The Divine justice for the human being - II

Good morning, my sisters and brothers.
We will continue with the Divine justice.
We felt that the God of all life began with His creations and as a result of this gave the human being and the animal the life of Mother Nature His justice.
But what is now actually justice with regard to your inner life, the astral world and the space which the human being must conquer?
The bible, learning, sciences have not yet reached that core, that grade.
If you know the bible well, then you will immediately be faced with injustices and then you will get to know a God of hatred, who does not exist.
By means of the journeys which we made together and by means of the books, we came from this space to another world.
We entered the fourth, the fifth, the sixth, the seventh cosmic grade and when the human being had come there, he wondered: ‘Where is God now?’– I explained that to you.
God was not there.
They themselves as human beings, represented God for all His worlds.
You must accept – and you can do that irrevocably – that God is represented by the human being, and by all the life which you see.
And that life possesses grades for the own obtained consciousness.
That is of course and obviously the life of feeling, the life ‘beyond the coffin’, it is also and above all harmony and then justice follows again.
I continued precisely in order to analyze that justice because you no longer know any justice here in this life.
That means that mankind has not yet reached the spiritual justice, and you must master that anyway.
But in order to establish that God gave everything, that the All-Source created itself, spiritualized itself and then materialized itself, that this life has to represent the All-Mother and the All-Father and that only then God became visible.
But who you now get to see differently, get to know differently outside of the bible, only by means of the laws of life and grades of life and then suddenly the fear, the human, material fear falls away from you.
It is only now that you get to know yourself and you start to understand that the bible really begins with disharmony, with untruths.
In order to experience those laws, in order to establish that, in order to follow that, you have to accept the essential source through which we originated.
Master Alcar wrote ‘A View into the Hereafter’.
You now start to think where we are going.
People speak about hells and heavens, about material, about reincarnation, you are mother and father.
One has everything, the other life has nothing.
How can that be?
You hear millions of prayers and questions which the people ask themselves: ‘How can God approve of that?
You still live in a time of unconsciousness.
“How can God approve of that?
How is that possible?”
Accept that all of you were born in the waters.
You have started in the embryonic existence and that was on the moon.
You came to earth, planets, suns and stars originated, but there is only one fatherhood and a motherhood, by means of which the All-Mother, the All-Source, the All-Light, the All-Life, the All-Soul and the All-Spirit manifested herself.
And these laws now live there.
These are the foundations by means of which we take care of all the life – every thought, every people, arts and sciences, night, light and darkness, insanity, psychopathy, health, miscarriages – we take care of all those awe-inspiring worlds because we see the Divine justice before us.
And that is the intention now.
You can never experience a cosmology if you cannot accept that you have everything.
You are everything and all of that is – what we will follow, what the books give you – what we experienced on the Other Side, in Jerusalem, on Golgotha: we stand before Christ, we stand before a Deity and we see that Deity and that Christ again in the human being and in the life.
Millions of pictures charge at me and from that I have to take a few foundations, feelings, sciences, also the troubles of the earth.
I have to return to the space, I have to experience God, I have to accept that source.
And then to ask again: what do we have of that justice?
How do you reach the universal thinking and feeling and in that the harmony? In addition: when does the human being act justly with regard to his Deity?
Then you can immediately say: the whole of that society in which you live is a chaos, is nothing but injustice, there is nothing that possesses foundation, by means of which this society continues to build for the life ‘beyond the coffin’; that is not there, I will prove that to you.
First of all, hold on to this, because for this purpose I drew out the universe, you now know motherhood, you know the embryonic life, that source gave in that – which we call the All-Source and that is the All-Mother, the All-Father – gave everything to the own plasma and that plasma started to condense itself.
We saw the universe originate, that universe divided itself, the moon started.
That fatherhood and motherhood in that space received an independence, an independence, which you also possess and that independence also has everything.
In that independence lives the love, the being born, the reincarnation, the awakening.
In that source, in that just source, which is force, animation, inspiration, that is the Divine core.
The human being now, in this shape, a flower in the nature, an animal, the space, sun and moon all possess the Divine core.
And that core is just, that core has reached that independence through the harmony, through the love, through the growing; and the possibilities of life for the human being of this world now live there.
That science is not yet that far and that society is free from the Other Side ...
When we pronounce the words Other Side, then society is already shocked, then people are faced with occultism, then people are faced with the mysticism and people do not know it.
And the human being is a mystic, spatial being, because you are soul, you are spirit, you have a personality and we will soon see what that personality is like.
You know that for that matter, you got to know a God and a Christ as human beings in this society.
Those people build up that Christ justly and then pull Him down again, that, that was only created by the human being.
The All-Mother gave herself, the All-Source built on one grade of feeling and that was: my life will fill this space, the macrocosmos will continue, spiritualize and materialize that multiplication, and then all the life possesses the justice of myself.
That lies far away and we find that again in your hands, under your heart, in your blood, in your eyes, in your life of feeling.
It now comes down to it how you see yourself, how you want to experience those laws.
And they are the lectures for later and for now, they were the laws of life for Mother Nature from the beginning of creations, for the prehistoric ages, I showed you that.
You can read that in the book ‘The Peoples of the Earth’, you can absorb that by means of the books ‘The Origin of the Universe’: the human being continues, the human being must continue, there is no standing still.
A Divine justice says: you will return to me in order to represent these spaces.
And what happens now?
From the moon, through millions of ages – the academics speak of ages – if we look there and we have found a fossil, then there is a space again, a deep hole and then we must return back for millions of years, if we want to experience the new and the previous existence.
And then finally, ultimately, the academic enters the life aura of the cosmos, and that is now God as hazes.
Do you see?
Every haze, every grade of life for that stage possesses that independence.
Nothing can be taken from that life, that has become that independence; but it will condense itself, that continues, it will grow, it will become visible, and all of that will live there again.
It happens of its own accord as it were, because that core – what was the intention of that source? – that source will fill that space.
