The growing universe for the human personality

Good morning, my sisters and brothers.
This morning you will get the journey: the cycle of the earth, and straight through to your universal awakening.
We stopped at: when the first human being had completed his cycle.
I want to connect this with the birth of Christ this morning.
We will see and experience how the Divine consciousness came to earth, and how one can later return in order to give something to the human being, how one will awaken, how one will evolve with regard to fatherhood, motherhood, spirit, space and your Divine attunement.
I told you about the human being who had completed his cycle; you will soon experience that too.
But we will remain in contact with the first people, because the Christ will be born from there.
I connected you with the moment that the human being could free himself from the material systems, that he returned to his astral world and I meanwhile laid down a few foundations, as a result of which we could experience, could see the mentality, the conscious personality for the present.
We asked: what does the parapsychologist know, and what does the psychologist know, and what does the bible know, and what do the conscious beings of this world know about the laws ‘beyond the coffin’, the laws of life and death, the laws of the space?
We made a journey through the space from the moon, through the secondary planets, we returned to the earth and now we have reached the highest grade of life for our life.
Mother Earth is ready, we have entered the white race (see and now it will happen.
We were searching, we were busy wondering about, feeling the light of space, and that light had disappeared, the sun had gone.
The human being stands for himself.
What is the human being now?
Do not compare those people, the prehistoric age, with the present stage in which you live.
The present stage: you have to get to know God, you know whether you do wrong or good; you have had to accept the Christ, you have received your bible, you have received arts and sciences.
Arts and sciences.
You now know a little bit about your inner life.
But is that true?
Is that all true?
You must and you will be able to accept it – I was allowed and could explain it to you – because the books were given to you.
You can form your own opinion, you can experience the laws, and you see different scenes on earth as a result of which you can establish that the human being lives ‘beyond the coffin’.
And the first people who had completed the cycle of the earth got to experience that, got to see that; they were standing on top of that.
You will experience your Divine cycle this morning.
We are talking about a human cycle, about taking possession of, conquering the earth.
But what is the earth with regard to the macrocosmic system?
Nothing, it is just a spark.
And yet, by going from planet to planet, the human being entered an organism.
Now you have, the human being has lived for millions of years.
The human being got millions of years, millions of ages, lives in succession in order to be able to evolve.
What is universal consciousness?
When you will soon leave the earth, you will be faced with a new law: either you will return or you will continue for your spiritual personality.
It does not matter what that personality is like.
You will see that when you experience harmonically the laws of the space, of Mother Nature, then you will continue consciously and you will lay foundations for your inner life, your astral personality.
These people were searching for the sun and that is very simple, they had lost it, they had lost it.
Science does not know whether the human being thinks inwardly or outwardly.
Where does the thinking begin?
People do not yet know how the thinking works.
However, the human being who becomes free from ‘the coffin’, who becomes free from this organism, who starts to walk, who thinks, that being has his world and his space according to his feeling; and those people still had nothing, they only had themselves, but that self is everything, that self is universally Divine.
But the human being must bring the Divine systems to awakening by means of Mother Nature, by means of fatherhood and motherhood, the human being must bring those feelings and thoughts, those character traits to awakening.
And that is not so simple, and yet – I said it a moment ago – you are standing on top of it, it is you yourself, you have that in your own hands.
The human being – I told you – returned, he came there, he woke up, he started to search, he started to ask: “Where is that sun and where are the others?”
Well, where are the others?
When the human being started to think, he had already attracted himself, he already attuned himself to the material life, didn’t he?
You still experience telepathic feelings every day, you can suddenly tell: “I feel ... that one is coming”, and he is standing before you.
You can feel what will happen, you can look and feel into the past, into the future.
That is the sensitive human being of feeling.
The human being, who comes into contact with other thinking and feeling, is attracted, is inspired, and driven.
The human being who gets the unity with a space is attracted by that life.
And in this way the first people who had completed their cycle of the earth were attracted. These people returned to earth, descended into the organism – we experienced that – the woman descended into the mother, the man into the man and now they experience the material life from the astral world.
All of that mankind, those millions of children were possessed at this moment.
I cannot dwell upon this.
I must continue, because we now get to see the sick and the natural insanity.
What is natural and what is sick?
As the human being developed ... we will soon see that when the spiritual personality continues, we will perceive and see and establish that that development means precisely the destruction for the masses, also for the individual.
Because the more the human being expands himself, the deeper the evil, the disintegration, the destruction becomes for himself.
Those people still had nothing, but the first disturbances – I told you – the being reincarnated, the reincarnation was already present, because there were three and there were four children there.
We have reached that moment and now we will continue.
We want to see what those people experience there, we want to experience what we feel ourselves and what charges at us when we see those worlds, when we have to conquer those worlds, after which the universal awakening comes to us.
Universal consciousness means that you are one with the macrocosmos, that you can and will have to conquer all of this, because the human being is a Divine personality, possesses a Divine core.
These people returned to the earth and started to see that they could help those lives, and that took centuries.
They experienced the material organism for centuries and centuries, and if you cannot accept this, then look at your mental institutions, your psychopathy and you will know it.
These people were possessed in the good, because the human being needed light again.
He wanted to experience the light of the space, and there was no more to it.
He got his food and his drink, because he was not free from his hunger and his thirst.
But what does it mean?
I let you experience the picture of how the first human being there – when we had drawn that on that one morning – the first human being, the first embryonic life, experienced that existence.
We must accept that that very first cell possessed more consciousness, more feeling than the rest, which could – because the moon would divide itself as mother for this space – still begin with an own life.
We saw that those first cells reached evolution: the reincarnation, the death, the first love, fatherhood, motherhood, you now know all of that.
And now we see in this vastness, in this invisible world which still possesses life, we also see the first people who had left their cycle of the earth, who had reached the cycle of the earth and possess that life of feeling.
They return, they reach unity, they experience the mother, and they experience the father.
