Tthe human being gets cosmic consciousness

Good morning, my sisters and brothers.
You will get ‘The human being gets cosmic consciousness’ this morning.
By means of the lectures, the previous ones, you were able to sense and to experience that you will finally, one day, disappear from this world.
And that is then called that you have completed your cycle of the earth.
And you will certainly long for it.
And who wouldn’t, who gets the feeling that you can and will finally conquer this space, this immense macrocosmos.
We followed the human being who experienced, and was able to conquer those laws in the prehistoric age.
We went with that human being to another world, ‘beyond the coffin’.
He was not dead; he was alive.
His inner life started to look and to ask questions, the personality started to awaken and finally went back to the first stage, the beginning of all the creations.
As awkward as he was – he had no more light – he still got to accept that in that space where he was, everything lived.
You can – we established, and as a result of this made our material comparisons – check that by means of your own thinking and feeling.
That science is not so far in order to lay those foundations, proves that mankind is only a few days old, as far as the consciousness, the life of feeling of the masses is concerned.
These people went back, they went from planet to planet, they experienced the night, the day.
They started to awaken under their own power and there was no one – I told you and you can accept that – there was no God, no Christ, no bible, there was nothing.
And those people reached the Divine All.
We flew through it.
For every law, which I now speak about, we can write books, we can dwell upon them and immediately make comparisons with your life, your personality, and this society to which you belong.
We can dwell on one age for thousands of years because the awakening, the life of feeling for the soul as Divine core, the inner life for the spirit and the personality, that lasted ages, that lasted millions of years.
This morning I am concerned with, to return from the Divine All where we were – we went through it, we returned into the All-Mother, there was nothing – to your life; or it will be no use to us, you will achieve nothing.
We can always float in the Divine All and in the space, but that space lives in the human being.
I could ask you: what do you have of it?
You will have to begin with it finally.
The human being is still faced with his ‘coffin’.
For the millions of people there is still a death, but that death is evolution.
We go around the bible, around everything.
We learned that Christ also had to travel that long, universal, cosmic path, and that He was one of the first ones who entered the Divine All, the Divine consciousness.
We no longer descend – once you have reached that wisdom of life, that sphere, that life of feeling – into the unconscious, in the dark thinking of the human being, as you experienced that in society, we no longer give ourselves, we cannot give ourselves for disintegration, destruction, for lies and deception.
And if you were my friend or you were not, and if you were my brother, my sister, my father, my mother; we had to accept everything, those lives, those characters, those personalities.
Because what is now longed for from the human being who enters the first sphere, no, who enters the Divine All?
I must of course return to the first sphere, to the moment when you begin to think in harmony, that you begin to feel harmonically how you wish to experience those laws.
That becomes your society, that is the twentieth century.
Christ came from the Divine All for that purpose, with that harmony and said ... nothing.
His word is law, His word possesses Divine consciousness, it is harmonic and behind that it is loving.
That is Christ, love!
In order to enter that picture, in order to lay those foundations, the human being gets millions of lives for that purpose.
I will continue from the Divine All.
We came to face the moment that the human being wondered in that Divine All – wherever you go, that Divine core lives in you – in that Divine All the human being now asked: “Where is God?
Where is God now?”
There was no God to be seen.
A silence overcame them, an awe-inspiring silence and the light around was golden, there were flowers and plants.
They lived on a planet and it was soft, there was no harshness, nothing disturbed these lives.
They have reached the Divine All.
What is now the Divine All?
For what purpose does the human being actually live on earth and in the space?
You experienced that.
We went from planet – I drew that for you – we went from planet to planet, no, we went from the embryonic life to a fish stage.
We experienced the inhabitable, solid, condensed planet, as you now walk, wander on earth – you have society as well – and we continued in this way.
And those people stand in the Divine All and only feel themselves and the silence, the life.
“I am light.”
Yes, because they conquered those spaces by experiencing body after body, by being father and mother.
But what does that mean here on earth, being father and mother, what does it mean?
What does it matter, it is for sale for your society.
Fatherhood and motherhood are for sale.
Just look around you, just look over the earth, just look at mankind.
Open your eyes and see the cities: the mass thinking and feeling, and you will know, it is for sale.
But no longer ‘beyond the coffin’; there you will be faced with – we will soon see that – the destructive, unconscious thinking and feeling.
The human being in the Divine All asked: “Where is God?”
And then the feeling came, that space started to speak.
That growing which we experienced – that is the cosmology, that is the macrocosmos – those condensings as grades of life and ages, explained the laws to them.
And the essential laws were: I am father and I am mother.
You will soon understand how unworthy, how incomprehensible fatherhood and motherhood are on earth.
And then we are faced with the fact that the human being gave names to things; you can now accept that, these people in the Divine All gave ... yes, already before, you already know that on the Other Side in the first sphere.
They said: “Yes, when we were there ...”
Not them, not the first ones, they had no names, and they could not even speak.
They had no art, no books, there was no Christ, no bible, which built up, condensed a path for them, so that they could experience the life by means of support, by means of help, by means of justice.
They did not know that, they never saw it; you did.
And soon, then you will see which treasures the human being possesses in the twentieth century and what he does with them.
He does nothing with them, he does not experience them, because he does not know himself.
And that is the pity, that is the unconscious and that is the difficulty in order to make it, because the human being cannot yet and does not want to accept.
These people in that Divine All, in that awe-inspiring life of feeling, which is now God, the ultimate, that says for this world, for your society: “Where does life begin and where does it end?”
Yes, where does your life end?
Where did you begin?
Just tell that to your psychologists, to your university, and you will be laughed at scornfully.
But that time is present which comes to consciousness, because the worlds, the spaces will speak.
People come back who possess consciousness, and who have accepted the cosmic consciousness.
But how they got that is explained to you by the space by means of the light and the mother says by means of her giving birth and child-bearing and it speaks by means of the laws of Mother Nature, by means of night, light, yes, by means of light and darkness, by means of character traits, by means of soul, spirit and material.
