The growing universe for the human being, for your life of feeling

Good morning, my sisters and brothers.
You will get to see, and to experience your astral life somewhat this morning, at least the human being who had completed his cycle for the first time; but in addition to that you get to experience the growing universe in order to establish how the human being himself developed and how the inner life began with that growth.
You can ask yourself in society: how do I make progress?
The human being does not learn anything, for one life is too short.
In one life, what do we achieve?
The psychologist cannot give you the answer; he is also faced with a dead point.
Temples, doctrines, religions, nothing points to there being a continued existence, a space, a growth.
And yet, if you know the laws: the universe speaks into you, the God of all life lives in you.
The human being grows, the human being gets attunement to universal systems.
And you were able to establish in those previous lectures how that was born.
This morning we will continue and we will see what the All-Source – as it is called – actually wanted.
Why do we people live on earth?
The books, which the Masters gave you, had given a picture of hells and heavens.
And for the space, for God, ‘beyond the coffin’, behind the material existence they are no longer hells and there is no fire burning and neither they are heavens, but conscious grades of life, the conscious growing feeling, the personality that has got to know the laws of the space.
The human being masters every grade of life for material and spirit; and now we are faced with that growing of the inner life of the universe, the universe for soul, spirit, life and personality, for fatherhood and motherhood.
If it is possible, then I will try to give you a picture that you can grow at any moment.
And if you do not do that, if you experience the disharmony, then there will be no question of expansion, inspiration, evolution – just go on, then you can get out the dictionary – and then there will be no question of inspiration, of spatial, human, Divine oneness.
And yet, the human being does everything in order to make something of himself.
The human being tries to get to know his God.
In the twentieth century – you read that in the books and you hear that every day – the human being is still, and society is still at the spiritual standstill.
Only the technical wonders have a new age before them – you can just speak about the thousand-year state – because the technical wonders are of awe-inspiring beauty, which the human being, society, and this mankind will soon receive.
But despite that, it is also busy laying the foundation for itself, the soul, the astral world, the Masters.
Yes, who actually has this problem in his hands?
We will try to establish that, we will try to draw that.
I do not have to draw very much this morning.
I gave you the embryonic life, I showed you how the moon began her evolution and of course you already understand that that growing for the moon was nothing else but the accepting fatherhood and motherhood for the soul as human being. (blackboard)
Do you see?
That is the sun and the moon, they are fatherhood and motherhood for the space.
In the beginning of the creation – we experienced together – there was only darkness; and yet there was life.
It is possible, if we want to experience that journey, to show you the cycle of your Deity.
You speak of a human cycle, animal cycle, but there is also a spiritual and a spatial cycle, because the cycle on earth does not mean anything yet, you have not yet made it.
We have to accept a Divine cycle as human beings.
A Divine cycle, what does that mean?
Can you sense where we are heading if the laws speak to your life?
This is sun and moon.(blackboard)
Sun and moon – I explained to you – reached growth, the first interim planet came about and received power and consciousness because the moon and sun got the condensation.
So those organs started to condense, and expand themselves.
As that expansion came about, those condensings took place, that is already the growing life of feeling for the macrocosmos, the growing of the life, the expanding, the receiving of more feeling, more life, more consciousness, more light, more personality; the expansion of the macrocosmos.
We saw that the macrocosmos created the microcosmos, and that means: because of sun and moon the human existence began and we began in an embryonic state.
But you live in a society, you have become people, you are of soul, spirit and material; but people do not know that.
The academics can lay a few foundations, they already say: “The human being was born in the waters.”
But who gives you the proof, do you see?
And you must accept this, science must soon accept this, because you get the spatial truth.
You live at this moment in the University of Christ.
And if you do not know what that is, then that means that at this moment the Christ will explain all the laws.
The Messiah came from the Divine All to the earth, from the Divine All he brought the gospel, which means nothing else, but – André already told you that – love, awakening, inspiration, oneness, fatherhood, motherhood.
The Christ came from the All-Consciousness, the All-Feeling and All-Thinking, and now the human being is like God, the human being cannot possess anything more, the human being has reached his Divine stage in that.
And from there the Christ came as the highest life, the conscious first Human Being, as a Divine Personality back to the earth, because He knew that in this space only good and evil lived – so on the earth – there is only conscious good and evil, the conscious committing evil, the conscious destroying.
Because on other planets in this wonderful space, people did not reach that consciousness.
If that was the case, then there would be no question of growth, or the human being must accept – you here on earth – that planets exist which possess more consciousness than you have been able to achieve up until now; but that is not true.
The earth is a child of sun and moon.
From those two bodies, organisms, this whole universe was born, this whole organism originated.
And now we will see what we experience as systems and what those stars and planets mean for the growing life of feeling of this organism.
I told you and explained that this (blackboard) is the first grade of life, because that is a secondary planet, a transition for the human being who had experienced the moon.
We started here, in that central point, and slowly that moon grew and the human being got more feeling, more space.
The organism in the waters grew.
Do you feel what growing is?
You got, we got more feeling, more experiencing – but we still did not have any human intellect, because that would only come on earth – human thinking and feeling, human fatherhood and motherhood.
But we also lived in the jungle; do you see?
And as a result of that we were able to establish in the universe that pre-animal-like, animal-like, crude-material and material grades of life originated.
But from the animal-like – that means nothing – we reached higher thinking and feeling, higher consciousness and the organism gave us that.
It is now obvious that every body – whatever human being you meet – is a grade of life in the first place, is a representation of an age and that in that organism exactly the same attunement lives as soul, that means: the spirit, the inner life, which people now know nothing about.
The inner life can be animal-like, pre-animal-like and means nothing for the space, because that is the human evolution, the growing of the material, and the growing of Mother Nature.
After this state we got the second transition, I explained to you.
The human here achieved ...
On the moon we people had come to the ultimate here (blackboard) and we still had a few minutes to live, but we could not go further, we had no organism.
We only came directly from the waters.
But as the sun and the moon and the space got more consciousness, we could live here longer as human beings.
We still actually had to accept that growing, because we were not yet that far that the organism could be pushed upwards and that those organisms could change.
We still had those webs and they would have to become arms and legs.