And now, we saw that the human being stands on earth in a chaos, in an invisible world, in a dark world, the bible is accepted as the Divine word, people are on top of that.
People place their hands on the bible and say: “This is God’s word, this word, people must stay away from it, the human being experiences theDivine laws for this”, and that is not possible, that cannot be.
Now you get a shock, don’t you?
The human being who has now accepted the bible, the word of the priest and the minister, of the university and feels nothing else, knows nothing else, that one runs away and says: “We are connected to devils.”
But understand, if the biologist is now capable of touching those cores of life, is able to connect himself with them and he can say: “Yes, sir, you really begin with untruth”, then you will feel, then your university possesses, which is everything anyway, which has your grade of consciousness, possesses untruths.
You hang in a space, you have no foundation for God, there is still no justice to be seen, no harmony, you do not yet have anything at this moment.
And that is this conscious, such a shouting, frightening society in which you live.
And is that something new?
I told you before, in order to see that Divine justice we go through the life.
And then only the life is that core which is of some use to us.
You are life, you are that independence, you are father and mother and there is no more to it.
And now we will see what you have made of this life and how you will enter another spiritual independence ‘beyond the coffin’.
How you will then be with regard to millions of laws, millions of grades of life, light, life and darkness.
Accept that the human being started to depict the life of God.
And now I must take away that word, God, which was once brought by the Masters and which was once brought from the Divine All to the earth, I must irrevocably take that away from you.
Now we are faced with something that society, that your universities will have to accept in perhaps twenty-five years, fifty years.
That word God, every word which you created as a human being, probably has no more meaning for the space, for the All-Source.
And then there is no hold and then there is no more contact, then only the life speaks.
But that life is everything and that is the tree and that is the flower, that is the animal, but for everything that is the human being as father and mother.
I take that word God away from you.
The God, yes, whom you see, whom the human being sees as a human being with a beard, whom the human being has accepted.
Who has spoken, to Moses as a human being; and those are lies – you hear, world – those are lies, that is untruth.
God has never spoken as a human being, God has only showed himself through the life.
The Masters comprised all of this – we taught you and you can accept that – those are the laws.
You must now finally start to feel that you are a Deity.
The All-Source is represented by the human being as the highest conscious life – do you see? – in thinking and feeling, for soul and spirit.
We will soon see how we as human beings absorbed those laws, how we represent our society, our thinking and feeling, our fatherhood and motherhood, we will soon see that.
But the All-Source is and will remain just and has manifested itself by means of nature, the animal, the human being, the life for this space in which you are, the planets and the stars, light and night.
Do you see?
What remains of it?
What do we now get?
Everything from that source, because that source gave us life.
I do not take that God away from you, on the contrary, you will get a Divine universe as God ...
You can hold onto the word, we have to do it anyway, otherwise the whole of society will fall apart.
There is no longer any university, you can speak about the life, but the God, the word God received shape for every insect.
The word God is for Europe, but is for other peoples the Jehovah, that is the All for the Oriental, that is the Goddess for ancient Egypt.
And if you end up in the jungle, it is only the thinking and feeling of the human being which does not know that he possesses a unity with that All, which is also present in this black child.
These are all paths, these are all thoughts, but independences which the human being built up himself; which the human being felt, but does not know.
And now, immediately the image stands before us of a personality, and then you see what the consciousness of this mankind is like, of all those peoples, of all those millions of children on earth.
And now it appears, that the West has remained precisely sadly, fearfully unconscious.
The West is cold, empty, the West actually still does not possess anything.
People talk about God, people pray day and night.
Whether there is life ‘beyond the coffin’, people do not know, people do not know, people do not know.
Is there a God who is just?
Is there a harmony?
Is there a Divine harmony for all life?
People do not know, people do not know.
You can now keep on saying no: “No, no.”
You are in there.
We explained those laws to you, you can experience those laws, because we saw by those previous lectures that creation is only ten minutes’ old in comparison to the highest consciousness, that the human being, that this space will ever possess.
And then we enter the spiritual grade of life for the human being, for the animal and for the space.
And then the sun is different, then the human being is different, then people on earth know that there is life behind death.
Then the psychologist knows the spirit and the personality, then the human being knows how he must live and then ...?
Yes, only then that first Adam and Eve fall down, only then you can take away those pedestals.
And then mankind sees and then the individual sees that there was living for millions of years, that there was thinking in an invisible world, in an unreality and that only now the possibility, the hour of consciousness has come in order to lay those new foundations for himself.
You actually have nothing to do with all of this, because we will see that that Deity, that Divine justice is present in the human being and in all the life.
And let the world be the world ... and let society be society ... and let your minister just continue.
Soon he will have to bow his head anyway, because then he will see that the child of the earth came to the Other Side, awakened there and developed and returned in order to speak to the actual human being.
The image you received through the book ‘The Peoples of the Earth’, when Moses began: “How can the human being approve of that, how can God – God, God, God, God again – approve that my mother there and my father there live in disharmony, in unconsciousness?
And I am not dead.”
Every human being wonders that when he comes ‘beyond the coffin’.
Then you want to return, then you want to reach those people, you want to give those people something; because you live, you think, you feel, you have your space, also where you are, it does not matter, you live.
I must return to the Divine All anyway, I must return to the All-Source in order to show you that God is really only a word, but that the life represents that Deity.
And that life was Divinely justly inspired.
That attunement reached that independence Divinely justly.
That is a core, that is a grade, that is a growth, that is light, that is life, that is fatherhood, that is motherhood.
In that core, in the human being, in the animal the Divine justice for the light, for the life, for the spirit, for the material, for fatherhood and motherhood, for harmony, for growth, for animation, for inspiration therefore lives.
Just ask more, just get the wordbook out; everything which is good and just, everything which takes you to that harmony, has to do with that core.
That core, which is only the life, the breath of life through which you live.
I depicted in the beginning of these lectures about the cosmology the planetary system for you precisely for that reason, so that you can and will accept all of this.
Also bring the human being to his Deity.
