The Divine truth for the human being

Good morning, my sisters and brothers.
We will get ‘The Divine Truth for the human being’.
The previous lectures gave you the Divine justice.
But before I brought you to the life, the life of the space for your personality, your spirit, your astral world, society.
Now we are faced with the truth and then with the Divine love for the human being.
Gradually we come higher and higher, and we enter the rarefied, spiritual grades of life for the Divine core in you, which reaches awakening by means of fatherhood and motherhood.
We learned that.
We went through the space from the beginning stage, the hazes, when God manifested himself, the All-Mother began with the life, then we entered the Divine justice.
And that now means: truth as a law, as a grade of life, as a personality, as light, as soul and as spirit.
We find the Divine truth again in the universal systems, because sun, moon and stars possess that core, they originated through that.
You were able to accept that the human being is capable of conquering this universe.
I explained to you that science is not yet that advanced and that the psychologist does not yet feel – those foundations still have to be laid – that the source of all of that lives in the human being.
People do not yet know how the human being can master those laws.
That there is an astral world, yes, that is true for millions of people, that is the truth because they received that spiritual touch.
But for the core as mankind that truth does not yet exist; it isnot yet there, those foundations still have to be laid.
And by means of that we place ourselves before the consciousness of this mankind.
Mankind, I explained that to you, is materially conscious.
The spiritual consciousness in which that truth lives, still has to awaken.
The masses, mankind, the individual still have to master that.
When we soon enter the first sphere and we are faced with those true laws of life, then you will understand anyway that, despite this searching, this straying, all those darknesses, that core as a metaphysical truth, as a spiritual space, as a justice and a Divine independence lives in the human being.
The human being looks out from the Divine truth.
He experiences his space consciously or unconsciously.
That life possesses that justice because that independence has become a source of becoming conscious, came from that core, from this universe, from that light, that life, that spirit, that Divine, All-Maternal personality, which we have to accept ‘beyond the coffin’.
We went far from home, but this morning I must still return from that space and soon, when we speak about the Divine love, back to the earth in order to place those laws, that space in your hands.
You must learn to see for what purpose you actually live.
By means of that justice we already came into contact with truths of life, but also with nonsense, the untruths which mankind possesses and still lives on, as a result of which the churches emerged, but for which millions of people have already devoted their lives, their self, their own self.
It is always: when the truth, the Divine truth must start to speak, even if that is still human, then the human being has to devote all of himself.
And then you are not given a gram of that truth.
It seems harsh, that teaching seems awe-inspiring severe, but it is not.
It is very simple, you can build up a very nice life for yourself if you have laid those foundations, do justice, accept that truth, because then something awakens in your inner self and then the life of feeling speaks for love.
All of you are concerned with love anyway.
The universe is concerned with love.
That universe originated in love.
No one was handed a planet.
Sun, moon and stars live there, they trace their orbit, they radiate their light, they give birth to their lives.
The earth could also do that, and the human being lives on top of that and does not know itself.
But we find that spatial core again, which lives far from your life – I will show you that – in essential sources which were laid by the human being; always the human being.
Because Christ was also on the earth as a human being – not for His time as Christ in Jerusalem – but He came from those spaces, He walked that path from the moon, stepped from planet to planet, came to the earth, experienced the prehistoric age, was finally freed– you will read that in the books, I gave you those pictures – and could say to himself and to the others: "I believe that we possess the truth.
I believe that we will live, will finally start to live.
When we – we established that – remain free from those people and do not take away their possession ...
We descended into the unconscious being, we experienced the influence for fatherhood and motherhood.
Finally a new life was born through us, we experienced that, but we should have stayed out of it.
We should not have done it.
And now that we are free, we come to the Divine freedom, to His laws of justice.
Because every human being – we saw that – my mother and my father and my sister and my brother, they possess that Divine core, that independence and everything lives in there.
We freed ourselves from the earth, we were the first ones who got to know those laws.
We returned to the beginning stage.
We experienced the dissolving and the manifesting of the All-Mother, we saw those hazes, they were only hazes.
The spaces were filled and that filling was true, that was animation, that was inspiration, that was the will in order to live, the will in order to serve, the will in order to multiply themselves.
We now experienced thousands of laws of life as true systems and we would master the fundamental sources of that, as wisdom of life, as light, also as spatial life, with the thoughts of that core, those foundations: the knowledge.
And now, now the Divine personality speaks to us.
We come to the laying down of those new foundations, the following step, the going in, the oneness with the life, with the justice, the truth.
And then feeling entered us to start to love the life, that justice, that truth.”
