Fatherhood and motherhood for the universe

Good morning, my sisters and brothers.
We will begin this morning with ‘Fatherhood and Motherhood for the Universe’.
But you have seen and experienced the first lectures how all the life was given birth to, spiritualized and materialized itself by means of the All-Mother, the All-Light, the All-Spirit, the All-Fatherhood and the All-Motherhood.
As a result of this – we saw – the universe came to life.
You now see this blackboard here that is then the empty universe.
There was still no life present then, that means: no visible material, everything was rarefied plasma, protoplasm.
The human being wonders: “What is that again?”
But were people able to think in that All-Source, in that first existence?
Did that All-Source, did that All-Mother know irrevocably what would be spiritualized and materialized from her life?
We must accept that and you have to accept that; as deep as your material cosmos is, life on earth, every spark of God in nature, all of that lived in that protoplasm, in that life, in that soul, that All-Soul, the All-Light, which now finally wants to be the All-Love.
By means of these sessions you will soon get the question: what do you have of this?
And we asked those questions.
We come back to society of course in order to see what kind of soul, spirit and personality you are.
God has a personality.
What does the bible know, and what does your minister know, your psychologist, your astronomer about the personality of God?
Yes, this is a part: people pray and He is always with you.
It is you yourself, we say.
A flower is a part, is a particle of God, of His light, of His life, of His realm of colours.
What all is not created by nature, by the human being, by the universe?
What is all that?
When you enter the present stage and you sit down and you accept the lectures of your professor, then you can start to ask questions.
You will also become an academic, but you will still know nothing.
“What is soul?”
“I do not know.”
What is spirit?
What is God as spirit?
What is the human being as spirit?
Just start ...
Just apply psychology, he does not know.
What is that?
How did God, how did the All-Mother reveal themselves?
We have now given about five hundred, six hundred lectures.
You have fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, twenty books.
You can now actually begin to ask: who am I, what am I, what am I like?
What do I represent as a human being of the Divine love?
We make it clear to you by this means that you are a Deity.
The human being shrugs his shoulders scornfully, but you are Gods – you will have to accept that – even if you still have the animal-like, the pre-animal-like, and the human attunement.
What is a heaven, what is a sphere, what is a hell, what is purgatory?
Do you feel; we must know that.
If you come ‘beyond the coffin’, you will stand on all these questions and then it will come down to it: do you love, do you really have the feeling to love the life of God in the space, in nature?
I explained to you and you can accept: society has no meaning for your life if you have no feeling.
Yes, you have feeling, society has feeling, the masses have feeling; but towards disintegration, destruction.
The human being is open in order to protect himself for the animal-like, but he feeds the animal in him every moment.
That is great ... and yet people pray.
The spheres, the God of all life knows what you are like, how you see, how you look, how you feel, how you give love, how and what you know about the universal fatherhood and motherhood.
An insect can tell you when you approach that little animal what your life of feeling is like, but the human being himself does not know it.
We will begin.
I recently gave you a picture of how the macrocosmos originated.
You live and float in the space.
But the human being cannot release himself from the earth, that earth is harsh.
Yes indeed, we float in the space.
The astronomer says: “We float with a speed of thirty kilometres per second through the space and around the sun.”
The human being suffered for that; Galilei was slaughtered for that, because he brought wisdom.
But what does that mean that you live in that space?
It does not get through to the masses.
That earth ... yes, that is the earth, but you will go away from the earth one day.
You will conquer this space one day and by means of what will be made clear to you by means of the drawings, by means of the lectures.
We were born on the moon.
The moon is dying.
The moon means nothing, nor for the bible, nor for the academic.
They do not know!
We are powerless.
We come with a wisdom which can take care of mankind for hundreds of thousands of years; this wisdom is until the end of this universe.
People shrug their shoulders.
People may do, people can do, but the God of all life lives in you.
And we will convince you of that, it will have to awaken in your life.
You will, when you walk those stars and planets, you will have to say: “That belongs to me.
But not by means of destruction!”
You can look and be grateful that the life has been able to materialize itself as an independence for you.
And now you can lie down and say: “My God, I am pleased, I am so happy that I belong to life.”
You will just only get that ‘beyond the coffin’, because the human being does not want any misery here.
The human being has misery here, he has disintegration, destruction.
What do you have, happiness?
Tell the Masters, tell the space that you possess happiness.
What did Christ say, what did the apostles do?
So, all of this (blackboard) my brothers and sisters, is when creation still had to begin.
This is a large blackboard; but this is the universe, and it was also like that.
Those dots, which you see, those little white ones and those little dark ones, and those little shadows, they were not there.
We experienced that space together, we were in there, and we heard the sound, the silence before creation.
There was no wind, no storm, no rain, all of that still had to be born.
There was nothing there which could disturb, there was only rarefied plasma.
I showed you sun and moon.
All of this here (blackboard) emerged again when the universe had divided itself.
The human being who has never been here, must hold onto this.
The human being who has not yet experienced that here, still has to read the books.
I will continue with this, I cannot dwell upon this, otherwise, I will be standing still all of this winter; for all those courses, dogmas, lectures we are standing at one point.
You can continue to dwell on one point for a thousand years and analyse the whole of creation from there, but you want to experience more.
I hope this morning to get through this space in order to show you the fourth cosmic grade.
And then we will slowly go higher and higher into the Divine All, where the human being is God, like God, will be God in feeling, in light, in power, in love, as light, father, mother.
This is the astral universe; that divided itself.
It was first a golden light – that is the paternal authority of creation, for creation, God as light, God as love, as giving birth and creating – and that divided itself and then darkness came again.
But here (blackboard) a soft light emerged and that has become the sun.
Gently, because there was only just a light radiance in the beginning of creation to be seen, when the sun started to condense itself.
But that means – I recently told you – that fatherhood released itself from motherhood, do you still remember that?
But the human being does not come, you do not come from that embryonic existence.
Here (blackboard) the moon comes.
That dividing was here in that whole space and those powers – we saw that when we were in the Divine All, in the All-Mother, then there was still a light – and that was giving birth and creating.
And the light separated itself from the giving birth.
In this way we see that that universe had to divide and would divide itself.
And that does not mean anything else but that fatherhood released itself from motherhood.
Fatherhood received independence, also motherhood; and you still possess that now.
You are father and mother, or you would have experienced one body, as the Rosicrucians wish to tell the human being: “There was a time when the human being could create and could give birth to himself.”
That is rubbish, rubbish, that is nonsense.
Here (blackboard) you therefore get the moon.
I showed you ...
Now we will soon begin, you will soon begin to build up the universe and then you will be able to see that the universe wants to be nothing more and nothing else than fatherhood and motherhood.
But now we come here, when the sun started to condense itself, the first radiance.
