The Divine Love for the human being - I

Good morning, my sisters and brothers.
You will get the lecture ‘The Divine love for the human being’ this morning.
We experienced the Divine justice, the Divine harmony and finally we go to the Divine love.
What is that?
How can the human being master the Divine love?
What did the bible, what did the university give mankind?
Does the theologian, the divine, have something of the Divine love?
Which people laid the foundations for universal happiness, the Divine oneness?
We will go to that later and we will speak about the oneness with the spaces created by the All-Source, the All-Love, the All-Mother.
You can now speak about a God of love, but – now you must not get a fright – He does not exist.
The whole world will rise in revolt when you hear: there is no God of love.
And He still exists.
At least not that God as the bible wants to explain that to you, as the theologian receives it and passes it on to mankind.
That God of love does not exist.
Isn’t it true, the human being starts to pray, the human being speaks; the human being is busy attuning himself to the Divine spaces?
No, to a human being, the bible created a human being.
And we did not get to know a Divine human being, a father who is love, nowhere.
You can experience millions of worlds, you do not see a God of love as a human being, he cannot be experienced because that Deity really and truly and honestly has to do with the life.
We were in the All-Source, in the All-Mother, in the All-Light, the All-Life, the All-Personality, soul and spirit, weren’t we?
We experienced those laws, we saw how the All-Mother – now it comes – began with her giving birth.
And then God came, the God as father.
And now people speak: “Did God, that light, that life, that soul, that spirit really love?”
Here lies the universal Divine foundation, which must be accepted one day by the universities.
Everything lives here irrevocably.
And then you are released from your bible, free from your dogmatic institutions, now the God of love is spiritual science, spiritual reality, the truth of life, soul and spirit.
Every insect now represents a God, who began by means of his harmonic, just creations with His spiritualizing and materializing.
I had to explain to you that the people received the word God, but the Masters brought it all-embracing materialized to the earth.
People did not know how people would explain to the human being who is actually God.
And as you, as Moses received the foundations – we must accept that – the human being got hold of a Divine being, who is spatial – people do not know that – but especially and above all wants to be human.
We did not get to know that God of love, at least not ‘beyond the coffin.’
I descended precisely into that All-Source in order to bring forward the All-Soul, the All-Life, the All-Spirit, the All-Personality so that you will see how the spaces originated.
We were on the moon, we experienced the embryonic life, we went through all those millions of laws to the final fish stage.
And then the human being continued, the soul, the core, which originated and received an independence from this universe because of the divisions of the All-Mother.
You will therefore get to experience a Mother ‘beyond the coffin’ and the word God will disappear.
Yes indeed, we experience the creating powers for motherhood.
We will begin with the giving birth and the growing; the condensing, and the materialization of that law becomes fatherhood.
Then the Masters gathered with the Christ, with the highest Mentor, the highest Conscious Being in the Divine All and said: “How must we include all of this?
How can we receive the human being by means of one word so that the human being gets respect for this Divine All, for the millions of worlds which we experienced and were able to conquer?”
I placed you before that moment on that morning when the human being entered the Divine All.
Of course, they have experienced the fourth, the fifth, the sixth, the seventh cosmic grades for themselves, one universe after the other, by means of motherhood, fatherhood.
But especially motherhood connects the soul, the Divine core, the spark which has attunement to God, to that All-Source, which originated from that All-Source, now connects itself with the spaces, which can always be conquered by motherhood.
We went from planet to planet, we went through darkness and light and experienced justice, harmony.
And if we were just out of that harmony, if we had no truth, no condensing, then we broke those elemental laws; we saw that, I explained that to you that morning, we saw the first disturbances, and the mother could give birth to three, four, five, ten, twelve children.
And now means disharmony with regard to yourself.
But in that Divine All, when the human being entered the Divine All-Consciousness, he asked of course: “Where is the father now, the creator of all of this?”
And he was not there.
He was not there.
They went walking again.
They explained the laws to themselves, they looked to the left and to the right, upwards and behind them and there was no God, only the light, the life, also the spirit.
Because by means of the spirit – they learned that – the materialization started, visible working came.
But where is God now, the God of love?
Because by means of the good, by being in harmony – we experienced that on the earth, on the fourth cosmic grade we were free from those disharmonic laws – we were able to experience the oneness with those laws and then could accept them and we continued.
So: to be harmonic, to be just, takes the human being, the cell, the spark back to that life in order to experience and then to represent the Divine All-Conscious self.
There, in that Divine All, when the first human being entered the Divine conscious All, the bible originated there, the higher thinking for the earth, this mankind, originated there.
The human being knew that in that space, in this universe in which you live only conscious good and evil live.
And then – we will soon learn that – we will see that the human being really possesses evil, wrong thinking.
But that conscious evil will soon be unconsciousness again, the human being does not yet know it.
But with regard to the first sphere – I explained that to you – the human being is faced with his foundations laid down and he has to accept what his personality is like now with regard to the All-Conscious fatherhood and motherhood.
Soon the masses, mankind, the university, the theologian must accept that people can no longer speak of a God who is love.
No, ultimately that is only harmony, being just and experiencing the oneness with the laws that Mother Nature, the All-Mother possesses, by means of which she could begin with her materialization and spiritualization.
What you are now faced with, you have to accept that and now the life, your consciousness, your personality becomes very clear, but with regard to the first sphere, because the human being lives there in his harmony, in his justice, then in the love.