And after centuries the conscious beings came together and said: “We will take a walk, we want to see whether there are more people living.”
And now they begin to take possession of the earth.
They come to other peoples, they all still live in the jungle, and there are still no cities.
And truly, people live there, the highest grade lives there, and they are people like themselves.
And again they descend into those lives, they experience again the material organism, the thinking and feeling, and they establish for themselves: when they start to protect that human being, that awakening, that warmth, that feeling enters them.
Feeling ...
“One wrong thought ...” the first one says, who is speaking.
I told you: they still do not know any language there, but they look into each other’s eyes.
They make it clear to each other that when you protect those people from wrong things, from hatred, evil and destruction, that they get a different feeling; a luminous feeling!
Yes, what happens now that they experience these people, now that they elevate, bring these people to awakening?
Every wrong thought placed them on the earth; they did not become free; they felt heavy, they were really material, they possessed that gravity.
And when they started to experience that human being for the good they rose out above themselves, do you feel?
You will soon get to see that, later, in other ages for other centuries and then the better, the delicate, the sensitive, spiritual self rises out above the material laws and you get to see and to experience the conquering of a grade of life.
They went upwards.
When these people had experienced the earth, they wanted to establish how that sun darkened.
And when they experienced those people and did good, they received the universal balance in their hands, they were sent to that space of their own accord, upwards, they evolved, they awakened.
Because they understood that they had got a same, an own world and a space, they started to feel: we live in there.
When something happens and the body becomes sick and we must take leave of the organism, then we are thinking and feeling consciousness.
The human being established these laws for himself and that is possible ‘beyond the coffin’.
The human being experienced the laws of life for soul, spirit and space.
And then they come, ten, twenty people, men and women together.
He says: “Come, let us move, we can continue anyway.”
And they continued and finally – it was night on earth – they rose out above the earth and the light returned.
They understood: there is no darkness, there is no night.
They went back to the earth again, they experienced the day again.
As the light darkened in the space, they elevated themselves again and established the cycle for the planet.
Then these souls awakened.
They started to understand that they were a part of this space, of this universal self.
And now they went to other planets.
They returned to that earth a thousand times, they experienced the father and the mother a thousand times, sun and the earth, night, light and darkness.
That was their first exploring, that was the first awakening, the spatial awakening in the human being.
If the human being wants to give himself universal consciousness, then he must begin to feel his earth, his inner life, it is only then that the inspiration comes for the next step.
And these people were able to do that.
Once they understood the earth, they said: “Come, we will continue.”
They went to other planets, they returned, further.
Was there life?
No, there is no life.
And gradually they went to the moon, they were attracted by it.
They started to feel that life, they started to understand that life and when they arrived there, experienced the fish stage – the moon in full working – then that life started to speak to them.
Looking, seeking, experiencing, they descended from grade to grade.
From grade to grade they started to absorb those laws, fatherhood and motherhood into themselves and they already received the earthly, the spatial, the moon consciousness in their hands.
From the fish stage they returned.
Every grade attracted those lives, because they had experienced those lives for that matter, those states, and those bodies.
Those bodies attracted the personality and they experienced a new stage.
Gradually they returned to the beginning of the creation.
As we now experienced and had to describe that for the cosmology, we returned into the Divine All, from our consciousness, back into the All-Mother, but for the stage when there was still no visible life.
These people returned of their own accord and you will soon do that when you are ‘beyond the coffin’.
Then you go back through the planets in this way, from your own consciousness, feeling and thinking.
Or the Master suddenly says: “I will place you before the Divine moment, I will place you before your own universal Divine fatherhood and motherhood.”
These people must return.
They experienced millions of grades of life, they experienced millions of laws of life.
There was no bible, no God, no Christ, they only had themselves and the face, the awakening, the experiencing, the searching.
The human being who now searches, the human being who longs, the human being who is faced with the laws, is now universally, Divinely, spatially inspired.
And once those laws have touched you, you never release yourself again; and they could not either.
Gradually they returned and are now faced with the first embryonic life.
They experience the spark, the life which we have experienced here together.
They descend into it and gradually there is no more life.
They return to the first hazes and now what?
And those hazes dissolve again and then they are suddenly faced with the awe-inspiring occurrence that that moon dissolves; there is no longer any material.
You will feel, they must experience and they must follow that evolution.
And there is a thread, a thread that connects them with the All-Source because they can accept body after body.
The human organism takes them to the grades of life, the times of condensing, fatherhood and motherhood.
And then they can say: “Yes, we are that, I am that.”
They think back, back from there to the earth, they fly in thoughts, in feeling through the space, but they have got to know the laws.
And then the moment comes when the universe was shrouded in a golden haze.
They look into the golden consciousness, which means: the seventh grade for the universe, the revealing of fatherhood, and absorb that life of feeling into them.
Vibrations come, movement comes again, the universe relaxes, slowly the light becomes hazy; do you see?
The universe experienced that before, and they also continue with that, they can also experience that, they can also accept that, because the truth lives above and in them.
Now creation begins to evolve on the way back to the All-Mother.
And when that moment comes, when the darkness overcomes them and they feel the silence of this awe-inspiring life, then they are one with the All-Mother before creation still had to begin.
They move, they can go where they want, they have the light.
I let you experience that moment one morning.
They saw light and they were still in darkness; fatherhood was there and motherhood is there, they are one.
They whisper their life of feeling to each other.
And then the Divine word comes for the first time; the All-Mother lets the child of herself, feel and experience for itself.
It is as if this universe is speaking: “Can you feel me?
Are we one?
Did I give birth to you?”
The silence is awe-inspiring ...
The human being feels that an awe-inspiring power is present which he is a part of.
But the look, the consciousness, the universal feeling and thinking aimed with regard to the creation, the material awakening, now takes them straight back to the earth and they see the possessed human being there, the human being whom they experienced, but also the human, earthly, cosmic evolution.
“Can you now accept that you were born from me?”