In the universe a light now came, that already lasted millions of years.
Only for that little bit of light which the sun received, those condensings, that took millions of years according to your time.
And then there was still nothing, then there was only just a light in the universe.
But meanwhile the astral planet had spiritualized itself.
Now you will become confused with your present stage.
When we speak about the moon, then you see her as now, that is hardened material.
But this is plasma, this is soul, this is spirit.
Do you understand this?
If you hold onto that, then you will not be able to make any more mistakes.
But from this stage you must not ...
We will remain here now, now you think yourself out of this space, you must not see this space anymore.
You are here, but you feel and you see yourself spiritual-astral for the existence of your own life, because it is you that matters.
You are now a human being, but you were once an embryo in the waters and we will see that.
This already lasted millions of years, but the bible does not say anything about it.
Here we can already start to ask questions.
When the bible is written one day – we have five, six books of the new bible in our hands, there must be a thousand of them, André already has four, five almost finished, ready for your printer – then the bible must begin with this and the bible first explains: God as light, God as father, God as soul, God as spirit, God as elemental laws, God as harmony, God as justice.
How is the Divine justice in your world, for your world?
What do you know about it?
Why are there illnesses?
Why are there mad people?
Is that not injustice?
Why is the human being beaten like that?
Why is there chaos on earth?
Why does one person tell about a God who loves and another about a God who hates?
Does Buddhism, does Mohammedanism, do all those sects mean anything with regard to the Other Side your soul, your spirit, Christ?
Yes, what do you want?
What does the human being know about it?
What is your theologian now?
What does he know about this stage?
What is your psychologist?
What does he know abut soul?
About the spirit?
What are your spiritual faculties for now?
They stand at a standstill and will never come out of that and will never come away from that.
Because people still cannot accept reincarnation, life ‘beyond the coffin’, because for the academic it is still called: the soul – as child – is in this world for the first time.
And Mozart already crawled to the piano at the age of two, at the age of three.
Another child says: “Mum, when I am big, I will become a singer and I will sing.”
And this child already wants to paint and to draw at the age of two, at the age of three.
Is that possible if you have to conquer everything?
Yes, I can dwell upon the present stage; I will also keep going back in order to make comparisons.
What does mankind know, what does the academic know about this?
Here (blackboard) in this stage development came; the moon would condense itself as the sun became stronger, do you see?
But here there is still no condensing, these are still astral, spiritual globes: this is fatherhood, this is motherhood.
But here, here are already particles ...
God divided himself into myriad particles.
So myriad particles live here, large and small.
Macrocosmos and microcosmos are now still one, but the macrocosmos will create the microcosmos and you are that.
Therefore those planets will do the same thing which God, which the All-Mother, the All-Source was able to do in, for her life, the All-Mother was able to give birth to and to create for her life.
The microcosmos will also have to do that, that means: when those cells have received an independence.
And that, and that state, that moment, we were there and you have not understood that, I felt that.
What do we get now?
After this comes: that sun, that brewing, that driving of the All-Mother, that continues.
That fatherhood will condense itself and will one day be the sun in the universe, as you can now experience the universe and look at fatherhood.
And that is now the sun, that is fatherhood for the universe – the moon is already dead – but we will begin at the beginning: the moon is the mother.
Now we will soon see that this whole, immense, eternal universe is nothing more than a father and a mother.
And that is everything.
And you will see how simple everything actually is if you just know that beginning stage.
This continued for millions of years and then condensing came and then hazes came, (blackboard) here, do you see?
That went away again, that was astral, invisible, and gentle.
But here in the middle – so you see here the size of the macrocosmic globe – but in this middle, in this middle new life comes.
Hazes come there, because the beginning of creation originated as a result of condensings, hazes which condensed themselves.
They became clouds, here (blackboard).
You can place the life in the macrocosmos on the palm of your hand and it belonged to you.
There was no more life, that was not possible either.
And then there came a separation.
Those clouds started to condense themselves in such a way – I explained to you – as you can still see in the space.
When a thunderstorm comes, a condensing, and the rain falls, this is the separation as that happened in the beginning of creation.
Is that clear?
The academic must explain it to you in such a way, because people can already experience those laws.
But here I drew the embryonic life.
Now we come to the moment that the first cells, the first embryo is ready and now we come to fatherhood and motherhood.
I will draw that embryo a bit bigger, then you can see it better.
It was like that.
This must become the human being; and this becomes the human being.
Those two cells as embryo live there in the middle of the moon.
And there are hundreds of thousands at a moment, aren’t there?
If there is first ...
If a drop of water falls, millions fall over a space.
That was of course in the beginning at that spot, that spot there, the heart of the moon as mother, the first giving birth here, that was of course not possible there, because that life centre could not condense that space at once.
Is that clear?
So you get to see a number of condensings as cells; and those people – which would then suddenly become people, later – they were the first embryonic cells, as a result of which the human being, the animal, and later Mother Nature would be born.
I will now explain these two lives to you.
You hold onto that astrally, we still do not have any material, do you see?
We still do not have any material, that must only come later.
That will come later, then we will talk and we will speak about the present stage.
Remember this.
If you hear me and I say ‘present stage’, then I have to do with you, then we experience the cosmos as it is now.
But when we speak about the beginning stage of creation in embryonic existence, then we are busy with this, and then you will not get confused.
Those cells – there were thousands and thousands – which were condensed the first, and had received a grade of feeling only in order to now represent that creation, what should they do?
They experienced the same thing as the macrocosmos experienced, because everything lives in that cell.
In this little cell there – you can now see it clearly, but you could not have seen it there, so microcosmic, so insignificant and small – in that small, small spark, that trivial cell, there the Divine character traits which the All-Source possesses live, and they are established there.
Can you accept that?
You must accept that.
All the character traits lie there, the personality of God is established there.
Everything which God has lies there and has to spiritualize and materialize itself.
And now we will experience how that happened, then you will get to take your moon home this morning.
You can play with it this afternoon, the father can deceive the mother that he was on the moon.
You are laughing?
In the spheres people are laughing too.
These children came together; see, when they were adult they would touch each other and that will now come.
They would divide themselves because they reached that unity.
They approach closer and closer to each other and these lives are sucked onto each other at once.
And what happens now?
That is the moment of oneness.
The fatherhood comes first ... you see, now these two cells experience the very first thing which the All-Mother experienced, the actual oneness of God as father and as mother, the All-Mother who is father and mother, as a result of which God was born.
You have received ...
We can now return to the earth again if we want.
You have received the name of God.
Now just listen to a minister, to the Catholic Church.
Go to the East: Allah.
Go to Egypt: the Goddess and the Gods, a piece of stone is now a Deity; that is true.
They were close by there, closer than now, closer than the universities now possess in consciousness.
That all happened.