The human personality gets everything.
The human being in the Divine All saw and felt it, he had to accept it: there was no God as a shape.
That immensity through which they had gone, that is God as space, that is the All-Source as light, of which they are soul, life and spirit, and the personality possesses as knowledge, as thinking and feeling.
They learned how they could conquer those laws.
They were in the Divine All, they went from the Spheres of Light to the fourth, the sixth and then they entered the seventh cosmic grade, a universe which possesses that All-Feeling.
Do you see?
And now the picture from there – I did not have time for it – that picture in order to record the comparisons, for you the foundations on earth: there was no God, no Christ, no bible and these people reached the All-Consciousness.
They are Divinely conscious, not only cosmic, that is spatially feeling and thinking, but All-Consciousness entered this life, entered man and wife.
They are both one, they represent this space as light, life, spirit and soul; they are father and mother, both carry everything.
They have given those spheres consciousness.
They received shape by means of thinking, by means of feeling a space, a grade of life, and a thought.
They kept seeing, if they were not in harmony, that an eclipse came, they were like solar eclipses.
A small character trait can deform, completely break and destroy the personality; one character trait – they already saw that ‘beyond the coffin’ for the first sphere – one character trait floored the personality.
And then the human being had to bow his head again for that inner, that unconscious, which still did not possess any feeling, any harmony, any justice and any love.
Are you not that either?
We do not need to follow and analyze any bible, that history means nothing for a Mother Nature, for the Divine creations.
Only the word, the life of feeling of Christ and the human being who represented the love, the harmony, the justice, is truth, and you have to accept that.
But I will remain for a moment in this Divine All.
Can you now feel and can you now understand that you are Gods?
Yes, you will probably shrug your shoulders again and will say: “Will that be the case?”
Now it is just talk.
How was that born?
How did you receive the feeling and thinking?
Just think back, the creations, the spaces are billions of years old and you have two thousand years’ consciousness.
Before you still had nothing.
Yes, you were able to chisel at a piece of stone, you were able to draw a few things and that became your writing, that became your language, but you did not possess anymore either.
I taught you and you have to accept that and you can accept that: your arts and sciences, which do not possess any spiritual consciousness, which therefore have no attunement to the spiritual faculty of the space, for God and his creations, they do not have meaning.
You can paint, you can write, it all means nothing if you do not touch the life of feeling, doesn’t it?
You can talk about birth, about fatherhood and motherhood, you can announce it and you do not take part in it, then you smother your life, you do not make progress, you stand still.
That means that every law, every law of life lies in your hands and it can only be experienced – it is very simple – by means of fatherhood and motherhood.
I gave you the picture that the priest walks next to creation.
The mother, who is chaste and wants to be sacred and wants to serve Christ, is walking next to creation.
You do not make any progress; you stand still, because you smother your evolution.
You do not get any reincarnation and you must return, because you still have to bring a few character traits for Mother Nature to movement, to thinking, feeling, consciousness, because you are faced with cosmic feeling and thinking.
What is now cosmic consciousness?
I gave you and we had to accept that you can give every thought wings.
The best thing is now ... the only thing in order to give you a picture: how does the human being awaken in order to get to know his cosmic consciousness?
What do you have to do in order to send that awakening for yourself to consciousness?
Yes, when the human being reads the books of the Masters, then you read through them, and when you hear the human being talking again, then he already hits by means of a few words and thoughts, he already hits those books, those spaces, his God, his Christ in the face.
You do not need to read if you do not begin with it.
You can say and you always hear that, you hear that in this world: “What does it matter to me, I will see.”
But here this eternal possession can be experienced; here on earth you live in that infinity.
You are cosmically conscious here.
But what use is it to you?
Now here we are.
We have analyzed those laws.
We went just like that through the cosmos, we went from planet to planet, talking, feeling, thinking with difficulty; and you go home.
And the spheres think, the space thinks: what do those people learn from that?
What do they do with that wisdom?
It is always the same: people fall back again.
Now we come from the Divine All, we went to the All-Mother, and we entered the darkness again where that All-Source lives.
Now we have received the face, the order, and the laws – do you see? – There is no shape as a human being, that is you, that is the human being, that is the animal, that is the life of Mother Nature.
Dear children, the birds come to you; beautiful.
The life in nature, the flowers speak; wonderful.
But who speaks in you?
I am rain. I am food.
You will feel if there is no rain, the earth and her life would wither.
But you are night, you cool down again, you have that power, because you completed that cycle, you still float in the space.
You are force, inspiration, you are father, you are mother, and you are reincarnation.
And death?
No, he does not exist, you continue for always and ever.
We will just leave that cosmos.
We came from the jungle to the white race (see
Body after body was ready; that is the step, the following step, the next step.
It gives you more feeling, more force, more purity, more rarity, spiritual feeling, because that blood changes, those nerves are different.
The organism starts to shine; the human being becomes nicer, nicer, and more beautiful.
But how does the inner life remain?
That is still dark.
Yes, it is not so simple to look, to live, to feel from the earth into the soul, the spirit, the Divine core.
It is not so simple; you ask the initiate in the East that, what they had to devote for that.
You will probably shrug your shoulders; society can do that, but what goes through you, what comes to you when you saw a Ramakrishna there?
When you saw a priest in ancient Egypt there?
I gave those lectures here; we lay down on the cross of Isis.
We stepped out, we saw demons, experienced nocturnal séances and then we disembodied and we had to absorb and interpret, to materialize, the orders of the high priests, we had to think and one wrong thought already chased us to the wild animal and we were ripped apart.
You are something, for that matter.
Yes, nonsense.
In ancient Egypt they did not long for nonsense: “I am this and I can do that.
I will wrap a white sheet around myself and I will act the saint.”
You must prove that one-day on the Other Side.
The wisdom had to come and then ‘the winged one’ was accepted.
And then Egypt showed much healthy respect for the ‘great winged one’, because every word received ‘wings’.
You no longer have to think for the space when you come ‘beyond the coffin’.