The first people – I explained to you – who had completed the cycle of the earth, had to accept that they had an own personality outside of the material world.
They were people, they could think, they had their hands, their feet, they could move forward, they could shout for the light, which did not come to them.
The sun had disappeared, their fatherhood and motherhood had dissolved, but they themselves were true.
They had themselves, they possessed themselves, even if there was darkness; they lived.
I had to analyze those lawsfor your lives here in this society, if you wish to be able to make the next step and to let the God speak to your lives as truth.
But where does the source live?
In that prehistoric age Divine truth was no use to the human being, the Divine justice was no use.
The human being did not know any love, did not possess any God, any Christ, nothing, absolutely nothing.
The human being appeared to be, as he lived in nature, completely alone and he was penniless.
That appeared to be the case.
It appeared that he had nothing else but the little bit of feeling as consciousness which that dark world had to represent and he came there free from the earth, free from his spaces, his self, his personality which had to experience the material laws there and now stood ‘beyond the coffin’.
Then people did not have any coffin – do you see? – we are speaking again from this time.
People put the human being into the ground, he was dead.
He no longer had any life and the spirit got to see his universal space.
Even if that space was darkness – I said a moment ago – it still got through to the human being that he had everything.
Christ was the first one, as a human being.
I must keep that name Christ from this life.
I must free that name Christ from the prehistoric age, because Christ would only come to the earth in a million years’ time and accept and receive the name Christ, blessed, the living consciousness.
Those people – I gave you the picture and I immediately took you back to ‘The Origin of the Universe’, the three books of Master Alcar, I brought you to ‘The Peoples of the Earth’ – they continued, they finally came to the first sphere.
We saw how they had to do that.
Then we entered the laws, how you have to do that for your society in which you now live.
Christ, the first people who had completed their cycle of the earth, could accept that they were true as human beings because the source was present in their lives.
Which source?
Millions of problems charged at these people.
When you finally become conscious, then that universal system starts to speak to your life.
And now you can ask questions.
Of course you will have to begin to ask those questions, because it is only after this that the true knowledge comes.
The asking questions builds up the longing.
It gives the will inspiration, drive, the looking into that law of life, the attuning, the descending into that real core and it is only then that the human being wakens the core for himself by meansof which he has received the attunement to all those Divine problems and systems.
The Divine truth, my sisters and brothers, takes us from that space, this universe, from the Other Side immediately to the earth and we enter the present stage to which you belong.
The Divine truth is there.
But the universities do not yet have that truth.
The human being lives in unconsciousness, does not know any bible, does not know any soul, any spirit, any astral knowledge.
The human being does not yet know the primal source, the beginning stage where all those Divine foundations were laid.
The human being, the university, this mankind still has to master this.
Millions of people – I told you a moment ago – died for that and they were continually faced with the core.
And then the Divine truth spoke, the life of feeling of that space by means of their self and their will, and then they just had to prove: left or right, or straight on.
God gave this space – therefore the All-Mother – life, the sight, the personality, the feeling and the thinking.
I gave you to see the independence space, the personality as an independence, but also the human being, the animal and the life of Mother Nature.
We had to accept that.
When I became free from that darkness, those nine centuries in which I lived after the suicide, then I had to accept as truth that I experienced the rotting process with my body.
I stood there and millions along with me.
First in that dungeon – you know ‘The Cycle of the Soul’ – I stood for myself as truth.
I had received a life-time.
Birth means ... the cosmology for birth is a depth.
The Divine justice gave me a new life and the time, the depth, the life aura thereby in order to be able to inspire this material organism.
I did not explain to you before how deep the Divine justice is, how deep, how awe-inspiringly deep God is in his laws of justice.
Laws, not one law for the life, for the soul, for the spirit, for fatherhood and motherhood, but millions of Divine laws of justice lie in the hands of the human being.
I had to accept that, millions along with me had to accept that.
Because now we are faced with the Divine truth by means of that law and that truth was like a shock for me, like a beating, it was so awe-inspiring.
The truth for me: “You took away the life yourself, but I gave you fifty, sixty, seventy, seventy-five years, four months, three weeks, five days, twenty-four minutes and seven seconds in order to live, and you put an end to it.
You flung your life in My face and now you will have to accept the law for the rotting, which you then built up yourself.”
And I sat there under the ground with my stinking body.
And when you now say to the human being: “Do not commit any suicide, because you are faced with a Divine law, a truth so awe-inspiringly terrible”, then people in this sober, unconscious society shrug their shoulders and think: drop dead!