But the human being does not yet know that attunement.
Those two cells which therefore come to each other, because that source is also one and because those cells have received the highest consciousness for giving birth and creating.
So that All-Source as father and mother, it lives here in that cell which originated from the moon.
Is that clear?
Am I boring you yet?
(Hall:) “No!”
The ultimate of this life, those two souls, those two sparks discharge something, and that is a remarkable happening.
Now we get here: a condensed cell comes out of there.
The mother, that cell gives something and this cell gave something, do you see?
Now you get this (blackboard): a new cell.
Do you understand this?
That cell gave something of the own life and this.
After a time, when those cells had given something of themselves, that cell had to go, it started to die.
It was dead, it had given itself.
It also left and they were here.
I will immediately continue with what now happens, because now the animal world comes after this.
But this cell remains alone.
Father and mother – so those first ones, that is father and mother – they have now gone.
The material self, the first human material ...
You see, I already call it material cell, but it is still rarefied and astral and spiritual, but a film has come around it because a new grade has originated.
This is still not material, but we must already start to say that a condensing comes here on the moon during the very first minutes, and that was already tuned in for the material revelations.
That cell also divides itself.
And what do we get now?
It starts to divide itself after a time, and that has been scientifically proven; you can read that.
That is, science says: “Yes, that cell divides itself in that and at that time, that core divides itself into two parts.”
This is why the mother can now also receive twins, otherwise that would not even have been possible.
That core divides itself; I will show you it.
That came like that ... (blackboard). So now that separation comes here, it goes away, it goes out of here, and it gets an independence.
Can you see that?
This one lets go, that one starts to grow; do you feel?
That is the embryo, which you can still see in the waters, as a fish.
Jeus from ’s-Heerenberg calls it a ‘flabby ball’, I also described that in his life, they are what you call tadpoles.
The human being actually began in this way.
They become free, and now it lives here.
But millions and thousands live there, let us say: one, two million of these little cells, which reached condensing at the same time here on the moon.
Is it clear now?
Now we therefore get that father and that mother who are here, who are astral again: this is now is the world for the unconscious.
Do you know how deep the world for the unconscious is?
That is eternal; it comprises and borders the whole universe.
What you see of material is also the spiritual, and astral cosmos.
And that is now the world of the unconscious.
If we just go into the present stage, then the animal world is there; the world for the reincarnation for the human being; you get the world, the astral world for Mother Nature.
Every world is separated from the other one and divided itself and received an independence.
But this is the world for reincarnation and those first two cells now live in there.
These cells now continue, they awaken and develop and come together after a time.
They return, they therefore experience exactly the same as what the father and mother experienced.
Giving birth, dividing and giving birth.
Giving something of themselves for the new birth?
No, for the multiplication of and for themselves.
Is that clear?
Now you must listen carefully.
Now the people are – André hears that and I get that again from André – now the people are spoiling all of this, they cannot work it out.
These two cells here – therefore there are millions of cells – but those two, we hold onto those first two, not only those two, but two from these thousands of cells – they forget that again – we hold onto them and they also reach consciousness in order to experience that creation, the oneness of fatherhood and motherhood.
And then working comes, then consciousness comes, and then the division follows and then these cells get an own existence.
But we now therefore stand ... we have experienced the first life, haven’t we?
Here we experienced the first life; this is the second life for the new birth, but this is a birth from the first.
But we must hold onto those first souls, those two cells, if we want to experience that second birth.
You hold onto that.
This one does not yet mean anything to us, but we must have that first one.
Now they come together, they now come together, they touch each other; do you see?
But they do not reach ... they touch each other.
Now it is here ...
We can speak of the face of this embryo; that face is unsure, that has no consistency, no materialization comes into that, no bulging, no expansion, they lack something.
You will accept, and creation proves that, that there are people on earth who cannot give birth, cannot create, because there is something that science does not understand.
People examine the man and say: “Yes, we do not know.
According to the laws, according to everything you are normal.”
But there is something.
And now it appears – we can find that again in creation – that also the human being in the present stage still lacks something in order to give birth and to create.
The mother cannot give birth to a child and the husband is not capable of giving her that creation.
Then there is something wrong and there is something the matter, and the sperm has no consciousness.
All those laws can be established.
Those two cells would never be able to reach development when that other feeling – because everything is feeling – was (not) present.
If that feeling does not come, is not added, if the feeling cannot be attracted, and that is attracted of its own accord, then we would have had to accept the first standstill for creation and the Divine creation in the embryonic life would already be faced with a standstill.
But this life lives and works, but there a part of that soul lives as a separate personality and that belongs to this one.
Do you understand that now?
(Hall:) “Yes.”
And here the human being could not - may I, children? (master Zelanus puts aside a flower vase which is on the stage.) - the human being cannot hold onto himself in this.
So they now come together and now you get a time of growing, that takes a few hours.
For now that is still there for you.
Even if you attract that soul, the creation is, the definition that you will receive the child, mother, it takes, that dimension still takes seven hours.
That is seven transitions, ages again, but that takes up seven hours – that can be calculated – and then it is irrevocably established, then the soul is one with your giving birth and then creation can continue and go further, then it can take place.
Now that those two cells are adult – now remember this well: they reach adulthood – and the working is present, those other two cells come of course from the space, back to the earth, back to that moon and must be attracted by the dominating part of this cell.
Do you understand this?
So those first two cells return into that first, of which they were a part.
They are their lives.
They are their heart, they are their spirit, they are still not light, but they are material of their blood.
Do you understand this?
So they must return, if that creation takes place at a hundred per cent, because they belong with these.
Is it clear now?
They belong with those two sparks; or if they cannot do that, if that unity does not happen, then they cannot return to the earth, to the moon, and those sparks do not get any giving birth and any creation; they lack something.
And you cannot give birth to a child, mother, at half power.
Those two beings come back – now it comes – they are one.
But at the moment that those cells reach working and almost shading each other – that is a law, you see, that giving birth must happen, that creating power is there, that inspiration, that driving force – the cell must only be adult, and then that tension, that inspiration, this oneness, this fatherhood and motherhood takes place.
That is the Divine law for giving birth and the creation.
That lies in here, that is present.
So these cells are father and mother.
Now we will continue at that moment, and we now see that – unconsciously, they do not know that of course – those two souls there, these two (blackboard) come here, they are attracted, they sit in here, they live in here and now we reach oneness again.
Now these two lives divide again.
They have to divide themselves, they give something of themselves; this comes out, therefore a new life.
They go away, don’t they, they also die.
Those are the children who die now; are they not?
Now we get division here after a short time.
There, something from the other one releases itself, for a moment, and then you see them stumbling along here and living and crawling around – a separation has already come – in what will soon be water, that is here, they become the waters.