What is love now?
We had to accept, from the moon, that only the giving birth and creating, the human being, the spark, whatever cell, even if you live in the prehistoric age, represents a law, a law of life.
The minister, the theologian speak about: “And the Father will forgive you everything ...”
At that moment – I explained to you – at the beginning of the creations in an embryonic state, we received everything as a human being, everything.
And back a bit – the apostles had to accept that, the Christ had to accept that, every insect has to experience that and bow to that – back a bit and we are faced with the All-Soul, the All-Life, the All-Spirit, the All-Personality, the All-Justice and the All-Harmony.
All of that together is a personality, but becomes motherhood.
Motherhood, the All-Mother.
God whom people on earth got to know, is in conflict for the human being with the reality and that only means that the human being still does not know himself, the space and the All-Source as mother.
And everything revolves around this, we experience the Spheres of Light in this, we experience society in this, university, here everything stumbles and falls which does not possess any justice, any harmony.
Do you see?
Now you can analyze your bible, every theologian, wisdom no longer exists, there is no God of love, there is only a Mother who built up those laws of life, an All-Source that is giving birth, after which the creating life of feeling came forward, do you see?
And that became a human being, that became a man.
When the first human being entered the Divine All and started to experience his thinking and feeling, he started to see that there was only life present as light –do you see? – as light.
There was silence, yes indeed.
When you are in harmony and experience the justice then you go to that harmony and people call that love.
That is the oneness with the life, with the source to which you belong.
And the human being could ask: “Where is God now?
Where is God as father?” because they had accepted the laws of life, they have mastered those laws as spaces, they have nothing else but themselves.
They originated from that source.
They were born from the spirit, you see, then there was still no material, from that spiritual All-Source.
The divisions, born through the universe, received independence when the macrocosmos started with fatherhood and motherhood.
Those are the foundations for the bible, for the universities, for the whole of this mankind, if those masses want to enter the royal, spatial consciousness; then the human being is the prince, the queen, a king for the space.
This is why the Masters called this the Kingdom of God.
By means of the spatial self.
This universe has to reveal itself in the human being.
And soon when we leave that Divine All, have seen and were able to feel the first sphere, we ask: “What do we now have in ourselves with regard to the Divine love?
What are we doing?
What do we want?”
What I am concerned with – and that is for every human being, for every animal, for every law of life as a grade – is the moment that those people had to accept the Divine All and could continue, deeper and higher; there were seven grades to be seen, higher and higher, more and more rarefied, into the Divine All, and then they returned to the darkness of before creation.
And again they start to accept and to experience that journey, that universal, that Divine journey.
They go through that All-Source, because behind this life the All-Mother is still present as soul, as spirit, as personality.
In that nothing, in that darkness is everything.
And they were all of that themselves.
They felt it: it is – by means of which the wordbook emerged – harmony, justice, benevolence, cordiality.
They were able to master all those higher thoughts which take you to that harmony.
Thinking for a moment outside of the law, takes them to the darkness, takes them to the unconscious, the hitting, the kicking, the leprosy, the illnesses – yes, later, cancer and tuberculosis – illnesses and misery, an awe-inspiring trouble, which they created themselves; madness, psychopathy.
God hits the human being by taking the child from the mother which she wants to give birth to and to possess with love?
How can a God of love approve of that?
How can a God of love deform the human being by insanity, epilepsy, leprosy, and so on, all those terrible things which mankind knows and possesses?
How can a God of love approve that one human being has everything and the other nothing?
We now get to know that.
How can a God favour one church and destroy and beat to a pulp the other self, a sect, a sect which also wants to return to that All-Source?
How can a God ...?
You can now continue to ask questions for thousands of years.
You can keep on building up new laws, analyzing them, and then you will only just see a God of vengeance and hatred whom we did not get to know anyway.
We did not see him anywhere, because he does not exist.
That God, seen as a human being by the bible, does not exist.
Now you can return from the Divine All.
We also do that, we make that journey back.
We go again over the moon, through the planetary system, to the earth and place ourselves in the first sphere where everything is harmony.
You want to go to that first sphere.
You must go there because soon you will represent your spiritual personality with regard to your All-Source, your All-Spirit, your All-Personality.
Because, we said and can explain that to you and you have to accept that: the human being is a Deity.
But what is the God in you like?
How did the Divine love reach awakening in you with regard to your society?
Which phenomena do you have for every thought, every character trait, for your social life, your fatherhood, your motherhood, your task?
You see, we can already ask questions now.
What remains of us?
What do I have of René?
What do I have of Frederik?
What do I have of Erica?
What do I have of Hans?
Do you already feel that you must begin yourself with those masks in order to tear them off one for one for your, this universal being self?
We can begin soon, because there is no God who must live as a human being.
Because we will see that the human being is the God, the material God; and we have, everyone ‘beyond the coffin’ has to accept that.
And that is something very different than the universities give you, the bible explains to you.
That theology, it no longer has any meaning because every thought becomes the way of Socrates.
It is the foundation which we, which you, which another in ancient Egypt were able to lay, through which we accept life and death, that is it.
The happiness for the human being, in order to be able to see, to be able to experience, to be able to accept the spatial self again, the oneness with the ultimate grade, which then takes you to that universal, spatial, Divine love.
It is the absorbing of that law, of you, for you, by you, to the next stage, and then the human being is faced with a new grade.
I taught you all of that, I had to explain all of that to you.
But what did you make of it?