You no longer need to think for your Spheres of Light if you cannot accept the human being in love, because then there is no light yet.
And when you say there – you will hear it in the infinite on the Other Side: “It does not matter to me”, then you belong in that world where there is no light, no life, no feeling, that is the apparent dead person.
That human being lives for nothing, because he has no becoming conscious, no inspiration, no questions, he has no gentleness, no understanding, no cordiality, no justice, nothing more.
That human being, that source suffocates, is not fatherhood, nor motherhood.
The laws of nature continue, yes indeed.
But what lives in you?
‘What do you get, what did you master?’, the astral world soon asks your character, your personality, your self; and that can be cosmic, yes indeed.
When you saw Ramakrishna and he returned after a wonderful journey, and he had experienced his disembodiment, then he knew that in that space the cosmic consciousness was present and then he did not even dare to think anymore.
Believe me, when you are soon released from these material systems, then you do not dare to think anymore.
And then you say for a hundred percent: “Just knock me down, Master, what a big mouth I had on earth.
My God, my God, if only You had just knocked me down.
When do I get inspiration?
I have no inspiration; I have no longing.
Does the world have longing?
I longed.
I am grateful that I may awaken.
Oh, my God, the things I received.”
Yes, who has that?
And is it true?
Do true foundations lie under that?
You see, because you have to begin with the very first thought in order that you may know; the yearning and longing must get increasing consciousness.
You must just only think and feel: how do I reach spiritual, spatial awakening?
Then you get the inspiration.
How do you wish to be inspired when the task in society is only to be able to get food and drink, to act the gentleman, to act the lady?
Just come here, then I will ask you questions if you like to think that you possess true feeling in order to analyze the laws of your Christ, Golgotha, Gethsemane, Pilate, Caiaphas.
But then we will first nail you to the cross.
André always says: “I wanted to be able to prove what it actually is.”
But he will not get that opportunity now.
If you start to feel the sorrow of the human being who destroys himself, then you would want to pull your heart from your ribs in order to give it to that human being, if you could help that human being.
Because do you know what awakens when you really start to see light?
Then the word, the harsh word, the not understanding of the human being is sorrowful, a deeply painful contact, not in your heart, but in your soul and spirit, in the Divine spark, and that sorrow is awe-inspiring.
You cannot even experience those pains as a human being.
What did the human being understand about the sorrows of the Christ, that He stood powerless against such a wild chaos, such a wild gang, as mankind still is?
Ha ha, did you really think that the Spheres of Light, the Masters sympathized with you, that you will get war again?
Did you think that the Spheres of Light are praying: “And protect the children of the earth”?
“My God, my Christ, we lie kneeled and protect us from the Satan”?
The Satan lives in you.
When you are truly, spiritually conscious, spiritually pure in your thinking, feeling and acting with regard to society, child, father, mother, sister, brother, Christ, God, your God in you?
Yes, you now think: is life becoming so hard?
It is becoming perfectly simple.
Perfectly simple?
No, naturally simple.
What do we have to do with that death?
On the Other Side people ask you, the space of life asks: “Absorb me into you.
Which powers do I get from you?
How much light do you have to give to me?
Because I give you my world, my infinity.”
Cosmic consciousness, in order to wish to possess that, asks: begin now.
Ha, the sphere is laughing.
The Master there, who possesses the life of feeling and can think, who has the earth in his hands and sees the planets before him and can say: “I experienced all of that”, when that Master, when that human being, that spiritually conscious being returns to the earth and experiences his walk and looks at the people and checks those longings with regard to all those millions of laws of life, then nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing more remains of the human being on earth.
Because he is free from lies and deception, that Master is free from wrong thoughts, from harshness; there is only gentleness, understanding, harmony and oneness in this human being.
That human being cannot carry out any task for your society, because he knows: I must build up the one life and I should break down the other?
Can you feel?
Now lay your foundations for your society, for your life here.
Now I can start to ask you questions.
I could begin: what do you want?
What are you?
What do you do?
Are you really serving by means of what you do?
It no longer comes down to who you are and which task you have in your hands.
It does not come down to whether you do art, writing, painting, or sculpting things.
It concerns: what are you like?
What do you feel?
Because to sculpt, to paint, to describe the character traits, and to take them in deeds, in cordiality, in the being one for all those creations to the human being, to your love, to your friend, your father, your mother, the life on earth, that becomes the foundation for cosmic knowledge, cosmic oneness, cosmic thinking and feeling.
What we want to achieve by means of these lectures is: to release you from yourself.
Do you know yourself?
Who are you?
Where does the life begin and where does it end?
You begin to build up a universe every second, then the human being talks, society assures you of those sacred powers and forces, and a moment later it lies there again and it is kicked.
The street gutters of the city absorb it into themselves, as a result of which we could write ‘Masks and Men’.
I do not need to place the Divine image on this stage.
I do not need to leave you for long in the Divine All, because you will not realize it anyway.
But I would like to ask you: what do you have of Frederik?
What do you have of René?
Many people already stumbled over the thinking of the first part of the ‘Masks’, do you see?
We wrote it like that, we analyzed it like that – thank God, that we were able to do that – that not one of you was capable of walking in just like that, even if you had read all those books, attended those five and six hundred lectures.
You see now how difficult you yourself are, because you are that.
You are that.
What do you have of Erica?
Do you see?
What do you have of the fortune teller where Frederik goes?
What do you have of that lady, who is in the mental institution there and who was locked up there, because another wanted to possess her money?
What do you have of Lord Show, if you want to see the world naked and place the statues before you?
Today it is called for the space: “Oh, I cannot miss you, I cannot live without you”, and tomorrow the door opens and you are kicked out; do you have that?
You must go to the country sometime.
You must go to the farmers sometime.
The farmers can give you something.
The gifts, which possess Divine meaning today, will go in the stove tomorrow.
What do you have of that?
What do you have of it?
What did you accept of it when Master Alcar opened these sessions?
What is there left of it in you?
