The Divine justice for the human being - I

Good morning, my sisters and brothers.
I promised you that we would soon – I just said it again – return from the universe and would slightly analyze the philosophical systems for the human being, for soul, spirit, personality, society, astral world.
Since we made a journey through the universe and got to know God as light, life, father and mother, we reach the Divine justice of its own accord.
How can that Divine justice be experienced?
The minister, the theologian speaks about Divine justice.
And when you descend into yourself deeply, you cannot see that Divine justice or experience for your society; and yet, that can be analyzed in only a few seconds.
But what do you still know then?
The Divine justice is gone in society for this mankind.
There has been talking for two thousand years and when the clergyman, your minister, is faced with justice and he says: “And God is just and will punish those and those people”, then he stumbles over the Divine law of justice, because God does not punish – do you see? – and he can begin again.
He must first get to know the God of all life and He is – we experienced that and you can accept that – He is light, life, love!
A God of faith does not exist.
It is the God of the condensing and hardening laws, the God who grows, the God who possesses everything and is also just, because soon we will get to know him as the God of harmony, the God, and finally, the God of love.
Of course we are now faced with the philosophical systems, not only for Mother Nature, for the animal, but also for the universe.
For the soul, for your spirit, your human self.
The whole of this world is searching for a God who is just.
The East and the West rebel because no laws of justice can be experienced.
And yet it is simple.
I will soon ask you: “What do you have of that justice?” and then you must not get a fright, I do not intend to frighten you.
I do not want to deny you that self, but I will put it right.
And then you can shrug your shoulders inwardly – I am talking to mankind of which you are a part – and how you wish to experience that justice, everyone has to decide that for himself.
André already told you.
We do not make any lectures here, we do not build up any lectures in order to force you to do that and that, that is in your hands.
We bring you spiritual science.
The highest which mankind has received at the moment on earth.
You cannot experience it anywhere in the world, you have it, and anyone who is open to it, who yearns, who wants to expand himself has the word and begins to think, he begins to feel, he begins to accept, he begins to bow.
And then you go through your whole dictionary and the good of that, then the human being will one day stand before the God who is just, and then you just have to prove what you want: to the left or to the right.
The justice of God is – I could have told in ‘Jeus II’ and ‘Jeus III’, but in ‘Jeus II’ you will soon get to accept it – as the grave for yourself is deep and high, and low; there is a left, there is a right, a reverse and there is just one ahead.
And then the Master of Jeus had disappeared and the child shouted: “He, just wait, what are you whispering about?”
Then Master Alcar said to Jeus: “We agreed that I would go and when we would finish a conversation, then I would not come back again.”
“But what, what, what does all of that mean?”
Do you see?
“The justice of God”, Master Alcar could have said to Jeus, but that child could not yet deal with that, “is like a philosophical system which is experienced by Socrates and Plato and now by your own universities, but is not felt.”
The human being speaks about justice, the human being wants to serve justice and to sell it in the first place for your society.
We will therefore soon come to society and then you can wonder: “What did we receive in possession for millions of things, qualities, for justice?”
We lay a foundation for that universal justice.
We enter the human justice of course for thousands of thoughts, for the bible, for a university, for your talking, your thinking, your eating, your drinking, your fatherhood, your motherhood.
Because you certainly feel it, one human being gets everything from that just God and another is broken alive and conscious, murdered.
The stake is no longer there, but when you look back at other peoples, then you see trouble, misery, whipping, contamination, diseases.
And can a God who is just give that to the human being and can He represent that?
That is not possible!
We already get to see that the human being has laid foundations for himself for a justice which he possesses and means nothing for your soul, for your spirit, for your astral life, for the space.
But where do those Divine foundations live which represent the justice of God?
Because through this you can learn: that flower possesses the Divine spatial justice, because that child has life; you have too.
An animal also has justice, we will see that soon, but we will first look into the space.
We must return, we return to the space, to the moon, to sun, stars and planets, because they received their Divine justice.
And now everything in God has light, life, love, but God gave life to every cell, to every spark.
And that spark ...
You leave that light and that life, and that soul and that spirit, and that fatherhood and motherhood, we just leave that there in that world where it is.
We are only talking about the Divine justice, but you think about that too, because we experienced those spaces for that purpose.
We went to stars and planets, we entered the astral world, we entered the world for your spirit, ‘beyond the coffin’.
We came onto the fourth, the fifth, the sixth, the seventh cosmic grade.
We entered the Divine All, came back and went on to the All-Mother in the invisible, when the God of all life was still to begin.
We experienced that darkness there again.
I took you along again with Peter, with John, with the apostles, when they started to experience the spheres after their struggle.
Then the Masters came and said: “Come, we will now go and will convince you, first of course on earth, what you did there.
And if you are free, then you will get to know God, the just God.”
And then Peter already came: “But why was I killed?”
“God did not do it, Peter, you did that yourself.
The human being did that.
With Me too”, the Messiah said.
Do you see?
How can you already – you feel which foundations suddenly melt away, sink away from under our feet – how can you accept that the Christ let himself be killed?
“Jerusalem, Jerusalem, what did you do, Caiaphas, Pilate?
Are you just?”, I ask you, the stars and the planets ask, the light of the space of life asks.
“Are you just when you say: ‘Yes, I have nothing to do with that, I wash my hands in innocence’?”
Because we will soon stand, we will soon come before Pilate again, before Caiaphas again.
Because I do not talk about Caiaphas, I do not talk about Gethsemane nor Golgotha if I do not come back to that, because those are the foundations.
We come to stand before millions of problems and yet, the Divine justice walks in front of us.
That is the Divine thread, the contact, the attunement, the part of His life, of all of that which He is.
We find and we see that Divine attunement again as justice there.
Since God divided himself in the infinite in that space, He divided himself by means of myriad parts, each life, each spark at a macrocosmic attunement got the own personality in its hands.
