The Divine Love for the human being - II

Good morning, ladies and gentlemen, my sisters and brothers.
I gave you the lecture ‘The Divine love for the human being’ before.
And this morning we will continue in order to bring that love of God to the earth.
We first experienced the cosmic laws, we experienced and followed the All-Soul, the All-Life – you know that – the All-Fatherhood and the All-Motherhood through the stars and the planets and now we then get to see God as personality.
But this morning I must continue with the Divine love for the human being.
We will lay foundations for your future, your eternal continuance in material, spirit and space.
Then we will get the lectures: the oneness with the Divine personality and then we will see again what the human being, what the life has mastered by means of the many lives which the soul, the core, the spark of that All-Source received, experienced, mastered.
I recently went from one problem to the other in order to let you experience that cosmos.
I touched on foundations for Golgotha, Pilate, even Caiaphas, the Other Side.
I suddenly flew back to the prehistoric age.
And the human being who has not yet read the books, will think: “This is a great chaos.”
And yet, all of this can be encompassed.
All of this lives in the human being and is Divine consciousness.
If you have been able to follow this, then you will understand that I must lay foundations in order to finally open the actual core for the human being, for father and mother – you are man and wife – if you want to be able to experience ‘beyond the coffin’ the first sphere, your possession, if you finally wish to be able to say: now I am off the mark, now I am wrong, now I am too harsh, I do not understand that, I am unconscious.
When you know the God of love, you will get insanity, psychopathy, ancient Egypt, the temples of British India, everything, every sect under your heart.
I said a harsh word to you, I actually took everything away from you, but the laws revealed this to us, we have to accept that.
God whom you see, whom the world sees, whom the bible sees, whom the sects see, that God of love does not exist in the spaces.
Is that harsh?
Are you not shocked yet?
Because, you see, the God whom the bible knows, cannot be prayed to, cannot be sung to.
The God whom we got to know can only be experienced by means of his laws.
And the world must say I am right in this.
You can clash with those laws, you can say: “I do not want anything to do with them”, but André-Dectar gave you the core of that space on Thursday evening and said – and now he was in contact with Master Alcar and the Masters, you received a Divine word there: “The creation is Divinely sacred.
The deed of creation, the multiplication for the human being, for man and woman is Divinely pure.
Even if you arrive in the animal-like grades, even if you are faced with the jungle, even if you look down at that black race (see; children are born there.
But do you understand”, André could have said, and then we closed off that inspiration, “this Divine, spatial, cosmic oneness there?”
Then we closed this off.
He could have said next to this: “And now it appears that everything which the human being has mastered in the life – we speak about art, about writing, about talent, about gifts, sciences – mean nothing, because now this takes us to the words of Christ: “If you possess all the languages of the world and you have no love, then you have nothing and you are nothing.”
We let you feel there from time to time, that despite everything – we want to arouse your joy of life for that purpose – you will still experience the Divine laws .
And that you get the picture that ‘beyond the coffin’ the human being does not look downwards with his head, but that he has to accept the law, which is then feeling, a grade of life as far as that.
What are you?
Who are you?
What do you want?
What do you do?
How do you do this?
The life deed for the space, when the All-Mother began, that was nothing else but giving birth, emitting power.
That space was filled, I showed you, I explained to you, we had to accept this, this universe was filled by life aura.
There was only life aura.
But in that nothing – there was still nothing – but in that nothing the All-Mother lived, do you see?
I connected you with that.
Millions of people, the apostles, Paul, Peter, John, Andrew and all the others, millions of Masters, doctors, academics returned to the beginning of the creation and wanted to absorb that haze stage in them through which the All-Mother, the All-Source, spiritualized itself as light, life and feeling, then could begin with the material laws, grades of life, growing ages.
God as a father of love for the human being.
What is that?
What is love?
What then flashes through the brain of André and gave him: the deed is a wonderful event.
The being one, the dividing of the human being – you feel it, you cannot destroy any of it, you can only experience it, as animal, as human being, as a flower, as a plant – that is Divine respect, that is Divine, sacred, just and conscious.
But next to this stands the human being and now he must begin to master that Divine love.
What I must now do this morning is to lay those foundations as a result of which you will see and experience that a character trait is now actually everything in order to take that love to awakening.
You can now, and you will soon experience that, shatter and darken yourself, your personality, your light, your life, your feeling by means of a character trait.
Nothing remains of that?
Everything remains of that, but you will now go from the Divine harmony to the disharmony.
And you will soon have to accept that, especially ‘beyond the coffin’, because you will now be faced with your unconscious personality.
You want to become conscious.
You want happiness.
And now happiness is cordiality, benevolence, justice and that becomes: love.
The God of love created laws.
The God of love has condensed, spiritualized and materialized laws.
I do not need to return to that.
And yet it is necessary that you know those things again, that the human being, the Masters, encompassed God by means of a word.
You become irrevocably free from material thinking and feeling.
The evenings which you receive through André, by means of that Master Alcar elevates you and frees you from material thinking and feeling, from the God whom the bible created, the God who was known by the human being.
And just look when a Mohammedan lies down there and says: “Allah, Allah, what can I earn tomorrow?” then you walk past those people.
Even if you take it higher up, then that Allah, that God, that Amon-Ré remains an object.
You will adjust and attune yourself to a human being, to a human being who thinks.
But God does not think, God works, God serves, God is only working.
Now this morning I will try to finally show you, by means of different possibilities, foundations, problems, laws and grades of life, that God, so that you already touch that God of love when a word passes your lips.
You stand on top of God, you live in Him, you have everything of Him because you originated from that source.
I showed you the Spheres of Light.
It is so wonderful to speak about the spheres because then we live in the peace, the quiet, the bliss and the silence.
But what use is it to you?
When the word, the not understanding comes out of you again, passes your lips, therefore something that is already in disharmony with the reality – you must get the reality out of everything, we teach you – then you already kick yourself out of that first sphere.
