The Divine Love for the human being - III

Good morning, my sisters and brothers.
You will get the third lecture about ‘The Divine Love for the Human Being.’
This morning I will go into the philosophical systems a bit, that means: to show the law of love by means of society, by means of life and death, by means of your thinking, feeling and your deeds.
We experienced the macrocosmos, we followed the planets and gradually we returned to the earth in order to complete the cycle for this world and then to enter the Spheres of Light.
You will experience this morning that every wrong deed immediately restrains you, builds up a shadow, a misty sphere.
And when you accept the rough violence, lies, hatred and especially destruction – that is the murder – then you are faced of course with the destruction, the disharmony; not for your social consciousness, but your spatial self, your Divine personality.
The following lecture – I told you – it is about the personal things that we give to a deed, an action, a situation, after which the personality shows itself for all the millions of laws and grades of life.
And you have that – you will have to accept that, you will get to see that – you have that in your own hands and you can built it up by means of the life.
Because that is the intention.
I kept going from the first sphere to the earth in order to show you the pictures how the spiritual personality will actually be and will be with regard to the earth.
We experienced the Divine All, but here, the Divine consciousness lives in the human being on earth, but is now still unconscious.
The human being does not know – I explained to you – how he can accept, can experience the God of all life, the Father of love.
He thinks that by means of praying, by means of the bible and going to church and thinking good he can enter and can then take possession of that sphere ‘beyond the coffin’; but it is not like that.
What is needed for this, is awe-inspiring, a battle of life and death, you already felt that by means of the books.
Gerhard the coachman comes on the Other Side, is a good person, but he has not yet experienced the spiritual grade for the deed, the action.
And in the first sphere everything is consciousness in love.
We got the feeling for fatherhood and motherhood, by means of love.
What is love?
I explained to you and you can accept that, you have to accept that the deed, the oneness, the Divine giving birth and creating lies outside the human being.
As it were: you experience it, but you actually do not have that cosmos, that creation, in your hands, even if it is your possession.
Because – we had to accept that – that Divine core does not bring you a footstep forward, even if you give birth and create.
It does not bring you to awakening, it only takes you to a higher physical grade, which the earth possesses.
And that is the planet.
That is the maternal possession with regard to the macrocosmos – sense this properly – which the earth received by being part of sun and moon, we all experienced that.
But now the systems of the earth which the human being has to conquer, which the human being has to give shape to, must give consciousness to, if the human being wishes to expand hisDivine personality by means of the love.
And that is now the whole problem.
I touched upon the bible, I went to Egypt, I went to the temples.
And you can now do what you want, you can live so sacredly if you are interested in that; if the deed, the action is only adjusted to the religion you will also stand still.
If the human being ... you see those people, we have received and accepted the pastors, the bishops, the academics and had to convince them.
What did you do there?
For which thought do you devote your life?
What did you achieve there?
You experienced your religion, experienced your God, but you never knew the true God.
You prayed, you celebrated your mass, you really had a wonderful life, but you are still in the Land of Twilight.
You should hear those children weeping.
They are looking for Christ, they are looking for God, they ask for Christ, they ask for the God of love and he is not there because they are it themselves.
How can the human being accept this?
How can you experience this?
The Master says: the God of love lives in you, and the one whom you wanted to experience on earth, does not exist.
I told you that, I explained that to you.
But this becomes the universal God for all the life in the macrocosmos.
Every sect will soon have to accept this God, because this is the life.
You can call it Wayti – I told you – you can call it the life, the Amon-Ré of Egypt.
The God of Love will have to awaken in the human being because every spark represents the All-Source, the All-Father as giving birth and creating.
Those are the first, those are the wonderful foundations by means of which I had to build up these lectures.
With regard to the sphere in which we live, the social thinking and feeling, the chaos in which you live, that is very simple, but too far away from your thinking and feeling.
The human being who has not yet read any books thinks: I am connected to nonsense.
But accept – and the laws can prove this to you, the macrocosmos says that irrevocably – the God of love lives in the human being.
And now that human being becomes just like the Father who created this life by means of his thinking and feeling.
In the time in which you live, even if we go back – you experienced that – to the prehistoric age, even if we experience the hells and the heavens, those people must take their Divinity, their attunement, to the conscious grade and that is now only possible by means of thinking and by acting.
Now I can already ask, you are that far: How much love do you give to the perfectly ordinary friendship?
Is it like it says in ‘Masks and Men’: today you call: “I cannot live without you”, and tomorrow you leave?
With one word you now shatter that first sphere, that temple, that Deity.
One wrong thought of the life with regard to God and the All-Mother already chases you from that first sphere.
We are now faced with philosophical systems by means of which Socrates was born, Plato, Aristotles and the others who started from the University of Christ with those teachings, with that thinking and feeling, outside of the church.
Why did Socrates live, Plato, Rudolf Steiner and others, Buddha?
In order to give the human being, next to art, thinking and feeling, to unveil the grades of life with regard to the Divinity in the human being.
But what did Socrates know, what did Plato know, what did Buddha know, what did Pythagoras know about the Divine core in the human being?
They searched, they asked, they could not find, could not experience the God who lived in them after all.
They saw it in space, they saw a human being; a human being, a power in any case which thought, which created and gave birth.