And that was now and that is now the justice of God.
Now God has nothing more to give.
And now we can only just follow: what did we make of it as human beings? And there you are now.
Now I can begin immediately in order to analyze society, your personality and then you go home again of course with hanging shoulders, and I do not intend that.
Because the human being gets a fright, the human being says: “Ho, how I was beaten there.”
But you have got life, you got your thinking and your feeling.
Look back at the jungle, what do those people have?
But look: because the moon could begin and every life became a cell of His Self, with the light, with the soul, with the spirit, with that attunement.
That thinking and feeling still has to come, because we will evolve ourselves, we will materialize and spiritualize ourselves as a cell.
But it now, concerns the laws of justice.
You will see what your society has mastered of it.
Nothing more remains of it, and yet, there is everything in the human being and that becomes the Kingdom of God, or the thousand year, eternal kingdom for mankind – that is for everyone, we saw and experienced that – because God brought the planets to working, took that working to consciousness.
That happened of its own accord by means of sun and moon, He became that, and He became that as a mother.
The moon started to give birth, the moon started to materialize His life, we experienced that embryonic stage to the fish stage.
We went from planet to planet, we experienced other spaces and everything was present.
And then He had and He could really say – not as the bible does that -: “It is fine like this.”
He could really say: “This is one hundred percent okay.
I live in this.
I am it myself, I divided my soul, I materialized my soul, I got space, I started to think, I have the giving birth and the creating.
I enter motherhood and I enter fatherhood.”
And that is the justice of God!
But the more we reach the conscious thinking and feeling, the worse it becomes when the human existence starts to speak, and now it becomes a chaos, it becomes a mess.
You can now go in and out of temples and everywhere you will now find injustice, which is called your bible and which the dictionary interprets and represents, you can throw that out, because for God no invisibilities and no acts of unkindness and injustice, unfriendliness were created.
God gave life to a spark and that spark received independence.
That had fatherhood, motherhood.
It has light, has expansion, has growth, until the creating revealed itself.
And nothing could stop this life.
That justice for this life is present in everything.
The suns, the planets received that, and they would give that again to the human being, the life which emerged from that source.
I drew it for you here, you read it in ‘The Origin of the Universe’, and in the other books.
So we will now begin with the philosophical systems.
We want to know: what is justice?
How can God approve that one child is murdered there and the other gets a crown on his head, on the own self?
How can He strike the human being by means of disease and leprosy, plague and cholera?
And one walks there and beats off from him left and right.
Put the human being in prison and behead him, shoot him down?
Yes, now we reach problems.
You learned by means of ‘A View into the Hereafter’ that the human being put himself down there.
You saw there into those parts, the journeys which Master Alcar made with André – and you will soon also go through them, you can experience them – that the human being lies there like a jellyfish on the beach.
God did not create that.
You see there the hospitals, the mental institutions, the leprosy, the psychopathy, the insanity which filled those houses.
God did not do that, God knows nothing about that, He has nothing to do with that.
Everything which your society possesses, still does not possess any spiritual, spatial, Divine justice.
That harmony, that love – do you see?, we go continually higher – mankind still has to, the bible has to, a faith has to, a church has to, a temple, a university still has to master that.
Society, the universities, the faculties, psychology are now also faced with a dead point.
They still have to begin to lay these foundations.
You can now think here as a human being: “Yes, what does that concern me?”, but you are faced every day with those same laws.
Do you want love, do you want happiness?
You have that in your hands, that belongs to you, that lives in you, because you possess the Divine attunement, you can accept that, because you will soon irrevocably go into ‘the coffin’.
Yes, this earthly body, not this, not what shines from your eyes, as a result of which you speak, by means of which you can experience your cordiality, no that, that is off the mark, that continues, that has the darkness, is psychopathic, is mad, is sick, is neither mother nor father, but it continues.
And anyone who does not want that, he must decide that for himself, must want that himself.
‘Beyond the coffin’ you are faced with your inner self and also with spiritual justice!
What is Divine justice?
You see it, I no longer need to fly through that universe, but every planet ...
The night, the light, the cooling down ...
Since the earth made night, cooling down entered the space.
If the earth had not done that she, and her life, would have been burnt alive.
But because light came, more working came, and in this way God created those laws of gravity, those laws of condensing, those laws of expanding; because light came.
That is the sun.
The planets, the mother planets could begin.
They continued their life, they finished their life.
The earth not yet, we are not yet that far.
Yes, for the material, for the body, for the nature, but that becomes more beautiful, that becomes more rarefied.
The spiritual personality will soon, in the future, in ten and five million years, Jehovah child, begin with those laws for the growing, for the life, for the love, for fatherhood, for motherhood.
What you must now start to sense and will have to understand is, that God gave the space for giving birth and creation to the life and the Divine justice now lies there.
There is nothing else to experience.
You have that Divine justice, because you possess the life.
The human being also speaks about: “Do you have an own will?”
The academic says: “Does the human being have an own will?
Why don’t you do that?”
André says: “Just give me that, if you do not have any will anyway, come and give me that.”
Just tell ...
The psychologist tested the life, man and wife.
He hypnotised the human being, he no longer had any will; and yet in the deep inner self the will in the unconscious also came upwards and refused!
Flatly refused.
Another human being who still does not possess that will, that feeling for faith, for justice, for love, for fatherhood, for motherhood, for love, that pure love, that human being completely undresses himself and goes and stands in society here and knows nothing, feels nothing.
That animal-like, what is it? Does not matter, that will still awaken.
But one day the human being will say: “I will not do that!”, even if you have been killed here, even if you are in the unconscious, you flatly refuse.
And then justice comes.
Then the being, the actual being reaches becoming conscious and then the human being has his personality in his hands.