You want to go to the peace?
You want light?
You want to live?
You want happiness?
You want the love? What is now love?
To be in rebellion against God?
To be in rebellion against the All-Mother?
You beat that All-Mother in you back to the darkness by means of a deed.
By means of a cordiality?
No, by means of misunderstandings.
When you – it goes that far – when you want to enter the first sphere then there must come from you in everything, in your millions of character traits: joy, happiness and surrender, the possession, the knowledge that the All-Source lives in you.
If you darken that All-Source by means of a wrong thought then you already get darkness and that is misery and that is misunderstanding, being harsh, and then you are faced with the empty meaningless self.
We no longer do that, we cannot do that any more, no one can experience that.
We get surrender, we get amiability.
We get to experience the seeing of the laws, we must absorb those laws, we must experience them because then – yes, now it will come – the soul, the core of God is faced with the Divine All-Mother oneness.
Now it becomes: oneness with a character trait, oneness with the bible; get the good out of it and lay the wrong next to you.
One with God as sun and moon, stars and planets.
To be one with your art, then art becomes sweetness and happiness if you do not succumb yourself.
I will show you soon what there is to experience in society if you miss and darken your Divinity.
Is it not true that the human being says: one builds himself up, another breaks himself down precisely by means of art?
This is poverty.
You have beautiful, wonderful thoughts and you make nothing of them, you fragment yourself.
And that fragmentation is the moth which gnaws at your breath of life.
It is the rat which keeps nibbling on your spiritual garment and pulls out a piece of it; a wonderful, precious, universal tissue, coloured by the Divine pure personal shape of the mother love, originated through the mother source.
Every thought, when I will soon, in a while, later, go into the spiritual garment, is a character trait.
A character trait becomes the tissue for the human being who possesses and wears this garment.
You ask and you experience as a human being the tidiness, the beauty of your costume; you have a fold in your trousers, but it is out on the Other Side if you do not possess any cordiality, if you do not know the love.
The mother – André told you, we experience everything – dolls herself up beautifully, but in the first sphere you will never get those curls, never, because you walk there as if you were fetched from the water and were drowned for four long weeks.
You created the word yourself with regard to the human being and then you called out: “Look there, we now see a drowned cat.”
Those are your words, those are your thoughts.
We do not see them, we do not experience them in the creation.
But we can descend to what the human being has worked for himself.
God does not know any drowned cats.
God does not know any deformity because God is a father of love, and I will prove that to you.
But not he, not him who is sung to, prayed to every day.
And then you just lie down and then you just ask for protection.
God is protection.
“Oh father, give me a child.”
You can get a child because you are a mother.
If you do not get a child – the books teach you that – have you fled from that Divine harmony for giving birth?
No, you sent yourself to the unconscious motherhood, and now there is no question of giving birth and creating.
Who are you?
God lives in the human being.
But the Divine love for the human being has laid foundations for universal happiness, for universal oneness, universal adjusting and going in, the oneness only in order to absorb and to accept the life harmonically.
And then your peace, is peace.
Then you will do anything for each other, but then one person makes sure that his task is finished for the other one.
You do not sit, you do not live very close to someone.
You do not need to carry each other, because that carrying materially is wrong and then the succumbing comes irrevocably.
Spiritual width, spiritual depth, that is the carrying of the macrocosmos and now there is no gravity – as André explained to you – now the space is, now the planets are only feeling.
The feeling is everything.
God as feeling.
I must take God as light to the revelation.
God as personality, God as life, no one knows it, no academic knows it: what is now actually the life?
The life is: that which you feel of it, want to experience.
And now the material consciousness is for your society – it does not matter what you are – irrevocably universal happiness.
Whatever task you possess, everything falls away from your personality because the All-Source spiritualizes and materializes itself by means of a deed, by means of your flowers.
I told you one evening, I told you several times: now make an orchid from your character traits.
When you stand before a character trait and it gets the colours of this orchid that you give me, do you not feel that the other life wants to carry you and that you come to the realm of colours of God and that it will absorb you, and that you yourself shine and the lights in your eyes will change?
Is that not art?
Is that not true?
Do you not bow then to the human being, to the life of God, to the love which now speaks Divinely?
Is that not the world?
Is that not mankind?
Is that not everything, everything?
The smallest insect, does that child not wait, that little worm, for the oneness with that Omnipotence?
They are questions which must be answered fundamentally, and then enjoy the spatial analysis; it is only then that you get to know the God of love.
I told you: the life, that is God.
Allah is God.
Amon-Ré is God.
But the Wayti ...
For that universe which lives in you under your heart, comes to the feelings in order to act and to serve, to love and to speak, those feelings have attunement to the Wayti, or they plummet themselves, they remove themselves from this Divine, harmonic, just harness and descend downwards to a world which means nothing.
With full stop.
God as love for the human being is the life.
The light, the soul, the spirit of God comes from that life, because that is already an action.
The life remains invisible, but the spirit can be seen, because through this the Spheres of Light built themselves up and you, we received a hereafter.
You continue eternally until the Divine All, because we were in the Divine All.
But the life is now God.
That is all.
That is power.
That is growth.
And what is growth?
Giving birth and creating.
The spiritualization of a dust particle, an element.
That flowers goes into the ground and if the Earth gives food to her child it radiates after a while and the creating power emerges, and that is now the flower.
You call her she, for the creation the flower is – the flower, not the stem – the flower is creating.
And in there you see, and in everything, in the animal, in the human being, the Divine love originating.
What is now love?
What is now Divine love?
Just go to the bible, go to the churches, sit down.
The human being talks there about Moses, about Abraham, about Isaac and Noah, he talks about Paul, Jesaja.
Where do those children live?
On the Other Side you can speak with those people, because they were people.
And then Jesaja says: “What nonsense I brought to earth.”