But that drop dead lies rotting there under the ground.
The human being must be made afraid?
No, it is now the time that the bible dissolves, that the untruths will disappear and the Divine truth as a universal shape will come forward.
“Do not kill, if you do not want to be killed.
Do not steal, if you do not want the thief to assault you during the night.
But especially: do not murder, because you do not have the right to rule out My life.
I gave you My self, I gave you My love, I gave you My justice, an independence which is and will remain universal.”
Mankind must see the beaten word truth as a burning torch before him.
But even worse that law of life can hit you and burn you, well, lash you, whereby the lashings of your world are nothing, as that rotting process in and under your heart multiplies itself and the true untrue life eats at your heart.
You do not need to tremble and to shake.
I only want to hold up the Divine mirrors to you this morning, so that you will see for yourself in those laws and those truths the justice for soul, spirit, fatherhood and motherhood and spatial consciousness.
You will probably then be calm and you will start to carry.
Because the truth is and wants to say always and eternally: the entering of the first foundation, which takes you to that cordiality, benevolence and love.
First of all, be true for your self, for your others, your friends, your society, your mother, your father, your sister, your brother, Christ, God.
And it is only then that the feeling and the longing awakens in you; but that becomes your possession, the understanding, the growing, the inspiring, the wonderful feeling: I am now living, I start to see truth, I start to represent truth.
The Masters – I explained to you – could not do anything else than attach the masses on earth through Moses to Divine laws.
I gave you those lectures, we were one with that darkness.
Moses in his sphere, that poor soul, talking, asking, begging: “Give me a body, so that I can convince my parents, my sisters, my brothers and that wild gang.
I am alive and no one knows it!”
We saw that the Master descended to Moses and placed him before the Divine truth, because he can say: “I am God.”
“Are you God?” Moses said, this soul asks.
“I am in attunement with the Divine laws.
The power lies, lives in me to give you a new body, a new organism in order to be able to continue your task there, in order to be able to do something for your sisters and your brothers, your fathers and your mothers.”
And what happens now with the life which receives the word from the Master, which must then actually be seen as a mercy?
No, that Master knows as a Divine conscious being, as a spatial life of feeling this Master knows that Moses, that the soul, the personality must begin with that construction, with that longing itself.
If people had talked Moses, if people had talked this life full and that spirit, that personality had kept coming back to him and had given him beautiful stories and this life had not began with it, then Moses, then this personality would have stayed there, in that mist, in that Land of Twilight.
Do you hear it?
Moses lived in a mist, in a Land of Twilight, where he got to fulfil a Divine task despite his unconsciousness.
From this Land of Twilight he returned to the earth and he received a wonderful task in his hands.
But above that, far from his life, millions of light years for thinking and feeling and giving love, the first sphere lived there and there mill-, millions of people were ready, men and women, in order to fulfil that task.
But they were not allowed to accept that task.
They could not accept that task, because they lived in the truth, in the justice, in the consciousness for love.
That the space, that God, that the Masters have inspired Moses, is an awe-inspiring law of life and a life space for society and will manifest itself in the future.
Because here the Divine justice speaks as a wonderful personality, a God of love.
Because the Master cannot elevate you, cannot give you a task, you cannot be connected to that justice and that law of life for the truth if you do not yet possess that light, that love.
When a human being lives in the darkness and he imagines that he possesses the first sphere and starts to carry the garment of his space as light, then all of that awe-inspiring world has sacred respect for the light which this life radiates because this life has something to tell us as a personality.
But if that is not the case and the false appearance, the lie and the deception, the pride, the nonsense comes to us, then that rotting process ‘beyond the coffin’ creeps up on you.
Here you can make or break what you want, but soon when you leave this organism, then you will be faced with your untruth, your truths, your independences as little character traits, which are nevertheless part of your deep self.
Moses had to accept that task in order to bring the human being the truth.
I gave you the pictures that the Masters could not do anything else but to warn the human being: “Do not violate the life, do not violate the spirit, the personality, Mother Nature, because you damn yourself.”
Yes indeed, you beat yourself.
Did I not damn myself for that time?
Is the rotting, the experiencing of the human, physical tissues, the dying off of those tissues, the blood circulation, the experiencing of those animal-like insects in your heart, in your eyes, in your life of feeling, is that still not bad enough?
That is no longer damnation, this becomes a being beaten so awe-inspiring and terrible, that you tremble, shake inwardly, but then universally deep, because you will become mad thousands of times from sorrow, pain, but also from fear because you do not know, because you sullied the truth.
The human being on earth lives in unconsciousness, in darkness.