But we were able to live here for a while and – you still know that, that planet attracted us – and then the second transition came.
I will draw it for you in such a way that I also record the picture of the fourth cosmic grade of life.
So from this universe a new one originated – we must soon accept that and you can accept it and science has to accept that – because everything grows, because every core that originated from that All-Source possesses everything.
And all of that is growing, is love, is life, is soul, is spirit, is fatherhood, is motherhood, is condensing.
I am coming to the end of this lecture with only five seconds left and then I ask you: “What do you have of that space?
What do you possess for this growing?
And what do you do for it?”
How do I myself reach growing for the whole of this life, for society, for your spirit, for your art, for your fatherhood, for your motherhood, for thousands of qualities and character traits, how do I reach growing in society?
The human being wonders and hits himself because no life comes and then I tell you two words, as a result of this we grasp this whole universe.
This growing universe is so awe-inspiringly deep and large and you lay it on your hands after this.
By means of the human will, by means of a power of feeling you experience everything – I will convince you of that, I will prove that to you and that is truth, we accepted that, the Christ brought you that, the apostles experienced that, every insect experiences that – if you keep the harmony.
Because in that space there is harmony, there are no disturbances here, this continued completely in peace, satisfaction, in harmony.
There was nothing to be destroyed here.
The moon and the sun laid foundations for new continuing, for the new awakening, growing of the life of feeling at a macrocosmic attunement.
Is that clear?
Or must I say it differently?
We now get to see the second grade of life, a transition planet.
Meanwhile life in the space condensed more and more for sun and moon.
I explained to you: in the beginning of creation there was no light, but as that condensing came, that All-Source drove onwards, the sun condensed itself.
We spoke about the light in the human being; the human being got a personality and independence and now the human being has already started to grow, to grow.
The human being has freed himself from a planet.
Just dwell on this for this moment.
The academic looks at the space and sees the moon before him.
The moon is dead.
But the moon has known billions of ages.
In which time do you live?
The human being, the human being as academic looks at the universe, does not feel his growth, does not feel his consciousness.
But did you think that one grain in that space, one particle, one spark of God could not take part in that creation?
That is not possible anyway.
Now the human being has reached the earth.
The human being has travelled a macrocosmic path.
It does not get through to the academics – in the first place the human being of this society – that you have already travelled a universal macrocosmic path and that you have experienced that growth and you already possess that by means of your organic life.
It does not matter how you think, how you feel, to what you devote your life, that is the spiritual awakening and the inner growth for your spirit, your Divine soul, by means of which you have attunement to the Divine All, to that All-Source, that All-Mother, that All-Life, that All-Consciousness.
But it is your spirit and your personality that will soon speak.
What is the personality – as we learned – of the space?
That is the light of the sun.
I told you: that is fatherhood.
The personality of the space is the moon as organism.
The growing life of feeling is the space of that planet, and you already experienced that.
That moon is already dead, that moon as mother has already completed her task.
You ask for new foundations, society begs for new foundations, and for Divine authority, we can give and grant it to you, but it will still not be accepted.
The human being looks, the human being is the living dead.
Even if you are an academic, we can immediately ask you: what do you have of that, Deity, theologian?
What do you have of this, minister?
What do you have, Catholic Church?
What does the bible have of all of this?
The bible has not been able to say a word yet.
And now we can write thousands of books about this origin, as a result of this growing; and then we can see how the human being got a hold of himself.
But the bible does not say anything.
You can begin – I also told you before – to make comparisons, and they are there.
We came here.(blackboard)
The life of feeling of the space will send me exactly to the place where that third transition was, the fourth, the fifth, the sixth, in the vicinity again of Mother Earth and the sun.
But I will not dwell upon these laws.
This can all be explained, do you feel, as a result of which the first grade is here (blackboard), the second there, the third here, the fourth there and the fifth and sixth, that can all be explained.
As the sun got power, the moon got development, the space awakened.
The power of attraction and the building up of those astral bodies – you still know that – that has meaning and can be analysed and established irrevocably and science will also get that later, because that is of universal meaning.
Because in here – you will certainly feel that – you get to see and to experience that growth, the awakening.
But meanwhile more light comes – do you see? (blackboard) – and they are those stars which you see.
That happens, because the sun condensed itself there were more bodies that reached awakening in that space, of this organism.
We now get to see hazes – do you see? – we get those separations, the atmospheres originate; everything manifests itself and grows.
First the life, fatherhood and motherhood, elevates itself to one personality, it pulls itself together, absorbs itself in that independence and now the life grows: the next stage.
Now we get the transition planet here (blackboard), faraway in the distance there, in the final stage of this universe.
Of course, you do not see those dots (blackboard), those planets, they are much smaller, they cannot be seen just like that, they are specks in comparison to the earth, to that personality in the present, that is all trivial and small from the earth.
But if you come to that source, then this lives and then this has received an own independence, an own consciousness, an own thinking and feeling by means of Mother Nature.
This is the second cosmic grade (blackboard).
The moon continues and grows.
Above this the life will now get an existence.
But now I will explain this to you.
Here we just come outside of the planet, the second grade; the second grade already gave us more awakening, more growth, more feeling, and the organism already received land life of feeling, the land organs.
Meanwhile, during that time, during those ages which passed there, the inner organs expanded themselves – do you feel? – the human organism comes about.
We are still animal-like beings, but we have received the first source in us, as a result of which the God of all life has materialized himself and will now spiritualize himself.
We speak, the Masters speak about, that the human being is a Deity, because you originated from that source; you can now already accept that.
And when you enter the churches in the present – you feel, this is the first stage of the creation – but when we soon enter the churches in the present where you live, then it must be clear to you that churches for the present and the future stage will actually mean nothing more with regard to your own life, your soul, your spirit, your personality, with regard to your Deity in you, which you take to that awakening because the macrocosmos has began with that life, with that growing; we experienced that.
Between Mars and the earth a few little planets also lie spread out, the transitions, which connect us: three, four, five and six ... (blackboard).
And now you get the third cosmic grade – it sinks away, there like that – and now you get the third cosmic grade, which must attract itself to the human consciousness again, which attunes itself of its own accord to this moment of consciousness and the life can begin for this space.