And now those two cells already crawl through this little area, through those waters with the others, and now we therefore experience a new birth by means of two cells.
Who are they, these two cells?
So those first ones, which we experienced a moment ago, have returned to the moon and live here, that is therefore the second material birth – can you now feel that, is this clear now? – the second material birth.
Those first ones are now there again; so the children now live in the world of the unconscious, the world of reincarnation.
And they will soon be attracted again by them and then they will get their second life, this one, or their second death.
Fine, so we get seven here ... we keep getting death and life to experience here.
Can you now form a picture?
So dying once again, we go back to the astral, spiritual world, the world of the unconscious, the world for reincarnation.
We are attracted by the child which we created – they are our children, aren’t they– it only means that I have a soul, a body in order to return and also that other cell.
So we gave something of ourselves in order to also be able to return to the material moon, to that source, which must still be materialized.
Is that clear now?
Do you really know it now?
You can ask me a question.
(Hall:) “Then there is a soul left, isn’t there?”
No, there is nobody left.
Look, there you have it, there is nobody left.
Where is that one soul, then that is you!
(Someone in the hall asks a question.)
Speak loudly, because those things must pick you up.
Just come here, just stand up here and come to me and talk here.
If you stand here, then they will know it all.
Are you interested?
(Hall:) “Yes.”
This is Divine science, my children.
Tell me what you want, my friend.
(Hall:) “It is not so ...”
Come closer by, so.
(Hall:) “You therefore received fatherhood and motherhood from the cell of the moon.”
We will begin back a bit.
This is the moon, that continues.
We will let go of that now.
We took two cells from those millions and they are now the first cells.
They now come together, don’t they?
“Now they will divide themselves, now we get that from that division.
So this one is still here, and that is still here (blackboard).
So what we give each other that becomes a cell.
Now you get the dying process of those first two cells, that is the first human ego.
That is also there, it must also divide itself, it divides itself.
That part of her and of him – or of two hers, it does not matter, we still do not have any independent fatherhood and motherhood – that divides itself, because those parts, those two parts release themselves, that becomes a cell.
And because there are two separations, that cell can divide itself and now you get this, do you see?
You get this, after a time.
(Someone in the hall says:) “Can you go and stand on the other side, I cannot see anything here.”
You will get to see it immediately.
Can you see this?
(Hall:) “Yes indeed.”
Now you get those new cells here, those new lives.
Is there now just one cell or are there two?
(Hall:) “Now there are two.”
Yes, but I said that anyway.
There is one cell and it divides itself, because both cells have given each other something and they are gifts.
Even clearer. You can go.
(Man says:) “Thank you.”
If you give the mother your creation at this moment, what happens now?
From one cell two can be born, can’t they, they can be twins, but a new life comes.
And now you have, now the possibility comes here – you still have that – that the human being for the cosmos ...
I explained or told you a little bit about that in the past, that is of course cosmology again, immediately tuned into your being a man, being a mother, giving birth and creating, but I cannot apply that here.
Then you will come into disharmony.
But the mother still has those phenomena in her, because you give birth to one child and – two – and another child; for you and your wife, your mother; in order to, when you must return to the earth, you also have the possibility that you will be attracted.
That giving birth and creating is for that purpose.
But do you understand that there are two sparks, two souls from that one separation? – that was not one separation, they were two.
That grew together, but separated itself again, divided itself and now we see those two sparks, two embryos.
Is it clear now?
Yes, now say it.
(Hall:) “Yes.”
This is therefore the second life for the first cells, for father and mother.
Is that also clear?
(Hall:) “Yes.”
Then we will continue.
Now the third, fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh life comes.
And between the sixth and seventh life I will now ... something ... can you now decide that for yourself?
Back, back, back, touch, giving, serving.
Life continues.
Here we therefore already get to see seven different grades of life.
We have the first death, second death, third death, we have the first life.
In a hundred thousand years’ time, according to your time, we will have millions of kinds, won’t we?
We have to, don’t we?
We will get to see the ultimate stage and that is the fish stage.
(blackboard) Fine, that goes away, that continues.
Do you still have something to ask about this, otherwise I will continue.
(Hall:) “But they are two lives which are born, aren’t they?
But two souls come ... (inaudible)?”
Good, good question.
Good, that is attached to this.
Look, I already want to begin about that.
Now this is, now we know: God is light, you all remember that, don’t you?
So those cells have Divine character traits, but are twin souls here, twins, two parts as an independence as soul and as spirit and we now call that the twin souls.
That means: he, one spark gave something of the life, she also and new life came from that, so the human being created his own soul.
It is the part by which we experienced the oneness, no one can never ever give that to you again in the universe, because here we belong to the Divine division.
Can you feel this?
This is still Divine conscious creating and giving birth.
This happens from the immediate Divine, All-Mother thinking, feeling and consciousness.
(Hall:) “May I ask something else?”
(Hall:) “Is it therefore actually a sort of evolution by oneself?”
Yes indeed, you get that now.
Here at this moment – I will immediately go into what you are asking there – at this moment for those two cells – they will now begin again, won’t they? – we already have the whole Divine creation in our hands.
What will now happen may just come, even if that takes bill- billions of years.
At this moment we have everything in our hands of the All-Mother, the All-Source.
And what is that now?
Giving birth and creating!
We can divide ourselves; God said: “Multiply.”
You lie there, and we live as a multiplication by the moon, do you see?
When science says: “The macrocosmos created the microcosmos”, then the human being says: “Yes, what is that?”
Then you see that the moon must divide itself for us.
We are therefore All-Soul, All-Spirit, All-Life, from that All-Life, about which people later said: that is God.
God, a word that means nothing.
You can also call God Amon-Ré, Ré, Ra and Allah, but it has nothing to do with the reality.
So just pray in your embryonic form.
When can you pray now, for your present stage, for example?
What does the bible know about it?
Nothing, nothing, nothing, and this is why the bible also began with untruth.
This evolution now, my friend, continues.
That becomes the first, second, third; there and back, do you see?
The moon also continues, so we already get to see seven different organisms there: a cell as a spark, but also as big as a little fish, the seventh stage, more space.
Every life gave more feeling, more inspiration, more material, space, and working.
Fatherhood and motherhood remain the same: dividing, giving birth, back to the world of the unconscious.
We are attracted because we give birth.
If we do not give birth now, can I then, can you then be attracted to the new life?
Is that possible?
(Hall:) “No.”
Then you will be faced with an enormous trap.
Just go back to the Catholic Church and look at the little nuns and at the priests, the bishops and the cardinals.
What do those people do now?
They stand for their Divine space before a standstill and know better than God.
They are chaste, but deform their eternal Divine evolution, do you see?
Is it now so strange that the Masters – if you come to the Other Side – that the Masters now return to the earth in order to say to those people: “Give birth and create, my dear child, because otherwise you cannot return.”