You must hear all those prophets.
You must see those prophets.
They now stand separate from the bible, separate from the God who speaks in there and they say: “My father and my mother ...
We also speak of my father and my mother, because we see the creating power and we see the maternal in the space and surrender and are like children, which the Christ spoke about and of.”
The being a child therefore means for the God who is love: surrender in everything and let yourself be led, led, let yourself be steered, behave as if you do not know anything, anything, do not possess anything at all, but let yourself be steered, let yourself be driven, let yourself be inspired.
But you have become adults, you have received the adult consciousness and it is only physical consciousness because the spirit is still dead.
Which of you is now spiritually conscious?
You keep getting the example.
You keep getting a new foundation because we are caring.
We elevate you because soon we must begin with your life, we must receive you.
And if you are then full of that bible, of Noah, of Moses, of Abraham and you follow those wonderful, beautiful, those great proverbs from the bible, which have nothing to do with the cosmos, with God, with the All-Mother, with the All-Love, then we must first drain you of words, make you naked, so that you stand naked before nature and have nothing more on and it is only then that the spiritual garment will begin to clothe you.
Well, I could continue with that for thousands of years.
But they are not the laws, that is already the experiencing, that is already the being.
I am only concerned with – I have little time for that – laying Divine foundations, and you hold onto those foundations, you start to think as a result of those foundations.
You read the books, you start to make comparisons.
You start to experience – as we hear – that Master Alcar wrote those books ‘A View into the Hereafter’ for the human being in society – so that is you – for social, ecclesiastical, dogmatic thinking and feeling, and from that and by means of that Master Alcar lays the Divine love next to it.
Those books were written earthly, earthly-spiritually.
They are gauged and felt and analyzed according to the human being who does not yet possess any other Divine love, who does not yet know the father of this universe and the mother.
These books ‘A View into the Hereafter’ and ‘The Bridge to Eternal Life’ were written according to your thinking and feeling.
The books for the new bible, ‘The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof’, will come soon, later, in addition to them.
And those books now begin in the All-Mother, in the All-Light, the All-Life, the All-Spirit, the All-Personality, the All-Fatherhood and the All-Motherhood.
And from there we begin to analyze every law, every thought, every haze.
A change of those hazes – I explained that to you – is already a transition.
Now we see God as light, but also a personality of that light and we now touch that personality: if we enter harmony, we experience that light as the Divine laws could reveal themselves, then we master that working.
We do not yet have love.
We have the feeling that we continue.
We have the feeling that we grow.
We are light, we feel like light and now darkness comes and that is a change of state, of feeling, of thinking, of evolution, of fatherhood and motherhood, of light, of life.
Do you see?
All those laws, those Divine character traits keep coming back in one grade, even if you experience an insect.
Will you remember this?
We experience those Divine character traits in the smallest insect.
I must therefore give you lectures about God as light, God as father, in the first place God as mother.
What are we talking about now?
I have to give lectures about the Divine personality because the human being becomes a Divine personality.
I have to give lectures, I need years and years and years and thousands of years for them in order to be able to analyze those condensing ages as grades of life.
And we have no time for that on earth, now during the time that André-Dectar is with you.
You see.
But it is only then, by spiritualizing and materializing all those millions of problems, that we get to know the God of love, only then.
By means of the five hundred, the six hundred, the seven hundred and twenty four lectures which you experienced we must still actually begin with the core for the All-Mother, the All-Light, the All-Love.
Do you see now?
I have still not got round to analyzing a law clearly, physically, in order to look the light of that law in the eyes, in order to start to feel the heart of that law, the life of feeling, the spirit, the continuing.
And I have not yet began with the reincarnation of a law, the rebirth – I have not yet had any time for it – because you are not yet that far.
I am standing still.
I am standing still, you are making progress, and I am standing still ...
You would like that.
God therefore as love, my children, and sisters and brothers, remember this now, are laws of life.
God is a law of life and there are millions of laws together through which the human being has the working of God, in the first place the Divine authority in him in order to give birth and to create.
You will never be rid of God.
You can never lose God.
You always have God.
I will have to talk about God again, of course, but you will hear now and again that I experience the All-Mother, because the All-Mother is God.
You see, if only the Masters had not created that word, then I could still speak about Wayti, but then Wayti is something new.
But Wayti is also Divinely inspired.
Amon-Ré is God, but he is very small in ancient Egypt.
Wayti is space ...
Wayti ...
Wayti ...
Give me Wayti and I will bow to your life.
Bring Wayti into your food and drink, in your acting, your thinking and your feeling, and you will receive awakening.
Everyone on this side, in the space calls and thinks and feels the Wayti.
Wayti is wonderful.
Wayti is everything.
But is it eastern?
No, it is a word, which we received, which we made for ourselves and every star, every haze now takes it over.
When you start to speak with Saturn then Saturn and Jupiter, Mars and the other planets immediately ask: “Do you know me as Wayti?”
They do not know any God for that matter, because they themselves are God.
God as a planet, as material, hard material, cold material, unconscious material.
Do you see?
You spoke about the dwarf children in the universe.
We laughed.
We always laugh when the human being makes a dwarf out of a Divine grade of life.
That is the decaying of the Divine personality for the present.
The academic self of this world talks about a God of love and: “Father, you will protect us.”
Always just: “Father, you are in our vicinity. You will never ever leave us alone, we know: Your inexhaustible love will always protect us.
We know that we still make mistakes, oh, Father”, what nonsense.
“We still know, father ...”, and you just kneel down, and just add holy water and go and sit in the flowers and then you can pray, “ ...and we know, father, that we still make mistakes, but you will forgive us.”
God has nothing to forgive.
The love, the All-Source, the law of life, the birth is love, it is irrevocably love.
Do you feel, that praying and that begging and those flowers and that beautiful garment of sir and madam mean nothing because on the Other Side you are naked anyway.