What does society, what does mankind, what does the bible, what does the church have now of the Divine law of life?
Nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing.
Yes, when the church speaks – you must just listen – then the minister, the clergyman speak next to and along the actual positions, the foundations which were laid by the All-Mother, because people always see the God as a human being.
A God who has love, yes indeed, for the human being.
You just pray, you just bow and you have nothing to do with making amends, with laying new foundations, with accepting new lives, reincarnation; you just pray and you are rid of everything.
And you would like that.
We had to bow our heads.
When I put an end to my life and went into the ground, I was standing next to it and was at the same time attached to my coffin.
Because my corpse said: “This far and not further.”
No, the life said: “I gave you sixty, sixty-seven, sixty-eight years, two days and so many minutes and you have to experience that time, because that served for your fatherhood, or you will not be able to accept motherhood.”
That means: I murdered, I beat ... I murdered myself, I beat myself from that Divine harmony, that Divine justice and I could no longer accept or experience any harmony.
I experienced and created disharmony, disintegration, destruction for myself.
But there was no God who punished me.
I punished myself.
I asked you: steal and you steal from yourself.
Destroy and you destroy your Divine harmony, your justice, your oneness, and then your Divine love; completely abused, you completely break yourself away from those Divine foundations which we were able to see and got to know on the moon in the embryonic stage and behind that.
But what it concerns is that the human being who returned from the Divine All and could tell the Masters in the seventh sphere, for the earth ...
How did you see yourself there?
And now the material word passed over their lips – they had been on earth, they could express themselves, they could analyze themselves – and the word went round the human being.
The word of the Divine conscious being went into the space, it received independence and materialization for the earth and then the law became like the word.
And only now – I explained to you and ‘The Peoples of the Earth’ tell you – the Masters could begin with the building of this mankind.
I gave you a lecture by means of which the Masters attached the human being to the wonder: do not hit, do not murder the human being, do good, carry, serve, or you will damn yourself.
And the human being himself added fire later.
But this has to go now.
The Masters know that they brought mankind to the darkness, because the human being lived in that disharmony, but he will be able to receive the human being again in order to take him back to the stage which the Christ and His millions had entered.
“We are alone in this Divine All”, were the first words which the Masters could materialize for the seventh sphere.
Of course the human being, the Master from the seventh sphere started to ask questions about the fourth, the fifth and the sixth cosmic grade.
And then the spiritual systems reached revelation.
The human being started to materialize the Divine laws, they could be analyzed, because the Masters could say: “We are and we remain in harmony.
And by accepting the harmony as the All-Mother created the law, we go calmly, outside of everything further, higher, and we get a new consciousness.”
Do not forget that these people were only able to get to know and had to accept the prehistoric age – I explained to you – without God, without Christ, without a bible, without art, without music.
These children had nothing to make them feel happy, they had only the life.
There was no question of a God who is love.
I gave you the explanation, the analysis, which time is the most difficult for the human being.
That time there in the prehistoric age.
The millions did not know any light, any happiness, any material happiness, were only able to walk one path and that was for themselves.
They received fatherhood and motherhood and by means of fatherhood and motherhood they continued, came to the Other Side, released themselves from that unconscious world.
They returned to the moon – I let you experience that journey that morning – they went from the earth, deeper, deeper, to the macrocosmos, came to the fish stage, went deeper and further away, experienced the embryonic stage and then they could say: “Look, now everything dissolves, the space will soon divide itself and when that has happened – I believe, I feel – we can go back even more deeply.”
To go deeper and deeper, now meant: to think and to feel higher, straight to that All-Soul, that All-Spirit, that All-Personality as father and as mother.
And they came there, and in that silence they began to ask those questions.
I let you experience the law through which the highest consciousness reached the material thinking and feeling.
And then the doing good, the working on the material human being on earth, the releasing from those laws, the independence for the human being, the becoming free for the space to which you belong and the entering of the spiritual, astral, still unconscious world.
They had never prayed before, they did not know prayer.
Do you see?
There was no church, there was no wisdom, no university, no minister, no bible, there was nothing, nothing, nothing for these people.
And they lived as you, they had the life, they had the thinking and the feeling.
They went through fatherhood and motherhood, and there is no more either, no more, no more.
You think, you start to feel: it is becoming difficult.
And yet, the life is very simple when you understand the life, when you take yourself to that justice, to that harmony, because the first people who had completed their cycle of the earth had to accept that.
Gradually we take ourselves higher and higher and we enter the first sphere.
Surely, further, back, higher ...
The second, the third, the fourth, the fifth, the sixth – I told you – the seventh sphere as light, as space, as feeling – do you understand? – as spirit, as core of that Deity emerged.
And they could go even further, there was no halt.
So the seventh sphere does not possess the Divine All, the Divine consciousness.
They reached the mental areas, they became embryonic again.
Meanwhile – I drew that cosmos for you that morning – meanwhile the moon, the sun, the stars and the planets had materialized their laws of growth and the fourth cosmic grade had emerged.
There people started to think universally, macro-cosmically for the first time.
They established for themselves that they had completed their lives there in an animal-like unconsciousness and then became material, started to think materially, in harmony with the body, with the life there on earth, and then spiritually and then spatially.
And now, from the fourth cosmic grade they start to think and feel and also act Divinely spatially.
Life becomes beautiful, life becomes wonderful, but life is deadly serious.
