitude lives in you, and really possesses a hundred percent power of feeling and inspiration, my sisters and brothers, then you are no longer a tourist in Jerusalem, but then you go upwards.
You experience every step; every footstep penetrates your personality and gets spatial eloquence.
The space now says to you: “Even deeper, even deeper!”
You must be able to experience the sorrow of the universe, the sorrow of an opening, as a flower accepted and will experience the awakening for Mother Nature, the gratitude of a child, the gratitude of your society, the friendship of a person, your father and mother, your sister and brother.
Truly, this is the word in order to lay the first foundation for the new personality, the new awakening; you must begin with that one day.
When – as I was able to show you several times – the human being, the personality, which is now a shape, enters as a child of a people in the East, West, the South or North, the Spheres of Light, the astral world, then the question comes: “Well, where do I live and what will I be able to receive?”
“Do you have something to do for me?” the conscious being says.
You are blessed, because soon you will continue in these teachings.
Anyone who now feels the gratitude, absorbs the hundred percent inspiration and wants to experience the feeling already growing, will bring society to its awakening, that human being will soon possess light, he possesses a spiritual personality.
The majority of humans here on earth really think that they live materially, but you only become separate from the body, and you will soon enter the world for your soul, the world for your spirit and you will be an astral personality.
When the maternal life speaks to you, then you will awaken for the first time.
It is only then that the laws of the universe will speak to your inner self, your inner soul, which is now the shape that will accept spatially and for which every word is law.
When we see the Temple for the Mother before us, then the being of the earth lies there kneeling, praying, thinking; you are grateful for a smile.
When you enter the sphere between the Land of Hatred and that misty world, when you see that world, which will soon connect you with the first sphere, then you will see nothing else there but people lying down who are preparing themselves in order to reach that awakening.
The human being who is not yet ready to be able to accept the hundred percent justice, the human being who is separate from the material, the human being who is separate from the lower qualities, the lower character traits ... that human being is kneeling there and is preparing himself in order to absorb that unity with the All, as a result of which God manifested himself, and only then to begin his task.
What should you do now?
We pass those people.
When a smile passes your lips and that soul experiences the Divine systems in that loneliness, then the Master is happy, then the Master is pleased.
What was Christ like when he walked on earth and passed on his Divine wisdom, the gospel, to the people?
When a soul truly received trust and the gratitude touched His sacred personality, then the Messiah wept, because He knows: every child, every spark created by God belongs to you, that is your life, there is no strange person in space, all the life is yours!
You are fathers and mothers, children of one Father, and of one universe, you must take all those cells to the development.
Can you feel this?
What does that mean?
Why does God speak, why does the holy gospel of Christ say that the human being is finally universally deep and experiences and undergoes a unity, which means that you absorb into you, experience as father and mother, the spatial feeling and thinking by means of each cell?
We went from planet to planet, we covered millions of lives.
We were amongst all the peoples on earth; you are black, brown, white and pale.
You were in the jungle and now you live in society and you will soon enter your spatial consciousness.
That can be animal-like, that can be material, that can be crude-material, but it becomes spiritual when you begin to sense that whatever you get here on earth, whatever you can experience has come to you straight from the Divine authority and for which Christ lived.
Who understands Christ, when you enter the Temple of the Mother, when you undergo the Temple of the Medici, the arts and the sciences?
First you begin to be grateful and to absorb the space into you and to say to God: “Yes, that gratitude must awaken in me.”
Because the gratitude, the feeling, the benevolent feeling that you are happy, brings you to the new inspiration.
It is the first step, it is the first foundation in order to experience the love, then to undergo the love.
Because to be able to drive, to activate, to inspire the feeling, and to give something to the people is what decides your happiness.
Well, when we kneel at the steps of the Temple of the Mother ...
In every sphere you find a majestic building, it is a wonderful unity and in that building you see and you experience the mother, God as mother.
Here for the first sphere and there for the second, the third, the fourth – and then you prepare yourself for the fourth cosmic grade.
If you see those men kneeling there, when you feel these people, personalities ...
Everything of the earth is now gone, your learning no longer means anything.
And when you feel this properly, then you can also accept this; everything that the earth possesses no longer means anything if you have lost your personality there and experienced the Divine systems descending, and means: how did you carry out your deed?
Did you really love that mother, was that mother love, was she a revelation, did she have the longing to give love, to experience the justice?