But they always saw a thinking, conscious inspiration, which did not experience any change with regard to the Catholic Church, Protestantism and the bible.
And the whole of mankind still lives there.
What we experienced in the East, ancient Egypt revealed with regard to the God of love, already goes through Mother Nature.
That already goes through society.
And in addition we then see the bible again, the Catholic faith, Protestantism, the millions of people who know the Lord.
The Lord.
But what is the Lord?
And where does the Lord live?
And what is His love like?
You must hear the human being about the Old Testament.
Can you accept that that will soon really be forgotten?
You live at this moment, you are in touch and you have attunement to the house of Israel, to cosmic consciousness.
You are really the first ones who lay the foundations for cosmic thinking and feeling and by means of this you get to know the God of love.
You will experience him, you will sense him, you will go further both step by step and in peace, because you know.
The world which we will later experience in five thousand years’ time, just believe it, will be like a paradise.
And that paradise can only be given to you by means of wisdom, because the laws were explained.
At the Other Side in the first sphere, when you are there, then you have to bow for everything.
There are – I explained that to you, I connected you with those lives – no longer any wrong thoughts in the human being.
One wrong thought kicks you out of the first sphere.
No, that sphere already dissolves for you.
And what do you do now?
Can you bow?
Do you bring harmony with your inner life?
Do you come to friends and acquaintances and do you bring the wisdom of life there and the true joy for the philosophical system, which you are therefore yourself, which takes you to the love?
When do you experience the true love?
Does it go in your left hand today anddoes it pass into your right hand tomorrow and then just go?
You are faced there for the first time with the first foundations, and that is – now we come to the wordbook – and that is: are you really true?
Are you truth in everything?
Are you harmonic for millions of laws of life?
Are you just for every thought?
Can you accept a mistake?
Or do you already lay another vision there in order to obscure, to shroud the mistake?
Can you really say openly and honestly: “Yes, I was wrong”?
Because then you can continue.
We had to hit the boneheads with the wisdom of life.
“I am not like that.”
“God forbid.
I cannot do that.”
But why are you in this situation then?
“I did good.
I took the people to God.”
Yes, from dry land into the ditch.
The minister says: “And I spoke, I did it so well, I did it so good ...”
Yes, trembling, shivering.
You chose beautiful words, but the law of love, harmony, justice with regard to the natural systems, you did not see or feel any of that, your Deity remained deaf, dumb.
The man gets a fright.
You should have seen the nature.
You must think back – I explained to you – we experienced those times, we followed the bible.
We gave the lectures about Moses, the hells which originated, how the heavens were earned and were built up by the human being.
We got to know those laws.
We then saw the first sphere for the first time: the human being who can no longer accept that task.
“I do not want to see my mother again.”
You will have to accept your mother one day.
“I do not want anything more to do with that human being.”
You will have to love that life one day.
You will with regard to ...
What did Christ say?
“You will forgive and accept again the human being seventy-seven thousand times because it is your own life.”
Well ...
You will lie down in Gethsemane, you will think, you will meditate.
But just meditate on the day and do not close yourself off.
Always do that in thoughts.
Always think, feel harmonically, justly with regard to your self, because this life here means nothing.
‘Beyond the coffin’ you will stand with lame ‘wings’, you cannot move, you have no walk, no footstep, no bottom to stand on, nothing, nothing, nothing because you have not yet started with that fundamental building up.
Yes, there are some.
You can say: “What use is it to me?”
But this life is only a millionth of a second with regard to your eternal continuance.
That is space – I explained to you – those are the planets and stars, yes, planets and stars, that is the fourth, the fifth, the sixth, the seventh cosmic grade.
But now remain in the present.
Accept the present, think over the present, experience the present, ‘beyond the coffin’ you will continue.
And there you will be an independence who wants to experience the life, and that is only possible if your own life stands before you, do you see?
The God of yours who began with life on the moon by you, whom we call the twin soul for space, that life which must conquer the universe with you, yes, if that can experience that being one, then the macrocosmos is talking for both of you.
But if one does not have the feeling and the other one does and must wait in order to absorb that mildness, that softness, that spiritual growing, then does one life steal from the other one and force the one life to go into darkness while it is light there?
That is not possible.
The God of yours, in you, does not want that.
The human being does not understand for that matter what a philosophical system can mean with regard to God.
I will not continue to float in the All-Source either this morning, but I will finally dot the I’s.
You must know that if you do not long here as a human being, do not yearn to bring your life to that rarefication, that spiritualization, I must wait.
Then I will stand, if I am from you, then I will stand and I will remain in darkness.
I will die.
The human being says: “Yes, that is all very well, but I will soon see.”
We had to accept by means of suicide – I explained that to you – how the rotting process eats your heart to pieces, how the soul groans and begs for becoming conscious in order to make that end, but the God does nothing, he lets you groan, he lets you shout.
No one can help you and that proves, that proved to me at least, that I was a Divine instrument, that I belonged to the life and that the Deity for myself, I as a personality, had materialized the deed and put an end to my life ... and there I was.
If something has convinced me that I am a Deity, that I carry all the powers and forces of the universe in me, that my inner life has attunement to that All-Mother, that All-Source, that All-Light, then I received it there, precisely by means of the suicide, because there was no damnation behind there.
And that became my happiness, that became my knowledge, that became my growth, that became my conscious, but my feeling for the love.