One human being says: “Well, that is already so long ago.”
The other says: “Well, I do not know.”
One serves God, the other serves Christ.
They, the world, want to possess consciousness.
I am not talking to you, I am just asking, because people will soon ask you that ‘beyond the coffin’.
The human being wants to go through the mysticism, through the soul, which people do not know, through the spirit, the personality starts to speak and then the ‘crosses’ come.
Frederik asks: “Does theosophy also have those crosses, those shapes, those phases, which still radiate light despite everything and deeply move my inner life?”
“For the good thought”, Frederik said, “that child will get five hundred guilders from me.”
You do it with flowers.
I know that there are people amongst you who truly could love God and Christ and if you possessed the means, that you would wish to give everything in order to be able to give the world this happiness; we know.
But it concerns the masses, it concerns the world, it concerns this mankind, which begs in need of help at this moment: “Oh, just protect us, just protect us.”
And just look back.
You so wish to see planets and stars, moon, sun and earth analyzed before you, but now finally begin in this age – for us there is no New Year, you know that – now finally begin to truly lay foundations.
Because soon you will break your precious neck and then we will have to take care of you; but then there will be nothing, no hold, nothing.
“It does not matter to me.”
We let you remain there for thousands of years, ages in that ‘it does not matter to me.’
You will then have nothing, not a flower, not a bird, no one approaches you, because you cut the cosmos in the Divine heart.
You not only kill yourself, your world of thoughts, your life of feeling, not only your fatherhood and motherhood, even if you do not have it, but you murder everything by means of one, one human, human thought ...
Or did you really think you would be able to experience a Sphere of Light and be able to fly to sun, moon and stars, Jupiter, Saturn and Venus just like that, while you neglect the life of a flower, the life of a bird, a tree which was born from you, from the human being.
That life says: “Why do you not look at me?”
You see; do you understand this?
This becomes spiritual thinking and feeling in the future.
You cannot think.
The human being says it itself: “Yes, I cannot think, I do not know where I must begin.”
And now you have the foundations of Christ.
We go through Gethsemane – we were here one morning – we felt broken.
I also let you be broken so that you will finally be able, would want to go and sit down in order to think: but what am I doing?
What am I?
Who am I?
What do I want?
And the place is in Gethsemane.
Gethsemane is the place and the spot in this world, where there is truly thought.
Even if you come there – do you see? – and you visit the gardener of Gethsemane and you ask: “May I have a bit of soil?”
Then he says: “Take a cartful, because it has no meaning anyway.”
“May I have a little flower then?”
Do you see?
But the human being in this society possesses everything, yes, he goes to Gethsemane and ask for a flower there and a bit of sand as if the space ...
God, it is in his hands and he is happy.
“Oh, oh”, the other one says, “mad.
Or is he a child and I am a human being?”
Yes, Christ said: “Let the children come to me.”
And what did He mean by that, minister, theologian, bishop, cardinal, pope?
When you walk in the first sphere, then you meet millions of fathers and mothers and they are all children.
Adults do not exist there.
Yes, they are adult, you see angels there and you see Masters there.
A youth comes to you, or a girl of 21, 20 years, she is a cosmic mother and she says: “Do you perhaps have something to ask my life?
Experience me and you will receive my love.”
And then the human being stands ... thinking.
The human being is so awe-inspiringly grateful that you may take a walk with the heavens, with the space.
“Give me your hand.”
You must just ...
You must just start to experience a hand of a cosmic, spiritually conscious being, who places that in you, then you get to experience a current, an inspiration, an awakening and a becoming conscious, for which you do not possess any foundation.
And yet, I assure you, I am not heavy, I will prove it to you: you can experience that on earth.
There is day; there is night.
On the Other Side you have the day eternally.
But there is also darkness if it does not matter to you that you awaken, that you feel, that you think and that you do not feel strongly about life.
Then the worship comes, then the awakening comes, the wanting to experience the sacred respect for that space.
You will start to feel, you will start to see how those laws emerged, how those condensings came, how planet after planet could begin with its own task.
And when you now see and experience and want to master that, you stand, no, then you lie kneeled again in Gethsemane and you surrender to the Divine guidance, the inspiration with which you are one, by which you received the life.
And then you can only just say and then this only passes your lips: “Thy will be done!”
Yes ...
If we could sit down and wait until the first spiritual question enters you, until the first spiritual question awakens in us – which is then assured of spatial feeling, spatial power which comes from there, far away from us – yes, then we lay for this life and for all the spaces created by God our first, human foundation.
And that is now called: do good.
No, because that is dangerous.
Do good by means of the word.
Try to bring that higher thought forward from everything.
Sit down and experience the peace, experience the thinking.
Yes, what is thinking?
“I do not know.”
Is it not true, you will begin and you read about the first sphere, you read about the hells and heavens and you become afraid.
Yes – you see – something is speaking.
What is from you, in you, which is analyzed there?
There are no burning hells, but there is the hatred, the destruction, the meaningless and that is darkness.
When you walk through society and meet the thief, the murderer, the hatred, the horrors, plague and cholera there, yes, then the human being runs away and says to himself: “I do not want anything to do with that.”
But what you received in materialization, were able to establish, what the diseases told you, is also inwardly much worse and sick.
Is a hatred, is the feeling of hatred not a disease?
Is that not being spiritually sick?
The human being is lying kneeled in Gethsemane and prays and already talks, he thinks that he has inspiration, he wants to go over the world, he runs through Jerusalem like a possessed, wants to convince everyone: “Yes, I can feel it!”
And when he stands before Golgotha and must take his first footstep upwards, is he faced with succumbing?
No, with walking back, running away to an assured society, ease, it happens of its own accord there.
“I am still so young.
I have not learned anything yet about the life.
The life has not yet given me anything.
Why would I accept and experience that heaviness?
Why would I make a fuss in order to elevate the people?
For what?
For who?
You will have to learn to carry that cross one day, that cross, that cursed cross which people placed on the shoulders of Christ.