And you do everything for that.
Christ does everything for that, but He cannot reach the human being if the human being does not have any truth.
Today the people are friends, tomorrow they are kicked away, then the own self plays the leading role in that personality and then the human being can – as Jeus says that – drop dead again.
Then people no longer need that life, no longer need that truth, because if people place the human being before these laws, then the personality withdraws and sits down behind an armoured screen.
He can then no longer be reached.
That is different ‘beyond the coffin.’
We will soon come ‘beyond the coffin’ and then we will be faced with those true laws of life of which we do not possess a foundation.
I must first show you that God had beaten mankind by means of His truth.
He cannot damn, or He would damn himself.
He cannot create any leprosy, any cancer, any tuberculosis; then He would be sick himself.
God is not sick.
God did not create any misery for your society and God did not invent any canons, God did not want any deception, any lying; the human being did that himself.
The human being himself is lying and deception, is unconscious.
But with that unconsciousness we do not come any further, you must see those own laid foundations and then they are deception, conscious disintegration, destruction, sullying ... and what else?
Where does the love finally remain?
The truth?
Where does that truth come from?
It has no purpose if you follow Moses and read his wisdom and you accept the beginning of the bible, if you stand before the Christ and cannot bend your heads for his law of truth.
And that is then again: that love, the knowledge, the giving, the serving.
God secured a growing consciousness to this universe, for the human being through His life.
And I now explained to you, you hold on to that, or we will not come any further: by means of fatherhood and motherhood you have to experience those laws and you return to those stages by means of the reincarnation.
You kept on seeing a new organism ready through the Divine justice.
You do not know, but this is the truth.
Even if you murdered, even if you burned someone at the stake, the Divine justice is universally true and gave you a new life.
How deep – I wanted to give you, I wanted to show you, we can analyze for the universal systems – how deep is God now in his justice?
Outside of your laws of life of the earth of course, outside of the wisdom of your university, because that university connects you with nonsense when the psychologist starts to speak for your spirit.
Therefore no astronomer, no doctor, we do not attack any sciences which now still have to begin, but the psychology, everything which has to do with the life, that was brought straight from the University of Christ to the earth.
And Moses, the apostles, the prophets served for this purpose.
Served ... for what?
For who?
The prophets – you can now follow those lives one by one – did not know the universal Divine truth or they would have had to speak very differently, but they were not yet that far.
That the bible began and the bible writers had to begin, that God created the human being by blowing some life breath into his nose and creating by means of some clay and then creating Eve by taking a rib from Adam.
Where did these words come from?
They cannot be experienced on the Other Side.
We had to establish there that we returned to the moon, reached consciousness in the embryonic stage, we went from planet to planet.
How was this nonsense materialized?
The Divine truth lies next to this and says: the human being was born in the waters.
It began on the moon.
The moon is also the All-Mother for this space.
What do you know about it?
Nothing, nothing, nothing.
No academic, no astronomer can now accept that that moon was truly a Divine Mother.
Was, because she is dying.
When people say: “The moon is dying, that mother gave her life for the Divine All and for the human being, the animal and Mother Nature”, then this means nothing, but this is everything.
The bible could not experience Divine prophecies because those people, those prophets had still not reached the first sphere, do you feel?
And in that time – and why now? – and in that time the human being could not experience this contact.
And why now?
In that time the Masters had still not laid those foundations.
They were not able to lay those foundations, because the consciousness of mankind still possessed the animal-like.
So it is very simple.
But that has to go now.
And this is why we now speak about the Divine justice, about the life, about the truth and soon, therefore in a fortnight’s time, about the Divine love for the human being.
How do I now reach growth for love?
What is feeling?
Only the cosmology – you see – which brings you back to your own personality, to mankind, to the university, to the doctor who will and must experience the truth for his patients, the astronomer who must materialize the Divine truth for his science, the psychologist who must receive the truth soon for the soul and the spirit, the artist who will bloody his truth as the true, must give himself for his art if he wants to see the pure material, or the spiritual art.
The word that you give to your friend, your sister and your brother, your father and your mother, is that truth?
Is that truth inspired by your feeling, by your will to live and to love?
You will feel, from the cosmology we come directly from the living heart of the Messiah, the God of all life back to your Divine human situation and personality and we begin with the analysis.
Full stop.
Do you see?
But ...
Moses laid foundations.
You get worked up about the prophets of the Old Testament, but they no longer mean anything for the consciousness of the University of Christ.
I told you: the Masters could not do that.
Those people received inspiration, so did ancient Egypt.