And then I placed – I became careful – on every character trait a delicate orchid, a loving thought in order to be able to experience the enacting of the law, in other words, in order to be able to absorb the oneness which I spoke about recently.
And you cannot do that and do not know that yet.
There are people who always place the loving powers on a deed again and they are busy taking themselves to that expansion, that spiritual awakening.
And now it is not so simple, and yet, it is in your hands.
You can experience in society what you want, one wrong character trait obstructs you for the first sphere, for your soul.
Your twin soul?
No, your Divine core, your oneness, because that is your blood, your soul, your spirit, your power of thought.
If that life is not there, then you cannot go a step further, then the first sphere will remain pathetic.
Because one day you will be together again and it is only then that that is the full inspiration with regard to God and Christ.
The philosophical system – which I am now concerned with – by means of which the spheres are built up, by means of which you get to know your social life, that is now in your own hands.
What are you like?
I ask you: what is your friendship like, what is your love like?
Must we accept that you are stubborn, cheeky, awkward, thoughtless, forgetful with regard to these laws, nonchalant?
Does it not matter to you whether sweet things fall over your lips or coarse things or harsh things?
Now you must know that the All-Mother has created all of this in harmony, in love and by means of this – I told you that – spiritualized and then materialized herself.
So every thought, every law which you now experience, must possess the core of that All-Source, that harmony, that justice, that revelation, this awakening, this accepting, this surrendering, this wanting to serve, this wanting being one.
If you are not that, if you cannot do that, if you go against that, then you will never ever experience spatial spiritual oneness during your earthly life.
Because by means of this the life starts to speak and by means of this the core awakens in you, which is then the Divine spark.
What do you have to do now – by means of all those lectures and the books – in order to achieve that core?
I can only just explain the way, and say: “Go this way, through this maze.
You must begin with it yourself.”
I asked you and begged as it were: “Now stop”, but the human being does not stop.
The human being experiences these things and says to the other life: “I will go away, I will kill myself.”
Children still say that who follow and have accepted me.
They are not proved right.
They do not have understood their task, they do not understand their life.
They know that they have to finish their task.
One life bullies the other.
And do you wish to do that in the first sphere?
In the very first place people ask on the Other Side, the first sphere asks you: “What did you do on earth?
What was your life like?
Did you really bring love, happiness, harmony, understanding everywhere?
Were you one in everything and with everything, with your wordbook and did you get the good out of that and give it to your Divine spark?”
Because it is only by means of this that you release something of that All-Source in you and that now becomes a part of the personality.
And those millions of character traits now represent the personality.
The human being now, who is attached to karma, cause and effect, the human being now – we know that for that matter, Christ knows that, God knows that – who received the life here on earth and says: “Yes, that human being, this life which does not understand me”, was born on earth because this life brought disharmony in previous lives, or you would have the same feeling, the same grade of consciousness next to you.
It would live next to you with the same inspiration, the same love, the longing also for art, understanding, the full surrender, the wanting to give everything for that spiritual spatial awakening.
But that precisely is not there now.
And now we get a chaos.
Now I am concerned with just supporting the sensitive being.
The other human being must begin with it.
The human being does not know how to act.
He is standing on himself and makes nothing of it.
The powers, the delicate, rarefied, spiritual powers wander around him and slip from his hands.
The will is conscious, and yet: “I do not understand why I must be beaten and kicked like that.
I do not understand that my evolution must be held back by means of this personality.”
But we know it: this is a law, the law of life that says: you will experience those people on earth whom you did something to before.
You see, they are all still foundations.
They are all ways to the actual source where everything lies open, is open, because we will now get to know the gauging, the experiencing of that source, and that is now for all of you, for society the philosophical system.
Now a character trait is a system, philosophical growing.
That means: to take one character trait by means of nature, by means of the action according to the spiritual power, the attunement, the spatial Divine oneness, because that character trait is a foundation for the hereafter upon which you stand.
Now you just wonder for yourself: how many spiritual character traits do I already have?
You lie completely open for the other life if you want to and can accept the Other Side, the macrocosmos, the God of love, in this situation, at a cosmic Divine attunement.
But I tell you: you will have to – if you cannot yet do this – begin with it.
You do not understand and you do not wish to understand this yet that you are still material and do not see the spiritual life, your inner Divinity, because then you would do it very very differently.
And that is not more difficult, on the contrary.
Is it so difficult to be true, to be kind, to be benevolent?
You do not need to accept the thief of the earth.
You do not need to accept the beating of your wife, your husband, who then goes against these laws.
On the Other Side, if you both would suddenly come ‘beyond the coffin’, then you will dissolve anyway for each other and then you will not see each other again.
That is good, good ...
Here you are rejecting the rarity, the fighting and serving of and for a character trait, the becoming conscious for mankind.
“Just begin first with yourself”, people say and that is also necessary.
But ‘beyond the coffin’, in that first sphere, the human being yearns in an awe-inspiring way for feeling, for cordiality, for becoming conscious.
That whole personality is adjusted to that and attuned to the spatial life, father and mother and child live only for that.
I never wanted to frighten you, but I see you.
And if you want to know this now, soon ‘beyond the coffin’ if you want to see each other there again, then there must now be nothing more in you which takes you to conflicts with each other.