If you feel this cosmology, then it must be clear to you that this universe is nothing else than the driving onwards of the own life.
The human being – here (blackboard) – born here on the moon as an animal, as a fish, continues and receives awakening and receives experiencing, receives consciousness.
There is another planet.
Those planets absorb the human being as soul and spirit.
We keep beginning in the embryonic stage, we reach consciousness, it is fatherhood and motherhood, we have that being one, and the child is born in the mother.
It is dying, it is being reincarnated – I explained that to you on the moon – those laws are always there and will remain there eternally.
Nothing can be changed about these laws, because life continues.
These are the Divine foundations for all your stages, which you have to accept, to spiritualize and will materialize.
This universe will materialize itself and that is now the growing universe, but also the growing life of feeling for the human being.
We came that far the last time, didn’t we?
The earth already comes to stand between sun and moon.
We will give the moon a place, or you can also put the moon down here (blackboard), do you see?
Then the sun is gone in the evening, which is then the darkness.
You feel, we are faced with thousands, millions of laws.
You could ask questions, but I will first lay the foundations for the macrocosmos, for the growing life of feeling of this organism and later we will return to the human being and then I will give you the possibility of asking questions.
This here, that goes away (blackboard).
You get here ...
You feel, the moon is changing, the moon is tracing an own orbit, the sun traces an own orbit, the earth an own orbit and now you get that here, meanwhile ...
You feel, you get to experience that cycle.
But we are not concerned with the orbits, we are concerned with the cycle of the human being, the ultimate stage for the human being, in order to establish the growing of the human personality, it is only then that you will understand that the Divine attunement is present in the human being.
I just want to give you the chance, in a while – you will probably feel it better then – to ask a few questions.
But keep this in mind: this is the earth (blackboard).
The human being reached the earth by means of the space.
The earth has now – that was an astral globe – reached development by means of sun and moon.
I will just put the moon back, otherwise you will be wrong again.
By means of sun and moon, do you see?
It already says itself: I must go down, otherwise I will collide with the earth.
It wants an own place.
If you tune into the space, then you no longer need to think, because the life of feeling of the space points out the exact place for the macrocosmos where a planet like that is and stands.
Now you can also place thousands and millions of stars around this whole colossus and then you see that whole macrocosmos with the other planets, and the conscious and the unconscious planets.
That means: conscious fatherhood and conscious motherhood.
If you want, you can soon ask me questions, what that unconscious fatherhood and motherhood actually mean for the cosmos, for the macrocosmos.
The human being also possesses organs, which do not possess any fatherhood or motherhood; and that is also a law for the universe.
A law of life, which reached development of its own accord, because those bodies did not receive any radiating life of feeling of sun and moon in the first moments for the macrocosmos.
Do you still know that?
Then we are ready.
The human being, the first people who had to begin for the earth in the embryonic life, had now travelled a universal path.
I am now following the first people, for I remained there.
And yet, when the human being arrived there on earth, and already received the earth in his possession, he came from the waters ...
Mother Earth brought more feeling, more consciousness.
We see that on the first planets for sun and moon, the ultimate stage for the moon is the fish stage; the first transition is a little bit more consciousness, we lie on the land for a moment and then we must die, there is no more consciousness.
The human being straightens itself up there(blackboard), the human being continues here again.
We have almost reached the land life – can you feel? – we reached the whole land life and we have set ourselves up on the second cosmic grade; the human being walks in the woods, the human being is hairy and really looks like an animal, like the ape man; as a result of which Darwin was wrong.
Are you not bored yet?
(Hall:) “No.”
Thank you.
When it concerns the creation, then the human being says: “What does that matter to me, I will soon see.”
But there are – thank God – people who reached awakening.
Because if the Other Side had not worked, what would have become of your society?
What would you still possess?
You would not have any cities, you would not have any light, you would still live in the jungle.
You must begin with that one day anyway, because this is your creation, this is not from the space, you are that, the human being is that.
Because all of this was mainly created for the human being.
This is your universal, macrocosmic growing.
Those planets and suns ... yes, the human being looks up, the human being sees the sun, but you do not speak to that sun.
The human being looks during the night at the moon – the moon is very beautiful – at sun, moon and stars, the human being writes verses about all of this, then he is busy experiencing his self, his universal macrocosmic self.
He writes a poem, he does art and music.
Wagner and Beethoven could do it.
Bach followed the faith again, the inspiration, the Christ, the love, do you see.
Wagner was connected to the creation.
There are compositions by Wagner, which the human being does not yet understand, but by means of which he wanted to experience the creation.
Stravinsky too, for example.
Those people felt that creation, wanted to experience that creation and grew; and let that creation manifest itself by means of their art.
But all of this that you are looking at, you are that yourself, that is your possession.
Have you already heard about that before?
Did you hear talk about it?
That macrocosmos, that is in you, that is your heart, your blood circulation, that is the human being, that is the growing, universal house created by your God.
God speaks from a house, after all: there are many dwellings in My house ...
Now, just look?
Those are the dwellings of God, there is room for every insect.
You have your roof, you have your feeling, you have your closing off, your atmosphere, and your life of feeling.
The macrocosmos is not strange to you.
That growing, when an academic speaks about the growing universe, that is your soul, your spirit, your personality.
We find and see every character trait again with regard to the cosmos.
And that character trait has a foundation, it has love, or hatred, or disharmony.
That did not originate in the creation, that was not created there, but the human being can now master this.
And that all happened of its own accord, the human being did not have to do anything for that.
Is that clear to you?
You do not need to pray for it, because you cannot pray for this.
Soon we will also be faced with these facts.
You feel, what can be got out of the macrocosmos, out of the creation, which we are faced with.
How do you now wish to pray that you come from the earth to a higher planet?
You now want to continue, don’t you?
Those first people had to continue.
Those first people had completed their cycle; they had finally completed their cycle.
That is the earth now (blackboard), the sun becomes smaller – we will make that smaller.
The human being must continue, the human being can also continue.
And because the human being, because God is harmony – can you feel this? – because harmony lives here in that space, the human being must continue.
And now a time has come ...
I will jump forward by millions of ages, of course.
I cannot dwell here on the moon, because we would have to give two hundred, three hundred lectures about the moon in order to explain all of that, and it is possible.