When you now come into contact with the people, take away that invisible, that non-existent Deity from them and say: “You are it yourself.”
The human being does not believe that.
“I, poor being, am a Deity?”
Yes, now we are faced with the misery in society, we are faced with insanity, the psychopathy, with all the illnesses of the earth, with poverty, horrors, justice, the human being who acts judge there and says: “I will let you hang, I will let you kill.”
The human being who demands the death sentence there for thousands, millions more actions, which the human being appropriates to himself and now does not know that there is a Divine justice, who will one day say: “Look, what did you do there?
You destroyed that life there.
I kept on giving – that is the All-Source, the All-Mother – I kepton giving the human being, I gave my spark a new continuance.
Do you see?
Upwards and downwards.
I gave my spark dying, separating – that is evolution – the returning into my world in order to prepare itself for the new birth, the new organism.”
And if that child had eaten up the other life a hundred thousand times – cannibalism, we come across that – yet the human being gets a new existence.
That continues, God cannot be destroyed, that All-Source cannot be obscured or deformed, that life continues, because that justice wants that the human being, that that spark as spirit and personality represents the space of life to which this spark belongs, brings it to growth again, spiritualizes and materializes it.
That materializing is not even a part of it, because that is in the hands again and lies in the hands of Mother Earth, the planet on which you live.
We now establish which qualities, as fundamental possession, belong to the human being.
Do you see?
And then that core comes forward, so that you will know at the end of this morning why you actually live.
Now ask the academic in your society: “What do you live for, sir?
Theologian, what do you live for?
Why are you here on earth?
Why does that child still live there in the jungle?
Why do you have castles and palaces there?
And why is there deformation there?
Why are there illnesses there, is there misery there?
Why does one human being have everything?
Why was a Rembrandt born, a Titiaan, a Van Dyck, a Beethoven?
Why did those children have everything and why can the other child of this time and past times not reach that?”
Do you see?
“Why does one human being have inspiration, why does the one human being have the knowledge and the other has been struck deaf and dumb, comes back to earth as a deaf and dumb person, is blind, is lifeless?
Do you see?
Can God approve of that?”
We can now explain to you that it is you yourself, but you are not yet that far.
The laws of God can now explain that you once before sullied that Divine justice and you have to accept that.
We knew millions of lives and there the human being started to demand.
Did we not see one morning: there lies the disharmony?
When we started to make that cosmic journey, we came to fathers and mothers who had three, four children and that is already injustice.
Because that is ... but that Divine justice is sullied and that injustice comes forward, because the human being should just devote himself for two lives.
He should ensure his life by means of a child, another child, and then he enters again – we learned that – reincarnation, in order to be able to continue life on earth.
And then four, five, six, seven, ten, twelve, twenty children were born.
God – now we come to those fundamental laws – God as the word, is still that space, is the life, but the All-Source meant: go and multiply, continue the life, you have everything.
And now we will see what you make of that.
And it is now remarkable, we can release the universe, we have made those journeys, the books give you that support, we can now see that a planet has remained itself and that you can do nothing to a planet.
You cannot change either the light for the space or the night – do you see? –, these are Divine laws of life; they continue, you will never get them, the human being will never get a hold of them, however, the human being received life through them.
We saw: we went from the moon, we went to the secondary planets, we came to Mars.
Even if the academic cannot say anything yet – we all know that, I will tick those things –even if the academic cannot yet say: “Was there life?”
Mars is almost dying, those planets have completed their lives, have finished life; that justice continued.
The human being, the animal and the life of Mother Nature, that is all soul now and material.
But that originated there on the moon, that continued and evolved, had fatherhood, had motherhood, had light, life and feeling.
We learned that that All-Source is feeling.
And now we know that we experience being mother and being father grade after grade, now that we know and have to accept, now we are suddenly faced with the development of Mother Earth and can say – we will leave that space alone there: now we start to see how the laws of life condensed themselves for ourselves, for our soul, no, for the spirit and the personality, for fatherhood and motherhood.
Yes, it is all a lot, it goes further and further, because it takes you back to the Divine All and the human being knows nothing at all about that.
“Is it really the case that the human being will represent God in the Divine All and what is it like there?”
You can already read that in the books ‘The Origin of the Universe’.
Yes, what are you now?
What are you now as a human being, but what are you, how do you feel on the Other Side, in that astral world, in that space where you are as spirit?
We laid those foundations, we also felt the fourth cosmic grade.
We went through to six, seven, we entered that Divine All and now we asked again: “Where is God?”
God was not a human being, God was that space.
That golden light was God as an aura.
Then we went higher, higher, even higher and then darkness came again and we returned into the invisible world before the creations had began.
And then we were – you experienced that – in that All-Mother again, the All-Source, the All-Life, the All-Light, the All-Fatherhood and the All-Motherhood, and that is actually everything.
Then we took a leap, we connected ourselves with the next law, and look, back again to the origin.
We started to see that all of this is God, that life possesses that essential source, and now to feel that as a human being, now to experience that in a material organism, by means of the blood circulation, by means of the human heart, by means of ‘the coffin’.
Because now we are faced with thousands of possibilities, with thousands and millions of worlds which are all just.
Now we start to ask questions.
Ask questions, what we possess of that, what society has of that, what the arts and sciences could do.
Now we absorb that great and wonderful personality into us of which we are a part.
Now you come to yourself, you are mother or father.
You are a child?
You do not need to speak about the child, because we know: these are only births, millions of lives live in that child.
When the child becomes older and becomes a mother, that creation is already present.
We descend into ourselves, into society and ask the questions: where does that Divine justice live now?
In the first place it is now every life, all the life of God – you see, that word God, I must continue to mention it – all the life of that All-Source has spirit, that has become material.
The essential laws for that are fatherhood and motherhood.
You do not yet know as a human being, what this means, how awe-inspiring fatherhood and motherhood is, but you see it, that Divine justice continues.
The soul as Divine part of that All-Source, that drives itself into that maternal organism.