Then there must be nothing more in you of misunderstanding, then your train of thought is infallibly certain and spiritual, because you have faith in everything; it is you after all who serves, who lives and takes your Divinity to that revelation, not the other.
But the human being in society looks at the other.
You will feel, millions of problems now charge at me because you live in a chaos after all.
We now have nothing more to do with planets and stars.
Yes indeed, they live in us, they live under your heart.
You are – I was able to explain that to you by means of the laws – you are a part of this universe?
No, you have almost already conquered this universe, because when you have completed the cycle of the earth then you say farewell to this material universe.
Even if you enter a darkness, a hell, a dark sphere, the cycle of the earth has been completed.
But in which situation are you now?
The philosophical systems for every thought take you, if you now possess truth, justice, harmony, to the spiritual footstep, the new foundation.
And then you cannot say: I don’t have to do with these and these things.
You always demand the true, you are not capable of starting to experience the laws in a disintegrating, destructive way, you do that in a spiritually conscious way.
And you get that certainty from yourself, you cannot get it or receive it anywhere else.
Space cannot inspire you if the lie is in you.
If the laziness is in you, there will be no question of inspiration, of consciousness.
Are you unkempt?
Are you lazy?
You are already in disharmony with your little family.
What do you hope to achieve in the cosmos then?
If you do business here and you cheat, you lie – I explained that to you, I took you along to the general, the highest for your world – that is all devastation now, conscious destruction.
Christ did not want that and the God of all life, the Father of love, did not bring himself to the manifestation for that purpose.
What now remains of society, but what remains of that wonderful, social, earthly personality if we make the life mirror for space visible, if we start to see that vision?
“Yes”, the human being says, “I have been beaten.”
But by what?
On the Other Side we get the very first wrong thought out of the personality and say: “You are the blame, you started.”
Of course, the human being does not have the power to be silent, to protect his inner life, the human being on earth goes into it and says: “What about me then, and you there”, and he loses everything again, do you see?
On the Other Side, therefore the philosophical system as first sphere does not say anything, that carries, that deals with ...
For example: people ask André for help, for wisdom of life.
André says: “Do not do that.”
He takes something from the human being – because he asks us – and then the human being thinks: “What a brute that André is.”
Thank you ...
If only that human being had not said those words to André, because for André you have lost his complete openness for ninety-seven percent.
We have now been warned.
If the snake in the jungle has bitten me, then I have already taken my measures for the second time.
That means: God knows that the human being will stumble.
And now you can say: “I told you honestly”, but for God and for space you have beaten and sullied yourself and the other life.
You withdraw, you leave.
You must build a wall.
You surrender completely.
We do that, we surrender completely, we had to accept that by means of the life of Christ, and if you beat us then and if you cannot accept us then while we want to serve you and bring you to the awakening by means of Christ, by means of Golgotha, Gethsemane and space, then we withdraw and you have to prove how you wish to begin with those new, those other foundations.
This takes a long time.
Now a deed must come, an action by means of which you prove: now I have put my wrong thought right again.
And then you will be accepted again by space.
The human being asks André : “For how many percent have you accepted me?”
And when the human being on earth asked this, I could connect André, Master Alcar could connect André directly with the Messiah, because all the apostles asked him: “What do you think of me, Master?”
Christ told the most beautiful cosmic truths during the walk with the apostles and then he gave them the philosophical system of their words, for their deeds.
Christ gave the metaphor.
Did you not feel that Christ always drew forward the spatial Divine core from everything in order to illuminate that for mankind?
And that was not understood.
Could a Christ say on the cross and in Gethsemane: “Father, Father, let this pass”, while he was Divinely consciously ready in order to be able to receive every wrong blow?
But, He said, didn’t He: “You say it yourself.”
We do not speak about Divine consciousness, we do not speak about the powers and the forces which the Christ possessed, but they live in the human being.
The human being says: “I want this, that, and the other.”
And if he gets truth from the human being who wants to protect him from ruin, from misery, then he becomes angry, inside, because he is losing something.
And then André received a beating ...
To feel love for the human being, to want to give everything for the human being, to warn the human being: “Do not do that and do not go that far.
But be careful, it does not belong to you.
You finish this first on earth and in this life.”
Then they become angry and you get a beating because you want to deny them those things which they want to possess.
Now just come, now just ask the Messiah in Gethsemane: “What do you think of me?”
Go for a walk with the Messiah over the earth, talk every second, you want to experience and to see him after all.
In your society you can admire Him every moment if you want to accept and can represent His life.
Even if you are nothing more in society than a perfectly ordinary character, you do not have a task which draws up and places you in the light, every thought of yours, it does not matter for what purpose you now serve, has Divine attunement, because it comes from your life to the awakening, to the spiritualization; first the materialization and then to the rarefication, and then you do the things differently.
A friend comes to a friend, and the friend looks and talks, and does, and tells about the eternal life but does not bring any construction, any harmony, no, he brings disharmony, so that finally the source breaks and everything collapses.
And the one person says: “I am in a madhouse.
Instead of that I get happiness, instead of that we experience peace, warmth, sweetness, harmony and justice, I now live in a mental institution.”
Only because the human being did not bring his truth.
This lives amongst you.
The human being says: “I have been beaten ...”
If you are beaten and if you attune every word straight to the darkness, what do you also wish to long for from the heavens?