And it was also more, and it was also better, but we do not have the time for it, our life is too short, your life is too short.
We can only talk for moments, talk to each other, give the analyses and then your life, that of André and of all of mankind, will already be over.
But here you can, if you experience that astrally, spiritually, you will also get that ‘beyond the coffin’ and if you have that consciousness, then you will return of your own accord to the moon and then you will absorb those stages.
And it is only then that you will touch the possession of your Deity, then you will see as a result of which an embryo received a consciousness and laid those foundations for yourself, the personality.
It all happened as a matter of course and then you will soon see that the present stage also happens of its own accord.
And that no churches and that actually no bible and no Christ – where are we going now? – were needed in order to give that creation that evolution, that growing, even if Christ came, even if He gave the human being His Divine All, His knowledge, His consciousness.
You will feel, Christ gave you that Divine All, but you must earn everything yourself for your inner life, your fatherhood and motherhood.
Is that not true?
You cannot pray for that, you cannot burn any candles for that; the pure creation was given to you as a human being.
You represent that space; this universe and I must now prove that to you, so that you lose your minority complexes.
You are universally deep, we shout to your life.
But what do you feel about it?
What is the happiness that you can experience if you know: all of this belongs to me, there is no death, no ‘coffin’, you do not die.
Illnesses? Of course.
Miseries? You created them yourself.
That is the disharmony that we brought about.
We have sullied, spoiled those harmonic laws of God, we began with the destruction; you must accept that.
But next to that stands your universal foundation, your building, your temple, because that macrocosmos is your temple, it is not a little house of stones.
Those planets, suns and stars, night and light, that lives in you.
Isn’t that something?
If that cannot make you happy, then you are still an unconscious being and then you will not begin yet either.
Then you cannot yet experience the joy of your feeling of growth.
Yes, soon, when we are that far, during those few minutes and we ask each other: “What do you have of that?”
Do you grow for your feelings, for your character, for your task to the human being, to your father, to your mother, to your child?
Or do you hate, do you not like this?
Is this the greatest unhappiness that you were able to experience in order to attune yourself to the metaphysical teaching, to the universe?
What does that universe matter to you?
But you stand still, you stand at a dead point, you do not get any awakening, any inspiration, and any consciousness.
Your personality walks one path and that path goes straight through a city, but takes you through the streets, which you built up yourself.
And above that, where the inspiration lives for your life, you suffocate that.
The first people, my children, my sisters and brothers, who had therefore completed the cycle of the earth as human beings – they are the prehistoric ages – they had to leave the earth and entered a space.
Now the space and the hereafter were still not a consciousness, because they lived in darkness, there was no light, the sun had gone, and you read that in the book ‘The Peoples of the Earth’.
I can therefore continue with that, can’t I.
I assume that all of you have read ‘The Peoples of the Earth’, you understand now how those first people were able to free themselves from the earth.
Fatherhood and motherhood automatically take the human being to growing.
And now I want to dwell upon this moment, lay a foundation for your life, for your university.
The human being who does not want to be a father or mother ...
I said before: just go to the Catholic Church.
Always – do you feel? – we come back to that church.
No, that church means nothing to us, but the human being who wants to be chaste, wants to be pure, the human being who acts the clergyman and a Deity and now suffocates his fatherhood and motherhood, his expansion, his growth, his evolution – do you feel? – there, we want to take that human being to the awakening, in order to give you the picture how nonchalantly the human being rapes and destroys his Divine laws, his foundations.
Is that clear?
Just become a little nun now, just go and pray day and night and just lie down and: Our Lord and give me this and give me that.
Now just follow those lives.
They decorate themselves with beautiful garments and have built up a dogma, they have decorated themselves with frills, but it is empty in that soul.
That personality was disengaged from the creation, they no longer have any space; they now have Our Lord, Christ.
But that is not the intention, is it?
They no longer have any reincarnation?
Yes indeed, now we already come to stand before the disharmony of the human personality.
The harmonic laws of God were wonderful, they took us to that evolution, and to the birth, the reincarnating and the dying, the living that organism to the fullest, do you feel?
Death is now nothing else than the experiencing of a time, of those organs.
And then you do nothing else than absorb the light of the universe into you, you do not need to do art or sciences.
Fatherhood and motherhood – we now establish for your life – is the most, most sacred, is the contact with the macrocosmos, because this is God, this is All-Mother, this is All-Father.
Fatherhood and motherhood are the essential foundations which you have to lay for your life, have to experience, if you want to absorb the source for your space, your growth, awakening, becoming conscious; and to feel that, think that, to take a walk with that source through that macrocosmos.
Because ‘beyond the coffin’ there is life, there is continuation, the human being is exactly the same as the human being thinks and feels in the material.
The first people – you read – who had completed their cycle for the earth, they wondered: “Where is the sun?”
Yes indeed, where is the sun now?
They came back into those same longings in order to be one, man and wife lived it up, but there is no end, there is no birth.
They shouted: “Where is the sun?
Where is the light?”
And slowly – you read that in ‘The Peoples of the Earth’, also in ‘The Origin of the Universe’ – they went ... because they started to think, do you feel?
Now you can already, I can dwell upon this again.
When does the human being get inspiration?
When do you awaken?
When do you grow?
Those people started to search.
You are searching too.
We have respect for the human being who is busy and can hit himself, can attack and says: “I must come there.”
André also had to do that.
Those first people there started to search, simply search for the light, which had disappeared.
They lived, they felt and sensed themselves: “What do you feel?”
There was still no language; they just muttered something.
They experienced themselves as the animal in the jungle, because they had no language – the earth was unconscious during that time – those people had absolutely nothing, those people only had their feeling.
And as a result of that you can experience the growing of your life of feeling, those languages, art, sciences, you can experience technical wonders, but that is no good to you on the Other Side.
You can accept your society, you can accept and experience and undergo fun, joy of life; your life of feeling grows and says everything.
Now the human being asks, the psychologist: “How do I reach art?
How do I reach consciousness?”
The first people there on the earth who had come free of the organism – yes, I must also tell you, disharmonic states already originated – they started to search anyway.