Millions of books can be written about this and we will have to accept here that from this nothingness, what is then nothingness and yet possesses life, that from this awe-inspiring, deep life of feeling, which is then the All-Mother, everything which the earth, which the universe, which Mother Nature brought to condensing, to materialization, must be present.
The human being is one with his God.
Yes, but what is God?
What they were able to establish is only life, is space, they are planets, it is condensed and hardened material; they are trees, they are flowers, the children of Mother Nature, it is the animal world.
And they are there, feel one with that power, they start to see, they start to feel.
It is as if the heart of this space opens.
It is as if the heart, the blood circulation, the nervous system of this space speaks to their personality and they start to experience that, they start to see that, with their eyes closed.
But one in feeling and thinking, they experienced the All-Source, the All-Life, the All-Light.
Yes, they knew that light.
They experienced the All-Soul, the All-Fatherhood and the Motherhood, because man and wife stand here in the All-Mother hand in hand, one, and are twin souls of one colour, souls of one grade of life, material and spiritual and will give it to the earth one day, when mankind had reached that height.
And then the first Master says in feeling: “You see, you feel that we originated from all of this, because we have experienced the embryonic life, haven’t we?”
We must accept that we have covered a universal path and our universal awakening will feel that, and for our personality that means that we will also awaken harmonically.
That will mean what we are one with everything, with every thought, that is how all of this originated.
We will experience the source of power when we continue, because I feel: this is infinite.
What is infinity?
That we can experience grade after grade, that we from the embryonic fish stage ...
There we are fish, we live in the waters, but here we are on the land, we are human beings!
We have got an organ, we can think: what am I like?
And still these lives have reached the earth, the cycle of the earth for the first time.
They go away, they release themselves from the moon stage.
They free themselves from the All-Mother.
A feeling enters this life, which can say: “I am that.
It is the All-Source in the human being; it is the All-Mother, it is God in the human being.
From all of this you are born and through all of this you have got yourself.
Through this your cycle started to expand, you grow, as all my life received that growth.
I created planets, I created material from breath of life, life blood.”
Can you now accept if – you now live in 1950, in the twentieth century – can you now accept that between this moment and the human being there, the first human being who completed his cycle of the earth, who was faced with his universal awakening, can you accept that hundreds of millions, billions of centuries and ages passed and that you are still a human being?
Yes, you are a human being, but what are you like inside?
They release themselves, because they continue, they do not stand still in this world.
Yes, they lie down, they go to sleep, and they let themselves float by means of that power.
They want to experience that infinity, they continue, hand in hand.
They fly, they have learned concentrating, the power, the moving on the human thoughts, they can do that.
They make themselves one, they become spatially deep, but there is no end.
They return to the place where they have been.
Where they just feel, where they just think, where they just want to feel that life, it comes to them: “It is still I.
You are universal, you are spatially deep as I possess my depth as light, as the life, as fatherhood and motherhood, because they are the essential laws as a result of which I spiritualized and by which I materialized myself.”
The human being goes, frees himself, these people free themselves from the All-Source, they return, again through the embryonic life.
They now go through the fish stage, move to a new planet, come to Mars, come to the other secondary planets and now make their universal journey through the universe and return to the place where they lived.
What happened meanwhile on earth?
A hundred thousand years passed.
They needed a journey of a hundred thousand years, a hundred ages in order to absorb that space into themselves.
But what happened in the meantime?
Mother Earth continued, the body comes upright, more people come to the highest grade of life.
There is still possession.
But the core of this mankind, the first thinking and feeling – people, I will come back to this at the end of my lecture – the first thinking and feeling for the human being will be: bring yourself to awakening!
If you do not begin with that, you will also stand still for eternity and at a standstill.
Do they begin to think and to feel for themselves?
No, they begin to think and feel for their spatial life of feeling, their Divine attunement.
And that is wonderful.
If you soon ask me, when we were faced with the philosophical systems and started to analyze them with regard to Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Pythagoras, ancient Egypt, the temples in British India, then we can immediately begin with the analysis and take you through and to an infallible path, which immediately connects you with your deep Divine self as attunement.
Yes, what do you want?
They must begin, because this is their expansion, their awakening.
This is the word; this is the love, this is the feeling.
And when the first ones are back again on earth and come to each other and say: “Look, the material human being lives there.
We are the first ones who have the realization, the feeling and the consciousness that we have awakened.
We have the feeling and the knowledge: do not do that, do that differently.
Take the human being to the light, to the universe and stay away from that human personality.
If we connect ourselves with that human being, then we are material and if we elevate the human being from this space in the material by this awakening, this evolving, and serve him, then we spiritualize ourselves.
Because every good thought and every good feeling is the awakening for our self.”
And what happens now?
The human being on earth gets fire.
They learned how those laws went through each other, they saw how those material powers touched each other and a spark originated.
They could experience and feel that by means of the evolution of Mother Earth and the space.
And then they took stone, rubbed it together and the human being received light; the first development, the first becoming conscious.
The human being kept getting a hold of a new grade.
And as this material occurrence, the deed received reality from the spiritual being, that was also a material foundation for the technical wonders which would originate later.
The material, human, physical evolving has begun, hasn’t it?
But they continue.
Now, from the cycle of the earth – you can receive a wonderful picture – the first ones continue.
Meanwhile those first ones grew to millions.
In the astral world we now see the seven transitions.
They are still sitting there, they are still standing in darkness, but light comes because they have a Divine attunement.
And how must that attunement awaken?
How must that happen?
Now you can see, now we are faced with the moment that the human being must begin himself in order to take himself to that awakening.
And if you then just say: “That still means nothing to me, I will soon see and experience that ‘beyond the coffin’.
Well, if there is life, then I will master that life.”
But here you will see that this is the eternity; there is no death!
A coffin is just an earthly, material product.
These people continued.
And as they served the life, as they sent the life upwards, more light, more feeling entered the human being.
These are the hells.