Is that a philosophical, is that a spiritual foundation?
Is a character trait serving, growing?
Does it give the spiritual, true, peaceful visions so that you can know how to act?
Why do you not accept, why do you not bow for yourself; not for other people, but for yourself?
Why do you not feel that you break, deform, sully, darken your Divinity by means of those wrong, harsh, inhuman, disharmonic, lying thoughts which first pass your lips and are then flung into space with a momentum, come straight to the Christ and ask there: “What do you think of me?”
When Peter ...
We followed that path – if Master Alcar finds that necessary we can give you those lectures one day – how often the apostles asked the Christ for that - and one evening Peter asked: “What do You think of me?”
“Must you know that from Me, Peter?”, Christ says.
John came: “Am I doing it right?”
“Do you not know it then?
Must you know from Me if you are doing it right?
Do you not feel the happiness in you, John, Peter, do you not feel the warmth if the joy shines towards you from the other and through the other life?
Is this not the real being one for the good?”
When you have to receive the snarl, the snap, the destruction, the brutal, the rough, the snipping violence of the human being, can that not clearly be felt and experienced by you if it comes in you and to you?
Why do you bow?
Why is the human being so happy for something warm, something understanding?
I will receive the human being who is busy enriching himself for the Other Side, because it is this one, who wants to send himself to eternity at the cost of everything, who wants to give himself the ‘great wings’, I now receive those people and they get my support.
And those who break, snarl and snap and destroy and do not wish to accept the life in themselves, I must let them go after all the lectures and all the books and all those years and say: “Just go to pieces.”
It is not the end of the cosmic patience, but it is the necessary, true law: they do not want.
They do not want.
They do not want to experience love.
Did you really think by throwing the one life aside and accepting the other that you could experience Divine, spatial love?
If you know yourself, have experienced the material oneness, the spirit lies there screaming and cursing from misery.
Because she therefore as soul and as spirit does not possess any construction, any harmony, any cordiality.
It is all social bareness.
It is the emptiness which Christ fought against when He said: “And if you dare, then cast the first stone.”
You are as black inside as only the hells can possess, as the lowest spheres are, your thinking and feeling is that black and your deed obviously becomes that black.
How gloomy we are this morning.
How harsh it is to hear all of this.
No, I only want to warn you.
Every moment, every minute you can make the journey and then you are faced with the philosophical system after all, that is: from there and from here I want to give the spiritual rarity to my thinking and feeling.
And now, of course, comes the oneness with the life of God.
Now we are standing in the first sphere, we see the light.
There are people who have been following me for five and six years and still curse now.
They curse the other life and say: “I will put an end to it all.”
If the human being feels this, then ask whether a thick rope is needed, or will you drown yourself?
Then just drown.
They will not do it.
That tyrannizing of yours with regard to the life which you possess, which now belongs to you, is the deforming of the little thing which you already have, that means the little bit of light which you must take through to the Christ, to the first sphere; and you destroy that again completely by means of three, four words.
And now you can begin again: “Why do you not do that like that?”
And: “I want the good anyway.”
And: “I will carry you to space.”
“I do not want anything to do with that.”
You see, first the longing must come to want to be good.
First you must be able to understand: what are you actually doing, how are you occupied, what do you actually live for?
I tell you: you already have fatherhood and motherhood, and that is spatial Divine possession, you have that.
But by means of the deeds, the thinking and feeling you build upon your spiritual, spatial Divine personality.
You must do that by means of your thoughts, your deeds.
It is your speaking and that speaking must find attunement to the laws which the ten commandments will explain: thou shalt not kill, thou shalt not steal.
Why do you beat another life; because it is yours.
Must I connect you with the reincarnation and now already say to you – you cannot deal with that anyway: “You will not come back.”
“You will not see each other there because you have to return to the earth anyway.”
“You will see each other again in hundreds of thousands of years, but then you will no longer know that human being who is now called Gerhard and Anton because you are then faced with the actual Divine grade of life.”
The books ‘A View into the Hereafter’ tell you, by means of Master Alcar, that you must love all life, because you now get universal love.
And what do you now have here on earth?
Only just paternal, maternal self-love.
You love your child.
And that sort which belongs to you, the sort, it is not even the growth, but the human being who pulls and touches your character a bit, you draw them up into your life.
You do not see, you do not like the rest.
I have to explain to you that you do not need to support the life in society, because you understand of course: these laws are for every human being.
We are strict and the philosophical systems are strict and harsh with regard to God, because we have to earn that space ourselves by means of the deeds.
If the human being now possesses everything on earth and you have nothing, do not look at that.
“If you are lazy and you do not want any inspiration, then you have dry bread”, Christ said.
If you want to earn the other for your organism that can only be achieved by thinking and feeling, but being in harmony, or ‘beyond the coffin’ you will be faced with the meaningless self which you were on earth.
“I cannot understand this.
I cannot follow this.”
But the laws say anyway, those little character traits: you should not have done that, you should have done it like that.
Why like that?
Why not that sweetness, that supporting, that serving in it, with it ... and the awakening will come.
I asked you, André also asked you, and these are the inspiring sayings of the Masters: “Why do we always do wrong?
Why does the human being accept the wrong so gladly and is the human being, society, mankind not open to the good?”
To be good is difficult.