What does she want; does she have spatial feeling and thinking, so that the life ‘beyond the coffin’ possesses consciousness?
You have all of that in your hands, which lives in you!
To lie down at the feet of the Masters, that is not an art when the benevolent conscious being watches over your personality.
But, lying down in loneliness ... because you get nothing for free, you must master every step; you must think, learn to think: what does benevolence wish to be?
And then we reach those wonderful creations, those revelations, which He gave to the human child on the earth by means of His spatial personality and we get to see him, we get to feel him, we now get to know him.
Then the silence falls in you, then there is nothing more to say, we only want to experience.
Then we kneel down at the feet of the mother ...
Yes ...
Not that shape, no, the birth!
How did she receive her life, how did she bring herself to the material revelation?
It is the being in contact with the universe!
Now we are not alone, you do not come alone to the maternal heart, you are now faced with fatherhood and motherhood, the contact with a planet and space.
Because you go back again with the birth, with psychopathy, with insanity, if you experience the lower qualities as longings and let them grow.
For the universe, being a mother means experiencing the contact with a law, which is birth.
It is the process of giving birth, it is creating power, it is drive and inspiration, it is knowledge, and everything becomes knowledge!
For months ... no, for years, the people kneel in order to think.
When will you reach the sacred, social, spiritual, material meditation?
Everything of the life can give you that unity.
A flower can tell you where it was born and how it got its colours.
People ask us: how should I begin to think?
When this child kneels there and the Master awakens sends his thoughts to the follower, then this life feels irradiated.
A sacred longing enters this life, and it is a gentle touch.
It is the conversation that the mother experiences on the fourth cosmic grade with her child; and has already happened several times on earth, when this sacred unity reaches awakening.
Then you experience something of the Divine telepathy ...
No, you experience the sacred being one for the birth, for growth, blossom, awakening, the benevolence of a soul, a personality that speaks, and you are faced with universal truths.
The universal picture of before that reaches consciousness, that means: your past starts to speak; you can now accept fatherhood and motherhood.
You are no longer strange in this society, because every life belongs to you.
I once told you that there are fathers and mothers amongst you and you send them away from you.
I also made it clear to you that you must not give away everything of yourself, because this is not the intention.
Every human being must build up a social consciousness; you have to take care of yourself.
The human being who still cannot take care of oneself, that is the psychopath, that is the sick insanity, the sick personality which has to accept that another, the conscious being, wants to assure this life in helping and caring.
However, the conscious being who senses what it is about, he places the universal picture in the hands of the Messiah by means of every thought, because He – as the bible also tells, as the gospel comes to you and has asked – He always receives your thoughts and the natural unity comes about.
It is not so simple to release yourself from the society in which you live, and yet, that is possible when the sacred inspiration enters you.
You speak of gratitude, but what is the true gratitude?
How does that gratitude react?
That has contact with everything; when you have laid those foundations, then you are for a hundred percent mother and father ... because that is what it is about.
It is the oneness with a Divine law, now every thought is a part of His creation.
The truth of the macrocosmos, which cannot be carried by the people, still gives the picture, which is also present in your heart, because it is the human feeling, it is your immediate thought.
Now every thought gets to experience a macrocosmic unity again and that feeds you, it drives you, and brings you to awakening.
But you must experience and hold on to that deed, you must not wish to lose anything else, you must perfect the driving force.
There are still so many in this world that say: I want this and I want that, but where does the first foundation lie?
When you enter the spheres, then you can really say: I have earned everything.
And there are really people who still have to start with their spiritual study, their eloquence.
What do you wish to do soon?
Accept a task there for God, the space and Christ?
To sit down and to listen?
But to sit down at a hundred percent and to be able to surrender yourself, that is a wonderful study.
Hundreds and thousands perished in ancient Egypt for that, the temples of Ra, Ré and Isis got their personality as a result of this; but they went through insanity, through death, but they returned.
Gradually that feeling rises, gradually you start to realize that you are more as a human being, and the bible cannot give you that.
You cannot learn that either, you have to build that up by means of the things in society, to lay stone by stone, to build a temple in which you will soon live.
It is only then that the life ‘beyond the coffin’ speaks to your personality.
What must we talk about?
To connect you with the planetary systems, which were given to you by the books ‘The Origin of the Universe’, that is not art.
But to analyse the laws in such a way that they are of some use to you in society, says more, because you will soon come to stand before this truth anyway.