Since God therefore created the universe, gave motherhood to the planets, fatherhood to the suns, and because the human being and nothing and nothing on earth and in this space can take away, can deny that life that same power, that independence, that personality, that is the Divine justice for the life.
That life cannot be sullied, that life cannot be deformed.
In the space there is still and there will be eternally harmony.
That is the Divine foundation for justice.
God gave the human being the life.
Now we have learned, that we are not people.
You see, what nonsense, there are no people on earth.
Who invented the word human being?
When the human being started to feel as a human being, then he ran around the world and she followed him.
“What do we look like?”
When the human being started to experience himself, when the human being started to feel himself, then he took possession of all of that, that universe.
Then the human being on earth started to explore the world and of course faith, science, the systems.
He went into one temple after another.
I can therefore, because the space received that visibility, that materialization, I can now ... we can follow and analyze the human being in this society on Mother Earth and see what justice he condensed of that.
As I say for hundreds, thousands of systems we now have to see our life light, our feeling and thinking.
We will soon see what the human being has of that, what the human being has elevated for himself, fatherhood, motherhood, the children; a certainty which we get from the universe and through which the God of all life has created himself.
I made it clear to you – and you must also feel that, you will be able to understand that – that the human being, the grade of life, a spark of all of that is busy expanding itself, spiritualizing itself.
But your society still does not knows that, the universities still do not know that, your bible does not know that either.
And that is now the consciousness of this space and large mass: it is unconscious.
The human being still does not know where those Divine systems lie, the human being still does not know those foundations.
We will not take them this morning to the revelation.
We will open those foundations and then we will get them from the Divine creation.
You do that anyway, don’t you?
The human being wants that, society wants that, the whole of this world wants that.
Now you are faced with the minister.
I will let go of the Other Side for a moment, we will come back to that, because what is justice on the Other Side?
Here on earth you now have to experience that justice, you have the life.
We also have that on the Other Side, every spark has that, the animal and the life of Mother Nature, do you see?
You have that life, you have the fatherhood and the motherhood, you have light, life and love.
But what is that love, your thinking and feeling with regard to that life, the animal, but especially your society?
Now we have material justice, next to that lives the spiritual justice, then you get the spatial justice and above that is the Divine, the Divine lives.
How do you act now?
What do you do now?
What do you wish to begin with your life here?
What are you talking about, minister, when you say: “God is just and God will protect us”?
You are always talking about protecting.
You talk about praying, you sing, you really attune yourself to higher thinking and feeling.
You want to go to the God of all life, you want to go to the space, but where do you go?
There is no certainty.
I showed you the bible before.
In ‘The Peoples of the Earth’, the book, you can follow the beginning of the creations.
We go through the hells, we come to Moses, God did not speak there.
We continue, we finally get light in us, but we experienced that it must awaken in the human being, in that spark of God, we have to do something for it.
All the life of Mother Nature which possesses life, a tree, a flower, water, and in that the animal, possesses Divine justice, because that animal, that spark represents the life of God.
That was given and presented infallibly, nothing can be changed about that.
Those waters are there, a mountain is there, there is also material, it has hardened, it is rarefied and light, hardened material.
Take the mountain, take granite, take steel, then they are different condensing laws and hardening laws, but the independence lives there.
And Socrates began like that.
He said “What am I now?
If I feel when I have pain, then there is something here which is not in harmony in that what is normal.
Something which works normally, cannot be sick, cannot give me any pain.”
In this way there are many people, and especially the pupils of Socrates began to lay the first foundations for thousands of thoughts.
And they became the philosophical systems.
That seems deep, my sisters and brothers, that seems really very deep, but you can do that too.
You certainly do not need a university for that.
You just have to follow that, you just have to experience that, and you become justice as a system; now justice is a law.
A law of life which possesses everything, everything!
You can act, you can think, you are that far.
You have got this possession, you have got space.
You can go where you want.
And now we see – we experienced that, I tried a bit to explain that to you and you will read and get that soon in ‘The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof’ – this is cosmology, you have already actually conquered this universe in your feeling.
Because we learned: we went from planet to planet, from one justice to the other.
We went from the animal-like justice to the material and soon, later ‘beyond the coffin’, to the spiritual.
Then the cosmic consciousness comes – doesn’t it? – then you know every law in this space, you know what Mars is like, what the moon is like, what the moon has done for you.
You know – you experienced that, you see that, that lives there – how the earth gave itself for your soul, your spirit, your personality.
By means of that cosmic Divine justice you have kept receiving body after body again.
And that became the reincarnation, that is reincarnation, that continues infallibly, nothing can be destroyed about that.
There is no more.
The Divine justice lives and can be seen in there.
That you are sitting here as a human being – you are a grade of life for the cosmos and for God – that is your justice possession.
Here there is nothing more here before me than justice and that life comes to me kindly.
We – now I can give you the picture – on the Other Side now accept that the human being absolutely, irrevocably possesses the harmony, wants to follow that justice, and that is only just to live as God himself revealed.
I told you before that life is very simple.
The human being in your society, your universities, the writers say: “How difficult life is.”
And life is perfectly simple if you understand it, if you feel the life, if you start to carry something.
Yes, there are other aspects which we see if you start to carry something of that for which He came, He, the Christ.
Do you see?
To Gethsemane, to Pilate, to Caiaphas, Golgotha and then the Christ was faced with the injustice.
He had to accept that people did not understand Him, the Christ knew that.
The apostles did not yet know that, they were still to experience that.
But when you get consciousness, when you possess the Divine and represent that justice, then you no longer even go into a thought of the human being; well, you place the human being before the facts.
When the human being shouts and he is wrong, he condemns himself for ten seconds, for an hour, for worlds, for ages, if he does not make that trouble, that injustice dissolve for himself.
Now we can begin.
These are now the lectures for life, for the light, for fatherhood, for motherhood.
What do you wish to begin?
Now you start something – I told you before – you just start to play the violin and you cannot do it, you already grasp too high, you already experience, you touch into that law of injustice for society.