And now the disharmony of the next law.
If the mother ...
Now just say to a mother who then must give birth to ten and twelve children: “They are busy there like rabbits.”
What must that mother do that for?
In order to give that priest and the cardinal, also the pope and the children, those little nuns, a new body.
If all the people on the earth said: I will become chaste and I will become a bishop and I will become a priest, then creation will collapse in ten years’ time.
We will then be so holy.
But God says: “Oh no!
Oh no!” Our Lord says, “My laws will continue.”
And why, why?
When did that inward conflict begin?
Why did ancient Egypt originate?
Why did the Masters go around a dogma?
We have the fakirs, the magicians, just read ‘Spiritual Gifts’ by André.
Why did we begin in China to analyse the laws of life from that world?
Why did British India originate, Tibet?
Why were priests born?
In order to experience these laws outside the sects.
We knew very certainly that someone would stand up and would cling to his own church in order to build something great and wonderful for himself.
Just do that; you will have to experience and to accept ‘beyond the coffin’ that that is not the reality.
But that happens five, six, seven times.
That continues until the millionth stage, sir, my friend.
But in these grades, in these first seven grades ...
Now we get seven grades of development, these two cells got to experience seven ages as father and mother.
But meanwhile they come between the third and fourth grade, and that was for the All-Source ...
That is difficult now, do you see?
You have to sit down at home for that and take the books in your hands.
That is difficult now, because now I must return from this first stage, the third and the fourth grade for the new birth, I must return to the All-Mother, how the All-Mother condensed herself – and then we follow those stages and I see them again in this – if I want to explain the working to you and the possibility where fatherhood was able to free itself from motherhood and motherhood became an independence and fatherhood too.
And that is difficult now, I need ten lectures for that, only for that little moment.
Ten lectures, twenty lectures about that moment, how fatherhood separated itself from motherhood, how fatherhood became an independence.
Do you understand what an independence is?
There is someone sitting there, for example, a human being is sitting there, a father, and that has become the creating independence for God and that is the maternal independence.
Just look in nature, everything got to experience a space, a soul, a spirit, but also a world, a sphere and an independence.
That is your own possession.
I cannot do that now, I will continue, that will probably come later when we can look back into that and that stage, then I will tell you it.
But I will explain to you anyway that these cells in these seven experiences as father and mother, meanwhile also received as a result of the division: the senses.
Here the maternal alto, the soprano, the mezzo and the baritone, the tenor and the bass originated.
Here all life has divided paternally and maternally.
Do you understand now where your voice was born?
That that would emerge one day, because maternal and paternal creation received that independence, but also for the voice.
If you therefore wish to analyse the human voice and build it up from an educational point of view, you must really return to the motherhood in the human being.
Then you must give the voice the timbre for the bass, the baritone or the tenor by giving birth.
And that is a comical growth of your voice timbres, your sound.
Can you accept that?
It is true.
This is sun – I told you – this is life, this is light; fatherhood is sun.
We did not only receive creating fatherhood as a result of the fatherhood.
Is the sun creating?
Do you accept that the sun is creating?
(Hall:) “Yes.”
For giving birth, isn’t it?
But the sun is also creating as light.
If the sun had not received any light, we would not have had any light in our eyes.
If the sun had not condensed itself here – this here (blackboard) – then the human being would not have been able to materialize any creating light.
And what is the amazing occurrence, what happened now?
I said, after all: we have all the character traits of God.
Now it is here, in these seven grades – that keep returning for fatherhood and motherhood, the experiencing of the world of the unconscious, the being attracted – in those seven lives, the first seven lives, all the senses reached working.
The organs of taste, the nasal organs, the mouth came, the feeling of ...
That head was everything, they were the brains, that was the soul, that was the spirit, that was the material, that was the heart, that was everything.
Because we were now able to divide ourselves, I told you recently ...
If this would not have been possible and if the life would have come to each other like that and there would have been no question of division, then the life would have had, the sparks of God would have had only one eye, would have received one eye.
But now the human being has to be like that, because that cell also has that creating light, hasn’t it – the paternal authority for the universe, God as light – and the other cell too.
Because they are two parts – do you see? – that separation; now here is the eye and on the right side is the eye.
And do you wish to know which eye of you is father and which eye is mother?
In your eyes lie two different radiances, one is conscious and the other is unconscious.
And if you look carefully now, then the human being wonders: why is that one eye of the mother, of the human being different?
And that is now the division of the eye.
You can see from that, that those laws can even be seen in the day-consciousness of your life, but no one knows that.
No one in the world knows that yet.
Because here in this division one being gave his light, and the other one.
And you have the human paternal eye and you have the maternal eye.
And if you wish to know where the maternal eye lives, and that is for the father too, then that is always the left side, your heart side, because motherhood lives there.
That is a macrocosmic wonder.
No Buddha, no Socrates, no Plato, no Pythagoras, no saints, no prophets from the bible were able to explain that, because they knew nothing about that.
That is only possible now.
Here everything was born.
The human voice divided itself, the human eye built itself up.
And now we experience that, do you have any other questions to ask about this?
Then I will go to the macrocosmos and we will see what meanwhile originated during those millions of years, during those ages in the universe.
(Hall:) “Yes.”
Woe betide, if I hear again that you do not know, you will never get in again.
(Question from the hall:) “What happens in the third and fourth grade?”
In the third and in the fourth grade came ... look, that is a transition towards the light.
When the All-Mother began – now you force me to say something about that – when the All-Mother began in the first stage, then the hazes entered those spaces, didn’t they?
In that vastness the All-Source, the All-Mother radiated plasma as hazes.
That plasma disappeared completely, because when was that space filled?
So that took mill-mill- millions of years.
Everywhere there suddenly came, there came hazes, hazes, wherever you looked in that space.
You cannot see that of course, but you can still see it in creation.
I told you in the past: a beautiful blue is above you and there is no thunder, no thunderstorm, nothing and suddenly, in only a few minutes – if you come into the East, for example – then you see the clouds coming and at the same moment the drops of water fall down and then you have experienced a condensing which lasted millions of ages for the beginning stage of the creations.
We also experience that stage in the Divine All.
And then we see those hazes going away.
We see those hazes first, and suddenly we see nothing more, it is over, that means: now you already get a division.
So that light darkened again, that plasma.
That plasma now got ... as a result of the darkening we got motherhood again; when it became visible it was creating, it was creating power.
But in that source, in that darkness there lives, we see a weak light.
If you close your eyes – I told you before – and you look like that into the darkness – can you see? – then you see nothing.
But if you turn slowly and you look at that light here above me, then light enters your eyes anyway, even if you have your eyes closed.
And that weak light was the creating power, we saw that and you will see that soon when you are connected with it.