And now it is called: how should I bow?
To want to experience, to want to inspire, to want to drive for a hundred percent day and night.
It is that: to finish a thought, always making sure that the truth, the reality, the revealing and the surrendering emerge!
Now you come ‘beyond the coffin’ and the first word is once more and always: where am I?
Where do I live?
Now you should just look at that human face.
Why do you make such a fuss here, why do you feel so great here on earth?
You will soon have nothing more to tell!
What are you if you are a minister, a great artist, what?
What is it that the world gives you and what is accepted by the world?
Work out what you do, all the things there are in the world, then you will get your picture; you will soon be just a thought, a feeling ‘beyond the coffin’.
But that feeling has Divine authority, that feeling attunes you to the eloquence of space.
What I am concerned with is, by means of all these lectures, by means of everything which you can experience and have to undergo in the Spheres of Light – and also in the darkness – to shake the human being awake, to bring the human being to revelation for his own feeling, his own thoughts.
To always ensure that you are in harmony with everything.
Just begin with it, it is simple anyway, if you begin to think seriously, you will learn this.
Do not take any notice of society; do not take any notice of the human being who destroys you, he is the destroyer.
Just stand before ...
Just go to that destruction, the gossip in which you live, the sullying, the deformation of a human being, now that we know that you are standing opposite the Divine cell, the Divine core!
How can you deform and destroy the Divine core in such a way, why do you destroy a core if that child is still not conscious?
You no longer hit with swords, you no longer shoot when you truly experience Golgotha.
As a result of each wrong thought – just believe it, just accept it – you knock the crown of thorns again from the head of the Messiah.
As a result of every growl and snarl you let His blood flow and we must be rid of that.
You must want to no longer hurt anyone again, you must become afraid for yourself.
Why does the human being, who possesses the cordiality, say : “Just look, what a wonderful feeling!”
When do you start to build on universal, spiritual peace?
Reading books in not an art!
To experience ‘Masks and Men’ and to undergo that and then to half succumb is not art.
No, to remain standing in society, to accept everything ... diseases, leprosy, everything, even if people destroy you; you cannot be destroyed!
You are living and radiating conscious, you will always remain that, and the cheerfulness of your character attracts solar systems.
You are a solar system, you are living light, inspiring truth, sacred justice and then there is no question of demonism.
When you descend into the hells, the darkness, then you must be able to love those people, you must be able to draw those people up into your heart.
When do you feel insulted?
God and Christ are never insulted, but a Master can be strict ... and he lets you wait.
They are kneeling there before the temples; you can find millions of people there.
They are stupid, yes indeed ... stupid.
They are wasting their time?
For a few people this Divine blessing is truly founded, because we know that they are experiencing the silence, the being one with the mother.
What is here on earth ...
What is the mother like here on earth?
The sacred respect of the human being ‘beyond the coffin’, when this maternal, creating, giving birth life of feeling reaches revelation under your heart ...
Yes, my sisters and brothers, then you lie down and you are like a little child.
Then the professor and the royal child of the planet earth come to us and we may consciously guide these children, these cells of God, to the first step.
As I have said and hopefully made clear to you, the higher you climb on earth that is to say, the social ladder, the heavier and more difficult your life becomes.
How much ballast do you bring with you?
It is not a question that you must just throw away everything, but what do the Divine laws now ask?
Now God asks, and Christ, the light from the universe forces you to now bow, and the word comes: “What did you do with those means?
Did you work for construction or destruction?
Did you only just serve yourself?”
When you love yourself and the serving does not go further than your own floor, the threshold of your house, then you also possess in the life ‘beyond the coffin’ just a little ringlet, you are no more than this, because everything makes a beeline for you.
Every word is a foundation ... no, is a wall, another life cannot get through that, you send everything away from your life, because you do not know the life.
Do you now wish to speak about gratitude; is that the sacrifice for your existence?
There are already people amongst you who work themselves to death in order to be able to elevate the Temple of the ‘University of Christ’.
We know these children.
But when you are with hundreds and everyone begins to enter and to carry out that truth, it is then Divine wonders happen.
But then you are not searching for months and months, then you do it now!
Then your footstep is assured.
You are not even of society anymore; you are a child, high-spirited and liberalized, Divinely conscious.
You have reached unity with light, life and love, with justice.
Now the gratitude lives and speaks under and in your heart.
When you can really feel and experience the happiness, here on earth already, that Christ walks next to you ... because He does that.