Life is true and conscious if the human being experiences the harmony, the justice, the spatial oneness for fatherhood and motherhood, then nothing happens, they were able to accept that.
It is the highest Mentor, who returns from the seventh cosmic grade, the conscious Divine All to the seventh sphere and shows himself along with His people and can say: we are Gods.
That event lies bill-, bill-, millions of years back, but can be taken in harmony and to condensing, to the word, to the wisdom for the present stage to which you belong.
I must make that journey, I must sound out the Divine All again, we must lay foundations, we must return to that All-Mother, that All-Father, that All-Spirit from which every cell received material working, but as the Divine, All-Source personality has to begin with the spiritualization for himself, do you feel?
You will already feel what will soon happen when we start to consciously experience the earth, our task, our thinking, our feeling, our acting for mankind, for Mother Earth, for your Deity.
Now we already feel the fear, now we already start to see the sorrows which we materialized for ourselves.
Christ said for this purpose: “And now back to the earth in order to lay the first foundations.
We have to lay the first foundations in order to be able to receive those masses, those wild, unconscious masses and to place them before all of this.”
And then people experienced the word God.
You can now say: the life.
But why do people always call God, God, God?
Then people see the bible, then people see the God who speaks to Moses.
And ‘The Peoples of the Earth’ – you can accept that – the book written for and by Christ, say to you: Moses lived ‘beyond the coffin’.
And a Master came there and said: “I am one with the Deity in you.
Yes indeed.
I can give you a new life.”
The human being, the Master is Divinely conscious, he has conquered the spaces, he was free from church.
There was still no bible, no university.
The human being did not need to absorb anything – you will soon have to accept and be able to experience that – the human being does not need to absorb anything from this society into him because the life is everything now.
But the first human being in the seventh sphere, those Masters asked questions like children of the earth: “Did you not meet any visible working there as a human being like we ourselves are?”
“But what is the All-Mother like, the All-Source?
We are spirit, we were on earth, we built up and conquered those millions of laws of life, what is the All-Mother like then?”
And then the first Mentor said to the Masters from the seventh sphere: “Look, where do you live here?
This sphere, this heaven, this space is harmony, is justice, is light, is spirit, because you are spirit.
You are the rarefied force which influences and pushes the material forward, which has condensed the material laws, was able to build up by means of the elemental energy and finally was able to experience the space of that.
That you are ...
And were you always in harmony? – you experienced that, you had to accept that –, could you continue and could you receive a new life, a new birth?
You now know that only motherhood is the everything by means of which you could absorb this spatial consciousness into you.
This universal Divine oneness now takes you to the mental areas, to the fourth cosmic grade.
And no human being could be seen there before us.
When we entered that Divine conscious self, we could see for miles, miles, millions of years; there was no human being.
The God whom we therefore have to materialize on the earth, that is actually only: the life.
The life.”
When we soon clamber up, climb up the universities and we stand before your theologian then that life has to tell that he does not know it.
The human being as an academic does not know what the life is, the human being does not know the soul, not know the spirit, the Divine, the All-Source personality.
People do not yet know anything about an All-Mother who is everything.
And now, at that moment the Masters received – I explained to you – contact with the sixth, the fifth, the fourth, the third, the second, the first sphere and people began to sound out the earthly life of feeling.
The God of love, the source who is only harmony and justice, they had to let go of that, because that unconscious being would not be able to understand or be able to comprehend that Omnipresence.
The difficulty now to grasp the God, the space, this respect, this justice in one word would have to happen anyway.
The difficulty of giving those unconscious masses a core again, so that the human being feels clamped to the spatial self, would be able to experience the oneness with the then ‘beyond the coffin’, with thousands of laws of life and other grades of life, but would be free from that All-Source, which is love.
The Masters closed themselves off and began with the spatial meditation.
It was very certainly not so simple to take those wild, unconscious masses to an All-Source feeling and thinking.
How must we do that – I explained that to you and it is now the book ‘The Peoples of the Earth’ – how can we understand those fathers and those mothers?
How can we reach and elevate that instinct that still has attunement to the jungle, outside the actual core?
Because if we have to tell them, and they see us: “We are Gods, I am a Deity, I have attunement to the All-Mother, the All-Source, the All-Life, the All-Soul, the All-Spirit”, then we will never be accepted.
‘The Peoples of the Earth’, the book which was written for this mankind as the first book, the first life work for the new bible, is now literally and completely the Divine foundation for the Christ in the human being, for the Divine justice, the harmony and finally the love.
Then the Masters started to lay foundations for those unconscious masses in order to show themselves as a Deity.
And then the first word originated, the first spatial thought received materialization, and the first foundation was laid for the house of Israel.
The foundations for Jacob, Isaac, Abraham, Moses and then the prophets, who would lay the foundations for the highest, the Divine All, the Christ, for Jerusalem.
And look: the human being on earth suddenly receives higher thinking and feeling.
Moses was still the one who laid the first Divine spatial foundation as a character trait with regard to the hereafter, the first, the second and all those millions of other spheres.
As a character trait.
We lose ourselves now in millions of laws of life, and yet, a foundation can be seen in the very first grade, in this morning shine for the awakening, which was materialized anyway straight from the Divine All, and is called: you will not kill, you will not steal, you will not cheat your fellow human beings.
But especially: you will not kill.
Because the Masters saw that they darkened their law of life for the birth and motherhood by their killing, by their cannibalism.