Yes, it is only then that those garments mean something when you begin with the sandals.
First those sandals.
This week we gave André a wonderful ...
Last week Jongchi made a wonderful painting and he said: “I will go into the ‘Masks and Men’ because I want to show the human being how very beautiful a sandal is.”
And now the sandal lies, with the harp behind it – he could have made it much more beautiful – because a sandal has a harp, you can play on it, he has laid down the diamonds of the spaces, no, the diamonds as a human character trait can be.
A human character trait can be opal.
All the diamonds which Mother Earth brought to lights, fatherhood and motherhood in that, all those fragile, those rarefied colours, they can possess viability, consciousness, inspiration, justice, feeling, harmony – oh, where are we going – with regard to the God who is love, the God of light, the God of life, the God as father and mother, the God as personality, with the flowers of Mother Nature and the landscapes around that to which you belong, where you experienced, where you lived.
Those sandals carry everything, like the human foot, because you are standing on it, you carry world parts under your heart.
That is the spiritual sandal.
That painting is finished.
The God of love lives in it.
The God of love therefore lives in the law of character, in the character trait: what are you doing to me today, why are you looking at each other like strangers?
You are Divinely one.
You have Divine contact, only because you have given birth to children.
That is your Divine attunement.
God gave you rebirth, reincarnation, that is infallibly sacred.
However you experienced it, even if you are a subject of scandal.
We have the most sacred respect for the mother who will experience the creation.
We will now look and see how, of course.
But that oneness, that deed, this universal accepting and experiencing of the reincarnation – a child comes – means, that the All-Mother now spiritualizes and materializes herself.
If you experience on the fourth cosmic grade the oneness for God, for fatherhood and motherhood then you really join your hands, and then you walk praying?
No, then you meditate in Mother Nature.
And then you must see how that garment radiates.
When we started to make the journeys for the cosmology, when we came to the fourth cosmic grade, then André only looked at the garments on the back of the human being and said: “Look, I see in that garment that this human being will die, pass over, in a short time.”
Yes, the new path, the evolution, manifests itself in the garment of the human being.
You see, you can see all of that by means of the colours.
Every thought manifests itself as a colour, as a tissue in the male creating and maternal garment.
And now those sandals.
We saw that God is nature, Mother Nature is a part of that All-Mother, Mother Earth is a part of the All-Mother at a macrocosmic attunement.
Do you feel what the world, what the universities still have to learn?
How unconscious these masses, this mankind is?
That we represent Divine wisdom, and the God of love who the bible created is a fairground attraction?
Your Deity can reach awakening, you can already begin tomorrow with that inspiration if you search to be true, to be cordial, to be sweet, just.
Did you ever reject a human being who was just?
Yes, this society can do that.
But then you will also immediately be faced with lying, deception, theft, destruction, horror.
And you do not want anything to do with that.
We do not.
However, when you materialize the higher feelings and you reach the growing for the human personality, then you will immediately feel that you are accepted.
And then the human being says: “Just come in, let us speak.”
Do not remain alone, the universe says, but get to know me.
Flowers and planets only represent one grade as feeling.
They are all children of God with the same attunement in themselves, with soul, life and spirit.
I cannot speak again of personality, because what is that personality like?
I still have to begin with that.
Finally we are faced with that wonderful personality and then the human being is like the child, like birth, like working, drive, inspiration; there is no disharmony because now the feeling starts to speak.
You grow.
And that growing, my sisters and brothers, is now the oneness with the Divine law, and the feeling of that, that is now that wonderful happiness which the human being does not know, and cannot be dissected or analyzed.
This is a law of life which you carry, which radiates your life blood, which connectsyou with night, light, stars and planets.
“Yes”, Socrates now says, “I should have known that on earth.”
Socrates took the poisoned cup in order to get to know life.
You get it for nothing, for nothing.
And you do not begin with it?
Then you are mad and not us.
Then you are poor, unconscious, then the spheres have nothing to say yet, you cannot yet be inspired.
And every disharmony – do you feel? – places you out of the harmony, out of justice, out of oneness.
Because when that working begins then you start to feel the Divine working, the All-Mother.
The blood circulation of the All-Mother inspires you and you will speak, you will paint, you will be able to tell the human being something, because you are inspired.
That is now inspiration.
That is oneness with the God as working and that working is feeling, it is the oneness in order to grow, in order to multiply, in order to experience fatherhood and motherhood.
And now you go of your own accord to that cosmic, spiritual, universal purity as a result of which the human being built up his temples, his wisdom.
God as love for the human being means: to experience the life round the bible, round nature, there is no more to it.
You do not need to go to a church.
You do not need to pray.
Pray by means of your action.
If the human being goes to the church – I will be proved right by you – and they come there and they kneel there and they pray there to Christ and they bow their head and those hands become joined, that is a wonderful foundation.
Then that is a living problem in itself, but outside of the church the lips open and the life of feeling speaks and says: “Get lost and go to hell.
I do not like you.”
The rosary flows over the streets and has already been lying in the street gutters of the city for thousands of years because the human being does not know any rosary.
If you soon listen to that last melody (After the session the hymn ‘My Rosary’ is played) and you kiss the cross and you experience every grade which takes you to a higher step, a new foundation, then think that you have gone a short way and that can then mean a birth.
We had to accept that every character trait is a rosary, a lying down, an accepting of the Divine justice as harmony, as life, as light, spirit, being mother.
We walk as a part of God, of the All-Mother, because we are working.
If I do wrong and I kick left and right of me, then I will already be in disharmony, because I must learnt to walk nicely, I must learn to think cleanly, purely according to nature.
A flower goes into the ground, a bulb is planted in the ground and now you must learn to think over how Mother Nature takes that life to awakening.
You have that, that is the Divine law for life, for growth, for multiplication, for representation of that law, but it is no more than that.
And you have nothing of that ... nothing.