You want to possess that, but you do not have that, now you are already unjust, unconscious, unkind and now you already break, descend.
As a result of that grasping, as a result of that wanting to be more than you are, you do not only break your law of justice, your normality.
Because you go into the ground, from your subconscious, that is the life bottom which is then Mother Earth, the cell goes into that, the Divine spark lives there, you descend into that as it were by means of your present personality, you awaken something in there, if you want to live as God gave justice to life.
Straight upwards!
Nothing can stop you.
If you are and remain just – you will get that this morning from me and from the Masters and from your Christ – then nothing can happen to you.
Then you will go through life and through this society like a shining sun, and the human being will say: “He, what do those people there have?
What is there anyway, which lives there in those people?”
And you immediately see the lie, the cheating, the destruction, the grasping too high, the wanting to be something.
Too lazy to work and there just take away life from the human being, take away his possession?
The human being who does not want to use his hands now, the human being who still wants to earn his food and drink outside of society, that is in conflict with the natural justice.
Because you will weep and you will groan, Christ said.
What does Mother Earth do now, what does the source which is earth do, the personality, that therefore is the life of Mother Earth as material, that material on which you are standing – this is all material, this all belongs to Mother Earth – what does Mother Earth do when she inspires her life?
She is always open, she is exactly like God is, she is a part as material, as planet for God.
This is God, which you are walking on, which you are standing on.
And just try deceiving that life?
Yes, you can do that.
When you, when we reach the cosmic laws and the cosmology, and the justice, benevolence and harmony will speak, did you think that the earth would not groan, if you let her experience your cannons, your explosions, that she would not feel those disturbances, those eruptions?
That would not have been necessary for that matter.
God did not create that trouble, that misery which you have on earth.
He only gave working to the life.
You are born in the mother, you all know that.
Now it is simple after all those years to take these cosmic analyzes to the revelations for the human being.
You have the life, you are born.
You cannot do anything to your child, change anything if that life wants this, that and the other.
You know it, as parents you know that, you cannot change that life.
That life is an independence and a personality for the darkness or for the light.
You see it, now we come higher, higher, and higher.
We go through the books, through the hells, we come through the pre-animal-like, the animal-like, the crude-material, material grades and then the human being is still not justice.
The human being does not know that law.
The human being is searching, the human being is begging, the human being is talking.
“How can God approve of all of this for goodness sake?
Why does he create trouble?”
In ‘Masks and Men’ you read: “Yes”, Hans says to Frederik, “if He there above has nothing else than madmen to send them to the earth”, do you see?
What does Hans have?
What do you have of Hans if you also speak like that?
Yes, then you would not be sitting here, then you would not be here.
“If that madman up above there has nothing else”, who is still a God of love, a God of justice, “good heavens, good heavens, Frederik, what can we hope to achieve with these poor wretches?”
But is Hans right?
Hans should know that he beat those souls there insane.
It is he who does not possess any justice.
Because the human being does not know God.
The human being does not know His love, His harmony.
God is just in everything.
God gave the human being the light, the life and His love.
God gave the human being the power and the force in order to ...
Just feel that birth, just feel that growth in the mother, it is all so natural and it is so obvious.
But now you have got intellect, feeling, you have light in your eyes; that human organism is shining with beauty.
That human organism enters the mother as an insignificant spark, it cannot be seen and now: it grows, it has received infallibly the Divine justice for life, nothing is capable of stopping that.
Yes indeed, the human being can destroy it.
Who violates a law of justice of God?
Now you should see, you should feel this, how awe-inspiring it becomes if we violate, violate that Divine birth, that growing, that condensing, that fatherhood, that motherhood, that benevolence, that cordiality, that harmony.
Have you never violated the Divine justice?
That is the life!
So God as life, is justice.
And from that everything now comes, everything lives in there.
He gave us life?
No, we are it!
The God lives in us.
I explained and showed you before; but did that not take your life by surprise, did that tell nothing at all since the last time you were here?
And were you unable to sleep for days and nights because of that?
Did you not know any more peace when I said: “The human being enters the All”?
And the highest Master was there too, Christ was there too.
Yes, that Christ would become – I told you – and He asked: “Where is God now?”
And they looked for God.
“And where does the father, the creator of all of this live now?”
Yes ... and He was not there.
And fear came?
No, they experienced body after body infallibly.
You can destroy a human being, society, world, but that human being comes back.
You do not have Divine justice – thank God – in your hands, king, emperor, general.
You can throw me into prison and I am innocent, but you will go there yourself one day.
Because something which you now stir up in that space and take to destruction, you must take back to that justice, that describing of orbits and that emitting of light and that feeding, that inspiring and that becoming conscious.
Just kick hard with real anger in your heart on Mother Earth, then you will return one day in order to correct that dent in her face.
You will probably lay down flowers there and say: “Oh, what did I do?”
The human being who becomes conscious in this space, thanks Mother Earth and kisses her.
This earth has a soul and a spirit, a personality and possesses the Divine justice, because you get life after life.
She takes care of your sleep, she takes care of your food and drink.
And what do we do?
What does the human being do?
And the academic, the minister stands on his pulpit and says: and yes, you will be damned if you do not do that and that.
And then that poor bible comes forward, then the lies come, then the deception comes.
Oh, what does it matter?
Is that deception?
Is a human being who is unconscious immediately just a liar and a cheat if that child does not understand you and God and Christ?
We must now begin to lay foundations for the everyday self in which and for which you live.
Accept every word which must and will be justice.
Begin to want nothing else than to see life justly.
To see justly!
If you come to André’s house and even if you have been in prison, even if the whole of society keep on at you, you walk with lies and deception, you stand in your own muck and mud, then he will say: “To me you are beautiful, nice and wonderful”, do you see?