Then you see that new light comes from the giving birth, so the paternal power continues to create.
And that is the new transition and this life also experiences that and already awakens the fatherhood and the motherhood of those two cells for the independence as mother.
So, in the seventh grade, one cell is consciously mother and the other cell consciously father, because it also happened in the universe.
You see, it is in there, lives in there!
Now that universe goes ...
That goes on, those hazes, always eclipses, always eclipses and light again, and lighter again, and in the seventh grade that tension comes and that wonderful, luminous radiance in that vastness. Do you see?
Now that vastness is one light and that was now God as fatherhood, God as light!
And from that light the creations will originate and the creations will begin.
And that is the beginning of these drawings, that is the beginning of the sun and the beginning of the moon.
That means: fatherhood, that eternal life, that ripped apart, that received that independence for God and that pulled, that sucked away from each other.
Because a division came.
So darkness came again here, and there was light.
Those creations originated in this way.
Can you follow that?
Then you are already a long way.
And as those ages came, ages were needed in order to ... that globe ... that fatherhood already entered into rotation – can you feel? – and slowly absorbed that little life there (blackboard).
But what that fatherhood could still not achieve there in that vastness, that remained there.
But here there are millions of sparks living, which have attunement to this, but cannot be drawn to that life and still form a part of the Divine, astral fatherhood and motherhood.
Now we continue like this, that we see the cosmos as before, and then you will get to see the whole picture up to the present stage.
And then, if you want, you can ask me questions.
That embryonic life here on the moon continues.
We were already millions of years, millions of years further, then the moon had only condensed itself in that stage, the sun was also much smaller.
But in the beginning the sun was still bigger than the moon, because the sun covers this (blackboard).
But as – and you must hear how that cosmology works and how true all of this is – as the sun received more and more consciousness, the sun became smaller.
You can still see that now on earth if you take the prehistoric age.
Did the prehistoric age have consciousness?
No, that was rough – do you see? – and big and coarse and harsh.
But the fine, conscious thinking and feeling is compact, that is a personality, that continues, that grows.
Those claws became hands.
And the sun also experienced that, as the sun therefore had time to reveal itself; and the sun could do that.
Because how could the sun pull itself together like that?
What is this, what does that mean?
See, the sun would start to condense itself astrally-materially and made a compact unity of its life, as his personality and organism would be.
In the beginning of creation the sun was a hundred million times bigger and more spacious than you now see.
But as times passed, the sun received more light, because that ‘space’ could now be sent out and received more consciousness, power; those are the elemental laws, the laws of radiance and condensings for the fatherhood in the universe.
The moon meanwhile has only come that far.
Before the moon actually completely materialized itself, that piece here was just like a large area of water, that little heart.
You see, it begins with that and now we get growth for the embryonic life.
The moon continues.
Here planets already come, even a soft star.
These are stars, those are still not stars, but everywhere movement already comes into that space. (blackboard) Do you see?
Here something comes, there something already comes, that life can therefore already be touched.
What still lives in the area of this fatherhood and motherhood, already receives radiance.
What lives in the area, in the vicinity of the sun, during the night that becomes ... and there is still no night, it is here only night with a little bit of weak light.
In the morning if you – you must not look when the first dawn begins, no – if you are walking outside, you have experienced that sometime, when it is still dark, then you feel in the obscurity, the darkness, you already feel: in an hour we will experience the first dawns.
Won’t we?
In this way the sun shone out that light into the universe, that was the light at the beginning of the creations.
There was still no light.
But the moon meanwhile continued and experiences here and already traced a working, because that continued to float, because that radiance came here (blackboard).
That already radiated light, like that, can you see?
The sun goes around the moon, the sun starts to move, working comes there and the moon then floats soon, later, around this, she will trace her own orbit.
But when that moon has experienced the final stage for herself, then all that plasma here must – is this clear to you now? – then all that plasma there must, this plasma, which the moon is as mother, must divide itself.
And now you can see, now you will experience that the moon has received, experienced itself by means of God, and that by dividing itself the moon has now created the life of the soul for all the worlds which will come after her.
Because we received soul and spirit from the moon as mother, because the moon is the All-Mother for this space, this universe in which we live.
But that will still take billions of years.
Before the moon has divided itself completely, therefore those cells have absorbed a part of her life into them and will begin with an own life, that spiritual moon must dissolve.
And that will take ...
And that moment – I can now explain that to you – that moment will come when the human being is ready here, the human being, you.
When the moon was ready to give herself and had completely dissolved and could begin with her dying process – that is therefore the end of this space – then the human being was ready and prepared for the seventh sphere on the Other Side, here.
And the human being entered here – that space was there, but it also lived in this, I cannot go into that, of course – then the human being was ready for the fourth cosmic grade.
So when the moon started to die, was ready, then the fourth new, material world was also ready for the human being in order to return to his All-Stage.
I will just leap from the moon to the fourth cosmic grade.
You are on earth, we must go through the universe.
What happened now?
That (blackboard) goes away for a moment.
Now we get more and more condensing, the moon comes that far, the moon became bigger and bigger and bigger, earth already comes out.
The earth (of the moon) comes as a result of those rotting processes of those cells.
From our first cells, we saw our lives there, but from that first cell.
That is worthwhile that you know that, because I must of course hold onto, I must follow the human being in his embryonic life.
But in that first cell here (blackboard) it had to die – did you feel that? – and as a result of that that soul was released and went to the astral world and as a result of that, new life came ...
But that first human ego, that first human embryonic cell had not lived it out.
That cell reaches creating and giving birth, but it has seven depths as worlds, it is not dead.
People call that the first death for that cell.
No, this is why you can also see that there is no death.
You must accept here that no death exists, because that cell continued to live and the soul continued to live, but also that cell still had evolution.
And from this now – I explained that to you before – the animal world originated by means of rotting, by means of giving birth.
Here Blavatsky, here Darwin, there you could have seen the ape.
And now – I gave you that picture – now look at the apes, look at that animal.
André, we said before: the chimpanzee is the closest to you, it has the most consciousness, it has your arms, your eyes, as shadows.
The real thinking ...
André is reading a little book like that at the moment, he will read that, then he can make a comparison with what he has experienced through us.
And then you must see that, then the academic says: “Yes, we do not understand: in the prehistoric age those big people had such a small skull, just such little brains.”
Then I already wanted to start writing in addition and to send that book back to him, your doctor; I say “Yes, sir, because there was still no feeling.
The life of feeling created the brains, because brains are only a resistance in order to pass on the life of feeling.
No brains were needed.
There were just a little bit of brains needed for that large, animal-like, human beast.
There were only a few brains needed, just a little bit.
That skull was capable of thinking and doing for a fly, there was no feeling and there were no more brains either.”