And ancient Egypt told truths, because people experienced there, were able to analyze there, able to worm out of the space that the human being lives as soul beyond the material.
Those foundations, as Gods, were laid down anyway.
Other temples continued.
In this way wisdom originated.
In this way mankind took itself to – yes, where for your time? – to Jerusalem.
And now we finally come after all this deception, this unconscious, from the primal stage, immediately followed then by the prehistoric age, we come to ancient Egypt, to China, Japan.
And we see the world, we feel mankind, we feel that consciousness, we feel the yes and no, the being able and the being powerless for society, for those lives, for that life of feeling.
And finally then we rise higher and higher and we go up in feeling and we enter the birth of Christ.
Now you can already feel where we are going.
That God, that the All-Mother had driven the life forward is therefore a Divine life truth law, a life truth as a human foundation, a visible substance which can think, which can feel, which possesses justice if you experience that life exactly as that All-Source also as mother, as light, as father, as personality, but above all as the process of giving birth could do.
If we had been able to leave ourselves now in that Divine harmony, if we had been able to and had to materialize that Divine harmony as protection, then nothing would have happened.
Then we would still have been spatially, universally pure and conscious.
And the whole of this mankind now stumbles over this.
Why – the masses wonder – did God not finish us completely at once?
You see, those bible writers felt that.
The Divine truth soon says ... bible writer, you did not understand that anyway, you were not able to deal with that anyway.
But we know exactly, the Other Side knows exactly for what purpose you wrote those words, what went on inside you.
Because we walk round every day with the bible writers on the Other Side.
There are a few on earth again.
The others who worked on it, now know the laws and wonder of course: “Where did I get that nonsense from?
Why was I not able to record, not able to materialize the Divine truth?”
And then Moses comes and then the apostles come and then even more come, the Masters come from ancient Egypt, they rise up above this life of feeling, because they have the life, they have the space, they have death, they have fatherhood, they have motherhood, they have the soul, they have the spirit; but the bible writers had nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing!
Nothing of all of this, only God.
Yes, they later had something of Christ and they could lay a foundation here and they could lay a foundation there.
They followed a family, experienced a history which first went straight ahead and then turned left and now the untruths begin.
There is still no one in the world, it is only a few people, and they get into arguments with each other; and he leaves and he comes back with an old child, a woman.
Was no little inspiration born in that life of feeling in order to feel that we have to do with untruths here?
Those children – do you feel? – those children, who followed mankind, were inspired to start to see mankind, to experience what the human being does and from there to absorb and to record the higher feeling; those were the bible writers.
If you now begin, and you know nothing about anything, even if you have read the books ...
Now you can already establish and materialize facts as truths, because you know a great deal, you have received the books.
But now take a human being straight from society, who knows nothing about all of these things and who starts to inspire you from outside, not directly by means of the word, but from outside as feeling.
A feeling enters you and that says: the Father, the Lord is here.
What must these children now tell, what do these children now have to tell?
And in this way the untruths started for the bible writers, because they still did not have the first sphere as attunement, the consciousness for the universe.
That is all.
And soon if you and when you go for a walk on the Other Side – we will now go from the earth to the Other Side – and you come there and you still have all of that: I showed you that, I gave you various lectures by means of which I continued to hammer on that image that you must let go of everything of that nonsense, those untruths, throw them overboard, because you have to accept the Divine truth there in that life for your spirit, for your universal self.
And that is now called: the human being was born in the waters; Divine truth.
God does not damn; that is Divine truth, because the human being damns himself.
The moon is the Mother of the space and the sun the Father.
By means of this fatherhood and motherhood, by means of this Divine, All-Source divisions the life originated; that is Divine truth.
By means of this the hazes condensed and this space in which we live was filled.
Then the life could begin and the human being entered as a result of the divisions of the moon ...
The moon originated from that Divine All, the moon received that independence and then a separation came; as a result of that haze stage – therefore a new giving birth as the All-Mother could do that and had to do in order to spiritualize and to materialize herself – at that moment she lay down all those Divine character traits in herself, in that life.
So first the macrocosmos.
The cosmos started to divide – I explained that to you, we made that journey together – then the moon began and the moon divided itself as the All-Mother could do that for herself.
And now the stage begins for the human being.
The embryonic life absorbs so much feeling from those divisions for the moon, it gets that separation, it experiences that separation – therefore the giving birth, mothers, that is the giving birth what you do too, what you still will experience – but there as an embryonic spark the human being experiences the first independence as a spark in the waters.
A Divine true law, which the universities of the earth still have to master.