If the Masters come to the earth later in order to give a faith to the human being, then they meant: here in those dark worlds, those seven grades of evolution.
Because we got to know those grades as laws of life for the planets and stars, we had to accept them, we had to experience them.
We passed into those awe-inspiring powers of feeling and see them again there in the astral world.
We established that the other planets do not yet possess any earthly, spiritual consciousness.
We were able to see that neither Mars nor the moon nor the secondary planets have to represent a hereafter, because the human being is not yet that far.
The human being first gets that consciousness through Mother Earth, because the earth is a child of sun and moon, the earth will possess the highest consciousness for this universe.
One, two, three, four transitions were experienced there because they take themselves to that awakening.
The lower character traits dissolve, these people become human beings; this is the prehistoric being.
Well, what do you wish to experience of the prehistoric being with regard to your own stage?
You look low at that individual, you look down low at this jungle instinct, but this jungle instinct to which the first ones, the highest conscious beings belonged, came outside God, without Christ, without bible, without art; there was nothing, they did not know any scribble!
And yet these lives awakened.
They got personality, they continued, more light came.
They came from the third, the fourth, the fifth, and the sixth grade for the light and this awakening, this evolution.
And truly, more light comes, more space, they start to see themselves, they have received another garment, the body has changed, their organism is beautiful, radiant, sensitive.
They fall down and now – believe me – now the first prayer originated.
No, the very first thanking of that space, or whatever it is, that the human being lived, that the human being possessed feeling to be life of this space and to be able to accept: yes, we belong to this and if possible all of this already lies in my hands.
The human being carries the macrocosmos on his hands, the human being possesses the macrocosmos; his universal, spiritual awakening had begun.
Meanwhile life on earth continues, meanwhile people build.
Century after century passes, age after age.
The astral world continues, life on earth continues, death and birth, reincarnation.
There is nothing to destroy, even if the human being violates those and those grades of life, the animal, even if he commits murder; he must return, because nature repairs itself.
There are four children there, five children, there are mothers there with seven children.
The disharmony has started; I showed you.
But that does not mean anything, we will let all of that be.
We do not want anything to do with that this morning, we will continue.
We follow the first human being.
We follow our human, spatial, universal awakening.
The first sphere, the first grade of life for happiness, for the good, for the harmony, for the human personality, for fatherhood and motherhood comes about.
The human being brings himself that far.
The human being floats through the space.
The human being gets that space in his possession.
On earth the human being continues, on the Other Side people continue; sphere after sphere comes about.
But sphere after sphere means that the human being also possesses feeling; he floats through the space, he connects himself with the earth, the Masters have originated.
The universal conscious beings have already been born and then the highest consciousness can say to the other, to the human being, to the brother, the sister: “Who are we?
What am I?
We have come in the light; you saw, you experienced it.
We came from the moon, we have made a spatial journey, and body after body is always ready for it.
Who has this in his hands?
Who is so infallible that we can keep going further?
And now we experience the light, the good, the thinking, the harmony.”
They continue to build, they finish the first sphere; they do not know that, but they continue to serve.
They bring the human being on earth little things; by means of which, life on earth is made more pleasant, by means of which the human being can feel happy.
One wonder after another comes, do you see?
The human being on earth receives material, physical consciousness from the Spheres of Light, because there is already light there.
But that light was not there.
The human being on earth wonders at this moment, now that you have received God, now that you have received Christ, now that you have received the bible and a faith, arts and sciences, the human being wonders: “How do I reach awakening?
What must I do?”
Just pray?
No, this cannot be prayed for.
Here you cannot pray to the Deity, the universe; they have to accept and to experience those laws of life.
And because they experienced that oneness, they came higher, further, their inner life expanded.
The first, the second, the third, the fourth, the fifth, the sixth sphere, transitions, transitions for the spiritual consciousness come about and then they enter the seventh sphere.
Now what?
Their world is one light, one harmony.
Not a letter has been written or recorded, that was still not there.
They know nothing that you now possess in your own consciousness for your own age.
But they had feeling and their feeling and thinking passed their lips.
They formed the first language, the first speaking and then that happened externally, while they experienced their inner oneness.
There everything was born which the earth will soon receive, as a result of which the earth, mankind receives consciousness.
There everything is founded, first built up spiritually and then people will materialize this.
The human being stands in the seventh sphere.
The moon is still at full working, at full power.
The universe evolves, stars and planets take their places, and fatherhood and motherhood dominate.
They continue.
They reach the feeling, they come higher, therefore more and more rarefied in their thinking, in their being one.
How do you have to awaken?
Be rarefied, be kind, and be loving, we will soon record that.
If they enter a new world, this world lets go of them, this world must remain behind, they receive more consciousness.
If this had been the end, the seventh sphere, then the human being would not have known any Divine All, any universe, any All-Source.
But they continue, there is always expansion.
Then the first ones come, they stand there ... they already feel, they already see, they see the others, that they become hazy.
“What is the matter with you, what will happen to you?
Where is this going?
You are so rarefied.”
They go through the organisms with their hands.
And a while later, floating, feeling, thinking, serving, they dissolve for the seventh sphere.
There the life will begin as the human being experienced that on the moon, as the human being has had to accept that for all the planets.
They begin again in an embryonic life, but the space will also condense itself again.
Because what happened in the meantime?
Every insect, every life will evolve, will grow, will condense itself, will materialize and spiritualize itself.
And now Mother Moon has, the sun has, the stars and planets which had already received their consciousness, their materialization have, they have created a new universe, they have created a new evolution.
And now, now that they come to life again, they are now conscious, they know exactly how they will be born.
They know fatherhood and motherhood and descend again into the embryonic.
The embryonic existence takes them on.
From the embryonic consciousness this human being already looks to the space and can say: “Just a while and I will speak, I will know.”
My sisters and brothers, the fourth cosmic grade comes about.
How that all happened, I cannot stand still for millions of ages in only a few seconds.