And then the academic begins again: “We do not understand that now, in this time, the brain pan is much bigger and there are a lot more brains.”
But the human being also has more feeling, more consciousness.
And because there is more feeling and consciousness, that skull must expand and the brains must ...
They are tissues – do you see? – they are attuned to the centre of feeling, the centre of life, in order to be able to take care of that, or your thoughts would fly out of you and would not get a halt.
You would not be able to stop yourself, you would not be able to restrain yourself.
Do you understand this?
(Hall:) “Is that a type of variable resistor?”
Nothing else, nothing else.
But the academic lets his brains research whether people will find learning there.
You could do him an injury!!
And that continues like that.
The moon continues.
You therefore know ... I will give you all the examples, so that you will have the pleasure ... so that you will not walk around the whole day and a fortnight long with the embryonic life, but that you also see the universe and that you can continue by means of the books ‘The Origin of the Universe’ in order to open this for you.
Talk to each other, come together and listen to each other.
Remember what I said and continue to master this.
You will soon be Gods ‘beyond the coffin’, if you also possess love.
Do not snarl, do not growl, be kind and loving for each other and you will have Christ, God and your space.
If you are not kind, I will stop.
If you think: I will see it soon, then André says: “Then I will just stop.
Then I will just leave off, because it is a hopeless task, the human being is not willing.”
Then it is not possible to bring your Deities to awakening.
Is it possible?
Then we will do our best!
These children (blackboard), you now know those two cells, they just go away.
And now we will begin with what the cosmos did in the meantime.
So that radiating, that life, that embryonic life is therefore already that far that we can and you can accept: the macrocosmos has created the microcosmos and will serve the microcosmos, because every cell is Divine, is light, is life, is love, is All-Father, is All-Mother, isn’t it?
Now we will begin: the universe has condensed itself and now we get here – I gave you that picture before of the first emission – now we get here the ultimate stage of the moon and that is the fish stage.
The human being cannot continue, the human being is now so big: a few metres long, two metres long and wide and pushes there through the waters.
You know your porpoises, you know your sea lions, your seals.
Yes, children, do not imagine things, a while ago we lived in the waters and you had membranes and then you did not know about any pearls and diamonds and fuss.
Society still had nothing to tell, then we still lived alone at the bottom of the waters.
When we came up, we soon had to go down again or we would already have suffocated.
And we did not have a mouth to tell dirty, filthy and miserable and nasty things about the human being, about society; we accepted the life and we were happy.
But we still had no human intellect, no human feeling, we were animal-like beings.
And you academics say that.
You now sit here in a hall, in a space in society.
You listen, you are happy – yes, who says it? – and busy elevating you to the Divine eternity, to bring you to awakening; to take you to that happiness.
But we will now continue.
You can experience that now from your consciousness, but soon you will be ‘beyond the coffin’ and you will be an astral personality.
Can you return?
You must just accept of course.
Can you now believe that Jozef Rulof knows all of this?
That we come, that we are free, that we are busy from childhood with this life?
He has not learned, has not had any books, has had no education, no high school, no university, but he talks about cosmology, about soul and spirit.
You can ask questions; we are never ever at a loss for words.
Because we, I, Lantos Dumonché – you call me Master Zelanus, I am that from Master Alcar – we have the Omniscience in our hands, do you see?
You can do that soon too.
Soon, ‘beyond the coffin’ you will get that Omniscience.
Now you can still shrug your shoulders and say: “Yes, that idiot wants to fool me with that”, but ‘beyond the coffin’ you will no longer do that.
Then we will look into your eyes and then you can still ...
Society can scornfully shrug its shoulders but ...
And if society, your kings and emperors then shout: “Where is Our Lord?” then our follower says: “Yonder on that hill, but you cannot come up there.
You must wait another ten thousand years, because you must carry that whole hill, if you want to emit your light.”
My sisters and brothers, I am certainly not hateful.
I love you, I love life, but we so like to tell the truth.
We so like to speak about Divine truths, which you can pick up just like that on earth, but the human being does not want to see them.
Here you get planets, unconscious, I am busy in order to draw planets.
We are now universe.
That has nothing more to tell, because that now lives in me.
If you look properly into your eyes, you will see the sun, the moon and the constellation in your eyes.
You see nothing, you experience nothing, you ask nothing; you are beings in society.
And we go – do you see? –heavy, but unconscious.
You think that it is only your task in society.
The human being counts, counts and paints and does art, with two words he hits the light from the eternal creation, shrugs his shoulders at something, snarls, growls.
Oh, we tremble and shake from a wrong understanding, from a human being who speaks about another human being and wants to break the human being, we do not accept that, we do not believe in that.
You are that, do you see?
Do not come to Christ and complain about a human being, then He will say: “It is you!”
If you say: “Everything is fine”, even if people burn you at the stake, then it is fine, after all, because if you are free of sins, if you are free ...
I am now preaching – do you see? – but I am busy with cosmology.
I must give lectures and I have now become a priest and I do not want to be a priest.
I do not want to be a cardinal either or pope, or king, or emperor.
We only want to serve.
We truly represent the real Christ.
But here meanwhile, when that fish stage had been reached and the human being continued, then the moon started to shine.
The moon emitted power, the moon gave light (blackboard) – do you see? – motherhood.
And as a result of that radiating those sparks here were, they were still invisible, but those planets – they are secondary planets – they were attracted to that aura from the beginning of this embryonic life of us, for us, as the moon and the sun received consciousness.
There a planet came, the first cosmic grade, I told you, didn’t I?
Now that attunement is precisely as conscious – not a second behind and not a second too late – as the living fish stage for the human being.
Can you feel this?
If that was not the case ...
Can you feel how harmonically everything is happening again?
Mother Moon has for ... the sun and moon took care of themselves, took care of the embryonic life as a human being; the human creation began.
But the space is not forgotten either, because that radiance, that consciousness, that feeling of the moon influences the space.
And as a result of that an astral spark like that – that, which I spoke about, here (blackboard) , it came like that anyway, there are myriads of those sparks – they are therefore made to consciousness at that stage as a result of that.
What the moon emits, that life must have.
What the moon is, the atmosphere possesses.
Can you accept that?
(Hall:) “Yes.”
But this (blackboard) lives precisely outside the atmosphere of the moon, do you see?
This is the atmosphere of the sun, but that emits light, do you see?
Now we get here (blackboard) ...
Now there, around the sun, are also planets, stars and meteors busy – everywhere here, can you feel? – they are busy receiving that radiance from the sun.
Can you see?
This gets motherhood.
Later we get here – I told you – we get Saturn here, which then starts to turn, traces an orbit and lives in that orbit, and undergoes an orbit.
That orbit is traced, but Saturn gets from the moon and from the sun, in that and that stage Saturn gets feeling, inspiration, conscious radiance of life, exactly again as the All-Mother was able to do that.