The man now asks: “Why am I not a mother?”
He looks up to that other being; in himself that motherhood lives, he does not feel it, does not know it, he does not know what to do, he still has to lay those foundations.
I tell you, when you come ‘beyond the coffin’, you first ask yourself: “Where is God and where is Christ?”
Millions of people are now attached to the bible, millions of people carry the word of God through this space and your society.
‘Beyond the coffin’ we must immediately begin to take those thoughts away from that human being and we do that here.
Soon, when you arrive there, then you will be ready when the Master comes and says: “Look, all of this belongs to you”, then you will also know that, because you feel it, you got to know those laws.
That space where you live, that is here.
That light, which you feel, which you can emit, that lies in that justice.
What was your life like there?
Your aura, your life aura will say it.
And now as minister, as theologian ... we keep coming back to those people, because they now walk on a creation which does not possess any security of existence.
A creation, a reality which is not there, because they attach themselves to a word which was just thought of by a human being.
It does not go through the life, but it goes next to it, it blows through it.
And that human being stands there and has to accept: I lived my life for nothing.
No, you became a father, do you see?
You have the essential source, whatever it is like, even if you speak about untruths, you had your body, you experienced your life anyway.
We will see what you made of that.
But you have the life source in you, that All-Source, you are that; that is the father, that is the mother, an independence which feels, which only feels in that world, because now be careful to speak.
What do you wish to begin now, people, what do you now wish to speak about, now that you leave that material world – I will therefore go to the Other Side and I will come back soon – when you enter those laws and become free from this organism, what do you wish to talk about now?
What do you wish to think about now?
How do you reach true thinking and feeling?
When do you get possession, when do you get space, when does your life start to radiate?
When do you get animation, when you do you have inspiration?
Now we must begin ... and that is then the fall for the minister, that becomes the fall for the priest, for the Catholic Church, all those millions of people have to accept that, because on the Other Side there is no more church.
We no longer need a bible, and yet, you were brought up with the bible here.
The word biblically says to you: you just have to do that and that, you will live like that and you will die like that.
Yes, if the bible and if the priest and if your university also still had that in their hands, believe it, then the injustice in that would also emerge and you would have nothing at all anymore.
But that university cannot, that minister cannot, that clergyman cannot take that away from you.
Because he himself is a child of this time.
A child, an insect, a grade of this space, by means of which this life lives, but becomes beautiful ‘beyond the coffin’, will be radiant, because here the human being has nothing more to tell.
Here he must be as that space is, here we recognize that inner life from that becoming conscious.
Now that is a grade of life, now that is a law and now the universe as God can say and ask: what did you do with My life?
And we are standing there now ...
Now I must show you the books ‘A View into the Hereafter’, because you now know in what chaos this mankind lives and where the human came.
There are dark worlds, which the bible also calls hells and which do not have an existence either, which also represent untruths and in this way we can now continue in order to say: where does the truth live then?
Because when I can experience the truth, I enter the justice, and it is not there.
The hells – even if Master Alcar writes about the hells, he must do it again, because the human being does not know any differently – are now unconscious worlds for the people, for fatherhood and motherhood.
Those people who are present in those dark worlds, possess injustice, possess disharmony, untruth.
They are not harmonic, all the lower instincts now emerge, and we find them again in this society.
The Divine laws of justice now speak to the human, spatial personality – Divine laws of justice, what are they?
Do you see?
On earth, back in this society, you are faced with the human being.
The human being has accepted a task, he has given himself consciousness and that consciousness is only material.
All the arts and sciences represent that personality, which feels material here.
You feel and you understand now that psychology for the inner being still has to begin.
The psychologist cannot yet give you those truths of life, he himself is still unconscious.
And all of that lives ‘beyond the coffin’.
From that world we must therefore, from the Spheres of Light we must now start to see those truths and justices, we must give them a path, give them a space, a grade of consciousness and now feel them with regard to that life above here, with regard to the All-Source, the All-Mother, the All-Light, the All-Life, the All-Fatherhood and All-Motherhood, in which grade the spark of God has come for material and spirit.
Can you feel this?
However awe-inspiring this is, it appears that mankind will not find that out, that your society will continue aimlessly, does not want to make a start, but ‘beyond the coffin’ you will be right in it.
You will stand before it, because you are it.
We walked the path straight from Gethsemane to Pilate, to Caiaphas and then we climbed Golgotha.
And then we left Golgotha alone and we entered the astral world.
We had to ask ourselves: “What now lives in us?”
You can shrug your shoulders and you can say: “Well, I will see and I will soon know”, but this is now that eternity, this is the astral world.
Material means nothing, but the life of feeling is now everything.
And that life of feeling, I talked about the core, that core lives in you.
That core of God, that All-Source, that All-Mother, that All-Light, that All-Life, you are that.
Yes, and now you must start to admire that All-Source one day, now you must see how that All-Source as mother reacts as a human being.
Do you now know who you are?
You are immense, eternal deep, now already.
What do you know about it?
By means of every wrong thought ...
You see, the light in you is sincere.
In your deep inner self ...
We speak of Divine spark, don’t we?
The human being is a spark.
A planet is also a Divine spark, but that is then macrocosmos.
We belong as human beings and the animal and the life of Mother Nature to the microcosmos.
But that feeling is in us, we get a part of the moon, of that Divine inspiration.
We began to live, we experienced that planet moon, didn’t we?
That is the first cosmic grade.
We went through the space, that justice was always there, and now we live on earth.
The human being has already become human.
But what is the life of feeling like now?
All of this originated in love, in harmony, because through the harmony, that touching and the attracting and the being reincarnated, the dissolving in the astral world of the unconscious – that is the world for the reincarnation – the human being returned, because that part there as a child, already lived in the material.
I drew it there, do you still remember?
We were attracted, the new life began, nothing can come between that, that continues irrevocably, because that spark returns to the Divine All.
And then you get by means of that growth – we experienced that – then you get those laws of life in you.