When we now go higher and higher from that hereafter and want to experience directly the Divine love as justice and want to take it to the earth, then you will certainly feel, nothing more will remain of all this material, spiritual, church thinking, and yet everything again.
Because when the spirit now speaks as a minister and as a theologian – you already feel, I now let go of this Divine All and I will see what we people are like and how we feel, how we experience the laws – then the minister can, the clergyman can explain anyway: “Love everything which lives.”
But, why do you take the human being to death, to destruction, to torture?
Why can you approve that a child of a people can and may destroy the other human being, the other life of God because you represent a fatherland?
Who do you have, what is your God like?
Is that a city, is that a mass, is that mankind, is this the space, is this only the planet earth?
No, the Deity of all those dogmatic institutions is not deeper than the personality that now speaks.
Everything now falls down with regard to the All-Mother, who is really love, and that love emerges.
That loves wears a tremendous, pure, universal garment, created by planets, stars and sparks.
Haze spots are part of this garment.
The birth for the human being, fatherhood and motherhood possesses everything.
It is a garment which ultimately represents nothing else but wisdom and radiation and absorbs you directly in the harmony for all those higher, spiritual and material creations which you have to accept after ‘the coffin’.
Yes, you can now say: “The Masters write books and tell how God is in you”, but you will have to send and drive yourself to that harmony, to that justice – I told you before – if you wish to be able to and want to experience the spiritual source as mother, as love.
When that minister, that priest, that theologian says: “Love everything which lives”, but why, why do you lay next to that, those false, destructive foundations which do not mean anything anyway?
Now get the Divine authority out of the bible, but know: God never spoke as a human being and is not a human being!
God, the All-Mother is represented by the material law of life motherhood and fatherhood – I had to explain to you – because we have to accept those laws.
I had to take you through that macrocosmos like that in order to only see God now as love; who is just, harmonic, and then gives the oneness to His cell, His spark.
We dwelt upon that moment for our first life, the first death, but the returning to the second stage in the cell life, so that we would be able to see the following reincarnations.
But now, which wisdom do you now have for your society with regard to Moses, with regard to the hereafter, with regard to Christ and God?
I had to give you the separate lectures about and through Christ, about God, about the source which is everything, and then the bible.
This is why we then wrote in the first place the book ‘A View into the Hereafter’, in order to take you through that darkness, which are not hells – we were able to tell you – only unconscious worlds, which were also accepted by the human being in the prehistoric age.
Only life, there is only life ‘beyond the coffin’, conscious and unconscious thinking.
The human being goes through dark, unconscious spaces to luminous shapes, which he is then himself.
And now we ask ourselves with regard to the first sphere: Moses, what did you bring to the earth?
Theologian, what do you have with regard to the first sphere, that Divine justice, that harmony, with regard to the second, the third, the fourth, the fifth, the sixth and the seventh sphere?
Only when you experience the law itself, if you materialize those spiritual thoughts and those feelings and then spiritualize them and send and attune them to those spheres, then the life will explore spatially of its own accord.
That means: then something is born in you, then something reaches awakening as feeling and that attunes you to your royal palace, the princely life of feeling, the Kingdom of God for every thought.
I explained to you that the thoughts, the feelings of the human being must expand themselves by means of that driving.
And now you can pray, and now you can beg for strength, for space, for happiness, you can beg God to free you from diseases, plague, cholera and everything, we now have to accept that when we look back for a moment, our reincarnation stands before us, and we stand on top of that destruction, that conscious destruction where we began with the darkness for our life.
And that is now the jungle, and that is now the prehistoric age?
No, for the present stage we possess completely different aspects.
Although the human being can look back into that prehistoric age and can attach himself to those people, this human being received the bible, the church, art, music, this human being received material, social consciousness with regard to there.
But they now live in the Spheres of Light on the higher worlds, the cosmic laws and grades of which they now represent the Divine All.
To see that, to experience that for the human being on earth, for the Spheres of Light, we ask the questions: how did I come here?
What must I do in order to get, to possess that light, that sphere, that harmony, that justice?
What is my house?
For what purpose do I now actually live?
What is life?
The God, the Divine love for the human being now lies and lives in the human being and the human being has to bring that to awakening, the human being has to inspire that, the human being has to give that consciousness.
An action, a deed must now be in harmony with that creation, with that All-Mother, that All-Source, that All-Father, that All-Soul, that All-Spirit, that elemental materialization of a deed and for a grade of feeling, as a result of which you see and can experience the new foundations.
Now look on earth, compare your society with regard to the books, those millions of laws and ask yourself: what do I have of harmony, what did I do and could I do for justice, for fatherhood and motherhood, for myself, for my spaces?
But, the hold is now standing next to you, even if the Master from those conscious spheres actually gave Moses unconscious deception.
He stood there as a Deity next to this core, the soul that wondered: “What can I give to my mother?
Why do my father and mother not know that I am alive?
I have to experience the new birth, I have to receive a material organism ...”
The human being who came next to him and said from his space: “I hear you, I hear your calling, I hear your begging.
I am capable of giving you that birth.”
And you read all of that.
When you read thousands of books here on earth – now it will come – and you want to experience and to receive, want to materialize the Divine love as life, as personality, as soul, as spirit – I do not need to keep on repeating that, but otherwise you will not understand that – then you must experience harmonically and now materialize that elemental law as birth.
That all happens of its own accord.
But now the birth comes and now you are faced with your Divine conscious self.
Now look back at the jungle.