To be good, that costs the full hundred percent from the personality with regard to your Divine attunement in you, and it is only then that something awakens in that soul, that Divine core.
Then that soul reaches expansion and you are now that.
This is why I have of course to begin soon with the human personality with regard to God, if you want to be able to understand this again.
“I can do this.
And I can do that too.
And if God had only given me that, I would have been it.”
No, you are not that and you were not it either, or, you are it already.
You must not look at the possession of another.
The macrocosmic, Divine possession is in the human being, that lives under your heart, that is your heart, you are that yourself.
What can match this?
Can you master something which is wonderful here on earth with regard to this inner, Divine, pure happiness?
You want happiness after all, you ask for happiness.
You want to experience the oneness for those systems, for space, then you have to accept that Divinity in you and bring it to inspiration.
Do you see?
Only listening does not help you at all.
I told you recently, I was grateful that I saw how I was attached to my body and experienced that rotting.
Then I knew that the God of life was love and wants to be love, because I was it myself.
I was walking – I told you – in an invisible world which was nothing, because I had murdered life and death, I no longer had any natural consciousness.
The inner life on the Other Side is true like that, the Spheres of Light are true like that and your human attunement for here and for there is true like that.
You must understand that you darken your Deity by means of your thinking and feeling, or that you take it to the light.
And you can radiate it in society, you can radiate that courtesy and manners as harmony.
Why is that not possible?
You still do not do it, do you see?
And yet, you must first experience every deed, which it now concerns, every action, every word inwardly and then take them to that spiritual Christ in you and only then let them grow.
Then speak.
You must learn to speak only on the Other Side.
We tell you immediately: “Be silent, do not talk, listen first for a change.”
And then you will immediately get to experience a spatial touch.
We tell you how nature originated.
You will soon no longer need that, you will know all of that, fortunately you can say: “I know that, Master, now take me to myself.”
And we will also do that, then we will break you and we will break down this personality, if we wish to bring forward that pure core, because we must begin in there.
And why do you not do this yourself now?
Why do you not begin with it now, because this is your eternity.
You fall asleep for a moment, you sleep every day and that is for the organism, but this sleep immediately places you next to ‘the coffin’, and you continue, and you awaken.
There is no other feeling in you, you are now exactly the same both here and there.
You still hate, you still speak wrongly, you still think wrongly, you still wish to hang yourself, you still wish to do yourself in, you snap, you snarl, you are harsh, you are unconscious, you think that you know it yourself.
You have no feeling for the apostles, for the Christ, for Gethsemane, for Caiphas, Pilate and Golgotha, you are and will remain standing on your pedestal; there is no question of bowing, you cannot, you do not wish to bow.
And what do we do now?
And you also do that, you are already conscious in that.
When you discuss the laws for the earth, your daily life with each other and you are not right, what do you do then?
Then you withdraw and you are right about that.
Do not go into it if that life is not yet ready, but always try to bring that stirring forward.
Awaken and admit that you are wrong, because this little being wrong, this trivial little self as a character trait places you in a twilight, in a twilit world and means nothing else but: the Land of Twilight, the being unconscious, the not wanting, being too lazy to accept that awakening, the flatly refusing to absorb this becoming conscious, the pride, the insanity, the thickness of the human being who feels himself social and material ... well.
We must receive millions of professors, doctors, bishops, priests, chaplains and ministers.
Because they have not experienced any reality.
I explained to you, yes indeed, if they are good people, they really have the apostleship in them and they were like that in words and in deeds, even if they were off the mark, then still – you see – they took the light in them to that awakening.
And those were the foundations, that is the Sphere of Light.
The minister discards his damnation, he throws the Old Testament away from him, he knows that he can no longer sing about God.
We take that trembling away from him.
Just speak ordinarily and just think ordinarily and do not add any anointment because Christ has plugged his ears.
He no longer wants to hear your singing here.
Because the law of life brings you to the universal timbre and it is only then that your sound as word can be accepted and absorbed and we are one of soul and spirit.
You see, that is a string from the harp of André.
One such thought which you send to the Other Side, which takes you to the spiritual awakening, is a string from your spiritual harp; you will get all of them for that matter – now just look in ‘Jeus of Mother Crisje I’, and you will know how you can earn a string like that – but not by means of your cattiness, not by means of your misunderstanding nor by means of your devastating and destroying.
We say: honour your fathers and mothers, even if your father is in prison as a thief and even if your mother has broken the laws for motherhood and she is slovenly and a slut, it remains your own life.
Because you have to do with and you have attunement to millions of sparks on earth, and in this space.
What you now do to the life, every cent which you spend, the life will also have to give it one day in order to serve, because those are laws.
And every character trait is now a cosmic law of life as a foundation, the oneness for fatherhood and motherhood – isn’t it? – the love, the harmony, being a man, being a woman, the child.
And where does the most wonderful happiness live now?
That can still always be experienced and seen with man and wife.
“Yes, I do not have that attunement.”
I tell you, we have people here – I know those feelings and I know that they come to André – there are people who have read the books, five hundred lectures and now still say: “I will do myself in.”
In order to complete your disharmony, to construct the devastation and not to spiritualize yourself with regard to the Other Side, your marriage, your task, your children, your being a mother, your being a father, your friendship?
What do you actually hope to achieve with the hereafter if you do not begin here?