Therefore that spark began on the moon, got the fish stage.
Here on earth the human being got to experience the beginning of Mother Earth.
Now the earth and her life is that far, that the human being has built up a society for himself.
What must speak to you this morning, it is the most necessary of all, that you feel that all of this world means nothing if your life of feeling speaks.
You can speak and long for possession; you leave all of that behind, material remains material.
That body of yours, which is still so beautiful, or old, or young, will one day enter the coffin quietly and reach rotting.
Your beautiful eyes darken and rot away, it is dreadful.
It all becomes really bad.
Ugh, the human being must die.
Kings and emperors, academics, very big personalities of the earth will soon ‘enter the coffin’.
They must soon leave life behind, world, but the life of feeling remains, that rises up.
Yes indeed, you would like that.
Which justice do you now have for mankind if you felt Christ?
For what purpose did Christ actually die?
Because He just has to forgive you for everything?
Can a God who gave you everything, still forgive you for something?
We now do what we want with our life, you now speak: “I have no will?”.
Do you have no will?
Then give us the possession of the earth and let the conscious beings do the good for that.
Then give André your ten million and we will build you a temple, why do you not do that?
Do you have no will?
That will has walked ahead of the Divine justice.
Because by means of that will, by means of that knowing and inspiring and that accepting of fatherhood and motherhood, you got a new life.
You do not want to live, but you must live.
Why do you not want that?
The human being complains: “And I could, I just wanted to die.”
And why could you not die?
Because the law of life as justice in you says: to this far, soon, in twenty year’s time, then your life aura will be exhausted, then you will enter the coffin of your own accord, or you will now return to the earth, you will be father and mother again.
You will no longer return to your Dutch people, but you will go straight to the border of the jungle, to France, Germany, to Russia, to America.
Yes, where will you actually live?
Do you not feel then that you must experience, can experience and will experience the whole of the earth as justice, as a law of life, as harmony, as space?
Do you not feel then that you mean nothing with this one life here in your The Hague, if you did not absorb into you every law of life which Mother Earth brought to condensing?
That you have to spiritualize those laws of life, that is obvious.
But who are you now?
And what are you doing now?
Now, from this muck, this mud, this unconsciousness, this murdering and killing, this gossip, when you are faced with the Old Testament and God is a hater, from that hatred, that awe-inspiring, meaningless, back, straight to the first sphere in order to enter and absorb the living justice there and then it is called: do you love that life?
Would you want to give yourself for your space?
Because if you want to die, if you want to grow, if you want your space to awaken, if you want more light and possess the first sphere, what do you think that you will have to do?
Sit down and go to sleep?
There, in that sphere ... we will remain for a moment in that first sphere, soon we will fall back from that sphere into society, because we still do not belong there, we still have no attunement ... but in that sphere millions of cells as humans live.
And they must all possess one colour, one feeling, they must all be just, live harmonically, love life as father and mother.
They are sisters and brothers, they are grades of feeling of one colour, one world, one attunement; and you are that, alone.
Millions of mothers live there, but you represent this one motherhood, because a sphere is motherhood, a sphere is fatherhood.
And when you think unjustly, unconsciously, do not want to accept any harmony, any growth, then you feel, then you stand still.
You then cannot enter that sphere, that space, because you have not taken part in expansion, in growth, in spiritually receiving and inspiring.
The human being who came from the earth, the minister, the theologian, he had no lights in his eyes.
You do not come here with praying for the moment.
You have already been afraid that I took the prayer away from you, but now just pray, now just sit down and say: “Oh, how beautiful life is and how wonderful it is.”
Yes indeed, but are you life, are you light?
I only hold a mirror before you, I am doing nothing to you, I am not taking the bible away from you either if you really want to possess that thing.
We are not talking about Christ, we are not talking about the truth, but we are only talking about the lies.
That thing, which is a big lie there, it tells that God took a rib from Adam in order to create Eve, who had to build up a creation from some clay and breath of life which is universally, Omnisciently deep.
Do you not feel the triviality, that this cannot be justice, because that life did not get any space, did it?
Should Adam be created at once?
And why had we, you and I and millions of other cells to begin in the embryonic life?
Why must the child awaken again in the mother?
You can now ask millions of questions and now every question with regard to your inner, astral, spiritual life is a law of life.
And that law must now possess justice – do you see? – or you will not make it, you go to pieces.
But that is not possible for the All-Source.
There is always a Divine thread which connects you with the next, the new life, with the left and the right, the high and with depths.
And then we can keep on asking: what did we master of it?
What is life in society like now?
What must you do now?
What is your society like?
What is the personality like of these masses?
Can you already establish that?
All the thinking at hundred percent still goes from the darkness to the darkness.
It goes up a bit and then suddenly it goes down again.
There is no light.
Christ is sullied with: “Christ forgives the human being everything, just confess.”
You can do that.
So that is all free and is separate from the actual creation, the human being made that up himself.
Is there a Divine justice there?
No, because that justice is still not experienced.
The human being still does not ask for justice; that is not there.
How can God damn?
God does not do that.
How can the All-Mother destroy the life?
How can the minister, how can the bible approve that the one life kills the other?
That is already wrong, that is injustice.
God is just in everything, the All-Source, the All-Mother is just in everything.
So murder and you will destroy yourself, I told you.
Steal from the human being and you will steal from your Deity.
Just be rebellious.
Yes, now what?
Can a flower be rebellious, an animal?
Can the child in the mother be rebellious?
Then it murders the foetus.
Yes, those lives, those phenomena are there.
When we as humans exceed the laws and we free ourselves from the harmony which a law possesses and as a result of which the life emerged, as a result of which the human being became material and later spirit, then this is the ripping apart of a law of life which lives in the mother.
Why did miscarriages emerge?
Why did a terrible insanity come, did you sense those people?
“How can it be, how is it possible, Frederik”, says Hans in ‘Masks and Men’, “if that cad above can do nothing else than send the insane and psychopaths to the earth?”