Now you must master that life inspiration, that drive, that being born.
I must be in harmony with that life.
I will go to sleep, I am unconscious, I am lying under anaesthetic and still I must not enter disharmony.
I remain, even when I am asleep, love and harmony; because this child, this flower bulb is asleep.
And in that sleep we must still experience the oneness of God.
Now the human being says: “Oh, Father, you will protect me.”
Is it not there?
Why must you ask God to protect if you know that it is there?
You are standing on top of the Divine protection.
Even if you experience the psychopathy, the insanity, a miscarriage, then you are still standing on the Divine protection, because the life goes on.
Now it proves what you have made of it.
A human being who is sick, a human being who suffers from insanity, the psychopath, they are the worst spiritual destructions which we can build up, which we have created, those people experience their own unconscious Deity.
You do not need to say that God has done that, because God is harmonic, just and love, but the human being has now removed himself from that love.
If you now, from now on, from every moment, open your heart, give your blood, I assure you the Spheres of Light will open for your life.
Even if you have karmic laws – there is no karma – but even if you have disharmony, therefore those unconscious deeds still in you, you can outshine those deeds if the deed touches the spiritual core for consciousness for that space; and you will be different immediately.
Your light will enter your eyes, your lips will interpret the truths for society.
If you now have the books then you can build up a wonderful, spatial conversation and take yourself to the next law by means of that conversation.
And now sit down and speak to each other while enjoying your possession, your house, your children, your warmth, your furniture, now everything around you has Divine inspiration because it has to do with you, and everything which is from you, radiates light, life, love.
Is life not beautiful?
If you understand it – it will soon say in Jeus II – then it becomes beautiful, then it becomes wonderful.
But you succumb, you fall, you fall about everything, you do not want to accept life with regard to your own personality, because you grumble, you moan, you beg God to give you love and power, but you forget your own darkness.
If you accept that darkness and you say – as André can do that: “I am just a big sod”, then you are at least open to the new.
Every wrong, arrogant imagination does not take you to Gethsemane anyway, but takes you wide of the mark.
I express a few words now and again which come to your heart.
Then you are wide of the mark, you do not walk through Gethsemane, you must first try to get that door there open.
It was sealed by the universe and the universal key hangs next to it, but you do not see that thing.
Then finally try to find the God of love in you.
Open with the Divine key, the golden key of life, for every character trait the universe in you, that, the All-Light, the All-Love, the All-Mother, the All-Father, the All-Spirit, and you will be living conscious.
People, you are Gods.
Go back to your love and kiss it, and say, and kneel down: “How must I open myself in order to be able to truly love Your life?”
You see.
How were the ancient Egyptians, the Greeks able to do that?
When you came to the court of the Pharaoh – then we came from the temples – then you did not need to speak in the street language.
You can do that, but in that street language, the perfectly ordinary still lies the Divine core.
Because pinching is stealing, do you see?
And get lost is go away, get out of my sight because you are disturbing me, you sully my garment, my light in my eyes darkens because you are nothing else but darkness.
What would the life be if you were able to experience that boasting, no, that poeticism?
But the Egyptians, the temple priests and priestesses could do it.
No, they had to do it in order to finally be rid of that rotten, unconscious, stinking, destructive society in the human being and to enter the hereafter as a material word.
Do you understand this?
Then the wise words came out.
And then a human being stood to attention, like a general, for his Deity, the eastern yogi, but with his right hand on his heart, and says: “I am truth, I am ready, you can do what you like to me.”
Why are you moaning?
Why are you shouting?, I asked you.
Why do you talk nonsense?
Did I not tell you, did the Spheres of Light not say ...
You see, I am concerned with finally shaking you awake in order to get to know that which you are and to stop keeping on attracting darkness.
You will now begin with the light.
And every wrong thought, rumour, gossip ...
What is gossip and rumour while you destroy the life of God with cannons?
But those words are much worse than cannons and grenades, than atomic bombs – they fall locally – but a human word passes over and through society, goes to countries and ages.
On the other side of the world you hear your words again and then you wonder: “Why do those people not want to receive me?”
And then it is your rumours, because they have heard something from you.
What did Christ say?
You therefore not only make spatial misery of yourself, but your unconscious, hateful, destructive life of feeling hits the Divine crown from the human head and now it is not a kick, but it is the flowing away of the life blood.
That is frightening.
When you experience Gethsemane ...
I went with you into Gethsemane, did I not, in order to just let you experience, let you feel that place, there where Christ lived with the apostles.
When we entered there and saw the Christ yonder, then we did not dare to enter His silence, because we knew: we will sully Him.
Now lay that in yourself.
Every footstep of Christ – at Christmas we gave you the lectures about Golgotha – takes us to His awakening.
Peter, why do you hit?
You destroy my foundations.
Today you are sweet, tomorrow you have the life, you have the bliss, you have growth, you have sweetness, you have silence.
Then just live for yourself, and do not destroy, if you want to expand yourself, do not destroy another life of God and give that life the space.
If that life does not get the space, you will never make it together.
Because you belong to each other, here.
We received millions of examples from Christ.
I told in Amsterdam this week ...
A child comes for the first time to that lecture and says: “What must I do if my child goes to war?”
I lay a foundation: “Do you believe in this: you will not kill?
You will not kill.”
Yes indeed, that is God, not from Moses, but that is a Divine law!
You will not kill!
What does your queen do?
What do your people do, what do your children do?
Millions of people go to war and murder and commit arson, just shoot aimlessly.
“We killed four thousand of them.”
Yes, and now God must speak.
Now the All-Light must speak, the All-Love, the All-Spirit.
And next to it there is a devil who says: “And pray for the people that they will enter the blissful battle fields on the Other Side.”
That is now your minister.
You do not need to hang that human being, because we do not do that, but he hangs himself.
Now the minister talks from your television and radio about Moses, about Jesaja and keeps on about unconscious futilities and does not get any core.