You search for His personality, you kneel and pray; that prayer does not help when the deed takes you to the abyss and succumbing comes.
But the Messiah can walk next to you every moment and you can hear Him, He is everywhere, because He has experienced your life.
He is the light, He is the speech, He is the life of feeling, He is everything, because we can prove and show that to the child ‘beyond the coffin’!
There is a brother of mine – I could give you the name – just recently passed on from the earth, a human being who has done a great deal for society, because we take care of all these lives.
Who is that now, ‘we’?
That is the order of the Messiah; that is the ‘University of Christ’.
Anyone who is really accepted by the ‘University of Christ’, he is gratitude, he is benevolence and justice, and that human being, that soul, that personality, he loves at the expense of everything.
He is not tired, he is not sick.
You do not need to be sick when your will actually wants to receive the words and feelings of another life in an inspiring way, then there is no longer illness.
This is why Christ says: “Let the blind heal the blind.”
We know that these wonders can occur at any moment, these wonders can take place at any moment.
This child, this professor, this astronomer, this theological child experienced that, and then he came ...
He had had to accept in his life that he damned the God of all life, because there was still damnation, and yet ...
And yet ... in a sphere that is free from hatred – this child did not hate, but he stood still.
If he had been able to discard that damnation, had been able to take the gratitude of God in him to the spatial inspiration during his life on earth, then he would have felt that damnation.
And now the word is unconsciousness.
And if the word comes from you and you speak it, you materialize it – you cannot accept it, even if you do not even want to materialize that word and inwardly you are still that far that you do not want to or, cannot accept this – then your personality is still unconscious.
Because the Light of the universe, if you soon begin with your spiritual life, says: “Stop, just wait!”
You do not come through it, you collide with that light, it is a wall, it is your barbed wired, it is a guard, which says: “To here and no further.
Are you in harmony with my light?”
I am gratitude, I am benevolence, I am love, I am just, and there is nothing in me.
And now we stand here, spatially conscious, having reached a unity which takes us straight to Golgotha.
Which connects us directly with the Messiah, which brings us directly to the spiritual shape, the foundation, which you experienced for a hundred percent, and the consciousness of which you mastered.
Stone by stone you see that temple emerging.
And that man says: “I built a temple, I wanted to give all of my life for mankind and now I still do not have any light.”
No, you must first become free from the believing.
You must be able to experience, sense these things and be able to see them, and it is only then that your personality says to the other life: “Do not believe it any longer, do not accept it any longer!
There is no damnation, there is only love, only evolution.”
When you continue to stare at the word that the human being gives you ...
You must also be able to understand me, you must also be able to accept me, you must believe in everything.
I told you before: I am law!
I am connected to the Omniscience of this; your space, my word is truth!
Why do you not accept it, why do you not go into that for a hundred percent?
Why do you not lose yourself, why do you not give yourself completely?
There lies the professor, there lies the theologian: “What should I do?”
On earth he accepted the things of society.
Just tear off those medals from you!
You must first get the realization that society is a world in order to awaken.
Everything that you did is wonderful, you took the people back to God, but from the frying pan into the fire; you kicked them into it and now you want God to take care of you and to bless your life?
We are not blessed, you are blessing, because to be blessed means: to experience a unity of everything that you perceive in the universe.
That happens immediately.
Now we can bring up this child.
This child has reached a wonderful position.
The people, society, the world speaks about this genius, this spiritual wonder, and in the life ‘beyond the coffin’ it still does not have any meaning this far, because – now it will come – what did you do with this?
You gave a wonderful inspiration there to your people, you elevated your people to God, to space, and you had the word, an eloquence, which could inspire the child of the earth.
Why did you stop yourself by damning the God of all life?
You feel, you come to face the reality of the word, the growing for the word, until the word is inspired spiritually, and gets spiritual truth.
And now you can associate with the people, now the people lie at your feet.
Now they are sweet, now they are speaking, they have time for you.
You get space, you are accepted, there is always peace, and there is always happiness.
You are as happy as a small child, there can be nothing more that disturbs you, wherever you live.
Even if you descend into the darkness, even if you go to the demons, you will remain and are happiness, omniscient, because you know: you are now connected with the truth!
We convinced him: “Just go along.
First ‘the coffin’ ... you died there.
People also burned you and you can be pleased and happy, it is the fire in you which will awaken.”