It sounds terrible, now we call God a cad.
But He is a cad if he sends there a human being from his Divine All ...
Because for the first time this life gets – your psychologist says, your academic says, that is your university – for the first time the soul comes to earth, does not it?
And you sit here, luckily, you are grateful, you can feel, you can speak, you can study; and there a child, a spark of God, is sent leprosy.
You do not understand ‘Masks and Men’?
This is a mask, so awe-inspiringly unjust, that goes against sweetness, harmony, of and for the All-Mother, that no longer has any existence and no reality, if we did not know any better.
We spoiled those laws ourselves.
Do you not know?
A mother who longs for a child and thanks God, thanks Mary, thanks Joseph, lays down flowers for this picture and must lose her child in bits and pieces, while there the leprosy give birth to triplets, healthy and well.
That is injustice?
But we know that mother.
In previous lives she beat herself from that motherhood, she sullied, deformed her motherhood; there is therefore no longer any just attracting.
A law of justice: just spoil, just sully the life, just steal, just murder, then you will also attract the destruction and you cannot experience any justice anyway.
Where does the Divine justice live in you, if your hand, your right one and your left one, want to tell the truth?
Never violate the life, it is perfectly and really simple: you must earn it.
We saw that every law ... we got the life, but we must absorb that life, we are it ourselves.
We have food and drink, you must now make sure in your society that you make it.
You must be true.
If you are interested, if you feel something for this here, which has an existence ‘beyond the coffin’, which is a personality, yes, which can speak about love and happiness, which is soft, benevolent, loving, then you are carried.
Because the All-Mother, the All-Source, the All-Life has always and eternally up until now, carried, inspired and driven you from one life into the other.
And for this purpose you have to devote everything and everything of yourself.
Is this life so frightening?
It becomes beautiful when you can get those injustices out of yourself, for yourself out of the bible and give a feeling of justice as independence, which connects you with the spaces.
Now life becomes simple, now it becomes very beautiful.
You no longer have disharmony.
And then especially the injustices, which depict a character; character traits which do not yet possess anything of that space, that justice must receive drive.
The human being says: “And now I will bow and then I will have made it, won’t I?”
Yes, then you lay the first foundation.
Then you lay the first foundation, even if you break your precious inner neck every day, you get up again anyway – don’t you? – because you cannot destroy yourself; God is that just.
Even if you shoot down thousands of people there – we know for that matter, we got to know those laws, we started ourselves with making good – you must return to the earth in order to give all those thousands of people of another people a new body.
You will make good again and now this is the Divine, spatial justice.
You are now wrong on earth and you want to be right and that restrains you, that knocks you from that Divine harmony, you cannot go further, can you?
You see, everywhere we find that Divine justice again.
Because Divine justice is harmony, is the unity with all the life and behind this the love lives.
What are you doing for that?
How do you wish to possess that love?
How do you wish to master that love?
You are old, you are young.
By means of talks, by means of gossip, by means of false, mean thoughts, only just, in order to be able to live it up and to be able to destroy the other life?
Just do it, but then that darkness there is for you and then you do not need to long to possess an illuminated world; you will not get that, you will return!
Because every character trait now represents a Deity and is a wonderful foundation.
And those foundations can only be experienced, be climbed by bowing your head.
That is that head-bowing?
No, that is to accept inside and to be able to say: “You are right.”
You cannot embrace Christ ... you cannot embrace Him.
The Christ in us, the real Christ.
Do you see?
Not the false one there, whom the bible and your Catholic Church and your Protestantism possesses, that is a false one, that one is not just, because he treads on the one life and chases the other one into the darkness.
You see, even Christ is unjust, but consciously sullied by the human being, there is no longer any pure shape left.
Because we know: you must earn that Christ.
And that will happen very simply, you can experience that every day, you can experience a core of His character ... If you do a good deed, you love life, then you have taken a core of His life to justice.
But now something else, now you climb up in society, you become an artist, you steal there, none of it matters.
That hangs on the wall, and has no meaning.
But now you have to do with the life, the higher you climb up in society, the more dangerous your core, your possession, becomes.
Now just become a general – I told you before, didn’t I? – become a king and become an emperor, climb in the space, long for power; but has your action, your deed now reached the Divine, spatial justice?
The judge, he prepares his sentence, he must administer justice and that judge violates another Deity.
Yes indeed, if a human being does wrong consciously, and becomes a danger for your own sphere, then you raise your hands, but do not take away the independence from this life, or you will have to make it good again.
Now you will judge, your word becomes law, you have a say and no other human being.
You represent thousands and thousands, well, millions of people.
Now it will begin.
Do you feel that the being nothing in this society means more for the space, is more inner possession of feeling than all that material misery which people stick on your shoulders as a sign of worth, a university degree?
Now just become a judge, just become a lawyer and treat the one life, only just for the material possession in order to destroy the other, then you will be devilish.
Now go and look where you are living, but with regard to – it concerns that, you live for that anyway – the Other Side, your continuing, your spiritual sphere.
You want to be a mother, you want to possess love ...
How can you receive the inspiring love, while you kick down and deform your mother?
Your friend cheats and lies with regard to God and Christ, your inner, spatial life?
Listen to the space and look at sun, moon and stars and do nothing for that?
When will you bring your own grade of life to awakening?
Yes, it is becoming difficult?
No, it is becoming very simple, because when you really want to lay those foundations, then your inner life will speak inspiringly and then you will attract those truths of life.
Then it no longer exists and then it is not possible that you accept the one God there as love and take up the other one who hates.
That you make a personality of all those injustices which has nothing to do with a Deity which is love, neither for this world nor for Mother Nature, nor for the animal-like instinct in the jungle.
Because this is all untruth, this has nothing to do with Divine justice.
Where do you now wish to begin?
You really want to go to the Other Side, you really want to know what the first sphere is like?
But that first sphere – you now feel – it lives here.
That first, that second, that third, that fourth, you have them here, you have the Divine All in you.
But now you must see how that Divine All reacts.