You have already read that in the books ‘The Origin of the Universe’ and you can now accept it.
That world, that fourth cosmic grade, a new solar system means: a higher thinking and feeling, a new evolution.
Exactly as this universe originated.
Yes indeed, with suns and planets.
But now there are six grades of life, I had wanted to draw them for you – but I did not think that was necessary this morning – I had wanted to draw in order to conjure up for you those six transitions as conscious, existing planets, but they are there: there is the mother planet, there is the first planet.
The human being on earth needs so many years in order to die, in order to be released from the material organism, in order to then return.
There life is already eternal.
There are no more illnesses, no more destruction, there is no lying or deceiving.
There is only love and happiness, harmony.
Harmony with regard to all the life in this space.
The universal thinking awakens, the human being reaches inspiration, the human being can say: I am spatially deep, and I conquered all of this which I have now experienced.
I told you before: just look at the sun, moon and stars with this consciousness and you can say: “What can still happen to us?
What can happen to me?
All of this belongs to me”, and your pettiness, your unconsciousness will fall away from you.
But you do not want to be Gods anyway.
Well, do not rise too high, do not go too far if you do not yet have it, because then that spiritual slap will come soon.
But we continue.
We will experience God, we will see how the Christ came.
We will see who Christ is, how this life was born.
The fourth cosmic grade comes about, the fifth; that took mill-, mill-, millions of years, of course.
The creation is not a hundred million, not hundreds of billions of centuries old, but you can now speak for a million years, over millions of ages and then you will still not be there.
The academic can say: “That was millions of years and that was millions of years; we think that the creation is a hundred billion years old.”
But then there are creations again and how long did it take before the All-Mother became visible?
The fourth cosmic grade, the fifth – you see, transitions again, transitions ... – the sixth, and finally the human being becomes loose and free, and he stands in the All-Consciousness.
Now they can think and speak.
They walk on the border of an awe-inspiring world.
They were born again there, from the sixth cosmic grade, that universe.
They have experienced that universe again, they have absorbed that universal, Divine awakening in them; they are that.
Now the human being is, now ‘man and wife’ are a Deity; they are twin souls of one colour.
These people are cosmically, spatially, Divinely conscious.
When the Masters, when the first people have reached that attunement, that height, that time, then the first one, the most conscious life of feeling says to the others – and from time to time the others in the space of the earth had to accept that: “Was I born before you?
We are God, we are Gods.
We continue in order to build this up, we must serve, give this space more light, because we are source, we are fatherhood, we are motherhood.”
And now, what happens now?
Now contacts come about which will aid the Divine evolution, which have to represent universe-consciousness, fatherhood and motherhood.
The seventh grade returns to the sixth.
They make a journey, they continue from the sixth cosmic grade, that going back and forth again, that exploring and feeling again, that attuning, that oneness.
They return to the seventh cosmic grade, the Divine All, a space in a golden garment.
They saw that, but where?
They continue now.
In the Divine All they continue.
They also come on grades ... that space was golden yellow.
Well, what is golden yellow?
It is a golden haze with a violet-like radiance and silver-blue, all the colours of God manifest themselves in the Divine All.
They continue in order to experience those grades, they come higher and higher, and finally, finally this Divine All darkens.
What is this?
Darkness comes.
The highest conscious beings have returned into the All-Mother of before the creation.
They have not conquered their human, material thinking and feeling, they have not experienced any spiritual awakening or spatial, but they have completed their Divine cycle.
“And now we will see”, he who will soon be the Messiah says, “now we will see where that father, that mother lives.
Where is that God?
We are father, we are mother; we are giving birth and creating.
It is I, it is you, millions of lives originated.
But where is the voice? Where is the power? Where is the being who created us?”
They go in search of God.
They want to experience that source, that thinking and feeling, they want to experience that, they want to be one with that ... with God.
Who is it?
But they do not meet any being, only themselves.
They do not see any father who is sitting at a table and lets his hammer resound and says: “Just come to me, do you have nothing to say to me?” He cannot be seen there.
They live in a golden radiance, they see Mother Nature.
Meanwhile Mother Nature has also completed her task and reached the All-Consciousness.
They see: the birds come to them, they put themselves on their hands.
They fall down and shout: “Who created all of this?
What do we mean?
What must we do in this space?
Is there no voice?”
They fall down and now they reach – what they already experienced in the different, the lower grades of life – they reach the Divine oneness with the Divine All, with the All-Source.
The All-Source as father and mother, as light, life, love, soul, spirit, laws of growth, laws of hardening, speaks: “All of this”, that enters them, you see, that is the oneness, the spiritual feeling and experiencing, “all of that which you experienced, I am that, I am you.
You have my life, spatially deep, but I am not a shape.
I have manifested myself by means of you.
I am all of this.
You represent me as material, as light, life, love ... fatherhood and motherhood, but love!”
Well, there the Divine human being stands in his Divine All.
He does not see God as a person.
He does not see a table at which a God will speak justice.
That justice lives in themselves, they are that, because they have conquered the injustice and the destruction.
They drove and inspired spaces, because that power in there meant evolution.
They return even further and are back again in the All-Mother of before the creation; another step and the hazes reach condensing again, and they start to experience them.
And then a power in that space says: “Go, surrender to me and experience what I as a result of my thinking, my power ...
You can call me power, you can call me inspiration, you can call me fatherhood and motherhood, but I am also a will.
Where are you?”
The human being, the Divine human being opens his eyes and lives again in the jungle stage of Mother Earth.
“Where are you?”
“We are on earth, we lived here.”
“Then go back, close your eyes.
Where are you now?”
“In the seventh sphere on the Other Side.”
They can immediately orientate themselves.
“Where are you now?”
“The fourth cosmic grade.”
“Where are you now?”
“In the middle of the earth.
We are walking in the jungles, we see the destruction.”
Now feeling enters this life, now inspiration comes which says: “Where are you now?”
“We have returned into the All-Source.