Now the cremation must dissolve.
Only by means of the word.
Because he is now starting to understand, because we now elevate him into the universal truth for space, for everything, for a sphere, for fatherhood and motherhood, that fire dissolves, he gets expansion.
Because he is narrow-minded, because he accepts that damnation, he is also attached to that burning process.
And when we are that far, we will begin with the spiritual systems.
Then we will take him to the Temple of the Mother, the Temple of Space.
Because space is mother and says: “Just lie down here, I will soon come back to you.”
Weeks, months, for others years and years, pass before the life moves, before the life relaxes again, before the thought experiences an action, thinking ... thinking: who am I?
I live in a space; I am now ‘beyond the coffin’.
That body means nothing more, for you have lost it.
Everything that you did there belongs to you, because it is you!
Every deed is now a footstep, is a foundation, is the ground.
You condensed that bottom!
Because the human being who forgets himself, the human being who just lives it up, has no bottom in our world.
You must condense that bottom, that ground, yourself by means of the deeds.
Then you walk on astral plasma, until you are in the Divine and then you experience the Divine plasma.
And then your temple is Divine; your thoughts are Divine.
Your life is spatially immense.
You receive everything which comes to you by means of love, by means of a good word.
Now there is wisdom.
You gave me these wonderful, beautiful flowers this morning ... there my word is a flower.
Every word – I told you by means of the previous lectures – is an orchid.
Make an orchid out of a word, make a spatial inspiration out of your friendship by experiencing the light, the truth, the justice!
The child is lying there, thinking.
How do you get rid of yourself?
That is not difficult.
Now you are no longing, you do not thirst.
Now the child reaches awakening and asks: “Oh, my God, give me a new life, so that I am able to do it once again."
Yes, now millions go first.
In the spheres there are millions who would like to experience your place as a material human being, because you do not yet understand those laws.
To experience it again under and in the material heart, by feeling, experiencing, inspiring the material blood circulation, the brains, the thinking, the material tissues, and then to bring the Divine in you to awakening in the material, in the art, by means of the word, by means of a feeling, by means of society, by means of the friendship, but especially by means of your wonderful being one: your marriage!
Now the word passes the lips of this child: “What am I for my wife? What was I like for my husband?”
That is not your husband and that is not your wife, that was not your mother and that was not your husband.
That is creating power, that is the process of giving birth, that is the being a mother of the space and you neglected that!
The human being hits, the human being kicks, the human being says: “Go out of my life!”
But you send your Deity away, whatever that life is like, because we know – we must show him – that the cause and effect bring you to the cell of life with which you are involved as a result of your previous lives.
Nothing happens without reason, there is no coincidence for the Divine systems.
Then Socrates would not have had to drink his poisoned cup.
And then the Christian child would not need to be ashamed that the Messiah was nailed to the cross.
Was it by the Jewish race?
No, it is you, yourself.
Those things are still crucified; you still destroy, professor, doctor, because you do not want the truth.
And now it is not so bad for society, not so dangerous, but now enter the spiritual worlds, the inner life, your soul, your spirit, your universal personality.
Which light shines from your eye?
What is silence?
Now speak, finally ... by means of the truth, by means of gratitude!
Just be grateful when you can speak with a human being, because soon, ‘beyond the coffin’ it is possible that you do not see anyone again for thousands of centuries.
Just chase a human being away; just kick a human being away from your life and you will have no one ‘beyond the coffin’.
You will live in a world where there is nobody!
Well, now you can say: ‘I love this and I love that.’
To love your own possession, it is not that.
You will have to build that up in the first place, if you wish to enter the Temple for the Mother, because now your mother, your husband is a temple!
Yes indeed, the creating power can also experience the mother.
The Temple of the Mother is there, and there, on the right side is the Temple for the Creating Power, the organism, that man, father, is for God ... there is the mother ... and this will be coordinated by the God of all life.
You can experience his aura in the mother, because she and he are one; that is a planetary system and a solar system.
That is universal becoming conscious, that is gratitude, that is acceptance, that is happiness, joy of living, because justice, interpreted as a flower, enters your lives.
She then laughs and then you hear music and then you can speak the first word and it is a poem.
Yes, then the gratitude enters you!
You should see those millions of people there in the darkness, people who gave themselves for Christ, but walk next to the body.
”Yes”, says the Eastern child and says the universe, ”you had material, everything you said was just material, everything only had meaning for society, but when did your soul speak?”