Full stop.
The life went through the space in this way.
Fatherhood and motherhood are the essential Divine fundamental laws, through which you can evolve, can’t you?
By seeing fatherhood and motherhood, the grades for motherhood, to experience the new life, the descending, the being attracted – I explained that to you, I drew it here one morning – the being released from yourself, the giving of yourself, do you see?
That is Divine truth in that very first embryonic stage.
Because that truth still lives in you, because the mother also receives now, she releases an egg, that cell in the maternal cell multiplies and the new life begins.
Science now knows that.
The doctor can explain to you that the life begins in this way, but he still does not know that reincarnation, rebirth, lives behind this.
And that is now the Divine truth, which you receive as mankind and as an individual from the University of Christ.
So the human being finally came to earth in this way, experienced his jungle stage, the first beginning.
The earth also started in the embryonic stage.
But I will go to the next age.
The earth is already ready and enters the moment again where we see the first human being who has completed its cycle for the earth.
There was no damnation, there was no bible – I explained to you – there was no God and no Christ, they were only there for themselves.
There was nothing else.
There was night, there was light; the sun sets.
They did not yet know that, they had to get to know that.
They returned – I told you – and now had to accept, now the Divine foundation comes, that the human being has really conquered this universe.
A Divine truth, which the human being does not yet feel for this time, but the first people for the earth had to experience because they would return to the Divine All, in order to represent the God of all life.
As soul?
No, now as Divine personality, as father and mother.
Therefore a Divine truth, which says – and then your inferiority complexes will fall away from you: the human being is universally deep and has conquered the universe, which appears infinite, through fatherhood and motherhood because the human being went from planet to planet.
Which academic as astronomer, biologist ... and what does the theologian now know about this spatial life of feeling?
The Divine truth tells you that the bible therefore begins with nonsense.
The human being was born in the waters.
When the bible writers began to think, they had reached the life of feeling from Moses’ experiencing.
What Moses experienced in the astral world, those first people experienced there who wrote the story that people had lived there, who said: “A Lord exists.”
Those people did not have that, but they would get it.
But the life of feeling – and that is also a Divine truth – adjusted to this animal-like, unconscious stage for mankind on earth and the Masters had to bow.
Gradually we now enter the Divine truth which is awe-inspiring and dreadful for society if you know and experience the Divine truth of that.
The human being, those first people experienced the seven grades as darknesses ... they are the hells, but we do not know hells there, we call it hell because mankind does not know any different.
Your word death should have been banished from the earth long ago, because there is no death, there is only evolution, continuance, giving birth and creating.
But those first people entered the first sphere, they built on the second, the third, the fourth, the fifth, the sixth and the seventh, the laws of which I will explain to you at the next lectures so that you will finally begin with the construction and the laying of those universal foundations.
That is the gift of Christ.
They become free in the seventh sphere, they come into contact with the fourth, the fifth, the sixth, the seventh cosmic grade – we made that journey together – and there the human being awakens and can say: “Where is God, where is the God of all life?
Who created us?”
These first All-Conscious people experience Divine truth when they come to themselves and can ask, hand-in-hand with the mother next to them: “Where is the speaking word now?
Where are the things which we created?
Who built up, spiritualized and materialized all of this?
Because we know for that matter that we are astral personalities.
The material being does not see us, does not know us.
We went through worlds, we knew mill-, mill-, mill-, millions, billions of lives as father and mother and it always happened consciously.
There was a power and an impulse in us which drove us forwards in order to just accept this life.
But do you still have the unconscious laws of the earth under your heart?
We have to do with a father and a mother, because I am father, I have become creating and you are both mother and father.
I represent you and you me.
We committed murder.
We committed cannibalism, we murdered the people, we raped the life of God.”
And despite everything – and I will connect this with your own time, or I will do it soon – by murdering ... now consider this well, they in the Divine All had to, we on the Other Side had to accept and could establish that, even if we committed and experienced thousands of murders, birth continues.
It lasted a while, we beat ourselves out of that time, that Divine time, that Divine true time for which we would be born on time, by which we could receive the new life.
But because we started to dominate, the birth came later, we could wait thousands of ages, thousands of years through that one murder, because other people went before us, they were in harmony.
They had nothing to do with shadows, with destruction, with sullying, with lying or cheating, they just went before us.
They walked for the birth very naturally through our lives and went before us, received motherhood, fatherhood.