He always sees one perfection, the human being is completely perfect to him, inwardly and outwardly.
That human being has no lies and no deception, that human being is in harmony, that human being is just to his life.
And if you come to him unjustly, not benevolently and he starts to see it, then his personality will ... we also do that, then we go away.
Then we go backwards: you just pass, just carry on.
In the spheres, in the first sphere we must be just.
And now for your bible?
Now for your society, for your dictionary?
You want to go to the first sphere so much?
With your car, of course?
Yes, it’s true, isn’t it?
With your crown on your head, with your beautiful garment, with everything which you possess on earth, you want to go to the first sphere, your palaces and your beautiful temples.
“But she does not get in.”
There are people here who say: “Say, how can you associate with this human being, that is not your social standing.”
Yes, the bible says that too.
The ministers say that too, because in the bible ...
However, when a real vagabond comes to the minister, to the clergyman ...
A while ago there was a great conscious being in Rome and he knocked there as a vagabond – we know that, your world does not even know that – knocked there and said: “May I speak to the father for a moment?”
That cardinal and that bishop and that soldier did not know at all who it was.
And that man is walking there and all of the Other Side, all of the Other Side, millions of souls, men and women and children saw who that vagabond was.
And we were there.
“Why may I not come in?
Yes, I look dirty.
But your society is also dirty.
I am in a holy city, but is everyone here holy?
What is being holy?” that man asked.
Then they first put that child in prison for two days.
He asked everywhere, every human being: “What is being holy?” and then they thought that he was starting to mock the holy father.
Now is that child still there?
No, He flew through the walls, returned to His space, He went higher and higher.
Yes, world, I will now tell you about a wonder: three months ago the Christ stood before Rome and they sent Him away; they did not recognize Him.
The Messiah keeps on standing in your society, He now shows himself every second when justice and love and happiness, awakening are talked about.
And then you see an old woman or an old man and you will probably walk past them and then that child says: “The Christ is listening.”
André sent to Him before: “And do you have nothing more to do with Jerusalem, and does the Caiaphas, Pilate no longer interest you, Judaism ... mankind, this world, the real construction, the destruction of all these wonderful, beautiful races (see
For what purpose did you live?”
André became angry?
No, he says: “If the Christ, if You lived there and if the Christ does not possess any reality, then we can stop, can’t we?
But I saw you!
But just come to this world.
You still do not sit on your throne, you will absorb something of this poor beaten mankind of the twentieth century into you, won’t you?
Or do people from Jerusalem not speak this language?
If Christ is capable – understand well what happened two thousand years ago – if the Christ and if a Master is capable by means of the dematerializations of laying down and dematerializing himself – so that means: elevating his material and his spirit and letting them disappear and putting them down outside somewhere, which a lama priest in the East can do, an initiate there – what can the Christ do?
The Christ is in the Divine All.
He represents all the spaces in which you live and which were created by the All-Mother, the All-Source.
Did He want to test for this age, for this time, the Divine authority and that representation on earth again for himself and for the human being?
What is, what is the human being like when the human being can say: “I am holy”?
What is justice?
What happens in your life when that justice awakens in you, under your heart?
In the first sphere you must love everything: the insect, the flowers, the people, the nature, the God.
You must be in harmony with every thought.
Yes, what are thoughts?
You only know the material thoughts.
But the Master ... the human being of that I say: “Do you wish to ride and experience the first sphere with your car?
Do you wish ‘beyond the coffin’, do you still think that there is something for sale there, for which you received those treasures?”
Behind all of this there is light, there is life, there is an infinity.
There are temples, the human being lives in art, in wisdom there, because he experienced all these laws as planets and suns.
He absorbed those spaces into him and he now represents spiritually the source to which the human being belongs as grade, as spark, as father, as mother, as soul and spirit.
In the ground, through the life, to make an evolution, a reincarnation, and further again.
Our thoughts are expanded, our thoughts are spiritualized.
We have to serve the life, we have to take on the life in our arms and now we start to look: what has now happened on earth?
What did the bible, what did the churches, the sects master of that?
Now that wonderful things will happen for this mankind, now that mankind is starting to ask, every child wonders: “How can God approve of this?”
Now the Christ is, now the Masters are, but especially the Christ, now you can probably meet Him every day in your street, in your area, in this space, on earth.
And this is no story.
He knocked, people received him.
But when the Christ said: “Am I here amongst the saints?
I want to see the saints.
I want to experience the saints.
I want to see the harmony”, then He was seized by the scruff of His neck and put outside that sanctuary.
People did not know Him.
The apostles of Our Lord now walk on earth.
In order to protect you?
No, in order to see how you are now doing it for yourself.
The Masters from the Spheres of Light are on earth in order to help you?
No, in order to help you a bit to lay new foundations, but in order to awaken that Divine space as justice in you.
Yes indeed, they speak.
But they look and see what you make of it for yourself.
The snarl, the snap, the destruction.
Now just go and look in society.
What is the consciousness like now of your society?
Do you wish to accept any longer that the bible begins with a truth, with Divine laws, as the God of hatred in the Old Testament destroys one after the other, while He gives that child everything He has, which He possesses, do you see?
Is it so terrible when you enter the bible and open those untruths?
Is that now so frightening?
Should you go any longer in this age, must mankind still go further through those lies and that deception?
Further, further, further?
Will another word never ever enter this space?
Is there nothing else to be experienced?
What do you want, what do you have, what did you see?
You will certainly feel, I must have at least a hundred lectures, a hundred hours, if I wish to open the Divine justice for every system, for every thought, for your universities, for psychology, for psychopathy, insanity, for diseases, fatherhood, motherhood, sisterhood and brotherhood.
When do you lay the first foundation for yourself: I want to be just, because then you will have everything.
If you are just to your brother, your workman, the human being who works for you, who serves you, for the task which you possess ... the will must be there.
You must want to serve for a hundred percent.