Do you see?
Would a Protestant, a Catholic child, fully conscious for the Catholic church, want to listen to these Divine laws?
I tell you: this will become and this is the wisdom of the world.
This is the spiritual science for all the sects and peoples on earth, because this wisdom comes straight from the University of Christ.
And now Socrates is and Plato and Aristotle, now Moses, Rudolf Steiner, Buddha are, now the Egyptians and the British-Indian temples and every human being in the West are cores of God, as soul, as spirit, as light, as life, as father and mother.
They are growing.
They materialize themselves in order to then spiritualize the inner core, the inner feeling.
And that is only possible by experiencing and accepting the Christ in all his holy Divine love.
Yes, you know that.
You know it, and you should hear that snapping, that snarling, that obstructing and that harshness in the human being.
What do you actually want?
Which insanity do you wish to experience?
To only experience the harmony, the daily hour, takes you to the human being one anyway.
You demand too much, you want to be everything, you only just see your husband and you only just see your wife, not the grade.
Do you have that feeling of being one, the clear accepting?
The human being does not want: “I do not want this, I do not want that.”
But if you have this together, then I can explain to you, if you can speak for one half hour during the week, during the month, during the year about these Divine laws, then you will already be a gifted human child.
Do you see?
Because if the true yearning enters you, then you will devote all of your body, your spirit and your personality.
Even if you are burnt at the stake a thousand times after each other, it no longer means anything because the Deity in you has reached consciousness.
And that is now only love, that is the feeling of being one with the laws, that is the feeling that there is no death, it is the knowledge.
But that is the speaking with an old being, with a child, with a flower, with a plant, with a horse, your dog and your cat.
That is the sacred, pure accepting of the word.
Even if the human being wants to lie, you have nothing to do with that, for you the human being is naked, pure and immaculate.
And then there is no longer any difference.
You see, the first word already proves to you whether the human being, that soul, that personality is not immaculate and pure and spiritual, and then you will get the material beating of course.
Then you can wait again, you cannot get rid of anything of this space.
And yet the human being longs, the human being wants to experience, does not go from that darkness to the light, does not want to see Gethsemane.
Because this is why I brought you before Pilate.
To stand down there next to Pilate.
Yes, the Pilate – I told you at the end of that lecture, the fourth one back – let the Pilates, let the Caiphas’ awaken in you, let them die in you, if you want to be able to accept Golgotha.
And then you say to yourself: “How deep all of that is.”
And it is not deep, because it is not true that the softness, the love, the really looking in the eyes, immaculate, pure as a child, about which Christ and of which the Christ spoke, is this now not the human, immaculate, pure, cordial, natural oneness for each other?
Do you want that?
What do you hope to achieve in this life?
What do you hope to still experience in this life?
“My life is no good to me, I could make demands ...”
Which, tell that to Christ.
Which demands do you have?
Do you want to experience society?
Do you wish to make journeys?
Do you wish to possess beautiful things?
You leave all of that behind you, it is all ballast.
If you wish to experience and possess that – André spoke after all about your pungels (bag or cloth for provisions) – then you will have a mass of things with you when you come ‘beyond the coffin’ and then the Master says: “What good is this to you now?
What do you hope to achieve here with those things?”
You should have experienced those things, you should have understood those things: little possession, but calmly obtained consciousness, the understanding of your earthly, material self is worth more than millions of tons of gold on earth, because now you are yourself.
And we saw that the ordinary being, the perfectly ordinary workman entered the Spheres of Light.
Because it is not true, the highness in society can only experience the sweetness, the blessed consciousness and the awakening, the oneness with the Christ, if we descend from out and from the highest rung in society to the true serving, to the simplicity, the bowing, and there is no longer any question of position and nobility and art and everything.
Whoever you are, if you come ‘beyond the coffin’, for every insect there, and that is a human being, can be a human being, for every flower, for all the light in space you are only a grade of life.
You go to the Other Side, you continue, or you return to the earth.
Now understand that it will soon be possible.
You now have each other, but you will soon lose each other again.
Because this life is not yours, you have to make good here.
You are one.
You can now achieve everything in society for your Other Side by means of fatherhood and motherhood, because now you get the true oneness with one spark of God, a Deity.
And now you can do that by means of a conversation, by means of talking, by means of thinking about this wisdom, and by reading the books.
The prehistoric human being and the human being of Moses, the child of Israel did not even know this mercy.
They lived it up and they did not know and arrived in their situation.
We had to begin with those first foundations, and you already have them, you already received all those thousands of foundations.
Is this so difficult to give you that becoming conscious?
You only have to want and the Divine mercy – it is not there, but you are earning it now – lies in your hands.
You can speak every moment to the pure Christ in Gethsemane.
In Gethsemane – do you see? – because Christ attuned himself there to the pure meditation, the pure thinking, and He asked himself: “For this chaos, for this miserable mankind I come to the earth, I am beaten and kicked.
They kill Me, they destroy me, they nail Me to the cross, but My thinking and feeling will remain on earth and that is My spiritual possession for mankind.”
And is that not the case?
Your own best, very best feelings, they do not go from here to there, but they fly out of your house and they conquer the world, conquer this macrocosmos.
In the Spheres of Light people know how you think and how you feel and people there know your own attunement.