Yes, we know, we can no longer accept everything, because the life is God, the life is love and we must be in harmony with the life, and it is only then that we come any further, but they do not begin with it.
This is your society, this is your personality, this is your university and this is you yourself.
Every day do your thoughts, your feelings come to the Spheres of Light again; and are they then destroyed?
No, then the Master there says: “I thought ...”
He does not say that, he knows exactly how far you are, what your thoughts are like, what your feelings are like.
Today you are everything and tomorrow you succumb again.
The Christ knows exactly how you feel.
You do not need to pray to him.
He says: “I could not pray in the prehistoric age either because there was no paternoster, there was still no God, there was no bible.
We went through nature to the hereafter.
We entered the darkness, we had completed the cycle of the earth and we continued.
We started to explore, we floated in the space and we freed ourselves of the material laws.
We asked for the light, the sun.
We shouted: ‘Mother and father, we live and you do not know it.’
And yet, we conquered this universe.”
I gave you a lecture about the God who grows, a character that grows, a character trait which becomes inspiration, becomes becoming conscious, awakening.
This is it.
That is the only thing which we must experience and accept on the Other Side in the first, the second, the third, the fourth, the fifth, the sixth and the seventh sphere.
This is everything.
This is your house, your blood circulation, your spirit, your heart, your thinking, your feeling, your speaking, your talking, your art, your wisdom, your hat, your coat.
This is your house, your possession.
Go into your possession and pass into it completely and you will have nothing more than a coat, a cloth, a garment, a pair of beautiful shoes, do you see?
But we have the nature.
A flower speaks, the flowers listen better than you do.
I am not talking to you.
The flowers say: “Oh, you are busy again.”
I elevate this consciousness into my life and we are one because we came from the same source.
Yes, this life originated from me.
I am a realm of colours, I am the realm of colours of God – I told you once – because I can give the word colour and spatial consciousness.
I completely destroy the god of the Old Testament before your face.
I break him, I destroy him because we did not see any god of hatred in the spaces.
The Old Testament is a waster.
It is a cow with twenty-five heads, without milk.
Do you know what that means when Frederik van Eeden said: “He gets a crate of radishes from me in order to learn how it must be done and a dry cow to milk”?
You ... – I will not say it – the human being in society is completely dry.
You are not it because you are here, you are busy.
You give the power to feed the life to your Divine life of feeling.
Do you not do that?
You are busy reading books, in order to bring the Divine laws to analysis.
You will begin with your earthly task ...
Those twelve hours that you are busy – and then you go to sleep, then you do not know anything anyway – then you are busy laying foundations by means of the life, because you now make love, harmony, the oneness with the human being out of every character trait.
And that human being who stands next to you is a Deity, is the All-Mother, is the All-Father, is love as that life manifests itself by carrying.
And now you start to think: how must I act, what must I place against it?
You see, by means of the Divine love in the human being we reach the spatial psychology.
God as psychologist, a separate lecture, six to ten separate lectures.
The Divine psychology in the human being, you become that.
You are already that for your material thinking and feeling, but you become that for the universe.
And now, my children, you can elevate your brother, your sister, your men and women, you can elevate thousands of people by means of only one thought.
You can be something for your society, for this mankind.
The incredible personality for cannons and weapons who works out how we must build up a strategy in order to blow down that unfortunate child there cannot be that.
What do you do in that danger?
Why do you go into destruction, why do you go into disharmony?
Why do you go to war?
But never let there be war in you.
Never let a war, never let a Stalin or a Caiaphas, or a Pilate come into you, and say: “Go behind me, Satan”, because you are a child of Christ.
Do you do that?
Can you do that?
Do you want that?
Yes ...
“Yes”, people say.
I am not hateful.
But when the laws start to speak then the force of the universe speaks to me and also at André.
You work yourself to death, because you are inspired, you would already give your blood only to be able to receive a wrong thought and then the why still stands before us.
Why must you succumb again and sully the Christ in you?
Why do you love Caiaphas and Pilate more?
If the human being can speak evil the human being is happy.
It is remarkable in your society that the human being only believes what is wrong.
And then in the Spheres of Light we are exactly the other way round.
We only believe truth and that is very simple.
Now you will say: “We do not yet know that psychology.
The world is not yet that far.”
In the Spheres of Light you want – I will tell you anyway – you want to have to do with the truth.
There is no untruth, no lying and cheating, people are Divine.
A human being for us, a flower, for me the light, a tree, a flower, a plant, an animal, they are Divine attunements as grades of life with an own core; and we love them.
We are in harmony with an insect.
Do not come to a Master from the first sphere, a human being, your father and mother.
They no longer want, André told me this week, anything to do with your tapping, your knocking (knocks on the microphone) “I am here”, because they stand still.
They know that they stop you, you have to begin yourself.
Spiritualism has been at a dead point, for twenty-five years already.
Where are they?
We have Divine treasures for this mankind, but mankind is not ready for them.
We know it for that matter, or we should stop, then we would have been here too soon.
Then Christ would have been in Jerusalem too soon.
Then He should only have come to the earth in ten, a hundred millions years’ time in order to give the Divine gospel.
But that is not true because you are here.
The Divine core awakens in you, the awakening, the inspiration, the surrendering, the Divine love awakens in you through Mother Nature.
You are no longer a bible person.
You have nothing to do with dying and with psychopathy and with illnesses, you accept because you know: you still have to see that disharmony.
Is it not becoming simple now?
You must only attempt, try to come out of that and to experience, to deal with those miseries, that darkness, but not at the expense of your Divine character.
And you remain yourself.
“Yes, I am not yet that far.”
Well, you are not yet that far.
God as love always takes care of you because you get a new life again anyway.
You waken again every morning in order to begin with the daily task, because that is the sun, then the systems have restored themselves.