You see it, you feel it, you already hear it, millions of laws of life now charge at you, and only one can be experienced.
Millions of laws of life belong to us, but which did we bring to consciousness?
Did we attune our character?
Is our oneness ready with the first sphere, that first sphere where we were?
Through Gethsemane to Pilate, to Caiphas – wasn’t it, do not forget that time – straight to Golgotha, we were crucified there, said farewell to Jerusalem and finally we entered the first sphere.
But millions of human children of ours had lost fathers and mothers at that time because they had not reached that attunement.
They shouted: “Don’t leave me alone.”
I can now explain millions of laws of life to you, because you are father and mother, sister and brother.
You think you are a mother, you want to experience and to possess your children eternally.
Yes, of course, ‘beyond the coffin’ you want to enjoy that spatial oneness again as a mother, but your child kills, you yourself were destructive.
Are you really driving, inspiring, giving, spiritually serving, true, just?
What now remains of our human self?
Because in the first sphere – this is why there were those constructive lectures – the human being who lives there is one in everything.
And to be one in everything, means: to represent the life as light for those spaces, and for the All-Mother as love.
I am here as spirit, my thinking and feeling is in harmony with animal, plant, light, night, darkness.
When the human being speaks then I stand before the human being as the just spark, which is inspiring and is ready to give that harmony as love.
We cannot think wrongly, we cannot descend into material destruction because then we destroy ourselves again.
We built up that space with difficulty, we laid foundation after foundation by means of the deeds, by thinking, by serving.
And now – we learned that, we saw that – one character trait is a foundation which you will stand upon soon ‘beyond the coffin’.
And to compare that with what Moses brought, to bring that back in harmony, even higher, to the fourth cosmic grade, to make a comparison with our Divine All in us, that breaks the human thinking and feeling for the earth as society and comes forward, as Christ was able to say that at that moment, at this awe-inspiring moment in Gethsemane to Judas: “Judas, Judas, why do you give me this kiss?”
Because this was betrayal.
Christ did not want to see that as betrayal.
We fought, we got to know Judas, we gave everything for that personality, because Judas possessed in him, as a final feeling in him he possessed the thought to inspire his Master; and now it was not a betrayal.
But that moment has become significant for the human being and spatially deep and Divine responsibility for your thousands of selves, your thousands and millions of tasks, your being here on the planet earth.
Do you see?
Why do you give each other – the Christ there says – a false, destructive, unconscious kiss?
I kissed myself when I put an end to my life and hung myself from the bars of my dungeon, because I now had the truth.
I was finally also happy because I stood before the just law: stay away from your life with your fingers, with your hands, because it is Divine and I broke off my life humanly, as a man.
All those sorrows there in the ground, they are indescribable, I had to experience them and then I had to accept them.
And then the moment came, that the cord broke with regard to my corpse, my organism, and I could quietly explore that space, I lived in an invisible world for myself.
There was no human being, no green, no light to be seen, I was alone there.
I was alone in a vastness.
There was no light, no word, nothing.
Nothing could reach me of that Divine love – could it? – of that Divine attunement, that justice, this universal oneness.
Nothing could reach me, do you see?
I was faced with the reality, I lived there alone.
Another suicide lay yonder and experienced his own grade.
My character traits had built up an own world, I could not be seen by another suicide, because this was my light, my thinking, my feeling, my consciousness, my love ...
You cannot experience the sorrows if you read that; if you pass over into that, you must experience that yourself, it is only then that the Divine just law speaks to your personality.
But I saw – and this is a new Divine foundation by means of which we got to know the All-Mother as love – there was no damnation to be seen, I was alive.
I was not in a hell, there was no fire; but I was alive, and I walked and I strolled and I strolled further, I went through that space, I felt firm ground, yes, it was a soft material, and I did not see anyone.
Year in, year out, because I still had years to experience and to finally – you will read that – that mist dissolved, that misery, that darkness and I came back to reality again.
My eyes, my feeling ... when I saw that vibrations came around me again – do you see? – the God of life reached awakening in me again, as a human being, to the human attunement, then tears already ran down my cheeks because I could say: I am alive, nothing can be destroyed, I will continue.
I made a slip.
I already had to do with the bible, with the hells, I was religious, I prayed, I thought, a really wonderful feeling; but the temper, the conceited in me to be able to attack a human being – even if my love was stolen – broke me completely spiritually and physically.
And yet joy, joy to finally be able to say: I am alive, there is space.
There is a God of love.
No, this space is love.
I stepped out of the harmony, the justice for a moment into the uncertain, into the meaningless, the human self, the thinking feeling.
But then I was released from the rotting, the plague, the cholera, and the corpse-like leprosy and I could continue.
There was no damnation.
I entered the hells then, the dark worlds where the human being lives who has accepted the earthly laws of life in disharmony, who has organically broken the harmonic laws of Mother Earth to pieces and the human being who steals, murders and commits arson.
I met those people.
I followed them.
I experienced millions of them and asked: “What are you doing?
What do you feel?
Do you know God?”
Of course, the human being who searches for God, for the space, for the Divine spirit as All-Source, can only be reached.
But when I started to see those laws of life, started to materialize them, absorbed the human being tangibly, I went through the human being and I started to experience that I could experience the oneness with the mother and the father, then this universe charged at me and I threw myself upon my knees and I could call out: “I do not see a God as a human being because this space – do you see? – this law, this power which released me from the rotting in the earth, that is the universal, All-Source love for human being, animal and the life of Mother Nature.”