Good, but we do not want to see Saturn.
This first transition came about, the human being is ready and could ... outside the atmosphere ...
I asked you: can that planet be here (blackboard)?
It must be outside the moon, or no heightened consciousness will come, will it?
So it gets an own sphere.
And in this way you now already get to see that those planets have to represent an own atmosphere.
(To the hall:) But what is atmosphere?
What do you say?
(Hall:) “Aura.”
Aura, people say.
What is atmosphere even more for the earth?
(Hall:) “Consciousness.”
Consciousness, conscious feeling, do you see?
The atmosphere is conscious feeling.
Everything which lives on earth and in this atmosphere, has attunement to the consciousness as Mother Earth gave to her life, her nature.
The atmosphere has consciousness.
Another animal ...
You can no longer live on the moon and you can no longer live on another planet either.
Because we have received other organs, and that aura is too unconscious, so it suffocates us.
We come in this way (speaker is breathing heavily).
Just go on an aeroplane, then you can determine: the higher you go, the less breath you get, because the breath is now too rarefied.
And if you return ... André asked that: “Just go a bit higher, I want to explain the grades in the aeroplane.”
But it was no longer he, I already sat in him and then we explained to the captain in which grade of life of the atmosphere he now lived.
Then he says: “Sir, you are driving me mad.
Who are you?”
“I am a son and child of father Abraham”, he says, “but I no longer have a stick.
I do it differently now.”
This is the first secondary planet – do you see? – it begins here, we get it like that (blackboard).
Well, the first transition cannot live in the light of the moon, in her atmosphere, it has to be outside of that and it gets movement here.
But now we enter the area of the second grade; it is also already elevated, it also already gets radiance.
So we get here: we could conquer that second stage.
That is the first stage, the first secondary planet from the moon.
We get the second, the third originated here, the fourth originated there, the fifth came there.
And now the soul has made that circulation, that is the sixth secondary planet – no, I am going precisely the wrong way, I must go here, because Mars lies here – and an existing planet came.
That therefore means: one, two, three, four, five, six and here we now come again to a higher grade.
So we not only experienced seven stages for the embryonic life, we must experience them, in order to conquer that space, but the macrocosmos also has those transitions in its possession, in the possession of fatherhood and motherhood, which All-Mother had to spiritualize and to materialize for herself.
Is that clear?
We therefore get giving birth – which I told you a moment ago – giving birth, change, darkness, light again, they are those transitions and those transitions shape themselves as bodies, don’t they?
They get radiance and in this way you get the construction for the macrocosmos.
That is the first cosmic grade.
Now we come here on the second cosmic grade.
Now we therefore get to see the first life and the seventh life, then that is a new grade of life.
Now the first birth is not yet a grade, that is the first birth, but after five, six, seven lives we get a new grade of life and we also see that grade in the cosmos.
That is the second cosmic grade.
Now they come here (blackboard), that continues.
You will feel, creation had only just a little light, that all was still weak.
Because the sun is only ... the sun during the last five hundred thousand years ... during the last million years the sun has received a wonderful, stronger radiance.
A million years ago the sun was still very weak and red and golden yellow, as you sometimes see him now, when the reflexes in the cosmos gave him that light – you always speak on earth about ‘she’ and we are talking about ‘him’ – then you will get to see that golden light.
Also when going down, they are climatological conditions, then that and that and that lives in the atmosphere and then you get a colour change.
That can then be seen and perceived in the creations, you can look back into that.
But in the beginning in that and that stage that sunlight was still red, half red-golden.
And that built itself up like that.
Now we get back ...
Now we get between here, we get (blackboard) ...
Look, that is very big, but you no longer see that of course, they become little dots from the sun, don’t they?
May I do it like that?
(blackboard) That becomes small, and you cannot see that.
Now you get a dot here again and a secondary planet comes there again.
Mars will begin.
Mars hurls the life through the space and says: “Get out of my way.”
Do you wish to come in the vicinity of the earth?
That aura goes ...
Everything is now already in working.
The sun has received more power; do you see?
The moon continues.
Now we get to see the secondary planets here and they lie there in the east, and west, and south and north, as the climatological conditions condense themselves.
We also get to see north, south, east, west in the cosmos as we start to feel those drops in temperature, heating up.
And finally – I told you – the earth comes here into the vicinity; I will just take the earth here.
That is the first; the second, the fourth, the fifth, sixth transition and we get the conscious, existing planet.
But now the earth is also still in such a way that the human being must still materialize himself.
The human being has travelled that long journey, that eternity in the space.
The human being has experienced planets, the moon, which experienced secondary planets, was there, went to Mars, moved over to new planets, secondary planets and now comes here in that astral globe.
Can you see that globe?
The earth was like that before the human being, before the earth could begin – do you see? – hazes, do you see?
But there is a separation in here and that is the astral, Divine, spiritual earth, as the moon and sun originated.
Now the earth is a child of sun and moon.
They are all sisters and brothers of each other.
Now you see, now the human being comes from that secondary planet and is attracted by the higher stage, which therefore now receives condensing by means of sun and moon.
And now it appears that the earth is ready to be able to receive the human being.
The human being has already achieved the land consciousness on Mars.
I cannot dwell upon this of course, but that will be possible later.
We will do that soon, when we first know the macrocosmos.
Then I will continue how the human being received that development, how the human being went from the waters – do you wish that? – how the human being elevated himself.
Science does not know it.
And then we will see the ape, follow Darwin, Socrates, Plato, ancient Egypt; we now place every wisdom which the earth possesses in your hands and at your feet.
I must finish this.
Then the earth began like the moon – can you feel? – the earth began like the moon made her creations and the earth had nothing else to experience than those creations.
But the human being absorbed as much aura from the earth into him as embryonic life which was enough for the embryonic life.
And if that was not true, my sisters and brother, then creation would not have been finished, as you see that now.
You still give birth embryonically, you still experience the creating and giving birth process in the very first and as a result of the very first stage.
The human being must still begin, for your own century, the present stage, as embryonic consciousness or unconsciousness.
Do you accept that?
Is it clear?
Then I will let go of this.
Then the earth – two more words – the earth received condensing, millions of years passed again.
The earth (In our opinion, Master Zelanus is referring here to the dissolving of the previous stage of the earth.) completely dissolved, do you see?
Types of race (see rulof.org/there-are-no-races) came to earth, the human being is now there.
The human being passed over to the conscious astral world and I will soon continue my lectures from this moment.
Then you will get the next stage and then I will call that lecture: ‘The human being and his spiritually conscious, astral life; the human being and the Other Side’.
Is that clear?
(Hall:) “Yes.”
That will be your lecture then in a fortnight’s time.
I thank you for your open feeling and until this far.