Did the books not originate as a result of this, which gave becoming conscious to mankind?
As a result of this were Beethoven and Mozart not able to give their radiant knowledge to mankind, interpreted by the sounds?
Did Rembrandt, Van Dyck and Titian not interpret their spectrum of colour by means of the brushes?
Was every brush not knowing consciousness, interpreted by colour?
Make a spectrum of colour out of your thoughts, let that spirit shine as the word, and give it inspiration; because it is a part of your personality, it is you yourself.
The smallest thing must be brought to the awakening, or you will not have any meaning in that life.
You will be nothing there.
You will enter a loneliness where there is no one, because there was no awakening, the reality was not there, you just did everything like that and like that.
And this is now your own destruction; nobody can give that to you.
It now appears that being a genius means nothing for the earth if you do not accept the life.
What is art, what is a book, what is wisdom?
Everything that you built up in society, sinks from under your personality if your feelings, your thoughts do not possess that universal love.
For that reason the Messiah went to Golgotha.
It is becoming very simple.
Lie down; you can do that during your walk.
You always lie down ... if you wish to know; it happens very simply, it is all so simple, so childishly naïve.
Every thought that you adjust attunes to the spiritual grade, that is the lying down for the mother, the lying down on Golgotha.
You will first begin with the mother.
How did you receive the life?
You start to wonder.
You must wonder.
Why am I father, why am I mother, why is there death, why is there insanity?
You get to know, and later understand, disharmony, but you master the conscious harmony by means of the life, by means of the life in society and by means of every thought – I hope to give you that this morning – by means of every thought you lie ... you lay down there.
You start to lie down in order to meditate and in order to open your lives, and you walk at the same time in society.
You get your kiss ... you get the love.
You come to the mother, as a husband, and say: “My child, as long as you know that I want to accept everything.
Bring me to the awakening.”
You do not need to be sentimental, you can be cheerful, happiness must live in you, but with conscious feeling and thinking.
You come there ...
How many people do you come into contact with daily, weekly, in a year?
What did you do with a day?
Truly, the mystic said: “I will first meditate.”
Sects emerged, which began to pray in the morning, in seclusion.
That is not necessary at all.
It is very simple.
When you awaken and you look through the space and say: ‘I am alive again and there will be no end to this life and I will soon prepare myself for society.
I am cheerful.’
And then you should see what happens when the other also begins.
When the mother begins, the man begins and you can give your children something, then you add the educational systems to your lives and when that upbringing is truly experienced and you are already grateful that that creature concerns you and takes care of you ... oh, good heavens, how deep everything becomes!
Even if you have nothing in society, you can never experience something pleasant, what does it mean?
You possess the space.
Soon you will have the Great Wings.
You build on the Great Wings by means of a thought, a deed.
You do not violate spiritual things.
You love.
If you see the trouble and the misery, the destruction, the horrors of a lower world before you, then you do not beg: ‘Give me a task’, then you become lust and violence; which André will make clear to you by means of other sessions and unity, and for which we inspire him, every word comes to us.
Then you become inspiration, then you become gratitude, then you become benevolent and in the first place ... just.
Then you start to analyse, then you start to become a thought, that becomes living inspired!
Every hour is now a mercy, because you always kneel at the feet of the Masters, but ... kneeled for the love, because the Temple of the Mother is the universal love.
And you should see what a man is like now, what a true life can be; and now you can make a mother happy.
When she definitely does not want something, then you are making progress.
When a child ... I will give you the proof – if this child is here – how I live with you, how God is also one with you.
When you had the session during the week and a mother came to André: “My husband wants to chase me out the door, because I experience this.
My life is deformed, I am beaten because I want to enrich myself.”
What kind of individual is this?
I stood next to André, I heard it.
Then André said: “Just go ... just let him go to a lawyer.”
In the past another mother came ... and then that lawyer said: “Sir, I also read those books from that man.
Do you wish to divorce for that?
Just because a human being wants to prepare himself for God and Christ?”
There are such people. There it is the man who feels and wants to experience the universal inspiration, and there it is the mother.
And when those lives do not come together, when you say: “I do not like that” ...
You do not even need to say it, but we, the world, the universe sees it, feels it: ‘I do not like that, I do not want that sentimentality.’
But you are standing still!
You go along once, you go with each other; you surrender, you lose nothing, you only become something.
You get to see your foundations.