Because here on Mars (blackboard), there, and on the last but one grade of life the human being saw that other lives were already with them.
I must go back again, because I touch something, in order to lay a new foundation, because the bible speaks about a paradise-like life of feeling; my friends that paradise moment once existed on earth, but also on Mars.
Because the human being still had no feeling with regard to the other life, he still did not have the consciousness that that animal would do something to him.
And now there had been a time that all the life in nature – with the human being as high conscious life – really lived in harmony.
And when the human being got the consciousness that that was another life, he pushed that life away from him and later he suffocated that life.
That is therefore the first death, the first death.
The most wonderful foundations – which you will lay for yourself on our walk through the universe, over a planet – by which we can orientate ourselves, are the awe-inspiring, harmonic life problems which we see.
We still see – we experienced that walk, that journey, Master Alcar, André and I – we still saw that there are people who give birth, but we always just saw two children with those people.
Do you not find that amazing?
We experienced on the moon that the human being just two ... that the human being would separate himself, do you see?
The human being would separate himself and would create and give birth for that life and for that other life; and there, two sparks came by means of those first cells.
Two sparks.
Therefore the human being would actually just – now you should see that chaos in which you live – the human being would actually just give birth to two children for all the spaces of God, one for you and one for the father.
Because those two children would attract you, and that is the reproduction process.
You therefore protected your own grade of life, your continuation, and your reincarnation.
So the human being not only received God and space and growth, but you also have reincarnation, because you give birth.
And if you do not do it ... do you see?
Do you see the fall, do you see that standstill, that great deep hole which the Catholic Church placed for the clergymen and those children?
Is that not terrible that you think you are experiencing a Deity, which you think you are chaste, but you take yourself from the embankment into a universal ditch?
Is it not awful?
Do you not find that awful?
That is the most awe-inspiring, poorest which we have got to know in the cosmos.
The Catholic Church wants expansion, wants love.
We do not destroy the Catholic Church; a faith had to and would come.
The human being begins to pray, the human being who can already pray is powerful, wonderful – isn’t he? – is something very different to the human being who does not like any faith, any God, any Christ.
The human being must begin to be able to bow his head one day to all of this.
And what does the church do now?
The church makes the child even holier, the church brings the life even deeper to Christ and now the child of the church separates himself from the creation; that is not the intention.
And now there is no more growing, no more evolution, people now stand at a standstill.
People only experience religion: frills, talk, mumbling, closing off, meditation.
But you will not come further by means of meditation.
You can really meditate and think, I will show you that, because you must meditate – that is the thinking about the laws, the thinking about, the feeling, the inspiring of the law of life – but you will actually also keep in your hands and experience your creation; and give birth to and create.
And now we already see on those first planets, near to Mars, on those transitions, that the human being has still just given birth to two children.
And now you will say: where does the path lie now, where did the human being begin with that disharmony?
In that wonderful space; and in that universe, which is infinite.
In there, my friends, one morning or one day, one hour – you will see – suddenly, just look there, we follow that grade, you walk with your children there in the woods: and there a mother has three children, there the disharmony begins.
Three children, that is not possible for God, because you only need to give birth to two children, three children is disharmony.
What happened to these people?
She or he has murdered one human being and will now have to bring those laws into harmony for themselves.
And what happens now?
There is one soul too many for those lives in the space, or in the harmony of God no soul can be attracted, because that soul already lives next to you and are children; and now another child comes.
Those people do not realize that.
In this society in which you live, now that your psychology is so great, now that you have made a psychologist from a human being, the mother gives birth to fourteen, fifteen, sixteen and twenty children.
But the psychologist, the academic says: “I do not know.”
On the contrary, people call that a rabbit burrow.
The human being who speaks those words, will soon, be faced with his own development and that human being will probably give birth to twenty-five or thirty-five.
Never speak about a rabbit burrow when you see those poor mothers with ten, twenty children, sixteen, eight, nine, ten, twelve, because it could be that she has made good your karma!
It could be that it is she, who has precisely attracted that soul for that little nun, your motherhood, or you would have smothered your own grade of life with all the others who started with the destruction.
Yes, you now see another society, another life, another consciousness, and your life grows.
And there we already see in the space, now that the human being is still an animal-like being, we see three children there and Master Alcar says: “Here you have the first destruction.”
We will continue.
We experienced Mars, we experienced the secondary planets, we entered the beginning stage of the earth.
Those people only had just three children, but they were not four and not five, so the destruction, the disharmony was not so awe-inspiring.
And now we establish: as the human being received more consciousness, the human being struck down more lives, and he murdered more.
Because one human being in your society is now capable – you saw that with Adolph Hitler and other rulers – of taking the lives of millions of children.
And they are now ...
Now millions of lives wait for an organism.
How can Adolph Hitler achieve it alone, take it back to the harmony for God, to his own growth?
You will feel: you are standing still.
But God said, or the All-Source said: multiply ...
“And really”, the law says, the law of life for fatherhood and motherhood, “look there: the human being has expanded himself, also for fatherhood and motherhood.”
The human being now attracts more souls, because the human being had disturbed the Divine harmony as a result of the murder, because the murder strikes the human being too soon from that growth, from that organism – can you feel? – that has not lived life to the full.
The planets calmly grow in peace and in harmony.
The cell there in those waters was not destroyed, because the life did not have the feeling to eat the life, which was not there.
But as the human being – do you feel, now it becomes dangerous – as the human being got consciousness, he grew, which also happened in the universe – that walk which we took here from planet to planet, does that not mean anything to you? – that is the growing of the material, the growing of your life of feeling, but above all the growing for fatherhood and motherhood.
Do you understand this?
If the human being had not made any mistakes ...
Now you can say: why did God not create the human being perfectly all at once?
What good would that have been?
What would have happened if God had created the human being perfectly all at once, as the bible says, the Catholic Church and Protestantism wants that?
God took a rib from Adam, first Adam came and then Eve came and there were two people on that large earth, two children of God, do you feel?
There is nothing else.
Do you feel that poverty, that empty, meaningless beginning of the bible?
Is it so awe-inspiring, when you bring the laws of God to the earth, that the academic must get a fright?
Because he has nothing more, your minister has nothing more.