And we had to establish that and the first Divine being saw that in the Divine All consciously before him: all those millions of laws of life for the soul, for the spirit, for fatherhood, for motherhood, for inspiration, for thinking, for serving, for the reincarnation, for the truth, for justice, for the elemental laws of condensing and all the systems which they had experienced, by conquering the cosmos, by going from grade to grade, they knew themselves and every thought, and they understood that they had taken every law through harmony to the truth.
And now they are Divine people and can wonder: “Who are we?”
I connected you before with the moment that they asked: “And where is God?”
But there was no God; they were the Divine attunement for this Divine space.
Father and mother, no more than that.
When the highest Master, the Mentor who will soon become Christ and will return to the earth in order to bring the Divine Gospel there, the first word materialized in the Divine All – that first happened from feeling to feeling, but He wanted to materialize that – then He could say: “I am a Deity.”
That giving birth, that source from which we originated must be maternally inspired; there is nothing else.
We will now try, and I gave you that picture ...
I went with you one morning from the Divine All back to the All-Mother, they went higher and higher and higher, they entered the seven grades of consciousness again.
Trembling and shaking?
No, they were no longer that.
They continued consciously.
And then weak darkness entered this golden Divine light.
Then they had come to the highest point of and for the Divine becoming conscious, and then they descended and that darkness came like a Divine truth charging into their lives and they had to accept and they could experience: from the nothingness, which is everything anyway, everything was born and we returned to the All-Stage.
But what does the human being on earth feel of it?
Far away from your society, far away from the spheres, from the human thinking.
We experience here the Divine, human truth and we must take that back to the earth and make it suitable for society, so that the life will understand it.
What do you want from us?
You can get Divine becoming conscious, but is it any use to you?
And then the Christ comes to the earth, He knows that only Mother Earth possesses the highest consciousness for this space.
But He also knows that it is overwhelming on earth with people, because the human being keeps himself too long on earth.
The human being in your society – this is a Divine truth – if you lie, if you cheat, if you deform the life, if you steal, murder, and especially murder and commit arson ...
The murder keeps you tied to this earth; now you absorb the life of another.
You absorb the life juices of millions of other people, because you remain here, because you break and sully the laws of life.
The murder not only takes you to the human rotting processes, to the spatial disintegration and destruction of your spiritual systems, but you suck yourself full of life aura which belongs to another.
Just take part in lies and deception; we will soon be faced with the Divine love, the Spheres of Light, the third, the fourth, the fifth, the seventh sphere.
And we finally come to hammer on the Divine anvil and that will be blows which makes you tremble and shake if you can accept that truth.
It becomes that.
Then we smash ourselves, our personality to bits and pieces until we lie there moaning.
A real moan, a real deep sorrow, a true life of feeling which wants to experience and to interpret the truth, is worth more than all the possession of your stinking, destructive society.
One character trait – we will see that soon when we descend from the first sphere from that holy love to the earthly darkness in which you live, which you have to do with when you do that yourself – that law of life alone already takes us to that universal awakening or dumps us there in that stinking swamp which we want to be involved with and of which we are a part.
Do you get all of that for free from the Spheres of Light?
No, we bring that to awakening by means of the Divine truth, to the universal exploration and then your word becomes law.
Then your word becomes yes and true and then you no longer kick your fellow human beings, because then you serve.
Then you are blessed and anointed.
Then you are open to the core of your Deity, which can only shine and wants to shine.
I must hold onto this, because I am not yet entering Gethsemane, I am still not walking the life of Christ.
Because now that we will soon give and experience the one, the two, the three lectures about the Divine love in the human being, then we will return again to Gethsemane and then we will be faced with Pilate and then Caiphas, and then we will enter Golgotha for the first time in order to see whether we are true.
What is there in us?
I told you before so scornfully, it flung from my life just like that: “There are some who climb Golgotha in a car”, that you will leave the following lectures and probably for your whole life, because it concerns your Divine core and you will have to earn that as a human being, as a Deity, as father and mother.
A few points which the Other Side bring from the University of Christ to Earth are: God does not damn, the human being gets a new life.
The human being, even if the human being murders, he stands still, but he will receive new lives.
How deep is the God in justice, which then lives in you?
Today you are a vagabond.
I showed you thousands of scenes and pictures, I connected them to each other, I had to go from left to right, from high to low, from soul to spirit, to fatherhood and motherhood, to society, your thinking and feeling in order to show you those foundations which we will soon catch together and then the Sphere of Light, then your fatherhood, your cosmology can say and ask: “What do you have of that for yourself, for now, for soon and later ‘beyond the coffin’?”
Because it concerns that, doesn’t it?
You live for that, don’t you?
Why are you here on earth?