How stupid, how unconscious that whole, complete, big society still is.
There you are faced with an academic, he is doctor, professor, psychologist and he says there: “The soul comes for the first time to earth.”
How can you, if you want to accept the psychology, the metaphysical teaching, how can you let it pass your lips that God sends a soul to the earth for the first time?
The human being keeps on getting a new soul?
But that is not true, because as a soul you are the All-Source, you get and you are only one independence.
I write in Jeus II: “Yes, Crisje, the human being only gets one soul once and that is a Deity.”
And there he has to make do with that for millions of lives, through millions of ages.
He was born on the moon from the All-Source, from the All-Mother, and is still there.
But the human being has covered millions of lives as father, as mother.
Not as a child – do you feel? – because your child is old, your child possesses a universal depth, because that child can compose, that child can speak something, that child has space.
You go from the jungle to the white race (see
You lived millions of years for that, you had to accept thousands and thousands of fatherhoods and motherhoods for that and now you are in this white race (see
Now you will probably, if you have reached that height, that space, then you will murder there a black child like that, because you are higher and more expansive after all, this is not your standing.
You live in the palaces there with that muddy child?
That leprosy there, that unconscious being, you do not want anything to do with that, but you will have to elevate it to your space one day, because it belongs to your sphere.
You have reached a spatial oneness with your grade.
You originated from a source of life and left.
That was on the moon.
And now those children live, that own grade of yours, they live spread out here and you have to elevate them.
You will take them to the truth, to the justice, to the love.
Master Alcar wants me to give you those foundations and bring forward the essential source, not only materialize it, but especially have to spiritualize it for your life, so that you will know that everything lives in you.
And if the misery, if the unhappiness, if the sorrows, if the illnesses overcome you, you have to accept that you created them yourself there for those lives.
When the hereafter as the first sphere starts to speak in us, then we are afraid of saying another word.
What do we do now?
We must therefore first of all, if you wish to awaken – world, mankind – if the universities wish to give something to this society, then we must first get to know the life and you are that as father and as mother.
You came to earth as a mother in order to give birth: only two children.
For yourself and for your husband – the creating power – in order to give birth to the life forms, so that you can experience the reincarnation.
Anyone who has ten, who has twenty children now – I explained that to you – Catholic Church, now I come back to you, minister? No, you are outside ...
If you now deform the creation, you can make up for that again.
Then you will also be faced with the injustice one day and also the wonderful longing: you want to possess a child, but you do not get it, because for the harmonic attraction, therefore for the space you have deformed yourself by piling up, by laying down murder after murder.
That is the destroying of that harmonic law of justice for the birth.
Therefore if you destroy the foetus, if you destroy the human being, then you smother your just, Divine motherhood.
Just kill now and you will not get the life yourself.
Because if you violate the life – that is the killing, the murdering – then you kick yourself out of the Divine just motherhood, because that is giving birth.
You intervene in something that is of the space, you interfere with a life which had received an independence and which you start to deform.
So the direct sources of life are: stay away from the life if you want to be born yourself and again.
They are foundations, they are Divine just foundations.
That God sends a psychopath to the earth, is not true, they are lies, that soul prepared that itself.
That soul therefore threw itself by means of murder, by means of arson, by means of destruction, that soul threw itself out of that Divine harmonic justice.
God does not damn, God cannot damn, because the God lives on earth and in the space, God materialized himself.
You are a Divine cell and all those millions of cells of the earth, all those millions of people together, that is the earthly Deity as human being.
All those people must to go to the highest, the white race (see, must receive becoming conscious on the Other Side, because that is the spiritual God in you.
All those millions of people are of one colour and one attunement, only the one life, the one grade is further than the other, but is one Divine, just independence, do you see?
And whether you are king here, or you walk with rings in your ears and you serve the jungle, that all remains the same, because Divine births do not exist, do you see?
You are put on a throne by means of the mercy and by means of the love of God, you got them yourself – of course, respect for the art and for the feeling – you built yourself up in the human society and you achieved a grade in that, no more than that.
‘Beyond the coffin’ you are exactly like the child from the jungle, you do not sit next to Christ, you are also standing in the queue.
And then you can now be a judge, lawyer, doctor, psychologist, or you were also an artist, there is only feeling.
What are you like?
If the Masters brought art to the earth, then they did that, because they prepared themselves for the University of Christ.
And the University of Christ only brings awakening, art, feeling, wisdom by means of justice ... towards the love.
Which sources of life are there still which have meaning for you in order to be able to receive the everyday?
What did the Christ really say?
And if you cling to that, if you absorb that into you, then life becomes simple.
Then you can spiritualize your life, your thinking and feeling, your character traits and then you rise up.
But what does the human being do?
The human being says – there are now also people: “Yes, Jozef Rulof can speak.
It is him now, but otherwise it would have been me.”
That is possible, that is possible, but come on, come out with it and prove to your own life, your masses, your society what you really possess.
Do it anyway, because the space is crying out for conscious beings.
Why do you not do it?
There are millions of masters who want to inspire an instrument, a child of the earth, but are you ready for that?
The human being says: “I will heal.”
Why do your patients walk away?
If you give and emit the love, the spatial justice as love, do you see ...?
This is why I told you before: If you wish to heal, then become spiritual justice and the whole space, all those millions of people will charge at you, because all of this society is longing to be able to experience justice.
The human being does not want to be ill.
And you have the power, and why do you not make people better?
Why can you not experience the wonder in order to say: “Go and walk.”
If there is one wrong thought in you, if your spark of life, your consciousness emits untrue thoughts, then that All-Source does not reach driving and inspiring and the wonder cannot take place.
In the first place therefore for the healers: be true and honest, be sweet and carry the space, carry those sick people, carry those characters, because they want and they must be carried, they are the weak of spirit, of material.
The healer is the strong-conscious child and continues and drives and inspires.
But can that happen at half power, at five percent, at ten percent?
How did Christheal?
When are you just?
When do you bow your head?