People know exactly – by means of your thoughts – to which sphere you possess attunement and where you will soon live ‘beyond the coffin’.
We will find you again infallibly.
And then it will be: “And, mother, father, why did you not start with it?”
“Yes, the church forbade me to do it.”
Yes, we know.
The Masters – I explained that to you – had to begin in order to make the human being a bit afraid and to attach them to the law of God: there is a God who has created everything.
Do not do any wrong things – you see, that was true again – because you enter into disharmony with the God of all life, with the Father of love.
And Moses got hold of only that.
He experienced his miracles, but the human being made damnation out of it, by means of ignorance, didn’t he?
Everything which the human being gets hold of and does not understand, he throws that over the earth, it is multiplied by ten, condensed a million times for the evil, for the wrong, but never ever for the good.
Is it so difficult to be good?
Is it so merciless to have to begin with yourself, in order to assure yourself of the first sphere?
When do you give the true, spiritual orchid to your love?
By means of a pudding?
When ...
You do not need to buy flowers – I told you once – even if the human being in space is grateful for them again.
But now lay in your human character trait the colours of space and give an orchid by means of a word, because the orchid dissolves and your word continues to exist eternally.
Now I have not yet made it.
Now I also actually have to begin with millions of laws – they are, of course, the systems by means of which Socrates, Plato and your universities were built up, they began – if I want to treat and spiritually analyze all those character traits with regard to Schopenhauer, your Kant and the very greatest thinkers on earth, because they never ever saw the spiritual foundation of them.
I must now begin with that.
Now my lecture has already gone, I brought you to oneness in that hour and a half.
First for the personality – I will most definitely come back to that – because all these foundations will soon adorn the personality, be part of the personality.
And then we will be faced again with the Divine love, not for the human being, but in the human being.
We will go together on a journey for millions of years.
For millions of years we will, I will be your Master, because you will never ever catch up with me with regard to God.
Because I am yearning, I am serving, I want to know, and I no longer do that for your earth, I do that for myself.
You will no longer catch up with me.
But if there is one wrong thought in you which hits the life destructively, then I cannot reach you and you cannot see me, or Master Alcar, or the millions of adepts whom we possess.
Accept and believe it, I am the speaking organ of the University of Christ and it was placed in my hands by the Christ, or I would never have been able to speak a word, I would never have been able to explain these laws to you.
Because: “I am a part, a spark, I am the new thought, the Messiah said, for your Kingdom of God on earth.”
And we all have that little rope, that little thread in our hands, because we started with that.
And you?
And you?
I had wanted to experience Gethsemane again, Caiphas again, Pilate along with you in order to see: Caiphas, Pilate, what should you have done with regard to the life?
You did not have to do with any Christ, you have to accept and to experience a human being here and you will not treat that human being unjustly.
You will have to devote your life, your personality for the grade of life which stands before you.
It does not concern the Christ here, the Deity from the Divine All, but it concerns bringing to awakening, leading to love and accepting the grade of life of the human being, the core which is present in this life.
The human being lives for this purpose and Pilate had to prove that.
And now Caiphas, who says: “Kill Him, He is deforming the Lord.”
Oh, oh, oh ...
Because the human being does not understand the Lord, the human being has to be nailed to a cross, the human being has to be whipped?
Do you wish – I tell you – to cast out the human being, whom you do not understand?
You may not do that, of course.
But you do not need to accept any forms of harshness.
You do not need to experience those cutting words of Pilate again.
You do not need to stand before Caiphas every day, because you do that in words and by means of your deeds.
You go straight to Golgotha and you lie down there with the moment, the attunement when the Christ meditated there in Gethsemane and He surrendered to His Deity, His accepting and experiencing.
You can attune yourself to that and then you will be sure for yourself and of yourself, because now a state of spiritual purity enters you.
This is the human head bowing, the wondering: “Am I doing good or was I wrong again?”
But the human being just speaks indiscriminately, the human being just thinks indiscriminately.
He does not wonder: “Is there a hereafter in me?”
I am not talking to that unconscious world, I am now speaking to conscious beings, I am talking to your Divine spark, your Divine attunement, your Divine fatherhood and motherhood of which we will soon together and with regard to the Other Side, the macrocosmos, God and Christ will undergo and experience the growing universe.
At the end of this winter, of these lectures, you can then enjoy the light, the summer, and then you will make a radiating consciousness out of every character trait.
Those are the flowers of your spirit, the orchids of your life blood.
You are strong in many things; why don’t you lay those powers on your character traits to want to experience your growth towards the macrocosmos and not back to the earth?
Take yourself to the light and never again, never again, by means of anything and anything to the darkness, to the disharmony, the devastation, to the Pilate, the Caiphas’ in this world, by means of your thinking and feeling.
But go straight over Golgotha, conscious and sure with your love, your task, your acting for your father, your mother, your brother, your sister, your children towards the first sphere, that harmony, that justice on the Other Side.
Enter a temple there from now on.
Begin with every character trait, in order to found that with regard to Christ.
Also build from your life a temple of wisdom here in your society, because finally and in the end you are that.
You are a Divine temple because the primal source, the All-Light, the All-Life, the All-Soul, the All-Spirit lives in you.
But you will have to master the personality of that, so will have to earn it by means of love, and it is only then that the God of love will awaken under your human, paternal and maternal heart.
I thank you.