But that is not it, no, your new continuance, your wisdom stands before you and you can begin.
“I am ready.”
Do you say that every morning: “I am ready”?
Do you say that if a strange being is standing before you: “I am ready to love and to accept you”?
The world must now say that to a Bolshevik.
When the higher consciousness descends to the lower ...
What did Christ do?
It is crying to the universal, you would become furious if you talk about: “Father, Father, you put me here on the throne, I love you and we have peace and happiness.
You will protect us.”
And now you go with your consciousness, with your universities you go and slaughter the child of the jungle.
Do you need cannons for that?
That is wonderful.
Your parliament has a great consciousness.
But we know it: so great, so.
Those garments – do you see? – they mean nothing.
Your title says nothing.
What you are, says nothing.
You are motherhood and fatherhood and that is everything.
And by means of this you get to experience the God of love, because those are the laws, that is the working, that is the light, that is the night, that is your task, your food and drink.
I can give you millions of problems and bring them to analysis, you saw that from André.
We have been busy the past few weeks elevating him, consciously elevating him to the cosmos and then you will see an apostle in the simplicity of mother Crisje, which then just explains the Divine authority to you, with happy cordial feeling to it, that you can put in your pocket in order to continue with that and to live on it.
André possesses high, spiritual, macrocosmic art, in order to see and to absorb the Divine heart, to pass it on and then you will get your social smile from him.
And then you can feel blessed, because that is the possession of the universe.
Millions of Masters would want to be like this, but they are not, they cannot be it, they still have to master that.
And that is Egypt.
That is Amon-Ré.
That is the eye of the Goddess.
That is the motherhood.
It is the universal, spatial, Divine radiation which beats every second through the sun as father, round society.
It is true.
Do not see me as sentimental, but the laws speak.
That is the world somewhat.
How would we wish to elevate the world?
“Mankind, come to My heart”, Christ said, “and I will give you Divine happiness.”
And then people did so: pft, pft ...
People spat the Divine authority right in the face.
And you also do that, society also does that.
Just talk about: the bible begins with untruth, God does not damn.
“Yes”, the minister says, “that is true, there are mistakes, but, let that jungle child think anyway.”
Finally begin to see the God of love by means of the life, round the bible, books, wisdom, art, sciences.
It is the life, your feeling is the God of love and you give that harmony, you give that justice, you give that benevolence, your sincere real kiss, your peace?
Does that not walk you out of your midst?
Do you really walk around a street, in order to not disturb a human being?
Because God created an infinity, God closed off the planets by means of His love, so that one planet would not disturb the other one.
And now you see in the beautiful wonder in the universe that the macrocosmos is completely one.
And the human being ... the human being with his millions of character traits is a macrocosmos in the spirit, not in the material.
Also that, but then we come to be faced with other laws, then we experience new foundations.
That means: then we are faced with illnesses, trouble and misery.
And then we can say: “Why did the spirit not feed those things?”
Of course, you can destroy, dominate something by serving, by working.
But the spirit in you is Divine love, possesses Divine attunement and originated straight from that All-Mother.
You are part of her heart.
The human being is part of her life.
The human being is part of her soul, that is her core, that is her thinking, that is her feeling.
The human being as spark of God and all the life in nature, animal and plant, is light of her light.
You grow, she grew.
She created the macrocosmos.
Every part – we taught you that in ‘The Origin of the Universe’ and by means of these lectures – divided itself and multiplied itself for a new stage.
You see, that is your birth, that is the father and the mother.
Give the mother your possession and we will get a child, that is your new life.
You must not see your child as your child, but you must now start to see your child as a new life, that is your life.
If that child was not there, you would no longer have any existence.
And now you are father, you are mother, but the new life, the new reincarnation, the rebirth, the growing, the new light, the new awakening, the continuing, you do not see that, you only just see a child.
That is your child and you have to command over it.
Yes indeed.
And when that child then says: “Let me go, I want to get to know God”, then the Protestant comes between the mother and, the Catholic, the father, and says: “You are damned, get out of my house.”
You see, we will solve that in two seconds if you know the laws, if you know the God of love.
If you know the God of love, then there will be no more Protestantism, no being a Catholic, no Mohammedanism, no Buddhism.
All the sects dissolve, I told you on the Other Side.
When you now come on the Other Side ‘beyond the coffin’, you have completed the cycle of the earth, then we speak a language of feeling, and then we will be naturally one according to the laws of God, through His life of feeling.
We will then be one, one from feeling to feeling.
We no longer need to speak because now the Master says: “Now we will return to the earth and then we will see how you died there.”
And then we will go further back.
We will experience that life.
Now we will go back to another stage and that happens of its own accord.
Can you feel?
We go through the attracting, you must experience this one day, then you can see how sweet, how wonderfully sweet the Divine core in you is when you experience your reincarnation.
I experienced that thousands of times.
André hundreds of thousands of times because he had to experience the giving birth and creating, if he wanted to see himself with regard to the soul, the spirit, the life, the light, fatherhood and motherhood, the space, Christ, God.
You do not even know yourself.
Then we returned to the earth.
Master Alcar descended with him into Crisje, before the moment, until the moment that Crisje said: “Hendrik, we want to have a new child.”
Father says: “Do you also want a little girl?”
“I will not have a girl”, Crisje says, “I will have a boy.”
One, two, three, four ...
But where do those thoughts come from?
Who had the first feeling to give birth and to create, to let the life grow?
Who was it, Hendrik or Crisje?
And then we followed those thoughts.
Jeus still lived in the world of the unconscious.
We go even further.
Master Alcar brought André-Dectar to the moment that he sought there just like Moses: “Give me a new body, as an astronomer I went to pieces.
I do not want to be a Socrates, not a Plato, not a Galilei because they all go to pieces on earth.
I must grow and awaken from the spirit in the material, because I know the God of love.”