Kneel down.
You do not want to learn, you do not want happiness.
You ask and beg for love, but you do not get it, you give nothing for it.
You must first want to lie down, just lie down for a human being.
You have Christ, you have Golgotha, and you are no longer a tourist.
Tourism in Jerusalem can be experienced in your heart, in your society, in your daily things, because the truth and the untruth will tell you: ‘Yes, you do not yet need to touch this.’
Imagining that you want to do something and you do not do it, you cannot do it and society sees that.
To demolish something of the child that belongs to you, God hears that, the laws hear that, you immediately take away the light from the space and you darken yourself!
You do not lie down there; you run, you fly, and you hit the life day and night!
You now just have to accept and to prove what you can do.
When Christ asked the apostles: “Do you wish to follow me?” then they did that by means of their own life of feeling, but there were millions who did not even want that.
Every word – I explained to you – is destruction or construction.
The ingratitude in society – you can absorb that into yourself just like that – they are already mountains.
But gratitude takes you to the benevolence, the gratitude takes you to the blessed self, the true word, the happy accepting, that ‘I am one with you and I am hers, and she is mine’.
You have an own shape, you have received a personality and that personality must now be taken to the awakening.
When do you begin to lie down for the Temple of the Mother, as a husband; and the mother for her creating inspiration, for her justice, her love, her Jerusalem?
Christ ...
It is He for whom we live and die!
It is He who assured the light from the space by means of His blood; yes ... but you will take it back to His life by means of your deeds, every thought is a drop.
What do you want, when will you begin?
It is not a matter of giving you a beating.
I want to weep until my tears run dry for your life, we say, I want to die for you, I want to do everything, but when you say: ‘I do not like it’, then I am and they are, then He is powerless and we cannot achieve anything.
Then finally just tremble under your heart, succumb by means of a good deed!
You always just want to succumb as a result of injustice, ingratitude, and misunderstanding.
Just succumb as a result of true love and God will come to you.
Christ will sit next to you on the stairs before the Temple and will say: ‘Did you not know me?’
He is close to you, but He is also far away.
When you believe and you can accept ... now imagine: you have received a personality, you start to see the things when you know that God is Love ...
Absorb the seven fundamental systems into you ... love, justice, light, life, love, mother and father ...
Take the Holy Trinity: what is father, what is spirit, what is son?
You are as a mother also a child of God, and you are as a father a child of God.
Become son, become mother, become sister and brother.
Now finally look each other in the eyes, with human truth and you will build sphere happiness, infinite happiness, and unity for yourself.
When the mother deforms herself, when she snarls and growls and destroys, how can you now inspire the creating power for the space?
By means of motherhood you got spatial contact.
You live in a paradise, in the Garden of Eden, you stand every day in the Garden of Eden, but ... did the awakening come into and to you?
Am I asleep or am I awake if the sacred inspiration from the space speaks to my life?
Are you awake?
Waken up ... you are sleeping!
When the Master begins ...
A child comes, a mother, millions of problems, there are people, and a mother arrives ‘beyond the coffin’ and looks into a pair of eyes.
“I know those eyes”, she says.
“Where did I see those eyes?
You are not my husband, are you?”
The Master lets her speak.
“Just come, my child.”
A good, a good mother, a mother with life, with inspiration, with the begging feeling of a child, a pure, beautiful, wonderful shape.
She looks into eyes that are not hers, because she did not know them.
Her husband lives somewhere else, there in that darkness, you have suddenly lost him ...
Do you feel, after the wrong the good immediately stands, and that thing started to speak and says: “Give me your hand and I will take you back to the temples of Ra, Ré and Isis.
We knew millions of lives, my child.
We went together as man and wife through life.
We felt the sacred contact, how God started to manifest himself.
We became priest and priestess and then we got respect for each other.
I worshipped you ... I looked into your eyes, months and months.
We went for a walk through the nature.
The flowers came to our life, the birds started to sing.
A snake, a wild animal smiled at us, because we feel nothing else but happiness, joy of living and benevolence.”
Children of this earth, between this life and that lay thousands of lives and the life of that one life broke through and came again to the actual core when the cause and effect was experienced.
Just feel that sacred love.
A strange life?
No ... there is no one in the world – we can soon reveal that to your life – or you already received that life, you already experienced that life as husband and as mother, as creating and giving birth power.
You have known each other for so long, why do you not absorb that unity into you?