We are conscious.
What must we call ourselves?”
And now these people are together and reach the state of purity, the feeling, the experiencing of their Deity and agree, no, and know that that child there on Mother Earth lives only in conscious good and evil.
“What should we do?”
Meanwhile the Masters from the fifth, the sixth, and the fourth cosmic grade, have returned to the seventh sphere and can say: “You see us, you have reached unity with us, you can accept our thoughts, our feelings, we have reached the Divine All.”
Grade after grade comes about.
“What do we have to do?
What must we do for the earth?”
“Build on the foundations, lay a faith.”
Yes, the Masters have already began with that.
When the first ones have reached the seventh sphere, they said: “Lay foundations on earth.”
And now you know the origin of Moses.
The Masters gave you ‘The Peoples of the Earth’; a picture of Moses, a human being who became free from the material systems and said: “My father, my sister and my brother, they do not know that I am alive.
But I am here!”
That human being starts to ask for a new birth, in order to tell the human being there that there is no death.
He lives and this space belongs to him!
Yes, even if that is a Land of Twilight, he is there.
Now the first contact comes.
The human being on earth gets a faith.
The human being on earth is built up by the Masters, by the conscious beings on the Other Side.
The life on earth gets consciousness, gets higher thinking and feeling, aimed at a Deity, at a power that has created all of this.
And now the Masters think, feel how people will have to call all of this.
Can you hear this?
How can we contain all of this so that the human being thinks that the Lord is speaking?
All of this, this power?
How can we join these powers and forces, spaces, immensities together into one power, as one consciousness, one feeling, so that the human being bows?
Because the human being will remain small with regard to this, because it lives in him.
But he will see it, he will feel insignificant and small when he experiences the spaces.
But he has attunement to that space, because fatherhood and motherhood are present.
And now faith comes to earth.
They do not know how they must reach that human being, I explained that to you by means of a lecture.
We gave twenty lectures about the peoples of the earth.
You experienced Moses, you know those laws, you now know how the life, how the awakening began on earth.
I told you one morning that the Masters did not add fire, but the Master, the human being on earth who received the feeling that he had to give the others that consciousness, that human being increased that fear.
And now in the twentieth century we are still attached to that hellish fire which does not exist.
In the twentieth century, now, we are still faced with the bible that damns, a God of hatred and revenge.
The human being is still afraid of the hellfire, which does not exist, because it burns in the human being.
“Yes”, the Masters say, “if we can just connect these wild masses with a law – what does it matter – then that murdering and then the future will change, then mankind will evolve.
Just let it go.”
And that continues.
Then the moment comes that one prophet after the other comes to earth.
People already speak about a Divine Conscious Being, which will soon come.
Of course, the people who were on earth, are born through the Masters, through that source.
They must speak of: “The Divine conscious Being must come, the Lord will speak.
The Lord already spoke to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and Moses.
But soon the Son of God, the representation of this Deity will come to earth and bring us the Divine awakening, the Divine evolution, the gospel.”
Do you see how simply that everything has built itself up, but that there were ages necessary in order to elevate that consciousness.
That happened of its own accord, but evolution was needed for it.
Meanwhile the Masters – I told you – went around mankind and materialized the occult laws of life.
The first magicians came, the temples emerged.
China, British India?
No, ancient Egypt, the temples of Ra, Ré and Isis came about.
There people isolated themselves and already reached oneness with a flower; why not indeed.
There were just a few who received the feeling in order to experience the occult laws, there were just a few, but now those awe-inspiring masses, in order to attach and to connect those masses to Divine authority, a faith was needed for that.
The human being in the temples receives the direct metaphysical, spatial, spiritual knowledge.
The human being on earth has to still just believe, but anyone who attunes himself to a flower, receives it.
Anyone who attunes himself to light, night and starts to wonder: “Why must I die?
What is that, a death?” that human being is attracted and inspired by something else.
It is still remarkable, when you descend in your own time into your feeling and thinking and your first feeling awakens and you start to wonder: “What is death, what is dying?
I want to know more about that”, then something immediately awakens and the space, the Divine life space, no, the conscious macrocosmos, the astral world approaches your life, inspires you and expands those feelings.
Is it not true?
You all got to know that infallible law and the millions who now live in the astral world and populate the Divine All learned that.
They had to undergo them there, they mastered those laws and they could give them back to the human being who still possesses the unconscious, who still lives in the unconsciousness, in the darkness.
The human being on earth gets feeling, gets knowledge, and gets a faith.
And finally, then the moment has come that the Master can say: “The moment is there, the time of awakening, the time of the Divine evolution comes.
I am ready.”
He looks to the earth from the Divine All.
“I am the life, I am God, I am the Son of God.”
He could have said: “You are also it.”
Yes indeed, you are it.
The prophets say: “Accept your Deity.”
Those people did their best, even though faults went over the earth, even though the darkening of the human material thinking went through the light of the Other Side.
But everyone, whatever that life was, has received a task to fulfil for himself.
During those times people would darken the laws, the pure, natural, spiritual laws; and people still do that.
That is not so bad, as long as there is the source.
And that source was there.
On the Other Side the human being sees: the spheres are inhabited, the moon has already died.
Other planets and stars come about.
Meteors are already seen which rustle through the space.
In the space that means – the human being does not yet know it – life and death.
You see, every organ gets evolution.
Every organ will begin to expand and to take itself to that spiritual awakening, that universal consciousness.
On the Other Side people feel the moment – the spheres are full and empty – the moment will come, an awe-inspiring event, because the All-Consciousness will be brought to the earth.
The human being on the Other Side looks through the spheres, looks into the Divine All and experiences with the Messiah, who will be called Messiah ...
Messiah means for the space: the Divine consciousness.
Messiah is mentor, is master, nothing else and nothing more.
The human being looks into the face of the highest Mentor and gradually people see that He has adjusted to the birth on earth.
Of course, the ‘house’ is already finished, the mother is already present, and the child already lives there.