I told you before: do you wish to influence the people?
Do you wish to bring the people to the awakening?
Do you wish to support the human being, heal the sick?
Then become healing.
Then become truth, and the inspiration, the attunement of the space, because God is infinite, because you are just a human being in a grade of consciousness which belongs to this earth ...
If you then come higher and higher and all those character traits go down and are conquered, then the spatial, spiritual, universal inspiration speaks to your soul, your spirit, your fatherhood, your motherhood and your art.
If you then sit down in the house, then you are true and that truth – that means – that is peace.
Truth is cordiality.
Truth is understanding.
If you enter the spheres and you say: “I have only just experienced trouble.
I have no life, I am so miserable, because my husband does not understand me”, and, “my wife, she does not want to go with me.”
If there is still no peace and you are still not ready with yourself, you have still not brought those foundations under your heart to that growth, then you are still not just.
Because the human being who is just, has peace, is strong, is powerful.
He is not inspired, but he is inspiration, he is art, he is philosophical, he gets the untruth, the injustice out of everything.
He sees, he hears, he has reached that spatial unity universally.
You have that in your own hands.
But if you reach too high, if you want to possess more than you can, than you have in feeling, have in consciousness, then it becomes lies and deception.
And do you now still wish for food and drink?
And now you ask why the people do not want, do not like you?
If you are: “Oh, I am so unhappy and I cannot go forward, and life means nothing more to me.
What does it all matter to me?” then the justice was knocked down there.
The Divine attunement now suffers from rotting.
Are you still not walking away?
We still get flowers.
“The people get a beating”, the space says, “and they still bring along those beautiful flowers for Our Lord.”
Yet consciousness and feeling have come, the human being starts to feel and to experience.
Children of Our Lord, how happy you are that people brought you here this morning.
Now you will start to serve for something else, not for disintegration and destruction.
The sludge of the earth gives each other, gives itself flowers.
The Divine orchid, which is a universal kiss, must serve for this purpose.
Lying and deception, disintegration and destruction, injustice, that gives itself orchids and on the Other Side you cannot even enter her life if you do not also feel and are what she possesses as colour, light, space, because she closes herself off to you.
Did you not read that in the books?
Did you not read, when you enter the first sphere and you look at the flowers and you want: “Oh, how beautiful that is”, and that flower closes itself, then you do not have that fine, that rarefied, that natural, that just attunement.
You sit next to and for each other at the table and you deceive yourself every day”, the space says.
The human being prepares the meal for the other human being and thinks: “Get lost.”
I can say even more, but then am I harsh?
Then do we become harsh?
No, those are the words; that is it, that is the disintegration, the destruction.
How can you be just if your love does not live there?
Just neglect something ... just neglect something ...
You received gifts from the space, and what do you do with them?
In order to just sell them?
In order to fill your pockets?
Is that all vocation?
Is that all growth?
Is that all because you want to take, to bring the life which lives here for you to that spatial happiness, so that you can experience the first sphere, the second and the third, the hereafter for your soul and spirit?
Why do you actually live?
Yes ...
My children are there, Our Lord is also there.
If we now suddenly saw that old mother, that father here as a vagabond – yes, the light lay in the eyes – walking over the world as a deformation ...
You see, the poor human being, Christ always descends into the lowest of society, to the poverty.
We can also tell you something else, of course, for that: He can suddenly show himself too as a human being dressed in a beautiful garment, but then people do not know Him either.
But if He was to suddenly appear here, which is possible if all of you possessed the justice, and if there was one human being here who cannot experience these laws of justice, then that picture of the Messiah and your sphere and your space would become hazy here; and then it will not be possible.
But if it is, then you will see the spheres, then you will feel yourself and then you will rise out above yourself; then the night will be day, which is always there, then there will be no more growth, there will be no distances, now you have reached the spatial unity from feeling to feeling.
And now the orchid says: “Give me something of your personality.
I was once born from your life.”
But on the Other Side they do not want anything more to do with the destruction.
They want to serve the life of God on the Other Side, because they emerged from his realm of colours.
But they have fatherhood and motherhood, they have a soul and a spirit and this is the beautiful, wonderful, little, loving personality of this flower.
Look, do you ever speak to the life of God?
If you are harsh anyway, if you cannot accept the human being, you already feel: I am not true, I am doing something, that is wrong, I will not reach that state of purity!
The human being says: “What is that life doing messing about with the space again?”
What are you nibbling at, human being in this society?
Have you really reached unity with the God of all life?
You know, but you just continue.
But what are you doing here any longer?
You ask God: “And give me wisdom”, but where did you think that that wisdom can be experienced and seen?
I will return to the bible soon, of course, and then I must break something again of your church – not your church, of course not – because then we start to ask: “Holy father, why did you not feel the Christ there?
He is standing there again, tomorrow He will knock at the door again, because He wants to pull you out of that palace, He wants to ask you: ‘Who is now holy?
What is justice?
What is serving?
What is feeling?
Where are you going?
Do you have the only true church, human being?
You are a human being, aren’t you?
Just undress.
Ha ha ha, you see.
Where is your wife?
Where is your soul?
You must return to the earth anyway, and you can ... you do not even have, you have no children?”
Two hundred years ago, human being of this society, people flung the Christ, the spark of God which represented Christ – and you can do that if you experience that justice – at the stake.
In this way people darkened the light of this space.
And then Galilei was in the prison of this powerful Vatican.
“Yes, and that does not all tally.
And that is not true”, the church says, the priest, the bishop, the cardinal.
“We only flung ten at the stake.”
How can you violate the life, sanctifying church, bible, if the Divine justice says: “This is my life, you do not destroy the human being – because the human being does not yet know that – but you destroy me.
Those millions of people on earth represent my justice and if something else, a spark of my life is unconscious, then that life gets the opportunity anyway to awaken, in order to reach the spheres soon.”