And you do that by means of thoughts.
You can carry the human being by means of your character traits, by means of a nice conversation, by means of wanting to listen.
When the human being tells you something and you feel, the human being parades his suffering, his sorrow, the human being just wants to give everyone that, then it will never become cosmic feeling and thinking, never ever spiritual expansion, awakening and becoming conscious, that will become nonsense.
The human being who wants to start to serve in Gethsemane, is silent, lies down and is simple.
Because when you start to talk, then you enter the light.
When your words pass your lips, then you have materialized yourself and then the other life can give you a beating, attack you.
You see, we had to accept that in Egypt, Ramakrishna, the temples in British India had to accept that; the flower could do that, the bird, the child in the mother had to experience that.
Do not touch that life, remain in yourself, because the birth must come.
Now you must start to follow for this year, just go back: what was the old year like for you?
Thinking, or did you have fun?
Were you able to give five minutes to yourself, to your self, your inner life?
Were you really able to experience a good conversation with yourself and were you able to say to the life: “Yes, I was wrong in that”?
“How can it be”, does not need to be there.
You do not need to be afraid, because you will begin again soon, because life is evolution, life builds up.
But there are moments that Gethsemane, and soon, behind this, Golgotha, will speak to us.
Do you wish to experience the birth of Christ?
(In the hall people keep coughing.)
What a lot we are coughing this morning?
Now you will no longer cough.
We want to experience the birth of Christ.
We want to climb Golgotha.
We want to know what that man felt there, he who said: “I do not need you”, and the other one said: “Can you not elevate me into yours?”
And what did the Christ say then?
“Yes, you will be in paradise today with Me.”
He went to his one and the Christ went to His Omniscience.
Do you have, I ask you, people of this world; do you also have that life, that feeling?
Is there something in the space, which you do not possess?
A minister is powerless.
Because the human being – I explained to you – stands on damnation, on the last judgement.
But do you still feel, despite everything, how difficult it may be, that it will be still victorious, because there is no damnation.
Those bones – André explained that to you, ridiculed it, as we also want and do that – those bones mean nothing more.
That trumpeting later in the space does not exist, because now there is trumpeting.
Now there is trumpeting from the space, and a flower does that, a bird does that, fatherhood and motherhood do that.
Those are the Spheres of Light.
That is sun, moon and stars, but especially the moon.
You really want to stay in the universe.
You want to know what there is after that.
And that lives in you, because you are light, you are day-conscious and you are dark.
That All-Source has to, through yourself – that is the Deity in nature, the planets and the stars had to accept and were able to experience that – that has to reach becoming conscious for yourself.
That source in you is Divinely deep, it can inspire you, it can bring you to being one.
Or is it not true that you long deep within you for that true love?
Just be honest.
Is your husband really so cordial, so sweet, so just?
Is the mother whom you possess, surrendering in feeling and can the mother take care of you?
Does she inspire you, does she radiate the life, the day-conscious, the society, everything around her?
Is she harsh?
Does she always continue, or does she always look at the wrong things?
Then there will be no light.
If Christ – you do not understand the Christ, you want to experience Him, but you do not know Him – if He had not let himself be beaten, if He had said: “What do you want, Pilate?
I will just lash you with that whip right in your face as I beat the profiteers from the temple, the house of God.
What do you want?” then it would have been a street charlatan.
But the Christ looked at Him and stood there as a Divine majesty and did not say anything.
What do we do?
Because He laid by this – didn’t He – the Divine, universal macrocosmic foundation for the human being, for us, for your fatherhood, for your motherhood, for your society, your university, your being a child, your grandmother, your grandfather.
But how was grandfather, how was grandmother?
Did they also speak lovingly?
Could mother hate?
Then mother must see that she becomes free from that.
In the spheres we let the mother sink in her hatred, if she hates.
But we carry her if she wants to be carried and can accept the laws.
Because for this that human head bowing now comes, that boasting must go.
That thinking “I can do that” and you cannot, because you have not yet proved it, that is your fall, that is the destruction, that is the human chaos, the quarrel.
Isn’t it, your society has already proved it.
Your society asks: who are you?
What can you do?
But that was not necessary in the prehistoric age.
Then you already had enough that you were life.
Yes, we went across the land.
We started to explore the earth.
We went in here and in there, because we had the highest authority, we were the rulers.
But now, now society says: “Just wait a moment, that is mine.”
Yes, there are still people living who want to possess your consciousness, your feeling, your possession.
You just look at Stalin, you had Adolf before but now there is another one again.
You know ‘The Peoples of the Earth’; I do not need to go into that.
You know ‘The Peoples of the Earth’, you know the analysis, the character traits, the consciousness of the masses, also for yourself.
What you possess yourself, now possess, and what you play out and send out every day, Stalin wants that too.
Why not?
Why would you not give the good child everything of yourself?
André explains the laws to you, after all.
He does it in a challenging way which is present in the cosmos, because if he was to make a minister’s speech of it, we would chase him out of there.
Because life is like that.
We are lucky, we have our laughter, even if you climb sphere after sphere.
Even if you live in the Divine All, then you see the Divine personality with a human smile on their lips.
Because life is beautiful.
Life is wonderful – I wrote to you, I told you in Jeus I and soon in II – but life is awe-inspiringly rotten, dreadful.
Yes, because the human being is rotten and dreadful himself.
Did you get a fright?
Is it not the truth?
The human being prays, prays to God, prays to Christ, the human being prays to planets and stars, the human being has invented names for the Divine life and says: “We are going there.”
The human being possesses a death.
Do you see that this mankind still cannot think?
Death stands before you every day.
The papers note deaths, and there is no death.
In which falsehood, in which unconsciousness do you actually live?
The human being weeps next to ‘the coffin’.
The human being must lose someone, the human being is afraid.
If you are Gods, why still fear if the life governs you?
Ask André it during the hours, which you can experience with him: “Why must I possess fear when death comes?”
Just look into society and stand before these personalities, dare to experience these people.