Years, years, for centuries I held my hands before my eyes and actually walked aimlessly, I no longer dared to look, I found and experienced life so great, so wonderful, so loving.
This life which freed me from suicide; I had to make good, but despite that, I received the new ‘wings’, the new energy.
My Divine attunement came into harmony again, to the justice and I could begin with the continuing of my life, my spirit, my personal thinking and feeling.
And then I became benevolence, then I became love.
I was afraid to go and do a deed.
I knew Moses, I got to know Emschor and Emschor said: “Look, Moses is walking there.
You see, you are no longer ready for that task.”
But mankind was no different, mankind would have to be beaten.
Mankind received powerful character traits through the Masters, the sparks of God, the Gods as human being for the earth, and the cosmically conscious for the kingdom on the Other Side, the universe-feeling and universe-thinking beings.
Moses got to lay the first foundations for that, which were materialized from that thinking and feeling, harmonically for the earth, for the child of Mother Earth.
I could say: “Yes, they did not have that.”
But what do the academics possess then?
What does the theologian possess now?
What does the rabbi possess?
Why did they murder Christ?
Why was Judaism not able to bend?
Why did Israel not accept the Messiah?
You see, we are now faced with dogmatic thinking and feeling, that means: the human being, the masses, who have formed an image of that spatial God and now explain all of this as Divine sacredness.
Now the word becomes law?
No, the law will represent the word.
Now you look as a human being – and I learned that – behind your own material thinking and feeling.
I immediately looked behind fatherhood and motherhood.
I looked behind the churches.
I looked behind Rome.
I saw, I felt Rome and I now knew that all that preaching and all that praying meant nothing if we deform, darken ourselves with regard to all these millions of laws of life.
The human being first has to ask himself – I had to do that, millions were able to do that: who am I?
What do I want?
What do I do?
For what purpose do I serve?
Now just go – I told and asked you before – now just go for a walk, dare to take that walk through your society and ask yourself: who am I?
What am I doing?
What have I achieved?
What do I actually represent?
And then you must follow your thinking and feeling.
One human being destroys what another builds up.
Never the spatially accepting, the really wanting to experience that there is only goodness, justice.
And anyone who expresses the life below that justice, experiences unconsciousness – there is not even any darkness anymore – but no love.
If you now represent your task as a human being in the first place and make sure – I explained that to you – that you have food and drink, by means of the harmony, now by means of justice, or your life will have completely failed, your life will be darkness, unconscious, will be destruction.
It will be difficult, but it is very simple if you – isn’t it? – remain in harmony with your society with regard to the Other Side, with regard to your spirit.
Now you will ask questions as: “Can I do that?”
“Can you do everything”, I ask you, the laws ask, Christ asks, the All-Love asks, “can you now do everything for your society on earth if people wish to give you a task?”
Now we are faced with the doubt, now we are faced with the bowing, now we are faced with the ten commandments.
In the very first place Moses: you will not kill, people now have to accept that, no more.
You will love everything which lives.
Those were the words, or those were the thoughts of the Masters, materialized as laws of life.
You therefore have a hold, you know that the All-Source is truly love.
But – you do not yet know that – you will have to earn that love through harmony, justice, you will have to fundamentally materialize those laws of life and then rarefy them so that you can enter the spiritual foundation ‘beyond the coffin’.
Now the laws of life for love, harmony, justice, ask, all those character traits, including benevolence, and together with the beautiful words, the thoughts from your wordbook, they ask you: what did you make now of that Divine, All-Source love and harmony?
Which foundations did you already lay down for thousands of character traits for yourself?
Which university – I ask you now, the spaces ask – now possesses justice and Divine truth as love?
Because when you enter the justice, the harmony as a law of life ... and that is called: for which Galilei entered the prison when the pope violated the life of this awakening, the justice, the harmony – because Galilei was born for that – and said: “Father, father, the earth revolves around the sun”, and this ‘holiness’ hit his fist on the table and said: “No.”
This life closes off millions of ages for this purpose because he stopped the evolution for mankind.
And that is the pope and that is the Catholic and there is the protestant and there is the bible, the human being who has now made from the holy, single word a mass suggestion, has given an explanation, has built up, has materialized, who has nothing more to do with this All-Stage as love.
Now I want – and that is the intention – that you accept the books incredibly, credibly and want to experience them incredibly deep, if you want to lay foundations again for those character traits.
That is the intention.
Now you can, in order to bring the final core forward, now you can immediately say to yourself if you have experienced Catholicism: just leave that, because you will never make it by means of the church.
You will by means of the word, by means of the feelings of that soul that speaks and says: “Love everything which lives.”
You cannot throw everything overboard now.
But the word with regard to spirituality, the hereafter, fatherhood and motherhood, now the mistakes come, now the destruction comes and nothing more remains of the Catholic church, of this Divine human foundation.
Because why does the mother not give birth for the church?
I told you: “Father, create, because you are standing still.”
I said: “Nun, become a mother and you will experience God and Christ.
Now you do not experience anything.”
And what do you do outside of that church, outside of Protestantism, the reformed church?
“Luther, why did you”, I shouted at you and gave mankind, “Luther, why did you unleash all that nonsense?
You now still stand on damnation.”
How many dogmas, how many sects originated and who has the truth?
This is it!