It is for the academic: just lose your being a genius, because what have you done for the earth?
You made cannons.
We do not need to go and speak to those people, and yet wonderful, beautiful personalities can also be seen there.
They do not know any better.
We say: “Well, the human being does not want it any differently, then just through the destruction to the becoming conscious.”
And by means of that – we were also able to give you, had to give, or you would miss a foundation – by means of ‘The Peoples of the Earth’ – that the human being wants to go through the destruction to the development.
But you are individuals; you can do it yourself.
You must beg in order to want, you must strengthen that will every day, you have to put as many grams of feeling on top of that will in order to keep up a word.
No ... not so many, because you are already a pile of misunderstanding, you are a pile of ingratitude!
When will you nibble a bit off that?
And just take a little, a little thought, a little word: I want to be true, and I want to begin.
What do you begin with?
Again, it is so simple to think in the good, to see the good.
There is nothing wrong, even if you see the murderer there, the thief, even if you see there and you experience there the passion, the destruction.
Everything is good, you alone have nothing to do with it, and you do not do it!
It begins like that when you want to inspire and when you then start to speak to your wife, your husband ...
It is not an art to just elevate yourself into the space and to say: “Well, the moon was mother and we were once in the cell life.
And the Spheres of Light ... I can explain them to you like that, there is one, there are two, three, four, five, six, seven and then we go to the fourth cosmic grade!
What does society mean?!”
But you are too lazy to serve, you forget your material affluence, you let your wife and children starve, you deform those lives.
Then that space means nothing either, then planets mean nothing to you, no temples, no motherhood, and no fatherhood.
You are an unconscious being, a braggart!
You must first ensure that your footstep is good, that you are normal in society.
When you suggest an illness, no recovery can come, there must be will in it!
You do not need to rest, for days and months, the illness itself will force you to.
You will have respect for the true illness, but not for the gossip.
Just think about what you say.
Separate yourself from everything that the earth has.
Do not follow any communism, but go to Gethsemane and feel the silence, the character that eloquently inspires, takes care of your life, and is like a father and mother for you!
But you do not do that.
You have thousands of thoughts, a human being becomes tired of your talking, and you do not hear one true word.
Just listen to what the human being says, just feel what the human being has to give to you, and then you will learn to be silent.
You have nothing to say yet.
When the people want to come here in order to convince the life, in order to speak to the life, why do you come, if you feel that you still have nothing?
You must try that one day for God, you must try that one day for Gethsemane, on Golgotha!
The light from the holy Trinity will chase you from Jerusalem!
You must first be able to release yourself from your society.
You must be able to inspire yourself?
No, the other life!
Talking and talking and talking means nothing, I saw it ... it means nothing if you do not begin.
You must begin one day.
All the things you have to give the husband as a mother!
Well, as André said – and then you will know that I am with you day and night, that the Masters are with you; that every word of yours, because you are here, comes to the Spheres of Light – :
You do not coo enough; that is sacred assurance.
We coo day and night, because we have ‘the wings’.
We are polite; we are gratitude.
You must see us, in order to be able to inspire a human being, how often, how inspired we become if the maternal feeling speaks under our heart.
Then the orchids fly from your and my life and the Messiah accepts them.
Then the gratitude comes, then the eternal light comes, then the fraternization comes.
People, people, children of God, begin!
Finally begin and become conscious, wake up!
If you do not like it, realize properly, and understand that you live in the infinity.
You are universal, you are macrocosmic, you have fatherhood and motherhood.
Be love!
Begin to learn to think ... in our world, learned or not learned, king or queen, prince or princess.
When the Master comes to you, he must bring you to the awakening, then you have to be silent and then you are grateful.
You absorb everything in you.
Centuries and centuries pass before you speak the first word ... and that first word is a law, is truth, is gratitude, benevolence, justice, is love, life, spirit, soul, father and mother, God, Christ, and Gethsemane ...
Yes, the first word is Golgotha.
Was I able to shake you awake the first morning?
Was I able to give you something?
Then I will take that orchid to Golgotha or I will lay it down at the feet of a mother, because I may receive her first spiritual kiss.
And you must experience that one-day!
The kiss ... every word ... every word is now a kiss, the kiss of Christ, the love of God!
The love for everything and everything that you were given as a result of His Divine revelations, which is life, light, love and spirit, but for everything – accept it – universal truth ... for everything!
I grant you the silence.
I thank you.