What remains of that if you come to stand before the highest, you still love death, dress yourself in black and cannot say: “You will begin a journey which is eternal.
Yes, I too, I am also there, but I must get out of here”?
And then the human being stands there.
Just walk with your head to the ground and follow that corpse there, which means nothing more.
If I was to say: “It is old rust”, you would certainly get a fright because that was your mother.
But it means nothing more, you yourself stand next to it, I let you experience that here, I showed you it.
Or then just smash everything to bits, if you cannot accept this ...
“And would that be the case?”
You have never heard this word before; these laws have never been explained in this world before, not in Egypt, not in British India.
No initiate, there is no initiate on earth who can tell about this and of this in that depth.
You can establish for yourself from this that there is cosmic consciousness.
And now we break a few foundations for your life, because we lay the new ones underneath.
Don’t we?
Is that love, is that feeling?
No, my child, that is the urge to inspire the life, that is bringing my own life to awakening, driving, elevating my own life, and loving everyone, whoever it is.
There is no old age; there is only youth.
The human adult child is grateful and now we reach oneness.
Now it is: “Good day.
Yes, my brother, sit down and let us speak.”
What a sanctity to discuss the laws, to analyze them and that grateful feeling which you get, that floating, elevating, which you also see in the Spheres of Light ‘beyond the coffin’.
That is the first sphere, that a flower tells you – and then life comes, then the oneness comes: “Do you not possess the realm of colours?
Do you not have fatherhood and motherhood?”
You should feel what they say.
They now all speak: “Am I not beautiful?”
“Yes, you are beautiful, little one.”
The Divine All lives in there.
What does the bee do?
What does nature do?
How does nature serve itself?
You see, you see that again on the Other Side.
I lay all of them at Golgotha.
I am pleased that you lay a bit of colour around me, but I take them back to Him, who gave so awe-inspiringly much of himself, that cannot be understood and cannot be experienced, who gave everything of His Deity and could say: “Here I am.”
Now you come.
You could only experience that sad sorrow in His eyes.
He himself stood there in this way for the human being.
You must be able to stand like that for every character trait, as if God is standing before you.
You must begin, when you take the word to another and you are listening or speaking, then you must start to think that you always want to experience the reality by means of your word, because your word is a universe.
And every wrong thought – we learned that by means of the Christ – the destruction, you meet that.
Or would you wish to think that that from the past and last year and from ten, twenty years ago, has disappeared?
Yes, gone like that, dissolved, evaporated?
That stands there before you.
You see, you can walk away from me, but you will come back anyway.
There is only one path ‘beyond the coffin’ and we sit there on that one path, if I do nothing to you.
If I threaten you, then I sit down there.
But I am now here anyway.
I am not imagining anything, but I am sitting there at that twist and I see you, as Jeus says that: “You have a millstone around your neck.”
Look, you have him there too, he goes another ten, twenty metres further and then the succumbing comes, then the space takes away the breath of life.
Then there is no longer any feeling, no more going further, because you enter an atmosphere which you do not possess.
Don’t you?
You can no longer get any breath now, you suffocate, a hand, a hold comes here?
No, there you wince from the pain, because you are gasping for breath, you flounder there like a fish above the water ... and finally the collapsing comes.
He is that and she is also that; and I am that and you are that.
But if you want to walk around that mountain, around that swamp ...
“Yes, I will carry the Christ, I will interpret Him, I will represent Him.”
Why is your place unoccupied?
Because you now live on the Other Side.
Why do you avoid your eternity?
You do not want to sit down here, and you do not want to inspire the life, the society?
You think you can do it under your own power, outside of the Masters, outside of Christ, outside of the Deity in you?
Then you will soon also stand-alone there and there will be no help, there will be no oneness.
The Other Side brought manifestations, manifested itself by means of the ‘direct voice’, materialization, dematerialization, the human being received thoughts, received feeling, but the human being thought: I can do it myself now, the human being became a Deity.
Did you have the picture before you, how the metaphysical teachings were cut up into pieces?
And you are that.
That is the Christ, that is the hereafter, and that is sun, moon and stars.
That is a part of this oneness, this personality, which nibbles itself to pieces.
When is the life strong?
When do we reach universal inspiring?
What does the minister want?
What does the Catholic Church want?
Yes, the Catholic Church is strong, that is the art.
Did you think that the spheres did not know, that the human being did not understand how you spoil, cut to pieces and sully your wonderful, cosmic hold?
How many dogmas emerged?
Why do you not reach oneness?
You have one God!
How many Gods do you have here in the meantime?
A hundred thousand.
And then you say and then the human being says: “And help us, because we bring a space, we bring feeling.”
Your radio, the technical wonders are now consumed by nonsense.
They experience the damnation, the destruction, and think that they are doing well.
Do you see, that is all false, that is darkness talk.
There is no consciousness, no reality, no justice.
It is the sullying of the Living Wonder, who had to accept in Gethsemane: yes, that is a cup.
But that was not the cup in order to die; no, that was the awe-inspiring powerlessness in order to be beaten, to have to absorb, to have to accept, the unconscious of this mankind, the head bowing for not being willing.
One sphere, one planet, one law of life, one grade, the night and the day taught us that.
But the Masters on the Other Side spiritualized that, and then the fourth, the fifth, the sixth and the seventh cosmic grade came into being and then the human being lived in the Divine All.
He knew: he was there where he stood on His divine foundation.
He is now a Deity.
He now possesses everything.
I would like to ask you: when will you now begin to build up for the Other Side?
This is the Other Side here.
Some of you will soon return to the earth.
They will soon dissolve after dying, after being released.
You see, that dying must go from your wordbook; death is no good, it means nothing.
Dying and passing away do not exist, now or ever before.
You return, you must continue your life.
You have to experience the feeling as consciousness by means of the earth and that is only possible by undergoing fatherhood and motherhood.
You are now mother, what are you like now as a mother?
You are father; what are you like?
In harmony with nature?
You see, you are now faced with philosophical, cosmic systems.