Now the Masters speak, now the University of Christ speaks, the university of your life – do you see? – that university lives in you, that is the cordiality, the benevolence.
Finally you will begin with that true building up.
You will become truth, justice, harmony and love.
You will no longer destroy.
You must accept the human being once and for all for a hundred percent.
Experiencing life and justifying does not help you, even if you enter your own love.
When your child murders, when your child, your father, your mother has murdered, you will not see them ‘beyond the coffin’ again.
Those lives – you feel, I explained to you, the Cosmology proved that to us – those lives represent an own independence and must return to the earth in order to give a new body to those people who were murdered.
Those people receive a new life and you must do that.
You will do that, because you are life, you are space, you are an All-Source as mother and as father.
And that is now for your life, your society, your time.
And you have to make amends to that life, you only have to give birth for that.
Yes, we were able to bring that to the earth and the Masters have founded that.
Those are the temples, that is the wisdom in which we live.
We returned.
We murdered, yes indeed, but there was no damnation to be seen in us, we received a new life as an organism.
We became father and mother again, we returned to the earth in order to continue our life.
Now look and see in your bible what still remains of that?
Now listen to that unconscious talk of your theologian.
I wrote to you and I gave you this precious object in your hands: God does not damn; spread that thing throughout the world.
The astronomer goes to the university and is now prepared for this time, ready for this age in order to be able to receive the theologian and to say: “You begin with untruth.
You must study for seven years and then you will be let loose on these masses, and I can explain to you that the human being began in the waters.”
Do you still believe any longer in some clay and breath of life?
Do you believe that God created Eve by taking a rib from Adam?
That is nonsense.
And we have got to know that nonsense.
Because a Divine, spatial All-Love means: the human being was allotted the soul as direct attunement from the Divine source.
That spark as life started to spiritualize and then materialize itself, therefore got to see space, continued, step after step, and in this way the personality conquered a planet.
You received planet after planet.
Now read the wonderful works of Master Alcar ‘The Origin of the Universe’, but begin with ‘A View into the Hereafter’.
First get to see the hells, descend into those hells, make that journey into the seventh sphere, then continue.
And look into the psychopathy.
Then experience ‘the coffin’, I asked you, and ‘The Bridge to Eternal Life’.
Then go into the suicide, ‘The Cycle of the Soul’.
Go into ‘The Origin of the Universe’ and ‘Between Life and Death’, and you will see yourself.
You know that you long to get to know the God in you as love.
Go into the ‘Masks and Men’, into the ‘Spiritual Gifts’, and then understand that you have to earn everything.
I shouted to you: if you want to heal the human being, then become healing.
Be true, sincere ... and then your aura will pass into the human being.
But one wrong, arrogant thought flings your aura in another direction, because the conscious human being does not want that unconscious aura of yours anyway.
The human being comes for help, for healing, and now only the truth heals the child.
Do not become an adult human being anymore, but remain a child, really become a child of Christ.
Because what did the Christ in Gethsemane want to say by means of his gospel?
The child in the space accepts everything and does not see any untruth.
Anyone here who speaks about untruth, about lies and deception, is it.
Anyone who gossips and talks nonsense, not only breaks the Divine independence, but restricts himself and takes himself to the unconscious stage and that is still called ‘darkness’.
Those people cannot experience the first sphere, for this purpose you must be ready in all your, for all your character traits, the millions of character traits in you.
They must be founded by the justice, the harmony, the benevolence, the serving, the carrying, the motherhood.
Those character traits will give you light and it is only then that you can speak the word “yes”.
Speaking about God, thinking about God and doing nothing about it, that is destruction, that is standstill, those people experience their own corpse.
Their thoughts are unconsciousness, they do not have any consciousness, they are dying.
Do you see?
When can you take your radiating self upwards in an inspiring way in the direction of the philosophical systems, so that ‘the Socrates and the Plato’ awaken in you?
When will you wish to represent the Goddess of Isis?
By accepting disintegration, the destruction of another life, by accepting damnation?
That is not possible, is it?
Was I difficult, was I too far from your life?
You feel that the bible tells you everything, don’t you?
No, the life gives you everything.
But now read that wonderful book and take the lies out of it and take the truth under your heart, and it is only then that you will be spiritually inspired and true.
Then your mouth will, then your lips will no longer interpret any evil.
God, the All-Mother – I told you once – gave you the mouth, she created the mouth so that you will be able to eat and to drink, but not in order to speak evil and gossip.
You received a mouth only in order to eat and to remain to the life and not to materialize through that which can kill yourself, that is no longer building up.
Then the space should have closed your lips, then you would at least be safeguarded from millions of destructions.
But the All-Mother gave us everything, she gave us the living heart of the macrocosmos, the growing universe.
She gave us the life of feeling, which gave birth to planets and stars, gave the light to solar systems.
And all those solar systems live under and in the heart, through the blood circulation of the living being on earth, and he does not know it, he does not feel it.
He says: “I am nothing, I am damned, I am sick, I am sick.”
God did not create any leprosy, any cholera, any cancer or tuberculosis, any destruction, any illness, any gossip for mankind.
The All-Mother only created and only gave birth by means of love.
And you will now have to master that life of feeling, my sisters and brothers, and for this purpose the Masters brought the books to the earth through André-Dectar.
All of this comes straight from the Divine All, from the Divine University of Christ.
So far, I hope that you will now begin with your own universal, spiritual life, and will take my orchids from the Spheres of Light to your heart.
I thank you.