Is that not true?
I do not have the time this morning to – but I will come back – to let you hear this morning what you get, what you already experience year in year out by means of the universities, by means of your minister, the theologians.
We will put those lives in the pure light of God, in justice.
How can you get the word ‘justice’ over your lips if you know that you yourself love insanity, the deformation, the sullying?
If you want to experience a God of justice, why do you send your children to a war in order to kill another child of another people?
Do you see?
Is it not perhaps true too?
If you remember this when you work, keep this feeling with you when you work; it does not matter what you do, what you serve for, you must all eat, drink, but in justice.
Is it not true, when you speak to those people and you give your price honestly and virtuously – this is an inferior feeling from the heavens, an analysis, but it belongs to your society and your life – and you give justice in your business, in your task, in what you want to sell, then you can return, or otherwise that door there will be closed.
Justice is the most wonderful foundation for your soul, spirit, your society, personality.
That justice lives in the human being, because you have the life.
Through justice you get the head bowing, the understanding, the accepting, the speaking, the analyzing of the things.
But you do not close yourself off if you are not proved right and the other human being can say: “You are untrue!”
Because do you know what your life, your personality will be like ‘beyond the coffin’?
And if you do not want to give the human being, you do not want to give the life, you do not want to give Christ, you do not want to give the soul, your spirit, your fatherhood and motherhood any justice, do you know what your sphere will be like then?
Do you see?
We people must earn everything?
No, that happens of its own accord, you received your birth.
We now have the space.
In this age the Masters speak.
Christ was there, Christ had justice.
He analyzed thousands of laws by means of his wonderful, natural, spatial and Divine imagery.
He gave and showed you the foundations in your hands: look, when the Divine justice speaks ...
Good heavens, human being of the earth, take the picture to Pilate and do not wash your hands in innocence or say: “I have nothing to do with that human being, I have nothing to do with that, do what you want with him”, then you give the Divine justice to the mud of this society, the animal-like, human, hyena instinct.
Then you are a hundred percent certain that this instinct will rip apart the human being, the Divine, spiritual justice apart and the Divine life blood flows again.
You will have to prove one day, that you will stand for justice, and justice has now, in order to earn that, has the simplicity, the bowing.
And then ‘pope’ no longer passes your lips.
You are the pope.
Because then the space throws you out of this harness?
No, out of this law of life.
And you did not want to have anything to do with that, because if you possess justice for all the grades of life and ages, for night, light, fatherhood and motherhood, for life on the Other Side, then no more breaking will pass your lips.
You are anointment.
You are acceptance.
You are understanding.
You are lovingly benevolent.
You have everything in you, because that human being is always beautiful for you.
There is no misunderstanding, there is only one accepting and you master that.
You will always have to accept the human being, the life, because the human being is part of you.
Because all of you represent one grade, are one space, aren’t you?
Because the first sphere has millions of souls and the second and the third too and all those souls in the first sphere possess one independence, is only one man, one woman, because God is also man, maternal and paternal.
You have one feeling, you have one understanding, one accepting, your wanting to serve is one will, one power.
All those people live under your heart.
But if you as father and mother, as twin souls, two lives of one colour, must represent that sphere – I explained that to you once – then the other human being is part of your vocal cords and they do not want to speak, they cannot speak, because then they grasp too high.
But it will be you and me who will interpret the laws.
In the spheres we do not have that, what you have and what you possess.
We no longer turn each other upside down.
If this child is in a hurry to go to the earth, then we step aside and then we say: “Come on, our feelings will follow you.”
She goes before me and before you.
And now it is true, if you can give the justice to all your qualities, then you will feel anyway, then life becomes simple.
Then the life carries the personality, because Mother Earth connects you again with this space.
Because do you not live in this space, in this universe, by means of Mother Earth?
You float through this universe, you trace an orbit around the sun.
Then just finally free yourself from your material feeling and get to know the laws.
What are the laws now?
There is no death.
‘Beyond the coffin’,beyond this organism I am myself,or you read that now.
Now think, begin to think now.
Begin to build up philosophical systems.
“I must return?
Good, then I will prepare myself.
But I will begin to give the laws of justice to every character trait of myself.
I will take those character traits to love by means of justice and then by means of harmony.
Because everything in this space, every insect, originated through God, is love, because it is life.”
You can, now that you start to feel and understand this, you can see what your bible, what a minister, your theologian now possesses of universal justice.
Who and what and how is God now as the law of justice?
You make sure that your life in society is not ...
If you are a man, if you are creating, then you will have to take care of your mother.
If you are sick – do you feel? – if you are sick, then society will take care of you.
That is not yet that far that everysick person can be taken care of, but your society begins.
That is still all unconsciousness, but when the spiritual consciousness and especially for the personality which is called mankind, awakens, then the faculty awakens again, the psychology, the inner life.
And it is only then that your psychologist can, your minister can, your theologian can, then the Catholic Church can say: “Yes, now all of us are sanctifying.”
But ... do not be shocked, because I will give you the proof.
You will never be proved right by me.
How can you be just if you give the one child God and damn the other one?
For the church there is still a God who lets the human being burn for eternity.
Can you feel how prehistoric this life of feeling, this personality, this consciousness, this love is with regard to the Divine justice?
Are you shocked that we break you away from the bible?
Later you will be grateful to yourself and your sphere happiness that a human being, that a life was born who started with that.
But you will also have to learn to think like that.
Do you not realize, the human being says on earth: “I will do everything for my children, I will do everything for that life”?
But what must your children then do?
When you experience the spiritual, the Divine justice, then the law of justice says: that child must just prove what it wants.
How is the possession of society now used up?
I will also come across that soon, that will soon stand before us.
What does the possession now serve for?
In order to give the life that and that and that, in order to destroy it, in order to make the life easy?
You must bring yourself to growth.
What do you do?
Do you live on another?