In order to represent God, not society, nor cannons nor weapons, only Christ in the pure personality, whom the human being has to earn.
Not the one whom people beat and deformed there in Gethsemane by placing words on his lips: “My God, my God, let this pass Me by.”
We do not know that weakling.
Because He has conquered the spaces of his Deity, for his Divine shape.
That, is the Christ.
When we soon enter the love, the universal awakening for the human, the spiritual, the spatial, the Divine love, then, my children, we enter Gethsemane again and we go to Pilate.
And then we lay down and then I will, I will pull your heart from your body.
I will speak in such a way that the God from all life, that the Masters will inspire me.
I will let you feel that you are busy on a daily basis washing your hands in innocence and hit the life of God.
We will kill those small character traits.
We will smother the untrue in us.
We will accept the truth, draw it inspiringly towards us.
I told you: if you want to heal, if you want to convince the human being, then first try to be able to experience the truth.
Wherever that reality, that inspiration comes from, if you yourself are true, you will get the truth.
If that life of feeling and that becoming conscious is not yet in you, then you will have to groan, because you will have to conquer those darknesses, and that is pain.
That is the being beaten for society – isn’t it? – because they are illnesses, it is insanity, it is psychopathy, it is leprosy, cancer and tuberculosis.
That is being untrue.
God did not create any sick people.
God never interfered, our Deity in us never wanted destruction.
But we slashed the organisms.
We sullied ourselves as human beings.
We beat ourselves from that Divine harmony.
We kicked ourselves out of that Divine harmony as a life space and justice.
That is the truth.
The Other Side from the University of Christ still says: God is the eloquent image of the human being and for the human being.
God created the human being in His image.
But not as an organism, but as a life space.
The image of this universe and the others which will reach awakening for your life, which you will spiritualize and materialize yourself, that is the image of your Deity.
Let go of the human being, imagine yourself free of yourself.
Feel yourself free from your train of thoughts.
We come to stand free from society, your acting and your thinking, because it is only then possible to enter the first sphere and that love.
You all want love.
You want warmth and happiness, but the bible cannot give it to you because the bible speaks about damnation and about a God who hates.
Do you feel the poverty, the being beaten by the Divine word?
How can God beat himself?
We are Gods.
We will analyze millions of problems and millions will be analyzed when we see that Divine truth before us.
And then the actual life says: the human being conquers the universe by means of fatherhood and motherhood – I must keep on bringing that forward – because there is only just fatherhood and motherhood in the universe, received of course by the life.
Those two laws: be mother and be father, just in harmony.
Work, work, work ... and serve and do not fritter away your gifts, because you yourself are a Divine gift as a human shape.
I spoke to you but then I touch you again in your soul and your spirit: if you wish to heal the people, then become truth, justice, remain love eternally, because the sick will be carried.
Do not talk any nonsense.
Now learn to talk and to think.
Keep on learning to say the good.
Do not go away from the word until you experience the core as truth; that is then a new foundation for your new, spiritual conscious personality.
Isn’t it, society already teaches you that.
But the laws of the space tell you that, the laws for reincarnation say that, do you see?
That the sweep, that inspiration of the space ... and then you go towards a new life.
The Other Side explains that to you.
Christ did not say that in Gethsemane.
He did not say that to Pilate either, nor to Caiphas, but He showed that.
When people swung left and right in his face, when people beat Him, when people spat at Him, then He still did not say anything.
Do you see?
Why Christ said nothing – I once told you and explained to you, now listen carefully and this will then be the last word for this morning – because if He had one sharp thought towards those unconscious masses ... and that is for you as man and wife and child the same thing.
If another person is malicious and wants to dominate you and wants to be right, then just say nothing, because that human being kicks himself back into that little world, that unconsciousness.
Do not let your sacredness, your spatial feeling and thinking be sullied, do not go into it.
If you send out one harsh word or feeling, the feeling materializes by a harsh word, then you will have lost your Divine foundation at the same moment and you will not come any further in this way.
Christ gave himself – and we will soon experience that by means of the other lectures – in Gethsemane for Pilate and Caiphas, but on Golgotha He gave everything because He experienced the process of dying at a Divine attunement.
The human being who wants to live in harmony, in justice, for the truth, that human being finally becomes love and that is the orchid under your heart, in your heart, for the other life, for your being a mother and being a father, and which is then directly laid down by both of you at the feet on Golgotha under the cross and he will accept that from his Divine All.
This morning you will not get a spatial kiss, but the kiss of the Divine conscious Child from the Divine All, because by that I became inspired and was touched ...
I thank you.