The life is love if you experience, only just experience the harmony, the justice, the benevolence, the direct, Divine, harmonic, universal oneness by means of which stars and planets condensed, closed themselves off.
Do you see?
And then André returned to the world of the unconscious and then he saw himself as a spark, as a meaningless cell.
As a spark which cannot be seen.
We saw myriads of sparks, sparks, small sparks still as light.
They already had light?
Yes, Divine light, because at that moment you are one again with the Divine eternity, with the giving birth and creating of the All-Mother.
You now live in the giving birth, in the heart of the All-Mother, that is the world of the unconscious.
You reach peace there, otherwise the human being would never reach peace.
Then you would be walking on with your wrong, disharmonic thoughts, even with your murders, you would live in the world of the unconscious ... and no birth can take place, because you disturbed yourself.
But the All-Mother takes that again from the human being, from her spark and says: “Child, you will go back, you will get a new life.
If I did not release you from those worries, misery ...
What did you create again, what did you do in this life again?
You piled up nothing else but evil, misery and trouble on your consciousness.
You laid foundations which you can only destroy again by means of thousands of lives, but I prepare you to descend into the mother, or the foetus will burst apart.”
Master Alcar says to André: “You see”, we now experience, we come from the space, “Crisje attracts you.”
André enters the life of feeling of Crisje.
He fastens himself, that fastens itself to her life of feeling.
He already lives here.
The material oneness must still take place, but we are already in Crisje.
Then the oneness comes, the wonderful giving birth and creating.
Then the Tall Hendrik is ready and can say: “Yes, my dear Crisje, I will give myself, I will serve.”
He did not even know that, but he does it.
The Divine law takes place – the holy gospel now speaks about love, bliss and happiness – the cores come together as the human being had to accept this as embryonic life on the moon and the soul releases itself from the life of feeling of Crisje and takes the place of the maternal egg, the maternal universe, and the fertilization can take place.
That wonder, my sisters and brothers – just keep a hold of those tissues – that is Divine justice, Divine love, Divine growth, fertilization, that is everything that God is, what the universe has if you keep your fingers off it.
That is the Divine holiness, this is Divine oneness.
This is how stars and planets condensed themselves, this is how the flower started to radiate and received her colour.
This is how a dog barks, a cat meows, a tiger becomes angry, because these are grades of life for consciousness and unconsciousness.
But the human being and the animal received that universal, Divine sacredness as oneness, because this is Divine.
This is everything.
And now you have everything in that.
Now Master Alcar says: “André, can you see that this is actually the God of love, through which He encompasses all the worlds?”
That you are mother and father is Divine infinity, even if you walk in the darkness, even if you do not want to know about that God, you are it.
And now – I will go to the end – it comes down to what we absorb of that harmony.
Now we must bring our day-conscious thinking and feeling into harmony with this pure, universal, macrocosmic Divine birth.
Because the child awakens, the soul receives material, the heart begins to beat, the blood circulation begins, the tissues grow, the consciousness of the soul enters the eyes, as we saw that on the moon.
The star twinkling will soon radiate, after your seven and nine months, the human being can crow immediately after that, the soul now materializes a material age, that means: the soul as spirit, as love, as Divine core has started a material life.
If you see that and experience that your mother gives birth to you, that you grow in the mother ...
And now Crisje was a spiritual, cosmic life of feeling.
That life is so awe-inspiringly large, pure and harmonic for the universe, that I would like to say: “Crisje was capable of really giving birth to sovereigns of love.”
She was so boundless in her life of feeling for her personality in order to always see in everything and by everything, even if she was beaten, the good, the beautiful, the true, the harmony, the justice and above all finally the Divine core as love in the human being.
If you soon get hold of the second part of Jeus, then you will get a spiritual, cosmic Christian gift, only because of Crisje.
For Crisje I will devote my life as master.
And Master Alcar bows, he kneels at the feet of this personality and says: “Accept my flowers, my orchids as thanks.
Because of the will, because of the thinking and feeling which you gave to my instrument, on which and by means of which I strum, can take the world to a new higher thinking and feeling.”
That then becomes the thanks, that becomes the happiness.
By means of that giving birth they become the spatial ‘wings’ in everything.
You people are human beings.
You people are human beings.
You people will be: children of God?
No, you people will be childlike Gods, with a happiness in you that the sun shines and that you can walk and that you can breathe, that you can speak, that you see each other, that you can sit down next to each other.
Because it is possible that you will not see each other again in thousands of centuries ‘beyond the coffin’, only already because of a word, because of a harsh word and that connects you with the darkness.
Then one is there in the light, in the harmony, in the love of space and the other is standing before it and kicks and hammers and does not find the key, and is standing on top of it.
And then the Master comes and says: “There is the key.
Just open the door.”
And the key turns, but the door does not open; the keys goes through it.
And there is no hold, no contact, because the character traits take you with your walk, your walking, your being, your garment, your thinking, your feeling, your light, because that is the Divine personality as a human being in the Spheres of Light.
God as love for the human being means: experience the life in harmony and become harmonic, just, it is only then that your life of feeling gets the power, the amiability, that wonderful feeling on the lips, and then the human being is capable of giving the spiritual kiss to the life.
And this is now kissing.
This is the oneness of the human being as material, as spirit, as father and mother.
This is the slap on your hand.
This is the fingerprint.
This is the seeing, the going, the absorbing and accepting.
It is the colour of your orchid, it is red, blue, yellow, green.
All the auras of the universe get a character trait.
Place them under your heart, experience that wonderful growth every second.
When you want to rest, then rest and become rest.
When you are working and want to serve, then work and become working, but never let yourself crush and pull down by the Pilates and the Caiaphas’ in you, the destruction of the world and your terrible wordbook.
Continue to know despite everything in your society: the God of love lives under my heart, and I bring that to growth and awakening, for the whole of this mankind and next to this and finally for the Christ in me.
I thank you.