When does your inner life, your feeling, your All-Source reach inspiration?
If you are true.
If you want to experience truth, if you drive yourself on to the spiritual self deep within you, give the true friendship, everything will be simple.
But if you think you can receive love, while you smash down your mother in her misery and deform her, so that you do not want to bow, then you are darkness and you just have to accept that.
Sooner or later that pure nakedness will manifest itself.
And what does the human being say then: “Did you see that?”
If I may give you a little thing for the Omniscience in you, sisters and brothers, if you really want to know how your life will grow, then be just in everything.
You can experience life in society, you can feel, you can make comparisons.
Now read the bible again and then come to the truth and say to yourself, after all the books together: read these lectures, experience the universe, and begin.
After each other, one by one you can change the proverbs and throw them overboard, which the bible begins with, and is it not urgently necessary or essential now, for mankind flatly refuses to become conscious.
The psychologist, the minister, the clergyman, the pope, the whole Catholic Church, they smother the spiritual, spatial, just evolution.
And now we are devilish.
You are that too.
Do you see?
How can Christ stand next to you if you deny Him anyway?
I told you before and that is the truth, he came to Rome, precisely this holy year and knocked and asked (knock knock knock): “Is there harmony?
Will Christ not return?”
Christ asked so much.
“Does the human being only live once on earth?
If I lay the hands on His life, will I be forgiven for everything?”
“Yes indeed, you are already busy confessing”, the priest says to Christ.
And then that man had to make ...
Then he asked about the sacred hour, whether that hour had cosmic meaning and whether a year is universal, Divine, All-source deep, “Ha ha”, Christ was laughed at.
If you preach, hear confession and want to build up the world, want to give mankind consciousness, then first gauge the reality.
It is much better that you possess nothing, than only clean, pure, clear founded foundations, laying down independence, so that you can take your place and rest.
Become truth, become reality, be just in everything, because that gives you animation, inspiration.
Because the human being says for that matter: “I do not want anything to do with lying and cheating.”
You must be able to convince the life a thousand times again of the justice in you.
Do not violate that life there and do not want to possess any love if you have not yet earned that.
If you must receive love, that love will come to you.
Do not follow that love.
Do not dominate the life, do not crawl on or jump on that life like a hyena instinct, you will soon lose it again.
Because love passes into each other, doesn’t it?
You suddenly know at first sight that that is love.
But this catty jungle instinct has no more meaning for that matter, because the human being says: “Go with your possession, I do not like you.”
Because the fear – isn’t it true? – the destruction, the sullying, the deformation, the misery stands before your life and you no longer fall for that.
So what happened, what did you learn, what did mankind master?
We wrote the book ‘The Peoples of the Earth’, between 1939 and 1945 you really received consciousness, that making frills means nothing more to you.
For that time you still lived in your class and now your class is for sale for fifteen cents; or is it not true, not true either?
Only the life gets meaning, you see that, it builds itself up.
That gets shape, that gets consciousness, that gets feeling; that is the life, that is the light, that is the fatherhood, that is the motherhood, for here and on the Other Side.
Did I tell you something else new this morning?
Where does justice live?
You work, you serve and you do not violate the possession of another.
If that other life comes to you and you will have to inspire it, then you will know by means of your feeling, by means of your sense and to touch, how far ... where does the source reach becoming conscious, where can I descend into in order to analyze those character traits?
It is true, you still have nothing on earth, you must be able to look into your inner life for that purpose and that is only possible ‘beyond the coffin’.
You can accept – and that is irrevocably true – this is Divine justice.
Psychology still has to lay the first foundations, the spiritual ones.
Yes, the doctor knows how a child is born, but he does not yet know how that life begins in there and where the life comes from.
The bible – I keep coming back to that again, because we fling this right in the face of mankind – begins with untruth, with lying and deception.
The bible begins with nonsense.
And you do not need to tremble or to get a fright because of that, we will give you another one, and you are that yourself.
God does not damn, because God is just.
God has nothing to do with illnesses, with troubles, with psychopathy nor with insanity, God wants nothing to do with murder, arson and war.
If you want that, just go there, but you will have to accept a new, miserable, dark existence and then you will get to see that disharmony and you will return broken and deformed in the new life.
Then you will not have the feeling to speak, because you cannot do it, your life of feeling refuses.
Then you have come under the perfect, under the just and you now no longer have the feeling to say another word or it will come out like this: “Haw.”
That is psychopathy, that is insanity next to this.
You are not possessed if there is no false possession in you.
A demon cannot inspire you if you want justice, harmony.
Is all of this clear?
Know, children of this society, men and women, know: the Kingdom of God is coming.
And that word does not mean that much, that only means: the harmony for the peoples of the earth is approaching.
Because we can attack society and because we can attack the bible and because we have got to know the God who is just.
Do you see?
Spatial psychology now speaks.
From the University of Christ every word is legally and naturally founded.
We stand on laws, we live in those laws, we are harmony, father and mother.
But we are just, because by that justice ... it is the absorbing of everything in us, the wanting to experience, that becomes the driving, that becomes the inspiring, that becomes the giving, the oneness with every law of life materialized and spiritualized by the All-Mother, and brought to life.
This as the last word.
Do you wish for happiness in everything, in your silence, by means of your thinking, your inner feeling?
Then try to justly accept, to feel, to experience and to gauge the human being with whom you are involved.
Rid yourself of that darkness in you, of that snappy, that harsh, that snarly, because that is not a feeling of justice, that is not harmony, that cannot be love, you are restraining your awakening.
Be sweet, be true in everything, finally begin to lay those foundations and I assure you: millions ‘beyond the coffin’ will come to you, in order to elevate your life, in order to inspire your life and to give you that happiness, because you serve.
And when you serve, then the heavens will be open to you and then for the first time – believe it – the University of Christ speaks as a law of justice for all your thousands and thousands of character traits which are part of your human personality, which you are as father and mother.
For this morning the spatial kiss ... and that is true.
I thank you.