And the creator Joseph, and Mary, you know them, these lives are ready and prepared.
They have emerged by one line: the foundation, which was laid by the Masters for the Divine consciousness.
And then that wonderful moment happens on earth that the Master, the Mentor, the Messiah dissolves and is attracted by two lives on earth.
That is ‘Joseph and Mary’.
It is Mary who attracts the Christ.
She has her attunement, a material attunement, she is perfectly simply and naturally a mother.
These people reached unity, material unity, because the Christ also, the highest Consciousness still had to experience this in the sixth grade at macrocosmic attunement.
There is still unity there, because the human being must experience those Divine laws.
The human being has no other laws to accept, this is spatial fatherhood and motherhood, this is Divine.
The holiness now ... you will feel, every moment and each sentence, every word, every law, which I touch, brings me back to the earth again and then I can immediately begin with the mistakes.
Then I can immediately begin to destroy your university laws, because you do not yet have any justice, any love, any feeling, there is still no spiritual feeling.
But we must continue, we only keep one line.
And then the moment of oneness, the growth process comes.
Is it not simple that the Masters inspire this life, and that the Masters, that the astral world, elevate the life of Mary and let her see and make her clairaudient?
That was Jeus and that was another and that was millions of people as a child.
Why not Mary?
The All-Consciousness floats around this life and says: “Prepare yourself, we will protect you.”
Can you feel this moment?
That is the Christmas, the receiving of awakening, the receiving of love, the receiving of a reincarnation.
Yes, the reincarnation of Christ.
But the experiencing of that deed, the experiencing of that becoming conscious, the experiencing of a Divine attunement, the experiencing of the reincarnation, which comprises all the spaces, that lies in the life of Christ, He wanted to bring that.
Christ was born according to the laws for the space – which the human being still possesses – Christ was born on earth, in the middle of summer, not in the winter.
So we are already speaking in the past again.
On the Other Side you will never be released from the Christ birth, because you always want to be born.
I do not hope that you will soon doze off, but want to experience that awakening every moment, because that birth does not happen and does not even happen once in the year, but you can experience it by means of every character trait.
Because that is the intention.
You now know the birth of Christ.
What happened in the sky ...
What did the Catholic Church add to it?
What happened to the child in the temple?
Yes indeed, Christ stood at the age of twelve in the temple and taught the scribes.
And that was possible too, for He was Divinely inspired.
Another being of your own time already speaks as a child and brings art, sciences, why not spiritual feeling?
Christ comes and awakens and gets his Divine evolution.
In America and in other places, lands on earth, people said that the Christ had to experience a school.
He was sent to ancient Egypt, he came there to the Masters, to the philosophers on earth, He received his instruction and was later released by a material human being and sent over the earth.
That is already the abusing of this Divine personality, here darkness speaks, untruth, rape, sullying of the Christ.
Christ did not need that.
Which initiate was awakened by your university?
When an initiate went to the temple, then he was if it was the mystical temple ... but here of your universities, then he was already slashed, deformed the first morning and sullied and cut off.
Christ awakens in the human being.
Yes, we will not dwell upon the birth.
We can experience that birth – you already experienced that from the Divine All – from the Divine All the Divine consciousness descended for the earth and now it will awaken.
All the things that were written about the Messiah, who knows it?
I gave you a picture one morning, because we followed the Christ, we go with Him.
I cannot dwell upon that moment, but you saw the Christ crawling over the earth; it was a little child, as your child is.
Mary took care of the child.
Must we start to speak: “Christ also received His nappies from Mary”?
And yet that is truth.
Christ already experienced the material laws, which you had to experience in your time immediately after the birth, do you see?
Christ was simply and perfectly simply a human being.
He brought the Divine All, He possessed the Divine All.
And not a word was written about those times, because the Christ must speak to the human being, but these natural laws of life take you to your own self, to your own birth and then you see that everything was very natural, very natural, human, because there were people there.
The Immaculate Conception ... who sent that nonsense into the world?
Do you wish to make the most sacred, the Divine oneness, do you wish to make that even more sacred?
What is being sacred?
Being sacred only means that you are in harmony with every life, all the life in the material and for the spiritual worlds.
I can now attack the Catholic Church again, but I will not do that.
I can show you Protestantism.
The leprosy, which you receive by means of that terrible, horrific damnation, the last judgement, do you see?
How was all that nonsense brought to earth?
Why do you not accept any Divine, spatial feeling and thinking?
What do you know about the birth of Christ?
It is this!
This, this, this.
Those flowers know ...
Thank you!
Those flowers know how the Christ was born, because they had to experience and travel their own and the same path.
And the human being in this society does not yet know it.
Christ grows up.
He reaches speaking.
Yes, He releases himself from the stone statue and when He starts to walk there with His apostles next to him ...
Of course, He would have His apostles next to him, because they would bring out the work, because He is approaching and approaching the Jerusalem.
Christ as a Divine conscious Being does not dwell upon His birth, but it is there.
But now, what comes ... He now knows, He already knows that those unconscious masses will break Him.
He already knows that the human being, the destruction in the human being will kill Him; materially, yes.
Slowly but surely He elevates the moment, His consciousness.
Slowly but surely He goes to Gethsemane and He walks in Jerusalem, and He will speak to Pilate, and He will speak to Caiaphas, in order to finally accept His crucifixion.
Good, we have given you those lectures.
You have had the lecture about Golgotha, about Gethsemane last year.
We went from Gethsemane to Pilate.
And also this season again, these lectures, this being one again, we went to, we stood before Pilate, we stood before Caiaphas and could not say anything and could only experience him.
That moment, mankind, still lives in you, men and women of the twentieth century.
Every moment you are faced with Caiaphas and then you just have to think and to feel how you wish to take your own self, your spatial, spiritual, Divine personality back to the Divine All, and want to represent.
Or that you will now say: “I did not know that human being, I have nothing to do with that life, I do not want anything to do with that consciousness.