He can certainly analyse your story, the bible story, he can see how Moses was born, but then creation was already millions and billions of ages old.
Can you feel?
We can dwell upon this, analyse the church, analyse yourself.
Why – for the present stage – does the human being have ten, twelve children to experience?
You, we started with disharmony as human beings, but that does not take away, you can make good.
And by means of fatherhood and motherhood you get off with your murder, do you feel?
So there is no damnation, no darkness where fire burns.
Since we experienced the first planets, since sun and moon began, we have seen nothing of damnation; and it is still not there.
Only you will give birth and create more.
It is actually not so bad that God, that the human being punishes himself, is it?
But is it not simple, you get ten, twelve children, mother, and you come in harmony again.
You just give that soul a new life again.
Yes, if I was to tell you the truth and the reality ... Behind that you will receive a different picture, you will receive that in the next lectures, when we really reach those spheres – do you feel? – when we enter the Spheres of Light, then you will get inner possession, then you will get spiritual feeling and consciousness, then you will think differently about it.
Because actually, in the end, God does not punish, you must only return to the earth.
You have murdered, you murdered thousands of people and you lie there like a jellyfish on the beach; also dreadful.
You can experience the stench of hell.
You wrote, we also write about the awe-inspiring darkness in the hells, in those unconscious worlds, but that is not so bad if you feel that you can live again on earth, that you will be born again on earth, made good as result of your motherhood.
You will become a mother again of your own accord, and you will get the organism.
You will become man and wife.
The soul now descends into the organism.
But you feel, that when you now come to a moment, when you expand your life, when the inner life reaches becoming conscious, then you feel that the soul which possesses that consciousness, curses the creating organism.
That is seven thousand years of standstill.
You do believe, don’t you, that you when you go from the male to the maternal, that that cannot happen in fifteen years?
Those are ages.
You need ages in order to experience motherhood from fatherhood.
And if you see in the macrocosmos how that motherhood has developed and grown and brought itself to inspiration, then you can also accept that a human being possesses that wonderful, universal oneness for God, for the All-Source, for the All-Mother.
If you knew, mothers, how awe-inspiring the maternal organism is, then you can very certainly accept that an initiate, a cosmically conscious being, that they fling themselves down at the feet – even if this is motherhood, the personality awe-inspiringly bad and becomes a brute – but that the cosmically conscious being lies down at the feet of this universal Divine Goddess, because the mother is a Goddess.
Yes, but if the mother ...
No, I will not say it.
If the mother says: “What does it matter to me?” and if the mother throws herself down in the streets of the city, then the mother remains a Goddess for God and the space; one day she will awaken.
Do you feel the wonder of motherhood?
The academic says: “The wonder: a child is continually born and the child begins to cry and awakens.”
But the mother is God, is a Goddess of this space; and the father, the man who now possesses the creating organism, has to experience ages, must wait, he will stand at a standstill for ages.
This is why that man is ahead of the mother for the creating powers for art, music and everything that you have – a mother cannot take part in that, can you feel? – this is why that man is ahead of the mother in that; but it has no meaning, it does not matter.
The mother, she can give birth and create, for God, can you feel?
When the Masters finally have the world lying at their feet, when mankind lies at the feet of the Masters and the whole world has to listen, then the creating power will have to begin in order to serve motherhood, because that is everything; if the mother does not forget herself, of course.
I gave you beautiful pictures last year by means of the lectures, because I said one morning – do you still remember that, world, mankind?
(hits the microphone) – God gave you a mouth in order to eat and to drink, but not to tell evil.
God gave you a mouth in order to eat and to drink, but not to gossip or to sully or to talk nonsense – God gave you the growing universe – so do something else with it.
Now just look at society.
Mothers, what are you like?
Yes, by means of your giving birth, your attunement to God, society grows, and society starts to evolve.
Mankind is standing at a standstill, mankind no longer has any progress; the first people also had to accept that.
But the mother gives society inspiration, doesn’t she?
Mankind cannot be wiped out.
Thank God?
No, that thank God lives in you, because you do it yourself anyway.
New life comes, new evolution.
But, but we hammered, hammered ourselves out of the Divine harmony as father and mother.
Not beaten, but really hammered.
We broke the life there.
We could not stand it that there was any more life in our vicinity and said: “Go away!”
And then we started with murder.
And as a result of that Master Alcar says: “Look, we can now see, which of these two committed that murder.”
Because is it not true, do you not ask for your own stage: “Who attracted this child?”
Who has to do with the soul, which is now present in the mother, the father or the mother?
Why does that child look so much like the mother?
Why does that child look so much like the father?
Father, you hang your visiting card for God on your wall as a result of that.
She walks next to you; it can be good, it can be beautiful, but it can also be your karma, do you see?
You created disharmony in a previous life and now you can see exactly from the face of your child, who attracted that child.
You do not need to ask the cosmos, your God and Christ and the clairvoyant: “Who attracted that child?”
Just look at the nose and you will know.
But then you will also be faced with your destruction, or probably with your receiving, because you now live in a time of consciousness, your life, your personality has grown so much that you can already receive.
Do you not know that?
If father and mother booze and a child of five years says to the father and the mother: “Why do you always go to bars and pubs to booze?
What good is it to you?” and the child of six and seven later takes the parents to the normal, then you get something – do you see – then that is a Divine gift.
Also if you experience society and you get a higher feeling and thinking from the human being.
You do not pay anything for it, you have no respect for it, and society has no respect for it, for thinking and feeling.
But this, which you get from God and the space, cannot be bought, nor with material, that can only be bought with your cordiality, your benevolence, and your life of feeling.
And even then the initiate for the temples, astral world and the macrocosmos says: “Lay that at the feet of Him, who came to earth and was beaten for me.”
We do not want that anyway.
You do not want that either.
Does the mother wish to be thanked for the child, which she gave birth to?
She does not want that.
And then you get your benevolent, feeling, true kiss, the universal kiss, the kiss from the macrocosmos.
Not one that is on the bible and damns, but your universal kiss, the being one of man and woman for creation, for this growing universe in you.
If only I could continue, but I must go further, the earth is calling me back.
The first people there say: “Where are you?” do you see?
Yes, children, I am here.
I am here.