Do you let another work for yourself?
What do you do yourself?
There are people, lives pass, father and mother have everything, the children have been completely spoiled physically, spiritually, by all of that.
You become harsh of your own accord; no, strict, because you see that the life which does not inspire himself, is standing still.
You will never make it if you do not start to serve, if you do not emit that science.
“I miss the space, I miss my good book”, and they are too lazy; too unconscious to absorb it into them.
I tell you: there are books in that and that shop and the human being walks past them.
When Christ showed himself there and there ...
He will show himself somewhere again in a month and the Messiah will probably throw in and do something extra, so that people will say: “A prophet was born in silence.”
But perhaps people will see the light in His Divine eyes.
Yes, who is it who perceives that, who can accept that, who absorbs that consciously?
Who will then say: “I saw the Christ and He stood there like a beggar looking into the spaces and said: “Good heavens, My life, My soul, My spirit, My space lies there and no one wants it.”
Are you occult?
The human being in your society is afraid of occultism?
Your life was created by a mystical law of life?
No, my sisters and brothers, occultism does not even exist.
You created that name again from the laws of life of God.
Is it so strange, is it so wretched, is it so awfully terrible, that when you want to know how a flower awakens in the earth and soon becomes visible?
But it is your own life, your own existence.
Is that occultism?
Is that animal-like carry-on?
Is that a mystical law?
How did that word mystical originate?
How did you give the name to the human being who is now called fakir, magician?
That is the evil on the earth.
We have nothing to do with magicians and with fakirs and with initiates.
There is not one initiate on the Other Side.
There is only a conscious being.
There is only conscious fatherhood and motherhood.
If you want to represent something for the world for the Other Side and you say: “I am just” then you are much more than you want to tell mankind: “I am a prophet.”
This mankind wants nothing to do with prophets.
Do you not know that?
Because the actual Prophet was murdered on Golgotha!
A second one will not come again!
We also echo Him.
We also just interpret His life, because we saw: It was He!
If you want to be a prophet – “I am a prophet” – then you are already immediately a charlatan.
The Paul lives and the prophets live on the Other Side.
But on earth you cannot find them anymore.
I have last year, in the beginning when Master Alcar started the sessions, then the Master said: “The Paul of this century has emerged.”
Yes indeed, but that is not a Jozef Rulof or André-Dectar; he does not want to be that, he throws that off him.
He does not even want to possess the masterhood.
But come along ...
And yet he challenges the world.
We are it, because we have got to know the Messiah, because we have got to know the justice, the Divine justice.
We apply that justice.
Accept for this life, for these hours and for the coming weeks: everything in your society is just.
And when you are faced with injustice, go to the left, go around it and if you have to carry out a life task with that seed, then you are the flower and he the stem.
Then you be the drive, and go back, give him inspiration.
Give that life everything, until that life breaks, until that life succumbs from your goodness, your justice, your harmony and your love.
Because finally, finally that cell will awaken and then the human being must say: “I am really ashamed.
This life, that man, that woman was true.”
What I wanted to give you this morning is nothing else than to lay a foundation for justice.
Soon we will speak about the Divine harmony.
We speak about God as truth.
Because you can be just, but what does the justice now possess of that and that law of life which was really born?
Now we come before the art, then you will hear it, then the critics will say: “Just go, you must still ... just come back in twenty-five years.”
From what is hanging there you see the painter.
That child is weeping inside, but just admit it: you are no Rembrandt.
But now we come to the soul, to the spirit.
Now you are faced with each other and now that can no longer be gauged or felt and then you give the human being your own deception, your gossip.
The worm is there in the ground, is telling it saw apples on a tree and that that tree once stood somewhere in this world, under which people sat with a snake in their midst.
And then the snake says: “Go from my final self, from my rotting process.
You are born from that; you have no light, no consciousness, no feeling.
What do you know about the Divine apples?”
Just hold up a dish and ask for alms.
We do not take any alms for that justice.
We demand that the human being, the personality, that the fatherhood and motherhood, that the harmony, the justice will bow to yourself and then we will continue.
I will give you – in order to stop and to end – a wonderful picture.
People came to Jerusalem as tourists, but they also came as pilgrims to Gethsemane and they experienced Jerusalem.
There were some who wanted to drive up Golgotha with their car and wanted to experience the Christ.
They stopped their car, they locked it up and then they said: “So, it was here.”
Do you see?
“He died here.
Because I am from the church, I love.
I do everything.”
But he went up with his car, with his possession, with the stamping of his boots, but the actual, spatial, spiritual human being goes up barefoot and if it is necessary, naked.
In this way the state of purity in the human being appears for the Messiah and then he experiences the just life of feeling of him and her, the mother and the father of this universe, as a result of which this life was born.
Did I tell you something new again?
And do you wish then when you lie down there, to also take this, because when you are there, you must go there anyway.
Because Jerusalem does not lie in the Jerusalem in the East, it is here.
You stand there in your little kitchen, in your house, in your room, when you sleep in your bed, are having a nice lie under the blankets, then you stand and you lie before Jerusalem, because that is in you!
It speaks, it talks, it gives a hand.
It gives you a night kiss, with what?
It sits down, it walks, it can speak, it can grow, it can carry you.
That thing of Our Lord possesses everything and is universal, spatial, Divine if you – therefore as the last word – want to take all of that for your fatherhood and motherhood, for your brothers and sisters to growth, to inspiration.
Then become and remain just in everything, for everything, for your dictionary, for your bible, for your God, for your Christ.
Because the human being is a spark of God?
No, the human being represents the Divine justice, but is busy giving universal light to it and you immediately get that from the Masters and from Christ and from your God.
Your attunement is not so simple and yet also very natural.
But you will experience that with me on the next trip when the sacred love for all life will awaken in us.
Yes, we are this far.
And now you will not get another word from me.
I thank you for your interest.