Socrates was a child who started to think.
Socrates had a goat, the child played shepherd for a time, he started to talk to the animals.
He says: “How beautiful you are and can you give me a kiss?
How do you think?
What lives in you?
Only just eating and drinking, and the human being kills you.
If only I could go with you here.
If only we could go to a free field, where there is peace and quiet.
But soon people will kill you.”
Socrates began in this way.
Yes indeed, Socrates was also a child who  experienced ancient Egypt.
He is now also the cosmic conscious being who can say: “Yes, now I have got it.”
But you must begin like that.
You must, you must follow the good ones, the conscious of spirit.
Every destruction, which can destroy society, which darkens your life, your character traits, must go overboard.
Why do you not begin with that now, finally?
When does the yearning come, the true, natural longing?
Commit and experience, undergo the art.
Act the judge over the human being, yes indeed, but now be careful.
When you judge the human being ...
What did Christ say?
I had to place you before the difficulty.
What do you do?
What do you now do on earth?
Are you a judge?
Must you sentence people?
Must you put the human being in prison?
Are you going a bit further and do you dare to sign a death sentence, then you are signing yourself.
Lie to the human being and you lie to yourself – I told you – deceive the human being, you just ultimately deceive yourself.
Become angry, become rebellious with regard to the human being; it is you yourself.
You see, you do not give your feeling, your being one, your cordiality any expansion.
When does the spiritual feeling come, the real wanting to go to the awakening?
The human being heals – I told you – the human being cures, but does he know his own cure?
André groaned about his illnesses.
He thinks: my God, my God, how those people must suffer.
If only I could absorb all of that in me, because I can deal with it, they cannot.
How do you cure?
How do you think for the human being?
Do you carry the human being?
I did this and I did that and I did the other.
Who does it?
When we finally start to experience the last law of life, then the human being cures himself and it is the life, the inner life that cures.
The magnetizer, the doctor, cannot do anything.
The academic also says: “I am powerless.”
But the spiritually thinking can do everything, and walks with his chest, with his space, with his head, with his personality in front of him and succumbs.
When will the real surrendering and bowing to be?
Now I include all those lectures for Gethsemane, Golgotha, the birth of Christ, the cycle of the earth, fatherhood and motherhood, psychopathy, insanity.
What do we have of that, of that whole wordbook?
Just continue and do not let yourself be deformed by the human being.
But stand by reality, then you will get spiritual possession.
You now get spatial awakening, because every thought becomes deeper, your character traits will speak, they emit light, you shine; people love you.
There are people who say: “I have everything, if only the human being knew me.”
But why do you talk, why do you still think so gloomily about your sisters and brothers?
How can you enter the first sphere, how can you lay a spiritual foundation if it is always you?
We had to accept; if the human being does not understand me, then that is not the unconscious, but it is I, me.
Christ did not say to the human being: Go away from me, gloomy person.
“No”, Christ says. “I must now accept that I do not possess the power to be able to explain it to you, but I will still be able to elevate you in your life.”
Because is it not true, people slandered Him.
The human being – just accept – the human being who violates Divine life, feeling, and spits in that life’s face just like that.
They spat at Christ there in Jerusalem.
Just do that here, just hit a human being as people hit the Christ there.
Crowns go over the street, and the human being is beheaded.
But you no longer do that on the Other Side.
There you will have to start to carry, start to love the human being, the life of your Deity.
And then your personality will no longer speak: “All the things I am doing and all the things I have done.”
You represent your own life.
The crucial point now is how you do that.
But those are the laws, and those are the foundations.
Christ gave you everything.
He gave us the example to bow, to always say ... yes, if the human being, if Pilate wants to be right, and Caiaphas wanted to be right, in addition there is the unconscious being, the Barabbas, then the spiritually conscious being says: “You are right.
But I am going.”
If you come to André and you want to be right, then he says: “Yes, you are right.”
He talks to you, but he keeps you, he follows you until finally that bowing comes.
If you are inspired with slander, with destruction and sullying, then he lets you sully.
Because you will succumb sooner or later in your own sullying and the slander and the destruction and then you still reach that kneeling down there in Jerusalem, in that Gethsemane and you say: “My God, my God, have you forsaken me?”
Yes, you smothered your own Deity.
It is not an art to be able to cope with life, society.
If you want to play Pilate, a saint, an initiate, a cosmically conscious being, then you will have to prove how you love the life, how you can carry the life.
For the spheres there is not one human being who is number one.
The lowest and the first is a space, is a oneness.
The human being who now still lives in the jungle is a Deity.
Or do you perhaps look down on that ‘vermin’?
Does it hit?
You howl about the Dutch East Indies, you do not want to let it go, you do not want to lose it.
We spoke about that, didn’t we, and that will become free.
You will become free; the human being will become free.
Motherhood, fatherhood, the smallest insect, a flower, a plant, a bird, life, night, space, everything, every law got an independence, why not a people?
What do you want?
André says to you – every word which he speaks goes to the universe and comes back, received by millions: “Also make it so far, also bring yourself to inspiration if you want to start to write, if you want to start to shout.”
But first that nonsense has to go.
First that bowing must be there, first the sweetness, the respect, the respect, the respect ... the respect for the human being, for society.
Do not interfere with destruction.
Do not start to shoot.
We believe you if you are faced with Christ and say: “I meant well, Christ.”
And if you are faced with the Masters and you lie there kneeled down and your heart passes your lips, your blood flows and they still see that you only touch the fourth grade of your consciousness, then there will be no hand reached out, then they will continue to stand, because you must sink even deeper.
No, sweet.
If the Master starts to carry you, then he will carry you straight to the darkness.
Then no foundations will be laid.
You must never want to be carried, because the person who is carried is the patient.
André does not want to be carried; he learned that from us.
You say: “Hoho, how wonderful that is!”
Prove it.
“Ho, how beautiful that is, what you gave me, what you gave us, I cannot accept it.”
We understand, but prove it.