They started to ask and to search – I said – they no longer had any sun.
And as a result of this searching, searching – do you feel ...
You ask for inspiration – I told you – you do not know what inspiration is; we experienced that.
They started to search, for what?
For the sun.
And what does the sun belong to?
It belongs to the earth.
And then they came of their own accord, and as a result of their searching they drifted in that direction.
Now I can dwell upon this and now I can materialize and if necessary spiritualize the moment for you when the All-Source began with that growing – can you feel? – that awakening, the pouring out of the hazes.
Every moment can be seen again at the beginning of creation.
But those people started to search, they started to wonder: “Where is the sun?
Where is the light?
What happened?”
Yes, I was not good; they did not even have that realization.
I was ill; they did not even feel that.
Something changed; the light has gone.
And because they started to search, they came to earth again and then they saw the human being, they lived in that aura.
“My God”, they could not say.
They did not have: “Good heavens, the universe, Master”.
They knew that it was their kind.
They were like animals; they had animal-like feeling and saw their wives and their husbands.
They were there, they lived there and reached oneness.
Then the first ... originated ...
They reached oneness.
The human being on earth attracted the mother, the mother descended into the mother, into the own grade of life – do you see? – not into that lower.
Six different grades of life originated, I told you.
What we see here in the cosmos the human being also experienced that in his own stage.
We will experience six different grades of life – seven – we will go through the human organism to the white race (see and that is also for the soul.
You read that in ‘The Origin of the Universe’, you read that in ‘The Peoples of the Earth’ and especially also in ‘Spiritual Gifts.’
Then they were one, on earth the highest grade is now possessed by the astral personality, isn’t it?
The lower ones cannot be reached, because those lower ones cannot be reached.
Why not?
(Someone gives an answer.)
It is that: the same feeling.
If you not have any oneness, there will not be any connection either.
What is the oneness of a violinist with the tone, the sound of the timbre, which the composer laid down for him?
What is that?
The oneness of the sound, and that is the virtuoso.
And that is for everything in the space.
Now we get to see – I will now give you that picture – that the human being, the highest grade, is possessed by the astral personality and he lives on earth again.
But now the human being does not have any consciousness.
Now I will show you – we will lay those foundations, now you can experience that – the growing of consciousness becomes dangerous.
It is not dangerous if the human being just thinks things through.
Why must a child of the earth be a religious maniac, do you see?
Can you become mad from this?
It is not possible, if it becomes too heavy for you, you will walk away of your own accord.
But those people live in the earthly personality, that man and woman, and are one.
About sick insanity ... insanity – that word, which belongs to your time – that is not there and yet that human being there is possessed.
He is one again with the astral self, the human being who has lived on the earth and has completed his cycle.
Now I am faced – I will not achieve this anymore this morning – now I am faced with a long path, which we will experience together, as a result of which we can also follow our walk in society and that growing now – what the macrocosmos experienced, isn’t it, I told you that anyway, I wanted to give you that, and we did not achieve it again – as a result of which the human being sees his first, spiritual, pure, harmonic thought for the spiritual, astral personality again.
How did the Spheres of Light originate?
Because we must take that walk.
Because if you absorb these lectures into you properly, then there will be nothing else for you of the macrocosmos or of the bible or for psychology, then you will know yourself completely, then you will experience yourself completely, that will be your possession.
The growing universe lives in the human being.
We completed the cycle of the earth.
We have come back again to the earth; we are back in the human being, in the mother.
Man and wife are living it up and are starting to explore, they eat, they drink, they look with those mothers through the eyes, and they see the sun again.
Sooner or later there comes again: “What is that actually?
We live,” – now you will get the difference – “we live here.
If I free myself, I will ...”
He will walk away from it just like that.
He, the astral personality, can release himself from that woman, that man.
He goes out of it and starts to thinks, he comes that far, after ages of course, after centuries, because he is attached to the material for centuries, he is connected to fatherhood and motherhood on earth from the astral world for centuries.
Centuries pass and suddenly he says, he feels: “I know why it becomes dark.
I am the person as a result of which that body lives, they do not know that, but I know that, because they do not know that I am here.”
There is more, they are standing talking to each other.
What comes out over those lips is: “Bw woe who wuwho,” that is the language which you can still experience in the jungle, “bww wu wau.”
Just laugh, I am not laughing anyway.
They feel, they understand, they start to search, if only those children could just say: “Good heavens, my God, what is happening here?”
But it is not that, it is only feeling, and yet this is everything.
They start to feel, they look at the space, they become free from the human being.
They see the sun rising, there is light again on earth, in this space ... and now the human being follows that light.
If you see those pictures of the first people who completed their cycle of the earth and as a result of which their growing consciousness begins ...
They just follow that light, they go away from those people and walk, because they want to possess that light, they want to take it along, they want to pick the sun from the universe.
And towards evening, night comes again.
The days were shorter at that time, I can also dwell upon this.
What is the light of the space like now?
The light of the space has received the power of a summer morning, and when you see the first dawn on earth, the light is like that.
And five seconds later, when the sun sends the first reflection behind the earth to the universe, the power of the sun in the universe is like that light.
A little bit more consciousness, more light, is also the light and the growing feeling of the human being, do you see?
The sun for the evolution of the macrocosmos, the sun for the growing and the human being; they are one.
There is no difference either in the universe or in the human being, or difference for fatherhood and motherhood, for that soul, for that spirit, that personality.
We see the consciousness of the human being again in the universe.
Well, you cannot do that.
If people ask us: “What is the consciousness like on earth at the moment?”
Then we say: “When the sun is at the highest point during the day, then I will establish the consciousness of this mankind and then I will look into the hour work of the macrocosmos.”
We can do that, and you can too.
When the sun has reached the highest point and the radiance of the creating power comes over the earth and through the universe ... that is the consciousness of the highest grade of life.
The human being is not further than the space.
The space, the fatherhood and motherhood of the space, is not further than the human being possesses in feeling.
Is this not interesting?
You are not a gram of feeling further than the sun possesses in light, otherwise the sun will smother your life of feeling – do you see? – that is macrocosmically one.
But that human being follows the sun, the sun goes down.
“How is that possible?”
He returns to the earth.