Oh, God, preserve me, I do not like that life.”
And now the human being is starting to sully God and himself.
“That I once kneeled down before that Human Being and prayed, is the most stupid thing that I did.
That I kneeled down for Golgotha and no word came to me, I experienced that, and then I ran away from Jerusalem, because I did not want anything more to do with that deformation, that sullying, that dreaming.
I went to Caiaphas.
I went and sat down next to Caiaphas and I lay down at his feet; yes, you did well.”
How could Christ have taken himself to the material, human revelation?
What should He have done?
What should He have done when He was faced with the violence of this world, the sullying, the deformation, which manifested itself in Pilate, in other people and especially in Caiaphas?
Did I not tell you recently: let that Caiaphas in you die.
But what do you do now, now that we will soon have to experience the torture, the sullying, the spitting, the whipping and we have to take the cross in order to climb Golgotha, the last moment?
What do we do now?
What is the life of feeling in you?
Because the Christ awakened again.
The Divine Consciousness in Him received shape, received growth, and received feeling, possessed love, because He went through death again back to the Divine All.
What do you have – I now ask you – to do and to experience if you want to bring the birth of the Messiah to inspiration?
Now follow what He said and look and listen carefully what it says if you take the bible in your hands.
Listen carefully to what another life says.
And if it is good, woe betide you, if you deform those words, if you smother the good feeling and thinking and just shrug your shoulders and say: “I do not want anything to do with that.”
If the Christ stands before you as a human being, you have to bow your head for the birth of a new character trait, of your soul, your life, your fatherhood and your motherhood.
What is now universal awakening?
How do you get universal, spatial awakening?
By destroying one life and building up the other?
Are you afraid of death?
Fear, because you are imprisoned, because you will hold up two fingers and say: “Yes, I devote my life to this progress, this evolution”?
The bible cannot give you anything.
Christ cannot give you anything and no God; you have received your Deity.
You are Gods – I told you – and you can also accept that, but now bring that Deity in you to awakening, to inspiration.
Go into the laws of life of every day and try to be in harmony with life and death, with the smallest insect.
Do you wish to hate again, the more you have already removed yourself from the material laws of life?
Do you wish to begin again in order to play Caiaphas or Pilate, in order to deny the laws, your life, your fatherhood, your motherhood, and the astral world?
Did you really think that you would be able to experience again the possession of this world ‘beyond the coffin’?
Did you think that you could serve the animal-like in the human being in order to give that evolution, and to darken the Christian, the word, and the life of feeling of the Messiah?
Did you really think you could lay a foundation in the space of this life by means of words, by means of thoughts?
You are asked to take those laws of life to evolution and only just to inspire, to represent the light, the light of life for all the spaces which have originated, in order to materialize and to spiritualize all those grades and laws, so that you will be able to enter the Spheres of Light.
Did I bring you something new this morning?
Do the books not tell you that?
Do not read them like a novel and do not knock them out of the hands of the human being who wants to read them, because you will smash your possession of eternity to pieces.
Do not laugh at the human being who loves the Christ and says: “I devote my life”, because you are laughing at yourself.
Do not lie and cheat, because you only destroy and lie to yourself.
If you want to elevate the human being, if you want to give the human being health, then be healthy in your thinking, feeling and understanding.
How can you give the Divine life shape, if you speak about chaos, sullying, destruction, and you also really take part in that destruction, murder, arson?
Speak evil about the human being and you speak evil about your Divine attunement, you smother your inner life.
We had to accept that.
Bit by bit we had to destroy our character traits.
We killed them. We buried them, first we laid that in the coffin, you can first murder that: the destruction, the hateful, the sullying, the malevolence in you, you must send them to Golgotha by means of a cross.
Nail every moment – the Christ, the Messiah asked that of you and He came to the earth for this purpose – nail every moment your satanic feelings to a cross and send them to Golgotha.
But you do not dare to do that.
Are you afraid of that, fearful?
Do you dare to bow your head and to say: “Yes, I am dying at the moment.
I devote everything to the Messiah”?
You still do it for yourself.
You still do it for that wonderful self ...
But you will soon drag – I already told you – all your earthly chaos behind you into the astral world, because you do not wish to know about ballast here in this life.
What do you now have of this evolution?
Which life values, which grades of life, which character traits did you bring to development?
(hits the microphone) World, (hits) mankind?
Child of God, awaken!
You have fatherhood and motherhood.
You are universally deep, but it is up to you to bring the good, those expressions of life as character traits, as light, life and love for your astral, spiritual, spatial personality to the macrocosmic awakening.
And it is only then that you are in life.
Which of you is living conscious?
Who is still living dead?
One wrong word which has attunement to the earth, to your human, material thinking and feeling and you already have to accept that being living dead again.
One second in thoughts for your Divine attunement, one second for your spiritual, Divine life.
You attune yourself, but you do not hang on each other.
You sit next to each other and you have come in the respectful power of feeling and conviction that you, however life speaks to your life and personality, you still get to experience and accept everything yourself.
It is wonderful that the human being must die alone.
It is wonderful to float through the spaces, alone and consciously or soon with your twin soul, your happiness, your life which has attunement to your grade of life, to inspire and to be able to say: “All of this belongs to me and her, to her and to me.”
That is the spatial kiss, I told you.
One thought this morning, which is sent to the light of life for and of the Messiah for always, gives you power, life, consciousness and inspiration if the true love lies behind it, or your thoughts rise so high above your consciousness and crash down, like a piece of stone, a meteor which hits your life from the space.
Your thoughts do not become free from your ‘coffin’ nor from your body.
Now give yourself inspiration.
Now give yourself space.
Give yourself light, harmony, life and love, so that now from this moment the Divine Messiah awakens in your life and under your heart.
I thank you for your interest and for your beautiful flowers given to André and me and to the Masters.
We will send them on to Golgotha for your life.
I thank you from the bottom of my heart.