How can you speak like that, if you do not yet possess the unity of the world, if you do not possess the unity of your father, your mother, your sister, your brother?
How can you say for the Messiah, when Golgotha speaks: “I am at odds with my mother, with my father, my sister, my child.
I hate everything. I do not like that.
I am it”?
Yes, you are it?
Well, you are it.
You get from the space: you are it.
You get everything from the space.
But do you still not feel that pressure?
Every wrong thought smothers the Divine core.
Is it not true, can you not agree with that this morning and for your space, your Christ, for your new year, for your eternal life of feeling?
The bowing, the carrying finally becomes: the being self, the beautiful radiating, the loving feeling and being one for the human being.
Does it not become that?
You see, those are all foundations, those are the stimuli for your life of feeling.
The Master stands there, but says: “It is harsh.”
“Yes”, Gerhard says, everybody is possessed here.
That world here is insane.”
“Yes”, the Master says, “only you, you, are wise.
You are happy, and you have feeling, don’t you?
You are yourself, you had the earth, you received the bible, you went to a church – didn’t you – you were Catholic.”
“Yes, and I sat there and I prayed.”
“Yes, and you went to confession, but we have nothing more to do with that.
There is your confession box.
You can pray for that.”
That goes straight to that Messiah there in the Divine All, the true, the real expert on the human being.
You do not need to go and lie down.
Jeus says in part II, that you will soon receive: “Then I will just go to the real one, then I will no longer need that stone statue, Crisje.”
Then Jeus was not even fourteen years old.
“Why would I go and pray?” Jeus says, “I just think there they made stone of it.
But I will go to the real one, which remains.
To this one!”
To my self, you see.
I bring myself to radiation, to growth, to the knowledge.
And you know.
You know it.
You can receive the human being every day, and you can be love.
Do you go abroad, do you go over the world?
In only one week you will attract that people, if you just possess love.
The human being starts to say: “That is a beautiful human being.
That is a good man.
That is a sweet woman.
That is a good child.”
That is in your hands.
The human being will carry you out, you see.
Because you do well, because you carry, because you inspire, because you awaken.
That is in your hands, because you have experienced the justice of Christ.
Because He was just, He was cosmically just, divinely true, you see.
Do not confound the human being if the human being wants to be right, but withdraw.
You will see how soon the human being comes.
When the human being wants to be harsh and wants to destroy your life, just withdraw.
But be ready; be prepared when you have to speak.
And place authority there.
Do you wish to heal the people; do you wish to carry the sick people of this world?
Then emit your healing life of feeling and they will come to you.
You do not need to place advertisements for that.
But we taught André, here, like that, sit down and wait and emit the feeling, your power; and the patients will come.
This week fifteen, then André began.
But the next week thirty and it happens.
And then the word from Master Alcar came to him: “Begin from this moment on to be good, to be true, to talk clearly and realistically, do not interfere with anything which you do not yet know.
But what you know and feel about God, Christ and the life ‘beyond the coffin’, place there the inner winged foundation of your true personality, your feeling, your thinking.
You will only get that word back in five years and ten years, but it will come.
The human being will tell you it.”
André experienced it.
Peoples will talk about you, if you now begin with the truth.
People will come from Paris, from England, from America and everywhere and say: “I heard about you.
I felt you, because your light, your life came to me.”
Is that not the Christ, mothers?
When we begin there, then we will build spiritual foundations.
Then you are really faced with the first sphere.
That means: then you are faced with cordiality, with the truth, with love, feeling, awakening, inspiration, becoming conscious, for pure fatherhood and motherhood.
That is the first sphere.
Then you can carry each other.
Then you bow your head for the human being who wants to be right and yet is wrong, because the word already says it.
“They should know one day who I am.”
Just prove it.
Hoho, just come to the Other Side, the human being there says: “They should know one day who I am”, people say here and on the Other Side people say: “We can see that from your light.”
How can you still think wrongly?
If you want to possess light, then no more wrong thoughts can enter you – believe it now – because that darkens the universal light.
Can you accept this?
Now begin to always be true, light and sense for yourself, that if you say: “I am it and the human being will one day start to see”, then you cannot carry, cannot inspire those peoples, because you go ahead; and you must stand there, behind.
The people must not see you, the people, the masses must not be able to feel you, because then you are material consciousness.
You are like granite.
How can you experience the soul radiantly, undergo that oneness which can only take care, undergo spiritually, can drive, can talk?
Is that the case?
Those are the spatial systems.
And I will now continue with that in order to waken you, in order to finally be able to elevate you, that you will begin with this awakening, with this spiritual flying.
So that for this morning the ‘great wings’ for motherhood, for fatherhood, for friendship, for brotherhood, for sisterhood, for society, the life of God awakens in yourself.
Did I bring you something new this morning?
(Hall:) “Yes.”
That is not true, I will not even accept that.
There was speaking like that for hundreds of thousands of centuries.
With a little piece of proof, is not it ...? People, the money that Jeus found in the wood should already have been enough for the world.
Because who could think like that?
“Well”, the world says.
You see, you just keep talking to an empty self and you must fill that up again.
And then the human being continues: “Oh, it was wonderful.
Oh, how I enjoyed myself.
Oh, how beautiful it was.”
What is beautiful?
Is a word beautiful?
Is love beautiful?
Is cordiality beautiful?
Is justice beautiful?
No, that is a law!
That is beautiful.
Do not come to André and say: “Oh, how beautiful”, because he will get you out of the door.
He will get you out of his life, because that is wrong.
You must say absolutely nothing.
You can only say: “It moved me.
It shook me awake.”
That is it.
And when that sees God, can experience the Christ, can elevate your sphere, because you get more light, that is the awakening for your whole, universal macrocosmic self as father and mother.
World, (hits the microphone), can you hear this?
I thank you, my sisters and brothers, for your wonderful, simple, human feelings.
And I hope that you want to accept my harsh, strict word.
(Hall:) “Thank you, Master Zelanus.”
I thank you for the children of mother nature, also for André.