He experienced that a thousand times: after the sun, the sun back again.
“My God”, yes, you see, we also talk in ‘The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof’ “My God, my God.”
And Master Alcar says: “But that God is still not there.”
Yes, that God is there – this is all Divine – but we do not yet have the feeling for it.
Do you feel, when you say: “Good heavens” and “Good God”, then you are already attached to the bible, then you already think from the human, present stage and that is not possible, because we still lived in the prehistoric age.
There is nothing ...
(Master Zelanus says to a member of the audience who is leaving the hall before the end of the lecture:) Are you standing up already?
I still have to begin.
There is nothing ...
(To the member of the audience again:) Just go then, I cannot do anything.
(To the audience:) Will we continue this evening?
(Hall:) “Yes, please.”
Please, you say, do you mean that?
(Hall:) “Yes.”
Then we will begin one morning from ten to ten, but woe betide, if you begin to yawn. (laughter)
Woe betide, if you sit turning again and I get the feeling: this is boring me a bit ... then we run away.
Well, I thank you.
That human being is searching.
I will just close this for this morning and then we will get the next session.
You will feel, I keep wanting to continue, but then we will lose so much.
I want to show you the universe quickly.
I had intended to go to the fourth cosmic grade; I cannot do that, of course.
Do you wish me to lay foundation upon foundation?
(Hall:) “Yes.”
Foundation upon foundation for your spirit, your personality, your fatherhood, your motherhood?
You will get other titles of course.
This morning is called: ‘The growing universe for the human being, for your life of feeling’.
And then we will call the following session: ‘The growing universe for the human personality’.
Won’t we?
I must receive everything anyway.
But remember this: that human being is searching, that human being is asking, that human being came free from the earth.
Free from the macrocosmos?
No, the material cosmos – can you see? – but he is free from the material, physical laws.
The human being has experienced a cycle for the physical grades of life – can you feel? – from a physical point of view, but received by the macrocosmos.
Now feel a bit for sun, moon and stars.
Just sit on the terrace, as André always did.
Really sit down on a bench in the evening if it is good weather, do not get a cold and go into each other and say: “Mother, mother, all of this belongs to us.”
You do not need to storm at that life, academic, by letting off a rocket, because that rocket must reach explosion, expansion in you and under your heart and it is that, that gives the power of a rocket to one thought. Academic, give that the power of that rocket, your V-2s, the power of a V-2.
Live at the same attunement as the human will which is in you and forms a part of your personality.
The human being is that strong as a result of his will.
What do you have of that?
What do you have of this asking questions?
There is sun, moon and stars.
You have reached the cycle of the earth.
The human being starts to search, the human being follows the sun, the human being starts to see – he came back – that the earth on which they walk, that material there, that starts to revolve.
That light has not gone, it rises out above the earth.
He stands above the earth, which is now a dot, which is now a crescent, like that (blackboard).
The earth ... the moon, you always see the full moon, you see the moon full, don’t you?
But the earth can never be experienced full in the space; always a crescent, from the existence of the earth, you know that anyway, don’t you?
(Someone asks:) “How does that happen?”
Because the earth always has night and because the moon shows itself on one side.
You see the full load of motherhood.
But the earth makes a full revolution and the moon does not.
The earth does that in a quick consciousness, the moon does not; do you feel?
So the growth in order to see fatherhood, that for the macrocosmos, continued like that.
You get the revolution of the moon, it took a while longer.
But the earth does it in only a short time, this is why you have received a day and a night, and those people experienced that.
But the earth still possesses ...
Yes, the earth receives the consciousness for the day.
Yes indeed.
But you feel when you have day here in Holland, then another, Eastern climate has night.
And then you also get nights which last five, six and seven weeks, when that point ... – you all see: which point reaches consciousness and which point receives the centrifugal power of the space, but we are not talking about that now.
Those people seek the sun.
Those people developed themselves independently and then they stood above the earthly, human, physical consciousness and now – and we will end it with that, my children – without God, without bible, without Christ, without poetry, without books, they were not able to experience anything of your sciences.
And they travelled out above the earth and brought the growing universe in themselves to the spiritual awakening.
Does it mean anything to you?
Is that not wonderful?
Without God, without Christ, without bible, without a church, without a garment, that human being had nothing of anything that the present stage possesses, and rises above the earth.
Just look back at your prehistoric birth.
What do you possess now?
But as a result of this growing consciousness you would actually have to possess a lot more.
And what did the Masters do then?
I may not continue of course, do you see?
I must end this lecture.
Because now we make the way back together with the first human being through the macrocosmos.
Do you want that?
(Hall:) “Yes.”
The way back to the moon.
We experience the moon, we have experienced the universe, the macrocosmos, the All-Mother, the All-Source, from her stage.
But now we go back from the earth and we will see how those first people grew, how they received that universe within them which was created for them, and you understand your own physical, but especially and above all your inner evolution, the awakening of your spiritual personality for the present stage in which you live; without God, without Christ, without being able to experience the feeling of what is love, what is truth?
There was not yet a righteousness, an administration of justice, because the human being experienced his administration of justice by means of his own life – do you see? – he made amends again.
There is a Divine administration of justice, but where does that Divine justice live?
In your life.
Is that not natural?
What does the judge have?
Will I tell you something nice?
Your father is a follower.
What did your father have during the time when he was on earth?
Administration of justice?
My God, look at a grass hopper, look at the animal, look at the people, look at the space and you will see theDivine administration of justice and that is not for sale, it cannot be paid for.
You get that for nothing?
No, you are that, because you are Gods.
The human being is a Deity.
The human being has a universe-consciousness.
The human being grows universally, physically, spiritually and for the personality.
The human being already gets the Divine laws of life as spaces and as systems in his hands.
That is the gift of the Masters for this morning.
I hope that you are never angry at me again.
I hope that you never forget your motherhood again; even if you cannot give birth anymore, now give birth by means of your thoughts.
Because you must give the character traits inspiration.
You can only take the character traits to the spatial awakening by letting a character trait grow.
One word now follows and then I will not have forgotten anything.
That is only possible, my sisters and brothers, by experiencing Golgotha and by experiencing and by accepting the Christ and the life in love.
I thank you for your kind attention.